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Today on threads podcast, my beautiful wife Megan joins me because Mike’s still sick. We tie up some loose threads about my co workers and my boss. Megan ties up a loose thread about how it was kind of an asshole at the race stories of the week. I’m a Granville, public school employee. Meg and I are working on a new book together and so much more. Join us for the journey. Hi guys. Welcome to thoroughbreds. Podcast life unfiltered. Thank you so much for listening to the show, sharing the show supporting the show, whatever you do to support the show, even if it’s a like on Facebook, we really appreciate it. We are a podcast that is a space that we provide a space for unfiltered dialogue about faith, mental health and uncomfortable conversations where we try to rid the world of Facebook, fake Instagram Ickes and Twitter takes. Today we are recording randomly on a Thursday at 230 timestamp. Everyone loves to timestamp. And Michael is still not feeling great. So my beautiful wife decided that well I asked her if she would and she said yes. Just like our marriage. She said yes. And she said she would come on. So we are going to do an episode together. We’re kind of gonna do the same format that Mike and I usually do. And go from there. Are you excited Meg and Margaret?

Her Dario my middle name? Yes. No, everyone knows your full full name. Yeah, we’re gonna just jump into kind of a little bit of an icebreaker of Dear Abby, as we’ve been trying to do. Just kind of like what your thoughts are. So I am going to read it. And then we’re going to discuss ready and we’ll discuss before I read, already had it up. What she said for her. Yes. All right. Dear Abby, atheist is done saying bless you when someone sneezes Dear Abby, I’ve stopped saying bless you when someone sneezes it’s a ridiculous custom that needs to be retired. I do not believe the soul leaves the body when a person sneezes, and I highly doubt anyone else believes that. I’m not a Christian and I don’t feel comfortable invoking the blessing of a deity. I don’t believe it. Some people have criticized me for that. Dear Jesus. Some people have criticized me out for staying silent after a sneeze and I have also been given dirty looks for my silence. Am I being rude for not blessing someone who has sunny See,

I was so good at has sneeze not saying it in capital letters. I have my own opinion on bless you. But well, you can say other things. Like what

I mean. Yep. Because you, I guess.

I don’t know. I don’t foresee it as a religious thing. I can see how it can be construed that way by somebody that doesn’t believe. But I think it’s also falling into a manners category as well. Like when someone holds a door open for you should say thank you. When someone lets you in, in traffic, you should wave.

I don’t know. I just think when someone sneezes it’s just expected that somebody’s going to

say something. Well, for me, I think it’s stupid to say anything anyways. It’s dumb. Why? Do you say anything when someone burps

you don’t stop breathing? Everything’s fine. If you sneeze it’s no big deal. I hate the buzzer. My bosses are super religious. They don’t say the boss. You won’t be able to sneeze. I don’t know. I guess I don’t correlate it with a someone of faith is blessing you when you sneeze. I mean, that’s how it started. Oh, yeah. I looked up the origin. When I saw that. I saw the tie. Oh, it’s gonna bust your ass. No, I saw the title. And I was like, I wonder even where the origin of bless you. Okay, from Dallas. So it was I brought I brought it up. Yeah.

It was during it says,

well, Pope Gregory the first which I don’t know what timeframe this is when you bump your mic down a little bit like when you’re reading? Yes, there you go. Perfect. It was during one of the plagues. A plague. The plague.

That Pope Gregory the first suggested saying God bless you, in hopes that it would help protect them from an otherwise certain death. So it is but it doesn’t say anything like about if you sneeze it’s like your soul leaves. For example. I’ve actually never heard I’ve never heard of that either. I heard that you do stop breathing for like a half second. But I can hold my breath for more than a half second eye. Yeah, I mean, it definitely disrupts your breathing pattern first your whole body kind of shuts itself down for a sec. But so the hiccup I mean, it’s Yeah, I guess I had we had a

I’m connected it with religion because when you bless something it’s religion based, but I do think it’s kind of stupid. I don’t do it. No, that’s a lie I do sometimes. I guess I usually just say bless you not. God bless you. Yeah, I guess it’s true. I do the same thing. I’m sure there are some people that say God bless you and mean it as like. Those are also the people who probably like thoughts and prayers on Facebook, when you’re going through a tough time are the ones that are like, I can’t explain. I need prayer. No explanation allowed. Okay, does is it rude though, if you don’t say anything?

I think it’s a little rude. What if we start a trend of saying something else when someone sneezes? What about Gazoo? Tighten? What does that say that? That’s German. I know that. My grandfather that’s not my biological grandfather have clarify, even though he was nicer than my biological one. Said she was doing tight. I’m gonna try to look it up. But just just to voice attacks. You’ll know why. He’s Ziggy. What does Gazoo type mean?

Interjection is usually used to

good health I’ll take it do it. I kind of liked that.

Yeah, cuz that because if they sneeze it could be their sick. Yes. Instead of allergies. Well, that’s the origin of it. It’s people that were sneezing during the plague was a sign of like, bye. Bye. Good luck. Okay. All right. I’m done with that. I kind of feel like we need to create our own and see if we can go viral with it. Not really learn how to really say it though. Because how she said it. Neither one of us said it that way. Kids could see it. Height.

Ziggy, how do you say ginzu?

Which language do you want me to?


No, English. Ask her again. You do it.

Oh, Biggie. No, you have to say hey, Ziggy, I don’t Oh, you don’t? Oh. Oh, sorry. Go ahead. Ziggy. What is kkaazoot height?


Oh, we screwed her up. Say it one more time. I’ll say it cut this part out. No. Biggie. What is gazook height mean?

You didn’t say it right. It’s Gazoo. Tight.

Ziggy, what is the definition of Gazoo tight? Dammit, Ziggy. What is the definition of zoom tight interjection is usually because zoom he or she does say height. I know you said it that way, but it didn’t pick it up anyways. Okay. Golly, that was fun. I don’t even have that thing. I don’t know she’s wrong half the time. Okay, so what does Dear Abby say dear not saying it. You’re not being rude. You’re being true to your feelings. If you prefer not to say God bless you when someone sneezes no rule of etiquette decrees that you must apply alternative might be to say, because too tight. I did not read this as i The translation of which is good. Hell, those sediments never become obsolete. That’s true.

Reds podcast, we’ll be back after a quick break.

What is Yom Tov? Well, first of all it stands for you must be thinking of another podcast. And second of all, it’s those unhinged conversations you have with your best friend we talking about whether it’s okay to not wash your legs in the shower. We wonder what variety of apples would make the best names for racehorses. We talked about our real life problems and we argue about basically everything else so come to Him to help if he craves movie reviews, how to veins in society’s problems or just the company of friends. We’ll see you there every Monday. So tying up some loose threads I preface this with Megan before we started the show and asked if she had any loose threads she wanted to tie up and she said oh yeah and had a little smile so I have no idea where this is gonna go i Mike usually does the shows and I he usually puts that in there of stuff we talked about on last show.


Oh Pheobe I didn’t put anything no no you’re totally fine because I don’t remember what we did last show or he you know what he probably does he probably goes to the old rundown probably pull stuff in because talked a lot about the the half marathon. Yeah, show. Yeah. Well, why don’t you go first and as I pulled the old show, although I think I deleted the OSHA. Anyways. What are your loose threads? You’re trying to tie I just have a threat. The I don’t have thread. That’s fine. You you and Mike we’re trying to figure out what what Natalie and I might possibly be frustrated. A little fussy about Yeah. Now I cannot speak for Natalie’s experience.

Ian’s of what happened, that I didn’t see. Right. So whatever experience you I think you guys hit the nail on the head of what it was like arriving to the race, you and I talked about I have I have something about being left. So you weren’t angry when you bailed out of the car, but you bailed out the second we were trying to figure traffic out, you’re like, I’m gonna get out here and you’re gone, which that part didn’t frustrated me it was then three cars in front of me as we were pulling it trying to get into the parking lot. The main close the street, who clearly like that was just his job was to close the street. So he had no idea people were trying to ask him, Where are we supposed to go? What are we supposed to do? And he’s like, I don’t know. I watched another, another runner bailout of the car in front of us. And then I end up watching his wife pull four kids out of their car. And I was like, Well, I’m not so bad. I just have me.

So whatever mic Natalie experience from a frustration standpoint, I can’t say from there.

I think we were just talking a lot about if we flip flopped, and Natalie and I were running the race, and you boys, were here to support us. We feel like race mornings would be a little different, that we probably would stick with you.

The only part you did you did capture where you hollered at us to come on, which I was. I wasn’t front. I was a little embarrassed that you were like hollering at us and a group of lots of people. But that was kind of what what we were saying we were wondering what we’re waiting for the your take on the day to be like yeah, it was a little frustrating, but it was fine. Meanwhile, your love loves God.

Yeah, so I was honest of that. Yeah. Yeah, it was out of line there. So interesting. When I quote unquote, bailed out, I’m going to put that in quotes. That was the plan from leaving the house that I was going to get out at the big boy, go get my number and you were to park. That was the plan. You never gave it. You’re like, Okay, sounds good. Yeah, that was the plan. This was not a spontaneous. Stop the car. Let me bail. Well, yes, but I think what we also identified is I didn’t have a clear idea of where this parking lot was. So I knew where the big boy was. And you showed me a map which I and a map reader know in my head it would hold on in my head it was in a different spot and right as you were getting I was like so it’s over here like no

screw. So question. I showed you a map. If you weren’t comfortable with that map. Why didn’t you say something in the moment? I thought it was comfortable with the map. Oh, gotcha. I thought it made sense until I pointed to the direction I thought the parking lot was hidden. It was not that I do. Franklin’s losing his mind up there. I do. I need to be more conscientious of you not looking at you struggle with that. I I don’t know how you could work on that as an adult I don’t know if that’s like 240 Okay.

So if I don’t die,

but when I look at maps I’m pretty good especially when I know the area like as soon as I pull that up on Google Maps I’m like oh, yeah, okay, you just hanging right here and then a right at the next street in the parking lots on your right it’s a right Right, right. Yes. You know what I mean? So that’s why I was like, okay, she’s fine. You didn’t give any pushback? Everything was cool I didn’t want to give I think coming up with a game plan the night before and checking that it’s okay with the other person is probably a better way to put this back on mute. No, no, you didn’t go get your bed the day before so I didn’t want to impede you been able to like you getting in there was imperative to you being able to get a chip to run your race. It’s not like you were just going to go wait for me and I you know, it’s not a big deal. Like that was very important for you to get out. It was fine. I just added a little bit stress. I’m so my stress. And then I can’t imagine it was already closed. And Mike and Nat were trying to come from the other way. Yeah, sounds like things were really shaky for them, because it was many things were closed off there. But well, let’s let’s put the biggest blame on the race. Because they shut that road down. Yeah, it was we could park there didn’t tell us when the shutdown when it was going to shut down. Yeah. Because honestly, if I knew it was gonna get shut down. What was it like?

Six? 620? Yeah, I wouldn’t really I wouldn’t have parked there. I wouldn’t even made my way over there. Because I’ll be like, we’re not gonna get there at 620. Right, we’ll find another place to park and I would have reassessed, which honestly, we were there at 620. They just had shot the road.

I mean, you really were. Yeah, no, I guess you’re right. That’s a good point. I mean, I wouldn’t have got there earlier than I was. If I knew it was gonna shut down at 620. I would have been like, Okay, well, we’ll get there at. Yeah, it’s always tough to kind of

configure where you’re going, what you’re doing, especially if you haven’t done the race before and I think it’s just

Natalie and I are similar in a lot of ways. And you and Mike are similar in a lot of ways. And I think from a support person perspective, I feel like sometimes we get lost in the shuffle a little bit because you guys are

the spotlight, you guys are running a race, you’re doing all the things. And sometimes I think you guys forget this. Don’t take this negatively. But I think sometimes you forget that, like, we’re there because we really want to support and help but we have no idea what’s going on either. Well, we don’t know. I know. We know a little bit more. Right? I it’s just, sometimes I feel like we get left in the dust. And then afterwards, you guys are so exhausted, we again, get left and we’d have to like pick up all the pieces and get you in the car. And that’s you know, so I think just so what I’m pushing back on that a little bit. You didn’t have to pick me up. I stood there for another 45 minutes and watch other racers. Okay, so let’s, let’s,

I’m curious out of all the races, how does this rank as far as like, level of anxiety? And no, this is one of your best ones? Oh, let’s end the show right there.

Just I see a lot of in Mike, what I used to see in you have been really anxious because he’s newer to racing. Oh, yeah. And so getting there and getting started and not knowing where you’re starting. And you know, you you don’t ever really sleep well the night before. And so I see sometimes the dynamics happening there that we’ve had to work through. Yeah. And that just comes with more experience in trying to figure out how to like, Okay, I’m gonna meet you here. Yeah. Did you remember the last show when he talks about how he didn’t fall asleep at tell like after midnight and got back five? Yes, I remember you. I mean, last few. You haven’t had issues with that. And I don’t know why. But yeah, you used to not sleep well. I think the Ann Arbor one we did. We were in the Airbnb. I had terrible sleep that yeah, I it was, it was late. But yeah. But anyway, the more the loose thread was just you guys.

Overall, it was totally fine. We just kept giggling about as you guys were, you know, because you went to the porta potty and we just kind of had to wait and see what you what you know, but I think what we forget what you guys forget about your wives is that we are Doomsday Preppers. We are there with our backpacks full of snacks and everything ready in case something goes wrong, because that’s the anxiety speaking, that’s what we do to feel safe and ready. So a lot of times when things are shaking, you guys are like we’re going over here to the Porta Potty, you guys just blah. That’s hard for us. Well, how would I approach that and in the future then

on the spot, I don’t know, I’d have to really think Well, I mean, okay, fair enough. I just like if you’re struggling on coming up what to say, Do you think I’m going to be able to come that come up with that in a moment or I’m trying to get to the point of I’m just telling you how it feels. I appreciate that. I’m just saying like, let me know, some some verbiage that I can work on and be like, okay, you know, this is, this is important for her not to be put to the side and yada yada those kinds of things. And I fully encourage you to go run a half marathon I would be happy to support you. That sounds really sarcastic half marathon that part was but any kind of thing. I’m you know me I’m I’ll be down. I’ll be a cheerleader. I’m a great cheerleader. I’ll be the loudest ass MRI for screaming you know that.

But Well, I’m glad it wasn’t as bad. It’s funny. Like guys pre wanted to talk. Like even before we even went down there. You’re like, oh, Natalie, or Natalie’s like, oh, man, we should bust in and like, tell the real thing. And I’m like, wait a minute, are you pre setting us up for to be dicks? We were just very curious. Again, sometimes we hear your side of an argument and event and we have both experienced we’re like that is not how that happened. Or that is not how I felt during that thing. And we just figured you guys would be like, it was amazing. There was no stress. It was but did you see why we were a little off put when I said the girls think that there’s you know what I mean? Yes, yeah. Okay, fair enough. Why not hype it up.

Hilarious. Not for us because we were kind of uneasy about it like, oh, did we feel so uneasy about it? Maybe you should have asked us about it. Well, no, I knew what I did wrong. I know I did one thing wrong there. And that and I said it on the show. So one quick, loose thread for me. I just went to the old episode. Another so we talked about shop week, and with my co worker leaving on vacation and so that whole week

What happened was because we recorded on Monday so I was off Monday Tuesday and Wednesday because of rain because a terrible weather cold windy terrible Thursday I apt and then Friday we did shop work and then Monday and so but what was interesting is like Matt specifically didn’t call me so the other guys came in except Paul and worked and did all shop stuff without me Monday, Tuesday Wednesday they they were off they came in Monday Tuesday. Okay, and we’re off Wednesday so they did all like a ton of shop work but it’s all the mechanical stuff that I wouldn’t normally do so it was funny like I feel like Matt went above and beyond to keep me out which I’m totally fine with because I’ve always told them like I’ll go do gig work if I absolutely need the hours no if I absolutely need the hours I’m going to do shop work sure I mean obviously I get paid more there than doing gig work but it just felt like he went above and beyond to try to get me out of get gig work of shop works above and beyond in a good way not yeah out. I think that way I think he probably reflected on probably not had shouldn’t let Paul be you know what I mean? Yeah, but and that But although he also he did he made Paul come in on like, whatever day the other guys weren’t in and it was he had to finish up some tree and shrub apps and then he had to like clean stuff out and it was charitable whether he was cold and frigid. I’m like pretty sure you did not use his name the whole first show you

it’s not it’s no secret. Sure. We only work with three other guys. I mean, people can figure it out. I mean, I love Paul but don’t take vacation on shop week because there’s a whole there’s a whole

that all that was a little messed up. Yeah. And I I ranted I got mad at Paul and we kind of fought in our way that we fought which isn’t really fighting. So that’s your I think that’s your work ethic justice thing kicking in because he asked for time off? And they said yes. I don’t Yeah, I don’t blame him. But then in my head, I’m like you should have not taken the time off. Sure. You could have waited what? five more days and then taking it I agree with Mike I think you should take shop week off next year. Well, you know, you and I were talking about our Mexico trip. I’m like maybe I take the first week of preemergent off Yeah, apparently we can just take off whenever we want. No questions asked. But anyways, um so sponsor our sponsor for this show is Irvine’s auto repair Grand Rapids hybrid and EV call them at 532 6600 or schedule your service online Irvine’s dot com they are located off of 44th Street, east of 131 and I am officially gonna get both cars and I was actually thinking of texting you today and be like, Hey, would you prefer to be home when your car’s in the shop? I mean we will get a rental of course but but yeah, I gotta get both cars in. Meghan’s will be not very expensive mine might be. So you may have to pick up two extra shifts if you could do that for me, but they serve us all make serious Volkswagen and Tesla’s they work on all other EVs, which seems to becoming super popular and are the expert in hybrid so please use them when you use them. It supports us just say threads podcasts. How did you hear about us they always ask either online or when you call them. You can talk to Megan or Jamie or Bruce to schedule your service. Again, five, three to 6600 or Irvine’s dot com. Want to thank our Patreon Joe PK que Lisa K mega D and Adam asks, we appreciate your guys support to the fullest extent of your wallets and of your love. We would prefer your love over your wallets. But it does mean a lot to Mike and I saw all seriousness when you guys spend your hard earned money on on extra things to help support us. So we really appreciate it.

Moving into stories of the week, how many of you specifically have just curious because I have a ton that I can talk about, but I also don’t want to. I mean, I had a couple but not super exciting? Well, it doesn’t have to be exciting. It becomes exciting when we talk about it or it doesn’t I mean, it’s just you know, I’m one thing that I’m really thinking about is having to pee right now. Oh my God, I don’t hold it. No, it’s hard. It may it hurts. It does not hurt. It’s uncomfortable. It’s uncomfortable. Don’t you want to be at my Don’t you want me to be at my peak while I’m talking about stories and can I pee play? Yes. Can you Oh, you can’t write the doc that’s right. Anyway. Okay, I’ll be right back. Hold on.

It’s gonna record the whole time you’re gone. Yeah.

You can play a song. Yeah, I’m gonna play let’s play something I will like no, this is just a Halloween ish. It’s just background music. How about feed the dogs.

Sexy ducks.

Always have the I forgot to do it. Stories of the week.

Dustin this mute

Say, Hey baby, you want to cracker?

Matter no one’s gonna live anyways because it’s the middle of the day. Obviously I’ll cut this out in the audio

or you keep it

three minutes a dead time. I haven’t press off fast you peed. And it was all clear. So you know it’s not just caffeine that’s pushing it out. Good job hydrating. Okay, stories of the week.

Why don’t you go first? Ladies first guests first in the house.

If it’s not a good story, I’m doing this

why is it the buzzer and the fart? I don’t know. I found it online. I frickin love it terrible. It’s terrible. Um, one of my stories for me was that

it sounds so funny. Last night, I was going to get in the shower, and I did a big stretch. And I peeked over and I saw my ribs sticking out of my body, which I haven’t seen since I was 15. So Jason, I had been intermittently fasting. Jason was doing it far before I was I had given up on my whole life because I started in April.

I started in July, July.

But I have

I feel like literally done every diet, everything. Everything known to man. They never work. They work temporarily and never really all that well. I can’t say I was like, Oh, I lost 50 pounds. Like should not it never works. So we’ve been doing intermittent fasting, and it has been working. And it’s just a blows my mind every time that it’s really not that hard. No, you know, we talked about on the walk today, you’re like, I don’t know why this is working. I’m like, well, it’s working. Because

between the hours of 12 hours and 16 it has no carbohydrates. And we talked about like when you’re working out on a fast. Obviously, you’re not going to be at peak performance because you don’t have any food and you don’t have any carbohydrates. But your body’s like, Alright, it’s time to work. And they say, Oh, shit, we have no carbohydrates. Zero. All right, we’re going for the fat. That’s how we’re gonna get it. You know, and that’s, that’s how it works. And you eat relatively good. I mean, way better than I do. It’s never been an issue. But um, yeah, I mean, it works. I can’t imagine if you did like 18. And what? 18? Six, right? Yeah, 18 Six, like, which is home? I mean, I feel like I could do it.

It’s not that hard. It does. Sometimes towards the end of the time, you’re like, Okay, you know, especially if you’re not busy. Like when you’re at work, I’m sure you get you have passing pangs, right. But then you’re just like, Okay, I gotta get shit done. Well, especially if I do back to back shifts, because usually, things get a little sketchy toward the end of the shift, really anything after five o’clock, you’re not, you’re not going to get out for a snack or whatever. So I tend to eat my last meal at four. So I’m kind of done around 430. And so if I work the next day, I never break until at least 11. And the last couple of days ended up being 1215. So so you’re gone longer than 16 hours. Yeah, a lot of times when I work I am. What do you what would you think about the a lot of people do a day on a day off? Oh, no, no, like 24 off? 24 on.

I feel like Chris cow Can you would be easily to do that. Well, he does those fast anyways, I just don’t think I could. I think it’d be really hard at home because the food is right here. Yeah. And I don’t think I could think the way I want to be able to think without food in my system. You know, like, I need to be firing out a bunch of neurons. That’s true. You really got to think yeah, if you were off, like if you’re on a vacation, or you want to eat them too, but just not having to perform at your peak. Yeah, you probably could. Well, I know you could do it. But yeah, I know a lot of people do a day on day off. Absolutely not. I love food too. But I can’t go that long. It’s just I love that. It’s I think it’s too easy to get off track. Because what do you do if you’re it’s supposed to be you’re not eating day and you’re supposed to go do a bunch of stuff with friends. And I think your body can perform a lot more. No, no, no, I mean, like, we’re going out to lunch. Oh, gotcha, like social stall. And so then you’re like, Oh, I’m not gonna do it today. But then did the next day. I just once I start on the slippery slope. It’s really Yeah, at least you’re doing 16 hours. You’re like, Hey, do you mind if we eat a little bit later? Let’s say if that was me. I try to get my food done as quick as I can at night. Yeah, so I used to check his watch a lot because you can’t see the clock on our stove from the table. It’s a little blurry but you check your watch a lot.

During Oh yeah, I’m like, Okay, I gotta get this shit done.

For whatever reason, if I have to go my fast goes longer till noon I struggled to hit that, then when I have to where I can break it at 1030 It’s only it’s an hour and a half longer. That’s, uh, yeah, but still 16. Yeah, it’s still the same amount of time whether I break it at 1030 or break it at noon, you don’t care. I’m saying no, I understand. Oh, how time works. But I’m saying that. In your head, though. If you’re used to eating at 1030 in the morning, and you know, you have to wait an extra hour and a half. It’s Yes, still 16 hours. But mentally you’re like, I can’t believe I’m, and then in my head, like you talked about the neuron saying like, I’m three quarters of the way down with my workday at noon. Yeah, you know what I mean? I’ve never felt I felt a little lethargic. But I’ve never felt

like, every once in a while, I have felt straight hyperglycemia. And there’s been a couple of days and it’s usually if I have eaten something not great for dinner. Yeah, I’m usually lacking in protein. Well, I want to say I’m proud of you for doing it. I’m excited for you. It’s fine. And all this. Yeah. Was that mean? Do you want to elaborate on that a little bit? I feel like you’ve been paying more attention to me. And it’s not because you’re losing weight. That sounds like I put it back on it. Yes. Or ignoring me. Oh, yeah. That makes me sound snappy. A fatty.

That makes you sound super shallow. And that’s that’s not it. I don’t think okay. long term relationships though. The ups and downs. I don’t remember who it was. He has the show with 14 Feemster. Tom Tom. Oh, yeah. Tom. Segura. No, Tom, Papa has it with 14. Oh, you’re right. Tom Segura, I saw, he had a clip of talking about

when you’re dating and newly married and they’re like, Oh, you’re so in love. And you love how they look. And he’s like, this is not the person you will spend the rest of your life. But this is the floor model. This is the gets you into the building, like get this thing off the floor. He’s like, put 30 pounds on that person. And they’ll be bald. Oh, yeah. No more hair, right. And so your body changes so much. But I think if you’re trying to trying to lose weight or look better, or you look healthy, there are just times in long term relationships where things are fine, whatever, and times where someone starts making a change, and you just are a little more attracted them. I don’t think that’s a terrible thing. Yeah, no, no, I don’t reflect on that and feel bad. Well, I mean, I think it’s all like a snowball effect. Right? So you’re working out, you’re losing weight, you’re feeling better about yourself, you’ll have an extra glow around you. I mean, you’re happier. Not that you’re unhappy person, but it just general is a snowball. It’s all these little micro things that make the whole package better. Yeah. But yeah, I mean, I, I can say I’ve been a little bit more frisky with you. And I think it’s me too, right. I’m losing weight My pants are fitting in. It’s just part of nature. You know what I mean? I also think you know, when the I don’t remember if I did not bring it up in the show, but we talked about like, not really a breakthrough with the sex with my therapist. But like, some reason and I don’t know if that was just like

lifted a burden that wasn’t that I didn’t know subconsciously that was there.

It’s not like we broke it down and talked about it. But I think that’s part of it, too. Sometimes. There is a

brain relaxing, if you will have just been able to speak something out loud. Yeah, sometimes your body needs to just say it and name it. And sometimes that’s, I mean, it’s probably not enough for total healing. Oh, but


yeah, I think that we talked about it this morning, that there’s there’s something that has changed for you. And that’s awesome. Yeah, I’m not gonna Yeah, I’m not gonna complain. But anyway, it’s very exciting. I I basically don’t believe it on a daily basis because I’m trying not to get super excited because I have had so much heartbreak when it comes to just like it’s our big frustration and slash joke between the two of us is that I do eat relatively really well and exercise a lot. And I have been this size and shape my entire adult life. Yeah, I mean, I have PCOS, so we should clarify polycystic ovarian syndrome which makes it very hard for me to lose weight but this seems to be weren’t working and I’m on a med to help with insulin resistance, which I don’t necessarily have but I could have

trouble with with PCOS. But long story short, I was excited about that. I am like seven pounds away from being the lightest I’ve been that I can read.

member that’s crazy. Yeah. For you.

For me a couple of quick bangers.

I started working at the school I officially am a Granville public school boy. I filled in yesterday for a gal and basically a lunch lady, a bearded lunch lady. And basically it’s just fun. They’re all the kids come through lunch. We open milks we wiped, of course, yesterday was waffles. So I was like pouring syrup. I literally had like, like a plastic bottle of syrup.

Just think of it. It didn’t say syrup. It’s like we pour the syrup in bulk and just like squeezing each other transfer, murmur. And then of course wiping syrup all over the place. Jokingly every said she smelled syrup on Winston our dog and then Megan last night when we were snuggling. She’s like, I smell maple syrup somewhere on you. And I’m like, I didn’t eat any of it. So I don’t know like is it at I took a shower, but I’m like, I don’t know. Is it on my pillow? Did When did I somehow get it on when he when he rubbed his face on my pillow? And that smells like maple syrup. Who chose waffles for elementary school kids? I don’t know. I don’t know. There’s a lot of kids that come through there. I’m shocked. I mean, they just and they pretty much got the routine down and it was kind of cool. It was a it was a busy two hours it’s only two hour shifts. So yeah, I decided like this year with the gas being so high. I’m trying to pick up a couple of small part time jobs that are like w two that I don’t want to pay fuel for to make a little bit of my money. So that’s one of them. And then I possibly will be delivering Little Debbie Snacks which does not help my waistline because I’m sure there’s bonuses. But I’m meeting with him soon. So yeah. Also, we started a new book together. It’s kind of a little bit of mental health update with both of us who started a book called The loves prescription from

the Gottman the Gottman. I don’t remember their first name John. I think John and Julie Julie Gottman, who are 100 and billion years old, but super smart. Check it out. It’s basically a seven day thing. We just did day one yesterday and seven, seven day exercises to improve your

marriage or relationship. And I feel like the first one like a lot of stuff I heard I was like, Okay, we kind of do that already. Like, I’m interested to see what the rest of them are. And I’m hoping there’s some like big breakthrough stuff. I mean, it’s all little stuff. But I mean like, Oh, damn that, that that makes sense. So the first day was

the check in, which we do once a week. So this is a check in every day. So a 10 minute a SHORTY Shorty check in, obviously, not obviously they prefer to be in the morning, but that might not work for everybody. But yeah, you should check it out. I’m listening to it. Megan’s reading it, which is always good, because then we can actually go back to the book if one of us forget something. And we heard about it on Brene Brown’s podcasts on locking us. So she had a it’s a three part series, but part three doesn’t really parts one and two is with the goblins and I she had been taking a sabbatical. And I was so excited when she finally came back. And I listened to that. And the first part one, I feel like, was really I feel like Oh, I’m gonna have Jason listen to this, because it was really Jason centered. And then part two came out and we both listen to it separately. I was like, son of a bitch is talking about me. I was like, I heard that second one. I was like so in my glory when I heard that Brene why? So actually, that might be a good preak is a precursor to before you could admit it to that book like you and your partner. Listen to Bearnaise I mean, it’s short. And like I said the third one, I haven’t even listened to third one. It’s just her and her sisters talking not? Well, I do enjoy Brene quite a bit. I didn’t listen to that one yet. But the first two I mean, you’re basically a commitment of like, maybe 80 minutes. Yeah, it’s a good rundown of what to expect. That’s why we both separately found things like we just found ourselves talking about the episode. Yeah. And things that we thought would be really good. And the fact that each of us felt like one of those parts was specifically speaking to the other person. I think it’s just a good idea to do the book together. So we’ll have to update when we’re done. Yeah. Any other stories from you? Know, I mean, I assume you’re gonna talk about the cabin. Ah, yeah. Just, you know, just, it’s almost like tying up a loose thread for that one, too. So, yeah, I mean, you know, we went up and we didn’t have any issues. There’s really nothing to talk about. It was gorgeous weather, which we needed. Usually it’s garbage weather. Yeah. cold and rainy. And well, that’s typical fall. Sure. I mean, I was excited, because my most hated jobs were already done. So they had kind of been thanks to our son.

Yes, thanks normally, they like nickel and dime my mom had had people do different jobs. So the rafts is my most hated job. I thought the doc was bringing the doc in not a big deal. Putting the doc out my number one hated job, but well, and especially after last year where the the water being so low, and we got we got stuck. We got the boats down there. Sorry, you weren’t there. Me and don’t do we’re? Oh, that was a shit show, you know. But it’s, I felt like it was fine. Yeah, for what it was. Yeah, it’s absolutely fine. We can struggle we, you know, obviously listeners of the show, I’ve heard my struggles with

your mom at times.

Nothing horrible, just, you know, can be a struggle at times. It’s I think it’s harder as we get older, to deal with aging parents. And we there’s a lot of that going around right now people looking at the adequate boomers. And how she technically is a boomer, he is Boomer.

And just how hard it is to have conversations and their outlook on life. And they’re just how they feel about things in general. It’s just so different than us, which probably happens all the time, right? When we’re in our mid 70s. I’m sure we’re gonna annoy the hell out of our kids to I don’t know, I feel like I was just gonna say, I feel like our distance between our age and

your mom in our age and the kids. I think we’re like, our older son, nobody. I think we’re closer to thinking of a lot of ways that they think I would think more than we are to the to the elder. Well, my mom was 33 when she had me, yeah, so I was. I mean, I would have been if I’d given birth and Multilib and 14. So that’s a little slimmed down, but and then I was what 25 I think when I had Avery 24

Such a baby. But yeah, so there’s even less of that gap there and different things happen. And but I think it’s just always more difficult. And after my dad passed, our relationship just changed. And yeah,

it’s that easy anymore. So Mike’s like, finally joined the show, because I gave him he says Jason is going to be crabby at 70. I’m crabby now heavy now. So a couple of quick things. As far as running, I did go to PT, and then realize that I wasn’t seeing a running PT. Basically, they had a bunch of cots and apparently didn’t let anyone else know that refers to the sports place. So the place I was going did not have basically running PT. She was very kind. She did the whole thing. And she’s like, do you want to go to the one that’s in cascade? And I’m like, Yeah, I do. And I felt bad. Like, it reminded me of you how you like our people pleasing? And you would say, No, we can stay here. And even me, I was like, she was so kind. And I was just like, even I felt like I should just stay here. I’m like, No, I’m doing this for a reason. I need to go to the best. You know what I mean? And I’m like, I’m sorry. I’m gonna go. And I didn’t want to go because it’s hack in cascade. So it’s on the other side of the county, for me, basically. And I know I hate it’s weird. I drive for work all the time, but like, I hate going anywhere far for like my life stuff. So yeah, I’m gonna end up going out there starting next week, but so that didn’t go as planned, but we’re getting to the bottom of that. Good. And then of course, I had some blood work, not of course, getting a physical. So my numbers are a little high on the cholesterol. So we’re like, ooh, Meghan’s like ooh, body. That’s that’s not looking good. You were out of range to be to clarify your you know, if anybody now if you have my chart, they always have like the greens in the yellow. Yeah. So where you fall out of that sliding scale and your bad cholesterol. And your total cholesterol were out of range. And they weren’t there all by like, 2030 points. They weren’t crazy. Well, I thought they were crazy. I thought they were too. So we went back because thankful that technology age. My charts been around for a while back to 2020. When my last physical I didn’t get one last year for some reason. I don’t know why.

Old boy, my numbers are way better than they were in 2020. We were shook. Yeah, I looked at him. I was like, Oh, I’m smashing it. Like, yeah, they’re still high, but not like they were in 2020. And obviously, I hadn’t started working out yet. I was probably as fat as I had been.

So yeah, that that was not that was kind of nice to see. So we’ll see. I mean, obviously, as I get older than the numbers matter more, even if they’re only 2030 points higher. As you get older, your heart gets weaker and those kinds of things. So but yeah, that was it was good to see that my numbers had come down significantly. So how was going to the lab for you? Because you’re my anxiety. Yeah, you know, I had such a good

time. The

Last time I was there two years ago, they knocked it out of the park. So I was less

scared about it. And then when the lady came out, it wasn’t the same lady and I was like, ah Crakes younger Gao, super nice. But then I looked at her name tag when she sat down and said, lead, and I was like, Okay, this girl’s got it. And she was the one of the lead lead. People like she ran. That department was not lead. Oh, no. Yeah, sorry. Yeah, her her title was lead to something I just saw lead. I was like, Sure. I’m in good hands. And they’ll flag in your chart. Probably. I didn’t tell her. I have issues because like, it’s fine. I didn’t really feel that anxious. I was pretty proud of myself. Actually. Really good. I did some work before I went in there to be like, it’s fine. It’s okay. You’re fine. So just self talk. self talk. Okay. Yeah.

And then funny. Barely a poke. I mean, probably the best one I’ve ever had. Where did they poke you? Through my tattoo on my arm? Well, like in your, your elbow space and your space right here. Okay. Yeah. And she’s like, Oh, I poked you right through your ink there. I was like, Oh, look at that in Meghan’s like, well, they don’t have to actually see it. They just do it by feel. I was like, alright, well, that’s true. She did a freaking awesome job. And I was happy about that. That’s awesome. And as as backstory, you don’t historically have not done well. No. laughter was the one time that so I never really liked him. I know I have. Nobody really takes Well, I never was.

I never liked needles. I know I have tattoos on me. Totally different. Totally different. It totally different.

It’s a thicker needle, it doesn’t go all the way through into through fat and whatever is totally different. And so I don’t know, like maybe four or five years ago, maybe even longer. I went to another place and I get there and it’s some dude. He he he is not happy being there. And I was like, Alright, I’m just gonna, I’m gonna do it. And he poked me and couldn’t find it and route it around. And I know it gives me the chills just thinking about it. And I ended up Pat almost passing out that to get it was bad. wasn’t as bad when the guy stuck the camera down my peepee but it was pretty damn close. Pretty damn close.

Get you?

That was rough. I don’t know if you’ve told them. You know, that’s a story for another day. Another day. Jason had a camera down his peepee Yeah, as as we’re bumping up against it. But yeah, no, I felt great. And the numbers look good. And we’ll see what Dr. DE Lappe says about my cholesterol. I will not go on medicine that those shit that medicine is terrible for you though statins are terrible. Well, if you need them, though, what’s more terrible being on a statin or a heart attack? Correct. If it’s to the point where he’s like, I’m super concerned. I will go on medicine. Okay, but if you’ll say oh, even last time in 2021 was Jack he’s like, it’s borderline you need to lose some weight. And then I didn’t so I started the trying to be the best at fitness. Best at fitness. Yeah. So I think that’s good. Did you want to do a quick mental health update? Or I mean, I don’t really have much my it would be more. You focus, which I’m totally fine. I disagree with that. Okay, how so? The last episode you were still a little waffling a little? Feeling like you may have made the wrong decision. But still feeling good about your decision. But yeah, I mean, I’m feeling better if that’s what you’re asking. I you know, I’ve been pounding my not pounding. That’s weird. pounding my sad light. You know what, I need to do that? Yeah, I know that will break them. But no, I’ve been using my sad light. I’m feeling good. You and I have been connecting. I mean, I hope I held your hand today. I know. I know. You know. So like, I’m feeling good not to say that if I’m feeling down and we’re not connected. I need to go back to therapy. But in general, I’m feeling better. Good. Yeah. Yeah. Cuz I mean, Mike was very shook. Yeah, I was I was like, bro, like, that’s a health bomb. I’m like, I do feel a little bit bad that. It it almost sounded a little bit like

because the phrase came up. You’re such a therapy pusher. Yeah, I didn’t like that. Because I’ve been a part of a conversation where I talked to somebody about a really rough time in our marriage, and we were in the thick of it. And I was like, This is really hard for me. And the person’s answer was I thought you were in therapy.

And that crushed me more than anything else. Because to me that felt like the person

He was essentially calling me a failure because I was going to therapy, but it wasn’t fixing my marrow wasn’t working. And, you know, throughout the conversation, this person also was like, well, this person goes to therapy, and they’re not any better. And I’m like, it doesn’t. Nothing fixes anything fully. Like you talk about your high blood pressure, you go on a statin that might fix it. But that’s not really, totally fixing the problem, right? Like it’s helping No. Yeah. So therapy is a tool. And if you feel like you need to grab my thing.

If you feel like you need to take a break, and you and I have had many conversations about it, it doesn’t make you less of a therapy pusher or that you believe, lessen it or believe in its benefits any less. Yeah.

I was just a little sad for you that

that was kind of the phrase I got thrown out a couple of times is Yeah, I was bummed about that. Because it’s not because I mean,

no one wants to be pressured to do anything. Regardless, if it’s heroin, crack, or therapy, or booze, or sex, or going to an amusement park or going to some fucking Fall Fest. It’s like

a barrier, but my point is, is like therapy is good. But I do have to be careful pushing therapy on people that aren’t quite ready. Sure. Because that won’t work. Well, to me pushing feels negative, I think yeah, mentioning Yeah. To someone, a lot of times if somebody is in a struggle, or they’re saying the same thing to you over and over and over it when you bring it up, it feels insulting. Yeah. You know, when someone say, Have you considered going to a therapist? Usually pa roles? It does, it rubs you the wrong way because of that stigma. But if you then follow it up with, let me help you I have gone to a therapist. Yeah. My I always say my therapist is amazing. I see her every other week. And then I usually throw out their asses our weekly during the pandemic, right. And I always because, unfortunately for me, I can’t I cannot recommend my therapist, and most people because she doesn’t take priority. And so thanks, assholes. A lot of we just had a survey at work. And I was like, this is abysmal.

But, but I always say that too. And I and I had a Environmental Services lady who has struggled through our struggle, and I just kind of mentioned it to her. And then she would say something that she’d like, kind of mentioned it again. I was like, you know, we have these services through work. And I could ask around, and then sure enough, she came a couple weeks ago. She’s like, I found someone and I was like, that is really amazing. Good. Oh, good job. I’m not gonna keep saying you need you need you need. Yeah, I don’t know what you need. But do I think everyone should try therapy at some point? Absolutely. I think, well, I don’t think everyone should. Well, if you’re struggling and you can’t figure it out. I’m not like,

I don’t know. Yeah, I just think it’s awesome to have a person and this is the part I think people don’t realize is you don’t have to have big problems. You don’t have to have like, I’m having PTSD, panic attacks, horrible depression, you don’t have to have that stuff. You might just be somebody who needs to talk your feelings out with somebody else. And you don’t feel like you can talk to your best friend, your spouse, your whatever, you have a person that’s there to listen to you. However you choose to do the custom people whoopsie I knew I was gonna be the first one. That’s pretty good. You know, some people want to come out with goals. Some people just want someone to listen to them. Some people want to actively work during those things. But you know, you find a therapist that fits with you. And sometimes it’s me just telling stories pissed me off. I’m so mad about it. And I just want to say all my actual feelings about something, maybe it’s you. Never, but have someone just listen to that and receive it. Yeah, and have no skin in that game whatsoever. You know, it’s interesting. I think the Gottman has brought this up. And I could be wrong because it may have been on Bernays or the first introduction. But we put maintenance, we do maintenance on everything. We do it on our car. A lot of times during our body, we take vitamins, blah, blah, why are we not doing maintenance on our mind when it comes to professionals? Yeah, you know what I mean? I think it’s because it’s stigma. I know it’s being reduced. It’s being reduced when people have issues, but it’s not being reduced. Like, you know, hey, I’m really struggling with some stuff, which you probably will be able to figure it out on your own Sure. But using that tool might get it done quicker. And you may find some ways of not going back to whatever that is. Chances are if you solve the problem at home, you’re gonna go back to it again at some time until you figure it out. Yeah, and let’s face it, psychology is tough. You need professionals.

To help you figure that shit out sometimes Yeah, and again, that’s why I always say, problems big or small. If you just feel like you need to have someone just help you sort out as like a life coach. Some people need life coaches. That’s okay. But yes, I say,

therapy pusher in a kind way. I would never keep pressuring someone to go. Yeah, I’ve tried pressuring someone to go, it’s tough. Maybe we should change that phrase and be a therapy advocate.

Therapy advocate, always a therapy advocate. Well, good. This was a good show. We packed in an hour, I thought we would run out of stuff. But do you ever think there will be an episode where you don’t talk about what time? No, no, it just I think everyone just needs to accept it and just deal with it. Because when I when I open the app, I see how long the episode is right.

Given her stare eyes, any final bedroom eyes? Those are the ones I want. You got those last night? Any final wrap ups? About this episode or anything you want to touch on before? I am happy? You actually I kind of jokingly throughout that I would help. Yeah. I I’m surprised you took me up on it. I thought for sure you’d skip this week. Yeah. But I just this was this was nice. Yeah. I mean, it helps that we’re we’re firing on all cylinders does help. Yeah, this helps heal some of my being worried about it being a good show. Yeah, don’t ever worry. I mean, I understand early on, just like everything in my life early on. Things can be rough and bumpy. But

I’m grateful that you still want to do this and support the show and those kinds of things. So number one supporter, I mean, it does even though you take none of my advice, but I’m your number. Well, I sleep with you. So yeah, that means they literally have skin in the game literal.

On that note, we’d love for you to share the show. Share this episode. It’s super important for us to get a share on like, if you see a tick tock video that we do. If you see even our episode, just share it to your page. Like any kind of sharing is actually more important than a like I know this is kind of nerd stuff. But when tick tock sees you share stuff that like oh, people like this, they’re sharing it with their friends. Let’s show people more of this. And so that’s super important. Obviously, we want people to not just go to our tick tock, but we want people to listen to the episode. So sharing is super important. If you’d love to support us financially, you go to podcast there, you get extra perks, like pre show banter, the middle tier, you get to watch us live recorded, and you get to stuff that I might edit out, like potty breaks. If that’s exciting for you. I don’t think they’ll like that. Yeah, they probably I was dancing, so they were doing love.

Feeding the ducks feeding the ducks. The ducks, the ducks. So yeah, that’s podcast, and of course, join us. Mike always does as I don’t ever say that. Join us in ridding the world of Facebook, fake Insta Ickes and Twitter takes as you do that, keep the faith do your work and live life unfiltered. Tick tock, time suck.

Oh, we did you. You know talk to that a long time. Yeah, you’ve never put it in the tack time. So okay. Tick. Tock. Time. Suck. That’s a good one.

Join us in ridding the world of Facebook fake into Ickes Twitter takes and tick tock time. So that’s a lot of tease. I think we might need to get rid of the Twitter tags because who is used to it? I mean, I use Twitter, but I’ve never used Twitter in my life. Can you play us out with sexy ducks again? Yeah, we can definitely do sexy dogs on the way out. Give me a quick second adult ducks

Oh, just speed up. Didn’t do that last time. Yep. Oh, I must have gone to the potty.

We’re sorry. Why? Why did it stop?

It’s short. It was short. It literally

Oh, maybe I paused it and so it’s looping back around. Okay.

Son is setting.

Look at that dark.

Sexy setting dark. Don’t feed them bread. They need oats.

Don’t feed them bread. They’ll poop out loafs.

I read I read it.

Alright guys, have a good day. Thanks for listening. Bye.

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