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Today on threads podcast, we play trivia with Joe tying up some loose threads stories of the week. Frustrated with my boss and my co worker, and our half marathon recap do we hit our Eagles Beagle seagulls? Did we even finish? Find out next? Let’s go Welcome to Threads this is gonna get oh my god.

Welcome to Threads podcast life unfiltered I am in studio with the one and the only Jason that half marathon teary. We are a show where we provide space for unfiltered dialogue about faith, mental health and uncomfortable conversations. Because we are on a mission. Yes, a mission to rid the world of Facebook fake Instagram Ickes and Twitter takes Hi Jason.

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Second one. Second one’s a little more. You know, you’re actually having the both kind of works. It does kind of super annoying. It’s like no. Yeah, so we’re gonna have Joe on.

All right, so we’re gonna bring Joe in via the magic of the internet. And then we’re gonna play trivia. I’m competing against Joe tonight. Oops, that’s not who I wanted. Welcome to the stage Joseph Bella rudo. A Hello. Alright, let’s do this. Joe,

we are going to ask three random questions to start off so that people can learn more about you. Would you rather be stuck on a broken ski lift or on a broken elevator?

Oh, ski lift for sure. Why? I love the view up there, man. Yeah.

Okay. And you can jump off if it’s low enough. Yeah. Now, the only thing is if it was really cold, that could become a problem. But number one, what is one of the great values that guides your life?

I will say gratefulness. Awesome, good auntie.

And then the last one. This comes up the second time it’s come up in a row. What is one of your favorite smells? Boy.

Okay, I just thought of my mom used to make these German pancakes. It’s kind of like french toast, but it’s thin. And syrupy and good. And, you know, combine that with some bacon and all that. I mean, that’s that’s a good breakfast right there.

Oh, man. Now I’m a little bit hungry. Are you a lot hungry? Actually, supper apparently didn’t hold me. So Joe, you are gonna be playing Jason in trivia. We have 80s and 90s. The odds and the 10s and you guys are gonna better odds. Odds is just another word for zeros. Is that? Is that a youth thing? No. It’s an actual thing though. It is a grown up thing. Jason. Jerry.

Jason. I’d say this is pretty fair. Because you and I are very close in age, I believe. Yeah, I’m

46 That’s where you are. All right. Let’s go 46 V. All right.

I should say I’m about to be 46 That’s what I should say. Oh,

so we’re gonna play up to five right? Yeah,

up. Up to five I will count on my fingers because I don’t have a sheet of paper, you know, we are really ready to roll today.

Shut up. I got some right here.

Which of Jason’s crabbet Because Because I asked three questions instead of one. No, I’m not. He is crabby anyways, rock and actually actually pick a number between one and 100 Joseph

Pelourinho 5026

It was 49. So do you want to go first or second? Joseph Pelourinho? I say let’s go. Okay, what do you 80s 90s odds or 10s? Let’s try the 90s 90s

Sometimes a fee who laughs God don’t have a bar know

what Western State is home to the fictional town of South Park, which introduced the world to Cartman and Cheesy Poofs in 1997.

No multiple choice on this one. Hmm. I’ll say Pennsylvania. I have no idea.

Western State so that’d be interesting. You said Western I did say Western I got no gas obviously wasn’t listening. The California The answer is Colorado.

Makes sense. I never really watched that show.

I did not either.

I did it was oh. Oh should

know that. Cuz

I I’ve watched it and I didn’t really watch it religiously or anything. Okay.

Jason, Gerald, what is your which one? Are you picking the 80s 90s arts or 10s?

To 1000s? The arts? No. 2000s

Okay, that wants to is in which cities Winter Games was the flame lit by members of the 1980 Miracle on Ice. You asked hockey team.

Was it in the United States? Or is this like I gotta guess in the world? It was

in the United States. I’ll give you that hint. Which cities Winter Games was the flame lit by members of the 1980 Miracle on Ice. US hockey team. Remember this happened in the arts?

Yeah, I got confused. I was gonna question you with the 80s part of it. So I’m gonna say Salt Lake.

Boom, you are correct. 1.4 Jason watt. That’s amazing. So the other one was the song Don’t Don’t Don’t stop believing was the answer. I was like, Nah, I’ll sue easy. Yeah. So Joseph, which category? Or which decade will you pick? Can I go the same decade? Or do I guess you can keep on the same deck? Wow.

I’ll try. I’ll do 90s again. I gotta I gotta try that again. You

90s Again, what Sony game console with a CD format was launched in 1995 for $300 along with games like Ridge Racer, and rain, man.

I want to I guess I’m gonna say PlayStation.

That would be correct.

I was thinking that was a little early for that. But I wasn’t sure there. Do you remember there was one called like three do or three? I can’t remember what it was called. But it was not very well known. But

the ones I was thinking of didn’t have discs. So it’s like, it had to be that so nice.

Joe, I was a little bit worried for you because you’re hesitant. I’m like, I think that’s a pretty easy one. But I’m glad you got it. Yeah, Jay. So

first PlayStation was a PS two though I never had the ps1.

I’m gonna go with 2000s

You liked the 2000 Watt tune written by Neil Diamond a 2011 Hall of Fame Inductee was sung by Smash Mouth in the 2001 movie. Shrek. It’s not hallelujah. Is it? It is not. Joe Do you want to steal?

That That? That one? Sweet Caroline.

No, it is I’m a believer. Oh, okay. Joe, what decade would you like to this time?

I’ll try the 2000s this time

are the arts the arts don’t encourage.

at 2,716.5 feet in more than 160 stories tall, the Burj Kapha Khalifa is located in which middle eastern city? That is a dumb question. We’re gonna do this. Okay. Oh, go ahead and you want to take

you’re gonna have to repeat the number again.


It’s that building thing it

but like it’s asking which city so hey, let’s do this. Well,

I just like it. Ah, man, I’m right there and I can’t if I heard it right now I even the beginning of it at Abbott. It’s like I shoot. I don’t know. I’m so close.

Okay, let’s do that. I

knew Bobby. It’s not that.

The answer is Dubai for that one.

Say Dubai. But that was wrong. Add in there kind of said something isn’t there? And I know I sound like an idiot by saying it. But there’s a country over there called Abu Dhabi. Yes. And that you started saying it. So I thought that’s what I know. Okay,

so, so I was getting there. I just couldn’t quite get it. So let’s,

let’s actually ask a good question. Here’s about the actual 2000s that one no and nothing to do with you. That was,

but that counted. I know. Yeah. That counts. And I’m a social studies teacher. I should know. Okay.

Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Does it count? No. Well, yes, it counts. Most to you, Jason. Yeah,

I’m gonna do 1999 290s 9090

Sorry. What comic strip strip ended its run in 1995 when Gary Larson said bye, bye to his streak eating cows and other twisted creations.

Oh, apparently Joe knows this one. Only my

favorite one of them.

Oh, no, he’s gonna steal it.

Can you repeat the question?

What comic strip ended its run in 1995 when Gary Larson said bye bye to his streak eating cows in other twisted creations.

I know. I know what I can see the comic. It’s just a one picture one right? It’s not the street. It’s not a strip of like a bunch of them. Oh,

Joseph shaking his head. Yes. And yet like he knows it. I don’t know it. Okay, Joseph Pelourinho for the steel. The far side. That is correct. A Mungo. And Joe, it’s your turn again. So you can go 321 which decade? Do you want, sir?

You said the 80s is one of them. Yeah, interesting. Let’s just see what happens. But by the way, Megan wanted to remind us that Garfield always sent normal or OD tried to send them to Abu Dhabi. That’s why we got Yeah, it’s funny and that comic there’s a nice thread for you

love it. Love it.

What 1982 That was before I was born. I was like, You guys didn’t know what 1982 movie was adapt, adapted from a Broadway musical about an orphan with red hair. Jesus,

let’s see. It’s Wendy’s. No, just kidding. Little Orphan Annie.

It says Annie so I feel like I will give that borderline that little orphan end. It’s borderline. Jason You better get going because it is three to one to 1000s again, man, you keep going to 1000s. Okay, well, we’ll do that on Friday. What musical group said bye bye bye to Justin Timberlake, who left the Quint and sank. There you go. Don’t act like I was I want to make sure it was a question that you can actually go off Ba ba ba ba ba. A Joseph Pelourinho. What decade would you like sir? Well, haven’t we done yet? The 10s We have 10s

of sitting away from there as to hit for me. Who beat

Serena Williams in the 2018 US Open Tennis final to become the first player from Japan to win a Grand Slam title. No idea. Naomi Sokka. You give me a chance. We’re not gonna get Naomi Osaka. How do you know I know. I should get a half point. Just Jason. What is your?

I’m going to 1000s again. You and your today I’ve only gotten points on the 2000s

who wrote the 2006 novel The Road, which was later turned into a film starring Viggo Mortensen.

No idea. I don’t I don’t read books. Yeah,

that sounds not okay. Here. Yeah. We’re actually gonna change the eye. It’s a terrible one.

Well, you I’ve read the book and they don’t know the Michael.

This is why we pre read them. If you’re gonna read the question that has to count. He’s so crabby. I am when you do that, like you read the whole damn question. And then you’re like,

do I have another chance? No. Okay. I didn’t know it. And Joe doesn’t know it either. Joe which decade do you want, sir?

Let’s go back to the 90s Oh, he’s

going back to the 90s What 42 to one underdog knocked out Mike Tyson in the 10th round to become the new champion 1990 And one of the most shocking upsets in sports history. In 1990 In 1990

I think I thought he was

now I’m not gonna get it. I’m of course only thinking about the guy who got his earbud off that that wasn’t that wasn’t then

this was before the 90 Yeah. You guys are gonna be so sad. Jason your chance to steal in Evander Holyfield? No, it is Buster Douglas Buster Douglas little

know as Little Mac I was their Little Mac on Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. Where are we going with this?

Jason? What decade would you like Sir? I’m going 2010 2010 Seriously, did

any of you ever play that game? Hell yeah, I did. It was awesome. It was good.

What hybrid pastry fried like a donut and flaky like a croissant became a delicious craze. In 2013. You want me to repeat the question? Yeah. What hybrid pastry fried like a donut and flaky like a croissant became a delicious craze in 2013

I don’t know.

Joseph. I might have a guess is Abend yay.

No, it is a Corona but never remember hearing of Corona I’ve never even heard of it. Oh, man. Okay, Josiah, what are you picking? 2000s to 1000s in 2007 What third baseman for the Yankees became the youngest MLB player to score 500 home runs.

Man 2007 I’m not going to get Barry Bonds.

That is incorrect. And Derek Jeter wouldn’t be legit anyway. Oh, it is Alex Rodriguez

the effing cheater.

Where’s speaking of we’re striking out right now. I

know it’s three to two. This is a little August.

Don’t worry. I tried. I tried to tighten all this trivia. Oh, good. Good. Good. Bah bah bah bah 2000s 2000. We still stuck at three to one three to two or three.

What company was purchased by eBay in 2002 to replace Bill point as the online auctions sites preferred payment method what Say that again? What company was paid? Well, there you go. Ding ding ding ding Yes. Three to three. Joseph Pelourinho wind is decade done 90.

See next time what we should do is we should if you win the point you get to pick for that person because I just thought of that idea. Why?

What have perky Brits told us what they want. What they really really want on their first hit single wanna be in 1997? If you want

to be my lover I don’t know the name of the group. I could sing this. I do a Spice Girls God

he pulled that out last second. You thought you had it?

I shouldn’t have said I should I should have done a poker face the whole time. Oh, he

got you. He played you or it just came to his mind. And that is terrible. It is four to three. Jason what decade Do you want? Do 1000s

If we play this for too long, we’re at 02 1000 Yeah, good.

Do you want do you really really want?

Which Vermont ice cream company sold to Ben and Jerry’s? Yep, yep. Boom.

very daring though, cuz I didn’t read the whole thing. I’m gonna go to 1000s for the win. No, it’s


Oh, my bad. I’m an idiot.

I’m gonna go to 1000s

for it’s four to four

four to four. Oh, no pressure. Which British rock group release its debut album parachutes in 2004 it

is not there. I have no idea.

You guys me so sad if you don’t get this so Joseph. Do you have any final answers for this?

That would be no.

You’re gonna be so sad. The Beatles? Coldplay?

Sad I don’t even I don’t even know what song from Coldplay. What. And I didn’t know they’re British. Now it’s your turn to 1000s to wrap this up. This is gonna be which

Beatle performed at the first concerts held at each of the two New York Mets stadiums. 144 years after the other. Which Beatle remember this is the 2000s got to be McCartney. Boom for the win. The see Holly McCartney led all the ones still I was like that was pretty easy because yeah, he’s the only one who would have done both. So Joe, thanks for playing. Thanks this really short game of trivia Kate knew every answer like boom boom boom saw. You know, I felt like this was a good battle. Anyways, Joseph, thank you for joining us during this on phone up Patreon.

Thank you. Hey, we look forward to hearing how your race went guys.

Yes, we need to get you on the show. The show show soon. That was up. Mike is responsible for that. So show show. The Sosa You got to take that care of that. Yeah. All right. Sounds good. Be there. Alright, guys, by breads podcast, we’ll be back after a quick break.

What is Yom Tov? Well, first of all it stands for you must be thinking of another podcast. And second of all, it’s those unhinged conversations you have with your best friend. We’re talking about whether it’s okay to not wash your legs in the shower. We wonder what variety of apples would make the best names for racehorses. We talked about our real life problems, and we argue about basically everything else. So come to Him to help if he craves movie reviews, how to feign society’s problems or just company of friends. We’ll see you there every Monday.

Wow, that was quite the bad

it was it was stalemated there for a while. That’s always wonder like when I’m editing this, this is like for getting wrong wrong. But I like tighten it all. Yeah, so boom, boom, boom. I want to I mean, if it’s decent content, I’ll keep it in. But if it’s just like, yeah, like stupid chatter, yeah. Oh, yeah. The I’m like, I like cut all that shit out. Right. As people are thinking, I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. I want them to listen to show. Have fun and get out. Yeah.

And if there was good time left, there was good, like catherization shirt. Yep. totally get that. So Jason, we have some loose ends or loose threads. Or

you got so mad at me last week. And you did it.

So Jason, we have some loose threads to tie it here. Got that out for last week. Yeah, whatever. So anyways, we’re gonna tie up some loose threads here. So I will have to say I was in a little bit of shock last week. And I didn’t totally get to process the mental health bomb that you dropped. And if you have if you’re listening, you haven’t listened. Go back to the last one. Yeah, because it is a mental health bomb.

Well, it’s not really.

I mean, anyone who’s listened to this show? Yeah, it’s a pretty big bomb. I just

got feedback from one of our listeners about that bomb. Oh, cool. So basically what? Go ahead,

I’ll let you know. Go ahead. Oh, it’s

just Larry just sent me a message. Oh, yeah. I mean, I decided to stop going to therapy. I regretted my decision alert earlier today, when Meg and I were not arguing. But it was just like, some of the stuff that I was missing. Like, just a little bit of empathy on something and I’m second guessing myself. I’m like, Shit, I should go back. You know what I mean? And it’s just like, No, I don’t need to go back right now. I need to just power mute have these conversations with you? Or Megan or whatever. It’s mostly with Megan, and just work through this stuff. So I’m still feeling okay with it. I still haven’t said Heather the letter yet. I don’t know what to say. Oh, just to like, Thank you. Thank you feel like I want to send her like edible arrangements, like are the cookies by design just to be like, because now I can write it’s yeah, we’re not claiming? It’s, I mean, we’re not clients. And she’s, I’m not her client anymore. Yeah. So yeah, I haven’t really done anything with that yet. But I think I’m still okay with it. Yeah.

So you’re finding yourself though. Like when something comes up thinking that you should go back? Because it’s come up?

Yeah. Which is dumb, right? Because I’d be like, Why would I think that way, this is how normal. I’m not saying I’m not normal. But this is how people function in the world is just things come up. You don’t have to run to your therapist and try to process through everything. But

But you’ve been used to doing that for quite a few years.

I mean, six or seven? Yeah.

So I mean, it’s not necessarily a bad thing that that’s your first reaction is Oh, sure. Like, like Heather and I should work on this. Exactly. It’s yeah, so your first reaction is it’s gonna take a bit to be like, oh, I need to work through. Yeah, yes. Yeah. So are you still feeling good about that choice? Like, you feel like that was still the right choice?

At this point? I do. Okay. And, you know, here’s the thing. I could go back anytime. I mean, obviously, if it was five years down the road, and she was done with therapy, I couldn’t go to her. But I mean, there’s plenty of people that I can work with out there. Yeah. You know, probably not as adept, like the EMDR. But if, you know, if I had something like, you know, something tragic happened to my family, I needed processes and things I could find a therapist and it would be fine. So it’s not like it’s gone forever. But yeah, so I right now I’m feeling okay about it.

Okay. Yeah. I just wondered because again, I was in such shock, like, leaving, I just was like, I never thought I’d hear Jason say he was done with therapy. Because Because Because again, another is bad, but you were always the one pushing therapy and always

well, yeah. And you’re right. And I talked a lot about never stopping. Yeah, but I mean, that was years ago. You know what I mean? And I was like, you know, I mean, it’d be so interesting. I don’t know if I could do with my sanity but start from episode one or threads and listen to all of them. And just be like, you know, yeah, but Um, I think at that point, I was never going to quit.

Yeah. Which, which at that time was the right thing to say? Correct? Because I think sometimes in a state right will say something. And that is completely true. But then, two years later, three years later, that’s not the right thing to say anymore. Why

is it so hard as humans for people to change their mind? It makes me think of politics, right? Like, why do you have to like, Okay, you were that you believed in this before, but now you’ve matured, you’ve read things, you’ve, you’ve read books, you’ve listened to thing, and you make a different decision. Now, that’s okay. Everyone looks at you like you’re some psychopath.

I think that a lot of what’s wrong in our society is that we, we,

I’m sorry, go ahead.

It’s just a lot of what’s running society is that we don’t think that we can change because everyone says, Oh, you’re a flip flopper. No, I’ve just learned more things. Or I’ve grown, like, like for you as learning some more things, but it’s also growing as a human.

Yeah, but why did why did why is humans that, that everyone’s just a D bag about it when you change?

Like, I don’t think people really want to learn, they just want to stay the

same. Yeah, they’re just gonna do this. And it’s not even just politics. It’s everything. It’s

everything like so. But I think because they want to stay the same. They they feel insecure when other people grow, and change and learn. And so then they’re like, oh, you’re a flip flopper? No, I’m just somebody who’s continued to learn, and you’ve just stayed where we both were. I’ve continued to learn and now you’re calling me a flip flopper.

Yeah, and that’s why we’re the humans and the animals are the animals, right? We have the reasoning, we have the ability to change that stuff. Why do you want to be like, do the same thing like what my dog does everyday eats food barks at the frickin construction vehicles, takes a shit in the yard and comes in gives me love. You know what I mean? He does that every day. Like what? You know, it’s just It frustrates me. So, Meghan says, I’m a total therapy pusher. I don’t I actually wear that as a badge of honor. Yeah, I will put it on my shirt. Yeah, I’m a therapy pusher.

Yeah, yeah, that actually should be a shirt for threads. Jason’s a therapy pusher?

No, I’m glad we had that little discussion that that would be something to explore more of why people are just so hesitant to not change. Although I’m kind of ready like that to like, when my boss makes me do something else, instead of hurting. Fauci.

We’re probably going to talk about we’re going to talk we’re going to talk about that. And then, Jason, how did you feel the threads fire went and also family dinner before we can we can go into both of those. We can go into one of those.

Yeah, Mike and his fam came over for dinner. That was fun. We just hung out had

some food. And as Jason says, we broke bread. We broke bread as the

first time we have all eaten together at the same time. I think at your fire, there was some odd stuff, but I actually didn’t consume any food at that fire.

You consume just alcohol, just alcohol, which is the type of food because because there’s wheat and there’s other things and sugar and sugar, I carbs and carbs in there’s some protein maybe probably not feels like a well balanced meal, the algo

Adam says my family would freak out if they knew I was voting for the next election. Yeah, you don’t talk politics with family. It’s just not even worth it.

Or should you know, is it because families don’t talk enough about politics? When they’re when their kids are kids like in a healthy way? That it becomes toxic later on?

Yeah, um, so I can’t remember shit in my childhood, except most of the shitty stuff. Yeah. And I don’t remember politics at all. But I was always just I always voted, right. So somebody must have told you somebody must have I don’t know. I don’t remember hearing politics from my parents or at school or anything.

Okay, here’s, here’s a question that just came to mind. What if your kids when they grew up vote for somebody like Trump?

Oh, I don’t care. Okay. It doesn’t bother me. Okay. I won’t even buster. I mean, we might have I might have sarcastic jokes about it. But it’ll never be I just, you know, you’re an idiot. Like, I don’t care. Okay. I mean, I’ll be honest with you. That election doesn’t mean anything to us. If you think about it, everyone gets so worked up about it. Yeah, there are some things that do change. But I mean, has your life changed at any point from what President sitting president there is?

I don’t think it’s because of that some people would say is because of it like like inflation. I think inflation is something totally different. This isn’t politics on but anyways, I was just wondering, like, if it would change your view of your kids

the same if my chin, my chin? My, my kid wanted it would want Ooh, boy, I’m gonna rephrase that. If my kid was gay, or transgender or wanted to be stripper. I wouldn’t be a fan of that. But I still love her the same. I don’t care. I mean, yeah, the only thing I would care is if she’s doing drugs or wrecking her life by something.

So drugs, so drugs is your thing. You’d be like, Yo, well, I

would intervene as much as I could. I would be you would don’t want to be a kid of mine and you’re using that wouldn’t be a problem. And you know what? I would not be the parent. That would shuffle them money I cut them off yeah like you got to do it

Okay so back so I don’t know how we got there but we’re like this is the queen labor this add add my wood so back to threads fire recap we had dinner together and then yeah How do you feel the rest of fire well

I mean I love my oh geez that came in crispy and Megan D I appreciate them so much it would have been nice to have someone new I was maybe Christopher D from Chrissy D Chrissy D. That would have been cool, but I get it it was two days before the half marathon well he ran a full full on so but no, I would I always like to see new people but I love that I love Chris and Megan

to be fair, I’m not sure there would have enough room around that fire pit Don’t even start

with my solo stove.

You guys in your solo stove.

It’s so nice. When when if I shut about the bigger one I’m gonna sell on Facebook marketplace. You’re right. I’m gonna

I was talking to Natalie on the way home. I think it would have been a great summer firepit because it would get too much heat that smokes on the summer I could see that being a great because sometimes in the summer you want to fire but normal fire pit just makes you hot. And so here’s

the callback. You’re the one that told me to do it late because you know you didn’t want to have a warm fire. Yeah.

But in a normal fire pit would it was fine. But a normal fire pit would have been warmer than that stuff. There’s nothing wrong with your stove. It’s a perfect.

It’s a perfect stove for for people. That’s one on each side,

one on each side, and maybe just a few degrees warmer. Ah, no. But it was it was good to be out there hanging out with fire.

Yeah, Megan and Chris and I had a long discussion in the garage about because the rain because it started raining. Yeah. But Chris and Megan were kind of and then yeah, it was a long discussion. But then I was getting tired. So I said, I’m going to bed. So you

just left them. Like, hey, I’m going to bed, you could stay here, but I’m going to bed, the garage door is going to close at this time.

That’s funny you say that because they walked out within one minute my automatic thing went on and it went down. Like I didn’t even have to hit the button. I’m like, well, there’s your site

for how you’re bougie that you have an automatic garage built into the garage door. So it’s built is it like for safety like in case you forget to close it at night at all, but you don’t have to set it up that way. But if you want to like it, like at 10 o’clock at night, no matter if it’s up or down, it goes down it just make sure.

And then we have an app if we need to open it for the kids or whatever, whatever. But I mean, you can get a little addition for $20 to do that on your old opener

in my mind. Well, I’m

just saying we actually slide our Oh, our opener. We had to replace the whole thing. So we got one it was $300 Yeah, wasn’t that big. But yeah. So So yeah, I thought the fire was good. Anything else now stories of the week,

the way we that’s how you’re gonna enter your stories of the week

stories of the week with the work of witness stories, stories, stories of the week. That is the best I’m glad you reminded me of that.

Your your the all property I was like no, you can’t not do that. No, I know that was pretty good that that’s a theme song to our great and wonderful segment.

There we go. I think we’re gonna do it new each time. Stories of the week, two or three highlights from the week I have one Mike has zero I said he had a Oh, you

I have one in my head kinda but let’s go with yours first, because mine are not the most exciting this week. This

is more of like, I feel like I’m being super ungrateful when I say this story now that I’ve had some time to reflect on it. But it’s always been a little triggering for me. So I’ll try to make this short and sweet. Basically, every year at work for one week afterwards, we do shop work and that’s detailed cleaning, changing belts, fixing everything to make, I mean cleaning everything. It’s a chore. I hate it. I hate it more than life. And so I liked the detail part of the cars because I like to make them look really nice. But I mean, there’s a lot of power washing and it’s usually cold and blah, blah blah. So in mechanical work is not my forte I can’t fix shit. Like and I don’t have a lot of confidence. So I didn’t even try. Yeah, so I get the cleaning. I’m the cleaning

guy so because because you don’t fix the machines up there like Jason clean. Yeah, cuz

we one of our guys is really good mechanically. The other one’s pretty good too. And the other one is who I want to talk about tonight who so I’m not going to name him but it’s I love him so much. We’re the closest we we’ve been friends for 20 years through work, but then we’ve done stuff out of work. We’ve done bees together who like we’ve we’ve we’ve done it all together and he’s such a great guy. And now this is not as much of a reflection on him but my boss so basically he took time off at the end of the year. During shop week, and I’m like, dude, like he’s like, Well, our boss gave it off to me. And I’m like, Yeah, I’ll talk to him too. But it’s kind of like a camaraderie thing, right? Yeah. So I don’t know where I laid the blame on. My, my pal or my boss is like, you shouldn’t let them take off because we’re all supposed to be down and dirty and get it done together, so we can get done quicker. And none of us like to do it. Now. The guy that’s a mechanic, he loves it. Yeah, Tinker, and all day is changing belts and everything. So I don’t know. What do you think about that? Like,

yeah, I could see it because you all don’t like it’s probably not your favorite part other than the guy who tinkers and changes belts. Yeah, the rest of you. It’s stuff that you’d rather not do and haven’t done for the whole season. Like you guys. Like you talked about like your trucks you get little trashed out little dirty. And it’s just clean like no one like truly loves it. If you all hate it, I could see being like, Hey, we’re all gonna suffer through it together so that it can get done because needed stuff right need so that you’re ready next spring, but we’re all gonna do it together. And you have so many misses. That means an extra eight hours a day. Yeah. Are Miss Oh, for 3040 hours, Miss.

I mean, somebody needs give or take. There’s a lot of bullshit time in there. Well, I’m sure and that’s the problem to my brain is set up as production. Let’s get it done. And I can’t get it done when I’m scrubbing wax on the side like that.

Yeah. drives you a little crazy. Yeah.

So I did send a message to my boss, and he understood, but he still let him like, let him go. Now I took a week off in August. Okay. But guess what? It didn’t affect any other employee? Yeah, it only affected me. And I made up all my own work.

Okay, so so don’t no one else had a cover your role?

So that’s the thing like August is our slowest time of the whole season? Yeah, because round four, not everyone gets a lot of people skip that one. So the work is like, they they don’t mind if we take time off? Because they Yeah, it makes it so they don’t get cut days off. Right. And so my buddy was like, well, you took a look yourself. I’m like, Yeah, doesn’t affect you. You taking shop week off. But in his defense, if my boss gave me the time off, I mean, What’s he supposed to do?

I think maybe you should ask for the week off now to

well, not now. I can’t. For next year.

No. Yeah. For next year in the year. Just ask it for the No, no. And no, it’s not your favorite. Because like, because you had one day a shop week last week, right? Yeah, you’re actually crabby with that. Yeah.

I mean, I go in there and do the work. Your hard work, and I’m not crabby to my boss. I mean, maybe not as jovial, normally am. But again, you got guys that work by themselves all day. And then all of a sudden, I have the boss, the owner and three other employees in there all at the same time. Yep. Just all sitting

there around you

all here. They’re all like this. He, you know,

for me, I also don’t like shop week because you don’t message. I know. It’s so lonely. I’m like, because normally you’re out and you’ll be whatever. And you’ll just quickly do a voicemail. And I get it right. You’re with a bunch of people and all sudden it’s awkward. And yeah, you can’t swear as much as you normally do.

Yeah. And I’m grateful for my job and they pay me really well. It’s just it’s just one of those things. Yeah. And

it’s one of those weeks that is not your favorite and then to have somebody feel like they’re not there with you.

And by the way, this isn’t the first time he’s done it. Oh, it’s probably the third time who

you should start beating him to the punch is really what I think needs to happen.

I mean, I’m sure you would give it to me. Well, he said he planted in August. So he but Matt kind of knows well, that’s my boss’s name too late slipped out. He kind of knows that when we’d finish up anyway. So it’s fine. It’s just I kind of sound whiny now that it’s

not whining like I actually totally get it because it’s one of those things that like, again, no one loves doing now so So you all just suffer together.

Yeah. Suffering together and suffering in quotes. We get free lunch. Yeah, you get paid great per hour. But it’s cold and crummy out. We’re dealing with cold water coming out of the spigot. So that is suffering.

Yeah, no, I totally get it. Like it’s not like they’re mistreating you. It’s just not. And it’s not the part of the job that any of you like, signed up, like, like, like, it’d be one thing if you were like a car waxer all the time. And that was just your job. And yeah, you knew, you know, I have 20 cars to do today. Blah, blah, blah. And that’s what you do all the time. You guys do lawns, mostly? Yeah.

But it’s important to do because I also get fussy when my machine breaks down in the middle of the year and if we’re not good on maintenance should happen. So yeah, any story for you?

Well, so no, I had the most boring week other than I’m gonna talk about my drive here. Like it was a it was a good week, but there are no outstanding stories and most of the time was spent with you like, Friday night was with You Saturday night was not with you, but that was just prep for the half marathon. So, yeah, try to go to bed. Oh, I can not fall asleep. Then they happen or they can happen. It’s happened before and then when I was asleep, just advance leave Natalie. That was the time she had a rollover. And she doesn’t roll over peacefully where she’s sleeping. She was sleeping, okay, but she’s not a peaceful rollover. Like we all know this like, show show roll over and like move more of the blankets and do all that and I just fallen asleep. But then, I mean, it was not bad because then I got up to go to the bathroom. And number two and a half or three times. Okay, because I had some pizza maybe shouldn’t have had. I didn’t handle that one. Well, like eating pizza the night before. Maybe you should just have done eggs and toast and I did.

I did a giant thing of spaghetti and chicken parm. Yeah, but like

I think pizza and all the pizzas been messing with me. I don’t know if it’s something in their dough. Little bit little bit more yeasty. But anyways, I went to I think I fell asleep around 1230 and then woke up at five but I woke up on time. Well we’ll get to that we’ll get to that so anyways, so I’m on my drive here coming down 196 Heading down there’s there’s a semi and then another car and then me and I sold I tried to make it so that I don’t have to hit my my brakes. I don’t wanna hit my brakes. Yeah, I do that too. You just let off yeah. And also in the summer is coming up on me pretty hard. And then he flashes his lights me and as a one lane. Yeah, because because it was coming from to going to one and I was in the right lane. Just heading down slowing down because again, I wasn’t going to pass them. I’m just gonna slow down so I have to use my brakes. Somebody comes flying up. I was probably doing 65 yet and was turning into a 60 flashes his lights. And I’m like What in the world dude. And then for the rest of the time I kind of stood back from the semi in front because as it narrows he would get really close to a wall. Yeah, like really tight. Like Like, like less than a font on my I’m not going to be that close in case he hits. No, I don’t want to hit South safe structure. SENAI about the whole freaking time. Uber driver.

I wonder if he was frustrated that you didn’t apply your brakes so he didn’t realize you were slowing down but still why

there’s cones and flashing lights and it’s 60

am sorry truck drivers did yeah, there’s you can’t really flip them the bird or any

No, I don’t want to call them the bird because we were on down to single lane. And I was like this is the time that a trucker if I flip them the bird and he’s pissed off, you’re gonna run your ads. You’re gonna push me right and I’m dad. In those cases. Yeah, there’s a nice cement wall. Both sides like I’d be dead. Not very good stories of the week. But that is all I have because it was race weekend. Megan Asif, did

you have the nervous poops?

I don’t think it was nervous poops. Because I’ve had all the pizza before. And it’s given me the same poops. Thank you Megan for the great question.

That’s bad. I knew then to eat that all the pizza and then I know but

it was thinner cross. I’m like, oh, maybe this won’t be as bad and I’ve had other thin crust different toppings.

Although I gambled too. I had noodles in companies spaghetti with chicken parm, I’ve

never had it before noodles and company too, right? You’re going from a restaurant? It’s not like homemade. Yeah.

So I rolled the dice to. So yeah, the race. Tell us

about the morning because I texted you thinking you’d be up and it took you a little bit to be up. So tell us what happened with that?

Well, first of all, yeah. Okay. I’ll tell you that. So basically, I use my Garmin watch for waking up. Like it’s really nice. It’s like the Apple Watch where you can just have vibrate, or Yeah. And so it doesn’t wake your other person up in bed. And so I set my alarm, and I set it for five and 515. And I said, Hey, Mike, what’s wrong with this picture? I didn’t check Sunday. I have never raced on a Sunday and all I was thinking it was Saturday. It was Saturday. It was Saturday. That’s all I was thinking. And yeah, so Megan woke me up. Her alarm went off at 515 and she was like, Hey, aren’t you supposed to be up?

So this was only 15 minutes? Yeah, and I

was fine. I didn’t freak out. I’m like, I drank my coffee a little bit faster than normal. And I and I ate my yo oatmeal a little bit faster than I would have Yeah, I gotta poop in think there was no bowel issues Mike no peeing on the race Nice. None of it. No, I had no diets or any body issues. Yeah, with that, which I’ve been struggling with.

You haven’t like that was your worry is that you are gonna have to stop and pee or stop and while poop hasn’t been your issue, it’s been more No,

no, but I did definitely. When I did go into Porta Potty that morning. I pushed further like you know you always say to me you’re like you don’t empty your bladder you just like get it out and you because you know you can go anytime I like sat there and like

he was groaning for pee and now like for people like me were like, I know I was like,

Get out of there. Get out of my pee get out of there. So yeah, that was good. So okay,

so I’ll go my morning got up did my coffee couldn’t eat my food really well because never stomach and then I went to go the bathroom and nothing because I the night before but then in my head I’m like, crap what if something is still there? But it wasn’t nah, I know but like you don’t know like like

it is oh you are worried see what I would have done and I don’t know if you normally take Imodium as like, you know, Modi i would have if I had bowel issues in the morning. I want to just pop to those before I went yeah,

wasn’t no I was worried because I didn’t poop even though even though it makes sense, right? As a runner. It’s comforting to have a poop before you run. Yeah. Because then you pretty sure it won’t happen. Yeah, of course. But anyways, so that went well made it there on time except for they closed all of the roads to all the parking lots that they told us about. I feel like

the ladies want to bust in our show because apparently they want to tell like we were jerks or something like I was fine the whole time. I asked Megan about it. And she said she was fine. What do you were you weren’t

even around me? No, but but like, as we got closer to the race, there was one moment well, when

when it was we didn’t know where to get in? Yeah, I freaked out. Yeah,

like what the fuck? I know, you kind of yelled back at the wives, our wives and Cam candy here. But like,

I don’t care about your wife. I want I was yelling at my wife. I didn’t care what your family did. They are not my response.

I know. But like I was like, oh, Jason, we can just take off our clothes here. And we’ll be fine. And

that’s what we did. Yeah, but you have to admit that was stupid. Oh, so

there are multiple things about the race that I wasn’t very impressive. Or like, overall I thought it was a really good race. Yeah, even the chorus but like course was great. The parking first of all, the parking, they told us a parking lot and then close them at a certain time. What 620 though, right?

I think it was 620 that was not notified or we communicated. So

the race doesn’t start till 730 They close the parking lot at 620 too early, way too early. And then the start line didn’t make a lot of sense of how the runners are supposed to get there were no signs no one’s saying hey, come over here to get into the race.

Why didn’t they have it open? Right where we were at that corner? I don’t know like if you want so what you do is you just make it wide enough for like two people you don’t make it wide open just to people and that that would be enough to get people in and then you could have a sign that says 10 to 14 minutes this way you know tended elite this way and then everyone could have done that.

Yeah. So when Natalie what she was saying so we parked in the same parking lot as you and then I decided door my van open but it was in but it was inside of the line that park and it was it was inside of that in this old guy came up in a truck and he came out from the wrong angle. He’s trying to get in the spot. Terrible trying to get in. And he kept like honking like I knew he was honking at you and kind of yelling out his window that I needed to shut my dorm like it is on the inside of the line. Like you need to come at a different angle like you reposition terrible angle. I’m like you’re doing terrible that but anyways, it’s frustrating. And then come to find out the guy is like somebody who’s running his first 5k ever. And now he’s like he’s running his first 5k ever. And this is like I will be sentimental later. I’ll be sentimental later right now. I’m pissed. I’m pissed. Because again, I’m trying to get my stuff out there. I’m trying to get my shoes on and all doesn’t

mean you’re 70 you get to be a dad. Yeah.

So So and then today. Nail is like so how are you feeling? Like? I’m like, oh, yeah, but it’s awesome for him. You know, he’s 70 Somebody ran his first 5k Bob. I’m like, I’m happy for him now. But like in the moment like,

Well, you got to you almost like were they under the same stress that he was on the same shirt that we were we tried to drive to that parking lot that they told us which had 1000s of spots in it if you look at the overview of giant parking lot like perfect. Bebop out of there when we’re done and yeah.

So do you want to talk about the close incident of Meghan or did you guys talk through it you and Megan of you like you yelling back at Megan. She had no issue with it. She had no issue with it. I wonder what what then she wants to bust in about I don’t know either.

Maybe she does have issue and we’re going to check in tonight and who it’s possible who I mean, we talked today, but it wasn’t our check in it was something else. Maybe. So I thought it was okay. Maybe Yeah, it was I bet you that

it wasn’t terrible. But it wasn’t like I like I’ve seen a lot of growth out of you. And that was one of the kind of like, like, at the top of water when I Yeah, we came out like it was in the moment. I was like, like looking back I’m like, Oh, like that was maybe a little worse than I thought.

No, it was it was bad. Well, here’s the thing. Like, I don’t I understand they don’t have the urgencies we do. Yeah. And it’s dark and I can’t see see them? Like, it was just? Yeah. The beginning wasn’t great. No, no, we got to the line we

got to the line and then so talk about how the race went for you. Because you and I haven’t talked like how the stages of the race went for you. How did it go for you?

Yeah. So Mike, I did the exact opposite I talked about on the last show. Never. I said I was gonna not go out and bank time. Yeah, I bank time, Mike. You know, every single mile. You know what,

though? I don’t think that that was a bad thing based on that course.

Dude, I’m glad I did. Real quick. I’ll go to just just because I haven’t, I can get to it pretty quick. Okay, so what did i What did we get? We said that 909 was the two hour mark. Yep. And I thought it was nine and you’re like, oh, man, you can run 915 or 930 is all like, oh, I don’t want to run that. Yeah. Okay. So now I’m gonna list so now we know the number I need to hit so I’m gonna read my miles off

nine 859-858-3058 59 856 859-857-9856 9904 And then 911 i My 13th mile so I was tapped. Yeah, I was tapped. But I’m kind of glad I did. But I, Mike I every time like slow down. I’m like, Mike and I talked about this. You’re going too fast. You’re going to that? That one boy. My GPS went wacky. I’m sure you maybe experienced it,

too. Yes. We’re said you were off course. No, it was.

Well, that happens. I was off by like, point one night. Oh, sorry. Oh, you didn’t have a race Joy play? No. But it it was by the buildings. Okay. Yeah. When we were downtown, I’m in row. The GPS said I was doing like 730s You’re like, yeah, and I’m like, No, I’m not Jason don’t listen to it. This is a GPS. No, there’s no way you’ve dropped a minute but yeah, those were my miles and I really struggled not and I wasn’t competing against anyone but but yeah, so everything felt great about from mile like six to nine. I really had my right IT band was was really juicy.

Which is something that you haven’t had in training at all right

here in there for speed workouts. Oh, yeah. And then of course, my toe, my under my right toe started throbbing at about mile seven. And then anytime, you know, on the way back where you went up that little incline before you went through the field. Yeah, that hurt my foot. Because anytime, any adjustment because I turned and I landed. So if I was just going straight and not up in the hills, it was fine. Or, or when we went over the gravel there construction hitting those stones. Oh, every time sharp pain, Boo Boo. So other than that, it went good. I felt like I a couple of times, quote unquote, my legs felt like they were hitting the wall. But I pushed through, you know who’s gonna carry the boat?

Yeah. And the knees. Knees are fine. These are fine. Isn’t it? Interesting? Yep. All these knee problems. And that doesn’t bother you at all during that

note, and a couple of times, I felt myself slipping and pace. And I was like, Dude, what are you doing? And within within a minute or two, I my because I had feedback every minute. Okay, my headphones are telling me my pace. Okay. And I would be like, 925 930 be like, Jason, what are you doing? And then I’d like to like then it would slowly just be up to about nine or 850. So

that’s nice for you. So that so that means that you don’t have to look at your watch. I’m jealous of them. That’s that’s a nice feature. I did occasionally

when it said 730. And I was like, No, I’m not going. Because they will play tricks on you. Yeah, because you’d be like, slow down, slow down. And then you if you slow down too much, and you realize, oh, I’m doing 10 minutes, it probably wouldn’t go that Yeah.

So So is this a race that you felt like everything went right and yet there was pain? There was that but do you feel like everything wasting why? Yeah,

I feel like I did good. I’m glad I didn’t go 959 30 and try to make it up again. Because my foot maybe it wouldn’t hurt as much at the end if I would have slowed down. But what, what’s 15 seconds a mile, right? That’s really not gonna know, it’s gonna hurt the same,

it’s gonna hurt because you’re taking roughly the same number of steps. Yeah, maybe not quite as hard as steps but enough that it’s not gonna make much difference

if I was a minute or a minute and a half slower, possibly, but like,

either way. So instead of mile seven, does it start hurting a mile eight? Well, then that’s, you know, like, yeah, no, totally great. And here’s the thing. So I wish I would have known the course and more because I would have raced it more like you. So in the first five miles, I was feeling great. And I kept slowing myself down. Because I’m like, Hey, like, I want to make sure I leave some in the tank. And partly because last time like I just got caught up in the racing and I raised better than I thought, but I was holding not the end like I could barely hold on at the end of last time. So I’m like, Okay, I’m gonna raise it smart this time. I’m going to do that here and I should have pulled mine up.

But while you do that, I will let everyone know I did break two hours. I was one 4847

Yeah, which had a field or one 158 For Yeah, what? Sorry.

158 47 Yeah, no one for and you know what? It didn’t feel as good runners are so tough on themselves. You know what I mean? I not only did I beat my a goal, I smashed it. You did, and that’ll I cut 11 minutes off my half marathon one year ago

in New we’re not satisfied by it. Yo, Jason frickin Jer. I know what is wrong with me. You broke the two hour mark at 46 years old, took 11 minutes off in one freaking year. I

know. I think it’s because my feet were in so much pain. Okay, and I just, I’m already worried about the next training session. Like I’m like, I want to get this fixed. You know, but I am proud of myself. I’m not going to be I haven’t beat myself up

good. Because you seem much better after the race than you did last time. Last time. I was You are so down even after I came in like 15 minutes later you were still

down? Why is it if you walk you feel like it’s? Yeah, no, I walked on my my trail run because I mean, my God, these hills when the trail you can’t run? I mean, you can but you’re like, right. Yeah, you might as well just speed walk it up. And that’s what I did. But why does it feel like a knot? I’m not I’m not saying it’s a bitch move. But why does it feel less if you walk and there was a couple times towards the end, I started thinking about it. I’m like, Jason, Gerald, what are you doing it? Stop, you’re done. I was like, You’re gonna occur to

me. That’s so funny.

I did, I was yelling at myself in my head as I’m listening to him. Frickin guns and row be awesome. If you’re yelling out loud. I wanted to unlink grit and through my teeth, get

rid the boat. So I went out with the plan, hey, I’m gonna make sure like, I’ll run near the pace. But like, I want the last half to push through. And so I ran. So my goal was was 12:30am. I ran 1250 1253 Oh, are 1305 1301 and 1243. And 1301. I was like sweet, like, on the first half. I’m feeling good. feeling wonderful. This is going to be a good race. And then that back half, after mile seven, as soon as we got so we were over through the field. And we went down that hill where people were coming back. You know where they met? Yeah, after that. It kicked my ass. And I like because then it was 1325 1325 1337 1345 1354 4513 29 and you want to be at 1230 I want to be at 1230 Well, I mean, that was like the a goal and my goal. And I realized by that point by mile and miles, probably eight I was like, Okay, I’m not reaching a goal. Can I be two hours? 50 minutes? Nope. Okay, can I beat 255 and that one was still close. But it was one of those races where if I would have been smart on the course, that first six miles seven miles was flat, it’s gonna be it was really flat. I should have just let my body run the speed it was going to instead of holding back based on that race,

what I did and you probably didn’t is like if you’re feeling good at the pace you are going I should have you should have like if you can breathe normally, like if you’re not feeling tired because you know you’ll know when you’re like oh Jason Yeah. Or Mike you got to back off a little bit. You’re breathing a little heavy. You should probably go and that’s kind of what I did. I was I was right around between 850 and nine I was feeling okay I’m like I’m just gonna go with

this and what I should do in races is not pay attention to heart rate. No, but but I was like, but I was knowing Okay, yeah, I’m running the kind of pace I’m supposed to. I don’t want to push my like my heart rate was 170 at that point I was like okay, this is a good spy I should have said How was my breathing? And if I’m able to run it I should have run it based on their race because that back half had enough Hills it was enough weird i don’t know what it was


yeah, it’s I wouldn’t have listened to heart rate I had my heart rate go off. Yeah, I shouldn’t even had that even I had my nine but it’s like you’re there to put it out. Yeah,

you know, but even paced but again, I was like, okay, Be smart. Be smart. And I don’t think it saved me. I don’t say I don’t think it saved me energy for the end

Yeah, I think I didn’t have anything left I know you’re saying because you yeah backed off at the front

yeah backed off in the front because the hey I want to run the paces that the smart race so anyways, now on a different course maybe maybe for they’re a lot more hills in the beginning is because I think in Ann Arbor. There are a lot of hills up front and then it was flat and then at the very end we have that huge hill I will

tell you something when I ran in an arbor do a nine minute miles. I was pushing it. Yeah. And I did not feel like that. Yeah, so that’s why I kind of I was I was a little nervous. Yeah. And and I was like, You know what I’m Feeling good? Like, I’m not tired. I’m like, I’m just gonna keep coming. I mean, I’m tired. Don’t

get me wrong, but like it now now your heart rate was pretty high though

it was I averaged 180. Yeah, the whole time which

which again, like, again, that’s that’s the one regret of running smart. I’m like I should have just let my body run how it did not push right. But if you started at the point right where you’re breathing heavy like you know where that is like Yeah,

I think that’s probably just lack of experience. I’m not saying I’m experienced, but I think looking back you should have been like, No, this is where I put it all on the road if I’m tired now, of course I need to back off because I got eight more miles to go.

Yeah, it was again, in a different course I maybe could have run different but this one north for the future. Like I think that front half you’re gonna get a better time than second. The second half.

Well, I was like, I was running it. I was like, I looked at the elevation. It seemed like it was decent. And I’m like, where are the hill?

But it was that backfire? Wasn’t it? Yeah, it was. It was one of those. It was tricky. There weren’t a lot of steep hills, but they were long hills. So again, that’s just something that I wish I would have done different based on that. I still beat my PR from like, so I had the one where I came in. And I was like, Did you beat you? 55 I be no loss of i 47 seconds. So I smiled 12 and a half the world went narrow, okay, and my head went light. And so I walked for probably 30 seconds. I’m like, let’s get my head back. My vision widen back up.

Were you on that straightaway when it did it?

I wasn’t on the final straightaway. So So 12 and a half was back a little bit I think there was like,

No, like right after that construction. Right? It

was right after that construction right in there. All of a sudden, it just went narrow. And I was okay back up just a second. And then I was good to go. But then my legs were done. I didn’t feel fuel as well as in our either and I think because I was you know, trying to make sure I could have a negative split. I wasn’t feeling like I need as much feel. And then by the time you need it. It’s too it’s funny. We are so no no good. I only brought a kind bar

i three quarters of it. That’s I chucked the rest of it because I tried to time it with water. Yeah, so I was eating it. I was gonna eat the whole thing and Gatorade was coming up. I’m like, shocked because yeah, I normally that’s it bars and they’re just fruit compressed together. And so there’s no nuts in it. It’s not hard to chew and you don’t you don’t need water with it. But this I needed it. So yeah, I took aid three times out of all the water. Okay, so

yeah, we’re just in last time. I feel a lot better and I just didn’t do it right because I wasn’t feeling like I needed to. And it was gummy bears instead of just the little packets like Like previous race so I think my mind like I don’t need to do this. I’m good. I wasn’t

gonna say anything about the gummy bears. I think you should split it up. I think you should have some gummy bears and some something else.

Yeah, but it’s been working good. long runs different than race. So I’ve learned have you trained just with gummy bears? Oh, then I would have done GM but again, you never push yourself like in a long run. You’re not pushing yourself pace wise. Yeah. Anyways, um, so what I learned is that, I think a training style like so last time, I ran four days a week and no, like fast running. And I think until I get below a certain I don’t know what speed I should continue to wear. It’s four days a week and that’s more aerobic work, but maybe a little bit slower because I kept getting shin splints to throw me off training when I did though. So I’m like looking back. I’m like, I lost the week as a shin splint. Should I have just done less intensity on workouts? Because again, I’m not pushing the two hour mark right I get speed workout when you’re doing that.

I think that is the correct move as much as I hated you not doing the speed work when I had to do it because I think it’s just You’re heavy. And I think you slamming it. I mean, you’re 100 pounds over me slamming that down. I think that’s a good move. Yeah, I would stick to more just putting the miles on

Yep, slow miles, low, lower low heart rate. And again, right, we’ve talked about this like I’m going to take at least a couple months off of running to lift weights to rock to really get that weight down because I got it and gotten that extra time but again, that’s how I would that’s what I’ve learned and kind of what I would do different next time and then feeling I’ll probably go back to those stupid expensive packets because they work

I liked that 10 bars because it has a mix of like it’s fruit but it has some I don’t know if you look in the back of it. It’s like the perfect carbohydrates and the sugars and everything that you need but I mean it’s fine. I think I think he did fine. Joe’s actually comment on on on instead of on the live stream. He said he started lifting weights which we’ll talk about that too but it’s kept him injury free. Shocker. What would you do differently? Is that what you just do?

The thing I learned and I think feeling I would do that? Again? It was easier in race just to take those stupid goo while it was the honey packets. I saw people eating those things. I was like, Oh, it’s terrible. But like, again, it was quick and fast. And so then you’re more likely to do or I was more likely to do it other people do it differently.

Yeah, I didn’t you remember I used the jelly beans. Yeah, they were. They tasted okay. But they were like,

I don’t see anything about gummy bears is that again? When you’re doing a long run? Not pushing it. You just? Yeah. Yeah, cuz you’re going slow. Yeah. But then in a race again. That’s what but then in training, you need to add those in because of blah, blah, blah, Shawn.

Yeah. And what did I learn? I didn’t learn anything. I learned that I have to add strength training to my my regimen, which I don’t want to do. Yeah. But I’m gonna do it.

So it’s just such it’s it’s boring.

Boring to you. It’s boring. It’s it’s I don’t give a high heart rate. I don’t burn calories. I can’t eat what I want. You know what I mean? Because it’s just as but I have to do it because I want to be better. Yeah, I want to be faster. And you also want to run longer possible. I do. I want to run a marathon. But if I can’t get this foot thing corrected, I’m worried this is going to be like the PT is gonna be like, Yeah, you were born with that. That little crack there. I don’t want to say crap, because it’s not a craft space, a space. And that’s always going to be an issue. But maybe not. I mean, I I think I reduced it a lot with my shoes. Yeah. I mean, it is definitely less although I ran less miles than I did for riverbank because riverbank was 15 and a half, so I trained a lot higher. Yeah. So I don’t know, what did i What did I learn?

I have a question about that. So when when you ran the half last year, did you have any issues with the with the ball your feet?

I feel like a little but not to this extent.

You think it’s just because you’ve run now. So long throughout like because because you just picked it up again last year back in the summer? No, I ran all winter. No, sorry. But the summer of 2021 for our first half marathons when you picked up running again. Yeah, you picked it up, and then you ran but then you ran now a whole year?

Yeah. So it’s it’s extra. It’s catching up. It’s catching up. Okay. Yeah. So I don’t know. What did I learn? I need strength training, and I need to figure out this foot thing.

So So are you gonna move towards what Jason Jason from the podcast said,

Yeah, he did send me a few things. I’m going to put together a plan this week, kind of look at it. I’ll probably start running again next week. Okay. With strength training. Yeah. But he had said, slow runs, low runs. And we talked about on the show, we both hate that. We both like to go fast. And it’s just like, nope, these got to be slow.

Yeah, that makes sense. I mean, up to us up until we do the the 25k training, like it makes sense just to build an aerobic base.

Yeah. And then what will I do differently next time? I don’t know, I think I ran a pretty decent race. I think I was happy with my pace. I don’t think I would change anything, honestly. I mean, I did exactly what I said I wasn’t going to do but I think it worked out. So

yeah, and it worked out for that course, especially now. Do you think you’ll go to a plan that that runs four days a week? Next time?

I don’t know. If I can’t get this foot taken care of. I won’t then no.

I mean, because because then it have to be more cross training like a bike.

Right? And I’m happy with my time. I know I’m not jumping for joy. I’m very proud of that. And I can’t see me taking a ton more time off from that. Yeah, I mean, I can if I didn’t have any injuries and I strength train, I could probably take a couple minutes off, but I’m not gonna go peel seven minute miles or anything.

Do you remember your fastest time back on your mid 30s?

i I’m going to try to look it up. It was way back in like 2012 2011. But I swear and it could be wrong, but I swear I did a 153 half. Okay. Which is which is super far away. Don’t I mean, that’s five minutes. So that’s what a minute off? Yeah. So that’s like, eight minute miles instead of nine minute mile.

Yeah, that’s totally believable, then. Yeah, that probably happened there. But yeah.

So I will try to look but that would be cool. Because I would be cool if I could be that PR sometime. But if I can’t, the knee obviously didn’t cause me to shoot for training. Like yeah, it was bothersome. I wore both braces on both knees during the race. I felt it a little bit. But I mean, there was no issue. Yeah, like I could nothing.

Yeah, and I think even formation it’s an interesting race versus not. So I mean, I’d rested that fully that week before I move in my shin in the first three miles like I like the first half mile like oh, that really feeling that. But then it started to go away more and more. I think I’m after my author. I didn’t feel it at all. Good. I was at the I didn’t feel at the end. So nothing. Maybe my legs were numb.

How’d you feel about the cheering Did you feel like it was pretty good

of people? Yeah, I think it was better than than an arbor there was more spaced out.

Yeah, I liked the spaces that they did. And that was tighter on that corner. under there was so many people like and it got busy because there was cross traffic and so it

wasn’t busy by while it was busy on my way down and wasn’t busy on my way back. No, no, it was.

It was kind of nice when the marathoners broke off because it was past 12 mile seven. Yeah. And then they kept going straight and we turned and then it was like, okay, I can stretch out a little bit, but

Well, it’s one for me because where I am like, like the marathoners come past me at the end. And that’s always demoralizing. Yeah, because you have these marathoners who are like, ripping past you. Oh, yeah. Well, but but doesn’t happen to you because there’s no one that broken our 58 Because that’d be a world record. No, I

think it was two. One. Now. Maybe it was like 232 2230.

Yeah. I don’t know what it was for.

He was fast and did look like he was even sweating. I know. He was like eight minutes before the second place. One. Isn’t that crazy? Yeah.

And then I think the women’s winner finished just a few minutes before me. Yeah. And

then there was like, 10 minutes before the second place. Yeah. You know, Julie, my friend 20. Wow. Yeah. And she qualified for Boston and New York. That is crazy. And her and her husband did to

my friend from high school. I forget was that was an hour. What’d I tell you? Like 148

and 153? Or no 142 than

that. Okay, sorry. I’m gonna look this up. I gotta look now. He ran a 120 Oh, shit. Yes. Cooking. Was that like six minute miles? 606. He got. And then his wife also ran. And

she was in the 140s then right? I believe so. Yeah, that’s I remember going 48

So her I actually saw her. She passed me in the field. She ran a 740 average, which is an hour 41. But so it’s cooking. They both are cooking. Either Young? No, they’re the same age as me. And so they’re just built for running in my friend from high school. He didn’t run in high school. I don’t think he ran until he met his wife. In the beginning. She was faster than him. Cuz she had run through college. Yeah, you know, clearly has completely well,

it’s like my friend I went to high school with, she always ran like middle distance, and a little bit of sprint. But yeah, she meets her husband. And they’re both like, I guess the similar interests, but I don’t know how they met. But like they both and their son is a savage runner. He is fast. Yeah.

And then and then you have to wonder like so again friend from high school, his wife they have young kids. How in the world do they both train for half marathon? Take turns. I know. But like think about how hard it is. Sometimes it’s balanced family schedule. When it’s your runs.

I’m really thinking about trying to do the early morning. I mean getting up at 4am and just getting it done. I mean, I already go to bed early. Why not just do it in the morning through get by a nice headlamp and just get her done. Nice. Fast that yeah, the only problem is like doing the speed workout. Like is it weird? Did I go to the track? Like the neighbors are gonna see some guy with a headlamp doing like four hundreds? I mean, is it against the rules? No, but I mean, I will do it if I don’t get like the cops called on me like oh, it’s just Jason do it for hundreds at 430 in the morning with a giant headline.

I mean, it’s during the summer most of the time the kids aren’t in school and even their want to be in school in the morning.

I think well what about the wintertime? How did I do my four hundreds in the winter? I don’t know. I must tell me I don’t remember. Maybe I skipped out on a lot of we’re gonna have to look back on Strava for a while because I wasn’t I don’t think I was doing Strava for riverbank. Oh no,

I don’t think I started late have to look at Garmin anyways,

holy cow this was packed. I’m proud of you. You look so much better crossing the finish line. And I think you did a great job. I think you should be proud of that

was one of those were like yeah, I didn’t hit my a goal but like I’m hit a PR you PR like lit I know yard which was like last week was a little stupid like there were there would be a deal. I was like Mike,

you’re an asshole. You’re an idiot. Yeah, you pee Are you broke what you did last year. You’re improving. There’s I mean, I’m telling you know it’s preaching to you. You should be preaching to me to you.

I know you did a great job. You beat two hours. Were you are you are over an hour faster. No. Now over in Farsi. You are in a different hour. Different hour. You are now we’re not in the same hour. That was always my brag. We are in the same hour. And no longer sorry. No, it’s good. I’m proud of you. You you race smart by not racing smart. Yeah, because that course was flat and wily.

But you’re right, but I didn’t go crazy. I mean, I wasn’t doing an eight minute mile or you’re I could have I could have but then I would have been like

you would have been dead by the end.

Anyways, guys, thank you so much for listening to our fitness podcast. We really appreciate it. This has been fun. I really enjoyed talking about it. This was a great episode. Thank you Joe so much for participating and also trivia and upgrading the tears so you can listen to it feels so bad. Anyways, if you could share the show that would appreciate the number one thing you can do for our show is actually not money is just sharing what’s on your Facebook feed or retweeting it on Twitter or saying hey, I really like these guys this guy’s a great show check it out. That is more important than money we’ll take money of course. So you can share the episode and also forward slash threads podcast that I do it yeah, slash good job and you can join us while we read the world the Facebook fake Instagram Yankees and Twitter takes by keeping the faith doing your work and living life unfiltered peace this podcast is produced and edited by Hey guys media group want to start a podcast check out Hey guys, media

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