Transcription from Ep. 191

On this episode, we talk about Jason’s race, his stinky dog, how food and social media affect our mental health, and Mike’s embarrassing amount of screen time.

Hi, guys. Welcome to our EDS podcast. Live unfiltered. Thank you so much for joining us. Wherever you are listening to this podcast. This is a unfiltered space for dialogue, faith, mental health and uncomfortable conversations. And as always, I’m here with a great and wonderful and bald headed mother effer. Michael John vandrie. His wife trying to give them a haircut

and she she and she lied to them back in the day

might grabbed her boob and she went, well.

Not that part. We’re not that unfiltered. We’re not trying to get rid of Facebook fake that much.

That’s true. Oh, oh. Oh, I remember I thought of Instagram one Lena bed. Instagram. Icky.

Instagram. Icky ridding the world of Facebook fake. Instagram. Icky and Twitter takes There you go. I like it. We’re gonna go. We’re gonna go viral. Gotcha. We go viral. The world’s broken, it’s true.

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people probably had to wait a little longer than they were like and so now they’re more ready to serve you than ever. Yeah, they’re cranking out and Jason’s bringing his car in soon to for gigs season.

Yeah, it’s coming up five weeks, six weeks.

And I’d like to thank our Patreon supporters. Firstly, there’s Joe p. So Joe called me this morning he did yeah, he listened to our last show and heard about my job and called who calls anymore in this world

Joe? Joe does because he’s travels a lot. I think he’s in the car and I don’t know he doesn’t text No. Yeah, he has called me but I don’t ever answer.

See, I saw it I answered. It was so sweet. Like he just checked in on me make sure I was doing good because he’s an awesome person. So thanks, Joe for supporting us in multiple ways. K 8k Lisa que en Megan den Nath so thank you to our Patreon supporters for making the show. Possible. So, Jason, now you ran a race this weekend? I did. I’m a championship runner as we know. Were you a championship runner this weekend? I was not those Saugatuck. Ian’s there faster than you.

So the guy that won the 12 mile. Beat me by three minutes. No, yeah.

It’s not like you’re a slow person. No, it was me and make sense.

I should look at what his miles per. Or pace per mile was. But yeah, he he didn’t have an ounce of fat on and ran with no shirt on the whole time. He was pretty sexy.

Well, because what you were in it in nine minute miles, right? No, I was 1101 1101. Yes. Still had to be you didn’t quite do as twice as much as you

know. But still. Oh, I bet he was doing at least seven minute miles. Wow. And I don’t know how you do that through the trail. I mean, some of those trails were sketch like, I’m talking edges of like, if you got if you hit a route, you’re going down, but you’re going down a hill.

Was it rock or sand?

Wasn’t rock. Okay. I mean, what do you mean by rock like? Well, I

mean, well, because it’s Saugatuck, which would be more dunes. Right. And then Hill built into that.

Yeah, yeah, I was I would, I would call it more dirt and in roots. We did do some sand but not very much at all. So it wasn’t so it wasn’t Rocky, like you would slip on the rocks. But it was a lot of roots. And I’m like, man, if you I mean a couple of times. I mean, I slowed to almost a walk now. So I’m really proud of that race. I did it. Well, I walked all the hills. Nice. And part of it was because everyone else was walking in. I’m like, huh, there’s a reason why people are there’s a reason why and gosh, some of that I tried to run some of them and I’m like, Yeah, I’m going to be dead. And that’s where Ray’s head Mount Baldy stairs, which is 302. I haven’t posted any pictures. I have a bunch of pictures. I need to post 302 stair. Yep. And it was at mile four. Halfway through. Yeah. So Mike s plate goes, Did you run any of them? I was like, I walked every single one of those steps.

I’m proud of you for doing that. Yeah. But I’m assuming the people in front of you are walking Oh, yours to no one was running them other than that guy who passed you? Well,

I don’t know when he passed. Oh, no, I do know he was. Well, yeah, he beat me by three minutes. So he passed me with like a mile and a half to go.

And I think that guy had to do the stairs twice. But I could be wrong.

I don’t think so. Just one they went out there long part was initial the initial race and they went out. Yes. So the last two and a half miles was just rode and you? It was so I was like, nothing could have stopped me. I was on cloud nine because I was like, I got on the road. I’m like, Okay, I know what this is. And I started kicking up and yep. And yeah, the last mile. I think I was under nine minute miles.

Nice. So tell me the point that that you got to the stairs, like, was your brain going? This is awesome. Or this sucks? How am I going to make it?

I knew I would make it but my brain was this sucks. But, you know, I took a totally chill attitude. I was like I stopped for water breaks. I took a piss really hit the Sterrett never stopped my watch. I’m like Yeah, yeah, so I I just made it a laid back thing. And I think that really helped to focus on not like trying to kill myself,

which is good because that’s not your goal race. Your goal is to do good a half marathon get under two hours. Cut off those nine minutes. It’s

not happening. So I will say I think I’m going to train for the big one next year. Okay, like I’m doing a half next year. I really enjoyed those trips. Yeah,

it seems like seems like trails are becoming your thing. Yeah, I

really liked it. It was it was a good race. It was a good vibe. A good atmosphere. Everyone was kind. The race started 20 minutes late, though.

How did that make you feel?

I was angry. But I was able to shake it off pretty quick. Hey, good. I I don’t know what happened to me. Normally, you know me, I’d be like dragging it out. But I sure bitched about it before it was hot. It was a we’re standing right in the sun. It was so humid. Yeah. So apparently they they well not apparently they split the 12 mile there’s an eight mile there’s a different starts across the river. I saw that on the map it very confusing. People were late. And they held the bus forum and I was like, You know what? Tick tock. It’s a timed race anyways, what does it matter if they roll up late? Yeah, like not my problem. Yeah. So I wasn’t the only one complaining.

Now. Were there quite a few that were late where they thought it would mess everything up, or is it just like a bus load? 40 Out of how many 236? Okay, that’s borderline. Well, because tulip time remember tulip time started late. But that was like seven minutes if that was in those because a kid was last? Yeah. Which felt a little bit better than some people just showing up late. Yeah, it’s like,

come on. I mean, if you’re late, you know that’s on you. I was there at 730. The race didn’t start till nine. Yeah,

it was so hot, though. So cam had a cross country me and I told you a little bit about this. But so he was one of the last two races to happen. Yeah. And they cancelled it because the two races before like multiple people passed out.

How is that possible? It’s a two mile race.

Well, the high school it’s a three. So there’s a high school race was 3.1. Couple people passed out but then middle school? I don’t know if it was because a lot of them had been there for a while. Right? They’re out in the sun. They’re cheering on teammates. They’re around didn’t drink enough water. And then and then you’re pushing yourself for two miles. Yeah, I mean, because those kids are not running seven minute miles. I’m running well six minute miles,

especially since people were our head already dropped. They probably erred on the side of caution one

I think that’s that’s why they did it. They said you know, once you know if one person passes out, okay, something weird could have been up with them. But when you start getting three or four, yeah, but yeah, that’s a hot day to be running.

Yeah, it was. It was hot. But I felt so good. I’ll show you that. So what was cool what they did is they recorded the finish and they put it on YouTube. Go to run sign up and click it. It goes right to where you’re finishing for

real. Yeah, it’s pretty cool. How that’s weird technology. I want to figure out how they I don’t know how they do the

timestamp. That’s I mean, I get it starting a video and recording. Yeah, but literally within I mean, it was three seconds and I was finishing. But yeah, you should see I finished so strong. I was like hauling so I’m almost like I had too much energy left. But I’m like I played it safe because I didn’t know how what was I didn’t know what was coming next year. totally different ballgame. Yeah,

you’ll be able to play it based on how what you know is coming up and

unless I run the 12 and then I’ll then will be totally different again because I’ll know the stairs and the trail.

Yeah, but that first part you Oh no, no. Which will probably be road. Yeah. But now how are your legs feel today that you said they’re a little bit

a little they’re not bricks. They’re not the giraffe that you thought they would be member. I’m not rocking up

them true. You know what I mean? It’s not up and down, up and down. It’s one time through. Yeah, I mean

when you’re when you’re adding 20 pounds, it doesn’t sound like a lot, but it really is a lot of weight. I can’t imagine Goggins when he was doing 50 pounds 60 pound rocks and running. How did you No wonder your legs shattered.

It’s terrible for your joints. See, that’s just me overweight. I always rock every time I run is a rock. Rock run. Let’s go.

Yeah, I think it’s different where the weight is though. Like when it’s on your back? I don’t know. It just seems 20. If I had 20 more pounds, and I walked those divisions steps, I don’t think my legs would be as wobbly.

Try it. See if you can gain 20 pounds in two weeks and then do division. I’m trying to lose weight. It’d be experiment like Goggins style experiment now

that you shouldn’t do it. I got one other story. And then that’s my weekend wrap. Okay, so and then we’ll jump into yours. But I definitely I don’t know if this was this weekend. No, it wasn’t this weekend. It was last week. So as you know, Frank effer lovingly named him after he ate my old whoop. Whoop. I miss whoop. They’ve been pounding me with emails lately.

Notice that? I haven’t seen as many maybe maybe, like somehow who knows that you’re missing them? And they’re like, coming like, okay, Jason. Come back. Let’s go. Yeah,

exactly. But what was I gonna say? I totally lost my train of thought.

So I’m about Frank.

Oh, yeah. Frank. Thank you. That was rough.

It took me a second.

So he barks a lot. And there’s a lot of wildlife around here. chipmunks and stuff like that. Well, the other night he was barking at we have some old What do you call that black tubing that water runs through? I don’t know. Whatever it is, you know, I know you got area. Yeah, whatever. So there’s some old stuff in there from the previous owner underneath the deck, you know, the Ducks like a bomb shelter. I mean, it’s it’s looks like I’ve never done anything under the deck. There’s old trash in there from the other owner really climbing all the way under there. Wow. Send my kid in there when they’re naughty. But anyway, so I thought it was a chipmunk. So then I go over there and I lifted up to get it out. It’s a skunk.

Jason Gerald. So did you get sprayed?

No, I dropped the pipe and ran. But guess who is out there?

Franklin barking at it getting mad at it.

He got sprayed twice. Oh, no. Yeah,

I’m surprised you didn’t smell it when he came down here. No, I didn’t smell it. We’ve washed it like four times now just like normal wash or do you do tomato juice or whatever you’re supposed to do? So

we went out and bought some product and it didn’t seem to work the greatest it was expensive, too. Yeah. Apparently it will only last on a on a person or a dog for 21 days, and then it should fade away. So it’s not in the house. But if you get up close to him like I can smell it a little bit in here. And I have a sensitive nose but I know I’m going like this with the pipe. And I was like now dumb me two things. I’m an idiot one. I thought it was a chipmunk. Right. So I thought all Frank could chase it’d be fun to should have brought the dog inside no matter what. Yeah. Firstly, mistake number one. Number two. I knew that there’s been a skunk around because I had been smelling it. I had not seen it. But I knew and I think he was like he had a little nest in there something

Oh, and now now what are you going to do?

So I took that pipe and threw it over the fence in the backfield. So at least if he goes back in there Frank can get him but I mean, I was told usually skunks move there. They move a lot. Okay, so unless they’re pregnant or having babies and that’s this is not the time of year right for that that they should move on. So I haven’t seen it since Yeah,

that is my biggest fear with a dog is the dog getting sprayed

the second the second time he sprayed I actually saw in the light because the sun was coming from the west. Oh it was it was the it was nasty.

That sounds horrible. Like seriously that’s my biggest fear with our dog is because she’ll chase every animal and randomly in our cameras will pick up a skunk and you’re like oh yeah is he don’t do it.

Yeah, well I think I think is he would be a little bit easier to clean because she’s got smooth hair shorter hair short hair with Frank with all his curly hair. It’s been it’s been a nightmare. So

now somewhere Natalie would know better but I think they say like a powder will help absorb the oil. There’s some sort of powder that’s what’s absorbed the oil which is the smell, right?

Yeah, I looked at like generic online. It’s like hydrogen peroxide, Dawn dish soap, a little bit of baking soda, mix it all together. So I think we’re going to do that next. So

I’m sure I’m sure somebody uses tide. It’s not good for dogs, I’m sure but you know how Maybe powder tide. Oh, you’ve heard about all the powder tide stuff. Natalie has gotten on some sort of tic tac or Instagram thing where some lady cleans everything with powder tide. And that’s been the story ever. But I’m sorry, Natalie for bringing that up and throwing you under the, you know, what I’ve heard

is using Pine Sol and your washer machine. Ooh, there’s a guy that he’s from Canada. He loves the speed Queen brand in America. And that’s when I have Yeah, and it’s, it’s made in Wisconsin. All parts. Everything is made in the United States like the washer was $1,000. Yeah, but it should last it’ll last 25 years. And And anyways, he loves that. It’s called something else in in Canada. But he swears by it. He has a tick tock. He’s got a blue checkmark. He’s became viral over the pandemic over that over that I love him. It’s something something appliance I can’t even remember the guy’s name.

Isn’t that funny of the things people get famous for. And I love watching his videos.

Oh, he’s calm. He’s kind He’s funny. He’s sarcastic. And he get he goes, I use Pine Sol. It works great for counting. And I’m like, pour that in your that’s great. But

it makes sense though. Because you’re like, like, like when you smell ranch on you. And you have that oily stain? Yeah, so the Pine Sol. We’ll get rid of that because oil base oil

oil. No, he doesn’t say just use Pine Sol but like put a cap full in every load with your detergent. And it will make I mean, I don’t really have trouble cleaning my clothes with what I got. But yeah,

anyway, so my workout clothes though. It’s getting a little bad. Yeah, mine

or my hat. I gotta throw I’m throwing that away after this training session. I mean, it was a $22 hat, but it works great. I mean it you can pour water sweat. It never stains it but it stinks.

It’s gotten to that point.

What about your weekend?

My weekend was a lot more boring by I don’t have any skunk sprays. But um, the biggest thing was gun. You know, Kim’s cross country. But before that, I ran out eight miles. Yeah, how’d that go? It went well. My heart rate started to climb and I just kind of let it go. Okay, but it was humid out. It was like 89% When I first left, I looked back Strava tracks that. What time did you go right around when I took off? It was a little a little bit before when you were supposed I think I got out there by 820. And there was out there for a couple hours. So but it but it felt good the whole time. I felt good. Nothing hurts. Which is good. Yeah, my Achilles tendon. I’ve changed up how I run a little bit. kilise tendon is so much better. Okay, that guy who was on your favorite running podcast, the last guest tried to run his way and kill my Achilles so bad. Which one pushing the pushing the tough guy. terrible advice for me.

Well, he said it. Didn’t he also say if nothing’s broke, don’t try to mess with it.

Well, but like I had kind of naturally ran that way. But then when he did, I did it even more. And he just the stress that put on my Achilles was terrible. But anyways, so I found somebody who like found had a different way to run helped out really good. It was a good run felt good the whole time. Yeah, I’m feeling strong. Yeah, feeling good. Yeah. Now, next couple of weeks are gonna kill us. Yeah, it’s gonna be a lot of miles. Yeah. And then And then Sunday was just a rainy day inside. And you know, you joked about somebody having like, eight like 18 hours of screen time. I probably had close to that. It was a lot of screen time. And then small group. And

yeah, no, I definitely did. I had to edit for a client and edit threads. Now that sound on Monday, which was kind of nice, because I felt no pressure I took way longer

than I normally do. Because Because like because you weren’t coming home from work. Right, right.

I made all the social content for Tiktok. I already scheduled everything like everything’s done. Nice. Now. Yeah, he’s probably spent three hours on it. But I would never have the time on Thursday. To do that. I would have to do it later on in the weekend. And it just felt good not to be pressured. Now, next week, Sunday, I’ll have gig threads. And no, that’s it just gig and threads. I won’t have any clients. So

well, this this is so clean right now. This one will take you seconds to do Yeah. seconds to edit. It won’t take you long at all right. So one thing I wanted to add into our ketchup is mental state check in. One thing I think you had brought up and I agree, we don’t talk about mental health as much as when you and Ben were the host. And so I want to check in want to normalize guys checking in seeing how the mental health is going.

Do you want to talk about Well, I mean, I’m the only one kind of going to therapy. I mean, you’re not going to therapy?

No, I think just mental health say like how are you doing? Are you doing good? Are you rough? How’s it going?

I am not the greatest. I nag and I have been struggling a little bit like I’ve been falling into some of my older patterns. Like just the way it’s more of the way the tone I respond back to her not sarcasm but just like defensiveness and not being curious. That’s, that’s my biggest hiccup in life is not being curious. And I would say I don’t think I feel bad. But when I start screwing up, something’s not firing whatever that is like, I don’t feel like I’m like, Oh, I’m depressed or whatever. I’m having a bad week.

Although last week was rough, it was full, so full, which probably then right led to not a lot of mental bandwidth.

No, yeah. But this has been going on for like a month or two. So I mean, as everyone knows, Mike and I are going to therapy, I’m doing EMDR. Sort of, we’ve had we missed a session last month or missing one this month, just because she had some stuff going on and those Wednesdays so I’m not going to get until the 28th. And then we’re going to start cranking. So but yeah, other than that, I not been great. But but it’s it’s weird, right? It’s not like I’m like down in the dumps is just I’m not feeling as good as I probably could be.

And part of that is because you know, from how you’re acting, especially with Megan that something’s Yeah, so Isn’t that ironic, right? Because you’re getting healthier. You’re more down because you know, like, something is wrong. Yeah.

But the best part is, is Meghan’s doing her work. And she’s like, talking to me about it. Yeah. So it’s like, oh, we don’t go this. We don’t have this dance for two months. And then she’s like, we’re both like in trouble. Yeah, you know what I mean? It’s like, when our check in we’re like, Listen, this is going on like, Ah, man, I’m sorry. Like that. I need to work on that. Thank you for telling me. So at least for that, but I do miss go into couples therapy with

they’re not going to lie. Is that going to start back up or not? Because you’re doing EMDR?

Not during EMDR? Well, okay. Need need. She would like me to go every week, but I can’t. I mean, I feel like I can’t afford it. But I don’t want to drop a grand a month on therapy.

Yeah, you’re like that. That’s a great theory that you want me to go? Yeah.

But she doesn’t want to go like session with EMDR. Two weeks go by then a session with Megan. So it’d be basically once a month EMDR is too, too far away. Yeah.

For me, I’m just noticing like this week, a lot of things just hit mentally inside my head, like, just with with the job loss and just what’s coming up. It just like hit me to where I feel overwhelmed. And that’s what I’m like, Ha, that’s not a good thing to so. But again, like, I’m gonna meet with with there’s that pastor that I’ve been walking with a lot of areas he wants to bring me through a book that he said just has helped him. So I’m looking forward to that. We’re starting that next week. Next week. Sure. Let’s go next week. Let’s let’s let’s pretend that’s next week and September. I think it’s gonna be next week, sort of go through that. Because again, right. There’s been a lot that’s gone on I processed some, but I know, it’s just right. You never know when all that’s going to hit at once. Yeah. And it just seems to hit at once. It’s like, okay, there’s a lot there in life. But I’m glad that, you know, the guy already set it up where he wanted to meet he offered to meet. And we already planned it. Before I was like, hey, some stuff is coming up.

Yeah. So when you say he offered you plant it, what does that mean? So like

a month ago, he’s like, Hey, as you’re going through these really big things, as you know what happened and what is going to happen is you’re processing all of that. And then you know, the loss in the future, like, hey, there’s a book I’ve gone through. It’s just really helped me and helped other people. He, you know, this, this was a month ago, he said, Hey, we should do this. You know, we set a date to start that. Yeah. So like, I’m glad before things hit that he, okay, I understand it and kind of knew, right, and I knew but it’s hard in the moment. You’re like, I don’t know when it’s gonna come up and when it’s gonna pop up. Right? So yeah, not bad. I feel like with you, but like noticing that things are starting to come up.

Yeah, I mean, you’ve handled this relatively well. I still feel like the bottom is gonna drop out with you. And then you’re I’m gonna get a call from you or Natalie. Natalie, like, Oh, he is in a rough shape. Can you go hang out with them? And of course I would. But it’s, I don’t know. It just it seems. You seem. I mean, from what I see of you, you seem like to be handling it pretty well.

And again, I think that’s some therapy tools. But again, like I I’m leery of it, right? Yeah. Right. Because because, again, you know, things will hit so that’s when things are starting to have like a I’m glad we have this time planned. We can walk through it more. Somebody else walked me through it. So that’s just kind of where I am right now. So Jason, you are a Boomer and you don’t know phrases.

I am not a boomer I’m a Gen Xers

I know but sometimes you act like a boomer yeah, anyways, I did tell you what cap meant and no cap so I meant like cap just means fake false. So anyways, I got this Email like Google Alerts, like, like with mental health things. And they said 15 inspirational quotes and I’m always leery of that. Because especially with mental health, I feel like we like oversimplify in a little bit Facebook fake. So I want you I’m gonna read these and now asked to discuss whether we think this is like cap. So if it’s fake, if it’s false, you just say false. You don’t need to say cap. Thank God, you don’t need to try to be hip and young like I am.

So I’m not actually I’m not going to look at him because I see some of the pictures, the pictures, make them work. I know the picture. I would say false on all of them. So I’m just not going to read them. Okay. All right, not gonna look

at him. So here’s one to help you inspire you. Mental Health. Everyday begins with an act of courage and hope. Getting out of bed. Does that inspire? What do you think? By the look? No, but I’m like, I should be the by the for what? It’s a terrible inspirational. Next one, ready? Not until we are lost, do we? Do we begin to understand ourselves?

I mean, I guess none of these are going to be inspirational for me. Like, David Goggins is inspirational. So if it’s who’s gonna give her the book? Exactly. So none of these are going to be inspirational. But I agree with that. Yes, I agree with that. It’s kind of like if you don’t fail, you’re not going to get better. And that’s kind of what that’s implying. Right? Yeah.

I think I think therapy for both of us started when we felt lost. Yeah. When you’re like, Okay, I have no idea how to fix where I’m at. Right. So that when I would agree with that, that was like, doesn’t inspire me, but it’s not cheesy or, okay, he’s a bad one. Here is the test to find out whether your mission on earth is finished. If you’re alive, it isn’t that terrible.

Yeah, I don’t even know what say that one. Just it’s junk that’s

like Jesus. Like, like cheesy like Jesus like,

Well, I think actually, it applies. If it is Jesus, I think it’s better than a not a general like, if you’re if you’re a Christian, and you’re saying that I actually would think it’s not as bad but just a general if you don’t believe in Christianity, or a God like I’m so like Okun the

best way out is always through and it has a leopard going through thorns or our cat going through thorns.

I tend to me to me, that one’s better. Like maybe if you’re going through a tough time. You’re like, you know what, the best way out of this is not to avoid it, but to go through it. So I will give that

but here’s the thing. You so okay. If you were assaulted, who like PETA,

don’t do that to me. But anyways, yeah,

but let’s pretend but anyway, I’m just saying, you know, people like that say, Okay, I’m gonna take you out of it. I’m struggling to wrap my head around this. But if someone like a woman was raped, or whatever, and people say, Well, would you do it all? Like, if you could do it all over again? Would you do it? Like, are you? Are you a stronger person from that? And I’m just like, that people that say like, yeah, I am. I think that it’s made my life better. I don’t know. I kind of disagree with that. But it can bring out some amazing things and people

Yeah, so this is what I go off from here. So if let’s say somebody was raped, the best way out of where you are, is to deal with what happened and not avoid it and pretend it didn’t.

Correct. Boom. And I think rape I say rape Can I think that it’s got to be the most traumatic for a woman. I mean, for anyone. Yeah, but human, but I just feel like I think that’s a cheesy not a cheesy question. It’s kind of mean question. If you could, you know, do it all over. Yeah, like, so I would choose that. But I think you either you or Ben have asked me that. Like, didn’t your abuse like growing up? Would you you know, would you rather not have it? I’m like, Yeah, I’d rather not have it. Yeah, like Yeah, I’m I’m, I’m who I am. But I bet I would be better if I didn’t have that.

Yeah, that was not me. Who asked I would have asked. Hey, was it fun getting the shit beat out? You wish you would have gone through like, come on.

I’m pretty sure he brought he did bring that up. I don’t know what it was in what context but

if it wasn’t me now, I’m feeling like a real jerk. Okay, here we go out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls, the most massive characters are seared with scars. That feels like a Goggins one that feels like Goggins? Can you not hear the odor of the suffering of emerge? The strongest souls the most massive characters are seared with scar he

couldn’t speak that well with that, but that’s what he would say now.

gallon. Okay, I’m gonna find one more, because this is kind of tanking.

No, it’s not. I think it’s great. It’s good conversation. I think they’re funny. It’s made me think on some of them.

I think you have to try and fail because failure gets you closer to what you’re good at. Louis C. K. carseats. Louie CK. Yeah, of course he’s right. Yeah, that one’s right. You have to try and fail.

Yeah. So like when you masturbate in front of your employees? You don’t know Louie CK. Yes. Yes, he came back. I’m, I’m balls deep in the comedy world. Okay. I mean, yeah, he’s just coming back from that. That was during the whole me too. I didn’t know that. Yeah, he, he basically beat his me in front of employees.

Like, what what in the world makes somebody thinks that that’s okay. I don’t know. But he got out.

He won’t. He did get off on that. But like, it was very strange. But he came back from that, like, he came out he came out right away before it like hit the air. He’s like, listen, I did this. I’m sorry. I messed up. And but I can’t believe you didn’t know that. You were like laughing so hard. And like, Yeah, he did that.

So here’s what I would agree with that. My I think a lot of my mental health issues, I hate to say issues. But things I’ve dealt with is because I thought that I wasn’t allowed to fail on life. And like, everything had to be perfect. Before I did it. Yeah. I growing up. Yeah, growing up, right, like, look back in childhood, but like, it’s amazing. Like, how that actually holds you back from success? Because you’re afraid to fail, and then lead some more like, it’s tough to fake it. Yeah,

it’s socks. Why do you why do you not like the word issues?

No, because then it seems like something’s wrong and broken with people. This is just what you just said you didn’t like, I know. I’m just trying to figure I just don’t like the word issues. I should.

But I mean, that’s the unfiltered thing there. I mean, it’s semantics. Right? There’s something wrong. Yeah. If you have mental health issues, there’s something wrong. There’s nothing positive about having a mental health anything true. So it’s an issue. It’s a problem, whatever. It doesn’t mean, it’s a problem that you have to freak out about. Yeah. Or you need therapy about. I mean,

yeah. Here’s a good one. We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain. That’s sexy. This is ready, triple ax. Brought to you by Jason Gerald.

I like I like pain.

Yeah. And I think like again, if we want to feel joy, we have to be okay with feeling our pain. Our feelings.

Yeah. I mean, yeah, when you break it down like that, I was clearly thinking about something else.

You were thinking about breaking the bat again. Yeah, I was. All of life is an experiment and the more experiments you make the better Ralph Waldo Emerson. That was a little overrated to me. Okay, so moving on. From there. We’re going to talk about let’s continue to talk about mental health. You get all sorts of mental health. So Jason, the parently the food we eat affects our mental

Yeah, no shit.

I know. But

I read through the article. I’m like, Yeah, no shit. But like, I

think in reality, like, is that something like that we truly believe or something like that we like kind of like know, but then don’t?

Well, I think it’s a bunch of stuff together. I mean, obviously factors that can negatively affect aging. high fat diets, high sugar diets, alcohol, opioid No shit. Yes, jumping ahead. Yeah, but I guess my point is like, I think it’s a whole slew of things that makes your mental health. Yeah, if you’re eating like shit, chances are you don’t feel good. Because you’re in the toilet. Or if you’re super overweight, you don’t feel good about yourself. So it just continues the cycle. But

I found it interesting. So again, there’s the what will link to articles. So researchers have increasingly have been increasingly been studying the effects of diet in nutrition and mental health. They say many of them have noticed that people follow the standard Western diet, which includes highly processed foods and added sugars have increased risk of developing anxiety and depression. That’s crazy, though. Like we have this whole food system that is, at best, not making mental health better, but maybe making it worse for us.

Does it say because I super scan that that what is causing it like?

Yes, yes, yes. Yeah. So it says the hippocampus is an area of the brain that generates new new neurons, in a process called neurogenesis. So the start of neurons. Research has linked neurogenesis in the hippocampus to a person’s mood and cognition. And so they say that in depressant drugs, right promote those good things but then it’s the Western diet that will lower that and like Mediterranean diet will increase it. Okay so is what is one of the diets is the Mediterranean diet they say

so you get you get so when you eat like shit well it’s a stressful experiences reduce the neurogenesis in the hippocampus.

And then factors that can just below factors that can negatively affect neurogenesis, aging, oxidative stress, high fat diets, high sugar, diets, alcohol and opioids, which are in high fat and high sugar. You’re gonna have one in any like, like, if you have low fat food. It’s gonna be chock full of sugar. Oh, yeah. Yeah, like, like, like the package healthy stuff. The way they get rid of the fat is put some sugar in there.

I didn’t know that. I remember the low fat fat for a while, like back in 90s. Yeah, that was my life. No life. My my girlfriend back then. Dad, I can remember this to this day. He was a runner. Here’s here’s a hefty guy too. But he would eat animal crackers. Because they were a low fat, low fat he would eat bags of those mother Effers I never thought about the time. I’m like, those tastes like candy.

Like those are full of sugar. But there was low fat so Okay, so back in the 90s. You started Jan. My mom was break your nurse. You know how Baba big huge into the low fat diet. Yeah, we would not eat eggs. Wow. Because they were high in cholesterol and cholesterol high in fat and cholesterol. So we had one or two eggs a week. That’s that’s like what was allowed in like healthy, but then we’d eat cereal and pop tarts for breakfast. Wow. But it was low fat, right? I know. So anyway, so they say that. But here’s here’s where I think you will love it. Here’s where I think you will love it. It’s not the low calorie diet. It’s not that it is the intermittent fasting can help with mental health, where does it say that? I’ll keep scrolling down. Oh,

I Oh, geez. There’s a lot more on you know,

it’s a good article, but because I actually wanted to ask you. So that’s why they say a small study. So again, this is not improved. A men over the age of 50, which are getting close to participate in intermittent fasting had significant decreases in anger, tension, confusion and mood disturbances based on your research. And you’re like just doing Do you feel like that’s true?

I would say not I don’t have a lot of those. But the confusion one is interesting. No, I mean, I think that’s just my meds doing all that? I don’t know. I would have to do it without my meds to kind of really see if it if it did do that, which I’m not willing to

No, no, don’t but like, Do you not think when you started that? Or is it not? Has it just made you hungry in the morning? Or is it made you more clear minded?

No, I know. I’m a little lethargic. I really Yeah. I get bad breath and I’m lethargic. Bad breath. Yeah, because your body’s going into ketosis.

ptosis I’ve been doing that more since I’ve lost my job. Just my schedule works out like I get up in the morning, drink coffee and then go right to doing class in that and I don’t usually eat till 1130 Noon. Yeah.

When are you stop eating at night? Like nine? Okay,

so I’m getting close to the 15 hours. But like, I’ve noticed that, that 16 By the way. 16

I’m not trying to be a jerk. I’m just saying to clarify, which is one of them. And honestly, if you did 15, that would be fine to anything after the 12 hour and more. Obviously, the further you go, the better it starts doing it at the 12 hour mark. Yeah,

I’m definitely in that. So at nine in the morning, I’m still in that. I would say my mental clarity is better until I eat food. And then I kind of crash after lunch. I don’t have that crash. And maybe it’s because of the type of work you’re doing. You’re not having as much mental.

Yeah, and I’m moving while I’m eating. It’s not like I’m eating a meal. And then if you’re going to study or like take a class, you’re just Yeah, take a quiz. Yeah, and even with gig work, too. I think it’s gonna be more of a challenge with gig work. Yeah, because even if I’m not delivering, delivering, like hot food, I’m in the grocery store shopping. It’s gonna be a challenge.

Maybe that’s someone where your element though will come in, like give you some flavor. Yeah,

I haven’t used it for that yet, but I should because I’m interested for you to try it when I first drank it. Oh, you Drake on the hill. So not that one. That one was dogshit I don’t know where that came from. So it’s pretty amazing that I still tried it. Yes. It was so salty, Mike. I was like, I don’t know how I’m gonna drink this. And then like, a week later,

I craved it. So your body gets used

to it must have because it I don’t even barely taste the salt anymore. I taste the flavor.

I’m gonna taste it right now on episode. I mean how salty it is, even though I don’t need

it. They feel you need to get a new bottle. Oh, you can’t use that one. It’s almost gone. It’s mostly here. I mean, if you’re gonna be a real salt, it’s gonna

be super salty. But, but like, I wonder for you like if it will be better if you have something with flavor to drink though otherwise Yeah, you’re smelling all the food you’re seeing the food you’re picking up. People who eat the Western diet. I will tell

you something right now you have to have some badass discipline when your lunch pail sitting right next to you in the truck. Like it’s all made. There’s nothing I got to do. I literally have to open the zipper crack the monster and open a baggie and pull my sandwich out.

It’s pretty big though with like, usually about like, oh, lovin. It’s like the hunger pains start a little bit. Like, just grab something from the fridge real quick.

See, mine actually go away.

Yeah, but like, like, well done an hour before I have to eat. They’re gone. Oh, see, for me, that’s probably when they kick in. And then they go away. Like, I’ll drink more water.

Ya know, for me, it’s when I wake up after I drink my coffee. I’m hungry till about nine. And then after nine. I could probably go five hours. You should try it now. Thanks. Do it someday. I love foods too much.

So anyways, they say food does impact at some I just found that interesting as your talk mental health. Like, could we improve our mental health by not eating as much crap?

I either take the science out of it. I think just common knowledge says yes.

Yeah. But we’re stuck in America. I don’t even seen the I’ve been seeing tic tac. So people like who either go on trips to Europe or move from Europe to America. And they say they eat the same things in America. And like people from Europe gain fit or gain weight. Yeah, to America, even though they eat the same amount of bread because our whole food system is so yeah, there’s

like there’s so many less restrictions here that even for some of the chemicals and stuff that they put in food. Yeah, they don’t have an in Europe.

Okay, so a little experiment for here. Check out your screen time. Here a second. For today or like for the last week for last week. What was your screen time last week? I’m coming up with this on the fly. Oh, gosh, that was a bad week. Oh gosh. So

my average What’s your average? No, you go first four hours and 54 minutes what was yours?

Nine hours.

Michael John. That’s almost doubled mine so bad. Last week I had my most use was telegram. Tik Tok and Facebook.

Yeah. Oh, tic tac Facebook Insta. Oh god

much on tic tac. A lot. No, you need this. No, you brought it up. You say it.

I know. I’m gonna move down to what’s the most number of pickups that you had last the week from the week? What’s it what’s the number of pins the average? Yeah, for last week’s average? Do they give you pickups?

Yeah 126 26 I

don’t think I was as many pickups but it was bad. That’s terrible. No, I

want to know your tic tac time. No, Michael is terrible. I

cannot I want to hear I will not admit to the truth. Oh, it was so bad.

It’s got to be six hours at least.

Oh, no. Like total they just gave me the total most views or give me the total six hours for the week. Yeah, yeah, that’s bad. I’m not gonna talk.

That’s not a I’m gonna have everyone call you out. This is unfiltered how many

hours okay, a second. I gotta get back to that. You’re lying you’re gonna go to know this. So you want the most used total for the week goes 28 hours. Oh, my

actual is Facebook at 620 hours a week. Last week. Okay, let’s go back. Oh, yep, it’s bad. Not as bad as last last week was a bad week.

The week before that. I was in tic tac for an hour and 50 minutes. That’s all your week. telegrams, seven hours

what do you do on Telegram for seven hours though?

I talked to I have a lot of friends on telegram overlook me and yes, we’re talk all the time. You talk business 28 hours this is getting posted. This is going to be a highlight clip

needs to be a highlight club. So okay, here’s here’s the article. If you’ve been feeling down lately, I’ll give you mental health issues social media might be to blame. We’re all on social media Mike apparently more than it’s muscle memory. We don’t need a brain break. At work. We’re standing in line we pick up our phones and open one of several options. As of April 22 4.6 5 billion people worldwide are on social media. The daily average nearly 2.5 hours. Blue that straight out of the I mean you you like quadrupled it. I know so Social media maybe or social media is designed to be addictive. Using the apps releases dopamine, and you feel good as received likes and post updates for others to react to some mental health. So here’s what it says. And apparently like, okay, let’s let’s, let’s talk there for real, it can worsen anxiety and depression symptoms, because it can make you feel isolated.

Yeah, you’re in I mean, it’s that’s why you pick it up when you’re kind of putting me on a little bit. Yeah, pooping.

Pooping is a good portion. But yeah, apparently a lot more than that. I need to like re put the limit on that and hold to put my password in. Yeah, you do. That’s the worst. I don’t know if you’ve ever put a limit on an app and then you just put password in. Yeah,

but but the limit doesn’t work unless you go back like you just looked at it and go, Oh, my gosh,

the challenge this week will be to see if that can change. Do you okay, do you think I can get it below? should be the goal. So 20 Most weeks? It’s 21 hours is why just look back? Like the past two weeks? I know.

Well, I mean, okay, so you are you don’t have a job, but you’re going to school?

Yeah. But again,

I think it’s morning, man. That sounds like maybe your mental health isn’t as good as you think it is,

or that’s making my mental health worse. So anyways, it should be like, let’s try to go down to 15 hours a week, which is only a couple hours. That’s less than two hours a day. Some had two hours a day.

So how often do you get the tic tac person to never come? I

don’t think the TIC tock guy comes up anymore.

Yeah, it does. It does.

If you’re on over an hour. I’ve never I’m not sure that I haven’t heard that in the like, Well, the problem

is, is if you’re on it, and you close it and go do something, I think it resets all the time.

I don’t know I’ve I’ve had them once the whole time. I’ve had tic tac, okay, so it can worsen anxiety and depression symptoms, including isolation it can cause feelings of in AD in ad could see. I just

I don’t even know what that word is inadequacy. Like I don’t Oh, inadequacy. Okay, I

go. Yeah. That’s that Jason word. Oh, that’s a mic word. Um, yeah. So like, I see. I would say that would be more that wouldn’t be tic tac. So that’d be like in like Instagram or Facebook. Yeah, for me and which I don’t spend as much time on apparently Tic Tac is my addicted one

tic tac to me is brings me joy. And it’s the best built one. Yeah, I don’t I don’t feel like it’s like Facebook or where you got like, I mean, your algorithm can pick up like Karen’s and stuff like yeah, my mind does have that. I do enjoy a good care and a good care and meltdown. But yeah, most part you know, it’s like, I don’t know Facebook. And yeah,

it’s been a good care meltdown is joyful for you though. Yeah, enjoy it. Tic Tac feels less toxic than the other. Yes, but apparently, but anyway, so can make you feel that it can interrupt your sleep cycle. So when I saw that today, I have been starting the bad habit again, of being on my phone in bed to fall asleep. For a while I was reading my Kindle and again, I was reading books way better. Yeah. They say that it messes with your sleep cycle completely and utterly.

Meghan’s gone back to the book, too. She got a while she was using her phone to fall asleep. And now she’s back to the book again.

How about for you? Do you fall asleep, your phone or milk?

I put my phone down and I close my eyes and I go to sleep. But like how?

Okay, like how long? Oh, from phone to sleep? Like five minutes. Okay. Yeah,

I do look at my phone depending on time at night, if I’m going to bed real late. I literally put it on the charger and go to bed out and even look at it. Okay, but if it’s like if I go to bed at normal time, it’s like five minutes. Like five minutes before? Yeah. Well, I mean, I go to bed I talk in I grabbed my phone. I look at something for five to seven minutes and I put it down now then you put it down. I don’t ever fall asleep to

it. Yeah, so well. I don’t even stay awake five to seven minutes. Well, as soon as I lay down in bed. If I hadn’t had something it’s less than five minutes. Oh, wow. Most nights there’s random and it’s about according to 2018 study. 70% of people report again in social media before falling asleep. And 15 were spent cent an hour more on their phones. Oh, but anyways, they say the blue light messes with your sleep and then that can cause more mental health issues.

Yeah, but most phones I have it set up where it dims the brighter colors.

I think there’s still blue light though right? Oh, I thought that was supposed to help you get rid of all of it. Probably not a liberal so anyways, warning signs that your online habits are unhealthy. Ready? You leave no time for self care. But what if that is your self care? Well, but you spend more time on social media than you do with friends or family. Okay. 100% true. Your symptoms of depression or anxiety spike I just talked about that. So we’ll leave that for what it is. You compare yourself to others and feeling jealous now for me on that one. You’re distracted from school or work yeah, probably isn’t helping. trouble falling asleep not an issue. You feel like you need to check social media every few hours. So here’s here’s their helpful ready ready for they’re helpful ways to protect your mental health from social media decrease your time on social media no no shit no shit like it’s it’s hard to do that not start or end your day with social media okay, this is the one I was reading today. This is the one because my My habit is I wake up and I pull my phone out.

I do too. Typically I get on Clash Royale and play games.

Which Fair, which is better than like Tic Tac

or check messages or whatever. But other than that I don’t usually get on tic tac or Facebook. No, I lied. I get on Facebook. Yeah, I should try it. What

do you get? What do you do on Facebook in the morning though? It’s

so funny. So Facebook for me is just filled with Uber and Lyft groups. Yeah, it’s mostly I mean, I barely have any friends on there.

So so it’s not people you’re not looking at like pictures of former friends Nice. Basically, that’s on Facebook is the land of former friends.

No, I don’t I mean, I see them but I’m not there for that I’m looking for like stories and Okay. A random Karen

a random Karen. So I think that’s one like not ending as I talked about not starting I think that’d be a good way to not waste that more time and use that time for something else. Whatever. And spend time with friends and family. Yep. So the phone needs to disappear. Of course. You know, I love it that in this article, it says if it’s too long, didn’t read the end it gives you a summary of the frickin article. It’s two paragraphs long

do you ever as we’re moving on a wrapping up do you ever listen to stuff like like if this was on here would you watch a video of it instead of reading it?

I wouldn’t I I actually prefer reading I’m I’m one who likes to read

so I prefer I depending on where I am like if I was down in the studio and had headphones on I would watch the video I think I would get more out of it than reading it. I think I miss a lot when I’m reading because I read so far I like I scan I’m just yeah like keywords so you aren’t reading you’re you’re skimming you’re skimming yeah like I told you I didn’t realize this the URL maybe it was the food one that was so long. You’re like oh

fasting there’s a fasting part no button again different brains. I think cam is more that way. Like he he gains more when he listens and when he reads words on a page so

that’s why I like Audible baby to a new start a new book today.

See for me like I know like for class there’s options where everything can be read or or you can read all the stuff I do way better on tests when I read it. Yeah. Oh

yeah. If I was gonna test out on it, I would reading would be better for me. Because I would take my time. Yes, I knew I was gonna be tested.

But I’m saying like, like for cam cam would do better. I bet just just to listen to it than reading that’s just right. It’s interesting how the brain works so So Jason as we get to the end here what greatly affects your mental health?

Is you like mine.

I know me. You wrote me Jeric What are you doing? I’m adding I’m adding in apparently what is true based off the fact that I don’t

so so what’s greatly affects what poorly affects for me asleep. I need my sleep if i i can get away with one night. But last week when I got back and scheduled all those interviews and everything. No, that wasn’t last week. It was the week before when I got back from Dallas. Yeah. And I scheduled all those interviews. I was going to bed at like quarter to a love and love and every night

well I noticed a couple nights you were messaging me late and I was surprised Yeah. And then

I was still getting up at 530 and it’s like I met Oh, it was a ROB that week. So sleep is is

huge for me. Yeah, I’ve noticed like and that’s on my list too after tick tock is sleep but like not just the amount of sleep but going to bed on time. And I’m a freakin night owl I love the night.

I think that’s okay, but then you need to make your night your nighttime be midnight. Or whatever it is like you can stay up late that’s totally fine. Yeah, but just whatever you you’re gonna get your sleep that you need then see I

found even if I make it midnight every night, it’s not good for my mental health. Okay, then it needs to be earlier earlier but like I noticed that even though I love the night. I don’t know why like I’ve always liked the night I noticed that I do better when I go to bed like 10 3011 than midnight. Even if you have to get the same amount of sleep into somehow different I know it’s weird talking things out. Processing like so with Natalie and maybe JASON It’s just good for mental health and then working out I always feel like I always had that so we’re gonna breeze past that one. But apparently tic tac and sleep and they’re probably tied in more than I realized. So do that’s incredible. Well, I wonder because most of the time now that goes to bed like we go to bed and I go poop I poop for an hour at night and I’m on tic tac you sitting

on the can for an hour and Mike that’s not good for your brain. Oh,

I know I know when that’s you and Megan, talk about that. I’m like, so bad. So anyways, I realize now, so maybe if I figure that one out me if I don’t go on tic tac on the toilet, I will sleep better and I will be a much healthier, happier person. said Jason, any final thoughts as we wrap up? This one turned out to be a depressing episode. I mean,

I see why you didn’t want to say that time that I’m flabbergasted on that. It’s so bad. I don’t think I’ve ever done that that much on anything so.

So last week was a live thing. Sunday was a terrible amount. But other than that, that means three hours a day is my average on tic tac. Which is still still should be I know.

I mean, I’m not trying just this. It’s the number like three hours doesn’t sound that bad. Because, again, you’re not working. You’re taking classes now you’re taking class from eight to five an hour here, homework here, you know what I mean? So I get it. And now that cams in school, and Natalie’s at work, you’re home alone.

It’s not I don’t think it’s changed that much. So I think it’d be the morning and night to spend I wish to give you an outro I know I just I just think it’s a habit that I’ve had it’s just a depressing thing to actually realize. And I wish I wouldn’t have randomly said Hey, we should check our screen that was not Yeah, that was not a random so anyways, any final thoughts or the mic needs to figure out tic tac?

No, this was a good episode. I think it’s always good for us to check in on things and I really appreciate you making the plan making the rundown

so that is our depressing so anyways, if any of you out have screen times that are anywhere near that can you please post them and make me feel like I’m not the biggest loser in the world? Please do please for the love of Me and for the love of everything that totally do that. And if you would share this episode with somebody who needs it maybe somebody you know is on their phone as much or more than me can you share this with them so that they can fall in love with us and also find rid themselves of Facebook fake apparently and Instagram icky and Twitter takes and tic tac whatever takes away my whole world.

Yeah, we’re gonna that’s that’s gonna be my goal is think of a tic tac thing tick tock titties.

And as always, we’re going to transition roughly to a keep the faith do your work live life unfiltered so that you can rid yourself of Facebook fake Instagram cookies and Twitter takes See you next time.

Bye. I’m gonna go on tick tock now this podcast is produced and edited by Hey guys media group want to start a podcast check out Hey guys, media

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