Transcription from Ep. 190

Today on threads podcast, Mike has some shocking breaking news. I’m a distance prize runner. And I have a major sexy time fail. Let’s go. Well, welcome

to threads podcast life unfiltered Welcome to the third season of 2022. This is a space for unfiltered dialogue about faith, mental health and uncomfortable conversations. Basically, we are trying to rid the world of Facebook fake and Twitter takes a look at what I came up with on the drive here. It was like Twitter takes you know, your whole like everyone just has like this big take and no one talks. Yeah. And

it’s it’s an you only get a limited character. So you have to get it out.

I mean, part of it is we don’t want people to be fake. And part of it is that we want people to actually talk. Yeah, so again,

I came up that with as I was driving while I was late, so what’s the Instagram on Instagram? I couldn’t come up with one so I just left that Instagram skank

was should start with an eye Facebook, fake. Twitter takes Instagram.

Ideal out ideology. Yes. Anyways, that’d be really awesome.

Before we jump into everything, I just want to let you guys know that we are going to change the release date for the podcast. It’s going to be on Mondays now. Several reasons for that, actually, just one. I want the weekend to edit. So just giving me a little bit more breathing room during the week, especially when I have the other podcast. I just need some extra time and it’s now will I will I be proactive and do it Saturday morning. No, I’ll say it’ll be Sunday night. Probably. I’ll be bitching the whole time. No, I’m going to try to be proactive about it.

And and it will make Mondays better for people it will because they’ll be able to look forward to hear in our sexy, amazing voice. Yes. Like this. Hello,

baby. So anyways, how was your weekend? As we’re getting into? Did you like?

Yes, it was a smooth transition? Well, we had COVID in our house. Natalie got COVID She was exposed on Tuesday starting Thursday. Wow played

go away. But I was trying to get you gotta get my deck. I like

grab I didn’t know what you’re grabbing for. So and she tested. I think she tested Friday. And that was a negative test. But then kept feeling more and more tired. That was her main symptom was tired. But today she lost her taste and snow.

Yeah, so the symptoms are getting kind of

so for everything else is clear. Now she’s not a stuffy she’s not dead, but taste just went away. So the last thing she tasted was curry that we had last night. And then it’s done. That’s wrong.

Yeah. I mean, I wouldn’t want to taste curry because Indian foods Gross. No one’s not. No, I’ve never had

and I remember the guy who want to do a food blog. But it was a world

it was not a food blog. It was gonna be a funny thing. Like we would try it on the air and watch me like barf into the microphone.

I thought you and Megan though wanted to do a food blog at one point.

I mean, it was more of kind of it was you know, we have this this fantasy of like being you know, going around to all these restaurants and using as an excuse to go to nice restaurants but

you know something I noticed every time that I’ve gone out to eat with you. It’s normally your food that’s not as good as everybody else. It’s been a rough go

for me hasn’t been has been times who went out? It was not great. I know. What did I get?

Mac and cheese grown up mac and cheese?

The circle back.

Anyways, I don’t know how that got me down that trail. So anyways, that but you know what that was the good of it was that we really did nothing. And we slept and we were on like technology and shows as a whole family because we were stuck inside. It’s kind

of a good. I mean, it’s not good by any means. But you’ve probably caught up on a lot of shows that you’ve been wanting to binge or

Yeah, as a family. And just it was really chill, which was good after the month that we’ve had some

and I made sure I gave Mike a big kiss before we started recording just in case. He had it so I could get it.

Even though I did test on Saturday because I was really tired. Saturday must have just been tired. So I was good on that. I’ve had no other symptoms yet. So how was your weekend? Dr. Jason?

It was not great. Oh, no, it was okay. It was the weekend of labor day I went back and forth if I wanted to go up. As you know, as you have heard of struggling a little bit with the mother in law stuff. And Meghan has to it’s not just me. It’s the whole family thing and we’re working through some things but we did have a little flare up. It wasn’t too bad, but just just

Yeah. Is it harder because Megan wasn’t there?

Yeah. 100% I mean, she’s my she’s my rock she’s my go to she’s my we work together well when it comes to managing family things. We did that with my parents before we kind of broke ties and so yeah, we always have a game plan and We’re trying to do the right thing and she wasn’t there. And it was okay. I mean, I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I wanted to see my son. And I don’t know if he wasn’t up there if I would have gone up, just because it’s just, it’s just been tough. You know what I mean? I can’t, I can’t pinpoint anything particularly particular. But yeah, if she listens to this, it’s not a secret that we’re struggling. So yeah, I know. We’re trying to work through things and that kind of stuff. But oh, no, it wasn’t horrible. The weather sucked. Like Friday. We got there about noon ish now about to Okay, beautiful. I said to the kids, Hey, you want to go on the boat? You want to go to the beach? No, they sat and watch TV. And then the rest of the weekend was pretty much garbage weather pretty much cold. So the one day they could have gone. They didn’t go and I’m trying to not force them to do things if they want to watch TV and chill. It’s their time off. Yep. I mean, if they want to give it up, I’m not gonna force them. I’m gonna offer to do things with them. If they say no. Okay, I’m not mad at it.

Yeah. But that makes a little bit harder. I mean, kids

don’t want don’t appreciate that outside in that peaceful time until they’re older. Correct. You know, they just want to be on their phone. And yeah,

it is kind of like heartbreaking though. I remember on camera says Dad, I don’t I don’t really like like to hike. Like, the most peaceful thing in the world, but to him peaceful is bad. Right? It’s like entertainment screen time. Well, I

mean, I think Dave want all that input in their head right now. And we want it out. We want a break from the input for

sure. Like sometimes like when like cam will be on social media all day. And then we shower he wants to listen to music and most time I’ll let them listen to music. But some nights were like No, he’s like, why it’s like cuz you’ve had no downtime, right? And your brain needs it but he’d be he has no desire.

I’ll even when I drive home from work, I don’t listen to anything the radios off because I’ve listened to podcast for eight hours or music and I’m just like,

okay, yeah, most most. I’m leaving here. I’ll be in silence for a while. Okay, because I too much, Jason. I’m just messing you as well. And I knew it wasn’t going to be good because you on Thursday, I was kind of joking that you should come over and drink and then so that you wouldn’t have to go up Friday and you almost did I think you were tempted I mean, I would have you were tempted to know you were attempt I had

to train I if it’s anything was like I had to run it. You did it. Friday. Yeah, no, I mean, Thursday night you had offered that I had after

after training. You could have come over here. Yeah, what do you got? COVID No, you were outside. I didn’t get COVID I know.

I know. Anyways,

kissing Natalie when she had COVID I didn’t get it. Who’s the toughest dude in the world? I’ll get it tomorrow. Oh my god. So guess what?

You know I don’t know if I told you then we’ll jump into the icebreaker real quick. My buddy Larry that I went to the podcast move it with he got COVID bad. Yeah, I

remember you mentioning that bad. He was

down for like 10 days. Like he’s just getting back to work. Really? Yeah. fully vaccinated. But you know that we know that doesn’t Yeah, I think

what we hoped for Natalie, then that it won’t be that way then. That’s crazy. Yeah. 10 days. 10 days. He’s also older.

He has I think, Gosh, Larry, if you listen to Sarah, Sarah, me. Minute, mid 50s. Maybe I mean, here’s a retired from his first job. He’s onto a second one. Oh, yeah. So definitely older than that. Yeah, long. Oh, yeah. Now there’s gonna be 40 this.

I know. She loves that. Everyone’s talking about 40 Okay, so we’re gonna do 1am I the asshole. So Jason, have you ever shared a password to Netflix or something like that? Um, yes. Has it ever gone bad? No, this story is about it going bad and so we have to decide is she the aihole I have had a Disney plot. I’ve had Disney plus since it came out. And I let my friend and boyfriend have access to it. Since I don’t watch it much. I only have it so my brother can watch stuff on there. I don’t mind letting my friend have access to it. But this weekend, I found out that she had given the login information to her grandmother and ex boyfriend. I have never met either of them but they have both said rude things about me in the past. According to my friend once I found out they had been using this the whole time I immediately changed my password and didn’t say anything to my friend. My friend her X and her grandmother couldn’t use the account today. I got a text from my friend asking why I changed the password. She said that it shouldn’t matter who has access to it since I never watch it. She’s actually pretty mad at me right now, but I don’t think I did anything wrong. I would never share info like that with other people unless I had permission. Am I the aihole for changing the password. And then here’s an edit. She also gave her father the log in info. And also probably not important but I felt like I should add it I found out that access when her ex sent me a message on Facebook asking for the password. The relationship ended because he was secretly engaged but she had still given him the password after they had broken up. So is she the aihole for sharing or not sharing the password changing the password? Well,

I mean, this was, this is easy core. She’s not the aihole Yes, she

is. Why are just messing? Oh,

I was like, Okay, here we go. I’m

like, I don’t know something

like don’t click on. I’m like, No, I mean, first of all, is what? $10 $15 a month? Yeah. Like, you can’t get your you’re mad because the other I don’t care if it’s $3,000 a month and I don’t use it. If I let you use it, that’s fine. But if you’re going to be

and then share it with other why in the world that you share it with other people. Right. That’s the point I don’t get. Yeah,

no, that’s that’s the rudest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Like you are 100% not the asshole, you should be rewarded. And you should have a Medal of Honor.

And I think Disney plus should give you some months for you for actually doing it. So hey, money squash 6169 You’re not the a hall. And we hope that you realize that and we should I’m thinking of ways to promote this, we should actually post that. Oh, post this episode on the thread we I would love

to but Reddit is like terrible. Like they really the mods on there and the rules like I I’ve tried to grow both the shows on there. And it’s it gets kicked off like, right, there’s no, there’s no way. I wonder if we created our own subreddit and then we could tag that person. I don’t know how like, I don’t comment a lot on Reddit. I’m a big lurker. I am on Reddit a lot. But I don’t know if you can tag a person. Yeah,

I’m not as up on Reddit. Like I am new to Reddit. I should have been on Reddit like 15 years ago, but just started like a year ago.

It’s so funny. I, I was looking into Sterling for up north because our phones are terrible. And I saw that there was no contract. And I was like, sweet, we could have it for the summer and then cancel it or whatever. But I didn’t. I wanted to email support and just just ask questions. Well, there’s no spot to email support. So I just go to Reddit, of course, there’s a subreddit for Starlink. So I just joined it. And eventually I’ll ask the question, and they’re nice, because it says you can cancel at any time. But it doesn’t guarantee immediate of activation, again, due to the demand in the area. Yeah, basically, what it’s saying is if it gets too busy in that area, you might not get on. But that’s not going to happen up at the cabin.

It shouldn’t depends on the number of satellites, because because my parents are looking at it for their house. Yeah. And I’ll just depends on number of satellites, right that the flyover

doesn’t change during the depending on the time of the year.

Well, I think more if there’s more in more demand in the area, they send up more for the area. So maybe there might be one. I don’t know. Oh, for the area, so maybe, I don’t know. Who knows. Anyways,

it’s 599 for the equipment. Yep. And it’s $110 a month. I told my mother, I’m like, I’ll split the cost with you. Like, even if I’m only up there four times. I don’t care. Yeah. If it’s only for three months, and then we shut it off. So it’s $55 a month, basically every house, I go up there in May, July, and September and I do open and close. But

well, that’s that’s I mean, you’re gonna spend more than that in gas. So what is what what’s the big deal of spending it for good internet?

Yeah, I guess my point is, is I’d rather have zero service like my phone is a brick true. Or I get full bars because this half assed shit. Like that morning. I texted you, because it was early in the morning. Yeah. And it was either Monday or Sunday morning and no one was on their phone. Like I had got up to do. I’d got up to rock the stairs. Yeah, as the early side Ben that week. And it was like 715 So I had signal because no one else was up. Yeah, on their phone. And not just me, but I’m talking about people around the lake. Yeah, everyone else was, you know, sleeping or whatever. Hmm.

Well, because there’s at one time you said someone in the morning didn’t come through till the afternoon. Yeah. Then we’re talking in the afternoon. You’re like I sent them like note. It just came through. I think it was, I think was after I sent you something. Yeah, it

was about the rocking. You were like, Yeah, you told me the message. I’m like that was eight hours ago. Anyways, I want to thank our sponsor Irvine’s auto repair Grand Rapids hybrid and EV for sponsoring the show. You can call them at 532 6600 and of course schedule online. They just, I think the official grand opening of their new places on the day of the car show on September, September 17. from nine to one, I think nine to noon, something like that. It’s there. The charity that we’re using is Casa it’s I think it’s to help kids that are going into foster care. I can’t remember what Casa stands for. I think it is um, yeah, it’s like give him like, stuff to be more at home. Sure. I think if Megan’s still listening I’m sure she’ll comment on it but but yeah, so they’ve expanded everything. I have not been there yet. My my truck needs to go and before gig season start I’m not like Going forward do it because it’s gonna be expensive. I’ve been putting off some stuff so, but anyways, but

you’ll, you’ll know that it’s been done right? I’ve never most important,

I’ve never had to bring my car back. Nice. So 532 6600 also want to thank our Patreon is Joe Pelourinho cake. I’m just gonna say the last initial because I don’t know how to pronounce the rest of them. Well, I know Megan’s enough. Joe PK que Lisa que Meghan de Lisa que I have not had any error action from her. I know she’s from the Zane show. So I know that but I’ve never spoken to her ever. So I was really shocked when she subscribed over our season break tourist season

break, because maybe that was like, please keep quiet. And please don’t come back.

I don’t know. But maybe she’s the one that’s binging all our episodes.

Someone’s binging them. Someone’s binging. Do you it’s been so nice for this month. I have not looked at stats, and it’s been so good for my mental health.

Yeah, I don’t really look much either. I’m in gig a lot, because we have ads in there. And they change all the time. So I literally have to log in every day. And it’s like, oh, that’s a good one. Or that one is garbage. You know what I mean? So I look at gig stats all the time, but I don’t really look at threads much.

I’ll look at it and it’s either going but like it’s never good for the mental health, whether it’s good or bad. It’s not good for the mental health.

Yeah, I mean, it is if it’s great. It’s great for the mental. No, it’s

terrible. Because it’s basing your mental health on people liking it. No, but

for me, it’s like the grind that I’ve done. I mean, we’re creeping on 200 episodes, like all of a sudden we get these huge spike. I’m like, Yeah, finally like it’s catching on and 200 Yeah, we’re gonna have to do something. Is that going to happen this year? You figured out the math, it’s going

to happen pretty soon. I mean, because this is episode 190. So 10 more,

so September, October. So it’d be like the second week of November

Thanksgiving. Yeah, we should eat turkey

on the show. For the 200th episode. Oh, God, we should get canceled

or everyone can send in why they’re thankful that we are blabbing every single. Tell us why you’re. No.

You know, it’s funny. The season ends and we don’t record a December like How perfect is that? I know, like pizza we took we take a lot of time off in December anyway. So alright, personal update, as I teased a little bit Mike has some big news. Mike. Yeah, the floor for the next 30

minutes. 30 minutes. Um, well, I lost my job on July 26. That was quite the surprise. All sudden, I come into work. And then I am told that I am no longer working there. And so all of a sudden, that was quite the shock. I just come back from a big trip with high schoolers had done all that was a successful trip. I think the Sunday before maybe two Sundays before. You know we’d got up in front of church, the students talk about all the things ways they experienced God, blah, blah, blah. And then yeah, either. I think it was like nine days later, boom, you’re out. And you can pick up your stuff at four o’clock.

So I’m not in shock y’all because I’ve known about this for a long time or over a month. I’ve had my rage moments. I’ve had my conversation with Natalie the ride and die of Oh, yeah, you guys,

I don’t want to know what your guys’s chats are. Because she of course, because she’s the spouse and Natalie is she comes off as the sweetest but she’s the one you should always be afraid of with

us. I’m a little afraid of her but I want her to be my ride and die to like my wife is of course but I mean, like I if I had to bury a body. I’m not calling you. I’m calling Natalie.

100% up like 100%

Yeah, so so all these emotions, he lost his job. It was shady. I mean, well, we’ll just we wouldn’t have to go through all the details. You can you know talk more about it if you want but it was shady. The things that happened? And Mike’s not gonna say anything. He’s gonna let me do the talking on that. And I wasn’t happy with it. I was very angry. But things are leveling out through the community and the people that no no the important people that no no,

yeah. And you know, the My biggest thing were that the students were hurt with how it went down. Yes. Because again, maybe there needs to be a change. Maybe there was a difference of how people thought that student ministry should be the hardest part of student ministry that is it can be done 100 different ways. But the biggest thing is with how it was done there were there are people who were hurt. And those are students who Natalie and I love greatly and deeply and cared for and poured out our lives. And so to see them hurt really. it frustrated me and it made me hurt for them. I haven’t really been that angry about this. It’s you and Natalie who are the most angry I’m I’m just going okay God what’s next? Because I’m I’m normally If future thinker as it is, so like, it’s like, okay, this stinks. And this sucks. And there’s moments of going well, crap, you know, like, you know, there’s, you know, money that was paid out that will last for so long and that, you know that dates coming. But like, overall I’m like, You know what, there’s a better future ahead.

So moving forward. What are the plans? You you financially have been taking care of her for a couple of months? Yeah.

And you months? Um, yeah. And so what’s really, I mean, it’s really cool. Weather, you know, it’s a gotten moment or whatever people want to describe it as that week, there was an org that reached out to me a nonprofit, actually, there’s kind of kind of like a group of churches really hard to explain, but there’s a group of churches, and they train pastors, but they also plant churches. And they reached out to me the week that I had gotten fired in no way like random. Well, I had I had reached out just because I was taking classes through them. And I was just like, hey, the classes I’m taking I’m not sure what will continue on because you need a church because I was in process to become a pastor. And I was taking classes for that. And it was through my old church. While it was under their, their care, I should say, yeah, right. Taking classes. I was like, Well, I’m no, I’m no longer under their care. And right now, there’s no church, I’m under the care of, like, Hey, can can we meet? Yet? This week? I was like, Hey, this is not a good week for can we wait till next week? And they’re like, Yeah, for sure. So I meet with them. And they’re like, hey, like, we’ve really heard good things about you. We went to church planting, we went up, we want to partner with you. In church planting, which is just starting churches, we think you have gifts and skills. And people have known you and say awesome things about you. And I’m just sitting there in shock, like, so we went through a ton of things. I was like, Hey, can can somebody like write this down and send them so I can show Natalie what they are? Because always I’ll forget, well, you’re overwhelmed. I was so overwhelmed. In that next morning, I woke up and said to Natalie, I’m like, if they wouldn’t have written those down. I don’t know that I would believe that those were true, right? Because they were just seeing things in me and like, hey, like, we see this in you. Like, we want to partner. We want to do this because of all these things about you. And not like, hey, awesome was like But like you’re gifted in this way. Is that so? That was really good. Then then Nayla and I sat down with him, she can tell when there’s something up with people. She knows when people are maybe hiding truth and like using people. And we sat we met with them and every box was checked. For her. And for me,

that said you had to worry about that in the Christian. Like,

it’s just the reality of it. There’s there’s a lot of Facebook fake that happens as we tried to rid the world of that. But it was just it was Yeah, so it’s been just awesome all the way around, highly supportive. They’re paying for things get doing everything they can to start getting a church from the ground. So yeah, so that’s, that’s the future that involves fundraising that involves basically like starting starting a business and trying to figure out how to make money in the meantime. So that’s the part where, you know, I’m like, as a husband and as a dad. And as a homeowner, I’m going well, that that stinks. But so I, you know, from all the steps, I’ve seen all the ways that God has shown up that I don’t doubt that he’s going to continue. There’s times I worry. Yeah, but it’s not a doubt. It’s going. Yeah, I don’t see how that’s gonna happen. But he has continually provided little things along the way.

Yeah, I’m super excited about the feedback that you got from them. Like Mike doesn’t tell me shit by the way. Like I swear, he says all the content for the podcast. I didn’t know that part,

even for the podcast. I’m surprised he didn’t do the capital

that he got fired. Or sorry. Let go. Whatever. Same thing from you from me. So he could like surprise me on the show. Oh, can you imagine? Oh, my gosh, I would have like, first of all, I’d been offended that you didn’t tell me second of all my I don’t know if I would have been able to do the whole show. Oh, you would have drove so many F bombs. Oh, it would have been I would have like gotten Natalie put her on like speakerphone and be like, what’s going on?

Well, I mean, some of these things, though, like church planting doesn’t make a lot of sense. And all that. So like, in person is better. And we’ve only hung out for my birthday. Yeah. And that wasn’t the time to go into like, full depth of like, blah, blah, blah. Yeah. And at that time, did I fully know, I don’t know. All these timelines are all blurred together.

Well, again, back to my original statement. I’m glad that you know. I don’t know much about you outside of like our relationship. You know, when people say that they they believe in you. You’ve done good thing. I was like, Do you think they know this guy? This guy’s a jerk. He fucking shows up late like every damn time. By the way. He’s late tonight. I was ready to go at 750 No, no,

no, you were not. Okay. I was pooping at seven. Because Because even when I got here, you weren’t ready to go. Well,

there’s a couple of things I have to do before Are you are you are bullshitting

with business other businesses ready to go. You weren’t eat. I

was giving you time to prep.

I was sitting here ready to go. Just, you know, anyway, ever. Yeah, I tend to be late. It’s because I tried to get everything in and get one last thing in. Well, this is the first time I’ve been late in a while. So, anyway,

do you want me to bounce into some mind? Or do you want to just finish up your end?

Um, yeah. So kind of like when the mental health right, I think this can be a big thing. What’s really cool is one of my mentors through the classes I was taking wants to continue to meet. And he wanted us to take me through this book that he says been helpful for him and he’s dealt with some big things. And that’s, I find the blessings of that it’s gonna sound very Christian, but people again, who’ve walked through really tough stuff, wanting to make sure that I walk through because because because they care about my heart. Yeah. In like a new better friend who cares about it, but he’s just a friend who has been through and also has coached people through it. Yeah, he knows

the biz. Yeah. I mean, it’s, I mean, he’s saying it’s a business. I mean, it kind of is I mean, it’s

there’s a part of it, there’s definitely a business he’s walked through hurt. He’s so anyways, just, that’s been really cool. Because again, that’s my big concern is my heart and my mental health. Because again, I think that could really go off the deep end. With all that’s going on. Especially because they got there was major loss like so when people talk about it’s not just lose losing a job, because that’s just a job. You can find another job like that. But there’s Community, the place the place you go every Sunday, and then the hardest has been cam. Yeah. Because again, he was like, Does this mean I can’t see so and so and again, hasn’t meant that so far for us. Luckily, those people still aren’t involved in their life, but like, just to see your your son just like his social circle. God. Yeah.

No one talks about like, it’s like divorce. Right? Yeah. It really affects the kids. And no one talks about that. Because like, of course, you’re not going to prevent him from seeing them, but you’re not going to send them to that youth group anymore. Correct. I mean, in that’s like, and yeah, he’ll stay in connection with some of those kids, but a lot of it’ll, it’ll fall off. It’s just, you know, kids, especially at that young age only connect when they’re at youth group. Yeah, more school. But yeah, some of those kids don’t go to a school.

Most of them don’t. They’re all most of them are from well, but half of them are from the same school, which is not his school, but so that’s that’s been you know, how about in just you know, I do have to say, though, Sunday mornings are the most chill Sunday mornings that we have had, because we don’t go anywhere on Sunday mornings. Yeah, so that’s been chill. That’s That’s nice. It’s good. Time to have brunch together. Yeah, Sunday. Brunch is amazing. Yeah, must be nice. Anyways, last thing is I training for the half I’ve been dealing with shin splints.

Yeah, you’ve been falling off the training bro. Not like I’ve been dealing with injury bro. I haven’t heard injury from you from for a week. And you’re supposed to do tempo run this week like and what did I do today? Yeah, I know but it sucks i Maybe it this race today that run today sucked so did hills. Well, I know but I didn’t want to do and I want you to suffer with me.

I suffered and I took care of our dog but the like I

don’t know you’re suffering when I know you’re doing the Temple Run. I know you’re suffering because I’m suffering too. Yeah, we’re running at different paces but it’s still the same sock.

As 400 feet of elevation change over the summer

it’s just tough for me because like even with running the riverbank like I trained all by myself. See this

one every once in a while like I made I made a great adjustment today.

Yeah, I mean, I disagree that I think you should have run the Temple Run or flipped it. I mean, you had all day you don’t have a job. So it’s like what the fuck

yeah. What am I doing all day? Oh, weight classes, getting stuff done writing papers on theology. Gosh, do you want to write papers on theology?

I don’t know how to spell theology. So there is no way but feel. Wow, ology, ology feel. Is it th e OLLOGY. Okay,

yeah, you could spell it.

I don’t have the time to do that shit.

Anyway, so I’m taking classes. I don’t so but it was I got the training. I got the training and I got the dog. Rance, because Natalie hasn’t been out that been able to do that. Two birds one stone. It sucked. Yeah. I love my dog because he’s been a pain in the butt.

Yeah, but see, that’s another thing too. You can’t focus on the training. Like it’s all about you in that training. You’re out there to clear your mental health, not worry about the dog. Like

she got better after the first five minutes. I just had a shocker a couple of times. I know it sounds terrible, but like people give the correct I had to correct her a couple times say that it’s much better those P that comes after me. I had to correct her a couple of times, you know, but she was good after that. And she was painting at the end she was tired. she drink two bowls of water at the end.

Oh damn when you got back home

no to our car. Oh, like waterway Yeah, well we had we have the stupid little like expandable bowls oh yeah so I once we got back and she’s like holy crap you are thirsty it was

more humid out than I really noticed like every little bit today I was like I turned the air on in the truck and then I turned it off because I got a little cold and then I was like, I got in for my next stop and I was like it’s kind of hot in here. And so I turn the air on it was like back and forth. But then when I went out running even my warmup 10 minutes I was like, It’s dripping off my elbow already. So your arms don’t sweat they

do but I just never think about dripping off for my

usually my first sweat. I know I’m warmed up when I get a drip off my left elbow your left one first. I don’t know why it comes down and well you also hold your hands I noticed a little higher than some do. Oh, do

I you hold them and I hold them here and some people hold them here but you hold them up. No wonder your jumps off there.

Yeah, maybe I guess people have the weirdest running. I see people run. I was like,

my favorite is when people go side to side. I’m like that. Isn’t that helpful? No matter what I’m like that looks very uncomfortable when swaying your body. What was it Saturday? Or no Sunday? Because I’m no longer on Sunday. Sunday was amazing weather in the morning. Yeah, it was cool. was Saturday as well. Ah, yeah, it wasn’t bad. No, no.

When I got back to sweat was down to my belly. Sweat. Yeah, like, Monday morning was great. When I went to the stairs. It was like 54 degrees. But I still was dripping sweat when I was on. By the way lower calves little juicy today are they not as bad as the division steps but lo juicy today. So So other

than then I had some shin splints and getting back on the horse again. I’m actually I’m like, Okay, I feel like I could really push and content. I mean, it’s

five weeks away. Six weeks away. Six weeks, six weeks away.

Yeah, we got some good training maybe even seven weeks. I don’t know. It’s some good training left. Yeah, it’s it’s September. It’s the month that counts. Yeah. Well, speaking of running the month, you were injured. month I was in your injured last year during September was the month that mattered. Okay, speaking of running, I’ve heard a rumor about you that you are world famous runner.

I am a prize runner.

Okay, you have to have a button for like applause. Let’s see. I don’t something happy.

This is about as close as I can get. I was telling you yesterday. I don’t have a happy bell on here.

I will send you to chase. Happy I got that’s all I got. That’s a crappy sign.

I was gonna play that after he said he got fired, but I thought it would have been

very funny. So so for you.

Yeah, I gotta find happy. That’s funny. That’s come up twice. So I ran a trail race, which was very small, as far as contestants. I don’t know when it was August 10. Whatever it was, and I’ve never done a trail run. And so I was, I was a little nervous on it. I was excited. I didn’t know what kind of shoes to wear. I was convinced that I should wear my trail shoes, which are a little tight. And as we know, or no one knows. I’ve switched to these branded shoes that no one’s ever heard of. But they’re super wide toe box. It’s like, it’s like it’s I put my work futon in the morning. I’m like, Oh my God, these are so tight. It takes me like an hour to adjust to it. So I were so it was all just you know, new stuff. And so it was supposed to first of all, it’s supposed to be a 10k Right, which is 6.1 miles. So I take off and I’m doing okay, and Baba ba ends up finishing. It’s five miles like, Okay, well, isn’t it? 4.9? Yeah, I was like, yeah,

so it was a little less than five. So it’s 1.3 miles short of what they said it was,

you’re like, I’m near the well, it’s funny like the I hit the watercourse and she’s like, a little over a mile left. I’m like, she’s high as hell like when I said like, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. And all of a sudden I start hearing the announcer I’m like, Oh, shit. So anyways, I ended up placing third out of the men because a woman actually won, I think the 10k but there was a seven men and I placed what I third, second, second or third. I can’t remember second men, right second event. Yeah. Okay, so I actually want a free entry into any of the runs which I’ve realized brainy. It was called a rainy day run. That’s their only running event, the rest of our triathlon

or you should do triathlons. You and Joe. I don’t

like riding bikes on the road with people. They’re crazy. So dangerous. I drive all day. I constantly see people looking down at their phone when they’re driving past me. It’s not Oh, you don’t want to ride. I’m not comfortable with people on the road. They’re gonna hit me in triathlon, though the roads are blocked. Correct, but how do I train for that

you can go up and down down the can’t trail, you got boring that would be you cannot

do that because you stop at the stop of the cross streets, you need long stretches of road where you can just bury your head in the end. So, I would love to do that. But I think I’m going to transition to more altra running like longer distances. In trails. Okay, more trails. Okay, I don’t think my body can handle this on the road. Like that kind of see. I

was just gonna say the opposite. I don’t know if I was thinking on the way here or not. But like, I wonder if Jason is going to start doing more short races like, like 10 K’s because like, you excel at 10k.

I do. Yeah. So anyways, I ran. I didn’t think it was that great. My pace wasn’t amazing, but it was good for trail running. I didn’t know what to shoot for. So anyways, I’m gonna sign up for that race next year. And let’s say add more running events. I’m like, do it so. So that was good. I was I was actually pretty proud of that. I know. There’s only seven people but I was pretty shocked when I got the taxes. I had to stay around for awards. I’m like, I’m out of here. We’re way out in frickin Muskegon. I’m like, I want to go home. Yeah, I’m out. My friend texted me. She was like, You got second place out of metal? What the hell? So that was cool. That no,

that is cool. I totally joke that they’re only five guys. And you got second. But but then. And still. That’s good. You got second place. You did? Well, yeah. Especially for the first trial run because that’s way different. And it was

fun. I mean, it it. There were times I wanted to stop. But I was like, no, keep going. And what’s weird, Mike, you would hate this. I was like the bunny for a long time. There were two people on my end on my end, and I did not like that. And what’s weird is there’s not a lot of passing room. I remember you saying that before. So you had to communicate with them finally, at one point, and I then I caught up to someone woman. She didn’t like the pressure and she stepped off. So I passed her. Okay. And at one point I did let go. It’s so funny. Maybe people won’t be interested in this. But the two people behind me was a man and a woman. The woman kept saying, Oh, I was like, Hey, this is I hope this is okay pace. You’re welcome to pass me anytime. Just let me know. No, you’re fine. I’m tired. I’m gonna walk the hills. I’m injured. Okay, right. We get to the water break. And I let them pass. She took off like a bat out of the hell she frickin wanted. She lied. She lied. She was playing a mental game that hold Yes.

She was like, I’m hurt because she was worried that you were going to beat her

probably. So she held back behind me and she was basically drafting. So the first like three miles they were behind me. And I the guy passed me and the girl. The girl took off like a bat out of hell. I caught the guy. He stopped. He stopped. He had to walk and I passed him. I’m like, see ya. Like I didn’t do that. I was friendly. But I’m like, Okay, now it’s just me and her, but I could never catch her.

Wow. And that credit. So there was so there must have been a different guy. That was

way ahead. So I stayed back when the quote unquote gun went off. Yeah, and I swear, there were more people in front of me. I pass another guy to Okay, so I passed a girl guy and then a guy late in the race.

Okay, yeah. Oh, anyways, yeah, she was totally got Goggins you. Yeah. Magazine. Me. Yeah. But I

use that I told you that. I was like, I was like, I wanted to walk. And I’m like, who’s gonna do the bots and I kept saying to myself, and I kept going, and I kept my pace up. Like, I’ve used that mantra several times since I listen. I have not quite finished with the book, but I’m finished the book. I just finished. I had a lot of podcasts. I had catching up, but just

finish it. But no, but like, I’ve used that phrase too. And then, you know, with other friends and you like who’s gonna carry the boat? They just get a random voice message like that. Oh, lucky them. That’s really cool. You are a prize winning runner. You also were on Strava as a section legend, at one point, yeah, that legend. You are just you should turn pro. No masters Pro. No, I’m

not that fan. The old age Pro. I see my my friend that those realtor. I see your times on Strava. And she’s, she’s out this morning. She was like, doing like a 12 miles at like 850. And I’m like, truly what? I’m like, You’re so good. Like I’m so jealous. Anyways, and so a couple other things. Avery’s in high school now she started driver’s training. So that’s been your old I now do it. I am I

have a second kid in high school while not like two right now. But your second kid now going through high school. Yeah, driver’s training.

Yep, she’s doing good. I mean, it’s only the first couple weeks of school. But she she hates driver’s training. bunch of weirdos in there like I remember driver’s training be a little weird too. But she’s there was some kid in there. He had like this long knife and a sheath and he like pulled it out in class and I don’t know some hillbilly what I know. And then there was Some other stories she told me too. I’m like, what the actual hell is going on in that class? And she’s like, it’s, well, what’s funny is there’s mostly 16 year olds in there, because during the pandemic, they all got delayed. So she’s like, she’s 14 and nine months so she’s like young young in there. So

she’s the young young then there’s the 16 year old creepers with weapons Yeah, I’m

like a weapon I think you can carry you can open carry a large knife and that’s not illegal. You have to open carry it though. Just like a weapon like you can open carry a firearm without a license. But

like as a minor as a 16 year old. Good point. They are 18 year old Yeah, good point. I don’t know it’s like that is wrong, because anything over three inches is a weapon. Yeah, the knife

but it’s different if you open carry it, but again, not I did tell her if it happens again, let me know. And I’m gonna mention something to the teacher. Yeah.

Be like that’s a little weird. You don’t need a sword in driver’s training. Right? At least not that I know of. No, you might.

But again, talking about trail running. I’m doing Mount Baldy this weekend.

Oh, yeah. 312 stairs?

Is that what it is? Yeah. I don’t know where it is in the race either. Is it at the end? I have to look at the race.

And maybe the end of the shorter race because I think that the long race does it too. But it was that as good as

the long race does it too. So the long race is 12 and a half. I’m doing eight and a half because 12 and a half does not line up with Yeah, my training I want to do the longer one but I’m not ready. I mean, yeah, I’m not ready. And I mean, I could do I think of Goggins when I say I’m not ready, I’m not ready. But he’s a different level. Like, you know what I mean, and I’m training for something else. I have to look at the big picture. Yeah,

I mean, your big picture is you want to break that two hour mark.

I have decided that’s not going to you’re looking at the racecourse. Yeah, but it pulled up California. Anyways, that doesn’t matter. You can look at it while I’m talking. But yeah, I have I’ve moved that. That goal off the two hours. I don’t think I’m there yet. I am struggling with my weight a little bit creeping back up. And I need to be in the 170s to peel off those nine minute miles. I really do. Because that’s roughly where I need to be.

But you know what the best part is? Oh, you’re because you’re what you’re thinking you’ll get down to like, what 205 or what? What did you think

my goal is to beat my Ann Arbor which was 213 So I thought you were 209 Maybe I was tonight. Oh to verify you might have been to 13 Anyway, my goal is to beat that time so if I can get under whatever that is, I will be happy with it. Because I walked a little bit I walked that hill it was terrible. I know I did not prepare for that. I will not like if we ever run that one again. I will know that hill like I will like you got a big ass Hill

was it wasn’t you who sent like some some people like talked about that race and they’re like that hill is terrible. Yes. I was it you who sent all this stuff?

I don’t remember. But I did. I did look at some after the fact. I looked at that. And I don’t know I don’t remember send anything to

but looks like well, because we were talking about we were wondering if the Grand Rapids half had as much elevation gains. Yes. I sent you those gains. And I think I think anyways, anyways, somehow I looked at the Ann Arbor marathon and half marathon. And people were like the hill was terrible. You’re running through the woods is basically a trail. Yeah, it’s a trail because it wasn’t paved.

Yeah. And I’m fine with that. If I just I hit that hill. I’m like, oh, there’s no way in hell I’m doing I’m running up this hill. I had already gassed out by then.

So it looks like the stairs are about halfway through.

Oh, yeah. I’d rather finish with them. No,

you’re gonna still have to run after the stairs. Another probably at least half of the course if not three quarters. So

here’s here’s what happened. The gas here’s what happens. You decide to be go up there fast and then you realize after you’ve done it, you’ve lost every ounce of fuel in your tank and you still have more running today. Yeah, you

better bring some fuel you better Mike vandrie Then bring some fuel for the race.

I don’t know I haven’t looked at the the fueling stations. I’ve been training. My long runs to do water every two miles. I’ve been bringing it with you go because I want to be I want to be prepared to take water on the race and I need to have it with me. I need to be able to. I like it right on me. I hate the cups. Yeah, I love it. Just pulling it

out which I can bring it. The worst thing are those stupid like rubber cups. Now I like the rubber cups.

It’s great to break down so you can really manipulate them exactly how you want. Yeah, that looked like I was like putting a D in my mom. I just realize. Like, I didn’t know that you would go with my daughter. My daughter did that the other night. I’m like, I looked at my wife. I’m like,

how do you handle that as a dad?

I didn’t say anything because she doesn’t get it. Yeah, at that point. If she Snickers I’m like Okay, babe, like,

but like how do you how do you help her not sorry, I was laughing like how do you help her not make motions that now that she’s in high school like how does one prepare Like, this is an honest question. This is how in the world do you prepare your kid for gestures that they don’t know? are bad, not bad, but just they could draw attention. They don’t want I think

those it’s going to be peers that okay, let her know. I mean, if she does it again, I don’t know. Okay. It’s like she’s still innocent a little bit. And so if she was 16, I’d be like, ape like, yeah, because we’re pretty open about. I mean, we, you know, the other night that you’ll you’ll, we are way tangent, but I ended up like, I was messing around with her. And he ended up grabbing her boob. And I’m like, oh my god, I’m so sorry. She’s like, No, they’re tender. I’m almost on my period. Like we talk. And so that’s, it would be fine for me to say, Honey, that looks like you’re doing some googling. I’m trainers. Yeah, you know what I mean? Yeah. She might be a little embarrassed, but I wouldn’t be embarrassed. Yeah.

Because that’s the hard part about preparing your kid because again, I only have a son. So I don’t know that but like, How in the world do you prepare your daughter for like, that’s something that means something that you don’t necessarily mean

man. I’m struggling raising her though, because of clothes issues, like trying to keep the right clothes. And Megan and I are Megan and her like, well, that’s not my problem. It’s the boys problem. I’m like, I get it. I want you to be a strong independent woman I do. So I’m trying to balance of like, that’s a terrible bail. And it’s so hard. Like, I’m not Joe. Joe said all I know you’re walking. I feel like I want I want to be a complete dick about it and be like, No, you’re not, you know, because the end thing is a little bit of showing belly and some shorter shorts. And I’m just like, I’m like, Megan’s got a pretty good judgment. Yeah. But mine’s a little bit more strict. And it’s just been a little bit

of a but yeah, definitely. I could see that being a battle.

And then couple other things. I’m ready for layoff actually, as I record this tonight, we’re starting around five tomorrow.

You’re starting Okay. Tomorrow, I thought maybe today because like you were like, not responding to anything. When I

was in a mood. It was it’s after the the four days off. And you’re like, I had to get up at 530. And it’s just like, it’s your last push. last push. So yeah, we’ll be we’ll be done in six weeks ish with production, depending on how many rain days and then like a week in the shop. So

So basically, we could title this Mike gets fired and Jason wants to get fired.

No, I don’t want to get fired. But I’m ready. I’m ready. At this point. I’m ready to do gig work. Yeah, flexible. And then I got to talk about a sexy time. Let’s as we talk about we’ve talked about, like, my lack of sex drive has been an issue but I’ve been having sex more I’ve been I’ve been good joining the conscious effort. I kind of have a breakthrough about that. It’s not well, you will tease that for another time but a possible break through with with that. But anyways, so about like, I think it was last week or maybe oh, maybe yeah, when I got back from Dallas. We’re going are doing our thing in the fucking bed

breaks. Oh, yeah. You broke the bride. The row talk. Yeah, broke the bed. The bed just

like sinks on her side. So to put in perspective, we have like a handmade bed frame. We had some guide, build it. And underneath the bed frame is just two by fours in brackets that are loose. And they just run the length. Right. So apparently one of those had popped out and so it just gave way. That’s fine, whatever. And so last night, I’m like, you know, I had Miss Megan and I’m like, Alright, let’s go. It fucking happened again. But we clunked heads. We

I mean, it hurt. It hurt. Like she has a little mark. Because you know, we’re going I’m on time thing and the bed broke again. I

was like, now I’m pissed. Because at this point, yeah, I’m like, alright, we need to figure out what this

you do need to figure it out. Apparently, you weren’t having enough sex for your bed to break before?

Yeah, so we need to pull the bed apart. And like maybe secure those boards and screws. I don’t know. Maybe over honestly, maybe over time because you know, when you jump into the bed, maybe that wood has worn away and it’s Yeah, I don’t know. I believe

she’s gonna have to call into work because she’ll have a concussion. And how is she going to explain the concussion? Well,

I hope she doesn’t get a blackout because she bruises like Oh, to imagine black I know people that have been because it’s sad. Yeah, like I can’t like right here this bone right. Um, and so anyway, like Sure.

Yep. Yeah. Anyways,

so that’s my Wow.

So one last thing here. So Jason, you went to pod fest

Podcast Movement you

anyways, you you hung around with a bunch of other podcasts people and so we believe here that like part of the cool thing about podcasting is you you and I can have different views on things and talk through them. Yeah. And Podcast Movement says they’re about those things right.

What is Podcast Movement mic Podcast Movement

is and an org that promotes podcasting. Right is that The group that was hosting it

is but they’ve they’ve they’ve had this for years. They’re basically the go to conference for everything podcast and so once a year they have a conference for four or five days. So I don’t know how they actually started out. But

so like they are like what most people look up to for podcast? Correct. Okay. So this is a tweet that you had sent me because you knew you were ticked about this tweet.

Oh, yeah. And my very good friend Larry, who’s leans very far right. Yeah, was very ticked about it, too. I bet he was, but I was yeah, he would more likely be ticked. But yeah, me being left leaning. I was ticked to you were too

so podcasts when we said Hi folks, we owe you an apology before sessions kickoff. For the day, yesterday afternoon, Ben Shapiro briefly visited the PM 22 expo area near the daily wire booth. Though it was not signed up or expected we take full responsibility for the harm done by his presence. There is no way around it. We agreed to sell the daily wire a first time booth based on the company’s large presence and podcasts in the way of that decisions now painfully clear. Shapiro is a co founder, a drop in how ever unlikely should have been a considered possibility. Here’s why we take full responsibility for the harm done by his presence. What

I was flabbergasted when we saw this, by the way the tweet has been deleted, they finally delete that is why I screenshot because I knew they probably delete it. Well, when you screenshot it at that point, it had 770 800 comments. I saw it up to like 14,000. So people kept going, Oh, they kept going. So yeah, basically, the daily wire is like the fourth biggest podcast company in the world.

And it’s a small company. Yep. It’s a small privately owned company. Yep. And obviously

Ben Shapiro is a right wing talking person I knew of him. I didn’t know what he looked like. I didn’t know anything about him. I don’t really care. Yeah, like, I don’t care about anything about that. So for Podcast Movement to basically say that someone was had harm from someone’s presence, like, there’s nobody really alive that that is going to harm me just fry them being around. Yeah,

I mean, maybe like, maybe like your dad coming around with like, cause anxiety it was, but like, it’s not I mean, I don’t I don’t even agree with most of Ben Shapiro’s things, but I don’t think he’s a harmful person. He just has different views than me, the person

that tweeted and I would think it was just one person that was a trans person was like, Oh, I can’t believe you love Ben Shapiro. And, by the way, he wasn’t in a ticketed area. You can walk in off the street and go to the expo. We were on the expo floor. Okay. Like he had a booth on the expo floor. So anybody you did not have to wear a badge. You had to have a badge to get into the sessions. Yeah. But not to be on it. It’s an

it’s an a hotel. So like, so like, I could have flown down there. And I bought a ticket and walked in there through the

expo, you could have done a lot of the the little fun games, they were doing a free popcorn. I mean, it was it was a whole thing. You know,

yeah. I just hate that we’ve come to a place in society where it’s harmful when somebody with a different view shows up. Yeah, it takes pictures. Yeah. Yeah, it’s all he did take pictures and sign things for people.

And maybe it was a power move by him to do that. I doubt it. I thought he maybe thought it was cool that like, hey, I want to see what this is all about. Like now he doesn’t live in Dallas. So obviously, he must have flown down here. And

I was smart businessman. Yeah, they came out there’s a podcast festival. Yeah. Going on. It’s one of the biggest conferences Yep, your your company’s paying money to be at the booth. You show up. You signed some things, people think you’re really awesome.

The weird part of it is like, oh, so Podcast Movement was okay to take their money on the hush hush. But then someone called them out on it. And it’s like, the whole point of podcasting is just it’s conversations like, let’s not be so woke that we’re like, say that were harmed by someone’s president. Yeah, like I could see if he had his penis out or whatever. But you know, being like, inappropriate or saying the N word or whatever. Or

if he was saying thing about trans people, like they’re showing it them and like, but he was just there signing things in Yeah, he has different views. He has conservative views. Yeah. And which are different than yours. And I’m kind of in the middle. And so like, yeah,

the hilarious part is like all the Liberals that are like, this is this is bad. This bad. This does not look good. You guys, what are we doing? Like the whole point of being more on the left side is like just being welcoming of everyone. Yeah. And this is podcasting. Like I would say, maybe it leans more left than that. I don’t know.

But the whole point is that there’s just different views and yeah,

statistically, it should be 5050. Right. Yeah. And anywhere you go, it should be 5050. But yeah, it was it was rough. And you know, I always look at it like this though. any press is good press. Yeah.

I mean, it was great for it was great for Ben Shapiro. I mean, I think Podcast Movement got blasted in not a good way. It was bad press for them.

I’ll tell you something right now. I didn’t sign up last week. And for the early discount, I could have saved like 20 bucks. And I did last year, I signed up one day after I got home, still thinking about it.

It does make it more difficult because you’re like, do I want to go to a place that clearly only wants

one sided there? Yeah. I don’t want that. I mean, to me, the

whole point of podcasts is that it’s not owned by rich people who just say, this is how you have to believe to have airtime.

Yes. And that’s why in a little bit of a soapbox, why don’t like Spotify in the exclusive deals like with Rogan, because it takes the indie out of it. Like I have to go to your platform. And that’s what it’s been great about podcasting. Like there’s people that want to get rid of the RSS feed like that’s how you own your own content. You know, when that that goes away, what are we We’re just bought and sold. Now what I sell out to a networking company, if they offered me a lot of money, fuck yeah, it would like

Spotify. If you want to buy us out for a couple 100 million a year. We’ll gladly do that.

Yeah, well, there’s a there’s a there’s a person. Her name is V spear. She does under the desk, the news that I got to meet, okay, I don’t know if you know her, but she’s part of laminata networking media company. They got some great stuff on there if they want to buy our stuff up. So I was very left leaning. But it’s great stuff. Their shows are great. And I can see why they want you to subscribe to their Apple podcast subscription because they do a lot of ads. And they’re promoting a lot of their shows. I’m like this is why they want you to go subscribe. Yeah, certain amount of money

anyways, but anyways, I You were mad, which was so interesting, because again, like not interesting. But again, you lean more left and Ben Shapiro. Wouldn’t that be in your wheelhouse? But again, we’re both like, the world needs free speech.

Well, yeah. And like I said, That’s what podcasting is built on his conversations with other people and and that’s what it is. I mean, that’s yeah, it’s it’s

movement, you can do better. You better send out a good apology for your your woke apology will say,

Yeah, I don’t know if they will.

Yeah, I’m really disappointed.

We’re gonna boycott them until they do.

I don’t know. I’m not sure I want to go because it’s in Dallas. And that’s where my buddy who was supposed to go lives. So I really kind of want to go, it’s gonna be back in Dallas again. I’m sorry, Denver. Ooh. So they’re from Dallas Podcast Movement is okay. Yeah, Colorado. It seems super nice out there. Yeah. It’s kind of an excuse for me to go. I wish somehow I could take Megan if the kids were old enough. Like I would take her Yeah. And then at go at night at night, we wouldn’t if they have parties like I’m not that guy. Like I went one night I stood around had one drink got a free T shirt. And we left like I was there for an hour. I didn’t go to the year end party. It’s just I know I’m gonna sell it’s super loud. Like we’re there to network. Yes. Fucking A like, get like, I’m fine. If you want a party. Can we split up the room? Can we have a room for people that want to actually network have a little bit of music, but I don’t want to have to shout like, I can’t network. Dude, it’s that bad. So anyways, I could take Magan and at night, we could go to dinner and just hang out in Denver a little bit. It would be super fun. But then Larry

wouldn’t have his bro.

We’ll go around. Like, hey, spread COVID Yeah, for sure.

What’s funny is you guys have both come back different years with COVID. So apparently, if you want to get COVID Go to podcast.

Yeah. Oh, that’s slander. Oh, we’re gonna get taken down for that.

Dude, bring it on. Bring it on. All right.

Anything else, Mike? No.

All right, as we wrap up. So you have no final thoughts. I just want to say thank you for being my friend. And thank you for being my podcast host I was super excited to come back and record with you and yeah,

I was excited to come back to I’ve no headphones on. So now I don’t know if I’m too loud.

Now you’re perfect. Do you want to sign up for our newsletter? We talked about that after the show. You can go after I did a five minute effing video for you. That was content gold, asshole. I

could still use it. I think it’s old. It’s old news.

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