Transcription for Ep. 206

And then shook my hand. I’d want them to wash their hands.

I feel like that’s more gross than wiener. What? I don’t know. This would be fun. This is not free show. This is Episode.

This is Episode. So Jason, I have another question for ya. Since we’re asking the question.

You have another poll or a question

question for you, which can be a poll to what sport would be the funniest to watch. If the players were drunk. soccer, basketball, rugby or baseball.

I think baseball,

I was gonna say the same thing.

Yeah, I think throwing a ball at 90 miles an hour and then trying to run in a straight line to a base.

So the thing that got me thinking was somebody tries to swing at a ball like drunk. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. Okay,

I love it. I think baseball is the way to go

baseball. Who do you wish would run for president? And why Kevin Hart? Snoop Dogg or

the rock? By the way, cases rugby. I don’t even know what I mean. I know rugby is its football light. Right?

Yeah. I mean, they they kind of look a little bit drunk already. Right? They go big mass. Yeah, y’all grab each other.

So we got the rock. We got Kevin Hart or Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg. I would have to go the rock. Why? Well, Snoop Dogg is high all the time, which is fine. Like I’m not against weed at all. It’d

be bad for President if he had like the new codes.

I just think he just wouldn’t give a shit about stuff. I mean, we does make you kind of just chill, which is good. Kevin Hart is too unstable.

Really? I would go Kevin Hart. Really? Yeah.

Rock is methodical the way he runs his business. The way he runs his life.

I mean, Kevin Hart has done a good job being a really short person. I feel like he’s made that much fame being really sure he’s shorter than you. I think he could deal with being president. I disagree. I know. That’s fine. Okay. Favorite holiday for the July Thanksgiving or Christmas?

None. Oh, yeah. You don’t really like I nowadays, I would say Jason 2023 would be Christmas. Okay. I think Thanksgiving is a waste.

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And you don’t do turkey? You do steak which which is a good choice. See, I’d take you there the Fourth of July because I like to shoot off fireworks or Christmas.

No fireworks.

Really? Too dangerous.

Don’t they aren’t? Yeah,

I used to be a firework guy. As I get older. I’m just like, more and more. Have

you ever tell you Cameron I except for this year haven’t have done shows? Really? Yeah. My parents house? Well, we’ll actually get a huge board or buy fireworks and we’ll well not throw them together. But we’ll like Yeah. What’s it called? Whatever threat I’m gonna get. I know what the show is called threads. We threaded together because we’re on a show named threads. And it’s all timed. Does that beautiful show? Yeah. makes it feel like You’re your own person. So

how many years have you done that? Three or four. Okay, so, like, have you had to buy illegal fireworks somewhere?

No. They’ve been legal in Michigan for 10 plus years. Really? Yeah. Huh. State of Michigan has been legal. 10 years. Really? Elise? I’m thinking of like the house that was in when it first was illegal. And it was like a war zone there.

Yeah, I feel I have trouble with that with blocks of time. Yeah, I’m very like, it seemed like it just happened.

So you thought I was shooting off illegal fireworks?

Yeah, I was so setting you up for a trap. And

then you were wrong. It’s totally wrong. We should. We should ask Ziggy when fireworks are illegal in Michigan.

She’s still at volume crack. Hey, Ziggy, when did fireworks become legal in Michigan?

Few times consumer grade fireworks became legal in Michigan in 2012. In state law requires they only be ignited from private property.

Dude, that you’re exactly 10 years because 2012 would be 2022 would be 10. Year. Yeah, but I gotta give it to you. That was incredible.

Yes. Look at me going up. I saw you though. You’re like I’m gonna catch up. See my Yeah, I saw your face. Like it was lighted up. I was like,

I have a terrible poker face.

I’m gonna totally right on this parade. And boom, goes out. Am I did it. You did. Jason. How come we’re able to have this show?

We’re able to have the show from our sponsors of or sponsor, Irvine’s auto repair Grand Rapids hybrid and EV located on Stafford Stafford just east of 44th 131 31 off a 44th street close you can call them at 532 6600 and Irvine stock calm. Meghan had liked remember we talked about how fancy something got written. I don’t know. Oh, yeah, I thought about thought of it with my head not chat GVT at all. She actually liked it. I don’t think she’s liked any of my posts for her best snares. So I’m just throwing that out there how incredible that writing was. So

basically, if anyone wants to hire you for copywriting they should reach out to you know, because you are better than the chat be. Chit Chat GPT it’s hard to see. Is it B or T? or P p sorry,

I think. But anyways, can you remind me of chat, remind me 532 6600 Irvine’s dot com. You can schedule online, everything is automated. They send pictures of everything that’s wrong so that you can make a educated decision. If it’s time to fix it. They’ll let you know if it’s a safety issue, those kinds of things. So call them to schedule your service and of course, free loaner cars. And then I want to thank our patriots Job, Job. I haven’t talked all day. I don’t know. Well, I can’t even blame that. Joe PK. K Lisa K. Meghan D, Adam s, Chrissy D and maybe Chris B. Maybe. Right? Why I talked to Chris B for 30 minutes on the phone today. You did 30 minutes.

You were able to make it even though he’s really conservative or not. Why do you keep it?

We didn’t even talk about that once. Yes.

You said it was no. Not on the phone call? No, no, not in the fall. Yeah, I 100% setup if I know. That’s all I’m just saying. Like you said on air. So I can bring that up now. Yeah. Anyways, so was it? Was it a good phone call? Yeah,

I really, you know, Chris is great to talk to. And I don’t know why I don’t I think why I don’t like likey likey likey. I think well, I don’t like talking on the phone because it’s such a slower pace. Oh, yeah. And I’m like, Okay, let’s go like you and I talking right now. It’s I mean, we sometimes I have to stop from you know what I mean? So, but it was great. We talked about work. We talked about a surgery, we talked about Zane, we talked about a bunch of stuff. Wow, my furnace, all kinds of

stuff. Do you have some good ideas for your furnace? He’s easy was like a handyman. He thought

what he had said. made sense. But I don’t think that’s what it’s going on. It’s a mystery. Now.

It’s a mystery to even the furnace guys. Correct? Would you know, is that not a good place to

be? No, I’m waiting for them to say we’re gonna have to replace the Virtus. And like, No, I’m gonna hire somebody else for a second opinion. So anyways, yeah, that’s where we’re at.

So that’s where you are. So something about chat GP Good job.

I am feeling a little dirty about it. I mean, I’m using it for a lot of stuff. So I know. But there’s the ethical thing like what is at what’s ethical, ethical? It’s both. I want to I want it to kind of come sound like me, but it doesn’t. I need it to learn. Me. Yeah. And I don’t know if me posting regular stuff I write and then having it tweak it. If it’s learning my patterns, learn me. Yeah, I get it. Some of the stuff just doesn’t line up with what I would say at

all. Couldn’t you modify it just a little bit?

I do. I do. I’ve tweaked every single one. I’ve tweaked a little bit.

See, I have no problem with it, as long as as long as I tweak it. So even in an a message and a teaching. I actually, for the first line. I was like, I actually want the line to grab people. I was like, Okay, here’s the concept I want to get. And that was like, oh, that’s actually a really good way of saying my idea. And I thought that was good. I find it not I find it ethically. Just as a tool. Good. Yeah, is a tool. Now if I were to hand in a research paper, that was word for word, then I would feel like I was maybe going a little too far.

Yeah, I mean, people. I was gonna say you can’t be doing that for like medical stuff. Like you got to do your work. Because if I mean, they got to figure out something to sniff it out. I don’t know what to see. You know what they do? Someone reaches out to them and said, hey, we’ll pay you $1 billion. But you have to put this watermark in this. So every you can’t see it by the naked eye like so when you use it. Somehow it flags it as it’s been used as AI.

Yeah. See that? Like so when you copy paste somehow? It’s in the in the words? Yeah. Hidden in there.

Yeah. Yeah, I think that’s a fair, fair thing to do. Because I don’t want my doctor, dentists nurse, any of those using that to cheat

on their exam. Yeah, think about how awesome that would be. You have a doctor who completely does that. Yeah,

there was just a bunch of nurses busted in Florida. Shocker. That had fake credentials like 3000 nurses got fired all at once. What in the world from some university? Well, of

course it’s Florida. But exactly. That’s why I said yeah, of course. Florida apparently if you get sick in Florida Hey, speaking of Florida, how was Florida? It was cold. Wait like Kuwait? Actually.

You’re gonna use your turn.

There’s just spoken word on me. Yeah, but

wait till it comes around. That was it. That was the hook.

I’m gonna miss the hook on purpose. Today on threads podcast, we have stories. Stories of the week. We

don’t even we don’t even change it up. We don’t even change it up. We just do the same shit.

I don’t remember what I did last time, but

I always go like stories of the week. So it’s like you kind of do kind of thing. But so

speaking of Florida, I was Florida other. Like, was it really cold? Or is it Florida cold?

It was Florida cold. It was like in the low 60s. Oh, like its highs. Yeah. And there was there was one cloudy day but the sun came out quite a bit like we went to the Botanical Gardens. Thursday, which I love flower. So I was in my garden. Now not a lot was blooming because it’s winter there too. And that was warm, actually was nice to be in the shade for a little bit. And I actually put sunscreen on it. Was that warm that Thursday? Look, there you go. Then it cooled off. But I mean, I still we still had sun on us. So like I said they’re in the sun on my lunch break for the podcast. Yeah, I they had these nice reclining chairs out in the courtyard. You could tell all the Michigan folks that were in there. We’re all just sitting there and it’s just beaming on us.

You guys are glowing. Like, like, like vampires. Yes. It’s like the bright

we all look so white. So no, it was great. We had a good time we some of this basically all my stories are wrapped into Florida.

So one that’s not on there. Oh, yeah. Megan and Harry Potter land. How did she like it?

She loved it. She realized that. She hates crowds, which everyone does. She got there early. She was able to get on one of the rides right away. And the one I don’t know if you know anything about it, but there’s one ride where you ride Haggard’s motorcycle. Yep. And then someone sits in a sidecar. Okay, he’s like, that ride was so fast and scary. And we looked it up. If she’s done it goes 50 miles an hour.

Oh, that’s amazing. Fast. That’s, that’s the one we didn’t do last time. And I’m hoping to do this.

Okay. So she did that one. And then she towards the afternoon, the lines were insane. Even she wasn’t as successful being a single rider as she thought. So one of the rides towards the afternoon was like two hours and she’s like, by 330. She’s like, I’m not waiting for this and just left.

Did she get a one interactive one she did.

So I said, or I was like, I joked about the one I’m like, Yeah, that one was 50 bucks. And she was like, it was 67. I’m like, 67. I thought it was 50. She’s like, it starts at 50. I’m like, why? There was no price tag on it. Oh, why didn’t you ask them where the $50 ones were? And then she’s like, okay, Mister how much money you spent on your tattoo? Oh, yeah,

I so did so did she want a certain characters? Is that why it was made more expensive? She couldn’t tell me. Oh, anyways. It’s a sweet little one. It’s a sweet one. And it’s fun to like, do those spells. Yeah, you have to do it a certain way. And then it does something.

There’s a couple of them like she couldn’t get the lady next door was like, Yeah, it took me 10 minutes. And I was like, Yeah, I’m not doing that. And you feel kind of weird because like, you’re an adult and there’s kids waiting and you’re like doing the spells but yeah, she was in her she was in her glory. She

It is weird when you are doing what can be a kid thing without kids. Yeah, cuz like I was doing Harry not Harry Potter. I was doing Pokeyman go Yeah, and like and like you stop and wait by places on a sidewalk. And when I’m with camera, it’s fine. Because you know our heads are down. We’re playing Pokemon Go. And people get that. But when I’m by myself, I was like, this is weird. I look kind of like a creeper.

Yeah, so downtown Gru wooded I still see him all the time. I know what they’re doing. You have

like I get it downtown but like kind of on more of like the residential near our house. Yeah, I just look weird as I stand on a corner for a little bit do something and then move I’m like, I look like a creeper or at least I feel like a creek question. Why

are you doing it by yourself?

Because I had to go because cam was gone with a friend doing it and it was like the best day to get a certain pulse. And blah blah blah

nerded out about this behind me and you’re like doing certain days to get the best posts? Well, because

in cam and I can talk about that. I can always blame cam for that one. Yeah. So tell us about something about you in Florida. Well

about me like something

that you did instead of I bought it in the past about Megan so so you’re talking about getting tell us about the ink

yep, I do you want to see it? Do you want to see it live on the show? Let’s see it live on I purposely did not send it to you so you could see it.

stripped from it. Hold on. What is what is the music I should be? What does the music have taken close?

I’m not gonna

Oh, I saw the belly. Oh, yeah. Oh, Look the whole day and you got it. You got the Mickey Mouse with the headphones. It doesn’t look great. It looks great. Show the camera. Flex flex when you do that. Oh yeah, right there. Nice. So did that so that hurt like a banshee.

Was it great? It’s a

little sensitive. There’s a lot of nerves in there.

Yeah, it was. It was a little red at the at the you could kind of see it a little bit here. And I don’t know what happened. He somehow pinched it, but I don’t know it. Yeah, it definitely did her. So, um,

it was so expensive. How much? Okay, well, let me guess. 325

a little bit more. 350 So, listen, yeah, yeah, I’m used to my guy that charged me 75 an hour. That was this would have been like 150 with my Oh, so I knew I was living in a fantasy world with my guy. I understand. Prices or even a grand rapids are more expensive. So storytime I picked this tab placed out it had amazing reviews and ends up being in a strip mall. Right? So we go there we walk in. There’s no one in there. Like apparently they don’t like my The shops are on here. Most don’t take walk ins because they’re so busy. Maybe it’s because they don’t have enough artists. But that’s for you. But anyways, we go in there and the guy’s like, what do you want? Like, he’s all the typical like, like, just fucking asshole. And I was like, explain them and I kind of had an idea. But like, they’re the one that’s supposed to be like, Okay, I got this like, Yeah, that’s cool. Like, let me think about this. Like, he was all like, No, literally, they’re not thinking there’s no one in the studio. They’re making $0 Might you write zero? So then he’s like, Yeah, I think it’s better for Tony. So he walks back gets the other guy comes up, inked all over his face. Same attitude, blah, blah, blah. Finally, we figure it out. Like I’m already turned off. Yeah, you know what I mean? Because that’s not so um, he was like, to me $500 What? Yeah, and I was like, I go 500 I’m like, so I didn’t want to act like that was too much. I’m like, okay, that’s fine. And he’s gonna, he’s like, it’s gonna take, like four and a half hours. Right there red flags going off. And yeah, he’s like, Well, it’s gonna least take an hour to draw it up. He was trying to fucking I showed him my arms. I clearly had ink all over him, not a new block into a shop. So I’m like, okay, and I’m like, so I sat down with Megan. I’m like, let’s get out of here. I’m like, and there was like a desk guy there. I’m like, peace out, man. We’re gonna we’re gonna head out. Yep. So we ended up getting a huge fight. I fucked up on the trip. Like you got in a fight? Again? Yeah, not there. Oh, it i It’s not huge, but it just I typical Jason. Okay, so anyways, that gets settled. And we ended up going to the place in Universal Studios. You know, they had that city outside. That’s where we went. That’s awesome. I walk in. She’s like, how’s it going? Welcome, like, super nice. And I told her, she’s like, Dude, I got the perfect guy for you. She’s like, prices start at 175. And I’m thinking, so that’s their base price. Okay, that’s like, and she’s like, I’m thinking that was 350 to 550. So talk to the guy and like she said, 350s like UPS? Yeah, no more than that. No, yeah. He’s like, 350. And I think he even felt bad for Yeah, he’s probably cheaper. But at that point, see, they quoted like the office gal, and it’s more of a professional studio. It’s not like that asshole studio. So I mean, it was more than I wanted to spend. It was an uncomfortable bout of money to spend. But I just talked to my hairstylist tonight, and she’s getting a tattoo like, like a lily on her arm, and it’s gonna cost her 250. So maybe that’s the going rate, and I’ve just been spoiled.

Maybe you have I mean, 75 an hour seems pretty cheap, really cheap. So So tell us a little bit about the fight. I know this is not on here, but I wasn’t going to talk about it. No, but you brought it up. I’m gonna hold you to it.

I mean, there’s nothing to say I got it. I got I got anxious. I got I will. So first we were going to go to the universal one. We ended up in valet and we didn’t know that you could go into the city without going in. So we thought we had tickets. So I wanted I had to get it done tonight. And so I started building anxiety and like, so it wasn’t really a fight. I was just like, Fine. Let’s just go home. Fuck it. You know what I mean? Like, just the old Jason and just being like, blah, blah, blah. There were some good points in the discussion argument. But it wasn’t great. It’s the old stuff. It’s just the old stuff creeping back up. Yep. And so we rallied and And it wasn’t super bad and she she’ll attest to that so, but yeah,

so if we would call her she would say it wasn’t super bad

yeah she just was she just arrived at home the watch just let me know. So come down if you want is that where your dogs were barking? No, I don’t know that just got a notification that she got home. Brett’s podcast, we’ll be back after a quick break.

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Do you want me to continue on my

let’s just continue on on the Jason story because they’re all Florida. Talk about the car.

So yeah, these two stories are related. I rented a Tesla. How are you on Turo? Okay, so that’s an app where anyone can put their car on there so it’s

just some computer D apparently, hello. It was just some like random person’s car.

I don’t think it was I think he was part because I dropped it off at like a park and ride so I don’t know if he just uses that lot as a location. But Okay, anyways, picked it up. Ended up being for like three and a half. So it would be so it’d be Wednesday, Thursday. No, Thursday. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, so yeah, three days. Almost three full days. Yeah, it was like 280 Oh, not bad. So not terrible. Dude. They’re nice. So nice. So fast. So cool. Autopilot not ready for game day. Really? Dude, several times this mofo slammed on its brakes right in the middle of the road. Like nothing going on? No cars around me nothing cuz I’m on the highway. Like how do you mess up a highway? It’s literal lines are painted perfectly the highways clean as a whistle. I’m just driving around like, like, Alright, you’re done. So like, it’s not ready for good. Yeah, there’s

a meme out there. I saw about like, if you want to move over and drive traffic, just find a Tesla and cut in front of it because it will automatically break. You can just cut right in front of it. So

one thing I thought was interesting when it was an autopilot mode, it’ll suggest a lane change because your the car in front of you is slowing down. You hit it. You don’t even look at your blind spot because you have cameras and books before even the camera pops on. So it knows it’s clear. It’s a little a little freaky. By the end of the time, I was not checking my blind spot. I was just when the autopilot was off. Move over automatically. Yeah, I would turn it on. I’d look at the camera. Cool. And just yeah, that part was sweet.

Well, it is gets like you get used to it. So even when we go to photo, we use my mother in law’s characters. That’s Elise and she wants miles. And it has one of those blinker, like you put your blinker on somebody’s there. Yeah, I’ll do something. I was like, what if that stops working and you don’t know it stops working and you just go over? Yeah. And you get used to it and then go back to my car. I’m like, Oh crap, I should have to really look.

So when Meghan’s car has that light too, but I always check my blind spot. I’m not comfortable enough to use that light,

drive it drive it down to Florida, and you’ll just get so yesterday. Oh my God, you have to turn all the way. Nope, I’m good. So yeah, it’s dangerous. How

so? That was fun. It was not it was such that we were not planning on it. And I was like, let’s do it. Yeah, like Yeah, let’s

do it. So quiet, isn’t it? Yeah. So quiet. And

then we had free charging at the hotel. Oh, nice. So we have to pay for that. Yeah, remember what I said. This is supposed to be a budget trip.

Yeah. Doesn’t sound like it. Not about two sounds like a like a couple grand? Like if I’m doing math.

Oh, no, not a couple of grand. Probably a grand.

I mean, it depends where you went out to eat. And how many drinks you got?

Yeah, probably a grand Okay, for everything solid ground. So during that writing of the Tesla, we are on our way to pick up pizza. And we kind of went in a little bit of the Orlando I would say not hood ish. It felt like it a little tougher area for area. And I’m trying to turn left and for whatever reason. This guy was honking. Okay, and I wasn’t behind me. And all of a sudden he’s three lanes over. And he pulls forward and rolls down the window. And he says, Hey, Edward, move forward, and then keeps on going. A big Mexican guy or Cuban one of the two really called me the N word. And told you to move forward. Yeah. And then just kept on going.

Did he know that you were white?

I mean, maybe not. I don’t know. I mean, we had our windows up, but it’s it’s not like they’re tinted. Hmm. So yeah, I got called the N word in Florida.

Tell me how it felt.

I laughed, okay. I’m like, okay, clearly that’s in your vocabulary to use that all the time. You don’t in rug. ARLIS if I’m black or white, you shouldn’t be using that word correct. But he’s using it. He’s using it. And so I just laughed and like it. Actually, I was getting a little stressed, because the traffic was really heavy and that actually calmed me down. I chuckled and I was just like,

Okay, if it wasn’t so wrong when you are stressed, I would call you that, but it is so wrong. Yeah,

but I mean it seriously at that point, I was like, No, this is fine. This just just made my night. Yep. Just because it’s so ridiculous. What just happened? I couldn’t even get mad some

bagel Mexican or lean it out the window.

I’m like, Okay, welcome to Orlando.

I made it I don’t I feel like you have made it you have enough street cred now? Yeah, to be called that. Yeah, by some big.

I tell you one thing though. Even if I was pissed. I’m not getting out of that car. No, I don’t care if it’s in Michigan. I am just eyes forward. Yeah, move ahead. You can call me whatever you want. Just don’t come near me.

Please stay away. Right. So I have a story about extreme honking Yes. So we were leaving a fast food place how many need to turn left on to a five onto a five lane road. That’s for travel lanes and turn in a turn lane and just this way of us if you’re trying to turn left sorry for people listening on or just audio but you should maybe get the premium subscription sale I know. So over here they they’re suppose turn right you turn left and it’s a fairly busy road. But when people are turning right they’re supposed to take their first lane then the left will move into that the left lane

to do like the Michigan turnaround No Okay, I’m gonna stay out of the direct so if it’s

right there so let’s take the first lane if you’re going left you take your first lane and it works perfect like again coming out as fast food did it all the time. It’s supposed to work that way. And this person won’t go and it’s a busy road and like you get a few chances to go so first doesn’t go just give them a hug like okay maybe like they’re not understand wait

so you’re hugging them because they are not comfortable to go yet.

Yeah, but just well, but it was a while like it was clear as like you you have to go gotcha game honk. Just wait a little bit. Nothin so more opportunities more opportunities. I’m like you don’t get a lot of these. Give them to honks like a BB ya BB so first was a bit then it’d be beep and then was like BP and this is over the course like 30 seconds and then it was the double handed you better move. Oh I that’s X escalation Michael now generally thought it was was excessive. I sounds

excessive in a 32nd span.

30 seconds of like, but it was the gentle first I started very gentle. I feel like I progress at the rate.

Is that how you start your lovemaking to Well, yeah. That’s what she said. So

I think I was justified. It was a good 30 seconds. A nice nice, like progression of like, this is okay, first of all, just like kind of, Hey, pay attention.

Yeah, it’s like hey, I just thought you know what, if you’re on your phone,

yep. And then a beep beep and then a longer one and then the double fisted?

How long do you hold the double? fecit

under 10 seconds? Oh my gosh, Mike, but probably more like five seconds. It’s like Hong Kong.

Okay, no, that was like three seconds. Okay. So was cam in the car?

Yes, but there are no swear words.

Good job. See I’m working on that by the way. Right yeah, my have to work on it. My personal like you have to do it’s got to

have the method for you. Okay. Are you willing to try it? 100% A dog shot caller No, I’m

not trying to stick around your arm No.

Then when you do it your kids get to buzzer No, you will you will

stop like I do. As much as I like pain that pain does not I don’t like surprise pain

I triple dog dare you to get so let’s say you don’t lose your bus job. I think this is needed. Magazine. Imagine

like six months of bus driving and I lose it because I dropped something.

See? Wouldn’t that be worth a temporary pain? No. Megan, the

only way I the only way I’d be able to do it is if I could zap myself because I only like my own pain. I like control my own Okay,

so how about how about your in your car? You drop it? You have to buzz yourself though.

I’m not driving around with a shock collar on you psychopath around your bicep. At that point, put it around my penis. I mean a lot of penis talk in the show. Oh my gosh. Can you imagine? So you know have you had those zap you before?

Well, yeah, because because we got our dog you’re supposed to try it in the Lord. I only made it for like level two or three. And you’re like I’m out and we put it on Izzy at five. Except for when she actually there was no talking about that. Now people are gonna like Come try to take my dog. Yeah, because I care about my dog and wanna have it.

Yeah. Do you think so? Distracted? Where were we before we pay honking was that extra pocket? Yeah, so cameras in the car. You didn’t swear? Yep. Did Natalie talk to you during the moment?

That was that was a little excessive because I went to hands. Yeah. And then of course you got the ball. You’re you’re frustrated, but but I also moved a progression. Yeah, I didn’t start there. You had

you had you but you didn’t deescalate you escalated? Well, you did it in progression

progression because again, the first one is like, because again, I’ve had it too. Sometimes you’re not paying attention. You’re like, Oh, thank you for honking actually, I’ve even said to him I hope somebody should have honked at me there because it would have helped me drive better

dude when so when I’m on my phone and someone honks I wave I’m like, I’m sorry, I’m a TAS hole. You know what I mean? Yeah, one last question about this and then I have a follow up on the traffic in the honking Do you wonder if it was a student driver in there?

It was not because we pass them and there was the middle finger Oh, they flew the friendly sky they flew it when when they pulled out we pulled up behind them and then they got in the right lane and then the left to go turn and that gave me more so then when they went by our thing as a family is we actually have people thumbs down bad drivers. It makes them feel it’s kind of like when a parents like not mad at you but they’re disappointed that’s kind of like that and people feel like this guy didn’t but other people have been like

what what they do that you couldn’t tell the rack no

just by just did that. Like you suck at driving. Yeah after

I think maybe you should probably invest in some tinted windows in the in the drivers passenger side so that people don’t see you because you know you are supposed to be well well and

it’s always Natalie they see nearly always gets mad. Like it like even if I give a friendly honk because if we go by she’s the passenger.

On the left side, yeah. Oh, yeah. Cuz you’re passing that makes sense.

And they’ve got a whole lot better. Like I used to have road rage, like no one’s business. And she was like, It’s me that they see. It’s not you,

Natalie, when you hear this, make sure you lean your seat all the way to the back when you know he’s going to fly the friendly skies.

I know I don’t fly. I mean, I know she’s the one that taught me that. Yeah, I think it’s pretty funny. She loves that one. It actually gets people either they get really pissed because you’re disappointed or the they’re confused. No, or they’re like, oh, man, that one hurt. Yeah.

So anyways, honking everyone honks in Florida. Oh, I almost was gonna steal your thunder with that. So I backed off. But everyone honks like, the light isn’t even green and they’re hitting the horn now so bad is Chicago. That’s terrible. Or Miami, apparently, Miami. It’s just like everyone hawks all the time. But it’s like, That guy was pissed. Even though I wasn’t impeding his lane. He was mad that I didn’t move up in an appropriate manner because I thought I had to go straight but I had to go left. So I was a little kicked out in the lane. Yeah. And they’re so

that people in Florida, you’re impatient because

in real quick, more driving, we get to back to Michigan, right? I let someone in as we’re leaving the airport and they wave like this. I’m like, Okay, we’re back in the Midwest, like people aren’t Dix here.

Mostly. Yeah. Except for what like zipper merge.

Yeah, I just feel I felt a lot more of like kindness when I got back into Grand Rapids. I’m not gonna lie.

Thank you for not hating me as I tried to figure it out.

Right. Right. Exactly. So also, what do you got? You got

to pick No, no, no, you don’t get to pick No, not today. So do you remember? No, the football game tech mobile tech mobile?

Do you remember that game? Yeah, it was in a green little handheld thing right.

It was on there. It was also on the original Nintendo I never

played it on on a council. Okay, so console console.

Okay. Yeah, let’s just go Council Council Council see council that council console yeah council so we got it because we ended up getting the the online of Nintendo switch which means no which means that that that you get that and haven’t played it in years like I used to play like we didn’t even have that was the neighbors played it years ago. It comes back amazing. Really want to cams friend goes You are You are the Go of tech mobile.

What did you did you get your phone out of tech. Can you say that one more time I got sent to my friend I want

ON CAM and his friends. Like just first time picking it up? Yeah, but something about my fingers like just remembered it. It’s amazing. It was so cool to go back. I’m like I wasn’t even like thinking at first I just like

it gives me goosebumps that’s so exciting. Like having it go back. Like that’s like riding a bike. You get on and you’re like, Oh yeah, I got this

30 years. I mean, I haven’t played that game in 30 years. Yeah, I mean, close to it. Close to 30 years.

Yeah, the one the handheld one I remember in a green case. And it was like little lines though. That’s something that’s something different Yeah, I’m pretty sure

this was the first one with like with like, um, Jerry Rice in it kind of look like football players. Yeah. And also cam and his friends were like, you guys were excited about this. I’m like, Yes, we were like this was amazing technology. We thought WOW. They look like football players

update on console it’s console. Okay uncle not counsel. You when you say it like that when you it’s console, but it sounds like you’re robbing Council. Yeah, does Conte so it’s con and cut. That almost got

a radio edit. I

should not have stopped that where I did, but I was reading it as c o n and c u n but it’s C O U N. Mike’s years got hot. I’m not gonna do it. I’m never gonna say that word.

Do you remember? When was it? Kid Rock? Oh, yeah. And a song. Yeah. Be like radio edit radio edit. Yeah. And it was when you said that it reminded me I love Kid Rock. I love

that album. That was like, Bob with a bomb. That elbow he’s a complete piece of shit. Oh, yeah. 100% But like a lot of his music. I actually like it’s just like dirty rock. I don’t know.

So Mike secret from teenage years. Mom Jen did not approve of that music 100%

So Mike hid those CDs. Oh, yeah. I those CDs partly because we were the Kid Rock. He was given the finger. Yeah,

well, we are different eras. But I was like listening to Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood? I mean shout at the devil. I mean, we went to Christian school and church twice on Sunday and I’m listening to shout at the devil. Although Michael I was listened to cassettes. Oh, what’s crazy is it’s only six years apart. And I was listening to cassette Yeah, I mean, towards the end. I was listening to CDs but my first cassette was like Motley Crue poison that kind of so. Yeah. Has it still?

Just last night. So poison I also had corn albums. So the pastor son at the time, he’s changed. I won’t mention his name because he changed tattled on us at a camp because we brought some of those items.

Really sorry cases you can’t also can’t hear anything.

I don’t know what that means. What did you do? Did you not hit record or Master? No, that doesn’t have anything to do? Did it go away? Do we go away? I wonder if I because I was playing it on YouTube. But oh, probably because we got censored because it was copyrighted. Oh,

I bet you I bet you but we’re not live anywhere though.

They don’t care to do that. Yeah. Because you’re using them as our as our like, Host. Yeah, but

usually you can play it on Patreon. You just don’t get you just don’t get money for it. But hopefully she can hear us now. But anyways, I apologize. Corn, the pastor Go ahead.

So the pastor’s kid, like he was we were playing it with the kids and and he was in high school with us and told his parents, okay, we’re gonna put away all your CDs that aren’t Christian CDs. What is your feeling

on that? Stupid? Yeah, like you can like other music. It’s not like, I mean,

is it? Is it better to listen to crappy music as Jesus words, or listen to good music that maybe has not the best words?

And what if that music inspires you? I mean, like, yes, if you’re out there, you know, whatever. doing drugs, and like, I feel like that whole vibe of like, my parents were like, oh, you can’t listen to this. You’re gonna turn into a bad kid. No,

well, they weren’t wrong

Ella see Melissa.

She’s gonna drive here to kick your ass. Gucci. Kate, why? I was gonna make a note my own joke about that. But you beat me to the punch. So yeah, anyways, music is great. It doesn’t make you a bad person. Holy cow.

Can we get there from Titan mobile?

I don’t know. We need to get back on track as we

get there. Somebody helped us. All right. How do we make it? No, no, I’m trying to figure out how we can make it from tech mobile.

You want to try to track this back?

Like, how did our brains get there? Now he’s been saying it’s a little more squirrely,

little the last one was a terrible, but I can’t even backtrack. Well, how we got there. Anyways, someone figured out, go email us if you figure out what we backtrack. By the way. I’ve had three people reach out to me as my accountability partner to check up on Chris B. Oh, someone I haven’t talked to in a bit. So clearly, he listens. To me. I’m like, Yes. Keep emailing people is this is all I got to do to get people to email. Just need

accountability for that. So I’m told you that cams practicing with high school, right? Yeah, he actually had to play in his first two high school games to go he in the first game. He scored a point got three rebounds and got his first file.

I mean, he probably didn’t pay a ton, so that’s probably good.

It’s really good. Yeah, guys first file, that’s the best part and in the rebounds in the point. One point, how do you get one point on a free throw? Okay, make it one.

Drive into the basket and then got fouled out? Listen, while they get to you got to be shooting while they

were in the bonus. So it’s so two one and one. Oh, I don’t know. I understand. So the bonuses Yeah, when another team gets to me files and any file they come at you get to go line for one scored one and then it gets they miss the second one on that. But it’s cool to see I’m like a freakin seventh grader. First of all the boldness because like when he wanted to practice with the high schoolers, we told him that he had to ask the coach, we weren’t going to do it for him. And then even to play in seventh grade playing with high schoolers. Yeah, that’s weird. I wouldn’t have had the guts back when I was in seventh grade. Everyone like, you know what? I’m good here. Yeah. Because

well, they don’t have any other or do they have a JV team? One

thing? Yeah. Oh, he played he played Middle School. That season is quick, because Middle School seasons are short. It’s like, hey, I want to keep playing. So maybe I’ll ask the high school coach if I can practice with him. And he said, Sure, you can practice and then he’s like, Hey, we’re down a couple guys. You want to suit up and then he put him in? But I was like, How brave is that to play with? You know, high schoolers when you’re a seventh grader. Yeah,

I’m proud of him for that. That’s awesome. Dad.

I mean, I may or may not have teared up when he made his basket.

I whatever that was his first one may or may not have.

So Jason, let’s get uncomfortable. We think we need to think well, well, well, these are just in case I want in summer.

Okay. You don’t want to talk about it. Yeah. Okay. I

think we’re good. Yeah,

we need we need if we’re going to be continuing this format. We need Stinger music. Let’s get on comfortable. Comfortable. I wonder could I have somebody like recreate that but not like have to do it a little different. So it’s not a combo, right? Just do it? Now we need music behind it. I don’t get acapella. That shit pots make it uncomfortable. Oh, that’s let’s make the theme song uncomfortable. No, it’s comfortable. Uncomfortable. I’m really uncomfortable right now with your singing. Very uncomfortable.

Do you love tax season?

I’m gonna totally rip. I’m gonna totally rip that out. Please. Do you

love tax season? Why? Because my brain is shot by the here and I’m just slap happy.

No, this is a normal show for you, buddy.

So Jason, thank you.

How do I transition? Yeah. Good. Good job.

So on a serious note, yeah. It’s dangerous to be a black man with police in America. Yes. And so this past now on January 7, so not too recently. That’s how long it takes me to get out. A young man Tyrion Nichols. I believe I’m saying that right. was brutally as we watch before the show. Beat by police. Yeah. What the hell?

Well, first of all, this story didn’t come out right away because it was black on black like those black letters black victim. And they also

lied. They lie. Oh, it wasn’t until body camera footage and camera footage. Yeah, out.

I don’t understand. Like I watched it. Mike made me watch it. And it wasn’t it was very uncomfortable to watch. I don’t understand what they were doing. Like, what were they doing? Because from the sounds of it again, we only can read what we only can take our opinion for what we know. Yeah, the guy. They thought he might be reckless driving. So if that’s the only crime that you committed? I don’t know. Even when they were initially trying to arrest him. He wasn’t really resisting that much. He was speaking calm to them. And I don’t know how it escalated to beating. Yeah, that’s the strange part. It’s almost like they knew him and they were trying to

do something. I’ve been watching a lot of tick tock videos.

Now I’ll see him. Thanks.

But about cops. No, I will say this cautiously. Not all cops are bad. But I’ve just seen a lot of videos of cabs where maybe the person isn’t happy, but they will escalate what’s going on? Why? We just have so many cabs that will escalate things, at least the videos that come through, right? Like there’s a traffic stop, that person is maybe being a little bit cocky, and they threatened to take them out and put them like okay, like, there’s like 10 steps before then. Yeah, what is wrong with our system where we have caps that can do that or feel like they can beat somebody in passing him around. Like that’s what they were doing the powerwatch they’re passing them around. Somebody took the baton, so he took their fist. They held him up. I mean, it was it was kind of like a game right? 100% is like holding up and just beating their their opponent and doing that. It’s like what in the world makes us have caps who are supposed to keep people safe. Thinking that that’s okay. And this

is maybe an unpopular opinion, but that’s why I think that maybe they knew him. There was something going on because that was personal like look, what you do to somebody when you’re like you You um, I mean, I wouldn’t of course, but you owe me money you screwed my boss. You sold my drugs you didn’t pay me like that’s what that looked like to me. That was no just normal beating. Because normally, if they’re gonna if you’re gonna beat somebody, they’re gonna be on the ground. Yeah, like you’re trying to arrest him. They just picked them up, knock them out, pick them up. knock them out. Yeah, that seems personal. It does. Because otherwise, why would you do it? Yeah. It all five of them. Like not one of those guys was like, Hey, guys, what the hell is going on?

Yeah. And there were more around them. Yeah. As it goes on. Yes. And no one stopped it.

And they’re they got fired too as they should you need to intervene. Here’s the thing. It’s only going to get worse. Yeah. Because now no one wants to be a cop. So anyone that is a cop. They’re doing it for one reason. No, I shouldn’t say that. I’m I’m blanking. Yeah, because Larry’s son is becoming a cop. I don’t think he’s going in there to beat people. Yeah. But

there are enough who are power hungry. Exactly. And want the power of that. So here’s an uncomfortable question. Would they have arrested now arrested or they have fired and maybe arrested the cops if they were white?

Oh, yeah. Just would have happened quicker.

You think it would have happened quicker they would resident who’s White Harbor

said they wouldn’t not they would have they would have been immediately relieved to duty that

because in Grand Rapids wasn’t the cap put on leave for a while because these cops are gone

that standard because of the union that they have to finish the investigation. They put it on leave because it’s due process?

Well, this one is invested or finished yet? So you’re sure it is?

I don’t think it is? Oh, well, maybe not. Then what do I know?

I’m just saying it just that’s a question. I feel like had to be asked was it quicker? Because the cops were black? Then if

they were white? I don’t know. I don’t think so. Oh, so you’re saying that they’re black? And they should? They should they didn’t get the leave of absence? They just fired them?

What? They didn’t get the leave of absence that some white officers see Oh, I see what you’re trying. officers get a leave of absence. Not saying what they did was right. But it seems like now it’s even like, again.

I see. I see what you’re going. I’m asking

the question. No, I

don’t know either. Yes.

I don’t know the answer. I’m just wondering, because you gotta think we have to ask. And here’s the thing. If I was a black man, I don’t know that I would stop for a cop. Because Because even they got him. They got him back. They had them. And they’re like, Hey, let’s beat the crap him. Well, I would run to if I knew that’s what a cat might do.

I know. I know. Yeah. I just wonder it just seems personal.

It does. You wonder if somebody knew somebody? Yeah. But it’s like and again, people there’s a horribleness and people when they get the power and they start and the rush of it and they just get the adrenaline

and they just but how did not one of those five like I can see a couple of getting into it. They’re pieces of shit. All five of them. Going back to your because they were that that the Grand Rapids guy was white. This chief was black to everyone was in black. Yeah, everyone was black. So it’s just like,

yeah, and they were police or not police more, but they it seems to be quicker. I couldn’t be wrong, please. If I’m wrong, somebody correct me.

I I think it depends on the department. I really, I’ve seen officers get fired right away for stuff. And I’ve seen him getting put on leave. And I mean, yeah, I’m not going to speculate anymore. I’m gonna get myself in trouble. But it’s terrible. I am more terrible that no one talked about it until it finally people are like, Why is no one talk? I mean, I saw black creators on tic tac talking about why is no one talking about this before it came out. I see. Yeah, I’m just like, yeah, why aren’t anyone talking about it? Because it’s a black officer. And, uh, you know, and I couldn’t be. It’s super frustrating, and it’s disgusting to me. But well, what’s gonna happen? What What would your solution be? I don’t know. Mike has all the money in the resources in the world. How do you fix this problem?

I don’t know. This is one of the problems like that. I normally haven’t have some really, really good ideas about stuff. I think I do. Wow, humble pie. As I tell my mom, it’s hard to be humble when you’re so amazing, right? I have no frickin clue. And that makes me even more annoyed. And the only thing I feel like I have is my voice and that feels like it’s not enough.

Yeah, I think that what I meant when I said I think it’s getting worse because a no one wants to be a cop. I think Did I say that? And then people that do are are less than ideal. Yeah. And power hungry. So I don’t see it changing because clearly, cameras those guys didn’t care. I mean, don’t they realize it’s like me with busing? Like, don’t you realize there’s cameras in here like you’re so enraged? just screamed at a car in cars every swear word in the book? Like, you just lost your job? Yeah. Who’s got private bets that I get fired from the bus? Like is everyone gonna start some They’re behind my back. Yes, I’d be so mad

we’re gonna start a whole private threads group

was this Jason get fired?

We’re gonna we’re gonna have weeks from when he starts we’re gonna have weeks and put people put money down on the week.

Now you have to you have to add some variables does he get fired because he moss off to and a fellow employee does he get fired because he mouthed off to his boss which my boss is super cool so that I would doubt that habit or does he get fired? Because he said the F word in the bus?

I think we’re just gonna do Jason gets fired. Just straight up with maybe maybe with a bonus can

any like what is it called a parlay? I don’t know. I know nothing about gambling. I hear the word power lace. I feel like with a power leg. Apparently we need a we need a parlay. But back

to your point, though, right. Like the Cavs knew they had body cameras throughout the city. There are cameras on poles to do

that one was incredible. I mean, it wasn’t like super detailed, but you could clearly see what what they were doing on

and and that hasn’t deterred them. One thing I have seen is that the police academy is months in that, like should it be a full callate for years? 100%? Like what’s something like that weed out those who just want the power? Because four years is a lot of work to do for something that just as powerful?

I agree. It should be just like nursing. It should be a four year well, I guess you can get most cars most hospitals don’t hire two years anymore. No four. But I think it should be a four year degree. I think there should be a lot of like, ride alongs and so you so these like me for you get hired like you get six months of like, this is probationary like, Yeah. and have somebody that can spot these anger outbursts or this aggressiveness, those kinds of things.

So an academy ready for this is between 14 and 16 weeks

after college, though, not necessarily Well, Grand Rapids or higher off the street without a college degree and sent into the academy.

Yeah, 14 to 16 weeks. Oh, come on. It’s what it says that feels long, or feel short. Yeah, and some say six months in areas. But this is so. So your career starts here state of Michigan pre service candidates will tend to academy that lasts anywhere between 14 and 16 weeks anyways, you know, at six months, like

Remember, it’s eight hours a day.

But I mean, college is a lot of time though, too. Yeah.

It’s crazy. When you think of all the like, think of all the training I’m going through to drive a boss to drive a bus right? Like, it’s easy to drive the Driving isn’t my problem. Yeah, it’s just all the rules and regulations like how to make a stop how to you know, and then as kids I get I’m not shitting on the train. Oh, it needs to be happened. Right. But my point is is like six months, you can you know, be a cop.

I mean, again, granted, quick, quick Google search, but I knew it was short, but like, maybe that is why because again, the longer you are the more you’ll weed people out. Yeah. Who just want the power. And again, therapy, maybe before they go Yeah, like you need to work through your daddy problems before you go out and have a gun and have a stick to beat people. Maybe,

you know things will be no, I’m not gonna go there. Go there. No, it was stupid. Anyway. Okay, I’m going to record I’ll edit that out. Take a drink. That’s the first one.

Wow, we made a long way said you should timestamp it Tuesday can drink too.

I don’t know if you even said so. Anyways, you probably did. But I missed it. I’ve kind of been wrapped up in the conversation tonight, which is kind of good. So as we wrap up, speaking of wrapping up, you know, Chris B said like, I don’t want to join Patreon. It’s just too expensive. And I was like, it’s only seven bucks. Like Yeah, but what do you even get? I don’t even enjoy the tears. I was like, You got to you got to join this to support us. Yeah, anyways, he did talk about that. But I’m like, bro, you don’t have to join Patreon. Just share an episode that you like. Like if you share it with your friends, like on Facebook or telephone. That’s way more important than Patreon. Now for sure. I’m, of course, I want him to join Patreon because like what I want our show to help people and explode and I want to be a millionaire. But yeah, but I’m just saying, share the show. If you know someone that might get a little bit out of it, then like, whatever,

or somebody who can tell us what we’re wrong about. Yeah, I would appreciate that I

email in Yeah, this do something do something threads related. If it’s not money, share.

The chili is kicking in.

Oh, no. Yeah. How can we wrap it up? Again, if you could share this episode, that would be great. You can join us on Patreon forward slash threads podcast. Oh, and Mike’s gonna start working on a newsletter. Oh, yeah, we are. He’s gonna work on a newsletter and clean his asshole out. And you will smell that I can’t. You will start beginning start beginning. Hello folks. I’m a podcaster every week when you get an episode I’m gonna send out an email just to let you know that the episode is live and just little tidbits here and there. So expect an email You can sign up at threads forward slash newsletter and as always join us and keeping the faith doing your work and live life so to live out good night get out of here go do the Facebook fakers I totally didn’t even Ron Burgundy.

Well listen listen to this great music that Jason will play at the end. Yeah, right

so yeah. Oh, Kate said she shared and rated the show. You can now rate us on Spotify pod chaser and Apple podcasts.

Oh look at you learn something your thing No,

I learned that because I did my own research an episode out on the Hey guys. Let’s just pretend you learned Yeah, it was money well spent. Yeah, super Thank you. This podcast is produced and edited by Hey guys media group want to start a podcast check out Hey guys, media

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