Transcription for Ep. 205

Random fat goat cheese.

No. Okay, random fat. But I don’t think it’s true because there’s a different variation of this random back. Oh, great. I know. I don’t pull up my trusty dusty phone. Thank you for saying that. I’m in a phone. Just hit the mic.

I don’t care anymore. Mike is the CC Correct? Yeah, I wasn’t brave enough to write the full word. Just in case somehow it got on the Internet somewhere.

Well, I I heard as I was going to the bathroom beforehand, the thing you call me? What? Let’s see you NT? I did not? Yes, you did.

Did I? I was the pre show is gonna be full of swear words. Okay, what’s your random fact?

So according to whichever website I pulled this from a month ago, I pulled all the fat which is all legit because it’s on the internet. It has if it’s if it’s on the internet has to be true. Yeah, pretty much. That’s what she said. That was Michael Scott line. Michael skies said something like Yeah, he did. So this says the ancient Romans used to drop a piece of toast in their wine for good health, hence why we raise a toast. I have heard it was because if you were drinking with somebody, and you didn’t know if they’d poison your drink, you would toast and then your alcohol would go.

Spill it would spill. Yeah, that seems more legit.

I know. So whoever I think this was cosmopolitan to action. I back in back in December. I was like get random facts and came up with facts. And there we go. Random factoid that could be true. Either they put toasts in it. Don’t believe it. Or Okay, here’s this new way of testing them.

Here’s a stupid question. How did they make toast back then? I mean, I know they had fire but I mean, like,

okay, so camping, I’ve actually toasted with a lantern type of thing. There’s an attachment that goes on a lantern. Why am I popping?

I don’t know. I guess this Cosmo is not legit. I don’t know if it’s Cosmo. It was something like you said cosmopolitan. You made me snot.

I think it’s cosmopolitan, not 100%. Sure. Either way. We’re Oh yeah. And so there’s legend, but it had this little attachment. And you put the bread on there, and the lantern would toasted.

Oh, also just bring like bring it close to Atlanta to get the heat. So if this

was the lantern, it’ll hold it. And then it would toast the side. You’d pick it up and you do the other side. And boom, Bada bing. You had toast and

these are some great comments and I wasn’t toasted vented in the 1930s. No, that was from Adam and Megha says, does the Bible have a bread recipe?


He doesn’t know it though. He’s not that religious. I’m only half religious. Irvine’s auto repair Grand Rapids hybrid EV is the sponsor of this show. We can’t thank them enough for supporting us. If you want to reach out to them. It’s fine three to 6600 or Irvine’s dot com. You can get all your shit fixed right the first time. I want you to notice the ad for Irvine’s this week. And tell me who wrote that ad because you know, it wasn’t me. Mega Jason Gerald use chat GP Q. And it’s

incredible. You’re just gonna start doing average.

I like took your description for this last week show. I didn’t change it. But I played around with a little bit. I took the title and played around with a little bit. It’s really fun.

What what now I just need to do for title just put in random themes that we talked about, and let it decide the title.

I mean, you have it you have to tell it exactly what to do. It’s It’s smart. But it’s stupid. Like, if you would say brush your if you were talking to your kid and you would have to say brush your teeth and then you would have say by brushing I mean move back and forth. Okay, but once it it looks because you log in with your Google account and it learns how you write and stuff like that. Yeah, so I’m gonna read the ad real quick that what the fuck? Hold on. Pause, pause. So fill the time.

Here’s some filler content chat GPT

Okay, I’ll read the one that I that I wrote. Irvine’s auto repair and grandpa’s hybrid sponsors our show and we can’t thank them enough they are the best in the business for car repair, call them at 532 6600 or Irvine’s dot com. Okay, I mean, it’s shortened to this point. This week’s ad. Are you in need of a reliable and professional car services? Look no further. Further than Irvine’s auto repair in Grand Rapids hybrid. Our sponsor for the show Irvine’s is the best in the business and we can’t thank them enough for the support with experienced technician and state of the art equipment. They will get your car back on the road in no time. Don’t just take our word for it. Give them a call at 532 6600 or visit their website at Irvine’s dot com to see for yourself. Why they are the go to choice for all your car repair needs trust Irvine’s for all your car repair needs. That was one time I asked to revise it. There’s this better. There’s a way better 1,000% There was there was there was a hook. There was a book and then it was oh, there are Spicer I said write it as an ad, man so much better. I know so much better. I did see it as a little repeat when it says for all your car repair needs, and that says trust Irvine’s for all your car repair needs. So I probably could have tweaked it. But isn’t that incredible? Yeah, it was way better than and then you can say I don’t like that. Revise it again. And it’ll, it’ll redo

it’s magic. They’re gonna much easier. My part of the show is going to be I know, I

can start editing. Like you can take that load. I

could. Yes,

I said that you can take that load off of me. Perfect.

Well played. Well played. Um

we were talking about how you don’t have to do

Yeah, more. But like, if I were to edit the show, you would hate it. You would not want to listen, it’s not that hard. I know. But but like you’re picky. Yeah. Um,

I would definitely encourage you to use that chat. GPT I think it’s called I mean, it’s good to tweak it. You might as well I mean, our goal is to create more listeners if a snazzy title or whatever does it Who gives a

shit? You know what, though? The titles that don’t have our names do worse. Yes, we have noticed that because the one wasn’t the last one. But the one before tanked again.

Since we this season, in January, yep. And it didn’t have her names.

The one with the 39 hours in bed and her and perverted orthodontist. Oh, you’re right. But it didn’t have her name in it. So apparently people love her name.

I don’t know why what I don’t understand is as you can’t talk to these people. How are these people not like? Do they see that? So they automatic so that’s all Oh, that was a bunch of sentences. Then I wonder? Are you getting it automatically downloaded? Okay. Does that count as a stat for me? I mean, here I am a podcast editor and trying to create a business and no one knows. Because if a if a certain amount of people get a download, is it only when you hit play

that I gets it? Spotify would only be when it’s played because it doesn’t download? Has it? They’re ready for so

that makes sense. So people see the title they’re like, and now this week? Yep. them while they’re fine?

No. So we have never named which makes we’re not vain. But well, we’ve just noticed when we include our name, it’s 100% sure you actually listen people so you know,

although, except the only caveat is episode 200 Because I do see my name. Our names are both in there and it just tanked

that’s because that was a special episode. Yeah, but no one likes special episodes of anything. Yeah, that’s true. But this this one I’m talking about is not much better. Yeah, one. Yeah. Interesting. Anyways, episode two or three so if you’re listening and want to go back and listen to a good episode, but that isn’t good episode doesn’t have her name. You should go back.

You know what? No, Adam, don’t listen to this after you watch it live. Just hit play for 10 seconds.

That shit. Please Just Push Play.

I do that when I do that. I might I don’t really I already listen, I do it. Then I listen. And then I edit it. Do you think I’m gonna listen to it again?

So this past week’s was one of the first actually listen to parts of in a long time. Did you? Yeah, it was actually decent. So what we should do is a terrible start. Anyways, okay, hold on. Yep, bring us back brands back to No,

I’m not bringing us back. I’m going on another sidetrack. So we’re going to take that title. Okay. And we’re gonna go to chat GPT and see what it does the one that doesn’t ever names in it. Okay. But I don’t know if that it’s okay. Hopefully it’s not down it’s so busy. Sometimes it just like can’t can’t handle

it. Wow. So it’s it’s Google that made this so far. Oh, it’s not Google. But but you use your Google kelong In

Okay, here we go. Enter some of this out. I say that every time I never add anything out

drinking game with threads. And then soon as Jason says he’s gonna edit it out. Does it you drink so everybody who’s listening? You must take a shot of something. Because Jason said I’m gonna edit it out the image

what do you do? I don’t know. I just break your computer

now just gave me a frickin error says you requested model that is not compatible with this engine. What? All right, maybe we’ll try it another time. It’s, it’s okay, one more time. What is this? Alright, nevermind. It’s again. It’s like a toddler. You have to tell the

crate. Write a title using these words. What about that? Yeah, it’s

doing something stupid.

Oh, hold on. Sure.

It’s less. It’s got to finish doing its thing. There are several ways to approach a question of how to use social media effectively for business. Here are a few categories to consider. That’s what it’s putting out. Like it didn’t hear us. Like that’s weird.

That would be weird. But if it’s listening all the time,

stop. Okay. All right. I’m gonna try one more time. Okay, paste. And then if you put it like beforehand, re write no revise, revise this title. Alright, this will be the last time I swear then we’re moving on. Okay, the misconception of an orthodontist, a 39 hour bed rest experience a look into Ottawa County. I think part of the problem is the way you have your is that a semi colon where a boom I think that throws it off a little bit.

It does it probably thinks it’s code. Yeah. Well, I

don’t know. I think Ben said that we should write you should write the title without all that and then put it in and then decide how you want to break it up from there. Okay. But anyways, so that was a fun little experiment chat.

Something BT chat btw.

Yeah, I think so chat.

You know, send in the link. Other people can find the G P

T. I don’t know what that stands for. So

photos, something like that. Yeah. So a poll, what is this poll about?

Yeah, I’m all over the place. So the poll is I was just finding today when I was watching Tic TOCs. Do you read the words when they’re up there? Or do you look at what’s going on?

Mostly read the words,

is it because someone’s talking? If it was an action video, if you were watching a dashcam video and someone was talking in the car, you wouldn’t read the words, would you?

Sometimes it depends on if if if I missed a word, I’m like, Wait, what is that, then I’ll rewatch and do that.

Yeah, I find that I read the words too. And it’s very awkward to look at the person but then I feel like I’m not giving that even though it’s not live. You know what, I’m not giving that person. Whatever it is. And that’s its boobs. I mean, let’s be honest with you. If it’s boobs, I’m looking right at the boobs. I do not care what she

said. That’s all Jason is looking at. Doesn’t matter what else the world could blow up around. So

it sounds it sounds like we both read the word. Yeah. Okay. You know, Sally really enjoys watching all television shows with subtitles on.

See now that I can’t do I think it’s because

I mean, he’s, he’s, he’s struggled over the years with academics. I think he’s much better now. But I wonder if it was easier for him to understand when reading the words and listening at the same time?

I don’t know. I mean, our brains do work like that. So and I’m sure some brains work like that more than others. And now I really read the words when like I’m laying in bed trying to fall asleep, or actually not trying to like fall asleep I’m just relaxing and then I’ll read because at the volley ma because I was Natalie won’t ever fall asleep. Yeah, I usually put it really softly So really Meghana gotta hear it. Sneeze do it try do it on air. I might cease says oh, you lost it.

I still use I still use this. Yes, it’s God. It was so good. It was gonna be awesome on the show. And it’s gone

so mad.

I’m so happy disrespectful.

Oh, like that one. Look at you. Oh, that’s from our other show.

You aren’t you are like whoa. What happened? Just got way closer way. I was like, Yeah, you gotta laugh like this. No, I was yelling at you. Just saying that’s how you’re spending all your time now. Making cool little Yeah,

I don’t work anymore. I just sit in this office. I was in here a lot today a law breads podcast. We’ll be back after a quick break.

Are you a creative and aspiring creative or really enjoy listening to creative people talk about how they do what they do. That’s awesome. Then join me Christopher talent author, musician and host of creative ops a podcast for creative people. I talk to creatives of all types figure out what they do, how they do it and how you might be able to do it too.

I went out for like 30 minutes and then came home. Anyways, I’d like to thank our patrons I don’t know why did we get the ad turned into something else? Joe PK que Lisa K Meghan D, Adam s Chrissy D and Jo P my episode is coming out soon. So we’ll have to drop that.

When is that coming out?

I think in two weeks.

Oh yeah. I think in two weeks because it has some news in there which we’ll talk about we’ll talk about tonight. Maybe talk about tonight. We don’t know there’s no show plan here.

I mean, we’re you know, we’re about 14 minutes in and we haven’t even got to

stamp Half. Half of a drink. Yep. For everybody else not

you the drinking game for Mike is if he says so. Anyways, so

anyways, people will be people will be blitzed. They will be like that lady and saga talk.

Oh my god. Yeah,

they would drink too. So anyways, oh my gosh. It’s 6:30pm

I actually honestly genuinely feel bad for she has. I mean, have I been that drunk at 620? I mean, it is a weekend night. So at least for that it’s not like a Tuesday night and we’re having dinner. But that’s real early. Maybe she de drank maybe she watched a football game.

Maybe she goes to bed at eight o’clock at night. And that’s really late for I don’t know. Anyways, so anyways, you said anyways,

I know. But I didn’t say so.

Anyways, Jason, tell us about weed and feed this week,

you get to pick what I talked about. So we didn’t feed? Yeah, I quit. How was it? It was awkward.

Do you want to tell them more about we can because like, like, you’ve told me a little bit about what

you did? Yeah, I mean, as far as like the actual day. Oh, yeah. Like, yeah, I mean, I finally made the decision. Basically, they had called and said my w two was in do you want me to mail it? Or do you want me? Yeah, Meghan says what? I’m pretty sure she’s behind on episodes and December. Yeah. So because I’ve been hinting on this since like, the first episode of the year. But yeah, why do you want to pick them up? And I was like, All right, opportunity. Perfect. Like, I got a reason to go out there. So drive out there. And my buddy Paul was going on there too. So I texted and make sure he was gone, just because I didn’t want to go and then I go up in the damn administrative assistants there. Now I don’t know her much because she they hired her late fall this year. Oh, so it’s like, whatever. But I couldn’t do it in front of her. So we shot the shit for 20 minutes. 20 minutes. Yeah. And that was, it was right around lunch. I was hoping she was gonna like, Oh, I’m gonna go to lunch. I’m like, hey, just want to chat. Like I wasn’t going to shoot the shit I was gonna walk in. It’s like, Hey, how are things good. Yeah, things are good. Hope your family is doing well, hey, I just want to say, you know, I was gonna you know me, in and out. That’s what she said. And so we shot the show for 20 minutes building this report. And then finally, I’m like, Hey, can I talk to you outside minute? He knew you had to know. Right? They knew. I mean, I’ve had a couple of times where I’ve, well, I’ve talked about it a bunch of times that I’m getting antsy, and I’ve quit one, two came back a month later. But I just said, Hey, man, this is where I’m at. It’s not about the money. You know, I want to do something that I want to do. I’m not getting younger, and it’s time. So that is nothing new. You guys, you’ve been nothing but incredible. paid me well, all the you know, the bullshit. And he’s like, alright, well, I’m going to circle back in a couple of weeks. I’m like, we’re not going to hire anybody. You know? And of course he would because like, last time, you know what I mean? And yeah, yeah. And then I had opened my w two before I talked to him. And I was like,

Oh, no.

I made this from March 15 Through October 15. Oh,

so did you almost not want to quit that? And once you saw that, no,

but I for days afterwards, I definitely was second guessing it. Yeah. Yeah. And now that I talked about it now, maybe a little bit too. Really, even as we’re talking. It’s tough, man. Like, everything’s fine now. Right? So I look at it like it’s fine. You know? It’ll be fine. I’m literally just doing gig work and editing. Now if I add bus driving, gig work and editing, I mean, we should be fine. Now. I’m laid off in the summer from bus driving, but whatever. I’m laid off six months a year, you know, I’m saying and so and you know, everything is fine. We’re doing everything we normally do. We haven’t really cut back but it’s still that that certainty of money. Correct. And that’s, you know, one of the reasons being the bus driver that’s not even come close to what we didn’t feed was

cracked in like, before you would do gig but you knew spring was coming. Exactly. So like, even if you didn’t feel like really going out or you blew a little extra money.

Yeah, a month later, I’d

be back making bank and you’re like, okay, it’s fine. I’m good. 100% So does that make the January blues of gig a little harder this year?

No, because I feel like I started buss training so I’ve been while I’m not did I am just I’m not gonna say that. I’m gonna hold. I’m it’s too raw. Or it’s not bad, but it’s just like it’s too new at the bus barn so I don’t want to talk shit. Get hit. Okay, yeah, I don’t want to fuck around and find out. But anyways, I’m not getting paid till February 9 From everything I’ve done for Granville in January. Okay, so that sucks, right? They have a weird it’s not like two weeks automatically. It’s this weird thing. If they you know, they do everything via paperwork.

Like, like, like, you’re gonna get a paper check.

No, you get direct deposit, but like, there’s no clock there’s no badging. You literally write on a piece of paper, I worked for hours. Oh, you sign it and you turn it into the lady that does payroll, and then she puts in a spreadsheet and then she forwards the spreadsheet to pay to the main payroll. Wow, there’s no in the funny there’s no electronics. The funny thing is back in the day, apparently they did have it but then they got away from it. So, and every

school is like that. Really? It was just easier to do it by paper.

I don’t think it’s easier. I just think somebody didn’t like it and administration at one point and they’ve never bought into a system

and just gone Yep, gone backwards. Yeah. So so how so? How did you feel in that moment? After you broke the news to him? sick to my stomach? Yeah, yeah. Cuz like you want to throw up right then and there. Yeah.

I mean, it was just the money though. Okay. It’s not like and I’m gonna miss them, of course, but I don’t know. I mean, I I’m feeling more confident about it. I mean, if I wasn’t feeling confident, I wouldn’t. And like Megan even said, you’ve been talking about it. You’ve thought this through. This has been a six week process. You didn’t get a wild hair. Say I’m bored. I’m quitting. I’m doing this. This has gone on for long.

Yeah. In you’ve been doing the work of even bus training and all of that. Versus

like, just do a gig work in editing? Yes. By Yeah. So have a plan. Yeah. Like

in you shown like, you’ll do the work of that. How did your boss you said like, he was just kind of about it? Or do you think he doesn’t really believe it yet? I

think it’s a little bit of both. And they’re very non emotional. They don’t get upset. Yeah. And it’s fine. Everyone has their thing. And so I wouldn’t expect him. I could see a little bit of disappointment. But just like, Ah, man, he’s because, I mean, I’m not gonna brag. I’m the best employee. I don’t produce as much, but my quality is better. Okay. And they know that and I, I’ve always trained people, I’ve always been a leader, like I’ve been, I’ve always been honest. I’ve always been like, you know, I’ve done right by them. And they’re just like,

and now they have to hire two people. No, I wouldn’t say that. Somebody to do it and somebody to fix it. We already have that going on. Isn’t that how it works, though? There’s always that person. You’re like,

there. There is that person there? It is not me. That was gonna

be two of them.

That’s what it was. He was really sad about he probably went home and cried that night. To fix all this stuff,

you know, and it’s funny, they’ve, you know, they increase the wages, they increase the bonuses tried to keep people from leaving, which is really smart. And I don’t think it wasn’t the money cracked. It’s not the money.

Because if it was the money, you’d be back there. 100% But it’s about the freedom doing what you want and making a difference. There you go. That’s it. Boom. battement Oh, and

yeah, now I won’t talk about that. I gotta be careful. I gotta be careful. Most. I know. I’m not in the Union yet. I gotta be careful.

There’s a story about that, too.

Which one? Do you

want to go old man? Oh, man,

Jason Jones. I have officially become an old man. And I love it. What? I go to bed now before 10pm I try. My goal is to be in bed before 10 I did that all last week. The most glorious thing? Question. Yeah.

There was a time back in late fall early winter that you you. You went back to you started doing that for whatever reason. Did you get sick? Did you? Was it you got when you got fired when there was something where you went to that early schedule, but then stopped and got back into the late one again? Don’t you remember that?

No. It’s probably true. I just don’t remember. That’s okay. You could you could text in Erlang that one?

Yeah. But so okay. Tell me more. Tell me more. It’s just

glorious. And then at 615 I’ll wake up. I’ll pray. I’ll read the Bible. But 615 I’m like, Let’s wake up. Let’s have coffee. Yeah, when you’re going to bed at 10 Yeah, trying to be in bed at 10 Is that me? So like last night didn’t fall asleep till later because I was not that tired. But I was like, this is glorious. It is. I want to be the old man. Old man. Life is amazing. I want more of it. And isn’t

the time in the morning like selfies? Yes. No one’s up

the first 45 minutes and then I hear cam is a lot better. Here we go coupon Yep. And then Natalie gets up and like, then you cry. Don’t cry, but but I’m like, okay, silence is over. Chaos comes here comes cats and then our dog comes right. So they’re here here. Here comes chaos is what I say. Yeah.

No, I enjoy that time. I mean, I don’t need to get up at 530 but I get up at 530 Even now. Yeah. Sally, Sally gets up at six on bad days.

So you have 30 minutes before him.

There. It’s not enough either. Yeah, when he gets up at seven, I still get up at 530 I might choose to go 545. But like Avery is fine that her noise doesn’t bother me because I don’t have to be responsible. Yeah, she can do her own thing, but nope. Get up at 530 Get the dogs out and go pee. drink my coffee.

Sometimes my dog comes in and sometimes she’s tired. Yeah, and she just stays under the blankets. New Schedule, bro. Like, yeah, but what normally she’d be trying to wake us up early. Oh, really? Now, since I’m getting up sometimes she’ll come with and sometimes she’ll just be buried under the blankets layer and you see a little SNU

Well, welcome to The Club. You are going to be 40 next

year, next year, August 25.

Okay, so like

2024 or 2024? Yeah, okay.

All right. Well, boom. You’re here a little early.

I’m getting prepped for it. And I’m excited for it. I’m

glad you enjoy in the morning time. i

What else do I need to prepare for? For being an old man? Other than being six times a night? That’s huge. And I’m looking forward to that.

I mean when you have to Well, I was surprised you limit your caffeine. That was a shock to me. Something I mean as I’m drinking it now, that’s something that I I I had to work on it you’re gonna be paying for that one. I don’t know. I was up at 530 I mean, I’ll be tired.

Maybe Okay, anything else?

Ah, no, you already got the creeks I’m sure just like I do but I

love the creeks Yeah, I’m not looking for the pee because our bedrooms upstairs bathroom downstairs. And lately I’ve been getting up zero times and it used to be one now zero here’s

a question would Natalie frown upon putting like some sort of device in the wall that you can piss in and it just goes down to the like the the What the fuck the driveway?

Well I mean our our bedroom window faces over the driveway. I could just open up

now because you’re cold and you need something that no it is open

now. We have Weaver window open with a fan. Oh my gosh. Yes. We are those people with with like double comforters. Is it because the heat rises so much and it gets hot up there? No, it just feels amazing. have cold air touch your skin and then you’re buried on the sales

too big you won’t be able to clear it. You have to stick your penis over the cell like if you can’t

Oh, I’m also gonna be older right it’s gonna dribble Yeah, you’re gonna have

to drip you need something that you can just you know whatever. Do you know my speaking of weed and feed my bosses they have a probably a million half dollar house. You walk right in they have four boys and a girl right in the wall. They put it in there when they built the house. And then incredible little boys can I want one down here so bad even though my bathroom is 10 Steps Yeah, I’m gonna have Chris Bruinsma pull a urinal in here so because our friend because he’s too conservative you know he called me and I never returned his calls in general so fucking dead

after every talking about him being too conservative to be friends with you anymore.

Some that’s a lie. Someone be my accountability partner, not mine because he’s a dick. To let me remind me to call Chris.

B. Can you not put it in here? Can you put it just outside the door? Or outside the door that way? Well, no, because because you’re no stink,

but I want it to go. I just want a urinal just to drain outside there,

but it’s gonna stink. I mean, I’ll clean it. No you won’t. You don’t clean your bathroom now when I come over Yeah,

I do. I have a cleaning lady. You don’t clean it. No, I don’t you’re gonna have to clean your we do leave our piss in there and don’t flush to save water.

I know that part. But yeah, anyways, Alright, moving on some of these check ins.

So I was hoping you didn’t grab this one. But so apparently we’re doing some different things with check ins. I don’t remember. So I’m gonna have to circle back on that because I texted Meghan, but she was busy at work today.

Maybe she texted Nope. She didn’t text so you guys wrote it down? No, we

didn’t write it down. We talked about it. I think I remember we talked about how she thought it was getting a little rusty. It had something to do with that. Or stale would be Yeah, yes, Dale, it was something that I’m gonna I’m gonna circle back on that because I don’t quite remember. But I think we agreed on something. And it’s more of like changing when we do it. And yeah, I don’t I’m digging myself a hole so that it’s bad. This is fun. Let’s keep digging a hole. No, I mean, I don’t have anything else.

I was gonna say is it gonna be on Monday nights? Yeah. Is that or is that you’re not going to try to do it every week. We’re trying

to do it every week. But yeah, I think that part is, what part of it is is like trying to come home on Mondays when she works. I record is it as genuine as it can be. So I think we’re going to be like looking at her week and the alright, this I think this would be a good time to do it. You know what I mean? Where I’m home, she didn’t work. We’re not bustling kids around. And that changes every week with her schedule. Yeah, exactly. So I think it just needs to make be intentional that we change it or that we schedule it that

we know you’re gonna Monday nights free. So I mean, she doesn’t work every month. We’re not running around. She works a lot though. Right? don’t want to tell people why your Mondays free we’ll just let them think about why. Yeah, let’s do that let’s just let them stew on that. Yeah, big changes come in let’s let’s let’s be a big jerk like that big changes

Megan did comment about seven minutes ago about blue ball in the audience so that’s perfect Mike that’s perfect

I’m pulling it up Jason Jason started three stories

I started like seven stories All right moving on to school for hell no, no Why didn’t

do one Yeah, cuz I mean I kind of circle it back to the school

from how you’re up. So

anyways, I wasn’t gonna wait to really

started to know again. Are you trying to think of the words without I’m

trying to think how to wild transition this a few years ago we decided to send cam to Christian school and it’s always one of those like, I think at the talk last episode, you know, my dad’s brothers and their weirdness towards it. Yeah, that was strange. I also went to um Hudson went public and I hated unity Christian, I’m sorry and Avi. You rich spoiled kids who had great parties. Anyways, I always had that in there. So we decided to send cam there and he had basketball he’s he’s on the high school team. Even though he’s a seventh grader he’s been just practicing with them and so he ended up going to the game didn’t like dress up to play but was there on the bench or just like in the sense in the bench and we went along because we wanted to support him good yeah yada yada yada. I know awesome dad dad of the year pat myself on the back all right now you just take it away I didn’t pull them off. Oh, I pulled them off. And so we’re there in you know starts off it’s like okay, it’s gonna be close it’s gonna be this and this team where some of the worst human beings ever really and again some of it I think it’s because cam school works so much on on the character of the students of this is how we act even the basketball super important even the basketball team we do not act and so if a ref makes a bad call we don’t know what to the RAF we don’t do that. This school was doing all that there. There are flagrant fouls there was doing this NL cam seem is mostly eighth eighth graders with three actual high schoolers, the oldest be in 10th grade. Because the school is so small in high school, they pull up seventh and eighth grade. Wow. And at towards the end, this other team had swamped them. And one kid from the cross was like Mom, Mom, take a picture of that scoreboard. Because they they want cam score like quite a bit. I’m like, you’re playing eighth graders. Your did they

know that though? You can tell.

And they’re just like just a dirty team. And I’m like, I’m really glad we send cam where we do.

So you’re saying it wasn’t a Christian school?

It was a prep school, but not a Christian school. What does that mean? It’s like a college prep school. It’s a special school for that. But it was it was just I was I was

rich, plain rich. No.

It was just one of those weird moments. That was just like, I’m glad that he’s where he’s at. Because the way they’re behaving, I would be embarrassed. If my kid was on their team, doing what they’re doing. I mean, just dirty fouls that should not happen in high school.

So yeah, that’s so it’s so part of sports at least. It seems more prevalent now because of the way I don’t know if society is but is teaching those kids the manners and the good sportsmanship. It’s not all about just the sport,

but it’s not the I’ve heard more in Western Michigan of where parents have gotten in fights with other parents. Yeah, perhaps I’ve had, I think a Grand Haven they just had.

Yeah, there was a girl there was it was Granville in Grand Haven. And it wasn’t a Greenville that did it. It was a Grand Haven player.

I’ll do some some of that happened with I think East East Kentwood in Grand Haven East Kentwood, oh punch the Grand Haven near on the back pad and and maybe it wasn’t granted then parents got into it. It’s like, I think that’s becoming more of a common I think

the parrot thing is becoming more common. Yeah, for sure. But I don’t know I just think that’s part of like being on a team is talking about sportsmanship and not tolerating that kind of stuff. Because

even the other team, they were up pretty high and they started a fight in their own team. Like you’re winning. Like usually when a team’s losing like they’ll get a loss. Yeah, they get frustrated. Yeah, Cam school was the opposite. They’re supporting each other and then the team winning was fighting with each other like and we got bigger problems. There’s one point where the rep had to step in and stop them from fighting with each other now like like punch but like argument Yeah. Like what the world school like were they up like 2030 30 points. I know you’re like you are up so much. Why are you fighting with each other and honestly,

at that age, even at high school ever, I think it boils down to the coach clear the coaches a piece of shit coach and parents. Yeah, I mean, but at least what the parents you go like, that may be your home. This is how we operate here. If you don’t like it, you’re gone. Like it’s clearly a lot of code. Yeah, he

did it. Yeah. So even you know cam school, the one one other guy just filed some guy all hard way maybe a little where you are supposed to in the coach pull them immediately. And it was even his own son he’s like set Yeah, because again but that’s character building because again they’re high schoolers your motions get most of you you file hard. Yeah, nope your batch the other team was like yeah, keep going. Anyways you’re thinking

about making baskets and laying pipe that’s the only thing you’re thinking about

oh, Jason

I thought about that like 60 seconds before I was just waiting for them now. I thought they were paid attention the last video I would kindly the last 15 seconds. I was not paying attention or whatever you’re saying.

Jason Gerald told me about a vet.

Yeah, Franklin went to the vet today. He noticed he was created when you got here. This dumb dog. Of course I get a dog with anxiety like he’s got so much anxiety so he ended up losing a little weight because he was overweight and the collar he had I don’t know the fabric rubbed off and the plastic was poking so the collar was moving around it created a hotspot which then he robbed all weekend. He’s crying and like won’t sit still. So yeah, had taken the vet that has shaved it all down. He’s got it’s so it started out this little hotspot like the size of a quarter mag and got that to heal. But meanwhile, it was itching so the rest of his neck is all jacked up. So nothing crazy story. Just something that I had to do today this morning. Oh, I went out twice today.

So anxious dog. Yeah. So like you have a dog?

No is right before? No, it was about a year before

COVID. Okay. Yeah, so it was so it was like a dog that when you first go home, no one was patient, ya

know? So it’s crazy. And it’s like, like, it actually wasn’t that bad was $160 I’m actually and they got a med or they he got a steroid shot, antibiotic in a topical and the vet visit. So I guess it wasn’t too bad. But it’s just like, of course, then he gets there. He loves the fat. Because he goes grooming there and Isabel is there. Isabel is his favorite because I think Isabelle treats the shit out of like, he’s in there wagging his tail. And they’re like, like I call the media that 730 And they’re like how we can get you a 30 and then they’re probably looking at me like, he’s just chillin, he’s he’s laying on the ground just looking around. mother effer so anyways,

so they have to cone him or putting mittens on him. I’m like, how do you get them to stop scratching?

I know well, so he couldn’t reach it for one. So what he does is he rubs his as I run away from the night the Mikey rubs his neck all over the floor of the deck. Okay, so like gets all raw but no, they can’t put a cone on because it’s right around his neck. So maybe a t shirt. We could put a T shirt on him should we did when when he had his surgery a couple of years ago. Did you not? Do you remember that? No, you were I mean, you weren’t part of the show yet, but he ate a either a mole or a chipmunk. And then it died inside of him. And they got stuck in his digestive tract and they had a fillet him open and clean it out and remove some of his intestines.

How much did that cost?


So that that okay. I wasn’t around that. Was it borderline you were thinking we’re just gonna. No, we’re gonna part ways.

I did actually have insurance at that time. So I only ended up paying like $500 Okay, but I got rid of the insurance after that. Well, yeah, because I got the second dog. We had insurance. I’m like, You know what we can cashflow this? Like, I will never get rid of a dog.

What is the max? You would there is not there has to be no $20,000 What’s going to be 20,000? I

don’t know cancer treatments? No, it’s not going to be $20,000 10,000 If the dog was old and got cancer, I would not spend money on the treatments. I would make him comfortable. But if he was two years old,

I would you’d spend $10,000. I would. Okay, yeah. You’re gonna have to go back to either feed. I mean you Yep.

You call it back? You like my job has cancer. So I need a job back. They’ll

be like, Oh, just fire the person you hired. You know?

They’re not as good as me.

Are you you’re out I’m in see. Thanks for filling in for six months. I’m back bitch.

Wouldn’t that be so funny? Awesome. Incredible. It’d be the

best show to oh my gosh, tape it if that ever happens filament will be with your camera. All right phone. I will rock Yeah, I went rocking on a Friday Friday. Friday with a friend has a great time. The problem is the problem is I tried his his backpack which is a go rock bag. Oh, I legit like the brand that this was afterwards. So I had 20 in mind, I didn’t even want longtime I knew would kill me as it was. It killed me. He had 35 and put on the 35. And that I was like, yeah. This is so much nicer. Why is it nice? It felt like less on my back. It felt like less than I know,

they’re built for rocking, like the back ends. The backpacks we have, I mean, they’re kind of

Yeah, they work. They work. But like I was like, this is 35 pounds. So almost double the weight I have, and it sits up just perfect. And you’re like, it doesn’t even feel like that in my bag. So like we actually could have done the long rock like you and I yeah, for with 40 pounds one of those and it would have been way less painful

question. Are you interested in saving for one of those because they’re like three 400 bucks or

like 250

That’s probably the bait that starts at 250 Right?

Oh, there’s some like there’s some now 180 But they’re little and unmee. It looks like a little kid’s backpack. It does. He had one that was smaller in his trunk. He has multiple of them. I put it on him. Like I’ve looked at his glass. I was like, Yeah, as long as it fits. Who cares? No, but it’s like one of those. It’s just so bad. Is it that yeah, it’s just it feels a little and you look it’s little Okay, so anyways, it’s just like one of those. It was fun to be out rocking again. It was the same one upper Mac which we used to do

it kind of piques my interest to get back into it like it. It wasn’t the workout. It was just you know, I’ve always had upper back problem. Yeah, it was just like God, do I want to go back to that again, everything

about even the straps are more padded. It puts the weight at the right height. Hey, no,

I got idea. We’ll we’ll go have z’s. No, listen. No, no, we’ll go have these to try it. We’ll each try it and if we like it, then one of us can buy the rest of the half and then the other one can decide you know what I mean? Then we’re not then we’re not out like four

already put it out. It’s so beautiful. You should get one it’s kind of like Nike shoes to like your your like wide toe Oh yeah, it’s one of those or even just a good running shoe from like a just a cheap old Nike okay, it’s one of those were like oh, this is why you have none of that back pain.

You go Yeah, it’s you go from nike freeze to a Hoka that’s like cloud like your data nine cloud like

oh, this is why people can run half marathon yeah die because there’s actual that’s how it was so it was it was good. It was good to be out there able to vent this guy’s a youth pastor. So able to just talk long butter.

No, I was like, why are we

throw man all the way without lung?

I was just glad you paused it and in so I didn’t know. I just mad about

one butter. Don’t Don’t edit it out. start drinking people.

Megan put threads podcasts on it called a business expense. Well, I you know, we got to have $400 to do it. You know what I mean? That’s yeah, need about we’re gonna need about 10 More Patreon or Patreon.

Let’s go. Let’s go Patreon. It was good to be out there. Good. And but it made me want an expensive.

Well, you got a birthday coming up. But now I mean, August

is a month away. Just start saving starts and it’s too far. It’s too far away to save. Start saving dollars. Just a Father’s Day. Yeah, there you go. Father’s Day gifts. That’s that’s almost my birthday, though. No. But that’s only two months. Okay.

Clearly Mike wants it. You could tell by the way he’s fighting. He right now.

I’m trying to figure out how to make that happen. Um, Jason trip mag. Yeah. So

this comes out on Monday. We’ll already be back. But we’re going on a trip to Florida. We’re leaving in two days. Podcast pod pod what? Pod fest? Pod fest that’s what it’s called one tickets do a Christmas giveaway in one of the editing Facebook groups that I’m in. And that’s a

second gift you and you want to gifts in these things?

Yeah, the one I want from you is actually from something different. But it was from a Facebook group. And which is weird that I want it because the guy that runs the Facebook group, I work for him. That’s one of them. That’s who I subbed for.

You think he knew that?

Oh, he know. Well, he probably did a randomizer. And that was my name. If it were well, no one knows that. No one’s gonna listen to show in that group. But no one knows that we work together. Okay. He had posted something like two years ago. And it had to be you had to work with Hindi, because you can transfer files really easily. I’m like, I work with him. He is like, Let’s go see. So anyways, so yeah, I won tickets. I would not have bought tickets to this. But yeah, we’re going to Florida and Meghan and I have history with traveling together. Explain. Well, I’m just a dick. I mean, that’s, I mean, yep, cut print ship. It’s done. The show’s done. No. Yeah, I just I have a lot of anxiety with a lot around a lot of people. And I’ve definitely worked on that. So she has a lot of history. And so did we talk about it in the show? I went really cheap on the plane tickets. And so yeah, yeah. So we’re at that point, we ended up upgrading to AIG a carry on for $163. Now, mind you, for each person? No, just for one for round trip. $163. Mind you, the ticket was 188 for round trip. So

you you double the price. Yeah.

But I mean, it’s only for one carry on. For each of us. For one person. Yeah. Yeah.

So so if you were going to do carry ons for each or double each of your tickets?

Yes. Correct. Thank you. Yes. So anyways, so we get this, Karen, we’re measuring it and everything. And Megan’s hyper focused on like, it’s got to be everything perfect. And I’m like, you know, I’ll just bring a backpack. But, you know, I talked to my, that’s one thing I talked to my boss about, they’re like, We do Allegiant and frontier all the time. They’re not gonna care about a backpack, okay? And I’m like, so when I heard that, I’m like, I’ll just bring a backpack mag and you can have the whole suitcase. But she became hyper focus on that. We ended up having a huge discussion yesterday, because I was like, I was, I was like, It’s okay. Like, she’s like, Oh, I’m worried about that. You’re gonna freak out. I’m like, I’m not gonna freak out. I’m like, What’s the worst gonna happen? They’re gonna charge us what are we going to do not fly. We’ll just pay it and we’ll we’ll deal with it later. It’s not going to ruin our trip. I kept giving these positive reinforcements that it’s fine. I’m not gonna freak out. Like not once I had an issue with any of it. It just didn’t stick. She just trauma, trauma from the history of it. And like we ended up getting a long discussion yesterday wasn’t really a huge fight. But it was just like, You got to I mean, you’re so focused on this. And it’s like, it’s it’s a small issue. If it happens, we’ll just pay extra and fucking be done with it.

160 Extra.

I’m like, at that point, what are we going to do? But no, we’re not going

to go after we spent all this money.

Exactly. Oh, yeah. The Airbnb canceled on us yesterday to three days before. Okay, so that’s fine. This has been a shit show. Can

we talk about Airbnb? Should Aaron B. Airbnb still exist?

I think it should. Can I give you my scenario? I think she canceled. So I booked a trip. She has no reviews. I didn’t realize that until later which is done for me because I’m typically a pretty good guy. Look at reviews. Yeah, beautiful place looked really forward to it. Typically, you’ve used Airbnb, the messaging from the host is usually like that’s how that’s what they want. And Airbnb prompts you to leave the initial message, leave the initial message crickets and I booked this in early November like mid December. So plenty of time. Nothing nothing. I got nothing from her. About a week ago, I sent a message like hey, just checking in. We’re so good and crickets crickets. So like four days ago, I went to support and I was like, hey, so they finally got a hold of her. And they’re like Hey, I gotta hold her and such and such here’s her phone number blah blah blah. An hour later she canceled the Airbnb. Really? Yeah. So I don’t know if they if she was like these people are going to be a problem which I wasn’t rude I just said hey just check

in like because you the worst thing would be to get to Florida sadly

and and we flying in late we’re getting into like like 930 10 o’clock and you’d find nothing and then yeah, well then we be standing there with you know what’s in our hands trying to find a hotel

Yeah. So I think Airbnb the more I hear stories of $300 Cleaning fees and all this stuff they just need to be done with

but I mean Airbnb puts it out there you know what the cleaning fees it before you go in there

I think the price listed should be price I’ll that’s what it is everything about taxes that’s what it is. No but it is per night and then a cleaning fee doesn’t

direct but you know what you’re going to pay when you checkout like

yeah, I get when you checkout but I think even the I think the price the list per night shouldn’t be the price it is all in

because you just want them to hide it. No, instead of hiding it. They’re gonna take the $100 cleaning fee and just put it into the price of the

Yeah, but none of these people know because some places are going $300 Cleaning fees. It’s almost like you’re doing chores to go on vacation now Airbnb Yeah, I

can see that but I mean I guess I don’t understand the difference of if it says $300 there or they put it in the price because if

you’re searching through and you’re looking at oh that’s a good price on oh no it’s $300 claim Well, they’ve

really changed their their thing it says everything before you click on it. It’s like basically an out the door price.

Oh, so used to be a little more hidden. Yes. Yeah. You click on the property and then you go in there and you’re like, oh, gosh, yeah. $200 cleaning fee and then like yeah, strip the linens do this. I’m like or I can go to a hotel and I can let me not trash it but not Ultra care about it. Yeah. And it’s 90 Now we did book with the hotel.

Oh, now that yeah, we rebooked they gave us a $67 I don’t know where they came up with that number. Probably because it was gonna be 670 for the Airbnb. So it’s 10% coupon to read. You both they called me oh, they’re wanting Yeah. And I was I was planning on it then I went and there just wasn’t a ton available. So I was like, Alright, we’re going to hotel because you go well the hotel has like this place had the pool the place we were going to had a pool like not like Megan, you know, she, she burns in the sun, but she wanted to sit next to the pool. And they never will. I’m like, we should just go to hotel because I couldn’t find anything else for the pool. So,

you know, are you planning on actually doing the podcast seminars?

So Thursday? Not much Friday and Saturday are pretty full. Okay? But I’m not gonna go to the parties at night. Now, Meghan and I want to try to get some ink. I got three places that I’ve got lined up that I’m going to call and like, Hey, this is what I got. You got anything

open? Or you’re gonna do the one where it looks like a shadow or whatever I sent. You know,

that was really cool. Was it? It was the lizard and it had the shadow. Oh, yeah, there’s one I saw. It’s it’s it’s of a Carebear and it literally looks like fabric. It’s incredible. If I can find it. I will share it is so are you teasing me?

No, I mean, like, that’s amazing. But that’s crazy. The Fab No, it looks

like fabric like my tattoos are just bitch. One guy does a good job. But like I’m like, how much that must have cost 2000

Oh, yeah. Because of the amount of shading has to be in.

Oh, yeah. And then the pricing down there. I’m like, Oh, we’re not in Kansas anymore. Like you’re gonna get the basic the base price a minimum is 151 for like a four by four tattoo. Which is still pretty good size but stiff four inch by four inch 150 to start. Wow, so I’m trying to find a Mickey with headphones just to get an idea. I can’t find one online no one’s ever gotten that. So I’m like how to like I’m sure I can find him with the microphone but I’m like my wonder this person could they can drop ship quick like so Mickey.

Do you wonder if it’s because of copyright that GLCM

nah, there’s tons of Mickey’s there was just not one with headphone

headphones. Like yeah, casting headphone. Yeah, just like these are those are just like what like, if we switch from these to the ones that are in here. What are you going to do? It’s going to look stupid?

No, it’s not just like the bolster I’m by back on my arm doesn’t look stupid. The what? This fucking thing? You don’t even know I got this.

No. What do you get?

You don’t even know. You don’t even know my new ink. I got this like two months ago.

The steer got Big Ben. Yeah. And I got this the same time. Why do you get a steer?

So I was supposed to get it in Texas. And it fell through like I ended up booking a hotel or a tattoo place three hours away. Okay, and I was like, Oops, that isn’t gonna work. Yeah, and then I never could find another one. So I didn’t know that. Yeah, so each place I go I’m gonna

get to such a Trumper now, like a Trump because you steer you didn’t

even know I had no friends. No one can even see it. Like even with the shrimp or whatever. That’s not a Trump thing. It’s a Texas thing.

Who do you think lives in Texas? Trumpers. Yeah, but

that all right.

Especially with the beard. People are gonna like you’re gonna be out the pool. They’re gonna be like Mega whatever it what are the Mega? Well, I’m in

Florida. Yeah, that’s Trump country to mar Lago isn’t that in Florida? I

believe. You do No, no your gloves and dropper. Wait Your Closet Amash or a masher?

Libertarian All right God dang Video Game Update. I’ve been playing video games and sat on my phone as much loving it I did want Mario Kart getting three stars and then I started Zelda Breath of the Wild

Hey, you know what I found out about Nintendo switch you can buy a little adapter that lets you use the giant like Xbox remotes for your Nintendo Switch with very little

lag you do not even need the adapter actually have on like the

you don’t need the adapter. No, it just connects Yep. Oh wow. I didn’t know that. So I

went on Amazon. Because camps are playing games. I think basketball games last year. And why you know how you can slide the two into like the one remote holder rack. Yeah, we have that and that was weird. Still a little small. So then we looked online and I got one for like under 20 bucks and it worked. Oh wow. And got

another one. Isn’t that incredible? Oh so much. Nintendo switches are so tight. Like my hand my my thumbs cramp. Ah,

talk about my phone being little. Those are so little things.

I know. It’s like Meghan, I don’t play Mario Kart was nagging because I hate the controllers. And she’s a rock star on it too. So good. I want to challenge you. You should get online and then we can play from our houses. Okay.

You know what just happened last night? Oh, no. We just got online purchase that. So yeah. So Pam and I so cams, right. He’s a little bit older because you talked about it last year. Yeah. He was a little bit older. He’s like dad. So I’ve done this. And there’s some games that Natalie wanted to play like from old systems that you can only get with online. It’s like Dad, what if I pay 10 bucks and you pay 10 bucks. Oh,

I’m sorry. Meghan said that’s what she said. And I’m like, I missed it. What did we say? I don’t know. So you pay 10 bucks you pay 10 bucks

10 bucks for the year we have it it is on his profile because isn’t it $35 A year for the whole family without loans but it’s for it’s just his profile, but oh, well play through his

I mean for $15 this the whole family? Why don’t you just I mean, it’s 15 bucks, go to a shop and deliver at Walmart. And that covers it

worked out. Because well, like it doesn’t give me any more because like I don’t play online any games true if Mario Kart I only play in his profile, because you get all the stars and all the cars and all Okay, got you. If I had gotten mine, it would lose. That. Makes sense. Anyways, so anyways, everybody drink. Everyone’s right. I don’t even know where I don’t know where we’re going.

So video game. Okay, so that’s good. Well, let’s just jump into. So Jason, you everyone takes a drink when he says so Jason to

so before your boss, you texted me, you’re like, Hey, can you pray for me? And you’re like, well, actually, that’s kind of weird. But will you pray for me? I was like, yeah, so of course, I can pray for you. So anyone who’s listened to the show, or received a lot of tick tax from you, you are on this journey. I’m gonna say God, this actually fits of trying to figure out the God thing. So we talked a little bit over messenger. Do you still believe a god exists? Yes, I do have some higher power. Correct. And you think that prayer matters? Yeah. Or are you? Or is that just an old reflex?

I think it matters, okay. I mean, I mean, so, yeah, like, I feel like all religions do it. Whether you’re Buddhist or maybe not Buddhist, but like, Muslim, Muslim. Yeah. Yeah. All of a woman out yeah, all of them do. So whatever your God is, you’re praying to it. So I don’t know if it’s just something that people do. That makes you feel better. Because like, before I’ve started, you know, before COVID When I would pray it felt like I was just asking for shit. Yeah. And I felt guilty. Why? Because it’s like, I remind me of my kid because that’s all they do is ask for shit. You know what I mean? They don’t say hey, thanks for this. Like, I appreciate your whatever and this and those kinds of things. And then when I think about prayer, I always think about but like, what about the terrible shit? Like what is it like when people say like, it’s it’s God’s will like, oh, it’s God’s will my kid died of cancer I prayed. You know, it’s like that’s that’s where the prayer thing is just like That’s weird.

Yeah. But there’s something in you though that still wants Yeah, and that moment wanted prayer. Yeah. But now we’re because it brings me comfort. Yeah, we’re now where are you on? Like, because again, you believe there’s a God Where where are you on the God of the Bible exist? Or are you kind of still paths that are thinking paths that are well they

got thinking past that a little bit? I always go back to and I will defend this till the end. Like how when someone said there isn’t a god, I’m like, bro, have you looked at the human body? It’s so complicated. Like there’s got to be it didn’t just happen we didn’t evolve from from apes. There’s just no fucking way. And maybe I’m just ignorant. I don’t know. But there’s just no way so that’s that’s keeping me pulling me back in and be like, there’s not a god. But then I’m like, wait a minute. This isn’t just happen. Yeah, so

maybe you’re on a journey. We’re gonna keep using churn. I

love that word. It’s

your favorite word. But it is it this is where actually isn’t needed a journey of trying to figure out which which God, are you not even does that not bother you right now, which God exists.

It doesn’t bother me. Like, I feel like I need some epiphany to happen. I’m like waiting for like, when everyone says like, in the movies, God sent me a signal like I don’t need him to come on down and like, Let’s go have a star bees. But I feel like when the time comes, I think it will be there. And I haven’t been looking for it. So maybe it has come and I haven’t looked for it. You know, I’m saying yeah, like, whatever it is, like someone comes into my life, or whatever it is. I

don’t know. What if it was like, what happened? The Bible where an angel shows

up holy balls. That would be crazy.

Well, and everyone’s like, Oh, sweetly, no, no, no. Angels are terrified.

I would be terrified. Yeah. Well, I mean, it’s yeah, like yeah, just like everything. I think we’ve made everything like like Jesus is a white man. You know what I mean? Or like Yogi the bear know that bear will mess you up. You do not you know what I mean? There’s a word for that like, but yeah, I think an angel would be terrifying. I mean, it’s like a ghost.

Well, or like ghosts or like, and like they’re part of God’s army according to the Bible. Like if if the Bible is true, then then angels are like warriors for God. Yeah. 100% That’d be freaky.

Can You imagine if you saw that, but you saw the other side to the Dark Angel? I think you would just die of fright.

I know there are people in my life who said they’ve seen Dark Angels. And just Yeah, but yet, I don’t know. I don’t want it. Yeah, I

mean, I don’t need those. You

don’t want an angel? Well, I

mean, I’ll take it. I’ll take anything. I’ll take a dark angel. Let’s go mrfp. So

there’s a Dark Angel, then then you’ll say 100%. Okay, 100% gonna be cold.

Yeah, I have felt some stuff in my days. Like, I feel like, you know how you felt that cold? Like, when you talked about when the devil was really getting after you? You’re working that like, I’ve felt that on both sides? I think Yeah. I don’t know. But I, I I’m not turned away. But I just have questions. And I have questions. And then it’s like, Have I ever really put enough thought into it? Like, I’m gonna say, why don’t have the bandwidth for that? Well, that’s bullshit. Because if you want to, you can do it just like

anything in yourself trauma attached. But why have you done anything? or done anything with me? I mean, with you

just being that person, or whatever that is, whatever the definition of what I’m looking for?

What if What if it’s me praying for it?

I don’t know. You never talk about it. You’re never serious about it. I’m like, No, don’t I don’t have to come to you know, our job to come to me.

I am there for you. And I pray for you. And I prayed for you. When you had the conversation with your boss. Yeah,

this is not a call on you by any means. I’m just having a conversation. So I just often wonder why you don’t? Are you afraid that it’s going to affect our friendship?

No, I want to give you space to figure things out and be there for you when when you have questions, but I don’t

have anyone to figure it out. Okay, so like, No, I mean, who’s gonna figure it out for me? I’m not going to church. I have no one else in my life. That’s religious.

But I found like it like if I were just to say religious stuff, if you’re not actively seeking, it’s not gonna be helpful. Like, like, somebody asked me like, Hey, Mike, like, I have questions about this there. And then because they want to know it’s like anything like if like, if I tell cam basketball, things like that he should be doing it means nothing. Yeah. Until he goes, Dad, like, I want to get better. Should I be doing something right? But your job

as a leader of the Lord, don’t know if that’s the right saying is just to be like, even, even just normal Christians are supposed to be like, outreaching, and stuff like that. And I’m not talking about bullshit outreach. Like, if you knew somebody that was close, like, I don’t know, just something to think about. And like, if you would respect me if I said, Hey, like, now I’m not I’m not down for this, you would, I think you would be fine. And I and I would say that if I wasn’t and I’m not saying I’m not. It’s not like I don’t want to get a message from you on the way home. You know what I mean? Like, when you when the spirit moves you if that is what happens, then that’s what happens. But that’s rare. I don’t know. I just I often wonder why you never bring it up.

I try to do it. Like in zooming. I start with Cam. Like, if somebody’s asking questions of providing that instead of like shoving it down their throat. Yeah, because it normally doesn’t work like normal. It won’t. So where if you are asking questions like Hey, will you pray for me? Yeah, of course, I’ll pray for you. But if it’s just random, like, Hey, Jason, here’s a fact about Jesus today. That’s not gonna have like,

no, no, you’re right. But have you note like, okay, so I asked you to pray for me, then you brought it up in here. So that’s one way of bringing it up. So but then like, I was like, Hey, how’d you how’d you? How’d your preaching go? And you’re preaching and then I’m like, it was an opportunity to like,

that’s so funny that you heard that voice. I was just clarified. Because like preaching is totally different. But no, I get what you’re saying.

Meghan says, Jason, is that something you want Mike to do for you? What is this like? Therapy? I mean, you hearing what I’m saying, Meghan, I’m like, Yes. And no, like,

I don’t want to rock the boat. You’re like, have you met me yet? Of course. Nobody, but I don’t want to lie about it the way I want it. What I want. Except we have to read my mind. Yeah. Oh,

gosh, no, then that sounds like a marriage.

You are like this close, which is fair. But you’re that close?

I think I’m putting it out there because I do think about it. It’s just like, I just I don’t know, you know, I don’t know. I don’t know. That’s the fucking sorry. It shouldn’t be using the effort. I’m talking about religion. Oh, I apologize. That shouldn’t

be a drink Yeah, okay. Drink to be will be so drunk, that you’re wrong

right now making the nap now my wife hopefully she’s coming home from work. But yeah, just a thought. I mean, I throw it out there, whatever that means to you. And I’m not going to be offended if like, you don’t do it. I just often wonder since you brought it up, like we talked about it, why you don’t do anything. Whatever you’re doing, like maybe maybe there’s stuff you are doing and I don’t know. Sneaky. I don’t want to sneaky pastor already had a sneaky orthodontists. And that didn’t turn out well. Is this bad? This is so bad. Now. I want to say that everyone that was affected from him doing that I do feel bad. And there’s no local people that were affected. I don’t know. I mean, but he had pictures. So obviously, somewhere down the line, someone was affected. But he was like, oh, man, my wisdom teeth are hurting. I’m like, Oh, do you want to go to see Dr. Shannon? She’s, no one has his word. His hands bad. I was like, I know. Is it too soon? I don’t know. It’s too soon. I know, isn’t that bad?

Oh, you’re such a terrible parent. But

funny. Well, this has been an interesting show. It’s been all over the place. Good luck titling

us. Hello, Natalie. Because she’s your last shows. You know, this is I finally succeeded. This show is like two friends hanging out. Sometimes it goes weird and crazy, and sometimes deep and back and forth. And that’s beautiful.

That’s what she said. No, it is beautiful. i This show has definitely evolved. Or, or D evolved. Depending how you look at it. Yes.

It’s much more should be natural. Like this is what friends do when they hang out. And hopefully inspires you, you know,

and in a defensive band. We were young, like in the podcasting world. I think

it was a different podcasting world.

It was it was scripted. It was more scripted. And and I think, I think honestly, if if Ben and I were if Ben was still the host, and you came I think it wouldn’t have evolved into this. Anyway, I think it was gonna head down that path as

we’re heading down that Yeah, down that journey, for sure.

We were kind of getting rid of interviews, we said shut up. Anyways. That’s a good fine, and I should just cut it right there. Like from here on out. I’m not going to save and it just the burp. And then that’s going to be the end of it. And that was put a my gosh, see ya. Oh, Mike’s leaving? Well, I’m gonna record this anyways, just in case I decide not to. If you love the show, we would love for you to share it. Meaning like, hit that share button. When you see it on Facebook. Hit that, like, hit that share button. even make a comment. Like, this is the worst show I’ve ever seen. You can now review us on Spotify. Once was yes, this is a new thing. Breaking news. Really. I just did a hey guys episode. And I happen to be dicking around on Spotify figured out my problem by the way that I talked to you yesterday. And you can rate you cannot write anything that you write and the only they do not highlight it. You have to go to the podcast. All right. That you’re on all the way to the top, there’s a little gear. And right next to that little gear setting button. There’s three little dots. You tap that and there’s a spot that says rate. And you can just five star one star, three star, whatever, and no comment but they don’t even highlight it. So I think it’s new and they haven’t announced it yet.

Yeah, so should I do two stars or three stars?

I mean, I would do at least two. Three is that’s pushing it five seems like a lie. It does seem like a lie. I was the first to review. But I tell you that you have to listen to a couple of episodes. Now. You have to play a couple before you can review Oh, so you can’t just kind of night yeah, it’s kind of nice. So anyways, share the show, share this episode. If you’d like to follow us on Patreon aka give us money so we can get rocking backpacks, go to forward slash threads podcast. And as always join us in ridding the world of Facebook fake Insta Ickes and Twitter takes by keeping the faith doing your work and live life being live lifing unfiltered by Wow Meghan de ringtone idea for Patreon snot rockets and burps I like it I like the way you think all right come out here good god This podcast is produced and edited by Hey guys media group want to start a podcast check out hey guys media

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