Transcription for Ep 204

back to the show. That’s not that won’t be that show. That won’t be that bad. I feel like under the I know, a show that’s not that bad. That’s what we should say,

well, I should say an episode that won’t be that bad an episode that won’t be that bad because that’s really our show is not that bad. Isn’t our tagline.

I know. It’s not that bad.

Threads, podcast life unfiltered. It’s not that bad. Yes. And Jason Jairus. With that one, let me start with our Rando factoid of the day.

All right of the day or the week. Day, you gotta go week

moment, whatever, whatever floats your fancy. Whatever Kate says it is we’ll go with that from now on. So Kay, can you tell us is that the Random Fact of the Day, Week? days? The weekend?

I had a client messaged me, can I listen to that message?

No. Okay, because we’re actually like starting a show with like a random fact. Oh, we’re starting, you know, like Jason Geraldine. Oh, maybe that’s a little hint. Like, hey, we’re starting. Yeah, I knew we were so Australia. It seems small on a map, doesn’t it?

I think it seems small because it’s just the ocean is surrounding it by the ocean

surrounding it. Probably because it’s down like near the southern part. It is actually wider than the moon.

How wide is the moon?

The moon is 3400 Killa kilometers. I don’t know why this is a kilometers.

Because everyone else does it. I know. normal way.

Well, can we do it? We know how many miles that is. Can you ask your machine?

Hold on? Because it was very quiet last time. Hey, Ziggy. Volume 10. Hey, Ziggy, how much Oh, shit. Hey, Ziggy, how many? Shit?

I missed something.

Hey, Ziggy, how many miles is 3400 kilometers?

3400 kilometers is about 2100 miles.

Okay, so it’s about the size of the United States from coast to coast, then two because it’s about 2000 miles from New Jersey to California. Okay, I’m pretty sure. So

and then. So So that’s 3400 is the moon. Australia is 4000 kilometers. From east to west.

Yeah, so I’m pretty sure that’s farther than the United States. Let’s

let’s ask Ziggy. Hey, Ziggy, how

far is it from coast to coast in the United States of America? Hey, Ziggy, how far is it from coast to coast in the United States of America? For

The United States is 2800 miles across from its eastern seaboard to its western coast.

So close. Yeah.

Do you want to do I mean, do the math in the 4000? Yeah. Oh, my gosh. Hey, Ziggy. How many miles is 4000 kilometers, but it’s 30 104,000 kilometers

is about 2500.

Oh, America’s bigger. Take that Australia. And got something Wow. long pipe.

Jesus Christ. Well, everyone’s online right now. Everyone, Kate. Lisa. Oh my god. Well,

they get a great show tonight. Get lung butter. Like, oh, oh.

Do you need a spit bucket?

No. It’s just a lot just in there. Get it loose and swallow it some coffee or something? You should have coffee. Black coffee, decaf, black half solid. Go brew

some coffee. Clear it out.

Wow. I mean, this is your partner. So you can go there and maybe are we

that’s the factoid it’s

it’s a factoid. Everyone who’s tuning in live just leave.

I am so sorry. Last week, we nailed the entrance and we were just we are off and running.

And this weekend is a complete cluster. So

you should run in late. You should come in late. I was early. I know as well. When you’re late. It’s just like, oh, let’s roll weed. All right, our sponsors Irvine’s auto repair grant arepas hybrid, hybrid and Ev. They’re located and Stafford just east of 131 44 street. You can call them at 532 6600. Or of course you can schedule on the interwebs at Irvine’s dot com. You can request to have a loaner car while your car is being serviced. So you don’t have to sit home like a loser. They do that as long as you have car insurance, good car insurance. If you appeal PD, you cannot get a loaner.

Make sense? Because you crash it then there’s no

comprehensive Yeah, so somebody actually complained about that. I don’t know if it was on. I think it was on Reddit. You know me and read it. I’m like I’m balls deep and read it for sure. And they’re like, Yeah, you can get a loaner car if you have full coverage or whatever means probably doesn’t have to be full coverage just have some comprehensive coverage. Yeah, but anyways, I was like, okay, bro, like, Calm the fuck down

they probably have a $500 vehicle probably and I wanted like a brand new loaner? Yeah, every time. Yeah, exactly.

So use them if you need your car repair they will get it fixed the first time. I want to thank our Patreon people Joepie KK, Lisa K, Megan D, Adam s and Chrissy D. We appreciate you guys so much. And you’re just the most special part of our show. Especially you guys are online and you can hear Mike’s lung butter tonight.

And Jason messing up an ad. You know, you guys get the raw experience before Jason.

How did I mess it up?

You should listen. I’m not going to edit that you but when you listen back you understand? I’m sure I did. So Jason, why did you not wear a coat on Saturday?

Because I wasn’t. So can you give a preference? No. Let’s just jump in really? Because I normally don’t wear a coat if I’m going to a restaurant to eat.

Oh, you did not realize it was Saugatuck. The place where you walk from place to place. No, I

did it. No one told me that. I mean in my this is what I think. Okay, you guys want to go to dinner? Yeah. Okay, we’re going here. Okay. I walked from the car to the restaurant. 90 seconds maybe? Yeah, the most.

And also your car was so backstory. The four of us all decided to hang out. Jason, Megan, Natalie and myself. We went to Saugatuck because we didn’t want to go to Grand Rounds. What?

Oh my gosh.

I can’t even talk I just start coughing.

Oh my gosh, that likes it. surprise you. I saw your face. I was like, there comes a call. It’s gonna be a three hour episode. I’m just gonna cut it print ship. Don’t even fix this shit. Cut it friendship.

Cut it. Ship it print it.

No, you print it. Then you ship it. No, it was

on purpose. I

got you. I quit. I’d definitely be cutting some of this out. Oh yeah. Kate went to Saugatuck when she visited. It’s awesome. There.

Oh, it’s a great place now. Now it is in winter mode. So yeah, a lot of shut down including ice cream. So anyways, we end up going Google says are so mad at Google. But you ended up getting your ice cream I did in the greatest city. It wasn’t thumbs down. You just ordered the wrong that ice cream. Well, first of all, you ordered softserve instead of hard, sir. You were talking about having hard surf. I know. It’s not hard. It’s our bandwidth. But

the problem is is it’s not a problem. I can get Hudsonville ice cream at the grocery store. I don’t want to eat Hudsonville ice cream. When I go to an ice cream place. I want to eat something different. Because I can get I can’t get soft serve at the grocery store mixed in with delicious flavors. So

I think you’re doing anyway. So we went to Saugatuck. And the first place we went to was 45 minute wait, and then a live band. And that sounds awful. When you’re trying to have a meal and talk. You forgot what

the best part of that restaurant was the best Oh, lady that got turned away

so drunk. You remember how when we were coming in? She didn’t want us to go in in front of her. Yeah, too. And she was and then they were trying to kick her out. And yeah,

basically this lady was so drunk. This is at like 620 y’all. And we’re going to eat and she stumbles in. And there’s a server like waiting tables, like not even the bartender. He’s like, No, not tonight, not tonight, and basically wouldn’t seat her at the bar. There was two open seats. So that was interesting for our first experience in that restaurant.

Once she wasn’t even just stumbling. She had a friend holding there. Oh, yeah. It was like, she has a problem. As Jason said she was five sheets don’t I thought she was three.

Did he say three sheets? Yeah, five sheets.

I think I said three and you told me it was actually five sheets through the window.

So you guys know we didn’t go to the butler or Coral Gables. We went to what we were gonna go to Wix. Yep, that was first so Wix was out live band. We wanted to talk that wasn’t gonna happen because

the last couple times we’ve gone places you’ve thought it was too loud. And then we couldn’t talk so we’re okay. We’re not gonna do live band. That’s gonna be super loud. And it was like like coming back it was waiting and I’m

fine. That kind of stuff. But I wanted to connect with you guys. So

so then we walked where? What place did we end up Wally’s? Wally’s Wally’s and we ended up going past your favorite pizza place

at the Met and brewing which Kate went to the one in Grand Rapids. I

met her there, okay, the one in Saugatuck has four seats, literally. And instead of like your name, you actually stand in line and wait for that so we are gonna go into Wally’s should have been a 45 minute wait. It was roughly that was it? Now is over an hour was it I was drinking because of those terrible people. Well, yeah, I hope those people listen to the show and are ashamed if you were at Wally’s in Saugatuck from six to eight o’clock at night or whatever amount of time you sat there half you in that in that middle booth.

I hope you get hemorrhoids.

I hope that food made you throw up. Yeah. Out of both ends both ends at the same time. You couldn’t catch it all your bathroom was a mess. That is what I hope happened to you.

Basically, we were waiting and waiting and waiting. And this one table wouldn’t get up. Even the server was like, oh, you know, you’re almost you know, you’re cashed out. You know, we got people waiting. I mean, they they over. spent their time there. I feel like I want to go back and talk to that hostess. Yeah, and see if like, if they actually tipped any extra so I know

we should have asked her right away be like, Yeah, we should have how much did they actually tip? Well, because I think it was the own who actually said hey, you guys are finishing up. Do you guys want to go to the bar to the bar? Yeah. finished drinking there. And there are Nope, still got some drink left. There’s one guy and Oh,

Kate. One thing though, that I thought it was interesting. And maybe I’m used to the city life but none of those restaurants had a texting and or system to let people know when to come back. So we stood in Wally’s, none of these three drank I got two beers down in that time. And I was I mean, by the second beer, I was enjoying myself and you know, he was enjoying himself by himself. Yeah, by myself with my hands. But anyways. Oh, no, I think it went well. We are and then we went got the worst ice cream known demand at Captain Sunday

after you broke after you broke in there trying to close. It was a 57, bro. Oh, you’re that guy? Yeah, I think you just ordered the wrong thing. Or you don’t like caramel? No, it’s

caramel. No,

there’s an A C A R A. That’s not a silent A.

It’s not it’s it’s it’s it’s Carmel stop muting

me. Stop me.

I guess Kate’s ears again. Okay, it wasn’t good. I got a Butterfinger sundae. And it just,

of course it Butterfingers gonna have caramel in it. No, it doesn’t.

I get Butterfinger flurries all the time. And I like caramel. Anyway, anyways, it sucked. I’m never going back. That’s not true. I’ll go back. It’s ice cream. I’ll try something different

Captain Sunday Otherwise, otherwise, you’ll be going out to the beach in Holland and getting no ice cream. That’s the only place on the way there.

Oh, the one on the left hand side like that. It’s like a general store. Right and read.

Like, you know, farther back. There’s an actual hole. Like I guess there’s the general

store. Oh, I know. I know which one you’re talking about? Yeah. Anyways, moving on. That was our Hangout. I will give it let’s raid all these we rate them. I’m going to give the hangout about an eight. Wow, that will give the food about a six and a half. Oh,

so you weren’t too impressed with your burger. It was all right. Yeah, yeah. Gemma ordered. Okay, now did you not like it? Because it was actually messy, which meant it was actually like, No,

I don’t mind the messy now. That’s how you know it was It was messy because of the bacon jam. I just didn’t think the bacon jam wasn’t as flavorful as I’ve had before. I mean, I’m not a food connoisseur by any means. But I usually try to get a burger when I go to a place for the first time. Because if the burger is insane, the rest of the food’s probably good. And it was okay. It was six. Maybe a seven. I’ll give it the

thing you should have gotten was the brisket burger. I don’t like brisket, because you don’t like real meat. I know. You look to really lean.

Yeah, I don’t like fat on my meet. Nice.

Anyways, so that was the Hangout. Jason, tell me something else that happened in your week?

Well, one of the things that happened is I again got hit by a car while running.

Okay, so I’m a really bad friend. I’ve forgotten that you’ve gotten hit by a car before.

Now when I get when I say hit. I’m being dramatic. I didn’t fall down. But this one, this one pushed me back a little bit. What? Yes. So I’ll try to set the stage basically are at a, an intersection and this person is going to turn onto a main road, right? So I’m right on the corner waiting to cross. We saw each other dry. Like I looked at her. She looked at me. Now the way the sun was hitting, I couldn’t quite make eye contact because my goal is to make eye contact. She sees me. I’m like, Ah, so this is a little bit on me as she sees me. So the light turns green for me. And I got the white guy like time to cross I start running. She didn’t see any traffic on the left. And she goes Oh no. And it bumped me in and I’d slam my hands on the hood and then I’m like fog like that. Yes.

kept on running. So she’s scared. Oh, I’m

sure I scared. I was scared because I probably hit the hood. Oh, yeah. But again, I understand what she did. I think we all do as humans. We don’t double check that At that second time to see you look right, even though you’re turning right you glance right. You look left. Sweet is clear. I better go and you don’t look right again and you hit the gas. I do. I do it too. So

did you get hurt at all? Was there anything like you’re like, hey, I should have sued her or anything like that.

No, I’m being dramatic, but it did bump me back like, which is a little bit more shocking than Yeah, more just kind of like I was kind of prepared for it. But like, usually they’ll start rolling and stop, stop.

That is the thing as a runner so now like you are more responsible, and you’ll actually try to make eye contact. I will just assume I’ve the right away and you better not hit me is how I normally run.

Yeah, and that’s dangerous. And I And again, I am aggressive on the right away because like but the thing is we sat there for like 10 seconds before it turned green this way. So like she was slowing down because it was turning red for her. Yeah. And so she was waiting for the traffic to start again. But then even the next intersection, Ivan rest and 28th this was Ivan rest and Prairie. You know where that is? I’ve wrestled 28 I’m waiting for the thing to cross because I’m gonna go on the trail way down there. This lady with her hand in her phone decides she needs to be in the right lane as it’s coming to slowing down. She parked right in front of the crosswalk. And then guess what? It turns green for me so what did I do? I ran right up to her car. Yeah, went really close to it. They with my hands and then kept on running.

Jason is gonna get shot with these fingers hands that

I know. So I I’m not as bold as you but it is. It is infuriating to me when people don’t look for runners or anybody

or anybody you’re like just please pay attention. And I’m not going to sit there and wait for you to keep going through like you have to wait for me

right that’s the whole point of it. And that’s relatively pedestrian heavy like prairie and I’ve unrest with people catching the bus and stuff. So it’s not uncommon for someone to be there.

No one cares about runners. They don’t. They don’t

so yeah, I got hit. So what about you anything else? Reds podcast. We’ll be back after a quick break.

Are you a creative and aspiring creative or really enjoy listening to creative people talk about how they do what they do. Awesome. Then join me Christopher talent author, musician and host of creative ops a podcast for creative people. I talk to creatives of all types, figure out what they do, how they do it and how you might be able to do it to

anything else.

I don’t know. I can’t go into the Pro Plan on a pod fast. Oh, shit.

Oh my goodness.

Kate said at like six 716 She’s dead. I don’t know what that is. But

that was me coffee. So it was sunny Sunday. And that was amazing.

Saturday was even better. Saturday, I will let you know my solar out produced my electricity that day.

Look. Oh, yeah, I remember you talking about that. Yeah, Saturday was pretty good. But Sunday was good. And then we as a family took a hike. Oh, with our dog and our son who did not want to go at first horse and he acted like we were torturing him to go. But then as we go, he starts to talk. He starts to enjoy it. And you know how much I had to hold myself back and then that’d be like I told you so. Yes, but I was like, Nope, don’t want to ruin this for next week. But it was beautiful. It was so nice out Yeah, it made me actually a little I think like the seasonal light has more impact than I realized. Yeah, I know. I should get a sadly or plug in my little lamp light I have but it’s like, why can’t we have this more often? Why does Michigan have to be so terrible? So depressing are like one of the cloudiest places in the United States really? Even more than Seattle? Oh, we have more cloudy days in Seattle. Somebody told me a place in Ohio has even more cloudy days in us. But but we are like very tough.

I think it is a myth that that Seattle is cloudy all the time during the winter the rainy season. It rains all the time. But I think in this Yeah, like but yeah, the sun is is magical.

What son and going for a hike. Beautiful thing. One of the

things that’s magical, as I’ve noticed, as I’ve raised these brats, that they really like to have conversation when they’re not looking at you. Yes. So if you’re walking along or you’re in the car, my son notI he would he would be a chatterbox with us when he was in the car but if we were like trying to talk to him like face to face, nada

Yeah, the thing I’ve noticed about car though is B with no more technology that’s kind of taken that away. Yeah, I can see that. So that’s a little bit less now. So like on the hike yet we’re not going to let them sit on his phone. No, and there’s no pokimane catch out in the middle of a field. So there’s a binge of that. But I was like, Oh, this is actually nice. And this is what normal people throughout the country get to experience.

Yeah, yeah, we’re in the sun is just I cannot wait to go to Florida like I’m so we’re in Florida like it’s supposed to be like a high of like, like 26 here for the three of

you there. Oh that sucks for you know if it’s

if it’s above 50 and sunny I’m going to be happy

even though you’re gonna be inside by now. I Megan’s gonna be the one who actually enjoys it. Yeah, she’s gonna be soaking up the sun and you’re gonna just be pale and white sitting. You should skip all of them and just go enjoy. Florida.

You know, I didn’t pay for the ticket. So I might be like, You know what?

Fucking know how tempting that would be. Especially when if it’s really nice. Nice. And when she’s going to Harry Potter land.

I don’t want to go to that. What? No, thank you.

Can we even be friends?

I love Harry Potter. I love watching the movies, but I’m not going to some entertainment thing. I’m not like that.

No, but but here’s the thing about Harry Potter land. They’ve made it actually good enough, where you actually kind of feel like you’re part of it.

I’m sure I would enjoy it. But I’m not I’d rather spend my money on something else. You know, it’s very, I’m sure it’s gonna be a $250 day for her. You know what I mean? And so then, uh, you double that with me? It’s just like, I’d rather you know, we talked about getting ink or eating a nice dinner out or

what have you. You didn’t nice dinner there. There actually are nice places to eat. No. What if you would eat at the restaurant? Is it hot? Is it Hogsmeade? Where’s what’s the restaurant? And

I don’t know. I don’t I don’t I don’t care. I’m not going.

You should anyways, you are going to be near the sun, but not actually in this trough. But it should feel good. Or during every break. Jason just runs out. Yeah, people from down south. They’re like it’s 52 Why are you out there? Yeah, why are

you in short? Like you’re gonna be able to spot the people from the north like a sore thumb.

Can you imagine me? I’m in shorts right now coming here. Yeah, imagine me down there. I just made a t shirt. Or tank tight. Yeah. Wife Beater the fat hanging out of a tank. Top and bid it up. It’s who cares?

I’ll never see it while I might see some of the podcasts people again. Yeah,

cuz maybe you’ll become a famous podcast or you could like listen to episode 204. Yeah, my show. It’s the greatest one ever. Jason, what’s something else that happened with your week?

So we talked about, you know, the last the saga of the bus. We talked about the testing last week and how it went? That was last week. Right? You looked at me like a deer in headlights? Like I missed it.

I was just making sure. Okay, like we actually talked about on the show in that and realized, yeah,

I know, we did talk about it. So I passed all those and was starting to train and everything. And basically what there’s one, there’s a couple more tests, there’s a couple of skills tests, and then there’s an inspection. It’s like an 80 point inspection from the inside all the way around, boom. So that’s going pretty good. What she my trainer, Angie is changing things up. She does like a little bit of inspection, then we go drive. So one of the tests and the skill drive you have to it’s called alley doc. So basically, you have to back the bus up into a parking spot, but you would be like, going to like unload a semi. So there’s like a dock there like a fake dock at the testing place. She was like, alright, you gotta go. You gotta backup. And then basically, there’s this part in the bus that visually when you this hits the line, it looks like a tee. That’s how you know you’ve backed up, okay, appropriately. She’s like, do you want to do it? I was like, Yep, I want to do she’s like you do. I was like, Yeah, I’ll do it. And she’s like, do you want me to do it first? I’m like, yeah, why don’t you do it first? So she does it hits the imaginary wall when she’s showing me so there’s a wall there so think about it. You’re starting on driver’s side and you’re just basically backing up like this. Yep. So she hits a wall repositions and then she does it and you get to repositions and to get out to see if you’re close enough. So I get in that sucker. First time I put that bitch right in there nice didn’t hit a cone. And was was like one inch off from where I needed to be when I backed up. Oh, but I mean, it was like almost questionable

it. Is that close enough to count and no test?

No, what I would have done is before I said, I’m complete you check. I get out. I’m gonna I’m not going to be cocky. I’m going to use that time to get out and look because you have the opportunity to do it. Use it. Yep. Yep. So I was super proud of that. And she was just like, I guess we don’t have to really worry about the driving. I was like, it’s just a longer vehicle. It’s got a tight turning pattern like which is crazy to me that a bus has a tighter it’s super tight. like you wouldn’t believe the how tight this turn was. And I was able to just put it right in.

So are there some tests for this? That would normally be for trucks, but you have to do it with a bus?

Yeah, but yeah, you’re doing it with a trailer. Can you imagine that?

But I mean, like for docking. So so even though you’re driving to Boston, you will never dock with us. You still have to because of the type of tests your take. Yeah, I

think it’s just more to see your skills. I guess. It’s with the government. You know, they I couldn’t want to test you on everything. I could talk about them later. Yeah. So, but anyways, I was I don’t often say this out loud, but like I was proud of myself. Yeah, and I should be I know, but it’s hard for me to say that. But like, I was like, I wrote a rundown of what I was right? I’m a bad bitch when I drive the bus. There should be a song about that. There’s a song called Bad bit. Yeah, it gets Lizzo you just

somehow make it about the bus. Just don’t sing it with little kids. Only high schoolers don’t challenge

me. I’ll grab her, her or her music. And I’ll just rip it without the words. And yeah,

you should do that. So I want I think for you, because like, you were pretty down last week, even with passing the test because yeah, like a written test is not your forte. Like that is my forte. I mean, I can pass.

Okay, so so. So circling back. Are we going to do this?

I know, I just got to get down to Granville or Wyoming. Yeah. In the middle of weekend,

I’ll come out to Holland, their secretary of state Oh, no, I was just normal secretary of state you can go anywhere. just schedule it. Oh, I

thought it was some was special. Like, oh, just Secretary of State. Yeah. How much does it cost? Again? It’s free. It’s free.

Yeah, you just say hey, I’m here to take you have to fill out one form, okay. Says and I can send you a picture what you need to fill out. You hand it to him. They’re like, Okay, three tests, passenger bus and CDL. Computer number seven, come back when you’re done.

Okay, then Jason’s just in there filming. Secretary of State says please, don’t film isn’t there?

I know. Yeah. It’ll have to be on the honor system. You have to tell me what you get. Because I don’t think I can film I think they’ll real hurry.

They’ll be like, Hey, why is this guy taking advantage of our system? But it has to feel good, though. After that, to be able to like, do another part. Now. I know. It’s not the test yet. But to like, kinda be awesome

at it. Yeah, it feels good. And honestly, it’s a lot of training to become a bus driver. Like, which is good. It is good. And honestly, those those people I watched them one day in the afternoon, they do their inspection. Every day. Yeah. Now, I will say it’s probably not as detailed but they definitely check all their lights because they can get popped for that from from the state police. And it’s dangerous for the kids. Right. But I mean, they want you to check the frame around the gas tank every time. I mean, yeah,

that unknown but but like for lights I’m saying Oh, yeah, like the reason. I mean, I get why they do lights? Yeah, maybe you’ll get dinged for it. But also people will be less likely likely to stop.

Oh, did you know I found this out that their newer buses are coming installed with cameras on the stops on the stop signs that go Oh, nice. And now you don’t even they just take a picture. And it’s it’s a it’s a $500 ticket. And what what you do as a driver, you just you go to dispatch, hey, at this time on the street, and then the lady can pull the hard drive, no sends it to the sheriff’s department and they just write the ticket, just write the ticket and send it in the mail.

Okay, so so so here’s a question. I’ve done it both ways. So now we’re gonna get boss question. Yeah, if we are on a four, a four lane road, and the person’s going the opposite way, they’re all the way to the other side. Does the other person the other way have to stop? No.

See, technically on a four lane road that bus driver shouldn’t be turning on their four ways. They should be only turning on their hazards because no child will be crossing a four lane. Okay. Yeah. So if you see it, I mean, you can stop but technically you don’t have to because no one’s crossing that street for a four four lane. Okay, so

four lane What if it’s two with a with a turn lane so it’s okay. And I stopped there. It’s always the forum always like, because there’s a couple spots in Holland it’s to each way and I’m like, I’m not sure if I should stop or not.

Yeah, and like I said, they don’t I guess Granville has the policy like on Wilson. It’s four lanes in a turn lane or No, maybe it’s not turn lane, but they don’t put their lights on. Okay. Because the kids will not be crossing

well. We’ll make I don’t think the kids were gonna cross but like, you star like, I’m not sure

Well, you know what people do all the time. They slow down for the Amber’s like, you don’t have to slow down for those. Now. If you can see the buses almost at a stop, you might want to do it. But I People do it all the time. People slow down for the damn hazards. Unlike Wilson, I’m like, you don’t have to stop.

But at least they’re not being idiots. And

they’re being cautious. I would appreciate that more than then them being dicks. So.

So, Jason, I am Dr. Google, Dr. Google himself and I’ve diagnosed myself with a need to play video games. So the other day I was talking to someone who’s a few years older than me, and we’re talking about Zelda because cam just got Zelda Legend of Zelda like the OG game? No, he has Zelda Breath Breath of the Wild, which is the one for the switch right now. Oh, it’s like new updated seven while seven seven years ago to the newest one that should also come out with one In May, and he’s just talking about how he has like, beat the beat the whole thing and done that. And I’m like, You know what? You seem like a balanced, calm person. And I bet it’s because instead of being on your phone scrolling tic tac, you spend your time playing Zelda. And I bet that’s actually better for mental health. 100% then being online,

same with Call of Duty. I know you’re like, quote, unquote, killing people.

So the same person, most calm person in the world, apparently Intel, his ex Xbox X Xbox broke a few years ago, he played Call of Duty. He is the most mild mannered person like you, I totally get playing. Yeah, I’m not mild mannered. You are the Call of Duty person who I could see just like, dropping F bombs on people. Yeah. Well, I

actually don’t well, I don’t chat. So if I can see

you if you chat. Oh, yeah. So apparently, this guy when he would kill people, all he would do is be say, every time he killed someone, that’s all you do.

So I read for him. Get them banned for

what forbid? Good, killing you all the time. Anyways. So I’m like, This guy is actually really balanced and calm. And I knows that. But I was like, Yeah, that makes sense. Like he can. He can like, I left it a long day. Just unwind. doing that. But I thought that’s better.

Yeah, and Zelda is like different because it’s more it’s strat strategy based. And it’s more like you’re figuring stuff, I mean, Call of Duty, you drop into a map and like, lots go, yeah, it’s fast. It’s, you know, you got to think on your feet. Whereas Zelda, you can spend time to meticulously meticulously got the second time you’ll jump barely, you know, go through the map. And it’s not like a one on one shooter player. It’s more than just like, figuring it out.

Yeah. And there’s certain creatures that will, for sure, like when cameras pointed, but I’m like, I bet that would be way better for me. So yeah, I haven’t done it yet. But I have diagnosed myself with medium to play video games. And I think for like for mental health, and that seems so odd to me. And I know I’ve been adverse to it, because we all know those guys. And maybe you’re maybe you were that guy. So like, I don’t mean to bash you. But like, yeah, who hide from their family and wives for hours on end playing video games, like, they will not engage they will be in playing video games for five, six hours every night no matter what. It’s like, I don’t want to be that guy.

I do struggle with being down here. But most of the time I’m working on pot. Yeah. It’s not that I mean, usually like last week, I played a little bit more. I probably played like five hours for the whole week. No, but like, yeah, I might play I can’t do more than like an hour and I actually get bored. Like if I’m playing with no at him and I play a lot together. Okay, I can play for a couple hours. Yeah, usually it’s an hour. I’m just like, you know me I can’t sit still like even though this is like, action. I’m just like, Alright, I gotta go do something else.

So so then what cam and I decided those we need a bigger TV down the helmet.

How big is a TV now?

It’s only is that one a 24 inch? Oh,

I know. This is like a 2024 inch monitor. It’s bigger

than that. Okay, no. 32 So 32 Okay, which is still but but then we playing especially Mario Kart, and you get to four. It’s like you have this big a window. Yeah, so anyways, Kim and I are gonna go in together and get a TV even though Natalie is like, Well, why

don’t you just wait till tax time? I mean, the, the TVs are cheap now. I mean, at Walmart. There they have an 80 inch TV for 700 bucks now. 80 is too big. Yeah, but that’s a 52 Yeah, and you can get those for like 400 bucks.

You can get some, I think up to a 50 inch for under 300. Yeah, it’s like 250 Like, that is the way to go. So anyways, I’ve diagnosed myself with need to play video games. I think Zelda is what I’ll do. Because we have the switch. We don’t have I don’t want to buy an Xbox. Yeah, they’re so expensive. So I think playing like something like Zelda which would just be a chill out adventure.

And there’s a ton of games on the switch. Yeah, I mean, yeah, they don’t have Call of Duty. But you know, they have a lot of adventure games. We’re also

we also kind of have the rule for our kid where anywhere there’s blood with Kailyn we don’t do or if the person looks human, like, oh, gosh, no. Yeah. I mean, there’s just the rules. Not

that there’s nothing wrong with that at a certain age, though, when they’re like 16 and they kind of get Yeah, you gotta you gotta bail. No, kid.

I know. It’s so hard. Yeah, I feel bad for being that parent. No, don’t feel bad.

I mean, my my daughter hates it that I shut her screens off at seven o’clock or that they can’t have their screens in their bedroom. So everyone’s got their thing so don’t feel bad.

So funny side story but kind of going in it so growing up aren’t our neighbors. Hyper conservative? Yeah. Like the most concerned people like Sunday they weren’t allowed outside they couldn’t swim in their pool nothing. They had Doom Oh, wow. I didn’t know like looking back on that. I was like how what in the world is wrong with these people that they wouldn’t like allow anything but then they had Doom which is like from from from the depths of hell. comes Satan’s minions and you must kill them and it’s like, What in the world? Are they thinking? Everyone’s got a line though, but it’s a really weird like, a weird that is the thing we’re gonna allow is like demons and darkness. And yeah, what was really bloody at the time? It would be

like them being obsessed with Harry Potter. You know the wizardry and stuff, but then you’re like, oh can go outside on Sunday and all that other stuff.

Yeah, annoying. Jason What else happened?

Week last thing is just I gotta stop procrastinating. really explain more I have just had. Well, after I edited my ass off on Sunday, I had one episode that was took me three and a half hours. It was for a client. Okay. I had another one that took two hours. And then I had to do threads last that basically last night I did. So and it’s just like, all week, I was just, I say the saying I don’t know if it’s right. I said Dick and the dog. Just like kicking the can dicking the dog. I’m sure it’s something like with BCL Yeah.

But it’s a good thing. We mark all of our episodes explicit. Yeah. What was the button you’re

trying to was trying to play? That’s what she said, taking the dog when it was low. That’s what she said. So yeah, it was just all week. And you know, remember last week, I didn’t have my car for a couple days. And so there was no excuse. Like, I had that big one for my client, like on Tuesday.

So what okay, but now I’m not trying to like let you off the hook. Because I don’t like to you but like, you are still busy doing stuff even though you couldn’t do get Yes, that was an actual busy, or did you think you made yourself a little busier?

Yes. And no. I mean, I knew that that one was going to be a long one. And I was like, yep. This one’s I mean, I don’t mind that in threads. Because like, once I mixed the sound, I put it on 1.5. And I can just zoom. Yeah, but these other ones. It’s real time. And oh my gosh, so Oh, my gosh. So

when you edit? Do you have a problem doing just part of it at a time and then picking it back up? Or do you like, Okay, I didn’t know if I needed to do it all at once.

No, I break like I one of my clients, I did it. And then I had to go get groceries and then came back and like, yeah, I don’t have a problem. I just have make sure you hit the save button before you.

So you won’t have a problem doing it over the course of a couple of nights

now, but I’d rather not. Yeah, it’s hard to track time. Like how I bill and so yeah, I get paid hourly for that one. So

if you thought of having a stopwatch for each client,

no, but I do have like a spreadsheet. But I just you know, I write it on a sticky note.

And be like, if you could do a stopwatch, you would feel more like it up.

I have to write it down. I have to be able to look at it. I am going to accidentally hit reset and be like, All right. Well, I work for free. Work for free. So yeah, just in general, like this morning, I had this epiphany last night with a procrastinator. This morning. I have extra time I scheduled all social media for both shows this morning. Like I could sit on Tik Tok for 20 minutes, or I can get this shit done. And so tonight when we’re done and I hit stop, I’m done. You’re done. I don’t have to do anything. So

you can check in with Megan. I can check in with Meghan, how those been going? We’re going way off top. Yeah,

they’ve gone. Okay.

Have you guys been consistent or not asking? Since we’ve

been consistent every week? It’s just there’s not been a lot cooking. Okay, which is good. Yeah, but ya know, I kind of rowdy, but not terribly bad. Okay. So there’s

just lots of noises all of a sudden, and I was like, tell me the real truth. That’s That’s Jason

was to say that it was kind of ruddy. That wasn’t me. Oh, so and that is what does that mean? What does that mean? I just think is like, you know, she says, how are you? And I said, I’m good. You know, I’m feeling good. Like, I feel like maybe she wants more feedback or more interaction or talking which what I look at it is like, she usually has a lot not bad, but she needs to talk a lot stuff out. And and you know, usually that pops stuff pops in my head when I do it. So that’s all I think she was talking about. It’s just the the slowness of getting things going. And when she does ask me, I don’t have a lot to bring to the table in that moment. Yeah.

Well, cuz sometimes, like, nail and I have kind of talked through this, too. It’s like, that’s how you doing? I’m doing good. But like, I know, it feels like there needs to be more questions that dig deeper. So

well, one of the questions that we try to ask how can I support you today? Or this week? That’s fair, or how can I support you as a big one? Or how can I make you feel more comfortable? Or is there anything you need for me this week? So we try to ask those questions. So

what if she asks you what, what what, um, you’ve been thinking about sometimes guys, like us how guys feel not feeling fine. But he asked what they’re thinking about. It’s all sorts of thing.

Yeah, that’s a good one too. But usually my brains like, you know, it’d be like you.

What have you been thinking about this week? What’s been keeping you up?

Yeah, yeah, no, I usually talk about that. If I have trouble sleeping. I’m like, This is what I was thinking about like, and she thinks it’s like I say it’s not anxious. it, but she’s like it kind of is. Because I say I’m not worried about it. Amen. I agree with her.

I’m not this talk last time. Yeah, I’m

not worried about it. I’m just thinking about it like, Oh, I gotta get this done. I need to reorganize this. What if we did this? You know,

sitting in that that’s where I have not struggled with anxiety on a mass scale. So like, is anxiety thinking about it or worrying about it? And where’s that line? Well,

if it causes you to lose sleep, it’s anxiety. So like

the other night, the other week when you said it wasn’t anxiety when you were being up? I don’t actually wasn’t exact. But as

you as we talked about it, and as Megan talked to me about it, I’m more on board of thinking that is a low level of anxiety, a lower level. Yeah, because it interrupts your sleep. Now, it doesn’t mean if you wake up, you think of something, you go right back to sleep, or that doesn’t count. But if you just lay there and be like, thinking through this, yeah, that’s, I feel like that’s low level, low level, anxiety, anxiety. So last up for you. We had a coffee day with the entire

table. I had a great transition. What?

You have been transitioning all of them, so I thought I’d step in,

Mike, what else happened with your week?

That’s not a what was the transition? Just do it. And I’ll tell you, I’m gonna rate it. Do

it. So Jason, on Friday, coffee with Ben, that’s your transition was good. That’s ah

a hate you. Please keep listening people. So anyways, Ben, if you don’t know the backstory, Ben and Jason broke up. Last year, late December. There was in an incident that happened with all three of us there. And I was kind of laughing going what in the world? So anyways, there’s, well, there’s been some weird tension between Ben and I, but less than you and Ben, because the main thing was YouTube. And I was kind of caught in the crossfire is Ben and I met last February or March, just to kind of talk through what happened in the hurt that he had done towards me. He apologized, then he had talked about hey, do you want to continue conversation? And I was like, well, first of all, Israel, that was a big deal. I said, once I get back from Israel, I never got back to him. And I dropped the ball. But I was always feeling like, if you two weren’t friends, I wasn’t feeling comfortable. Trying to pursue any friendship with him cuz it would just end up being this weird triangulation that I tried to avoid as adults. And wasn’t you saying I couldn’t be but it was me just it was just me going. That’s weird because there’s tension between friends. I don’t want to sit there and live in that because I am not in middle school. I did not want to live that again. Like that’s middle school. High school. Don’t do that. So you guys reconnected. What? December November? No, no.

No. sometime in December. Was it December? Yeah, it was before Christmas. Yeah, like two weeks before Christmas. I think

and then and then you guys hung out a second time? Yeah. went and had

over Christmas break with the kids around break. I think couple days after Christmas. We went to dinner. So lunch,

lunch, any paid for you and it paid for me? Yeah, sorry. I called Bad out of that. Like, that’s kinda like awkwardly waited like, Hey, Jason, what about me, either. So anyways, we see how this all goes. Sorry, Ben. So it has been a nightmare. And I was early and he was late. It felt like a weird turn of events. I was only early because I got a a haircut in the east side of Holland. At 130 done it too. And I was like, Well, I’m not gonna go home. I’m gonna just gonna go right there. So I can’t eat out in Holland. I know. We met out in in um, Hudsonville. So I had to drive to Hudsonville Okay, which was 20 minutes. I was there. 10 minutes early. Never happens. I would never leave my house to be 10 minutes early.

Where did you go in Huntsville?

  1. The coffee shop? Never heard of it. I know. It’s right in Chicago drives are good. Right next to Wing Wing doozy Okay, so it was good. What kind of coffee? Did you have? Black decaf? Coffee.

Just black? Yeah. Was it good? Yes. It

was good brewed, especially if it was actually for decaf. So it was good. decaf? Was 230 Do you know if I had regular

coffee then? Really? You don’t drink any caffeine after like,

I’m fine with pop or soda? Oh, it’s coffee past two. Really? Really? Yeah. I didn’t know that was even one depending on the day, and all sudden I will forget about it. I’ll be in bed. I’ll be like reading, like, fallen asleep. I’m like, Oh, crap. I had coffee. So good. And then again, Ben got some fancy drink because that’s what he does. He’s a fancy coffee drinker. So we’re there and talking in overall it was good. Ben asked about what happened with the church because he’s been he’s been through some of that for sure. So I was able to share In a way, and just he was able to understand what had happened, and that had happened. And so just able to process through that we talked a little bit more through kind of what had happened, but then also more, he just shared spots where he had been in healing spots for him. And so I was like, okay, like, yeah, I understand that you’re a different person than who was back in December of 2001.

I mean, so again, I know, Ben, listen to this. And when we have a mind, he can talk. I don’t know if he’s different yet. I think he was just in a really bad spot. And maybe he’s done some change. I can’t tell that because I haven’t spent enough time with Yeah,

it’s hard to know, right? Like, you’re listening to a story. And you’re like, I can see some difference in how you’re coming to this interaction with me. But maybe that’s different though.

I could see some of that too. And just like him speaking about, like, Hey, I don’t want to get on telegram again. Because like, I realized, like, the notifications on Telegram, and then like, even talked about gig work, where it’s just constantly, like, bombarded with stuff. And it just kind of overwhelmed them. And I’m like, I totally get that man when

I was proud of him. So because we had talked about meeting that three, and then, but the coffee shop and that was the latest open Hudsonville close that for me, he’s like, do you mind moving at 30 minutes earlier? Because I hate to push when people are closing like it like it gives me anxiety. I was like, Yeah, okay. Thanks for naming that. Yeah. Because again, right. I think the hardest thing in friendships is when you don’t know exactly what stresses somebody you’re like, I don’t know that stress to us. Right. You’re sitting your stress. I’m so like, I’m proud of him for that growth. Now. Again, like, we haven’t hung out much like, is it? Like permanent? Oh, I don’t know. You could say the same thing about me. I don’t know. So I laughed. They’re gone. Okay. Like, I’m glad we’re able to meet again. I think it was where were you? I don’t know where the friendship goes from here. Yeah, I think maybe we get to have a man.

Yeah, but here’s the next question. Do we the next time all of us are together? Is it in here? Yes. Yeah,

let’s just let’s do it with a mic in front of our face. Let’s record it. Let’s let’s I know, I feel like let’s just go bigger. Go home with that one. Now, no. Does that make you nervous?

No, no, it doesn’t at all. Actually, I it made me nervous. I wouldn’t have probably even met with them. You know what I mean? Like, I’m completely comfortable in here.

Yeah. I mean, and I think that he was talking a little bit too, like he was just talking so ironic with you. The words you use because he was just there was a hatchet that he had just refound in his house. So

funny. He had that shit quick. Like when I texted him. It was like 20 seconds. Yeah, he

said, I think within the last hour or the hour of just before you texted he had I don’t seen a hatchet that was in his grad. He’s like, Oh, this shouldn’t be here. We have the seven year grad Yeah, knows. And then you tax it. Hey, let’s bury the hatchet.

I know. So that’s kind of kind of fate. Like I don’t if someone said bury the hatchet. I’m gonna have to dig through my work. To find it. There’s no, I’m not pulling like in 20 seconds pulling that out. So

no, no, no. I asked Ben if he actually had buried that one. Yeah. And he said, No, I was like, Maybe you should send out all you guys should do together. Oh, wow.

But where would we bury it? We can’t bury in my yard because it’s that’s it’s got to be neutral territory.

The tail isn’t Hudsonville Oh,

I did think about I did think about our next I did think of now you hate when I say this fantasize about going into the Italys and going to the same table and having lunch when we were finally ready to.

I don’t remember you actually saying that. If I hated it, I don’t remember. No, no, you did

it. Oh, I was thinking about I met saying like I say the word fantasize or maybe as Megan that doesn’t like it like she thinks it’s has to do with sexiness. And I’m like it doesn’t it’s just you

can fantasize about a lot of things. Yeah, for sure. Megan in a dirty mine. Yeah, exactly. I mean, she was the one who were hanging out. She was so drunk without alcohol. She ran in the bush. Yeah, that’s true. I mean, we can’t trust her as as che can’t trust that Megan. Yeah, so anyways, that was hanging out with him. Do you have any questions because I purposely didn’t talk about this with you.

Um, okay, I know where I’d bury a hatchet into someone.

That’s what she said. She’s talking about Zayn. Oh, I know. Oh, gotcha. Oh, no, I think you hit it. I didn’t really I was just curious. You know, selfishly I want to know what you talked about me. It’s not my business. Very, very little. Yeah. Well, that’s disappointing. But like, be the center of attention anywhere you are. Of course you would think that to say no, I’m glad it went well, I It doesn’t surprise me the way it went. I’m assuming it would sell Yeah.

And we get there was very little like, Oh, by Jason going he was just saying, you know, even I was proud of him for naming telegram like, I’ve not been able to listen to them for a while at work in the going wonder what people are talking about. Then his brain started. Yes. Right. And that’s okay. Yeah, I totally get that. I think even Megan was talking about that a little bit like, sometimes you’ll leave long. And she’s like, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but you kind of want to know. Yeah. So I can get that.

Yeah. And he, he’s found that that’s a trigger for him all the notification. So he’s like, Hey, figure it out. Yeah. If he didn’t ask me to text him here, but he’s like, Thanks for texting me in here. I’m like, It’s fine. I mean, if you don’t want to go on Telegram, I’m not gonna. He’s used to me peer pressure and him to do shit. Yeah, I was like, I didn’t even ask him. I was like, I’ll send you a voice message in here. I don’t give a shit. As long as I can send a voice messages. I’m fine, because I hate texting. But Apple

makes it such a pain to voice.

They even even when I was 16 was supposed to be better. It’s still through button test. It’s worse. Yeah. Because you have to do to button Yeah, to get it to record instead of just hitting it. I know wiping up.

It’s worse. It is actually worse. Apple, if you’re listening, you made it worse. And Apple, I found out that on that on Android, you can name a group, whether it has just Android users or Apple users or both. can do that in an apple. As soon as as soon as there’s an Android user, you can’t name your group chat. Let’s do so Apple. Get your you know

what else you can’t do? You can’t leave a chat. Oh, that’s I’m stuck in a parent chat and this neighborhood. And there’s we talked about that neighbor can remember the issue that we had it was Yeah. That lady can’t never knows our kid is. So it’s all and I can’t get out of it. I have to ask whoever created I don’t. It’s awkward, right? I don’t know, did it and be like, Hey, can you just remove me from this chat? Because it’s got to be the creator of it. Because there’s Android phones in there.

Oh, can achieve and do that? I don’t know. Yeah,

I think I can mute it. So I don’t get the buzz me. But I look at it and it says 17 messages and I’m like, What’s this? Oh, I know. It’s really off topic.

Not off topic. It’s unfiltered talk. We’re never off topic.

That’s true. Very good point.

So Jason, that’s transition. It’s, but anyways,

and so Jason, I know that you’re new transition. I know exactly where you’re going after you say so. Jason.

There has been talk and I think some of this has changed our government. There’s a government agency, a federal agency that wants to ban gas stoves. Okay. They want why Yeah, they want to ban gas stoves because of the gas they make it can make asthma for kids, or the likelihood that your kid will have asthma quite a bit higher. The study found that almost 13% of child current childhood asthma is attributed attributed to a bull who got that I barely barely to gas stove use. So again, so like it causes a lot of childhood asthma.

I already see the problem. Yeah, it’s California. They’re the highest state with gas cooking and they’re liberals. And the highest of any state is 70% has gas stoves

and there’s some cities that have banned them I guess. Berkeley California San Francisco

but what I’m saying here is this is why this is an agenda is because California is that has the most and it’s probably seen the most issue. Yeah, and everyone just thinks it’s a liberal issue. While Connecticut only has 20 Yeah, everyone thinks this little brochure because Connecticut only has 27% of housing uses of natural gas a lot of these eastern that’s weird Yeah,

I wonder why they don’t have natural gas I think I think Ann Arbor is gonna be a natural gas for everything and that totally different one like even for furnace and all that because metal concerns and blah What do you do if

you live in arbors got some rural area how the fuck are they supposed to heat their house electric? I don’t know. You can’t heat your house with a letter

I think you probably could no you can’t expense them

I don’t even know if that’s a thing I feel like I’m an idiot by saying that but I don’t know how you heat your house I maybe it’s natural gas or propane I don’t know so they’re not banning natural gas

look it up let’s let’s take a pause to

your right oh hold on. And our proposes a ban on natural gas connections for new buildings. an all electric building. Oh my gosh, that’ll never happen. You’re right. You’re 100% right but you’re kind of right it’s for new builds not for like someone that already has okay Palin

that retroactive Yeah. So apparently there’s a lot of things I guess but let’s go back to gas stop. So apparently the gas that’s released when I turn on my gas stove is N O two. Nitrogen oxide would be my gas based on that and my great chemistry, remembering from Hudsonville High School where we are the proud Eagles of Hudson Paige again,

you could have been, I can’t believe your parents to send you to Christian School. Okay,

you aren’t Do I know the story about Christian School? Yeah, sure. My dad went to unity Christian. Let’s go Crusaders. He hated it. He hated what it was about. So all of his brothers and then a sister sent kids to the Christian school, he decided to send us to a public school and had words from one of his siblings where your kids are, are gonna go to hell because of your decision that to send them across. One of his siblings said that, yeah, but they were so enamored in the Christian school thing. So like tears, so like for me to send my kid to Christian School is a miracle of all things, because I also inherited that like, you pompous people. So

did they, like have a year year long fight when they said that, like, I would have punched my sibling in the mouth?

I don’t know how that all worked out. Like, no, all of it was related to me. But that part was relayed to me. Okay, how can where did we go? Where? How do we get? We were talking about the stove? Oh, yeah. This shows I’m talking about my co2 or sorry, the no to right. So again, childhood asthma. So here’s a question. Because Because some in some ways, you’re more conservative. In some ways, you’re more liberal. Do you think that government should ban it or not? Because we know that it increases childhood asthma. It’s not great. should we ban it as a country?

I say no. I am so that’s the thing like liberal is like Do do you do you? Well? Yeah. Like they banned certain size sodas in New York. I think that’s bullshit if you want to like suck down a soda like live free and die like main and like all them Eastern like it’s just like, No, I don’t think the government should get involved when that would that kind of stuff.

Should the government have banned leaded paint?

Yeah, there were people were dying from that as well. People are not dying from asthma. No, and it’s 13% Almost 13%

there. No, it’s 13% of asthma can be attributed. Oh, so that’s even that’s even lower than that’s 13% of asthma is there? I forgot all the stats.

Yeah. No, lead pain is is a lethal thing.

How lethal how fast? I don’t know.

What the fuck am I’m a lead scientist lead scientists or lead site? I in my head? I read the word.

How about a semester should we have banned asbestos? Yes, it killed people. But did it kill everybody that came in contact with

no but I mean people got cancer and died rather quickly.

By the mean people get added so this is my thing. I don’t know if we should ban it. I’m leaning more towards yes if it’s such a terrible thing. We have banned things as a country because we’re like for the health of the innocent. Now again, you have a kid who doesn’t have the choice of growing up in a house

everybody wants to ban all this shit and everyone wants to go electric but guess what the grid can handle it and you’re gonna find out trick or treat electric bills are going to be insanely expensive. California wants to ban all gas things Yeah, they don’t have the infrastructure to do that.

Holland Michigan does.

Okay, great. Fuck Colin. We’re not talking about how the rest of the country

can burn. Prepare. Like a smart Highlanders who’ve created our own power come

Yeah, Holland does a great job I shit on him all the time because you live there but they’ve done a great job of like,

self sustained Yes. No, the worst place this could happen is Texas because Texas can

they’re not attached to any other grid. Yeah. So my point is like these extremes of going all electric or all gas or whatever extremes never work in any situation.

Well did with lead paint, though. Well, yes.

I mean, again, that I’m just saying Daniel Hilde people people were dying left and right like left

and right let’s let’s look this up.

You’re editing this one? Fuck me. What do you do? How many people died? Do it Google how many people died from lead paint. And then Google how many people died from gas stoves? You’re gonna get suicides that’s what you’re gonna get. Well,

there we go. Hey, I’m

fine. I got solar panels. I have a gas stove. I’m trying to swap everything out. I want electric stove. I want electric water heater like I want to use as least gas as possible.

So right now 1 million people die from lead poisoning every year. But is that all lead paint or not?

Well, what else is there they stabbing themselves with the pencil? I’m telling you, it’s because people are. Guess Who else lives in Holland. I don’t know who does the Duchess.

Oh, this is globally. Okay, so now.

Then now Google. How many people died from getting asthma from gas stoves. That’s not a stat that’s gonna even come up.

It’s such a new stat. Yeah, but it’s okay in the United States. 400,000 us deaths per year caused by lead exposure.

400,000 deaths per year. That’s so much. I’m screaming into the mic. Gotta add it’s going to be.

Stop talking about editing.

I know. I’ll cut it out. No, you will. Okay, well, at least

I give up your right. What’s that? You’re right. I know Natalie should have this saved too.

No, that’s the wrong Bell. That when you don’t I have a like, you’re right. That’s all I got. I got no.

So you don’t know how many people die of asthma every year?

Sure. Asthma is fine, but it’s not attributed. How many?

It doesn’t even matter what it’s attributed to 1030 500 Oh, my God, what have you. I don’t care. Burn it all. Let’s go. I don’t care. I feel like a Trumper right now.

Well, I appreciate you bringing it up. Because it brings up the conversation of like, Should we be banning all these things? That’s what I said. It’s, it’s these extremes of like, we’re going all electric. We’re going on gas. We’re going on natural gas. Like

we should maybe look at how many people actually kills like asthma actually kills all of asthma. So we take 3500 We take 13% of that.

Yeah. Was that gonna be like

12 455 Okay, which is sad. Don’t hear me on that. Oh, no, somebody’s kids died of asthma. We’re not making light of that. But compared to 400,000 United States still dying of lead poisoning. When we ban lead? Yeah, that’s

because the old homes and still people paying it over that then they start doing construction and I

know they’re like, do not start peeling paint. Like don’t don’t go low on wood. Don’t Don’t send it down to wood.

I kind of gambled in our upstairs bathroom when I started demoing that behind there. Like I didn’t know what was behind there could have been I swear there was some asbestos in there. There wasn’t a lot but

there could be you know, sad part about that is you won’t know for 20 years and I’ll be dead by then. Anyways 20 years. I mean, you won’t even be 70

I mean, average for male is 74. If I make it to the average it’s like yeah,

but average includes like kids dying in as an infant, which so anyways,

talk about a downer episode last week we got the pedophile orthodontist and we

should be nothing I’d say it’s it shouldn’t be a free for all. I am turning libertarian. You know what? Peace out everyone. Libertarian like wow, I’m changing how I vote.

I’m done. You’re gonna vote the libertarian Yes. Because your vote doesn’t

count then let’s know we’re gonna start a whole movement a libertarian because 3500 people dying per year of asthma plus then you take that for under 55 Why are we making this a big deal about gas stoves and I personally like cooking and gas so more so yeah, it’s

better I hate I hate Oh, we do have an electric stove an electric stove. I just realized that because that cooks like shit.

Meghan does all the cooking

Yeah Yeah no kidding. Oh my gosh cases Mike the gas stove expert. I quit so guys might quit the show. No, I

quit being a martyr. I am a libertarian hardcore vote for whoever that is Justin Amash. You know you’re another guy went for President let’s go you know

this is the clip on polling. Let’s go and not mental. No. Wait till the end for the clip of the week. There we go. Let’s look guys, if you liked this shit show we would love for you to share this episode like it. Share it. I know all of you that are listening. I know. I see the numbers and I don’t see any shares. And that’s ridiculous. You could also come on Kate, let’s go. Yeah, you could also she likes a lot of stuff. I will give her that shares are better. Yeah, I would also love a review. I haven’t checked her reviews lately, but if you haven’t loved her review for our show, please do on Apple podcast. I don’t think you can leave reviews on anywhere else. It’s just Apple podcasts. So if you don’t have Apple, I’m sorry. That’s okay. And we also have a Patreon we’ve enjoyed our fans tonight on that we’ve had great interaction especially Mike the gas stove expert that was my favorite comment of the night and if you go to forward slash threads podcast make sure you spell Patreon pa t ar e o n or you know what’s going to happen. And then of course if you could join us and ridding the world of Facebook fake it keys and Twitter takes by keeping the faith doing your work and living life unfiltered This podcast is produced and edited by Hey guys media group want to start a podcast check out hey guys media

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