Transcription for Ep. 203

Because I think pointing to my chest.

No, you’re right. But it’s I mean, it’s so it’s not very centered, though.

Oh, who cares about that crap? Just as long as it gets a photo me somewhere.

Yeah. Nice. Oh my god duck lips. So we have a factoid, don’t we?

There’s a random factoid Jason Jarrell, Jason.

Jake. In all I was hoping for the that’s only when you’re mad at me.

That’s only when I’m really ticked at you. You know, I was just thinking when you’re gone. I need to pull up those random facts. And then I add that moment.

Oh, this has been add since I hit play. Did I start recording? I don’t want to pull a gig.

Did you start recording yet? I

can’t believe I didn’t verify on gig like. I’m usually pretty good. Because you know, like three minutes in typically I’m like, oh, yeah, we’re good. But I didn’t do that and gig. Yeah.

So Natalie and I have always dreamt about owning our own diner. Really? Yeah, I did not know that about you. I’d be funded like one point we like would decide to record the like the black iron skillet and then some place came out the black iron skillet. Well, because for a while we were only cooking on a black on you’re in school. Okay. And we’re like, what if everything was made only on a black iron skillet? Anyways, one of the things I love about that though, is that I could wear a chef’s hat.

You and Sally are like Sally loves wearing a chef hat.

I think it should have had school now. Do you know how many plates a chef’s hat has no idea?

I guess Take a guess. Seven

100 100 plates apparently has 100 plates because there’s 100 ways to cook an egg. That is the random factoid

the eggs that are like 75 cents a piece right now.

Unless you go to URLs in Holland Michigan. Stay away from everybody though. Keep the prices low. They’re 299 A dozen are they Yeah still? Yep Yoco brown so he has his chicken his own chickens? No, but there’s a place nearby that has chickens and like actually like puts their name on the carton and everything that’s cool. I know and they’re actually nice size brown eggs for Well, half the price because they’re not billionaires getting even wealthier off of us common folk. Jason, conservative. Gerald, you are conservative when it comes to money.

I am a moderate No, you

are you I believe Scully conservative. You are a Reaganomics guy.

I believe in capitalism. So do I. But I also believe and without See, I can’t You can’t go too far to the left, because there’ll be no money for the services that need money. You know what I mean? So I believe in capitalism, I understand where you’re going with that. Like, you don’t want the rich to keep getting richer. But what about that guy that started that egg business from nothing?

I’m not saying we should tax the rich a lot. We should tax the Uber wealthy a lot. But there’s a different No,

let me clarify though. I’m talking about just general, a business owner like my business owner, he started at 18 for sure. And he had no money and he built it and now he’s a multimillionaire should he be punished for that? Shouldn’t be

taxed but not and I’m not saying the 70% should be for him it shouldn’t be for the billionaires 7080 90% because back when our country was great, and we could build the roads and bridges that didn’t fall down we tax the Uber wealthy 7080 90% And it worked out

I just went I just wish they would do the right thing in give um I don’t know if I would give money to the government either.

I’ll just give you some extra money back that you’re probably

gonna have to force them to tax but anyways Mike and I got he sent me a tic tac about the eggs and I was like well it’s probably the bird flu and he’s like Nazis rich people trying to stay richer and I’m sure there are people out there like that.

I mean, it’s some a bulk but like there are people taking advantage of the bird flu and then saying oh the price is going up and yet they’re making record profits come on like yeah two plus two equals four the sad

part of it is as the price is ever gonna go back down because usually when prices go up they tip other than gas it seems that will fluctuate you never see prices go back down

well eggs though because eggs a few years ago, they’re like three four bucks a dozen and then like a year ago they’re 49 cents at all the or year year and a half ago 49 cents a dozen which which was a little too cheap and I remember going there going How does anyone make money because their four cents because

all day all the birds had flu.

They were just picking out eggs so

well anyways, back to your I know we jumped off topic. The random factoid is, is the is the diner thing.

Yeah, no, no, the random fact was the 100 pleats. Oh God, but there was a story to lead in because it was a great transition in which made it personal. You see how beautifully I weave that and then you just

Yeah, but you just blew it up by just Being humble blew it I just want to know why you guys would want to start a diner like I think

it’d be a lot of fun just to cook for people and make I mean now again it wouldn’t be something that you’d get wealthy so you need money before then and then that’s just like but what

if you did get wealthy Would you be okay being taxed heavily?

Yes, you would like like if I made a billion dollars Sure

so you’re saying only tax the billionaires Yeah, the million let’s just start with

those who make or who have 1 billion or more let’s start there and then let’s see how it all works out.

Do you think if I win the lottery tomorrow the Mega Millions it’s in the billions I should be taxed heavily

Well the funny thing is you’ll be taxed more than the billionaires by winning the lottery which would only you know you would end up with only hundreds of millions but

doesn’t worry doesn’t attacks from the billionaires though that are getting taxed isn’t that tax holes that we’ve created in the law like they’re they’re not

created or they’ve created they’ve created they’ve created by by in politics right but right like that’s the whole point but

but Okay, going back to the bottom How do we change that?

We got to vote out the stupid people you tell me share me this stupid was sharing it sharing it helps because then we start going huh? So and so is gonna vote a different way than that. Maybe I should look at voting for somebody different so that we can fix this.

Boom. Moving on. Mike doesn’t know how things were a sponsor of threads is Irvine’s auto repair Grand Rapids hybrid where my

who shouldn’t be taxed at a heavy rate because they’re not billionaires, right?

I mean, they might be after my truck gets done getting repaired. Oh, my car is currently at Irvine’s right now I dropped it off today at 4pm Having some transmission trouble. So yeah, I dropped it off there and got a loaner car which you can get as a customer of Irvine’s too.

And it was a really nice car when I pulled them. I was like, did Avery get a car? I’m like, Nope, I bet it’s a it’s a Honda. Nice. I’ve

never driven a Honda from them. It’s only been the Priuses but it’s a Honda Accord. Which I will never be able to be a sedan guy again.

That’s not true because I remember last year when we rocked I think you had that exact car. Oh, did I yeah, I don’t remember

driving it before but anyways, I sit so low in that thing. Like I don’t think I’ve ever Yeah, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get a sedan but anyways 532 6600 Irvine SATCOM, Mike what street are they located on? Do you remember from Rockford Yay, good job. I can’t believe you remember this only because I remember it was connected to Matthew Stafford. Oh, nice. Now the only reason I remembered so I lost my train of thought because I just got a text you go ahead and yell at me. So yeah, 532 60 sounder they’re located on staff. I don’t want to thank our Patreon Joe Pk, k Lisa K. Meghan D, Adam s Chrissy D. Which I don’t see anyone online right now. What the fuck?

I wouldn’t want to hang up. You might as well just say what is up with you and like apologizing for certain let’s let’s go off topic, Scott.

So no, I’m not gonna apologize anymore. Because

Because like to my aunt who listens. She she had a meeting you and you apologize for swearing. She’s like, I don’t care that you swear.

Oh, she didn’t say it like that. Oh, no. Your AI that was the really quiet spoken lady. Right? Yeah. shorter hair. Yeah, okay. Yeah, you’re right. I did say that to her. Yeah, I was thinking your mom. Yeah, I mean

to my mom you maybe should apologize but but to but to my aunt. She doesn’t care that you sweat. Yeah, we

never talked about that.

i Let’s talk right now. We have a moment.

Oh my gosh, I absolutely love that. She listens. But I’m very like, weirded out because not weirded out. Like they just seem super conservative. But they still listen. So like her dirty little secret. Oh, no, it can’t be a secret. You know, to me, she

talks about it. And I mean, she listens to the music that would probably have been I don’t know exactly what music she listens to. But like, like, like what? Like what about it makes you I’ve noticed it multiple places. You apologize for swearing. And that’s just normal. Jason like if you are on telegram or Jason Hall drop all sorts of swear bombs.

I mean, swearing to me. I don’t want to offend somebody that makes them uncomfortable. Like my bosses. They don’t like swearing. I try my hardest not to swear I dropped some here and there, especially if I’m frustrated or I hurt myself. Yeah, I’ll drop it. But I try to be respectful to the people that really have a problem with I’m not going to be a dick about it. And just like my, my coworker, he drops Jaycees and GDS and like I’m not I’m going to try my best not to do that front of my bosses, not just because of their bosses because out of respect for what they don’t want to hear.

I totally get that they’re now this is your show our show. And if you swear like you do at normal live and somebody chooses to listen, why would you apologize for I know an unfiltered shine

here right? You’re Hi under percent, right? It’s just like I feel bad because like, Oh, you just seem like a kind person. I am just so raw. And I shouldn’t if she likes to listen then I should say thank you. I appreciate the fuck out of you.

And maybe like she listens to you. And she feels more free to be herself.

Yeah, maybe a little bit she can live through me, you know, and you’re you’re cussing in my cussing, even though I don’t think cussing is that big of a deal? As long as you’re not disrespectful. But

but you do think it’s a big deal because you’re apologizing for it poorly. Yes,

you are right. Oh my god. We got humble Mike in the house tonight. You guys humble Mike. Reds podcast, we’ll be back after a quick break.

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I can’t believe that. But yeah, no one is online. And you know, normally we have at least have Adam or Kate like she’s a champion too. But I mean, what what are we going to do with that?

We’re just gonna keep rolling. And maybe you didn’t push a button. What are you talking about?

Why don’t you just let me do it and you spoiled my my pausing of the thing while I was trying to find the button you asked. You hadn’t done it. Did you? Know? Okay, let me bring it back around. Stories of the week. Yes, yes. Stories of the week. Mike’s dead stories of the week. US race stories of the week, still restrained, and tried to say still reigned supreme. My stories of the week, hard fade.

Well, let’s I’m gonna start with on mine, and then we’re gonna spend some time and yours and we’ll come back to mine and blah, blah, blah. So last Tuesday, I don’t you probably edit it out when I had some good throat. Popcorn.

Yeah, some of them? I did. Some of them are some of them. Some of them. I talked over, or I talk? Yeah, yeah, you did. Oh, the one that you talk through. I left that in because it actually wasn’t as bad when I heard back. Really? I think you backed off the mic enough. Oh, so

yeah, I’m just so skilled. Yeah, subconsciously. So I that was the start of getting sick. Yeah. That night. It was a little bit more on the nose, but it’s more just like the nose itched. And then Wednesday night, actually Wednesday. I did work and I got home and I was tired. So tired that that behind my eyes hurt. That’s just insane. Like, like, you know, I’m talking about like, you get that tired. We’re just like, it’s tired. So tired. It hurts behind you. Right? Yeah. Hurts behind your eyes. So I got into bed at 630 I think I texted you like 640 Hey, I’m in bed. I’m gonna be out. You didn’t fully believe me until I like, I don’t think I took a picture now, which is good for both of us.

I could hear your fan on. Oh, yeah, that’s same with Ben. I could always tell where he was with his chopper fan going.

Well, you can hear when I’m in the bathroom because that’s a really loud Yeah. So I was in bed from then. Intel. So it was all the way through the next day, all the way so 24 hours and then the next morning I think I got out of bed at nine now I was out for like an hour. So we’re like bathroom grab some food. Yeah, or just be out of bed for a little bit. But the better part of 39 hours I was in bed.

That was insane. Thanks, Natalie. Biggs.

Actually it started long before her started from cam who got it from his school which shut down for the last two days you guys made out and made sweet love and then she gave it to you exactly, you know, and that just progression happened there. But it was like oh man, I was like I was so like we’ll talk about more of why I was frustrated with it but when we get to another segment so that was a lot of my last week I feel like we had the podcast and then I was sick until the weekend Yeah, pretty much and then boom, back here you’re back again.

I can still hear it in your voice a little bit but it sounds sexy. It does it’s time time to record a promo or some people are gonna be like I’m gonna tune in the Reds patch I need that in the title next week Mike sexy sick voice brings all the ladies like the milkshake brings all the boys to the yard Mike sick voice brings all the ladies to the yard.

I already thought of a partial title Mike was in bed for 39 hours straight or something like that.

Without his wife without

in bed and without his wife.

So we alternating here Sure, sure. Alrighty. So as you know, I have been running well. I ran once with Chris now.

Oh, what let’s start the first one because I’m actually itching to know you didn’t tell me tell you What about your task?

Okay, so as you heard on the last episode, I am thinking about getting a career in bus driving, and thinking about moving on from Lawn Care, which I haven’t officially done yet Mike’s mad at me because he feels like someone’s gonna hear it. And then it’s possible, but whatever, I’ll deal with those consequences if they happen. So the bus involves a lot of training. And the first step is you have to take three tests. And those tests are last Friday. It was a passenger test 20 questions, a busing test 20 questions, and a general CDL 50 questions. Okay. Not the greatest test taker, but I did prep for it. I studied what my trainer told me to study. She said, answer all the questions in the back there, like, test your knowledge questions. If you know those and the stuff that we highlighted, and just skim over the rest of it, you’ll be fine. So to me, skimming over the rest of it means I don’t have to skim Okay. Okay. So I go take that test. And I started taking it. And it tells you how many right and wrong you have on the bottom right? Sure. So I’m fine taking in whatever, a couple of questions in wrong. Couple more questions wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Now these questions I didn’t fucking read. Like, I don’t know where they’re pulling this from. And I do. I’m gonna have to talk to my trainer because it’s like, Dude, you do you have an old manual like these are? It’s crazy. Yeah. Even the stuff I found online, I didn’t find a lot of them. So I don’t know if they’re just like pulling shit out of their ass. I mean, all related to driving, but it was very weird. So anyways, wrong, wrong wrong. So I get to the last question. I can only get 11 Wrong.

And so everything rides in that last question. Last

question. And I got it wrong. So I was done with that one. Then I had the passenger in the bus. Okay, I hadn’t taken those. Oh, so it was oh, it was the other way. No. So now my heart is racing because it’s building through this whole thing. I’m like, Yeah, wrong. Couple Correct. Wrong. Seven, wrong. Eight, wrong. 910. And then the love at the end. So I get that one wrong. I did pass the bus. And I did pass the passenger one I made by one. Okay. And the other one I made like by four. Okay, so So I got those two done. I go up and they’re like, Yeah, you can’t take it again today. But you can take it right again on Monday. So I rescheduled it for Monday, which is today as we’re recording, went home, did not skim the stuff. I read it three times. went online, answered questions, watch YouTube videos. I’m like, No, I cannot do this. So I go there today. 320. I’m getting in line, I realized I do not have my passport and my social security, which you need. It says on the list that

you and your passport again,

I know. So I’m like, tax magazine. I was like it’s near the coffee pot. I’m three minutes away from taking my test. It’s okay. I’ll do my test. If you can grab it come when I’m done with my test. I’ll text you. I get up there. I did not ask if I needed the password for I take it because I’m like, what if she says yes. And she will let me take it correct. So I take the test, I get down there and I’m going like, I’m going to read all these really well, like you told me to really read them. So then I read the instructions, which I didn’t read last time. Okay. There’s a fucking skip button. Oh, so you can go back to it? Yes. Yes. Yes. So I start, I get to the third question. And I was like, I don’t know. All right, skip. And I’m like, finally skip four or five. And I know the rest and I don’t have to go back. So I get all the way through. I need one more. And I have six that I don’t know. Okay. The first one I tried, I gotta write and I passed. If I would have read, if I would have known the skip button, I would have skipped everything I didn’t know and then I would have gone through each of them and be like, alright, what am I first? Like? Yeah, yeah, and I may have passed because I missed it by one crack the other ones so if all I had to do is get one. Well, no, no, but yeah, I would have only needed one more right? Yeah, one right or one wrong and I got it wrong. So you folks read the instruction? Well apparently

do it doesn’t put the pressure on you early on because think your heart racing.

It built through that that first test by the end is just screaming

versus like okay, let me just put that towards the end and I’ll see the number that I need out of this. So that’s awesome. Well, congrats. Yeah, I did not know about today’s part. Now you did. I purposely said don’t tell me because I want to find out entre awesome

dude. Yeah, I’m super excited. And honestly, that’s supposed to be the easiest part was the written deaths.

I think though for you, though. That’s going to be the hardest part. Yeah, because like driving like you’ve driven vehicles. All right, I assume we can feed and we’d name like you had a trailer, right?

Yeah, it was a shorter trailer but still Yeah, I I drive. Well, I mean, I you know, yeah, I’ve had accidents not at work, knock on wood. But you know, but ya know, like I told you today I do well by just doing it not just by studying a book.

Yeah, the other big one will be the inspection where you kind of, but I feel like even that is more of like you’re just walking through at least you have. Yeah, the physical things you’re walking. Yeah.

And then they do train. The trainer does train you like they go, let’s like six weeks of like you going in every day for a couple hours and going over. All right, we’re gonna start with this part of the inspection. You do that? And then we’re gonna go drive and stuff. Now I have a permit. I can drive I can drive with. No, I guess I can drive kids. As long as there’s a driver that unpermitted know what it doesn’t like it actually just hasn’t seen it full. CDL CDL.

Yeah. So that’s nice in that now, are you going to get paid for this training? Yes. part where you start? Because once you at least shown that you’re not too stupid to do it. Yeah. I don’t mean to see it rude. No, it’s true. They kind of like weed people out and okay. Now there’s now though invest in you well,

and that you’re going to study to like, if you didn’t study, you are not passing that test. I’m telling you right. Now, if you did not study, I kind of want to do it. I can’t. How much is the test? Dude, you can do it. And then to say, nevermind, you pay after you pass? Oh, you could do the test and just walk out? That would never it’s just a computer test. Okay, and they don’t care if you pay for it or not. Oh, I kinda want to do it. Just you should do it. I really, we should do it as an experiment. Obviously, you can’t bring your phone in there. But what I was like what I could do, because I could make an appointment to and then I would make it for a little bit later. And then just sit there and record you while you take it.

I bet I could pass. Let’s do it. I’m a mom. I’m a tiger.

The problem is, well, you’ll know like yeah, to get your actual to No, no, you you’d have to pay for it. Because they will give you the paperwork. Do it. Let’s do it.

Okay, let’s let’s see when we have time to do it. Let’s do it. It’s 90

questions. Nice. You’re like, Ah, no, no.

So then then then let’s go to where you are. You’re talking about the race?

Yes. Chris and I ran the winter. Oh, there’s my metal by the way. It’s a snow globe. Oh, I see it next to Dwight. Yeah, yeah. The Yankee springs winter challenge. Race and it was interesting. There’s a 50 miler a 50 kg. Yeah, it’s plastic. I don’t know if that’s gonna work. Let’s see. Yeah, that worked. I mean, you put it on your camera deck, my metal anyways. A 50 mile or 50k 25k to 10k Chris and I did the 25k the conditions were great. Wasn’t too cold. I did get cold, really. So what happened was is I walked a lot of the hills and there were a lot of hills there. And towards the end of the race, I started, my heart rate started dropping. So I stopped sweating. And I was I was getting towards the end like, as soon as I finished I walked sprint walk to the lodge where they had heat and chili and stuff like that. Because I was getting I was getting a little mo like if I was out here any longer I might have a little bit of an issue.

So question is Was Was your base layer? Cotton was your first layer touching your skin? Cotton t shirt? No, no, it wasn’t. Because some no cotton on sometimes for you. You’ll do kinda is your first T shirt.

Why don’t you have I do my underwear? No, I don’t. I use my UnderArmour anyways, fuck you.

Sorry. Anyway, sorry, you made it back to the lodge. barely alive.

I’ve had some delicious chili in fact, I’m not going to message the race because i Whoever made that chili. I want the fucking recipe

like I want the recipe is there like No, it’s for the race.

It was Turkey chipotle chili with sweet potatoes in it. Oh, so good. Had a little bit of heat. But anyways, the race was extremely hard. It was a lot more than I really was expecting. It was Harvey so

I am not seeing your time. You haven’t told me your time. Yeah, I did. No, you didn’t.

I texted you. You must have missed it. Oh, oh 33033 hours and three minutes. So what

was that permit are like 1148 Okay, so that’s that’s pretty slow for you.

Yeah. I walked all the hills. at mile eight, my GPS decided to stop working on my phone. My watch shut down. So the last half of the race. I had a guy in front of me I asked him twice where we’re at for mileage just so I could. I was trying to fuel appropriately. Yeah, like every three miles I was taking fuel and water. But I didn’t know my mileage so and I had no headphones because I was like wow Chris and I are gonna run together for a while. And then maybe when we split up, it’ll be fine. It’ll be further. No, we split up at a mile and a half. Yeah. And I had no headphones for two hours and 45 minutes. How was that for you? wasn’t great, Mike.

Like, Were there a lot of thoughts that you didn’t want to live with? And then No,

it was really weird is being in the woods in the trail like you? Did you see the picture? No, the trails just go all over the place. So you’ll randomly hear somebody talking? Oh, you look around. There’s nobody around you. And then it’s quiet for 2030 minutes, and then all of a sudden, you’ll hear somebody again. And you’re like, it’s just the way the trail because of how it winds winds. Yeah, that sorry. That’s what I was trying to get to. But it was a good experience. In my head. I was like, oh, man, I could probably do the 50k. And then when I got before I ran it, but and then I got done. I’m like, I can’t imagine doing another low. No, I could if I would have gone slower. I mean, there were times I was doing. I was I hooked up with a couple of people and I looked down at my before my watch died. I was doing 10 fifteens. Wow. I was like Jason Gerald, you got to slow down. So I probably could do it. But I would have to start out like Chris did. Which Good for him. I beat him by 10 minutes. Oh, really? Yeah. So not by a ton. Okay. And then he he had somebody fall in front of him. So he had to help him get up. Oh, look at him. Like made a couple of friends. Like I was like, I love this guy. Like he’s he does things differently. not different. But I mean, it’s just interesting. better person.

100%. Yeah, yeah. In person than you better person than me. I mean,

especially at what, two and a half miles ago that I was trailing this guy for about two hours, and he finally gave up and let me pass. It was like, he’s like, I can’t do it. And then if I had, I was like, that’s where I pitch.

But it’s like, that’s so Jason but he would yell it out

in my head. I did. But then at the end, I saw him he finished right around with Chris and I was like, I was like, Oh, how far behind did you end up finish? He was like, 10 minutes. He goes, I couldn’t do it. And but what happened was, uh, he ran the hills, but I still was able to stick with him the whole time. I was like, Dude, you gotta it was only a second trail race. I was like, I was able to stay stronger at the end because I walked those hills you and I are probably equally speed wise. Yeah, but you were so much you had no legs left at the end because you ran I mean some of these hills were like straight frickin up and yeah, he’s not running fast but he’s still grinding and I’m just walking at a good pace just doing shows I have flat boom and I would catch up to him.

Look at you be smart. I know. Probably because a few years ago it would have been you running the hills. Oh yeah. Pass the people walk up like a soccer yeah, I’ll

see you at the finish and then you’re in a fetal position at mile 10

So I’m proud of you for that. I’m sad about you for your watch. Did you figure anything more out about it?

I didn’t ask anyone else about it but I did look like I shared that watch ish thing with you. I think I might is expensive

the person there that she knows Yeah, we talked

about okay, she’ll pick up a couple extra shifts really? Look at you go you have a sugar mama Yeah, but I’m gonna wait because we got some stuff coming up so I’m gonna be response

what is what is Chris have is a watch. Do you know I was just about to look Apple Watch. Okay,

he had some troubles who his pacing was off by almost seven tenths of a mile is GPS. But at least he didn’t lose signal. Yeah, I know all GPS is are going to be are going to fluctuate a little bit mine always. Yeah,

they’re gonna be off like because even when when we did the Holland tulip time on that was that was my hand that had that was I knew that the tulip time, though. That one was off until there was a short race. But yeah, it’s bound to happen a couple of tenths of a mile better than dropping your whole GPS. Yeah, I wouldn’t have cared if it was off. I just wanted to know roughly roughly where I was at to fuel and to to know like, how much I have left to suffer. Correct.

So at the last at the lat, by the way, the support tents, they were incredible guys, they were so kind. And they had great stuff there. Because people run at 50 miles. They had Oreos, chips, pickles, Gatorade, you name it. They had it there.

So did you get passed by anyone who ran the 50 miler?

I got passed by some fast asked people but I don’t know what they were running because they could have been running the 50k Oh, there’s a 50k also the 50 miler started at 6am. Yep. The 50k started at 8am in the 25 started at nine and that’s 10 started at 10k started at 10. So I’ll probably wasn’t

the 50 milers because that you’d be going way too fast. So it’s probably probably the 50k people

or it could have been the 10k Okay, because we ran some of the cores.

Oh yeah. That’s always crazy. When that happens. One guy

just climbed a hill like he was like frickin the best racer in the world and me and this other guy are just probably like What

does that so does that make make you want to run Hills more so that you can maybe run them someday?

Yeah, I mean, no, I think a lot of people walked the hills though I it was very uncommon to see people. No, I didn’t see a lot of people because once we spread out, we were like by ourselves. I’m telling you, man,

were you ever afraid you’re gonna get murdered? In the middle of the woods? I mean, to be honest, I

was. I was actually like, what happens if I because there was a couple of like, ravines that went down and there were times where I wasn’t by that guy. I’m like, what happened? My watch, stop working. Yeah, they actually said, Chris went and picked up the stuff the night before, and they’re like, Are you sure he’s gonna run it? He said, It was really odd. And he’s like, Yeah, I’m just picking up his pack. And he’s like, Okay, well, we’ll assume he’s out there. I think so if you do get lost, they can come find you. I mean, they have a chip time and I don’t know if it’s GPS, probably not.

No, but they were probably assuming that if you don’t finish finish, then they’ll come check. Find try to find you. So if it should be if it clicked on, but again, maybe in the race anyways. Yeah, so that was a little weird. That is a funny question from them.

But I really liked trail running. I just I don’t have a lot of trails around here and wondering when I’m trying to get workouts in and I’m busy. I want to leave my house and just boom, boom, get it done. Maybe I can do long run because like Canonsburg has a lot of trails. Oh, but I mean, it’s 35 minute drive out this it really

from here even to hike. Yeah,

I mean, you gotta go all the way down to 131 to West River and West River all the way down into like,

yeah, you’re in a worse spot than me. You should come move to Holland. You’d have some especially moved a little more south of me. Yeah. You have Saugatuck state dunes where I almost died. Yeah, that there’s some good trails there.

Yeah. And, and, you know, me not training for any elevation. And I went into this race to like, very laissez faire yell laissez faire. I was just like, I’m gonna do it. I’m not trying to kill myself and my knees are really sore. How are you feeling about that? I’m concerned. I see my PT on Wednesday. So okay, my feet did fine, though. Okay, well, that’s at least, which I figured there was they were a little the one side was a little juicy, but I figured they would be because it’s a trail. Yeah, you’re not pounding as much on the pavement so I’m not too happy.

But if it’s the knees though, you and

I think it’s just straight up. Runner’s knee. That’s what they call runner’s knee, which is pain on the outside of the knee is runner’s knee

in his man, you just you’d hope that you could get past that someday

I’m working on it. I got this PT. I really like I’m hoping he can finagle the the what is the prescription that the doctor gets? Because he didn’t prescribe it. Easy prescribe it for my feet. We’ll see on Wednesday I’m gonna

be otherwise you gotta go back to your doctor getting the prescription blah blah, blah scam. It’s a big scam. It is a big scam. Like

regardless, I pay my deduct or copay and you build the same just fucking change the billing,

I know but then your insurance wouldn’t pay them and then they’d be ever I get sad but it’s it’s a big school.

They should take the advice of the PT No, we have to go to the doctor and pay another copay. And then they’re like, Yep, you got runner’s knee back to the PT then start paying a copay again, because the doctor is like, I don’t know. Just go just go to the general doctor doesn’t know or care. No, he doesn’t want to get you out of the office.

Oh, there’s pain. Your first step is a is a PT. Have fun. Right. Thanks for paying me.

100% Get out. Yep.

So I am discovering some skills. All right. I’m wrapping. Voiceover Are you ready for sexy time? Are you ready for rapping?

Penis growth. doesn’t need to. I’m sending that to your aunt now she’ll hear it. Let’s get guy that’s gonna be awkward now. Huh? Yeah, what’s it what’s her name? No, come on, Aunt Mary.

Sure. am Mary I walked right into what you had. Yep.

And oh man. He’s got a red face and Mary Mary

anyways was discovered years ago so no, I do I had this skill but I like poor poor Natalie. I don’t use the skill often at home. But anyways, the organization that we’re church planting through they bought a new building they asked if I would want to do some work. I was like, sweet, I’ll do that. Start off with just pulling out some old desk and then there were some holes the patch I was like, Yeah, I can do that. And then a couple of things. I was a little unsure of like, you know how, like, what do you want to do blah blah, the grit of sandpaper all of that like I’m actually pretty good at this. I can patch holes in you don’t really know that they’re so drywall holes, drywall holes. And some other just like remodel like white remodel stuff. I’m I’m I’m actually impressed with some of my skills.

Yeah, yeah. You know what? I’m impressed with what that and Judy listens to the show. There you go. Yeah,

I got it. Right. You looked online.

Now. I just texted your wife. When you’re telling that story. I

was I knew you’re busy. I’m pretty good at typing now without looking at New York. typing.

I was like, What’s Mike’s Anthony? What did it take me now? It takes a Natalie because she’s gonna have no content she’s like, which and the one who listens. And I was like, yeah that those of the show Judy

and I texted Natalie Michelle. Oh, that’s

right. Your middle name is Michelle. She’s so anyways, you know how to fix drywall? No fix drywall. No. How do you ever see like I somehow get into building Tiktok on Tiktok where they actually put like a piece of wood is Oh, when

it’s on there. Not that big. Oh, gotcha. But again, like, it’s an old bank building. And you can see the last people who are maintaining the building for the bank. I’m like, he didn’t even do a good job. I’m doing a better job than them. Oh, I know. I’m like, look, look at me find some skills, a little pride. But poor Natalie, do I do that at home? Now? You have got holes to fix. Or just or places like Hey, I should do that. So then but if I do that, and then they’ll be a hole and then I was like, so apparently I should do home improvement. Sorry. What I feel like that an unjust. There’s unjust capslock knows that.

Should I send her the SEC? Should we bring her in? No, but I’ll bring her in. Oh, the Duchess finally shows up. Only like 39 minutes late, Caitlin. I know she hates it when I said it’s not even her name.

Hey, Dylan. Katherine, Katherine.

Well, good job on that home. It’s different when you’re doing it someplace that you don’t live though. Because you don’t have to see it every day like you do it. I am so critical of myself. I know, shocker. Right? If I do any kind of I tried to stay at like even this. They’re not quite perfect. But Oh, you didn’t? I didn’t notice that. Oh, they’re there. You can’t even notice. But I mean, like, yeah, what my grandfather that’s not my biological grandfather. But that doesn’t matter. He’d always say, You know what, Jason? 100 miles up in the air. No one will notice the difference. And I’m like, You’re right, grandpa, like just do the best you can and it’s fine.

Yeah. Well, a lot of that like at home too. Like I know what I would want. And I know normally I probably couldn’t get it again. That’s a juicy one. I’ll cut that one out. No, that’s a flood me cough that’s a good one. May have shot things at the camera. Since your train of thought it was Oh, good. So like like when my dad my dad is a good enough at constructions of like he actually custom built his own his own like kitchen cabinets and all that stuff. Yeah. So like, he had all the tools to do that. Oh, yeah, he has so many tools. But it’s just one of those then where I’m like, oh, like I can’t do it at that quality. But I can do it. Well, anyways, I’m finding the skills. I’m getting paid for them. And like, again, just able to keep growing my skills and figuring them out in YouTube. It’s made all that so much

better. YouTube, as much as it can be terrible and just terrible things on there. And whatever it is. I have fixed so much shit on my car. Like even Oh, yeah, I’ve had a button, a little light that goes, you just hit it on and off. It has not worked for three or four years. And I finally YouTube it. It was like a $2 part and it took me four minutes to fix. Nice. That’s it. Like I got it from YouTube. So YouTube

for the when YouTubers find new skills. Oh, I’m excited for this next one. Tell us about this next one, JC

which one? The next one down like not working out? Sure we can go that one. Now let’s do this one. The orthodontists. Yeah. Have you read? Have you heard a story about that?

No. But you know it sounds expensive. That’s what I want to hear this. Oh

no. It has nothing to do with that. Really? Let me know. So Avery went to it’s called Shannon orthodontics. They’re in Granville. I think they have one in Plainwell. Well, I got an email over the weekend. Oh, you know, I’m just gonna read it. It’s short. Okay, so tell me what you would do. If you got this email. Hold on. Give me a second. I’ll cut all this dead air out. No, I probably won’t. Don’t say this. I’m just keep going. Dear patient we were shocked and saddened to learn of the disturbing allegations against Dr. Shannon. Immediately following our receipt of the news. Our offices closed for patients and staff will be cooperating fully with law enforcement as they continue their investigation. Also, you may be aware that you’ve been trying to contact us we will start transferring your care to other orthodontists starting on Monday. Sincerely the team


So the man that had his hands in my daughter’s mouth got busted initially for Snapchatting an underage teen in North Carolina. And then in a weird turn of events said yeah, go Go ahead and look at my phone and iCloud and there was child porn.

And the knowledge of it, and I’m not sure if any are patients yet,

not yet. A lot of it some of it was infant. And were he he hired a provide private investigator to go through his phone. But then they found it. My theory is he thought he deleted it all and he thought he was smart and like a private investigator Can’t he could go into the back end of that shit. Like, everything leaves, cookies and trails, like even if you deleted on your phone. It’s not deleted. It’s not gone it someone with skill can find it. Yeah.



When you first read that, did you want to brandish? No sort of weapon and go meet him? So

no, because? I mean, as far as I know, it didn’t affect my family. Okay. Like, I

mean, so do you guys talk? We talk right away.

Right away. We gave it a day. And then we thought before she goes to school, she’s probably going to get because I mean, I’m sure tons of Granville high school because I’ve gotten I mean, it’s right near the height. Okay. Yeah. So it’s one that Yeah, yeah. So I wanted to make sure she knew about it. She was pretty shocked. But isn’t that crazy? Have you ever known anyone to like, get busted for that? Like, I know, I sat next to that guy, like because he was having some stress one day. And so I’ve talked to him like I’ve met him. I shook his hand. He’s did all the work in Avery’s mouth. And it’s kind of gross. If you think about it. Oh, that gets really gross. Like, I’m worried there’s gonna be more that come out. I mean, like he has access to all the cameras in that play. Yeah, just like, Oh, Jesus, please. No.

Did he have private rooms or open rooms? They’re all open. Okay, that’s, that’s better. Yeah.

I mean, I’m sure there was a few private rooms, but like when you walked in, there was like seven chairs all lined up. Not like a dentist’s office,

but just makes me wonder now that you started to work. Where did he have cameras?

I’m sure there’s cameras everywhere in there. I mean, most places have I

assume everyone. There could be bad heights like on purpose. Oh, yeah. Like aim down the shirt or like up the skirts of Yeah, skirts, and he’s that type of person. I could see

down the shirt. The way the chairs not up the skirt because there’ll be too close to the windows. Okay, but never know. Never know. Yeah. I know. Like he could have put a camera in the bathroom. I mean, what? I know. Isn’t that suck? Yeah. I mean, she’s all done with them. She just wears a retainer at night. But like, Sullivan was going to go to him. Yeah. And because he’s going to Naval, not anymore. I mean, he’s probably looking at a 10 to 15 year felony.

You go to no orthodontist because we don’t trust orthodontist. No. Why? No, you’d say that? No.

Oh, gosh, no. Have you seen Sally’s tea? Dope? Yeah, I mean, but

Oh, that’s so frustrating that there are people out there but yeah, that’d be really weird email to it’s just

weird being connected to someone so close. Like, I mean, I wouldn’t. He’s just, you know, it’s not like a friend or even an acquaintance. It’s just like, yeah, I talked to the dude. We literally sat right next to each other while he worked on Avery and I held her hand like it’s kind of weird. So

he has a sicko is the word below on the SEC that applies to that as a sicko and, and we hope he gets all the jail time he deserves.

He will. The weird thing is do I have to finish paying my payment? Like, how does that work? Like I still owe him a couple grand like napro. I mean, it’s going to be interesting to see after everything settles out. I’m like, am I paying this guy like to support his family? I mean, you shouldn’t blame his family. It’s not this. I mean,

I mean, there’s probably somebody you you will all but I feel like now with it.

I’m sure he’s I’m pretty sure he’s married as kids.

So he’s not old, old. He is like middle age. Oh, yeah.

He might be a little younger than me. I would say maybe low 40s. Maybe.

So he didn’t do his work of mental health and would never have gotten people so do your work. Yeah. Good. So anyways, just sit down for the

that’s bomber. Well, you told me to go. I didn’t realize that. Well. So then real quick, Ben. Are you like it? Let’s go. Yeah, it’s been made like, Yeah, one thing I always hated about Ben is no, no kidding about what he did. Was like, he’s gonna, he’ll know this. We joked about it. He’s the grammar Nazi. Okay, yeah. And he texted me the other day. And he said, he goes, Oh, on the social posts about Patreon. It’s spelled wrong. You spelled Patreon wrong. I know you miss my editing and proofreading. And I wrote Oh, yes, period, it was always my favorite. And then no smiley face or anything and these pick to get GIF and he’s like, I’m picking up your sarcasm. And the funny thing part is on my sticky note, what does that have on their Patreon verbiage? Yeah, is that how we spell verbiage or spell?

I think you’ve been verbiage is wrong, isn’t vert with an eye It wasn’t an IV for

me it felt right there. Yeah, he’s like, Oh, Patreon is Val right there. So I was wondering verbiage was wrong, but he didn’t say anything about verbiage Ha, he probably was like, oh, Jason is pissed. But anyways, but yeah, he would always do that. Honestly, I do appreciate it. Did I go in and correct it? No, I’ll do it tonight when I schedule social media, but And if no one has also pointed it out? Of course not. Which actually makes me kind of sad, because when people know Sam has pointed, my friend Sam, she’s pointed out every once in a while, but it’s always not people that I don’t care if you pointed out if someone else pointed out, it’s not like I don’t know, that means you’re paying attention to the fucking thing,

or no, but most time if you notice, and it’s not somebody you know, you’ll just go move on.

Yeah, because if you’re a fan with somebody, you’re going to reach out to through boot. You’re wrong.

Maybe that’s why not as many of you have supported us lately is because you spelled it wrong. And they went, they went and they went to The way you spell that, by the way, it’s

a fake name. It’s not even real. I mean, it’s like a business name is misspelled, like, oh, yeah, you can spell however you want. Exactly. It’s not like it’s in the dictionary. It’s like blah, blah, blah, who spells Patreon that way anyways, it’s spelled pa t, ar e o n and I spell that sometimes pa t e r o n paid you’re

like Megan’s they all spell their name diff they do they’re all bougie and then some do mega on right and they’ll all spell a different anyways those Magens Okay, so I still ran Sabrina’s. I still work out in you are wrong about me not working out.

How many times have you worked out since January 1. My nose is running like I worked

out last Monday was gonna work out last Thursday. Got sick. Did that worked out again today? So I can do Monday, Thursday, Saturday, this week. So Jason, Gerald, I want you to apologize. I’m not gonna apologize. You apologize. This is Mike not working out. That’s what you put down here and you

resistance fan workout. That’s a workout.

Come to come to my house.

I didn’t walk by two and a half mile walk today. You should know I don’t count that as a workout.

Why not? Are you moving? Yeah. How are you moving? Actually a walk right now is a good workout actually ski as much heart rate, which is really sad.

That means you haven’t worked out? No, listen. I felt like you still been a little down and a little blue.

Now you met me today and then you’re like stop working now? No. And I worked out to that. No, I

don’t. You can. K says I’ll let you know if I see anything. I just heard the mic thing again. You didn’t even hear it. Yeah,

I did move. Everyone wants to live and tap and orphan. I’ll move this. Yeah.

Do you need a fidget? I hate you. Case like I’ll let you know if I see anything. She’s probably like 15 or she’s probably behind. Okay, she unless she’s watching it live. Yeah, but anyways, so yeah, I want you to work out more I miss like running even though we never run together. I missed the conversation.

Yeah, that’s gonna be a while before I’m back into running,

are you not? You’re not gonna like you’re not nothing in the spring. You’re not even thinking about it now. But you need a goal or something. Otherwise you’re not going to do it. It’s not true. I guess for me, that’s what motivates Yeah,

I mean, I mean, I want to run another fall half. But I want to get stronger and my cardio needs to go back up. I was walking today. I was around like walking you know? 15 Something minute miles like oh, let’s get oh my heart rates coming up.

Yeah, well, you stopped working out and I literally done almost zero cardio since the half marathon. Literally very little. I took one week off and started back running again and boom, you ran and 25k trail race. It was fucking hard.

We should all be Jason Jarrell. No, I

just want you.

I know. I appreciate that. And I feel much better today after again, working out. You’re sick

this week. I’ll give you that

I was sick as a dog, your dog. So Jason Gerald, my county is by Sox assholes. What in the world is wrong on my county? I know what county I live in Adams County, in these here, United States of America in the state of Michigan. And there’s a whole new board Board of Commissioners mostly. And they are Trumpers. And they’re more than Trumpers. They’re super Trumpers. And they they our City County Administrator who had just been hired in I think March of 2022. Correct. So not even a year. Everything was going good. He did nothing wrong. No, they didn’t file any of the rules to oust him that him and put it legal. Yeah, they didn’t put it on their agenda. They amended it last minute. And they installed John Gibbs, who I think ran as like the ultra conservative Trumper right. Yeah. And he is there. They change the motto from like you belong here to freedom rings or freedom reigns.

Yeah, I saw I read it right before we started recording what in the frickin world where you blink? Where are you billing? Where you belong to where freedom rings? Yep, you got it right.

And 71 The only person who voted no was the guy who lives two streets from me and a few blocks over. Okay. What in the world am I supposed to do as an adult County resident about these chuckleheads?

Yeah, I mean, honestly, somewhat, they should file a lawsuit, they did it illegally, so it doesn’t even stand. So I mean, they need to just say it’s now valid and bring the other administrator back and gives us out and why are you bringing in a politician into Ottawa County administration? Yeah, administration.

Plus, they got rid of the diversity and inclusive activity program. If you didn’t know guys, John gives his black. Sorry, Ron, I know what is wrong. Okay, every question if it’s racist. Oh, boy, let me tell me, we’ll tell you. So two other black people think that John Gibbs is, is a traitor? Because he’s like, now part of this whole regime, which is like getting rid of this, like, is that consider that? I don’t know. So if you’re a person of color and want to help me with that, I don’t know.

I mean, then that what you’re implying, though, is that all black people vote Democrat? No.

But like, do you feel like if somebody’s voting and are working with people who are hurting, they’re fighting against

diversity? Yeah. No, I would think that if it’s just based on diversity, let him get helping get rid of that. Yeah. 100% Traitor. That’s if you’re voting Republican, you’re not integrating or

no, not saying no. Okay. No, but this whole, like ultra conservative like getting rid of programs? Yeah.

Now, I don’t think he actually did that himself. They voted. They did

that, but like, and then put him in place. The other thing is that for the health department, they’re putting somebody who won’t even pass I guess there’s a state standards you have to meet to be the head of a health health department, they have to take a test or just has to have certain qualifications. I’m not sure exactly what in this person they don’t think will qualify at all. But so my county is literally going to be the one next time during a pandemic that won’t have any measures in place. Oh, so

this is two different services. I read one a couple days ago about the health. Oh, yeah. So

this is Phil, they did all my county doing it in one meeting their first meeting? Yeah, it wasn’t on the agenda. Yeah, brought it up. All these things they brought up that were basically a coup, a coup, like the first meeting. They all had together the like, let’s ruin this county.

Yeah. Because they didn’t like the masks and the social distancing. And in

schools requiring that name, you know, but they’re sitting on that’s a health department, then they’re like, Well, let’s take up the health department person who actually knew what they were doing health wise in general.

But I think the state health department would override that right

thing. So it sounds like they have to qualify and I don’t have that one in front of me. I thought it was in this one.

That’s embarrassing. One the when you bring in a politician he does. This is only a ploy. I mean, he doesn’t give a fuck

no, I doesn’t county No. Yes. care because he was running for some state seat.

Hillary, what’s her name? Hillary, Scotland, Michigan, Third Congressional District. And he was a former it was an employee of for audit. No, he was a on Trump’s administration. Yeah, I mean, he was tied in very much on that. Wow. So he doesn’t win. So he goes to auto account. Yeah. I know, this is there’s this smells like scandal all over the frickin place.

And it just hurts because again, there’s maybe reasons but like, I just do your first meeting. And now I’m in the county. And just seems like

so here’s my question for you a challenge. What are you going to do about it? We talked about the tic tac and then use

this platform to tell people to I don’t know. Well, somebody tell us what to do. Somebody tell us how we take care of it. Yeah, I

don’t I don’t even know what I would do. Like, what is my role as a citizen thinking this is ridiculous. Like, where do I who do I contact to say, I mean, you can’t contact the administration, because the board in the head administration are all wrapped up in this. You call the attorney general? I mean, I don’t know. Oh,

she’s already on this. Oh, I’m

sure NASA was all over. Yeah, you don’t want to mess with her but stupid County, but don’t you feel like it makes it look to everyone else that Ottawa County is all right, winged. I wonder what the numbers are actually though.

In editing in most areas. It’s right wing and Halon. You have a good liberal section. That’s why my county commissioner is is A Democrat, because I’m I’m I’m in the one where Yeah. I mean with with being a city, right, it’s gonna be more more liberal but there’s not enough in the city of Halon proper to make up for. Yeah, the whole rest of the county

and I’m okay if you’re if you’re, if you vote Republican, I owe him anything again for

the most time it was. But these were they ran in the Republican Party is the normal Republicans were too liberal, they ran as those okay. And then their first meeting, they’re like, let’s let all hell loose.

Again, how I’m confused if it’s illegal, who, how did it even like once it passed, they would have said, This doesn’t this is this isn’t fantasy camp, like you just don’t get to make your own rules.

And I think maybe the courts will decide, right? Isn’t that what courts are for? Hey, you didn’t do it in a legal way. You got to go back and do an illegal way. But

meanwhile, that’s going to take three years. Yeah.

They could vote stays on it. Anyways, I’m just bummed. I’m most bummed for people who are not white in my county feeling like they don’t have a place anymore. Yeah. Because everyone does belong in my county.

Yeah. And I think your honestly, your county probably has much, much more Spanish speaking people than black for sure. Yeah. But I mean, that’s diversity regardless.

And it’s saying that there’s and there’s a lot of Asian north side of Halon it’s just it’s just sad because the same, there’s not a place for you because freedom rings is not what it really means. Now, that is code for something far different. We

should go and just troll the shit out of his Twitter account. Gibbs Oh, yeah, just I mean, don’t be like don’t swear but just be like, are you serious? What are you even doing there? Yeah, you’re supposed to be a politician and you’re an administrator for an Ottawa County that’s all white and then you agree with getting rid of the diversity plan aren’t you black?

That’s gonna be my tweet. Feel like you canceled for that one now

I don’t care what do you I’m on cancel bitch you’re

on cancel

No, no one’s on cancel Well,

I’m just I’m just that anyways, well, based on this and the the orthodontist You’re welcome people to you on a high note a high note right adjacent gets a transition this out so have fun buddy.

Trenches out to what are we done John, word guy. Out of this. We

don’t have any more stories. transition us out.

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