Transcription for Ep. 201

Today on threads podcast Jason reads like Ron Burgundy Shaka, Mike asks us about our top five holiday foods. They’re delicious. We clear the air time to set the record straight. And we ask the deep deep questions of everyone on the show. Pizza or tacos. Let’s go hi guys welcome to threads podcast life unfiltered aka the greatest podcasts ever. We are glad that you’re joining us for this adventure we are on a mission to rid the world of Facebook fake Instagram, hickeys and Twitter takes and whatever the hell Megan said about tick tock and we’re back providing a space for unfiltered dialogue about faith go Jesus mental health and uncomfortable conversations giddy up. This is our season finale and what a better way to end the season than to bring Natalie and Megan who are these fine women they are our wives please give a warm welcome to Megan and Nat Oh Lee

Ron Burgundy that so I had so much fun writing

that was very funny I didn’t read the whole thing I just kind of glanced at it and I just wrote

clear was my favorite like a bullet point

yeah so So Jason didn’t just clears throat for no reason it said that in the rundown so this is gonna be a fun thing that we’re going to add what well I’m Ken might get Jason to say that’s perfect in the welcome.

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private room too. I heard you had a private room there you do you like a little bunkie yeah you because you were there so much. Like you might as well sleep here while you’re spending so much time with your vehicle.

Yeah, but no I seriously I have not been there so it’s good. But they are the best in the area for service on your car maintenance all that fun stuff. Again, you can call them at 532 6600 or schedule online Irvine SATCOM they fix everything except Tesla’s and Volkswagens Volkswagen they expensive, very, very expensive parts Chairman like, like it’s like a $300 oil change every time you go in there. So yeah, so that’s it. I just got clicked out or something. I hope it didn’t hit the stream room anyways. Oh, our Patreon is Joe Pk k Lisa K. Megan de Adam s and Chrissy de su De thank you so much. Just I did send a message out but I am stopping Patreon billing for the month of December. So you don’t have to worry about that. If I forget. I’m sorry. And I’ll give you a free month in January.

Or if not, it’ll just be a Christmas gift to us. Yeah, that’s true. That’s true. Merry Christmas. So two episodes in a row, folks. Well, last time I transitioned when I was supposed to top five we’ve been doing top five this month. And

I wrote on my phone this time.

We’re going to do top five, favorite Christmas or holiday foods should just be holiday. Not not Christmas. So we’re gonna do that. Hopefully, you’ve come with your list prepared. And ready? You’re just gonna do it from your airhead. Wow, we’re gonna trust or we’re gonna see how this turns out. Natalie, what is your fifth favorite holiday food peanut brittle? You never know while played you were talking on the way here that you are not going to do the normal

foods. So I’m not going to conform. I’m going to do my like my favorite that my family that I would

expect yours to be different from everyone else’s just like your Christmas movies. A white Christmas.

I don’t understand Charles. Richard fool’s that you don’t love those movies.

You know, it’s funny on Sunday, we were the group of people and people haven’t even watched white Chris.

I haven’t either. You haven’t? I never even heard of it. Okay.

Like Christmas. It’s on, like, seven times an hour. No.

I’m sorry. What that mean? Crosby. Oh, yeah, that song? Yeah. Yeah, I’ve heard of it. But is that from the movie? Yeah. Today.

Movie, White Christmas. So

I wonder. It’s interesting thought why I didn’t watch that as a kid. Like, I feel like that would be something isn’t a wholesome movie. Like, is it like? Good?

Okay. Yeah. Yeah, I didn’t watch it as a kid either. That was once I met you. So maybe it was me and West Michigan. We just don’t watch you know, like, good, old Christmas. I feel like

I feel like it has a theme in there or something that’s like, someone’s gay or something like Well,

there was the time. I mean, there were there was a little bit of like showing, so maybe it was a little too risque for 90 During the 90s in West Michigan.

Alright, Meghan, what’s your number five crap.

I totally remember. Ladies I prepared the other ones just lie stuffing sub, you’re prepared. Oh, was

okay Bakst or like me? Oh, good Natalie. So, so we’re on the way here because my dad’s making the stuffing and she wants to buy back stuffing because she likes back stuffing more

because I have I said what I say it was classless and they’re like, yeah,

it’s it’s good. It’s the number one brand in the world. There’s a reason for

that people made their own stuffing. Oh, really just big.

Big deal. Well, my mom makes the same one. It’s gonna be a two hour every year Nulty nobody really likes box stuffing.

I used to love box potatoes instead potatoes over so grilling

potatoes. I didn’t

like the lumps over rail But dad

had a textural issue with and also an offense. I made a moment. He’s like, Yeah, I’m not going to eat.

Gerald. Husband I love him. Never dating never there should have been your sign to Rob Oh,

she was probably more teen sign.

Like I’m out of here don’t like real mashed potatoes. Would it be funny though,

if the mashed potatoes that was the deciding factor? Why did you choose to break up?

I mean, that’s, that’s that’s a rough relationship if that broke you,

Jason Gerald. What’s your fifth favorite holiday?

Adam Schwab has never watched White Christmas while he

should do it tonight. Do have you watched it? No. See?

We’re normal. You guys are the weirdos which is fair. Number five for me is Smurf rolls.

Watch that’s number five for you. Yeah, I

really liked those.

Hey, gotta be hired. So what I mean weird Yeah,

so weirdly two things on this list are from my family would that I don’t talk to who so my parents used to get these ideas bakery and genossen they’re that we call them sport Smurf rolls because they kind of looked like the Smurf house yeah, like the smart house and they’re just delicious there’s nothing like crazy awesome with them but I we never really ate them other than like holidays are really really special events as special as a blue no no sorry. They bake

them in like a tin cupcake thing. So you just get the whole six pack of tin but it the top of it boils way over like a muffin so fun Yeah, it’s like a little Oh, they’re they’re good. I should go we should get them every year but there’s something about

jettison. genossen for you

every time I’m in jettison doing Little Debbie I’m in genossen Meyer walking around like with my head on a swivel. Oh yeah. And then I’m right at the registers like stalking anyways

you remember how cool the genossen Meyer used to be? No, because it was so oddly she hid everything still

got that this upstairs to remember where it looked over the

Yep, interesting. My Top Five is Turkey. Stop fine. That’s good. That’s good. Nearly your fourth

should have prepared ah

it’s all in my

whatever your tap I know what my tap will I know what my first one is? Um, I’m going to say I bet

we get some reap turkey.

Oh, you just remembered my

shipping like to you don’t have

monopolies you said it right after me with that having somebody just like oh, what did he say? Turkey? Yeah. 100% I’m sorry. I was turkeys. Not higher up for you. You love turkey all year. We cooked turkey even in like

a whole turkey. Good turkey breast. Oh, yeah. Just still quite a bit in August. Yeah.

Why? Because she

likes to she likes superior meat.

Compared to some steak. This family does not like okay, we’ll get to that. Oh, done all this again. What

is your fourth? Jason’s picking his nose?

I got a runny nose. It’s COVID

You’ve COVID COVID Before we see

Yeah, so they’re called Niepce there. It’s rutabaga.

But it’s basically like

the root vegetable. You ever seen the story?

Ever heard of it? I don’t eat root vegetable. They’re

like potatoes

when you mash a little sweet and you mash them up and put butter on them and they’re good. Shut your mouth hair

terrible Mike.

Did it taste like beets?

I feel like if I made them they might be better moms are like weirdly watery.

Jason Gerald Ford,

glazed carrots. Like like sugar carrots, basically. Yeah.

What’s candy? It

is candy. So good.

It’s still a carrot tastes can’t do it. Oh,

they do not like carrots at all. No. What about cake form?


I mean, I really don’t like carrots. No, I’m learning a bunch of things tonight.

make me want to puke? What about you? My fourth is pumpkin. pie.

What not a

huge fan of pumpkin pie. I’ll eat it if like I have a sweet hankering and I’m at a holiday party and that’s all that they have. But I will not seek it out ever.

How about how about the other two? You learn? Yeah. Oh, yeah. With with um whipped cream or without with

has to be an equal pie to whipped cream.

Smaller whipped cream. No, you don’t? Yeah, I like the pumpkin tastes you for me of the pie on the webcam. Let’s go.

Number three for me is sweet potatoes. What? They’re the best potato. It’s the best food in the world.

Did they just skip us?

Oh, sorry. I went a while I’m

moving to New York so it’s not the same everything I said Turkey twice out of here. Let’s

go we’re getting the shit done. Yeah, sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes.

love people. I do. I am not in the worst one is sweet potato pie.

That’s my next one pumpkin pie but not sweet.

They’re totally different. Well, I know they are different people who tried to say they’re the same Natalie are so wrong. They’re so much better than pumpkin. Oh, it’s all strange. No, So

Natalie, number three is potato pie.

I’ve never had sweet potato pie. So good. You’ve never made one try. We eat sweet potatoes, like probably on a regular weekly basis.

My parents did because like what the South Beach Diet you’re supposed to eat? like sweet potatoes.

They’re good. They’re way better than regular potatoes. They have more nutrients in them. Yeah, they’re not

actually the friend. They’re not near as healthy as they thought comparatively like they’re both healthy

because he doesn’t like

number three, we’re going to kitty corner. I’m going three before her. You just said three dashed taters is my mashed potatoes. Especially at poverty. Poverty there. You’ve never had our mashed potatoes. You would change your mind back.

You remember the MP we had friends that made us wanted they? They made us mashed potatoes. But it was like full of cream cheese and butter. And it was so good. And I had straight up diarrhea and I am gonna die.

You’re no longer friends because you’re like, Well, I can’t be friends with you anymore. I ruined your bathroom. Sorry about that.

I just I’m gonna go to Brussels sprouts. Roasted

royal roast are so good.

So good.

Everything about brussels sprouts. Nobody no bake

and just oil and salt. Well the key is with those you got to eat them hot because the second day cold.

Like brings. Yeah,

what makes your whole house? Oh, gotcha.


our house smelled like a fart due to broccoli like that. Or cauliflower. Oh, so we want to do cauliflower.

Oh, love cauliflower.

What is wrong with you? Anyway,

enter me I think Michael needs seeds some more vegetable vegetables are

a hard pass for you

to really taste now like vegetables for me to like

but if they’re it but if they’re basically sugar carrots, you’re still passed

on because it says a carrot hint of care. I hate you.

Your mom should be ashamed of herself.

Natalie, your top are your second favorite. Most favorite.

It would be twice baked potatoes. Oh, I don’t think my dad always does twice baked potatoes for Christmas. So you like bake the potato in the new scoop that guts out kind of like a deviled egg but potato. I’ve never

had a choice of a potato. So yeah,

you like scoop the inside out and you mash it all up with whatever you want inside of it. You put it back in and you bake it like no he’s

never had it. So good. I like my my potatoes pretty plain. I don’t like any cheese or sour cream or nothing on it. Just a little bit of butter.

Do you just take it raw and just like take a bite? No. I like

NAS on it. potater.

Megan are your second favorite?

second favorite. reaching, reaching? No, no, no. Um, was it a Dutch apple pie or apple crisp? Something like that. Apple Crisp was like

the crumbles on that. Yes. Okay.

She’s reaching. Yeah, she just pulled that out on it. But it is delicious. It is. I’m not gonna lie. She makes it like three times a year

maybe? Yeah, cuz we eat it in one sitting in the

fat asses. All right. My number two is steak.

That’s my number two. Is it? Yeah, yes. Okay, tell me how you like your steak. God. I am.

I’m like, medium. Okay, that’s a right around where I’m like, I don’t like it. Like, I don’t like it dark. Purple. You know what I mean? When it’s like a little bit raw. Like I like it. Pink like all the way through. Okay, as long as it’s not more done than that. Yeah. Oh, no. I grew up. Megan. You saw his joke. When she met our family. My parents would like burn everything to a freaking crisp.

What does that mean? Well, my parents Oh, really? There it was like Taylor was born. Ellis. This was it was gray. Like their stake would be great.

Oh, yeah. The burgers would be on there for 45

I watched Jason Dad cook a hot dog for 15 minutes

or less of the hat though they couldn’t have been much left of that hat. It was

in the kids where it was like seconds he was already on the grill but like some of the other little kids were like, We want more hot dogs and like they finally just gave up on their lives because they weren’t ever gonna get back in the pool.

Never ever get a hotdog. Ah, so steak. That is number two. That’s really should be number two. And number one, we’ll go with Meghan first. What was your number one favorite sugar cookie? Oh, you went as complete dessert.

I like that. I like sweets. Nice. Like what kind of sugar cookies your mom sugar cookies. God dammit.

Marriage cookie.

No, I got the cookie recipe a long time ago and I nailed it.

Maybe Maybe you’ve made it better. So it’s really not his mom’s anymore. It’s yours. Yeah, we should go with that. Jason. What?

She’s dead so it’s definitely hers. No,

that what I will say that one. Your mom’s cookies is not a bad association. Like yeah, I daresay I saw

Jason’s face. A little bit like it was maybe a little bit of association. Well, why don’t you just wait? Oh, what Jason was your

number one fucking those cookies.

You shouldn’t do that to those cookies. You should eat them instead.

No, I was surprised you pick that I was like, because I had said earlier had to do with my family Smurf. And then oh, that one which is weird because I don’t have a lot of stuff where I’m like, take pride in like bad associate.

I thought you’re in New cheesy potatoes. But I knew my number one which was good too.

I’m gonna have to add that in like to 2.5 Steak with cheesy potato. No, I

think I get bumped out sweet potatoes for cheesy.

Oh, for sure. Now you don’t get them very often. Yeah, true.

There’s so much crap in them. I will

tell you the cookies are will have to give you some description. Yeah. They’re incredible. It’s mostly the frosting. It’s insane.

Is it like ultra sweet or a little bit of like, the cookies are

very, not very nice. We but they’re not sweet. And so then you get the sweet frosty news.

Chef get coffee can drink coffee with it like that. That’d be a great like bitter and sweet. Bitter. Yeah,

I mean, yeah, I guess I’ve never done that. I usually drink a gallon of milk when I Oh,

that works. Now, what’s your favorite

jellied cranberry sauce?

The Cat in the can oh yeah, like

bridges and

I’ll eat it right out of the can.

No way that’s garbage. That’s almost as bad as fruitcake.

So mine is the perfect bite. Which is a bite that includes Turkey Korean canned cranberry sauce, gravy, mash mashed potatoes and corn all in one bite. The perfect bite there’s there’s like all the different flavors and textures. That’s interesting and what a beautiful last bite. I know it is

Have you ever made like a grilled sandwich with all those things? There

was a there’s a place in Holland that did it for a bat and then

they stopped he lit up when you said

yeah we always do the day after Thanksgiving we’ll take like the extra rolls and the turkey stuffing and just make one big like mess yes

yeah I’m I don’t like turkey for Thanksgiving and you know after Mike’s dad passed and I like it was never heard of him tonight well we would go to their house to you know and they’d always make turkey but then I became our our house became the location for Thanksgiving and we started we’re going to do steak.

Well you do not like turkey other than

on my sandwiches I like it delis then sliced and everything with like with Miracle Whip and cheese and all that stuff but like regular Turkey is just dry

Oh see it’s the dryness it’s dry and

it’s it’s it’s a turkey was never drawn Have

you tried to deep fry your turkey

we have never tried that that against terrified of burning down

well maybe that would happen alleyway alleyway anymore

in the street.

The road middle,

slow down.

Stay to the right.

Because your parents did that for a while and was really good.

Yeah, we did a turkey fryer for his birthday one year because he’s always wanted one.

I think they’re delicious. Yeah, I mean, I bet it would be it it probably locks in the moisture inside and

cooks way faster. Yeah. So well,

those are all good who’s knocking on their chair?

Mike might have been me. I bet it’s

you know it’s not my hands are here. Just sitting there a plane with yourself. Yes, fight by the end of this. I know Jason’s got all like technical who care just just edit it out or just leave it in? I’ll be fine.

I can cut that because

no good. What are you talking about?

I’m gonna leave it all in every one of our fans is gonna be super pissed.

They’ll be fine. You’re gonna

have no next year. No, nobody’s gonna stay on Patreon. Yeah,

we’re gonna January’s gonna go billings gonna happen. It’s gonna be You know, so we want to do do a airing of the grievances or clearing of the air if you you have not you have not even looked at this have you? You are not expecting glance. See, I saw it in her eyes I was like oh god

I was wager she did the same thing I did I wanted to make sure that all those questions in the next section where that I put good thought I did that and I

saw it sounds like you’re gonna bring some good content. And that

said, No, I did. Look at this next section. I don’t remember what it was.

The airing of the grievances.

Well, I think I might have to cut a lot out. I think

if you didn’t cut anything out of the 200 show, you’re not cutting anything. I didn’t listen to fun. I called in and it was like a circus. Like how

it was a little circusy funny. This is a complete side when I was never I edited that one channel with everyone on it. Yeah. And I was playing it and everything all I could hear were Kate and Meghan laughing like they were laughing That doesn’t make sense. I’m just cutting like garbage and then I would play to make sure if it was something valid, it would be them to laughing so this is basically 20 minutes of reading around but

that out cut that out. Cut that out. Yeah, but no so the space is like if you because again you always tell us that the things we say are wrong. This is your space now to say hey, the things you said well, I mean often

seldom I would take it down

because we did this last time and we had some stuff um, I was gonna pop up the episodes and and see

Yeah, because Natalie gets a call in was awesome.

So I’ll just read the episodes. Mike shares the bombshell and Jason wins award. Jason’s dog battles the skunk and Mike absurd amount of screen time. Jason, we

should follow up on that. How is your screen time?

No. We’ll go around to our screen times in a minute.

Brad’s podcast. We’ll be back after a quick break.

What is gym total? Well, first of all it stands for you must be thinking of another podcast. And second of all, it’s those unhinged conversations you have with your best friend we talking about whether it’s okay to not wash your legs in the shower. We wonder what variety of apples would make the best names for racehorses. We talked about our real life problems, and we argue about basically everything else so come to him topia, he craves movie reviews, how to veins and society’s problems or just the company of friends. We’ll see you there. Every Monday.

Jason’s bladder issue what’s up with Mike screen time Jason is an atheist Mike gets fat shamed. proud dad moment for Jason and Mike Jason calls out bowl I don’t know. Oh, bully. Jason drops a mental health bomb Mike was wrong. Half Marathon. Marathon results. Jason’s work frustration a lot of Jason issues in here. Some of its cut off. I don’t know the end of it. Sure. Well, I don’t I don’t know. I’d have there’s no way to figure that out either. Well, you have to click on each one you deal rod. Anyway, so those are the title. So I don’t know if you remember anything like that in any of those issues? Or episodes that you?

Well, I think you did a really good job of clarifying the range and

I did I did stress that well you did and that like they didn’t understand how much we were laughing about it the whole time.

I was gonna text you. I’m a garbage person, but I was gonna be like, Yeah, cuz I couldn’t get through to Jason to be like, Yeah, you did such a good job clarifying. I think we just like get right back into it. And so

Wait a minute. What about this laughing part? You didn’t say you guys are having a good time? It sounded like pretty much all negative.

Did that make you nervous? No,

it made me bad you

just didn’t. You didn’t say like I did. No, no, I

don’t. I looked at Mike when you said laughing I’m like I don’t remember her saying anything about laughing joking the whole time about it. That was never sad either.

I quit All right,

see you later.

That’s true. So I just don’t remember that.

I don’t either you were like acting like it was a serious thing and that like you guys were joking about how you needed Xanax?

Well, I think we don’t laugh about it right? Yeah.

Oh, no. No turns back

Oh, it was really sad. Oh, it’s really funny. Oh, it’s really sad.

I don’t think we ever said it was sad it was just

No we weren’t like walking around and like cam had to like lead us through the crowd because we couldn’t see through our to

know the reason why it was tolerable to you shorties. Cam is taller than Jason I bet now two towers above them.

Can I just say episode 199 i It’s exactly one hour and zero seconds. I was just looking at the time not even listening

to us. Well,

you guys are liars. So

there is so there can be a duet ality and joking around. Tick tock that talks about

meal tonight from tick tock Yes, we

did tick tock kind of day it was. But I think there can be like, we were joking about it, but you can laugh about things that you also think are kind of an issue.

Well in the air. It’s so fun when somebody fully understands the situation that you’re in. And yeah, when you commiserate, yeah, there, there was a lot of commiserating. And we just got giggly?

Yes. Well, and because you guys are clearly on the very same page about it. And we are also on the very same page, and they were very different, like, side a side B, because you guys understand what you two are saying, and we understand what we’re saying. And then we explain it to you and you’re like, I don’t understand why you still angry right now.

Well, I thought you were I can. Okay, were you mostly anger, mostly laughing?

Well, in the

moment, they were laughing. We were joking about it. But it’s not 100% A joking topic.

But was it mostly one or the other?

I would say it was mostly not a joking topic.

I feel like we are both stressed and doing the like anxious stress thing.

started running. I just think we looked at each other. We’re like, okay, okay. And coffee.

Did you say so? Anyways,

now we just went let’s distract ourselves by walking to Starbucks.

Oh, I’ll figure out what your thing is. When you’re uncomfortable. You have a different laugh when you’re in come through it. Yeah. You send a telegram today and you had this weird laugh was like that says,

what’s yours?

What was I uncomfortable in Telegram for Chase? I

don’t know. Jason said it. So anyways. Oh, yeah. You’re the one that called out and he told me

when I tell you she used she used to tell me what Ben’s cue was too.

So I’m not gonna say she’s the one that talks about all that. So anyway.

I don’t think it truly is. I just think that’s your your transition.

Oh, it’s a great transition. So it’s actually not. So that one. What

about airing of the grievances? Do you guys have an area? No, no, because

Jason I get? I don’t because we get to talk about it.

Yeah, that’s the advantage of us having the podcast not to like rip you a new one. But just we get to tell our side of the story. And honestly, I haven’t had a lot of at least in this season. A lot of like you and I haven’t had a lot of issues. Yeah, like not a lot of arguments or things or anything, or at

least ones we’ve talked about. Talked about them more. Well, I mean,

we have but I mean nothing that I feel like I need to say out loud on the show. Not for embarrassment, just it’s not enough for me to even think about Jason’s not not being unfiltered. I love that. He’s trying to poke the bear Of course. I mean,

what about us? What about me?

What about you guys? Perfect relationship.

The best the greatest?

It’s been a busy season. I just felt like the whole the season has just kind of flown by. And now that it’s the end of the season, the end of the semester whatever you guys call it,

season all semester. Or trimester like

when you went back and read when you went back and read all those things, but I don’t even remember because you don’t listen. I listen to most of them she does most most

back and you listen all of them not all

you knew this I let us every season probably all of the ones that you and Mike have done

okay, that’s I’m not asking from episode one I’m taking the last season No I didn’t.

I did not listen to 200 I probably won’t I didn’t listen to him why

I didn’t listen to two you never listened to no I mean I used to now I just don’t

like so just started and ended so we get the place no that’s false advertising you didn’t

do that? No Natalie shell you always push

I thought you were right or die push false every time

give us the download so it can help us especially now that there’s ads every once in a while for 10 seconds

that’s Mad Max I don’t listen to that. I don’t listen to the ads. Are you

bless America there used to be

more money How does he tell if I skip through the ad? We can’t tell

you but I don’t know but it was shown a view give us a download I’ll do it right now. Yeah Yeah Please play it in the mighty Yeah,

I can’t can we do wormhole yeah that is our fate we

haven’t done a wormhole in a while

all right let’s do wormhole while Mike transition yeah let’s find backup it

like wormhole

you don’t worry you don’t worry. There. Thank you.

Good night Adam. Thanks for popping in.

Here’s how you can add them out. All right, hold

on. We’re gonna do wormhole as I

said, this is gonna be tear were like five times.

Don’t you feel appreciated? It’s gonna be here?

No, I don’t think it’s gonna be long because they didn’t prepare.

You know, if you guys had prepared, you would say, Hey, I feel like maybe you had a grievance about this thing. And then you would have filler content. I don’t show you invited us to oh,

what’s I don’t remember what nail it gets mad at me about well, I could be too long. And the thing is, too, we have a well what to do. I don’t remember what nail it gets mad at. Me too long. Saying is

too we have

do what needs pizza, steak. pizzas,

you gotta give it some time,

I probably won’t be listening to this episode, either.

I’ll cut this out. You gotta give it some time.

I won’t be listening.

So we’re just gonna keep going and keep adding whatever we say.

And it keeps going and going. And

we’re not just going to keep adding whatever we say.

And it keeps going up. So apparently, this is a guy thing. Why? Anyways, nevermind. Well,

there’s some games. Speaking of Tic Tac Toe now. But it’s Avery tells me it’s the funniest game and she made me play it and it’s like a piece of bread pops up or a butter or a butterfly. And you’re supposed to like get them in a row, I think. But you say it out loud. And she’s dying. And like, I don’t know why this is so funny. But it’s on the phone. Yeah. So you’re watching the screen. And she sent me a video of her doing it and she’s cracking up and I was like, I still don’t understand this game. That’s what just happened.

Okay. Thank you for clarifying. Joe your tic tac games.

And she’s gonna go play your tic tac game right now. We’ve we’ve lost her. She’s done with the show. Yeah. How

do we get you back? I got my show notes right here. Oh, that is some crap. That is way more than I have. I applaud you.

At all, this is you did it. It’s completely over your head. That’s incredible. Yeah.

So I’m gonna ask the question, and hopefully by the time it gets back around to me, Oh, there you go. Natalie, what is my worst habit? Okay, actually, wait, I should back up. I should actually introduce a second. Yeah, good. Good thing. I haven’t done 200 episodes.

Sounds like a cluster.

When you add more people to a room, it just gets in my body.

So Jason last time, answered the question for Meghan. And he answered what her worst habit was. So I think he wants to throw everyone under the bus by having us answer that. So I was like, Hey, let’s let’s have more. Yeah. So let’s see. Listen to that. Oh, oh.

She’s not gonna listen to it. Why’d you bring it up deck? Didn’t you like? I couldn’t text you about it. I wouldn’t. It wouldn’t got to quicken. I guess you have to listen. We’ll see you next season. So we got what, let’s see. We’ll see you at the end of March. And you can have your airing of grievances.

So Jason may have shared one or multiple worse habits.

Yeah, it was just basically how you take your clothes. When you change. You just throw all your clothes on my side of the bed. And not like put them out. Yeah, it’s not here. You don’t have horrible habits.

I mean, that sounds there’s not the worst part. You need to listen to hear the worst part. I’m gonna throw you under the bus now.

I don’t remember it. I did the podcast and edit it. I

don’t know. I’m gonna have to listen.

We’re gonna get apply. Anyway. Emily, what is what is my worst habit? Because I Oh,

these are a bunch of questions. Oh, yeah. Just the whole cluster. Let’s actually you know, I thought would have been fun. And I forgot to mention this ahead of time. It would have been fun of you guys. If like we have our answers for what we think you would say. And it’s well

we can still do this. Do that again. We can still do it. The game show.

I’m really tempted. Or whatever.

No, the newlywed game the newlywed


How did I know? I’m the oldest one in here. It’s a really old show. Oh, we could still do that.

Okay, yeah, what do you think I’m gonna say is your worst habit?

Starting projects and not finished?

One points

partly we already have this conversation today. Oh,

turn cam finished a project that cam and I started

is that the studio? Studios? Did you Is that what you finish?

Yes. Because I knew when this project started. I will be finishing this. Well

in his defense he had

Hey, hey, hold on.

He lost all his equipment because of you know, and you know them and so I can see why he didn’t finish it.

It’s up there’s still not podcasts and stuff in there. There’s just for cam to play it’s basically cams man cave now. Yeah, but I think eventually Yeah, we want to get to Yeah, once there’s stuff in there. Well, we land a giant client we’re gonna cut a check and equipment. There you go.

Anyways, don’t give me that walk just for this project there the rest of the only the rest of them he can he can burn.

So there’s actually a video I sent you today. Did you see that? Did you love that? No. Is it real? It’s real life. Let’s talk about this guy. He was gonna mow the grass, but then you saw their leaves. He was gonna get a bag for the leaves. But then there wasn’t bags and he noticed the wall and he started painting the wall too, so he can mow the grass. So add that to my brain. That’s how

I clean our house. All right, flip

it around.

730 So why don’t we go to one of you guys and then we’ll come back. All right, what’s

my worst habit?

No, you’re supposed to get sorry.

What do you think I’m gonna say for your worst habit? Oh.

Leave pee on the toilet seat.

That’s what you think your worst habit?

Oh shit. How’s it gonna keep this light? I don’t know that.

Tell us tell us his worst habit. Interrupting. It’s a twofer. He not only is Jason an interrupter, but sometimes he also interrupts because he thinks he knows. He knows what you’re about to say. And so he’ll just stop you and interrupt and usually 65% of the time, not what I was gonna say. And he just assumes what I’m about to say.

I’m gonna blame that on trauma brain because I’m trying to control the situation. And that’s because I never had control when I was a kid.

I don’t care. It’s so hard. And he doesn’t want to seem defensive. So it’s usually an argument situation, and I’m trying to explain like, my feelings are what hurt me and then he’s like, I know. And then bla bla bla bla and like, not what I was gonna effing say. And now I’m mad.

You know, I have to like pinch my leg in conversations because I want to like I’m like, just sitting there pinching myself to not interrupt because I really do try to work on it. But

well, I mean, even she was saying that I could see you like.

Then she also gets after me because I don’t give her enough time after she stopped speaking like when she’s done. Like, if there’s a millisecond. I’m like, I’m in. You know what I mean? I don’t give her like three seconds to know if her thought is done. And so yeah, I try to get in right away.

Can we go back to why you don’t want to pee off the toilet seat?

I don’t know. Are

you the seat itself is relatively clean, but it’s like he’s trying to put out a fire. Well, I

know. I know. That’s not what it’s from. I pee sitting down. And then when I get up at dribbles on the lip, not the not the actual rim, but the actual seat part. I don’t pee with the seat down. Standing.

You keep the door open. I’m aware of how up

Yeah, it’s more of just a little drips. You know, I tried to shake it while I’m sitting. That’s

also because you get an old like, it doesn’t just, that’s true.

Oh my

God, his morning peace. I will just sit up and if he gets up for me, I just lay back down in bed because I will stand outside the bathroom for minutes. And you know, a minute is a long time when you’re waiting. And if I have to pee. I’m like, I’m just gonna go back to sleep for five more minutes. Wait.

It’s terrible in the morning. It is. Does not

wait. I’m not looking forward to getting old and that Natalie, what do you think I’m gonna say your worst habit is?

I think there’s two. Okay. Leaving the hair in the shower drain, which I’ve really been working on.

Well, let her finish. No, no,

but that’s one of them. But then taking credit for cleaning it and acting like you’re the only one who cleaned it.

One time that happened. We’re just writing that out. Fun.

Did you brag about it on Facebook?

I shut up. The second one I’d be like probably putting things away.

Oh, my biggest one is that you’ll come? You’ll you’ll want people to help but then not let them help.

Like if I asked you to do something and then you don’t get up and do it.

Oh, but if like or like you’re like I’ve got to do dishes. I gotta do this. I’m like, Cameron. I can help you like, Oh, okay. Oh, yeah, it’s like forgetting that other people can help. Yeah, so but yeah, the hair in the drain and then taking credit for cleaning that even one ever day. One time that happened. I know but we were driving like yeah, key here. Thanks.

Did you pull it out? Yeah.

Did it go like you

pull it out of here. It was a pretty big Yank.

Pull it out and put it back in. So she said no Beckett

next question.

Oh, we got to

do us. Oh, gotta go back. Sorry. Compute. Ah,

maybe we shouldn’t do the alternating. No, it’s a good. She’s got Yeah.

My worst habit is being unorganized and not knowing what’s happening on a daily basis with her

namely, nope. Oh, I went light

with my stuff. Oh, I’m sorry.

Real now come on. You gotta go on. I mean, that’s

not the clothes thing is it? You already know. What’s another one?

Yeah. It’s another one.

It’s another one of my worst

leaving sock sellers. Yes.

So that’s normally what guys will do that so that’s you just use x everywhere

you just peel them off and wherever she is and just kicks them off. It doesn’t matter.

I’m gonna say my shovel shove them in our couch. If I’m sitting our couch, I’ll put them in a little crack. So I’ll well I won’t lose them, but then I’ll lose

them straight on the floor. Like they go off sometimes I fling them. Yeah. And then

the dog when he loves to pick them up and carry him around as treasures.

Do it bring Him joy? Yeah.

With the dog. All right. Second question who inspires your spouse to be better? Let’s just answer them normally. I don’t think we do. I’m confused with the newlywed game. I think it’s fine. Okay, all right. Well, then someone has to help me through it because I’m trying.

I will try to remember. Please. So wait. So exactly. It’s hard to do

you answer for

or what do you what do you think I’m gonna say? Yeah,

I would say it’d be your grandparents inspire you to be better? Yeah. Ah, okay for cry.

Know that. You’re pulling back.

Yeah, so your grandparents, especially on your mom’s side? Yeah. Trying to be like them in life. Yeah.

That’s cool. Is that the cigarette smoking Causton. Grandpa that? Did you have somebody that he was kind of a badass? Like, he just kind of like, no, no, I swear. He told me it was like he was like, must have been or was it like the dirty talk? Or he was

he could be slightly inappropriate. very humorous.

Like, like, your normal Christian. So you’re, like struggling with what to say

for the first time Mike ever met my grandpa. We’re at a Chinese restaurant and grandpa was from Tennessee. So he had a Sunday hat on. Yeah. And a suit. And he was so gentle spoken and southern accent just the cutest little thing. And we’re sitting across the restaurant and I didn’t have time to warn Mike. And all of a sudden my group goes Hey, Mike. Hey, Mike.

You’re grabbing me off double

fingers like a litmus test.

Like, Grandpa just gave me the finger. I’m like, yeah, he doesn’t have time to warn. Yeah, that’s hilarious. That’s what I met like, yeah, kind of worse conversation. He met him and he looks at him and he looks at me and he goes to Italy. She is not nearly as ugly as you said. He was fantastic.

So you just

like to shock people.

Anyways, that’s what I meant. I didn’t mean he was like a drinker. Or like, I was just thinking there was something unique about an old man that was like in I remember the middle, especially

like a Baptist, like put together person. Yeah. Well, there’s three piece suits. And yeah, when

I was coming to the double barrel, and you Oh, yeah, rush

in a Chinese restaurant on Sunday night out to eat on a Sunday. Oh, my gosh, I know how dare you know those crazy

behind whoever’s taking the picture to and say smile for the birdie and give us all the finger. So the new person would be like, Wow,

see the family photos? Like, okay. Meghan, what are you gonna say Jason’s, who inspires him to be better. Um

I think Jason’s inspires himself to be better. He’s very self motivated. I don’t think you’ve had to be very self motivated. I’d like to think that, like his family has something to do with that. But I think doing well with your kids inspires you to be better, because you don’t get to them to emulate like the yucky bits. But you also take little bits of inspiration from like, whoever the row the boat guy as you guys keep talking about, like, the role of the boat guy or your friends motivate you like you take these little bits and just kind of like incorporate them into like

one superhuman? Yeah. Yeah.

Was it was it was it in therapy? Like there was a super few human that you had made?

Yeah, well, it was like the my protector right, then I can’t remember what I named them. Yeah. We actually named Well, it was like, like the Gladiator. It was the gladiator but then I actually didn’t name him and I can’t remember, I’m not in therapy anymore. So I’ll email

you guys texting each other. No, I’m

texting him. He

texted me. Oh, it looks like you guys are texting each other. Natalie, who would you say inspires me

very similar to what Meghan said, actually. And that’s where I was gonna go. I think your previous self of 10 years ago, inspires you to be a better person today because you weren’t happy and yeah. And you didn’t love the outcomes of who that Michael? So I think not being him inspires you to push forward and be better and be different. Yeah. Oh, good was words. The boat? What is that from? And you know what, don’t tell me I just I don’t want to.

I’ve asked to know and I still I told you, David Goggins book

can’t hurt me is the book in case you want to get get it on Audible.

It’s already on Audible. We are an account. You don’t have to have to auto you can listen to it on my account. You guys won’t like it.

Right after he listened to the last episode of threads.

Let’s play it for five seconds. Just give us a pity play.

And then Jason J. Who do you think inspires Megan to be a better person?

I mean, my answer was her therapist, honestly. And me. I do. I think I inspire her to be a better person. I think there’s a lot of times where I motivate her, sometimes not in an appropriate way. But we work through that to just be better and do better things. And, but I think her therapist has really helped her I don’t know anyone else in her life that

inspires you. And our kids.

Yeah, but that’s a cop out like to Neff on that last episode. I

don’t so it’s not a cop out though. Because you want to model better for your own kids. Right? Like I don’t want to keep being

right but I wouldn’t say they like I guess I guess you could use that as an to me it’s inspire like oh, like the president inspires me or that person like I look at it like oh, they do something amazing. So I am inspired by it. I guess I’m looking at it like that not so much is like you love the kid so it’s inspiring you to be better is that isn’t the same I just don’t

want them to turn out like me. So I It inspires me to be a better

I guess my point is I look at it inspiring is like the person is like a complete badass so I inspires me like you don’t look at the kids like they’re badass is am I think you’re

you might be flirting between inspire and aspire. Like you want to Yeah,

Goggins? I don’t aspire to be him. He just inspires me to work harder and roll the boat. Carry the boat. All right.

Is it scary?

It is scary as well. Yeah. And I was

gonna say who’s gonna run the boat?

Yep. Who’s rowing the boat? Who’s gonna carry the boat? Who’s got the paddle?

No, but like your I understand that where you guys are both coming from I think you can be inspired by people that you are responsible, responsible for and want to turn out better and you can be inspired by somebody who has done a lot and that pushes you but I think as kids like, I think when you see the things that you suck it in your kids, you’re like, yeah, I gotta work on that because that’s ugly in them. I thought it was cute and me but that’s ugly.

Or you know, it came from you and you’re like

so spouse’s biggest pet peeve when we guess when that’ll see, clutter would be one in people who just stick around and things that they know are not good for them, but that’s just where they’ve been. Habitual stickers. Yes.

I think I screwed up. Sorry. God, I interrupted

Megan, I feel so bad for you.

You should I just fucking did it. Like I would just steamrolled right over your

way to something completely. That wasn’t even gonna be close to whatever.

Yeah, it was. Okay.

What did I skip one did I? Oh,

I was just gonna say that. I think I got like habit and pet peeve mixed up like pet peeve is more lighthearted and then have it is more deep. Anyways. So

that was really needed. Jason.

Is he correct? Those are your pet peeves.

Oh, yeah. Are there any others that like you’d say are your top pet views?

Don’t think so. I think that’s pretty good.

Um, Megan, what do you think?

Well, I think Jason’s pet peeves are, Lord.

This is the one thing she prepped for. Yeah.

Is that writing is just for this answer. Just the puppy, you

know, people who aren’t doing their job. And there’s lots of categories of jobs. So like driving your car on the expressway is a job like your job to be a good driver. So if you’re not doing your job correctly, I think that’s one of Jason’s high pet peeves. Okay. Disagree.

No, no, I don’t I just It’s interesting how you said like, so basically life. Everyone has a job. Well, if you want to generalize it to that Well, I mean, you just said like, you’re driving it’s a job or you’re putting your sweatshirt on it’s a job or you’re

being being on time is a job

that’s not a job. That’s common courtesy.

Oh, me down the river after I

so we get to separate that people who don’t do their jobs, bad drivers,


Bad customers so.

So Mike’s like three out of four of those a day.

My favorite is what he has a telegram message, and it’s going normal. And then for the next 20 seconds has nothing to do with what you’re talking about. person get off the room. If you’re walking down the sidewalk it is not

I said that today. I heard that because the kitchen today that was me today. It was like 20 seconds. I was like, it wasn’t 20 it was like seven. I couldn’t

figure out what you’re mad at Mike for walking on the sidewalk.

No, no, I had nothing to do with my printing. Yeah,

it’s probably very weird to hear some of those conversations. Yeah, yeah. Well, because sometimes all I hear is you responding because that’s true. That’s true. And sometimes it’s a game I play with myself. Like what are they talking?

Oh. I believe you played them out loud.

Oh, yeah. I mean, at home. I mean, ever. What’s one like cam? You just heard that. But But I mean, also, I will be talking and she’ll be like, are you talking to? Oh, to Jason or to me? conversation.

I just now ignore Jason until he says my name and I know specifically he’s talking to me, and then he’ll get upset. He’s like, Hey, I have stopped

ever hear me? Like I’m thinking about that’s me letting her know that I’m in the room and I’m talking to you. And

if I flip it the other way, though, it sounds like like you should say Megan, and then she’ll know that.

I have tried to to not do that anymore.

Okay. Oh, good.

So where were we lost? So back here? Yep. Natalie, what are what do you think I’m gonna say is my biggest pet peeve.

So, Kevin, I have a joke that we have a book. And that’s going to be called my biggest pet peeve by Michael J. vandrie. Oh, page is something different, because it’ll be inconvenience. But this is my biggest pet peeve. 32

Oh, so he says that willy nilly. Yeah,

well, I mean, no, they really are my biggest at that moment.

That’s fair.

So it is so you boiled it down the other day? Slight inconveniences. Were major in commands but mostly slight, slight or worse than major you handle?

You handle big things better than little things? Like if you’re like definitely sick. Oh, yeah. was much more pleasant to be around. If you have a cold that’s

kind of why you I mean, one you live with a lot more the little pet peeves but you want somebody when down and dirty when it’s terrible to be great,

right? I mean, but he handles the big inconvenience as he rolls with the punches a slight inconvenience and

it’s like the world as like our biggest pet so

what is what is one of his that maybe? I wouldn’t know? Because I don’t know. Like, we don’t spend a lot of time outside like driving around. I mean, you know, we’ve done

rad drivers.

Well, you know, the biggest one are people who sit through lights. What do you mean? Like turn turns green? Yeah. And they sit there for more than two seconds. Get off your stupid phone

and Oh, you mean it’s time to go? Oh, yeah, that annoys

like that probably driving I’m like once that light turns green. You should be ready for the light to turn green and ready to go instead of just sitting there

you don’t know annoys me when we’re returning laugh and someone doesn’t do just the one through the red that’s a general rule I’ll come flying up of like okay, I’m gonna be too and those MRFs hit the brakes and I’m like we’re gonna die because I am

I didn’t know people like so on the other side of the stage people don’t stop for blinking red turn like I never

just go go

several dailies up here like really? Yeah it’s up for nearly told me that I did that. And then got a ticket from a walker. So

you remember the first time you were driving? went to go see my parents and you stopped at the blinking red? You go you’re gonna get hit?

Yeah. Right people here don’t stop they go like it’s a green light.

I mean, it depends on the intersection. Yeah, if it’s a busy intersection or whatever, I might slow a little like a yield just to look right left and then go but I mean, if there’s no traffic coming towards me, I’m like, I ain’t stopping No. Anyways,

so that’d be my one of my biggest Okay, back to you guys. I forgot who is talent who I don’t get it.

The game Jason. What is Meghan’s biggest gonna say? About me?

No. What do you think? I’m gonna say my biggest pet peeve is

I still don’t get it about me.

No, she’s so much more complicated. I was excited if we filled out card separately and it said what is my biggest pet peeve and I answer what I what mine is, but I also answer what I think you yours is

trying to answer what I think your biggest pet peeve is.

Yeah, that’s what you’re doing right now.

I put pee on the toilet seat. What else did I have? I must have answered that twice. Yeah, socks everywhere in pee You’re in the toilet seat okay. I don’t have anything else. I hate to be. What do you have more? I’m pretty perfect. It’s not Oh, yeah. Edit that out. I just don’t meet again. Alright, what’s to say your pet peeves

to be interrupted is definitely covered and being

bossed around. Pasta.

Chewing noises Oh my gosh, like I straight up think I have a little bit of misophonia because especially if I’m feeling more elevated our children like Avery, I’ll look over what were we what would you have for dinner last night pizza? Yeah, it was two nights ago. How are you?

She did it the next night last night to when I made dinner. Like I’ll look over at Meghan and I can hear it but I can tune it out. It doesn’t I look over Megan. She’s like.

So like,

I’ve tried to talk to her about it. Because eventually she’ll eat in front of people. It’s just like, like, what is happening and I think

it’s what she really enjoys the food that it gets a little. Yeah,

so I listening right now crying

so I won’t mention the person but there’s somebody who are you with? Not not in this room? Or I’ve started to do this. Let me this side. I’ll I’ll just kind of lean. I feel like I’m leaning while eating so that I can plug my ear. Well, why

don’t you just tell them to try to correct I can’t.

Why? It’s awkward at this

point. I’d be an awkward situation.

Oh, so it’s not your son? No.

No, him I’m like, June

not the worst world is that they eat making can both eat cereal. And beach slurping?

No. I’m a huge cruncher project. Me too. Need a chip. I could be weird chip. The chip

in the front.

Where do you bite the chip the back


I could jam the whole thing in there. Oh, yeah.

The loudest crunch Meghan? I could hear him from a different floor of our house if he’s eating chips

will come over. Is there pretzels here? They’re stale

as hell. Okay. What is my No Don’t Don’t. What is my weird?

He’s doing it. They have been there for like three months. They’re going to be soft. It won’t even crunch. What is my weird thing that Oh, Jason choose non chewable items like ice cream?

I chew ice cream or do what

what do you do with it?

I put in my mouth and go

what the purpose of

so you can hear it and so will

be because I’m playing together? Yeah.

So what do you have the other night and you don’t know something? soft, soft and we’re sitting there and he goes is that your tea? Then he’s like what are you doing this thing and then selling to Sally in the morning has cereal and he drinks his milk with us his spoon. He doesn’t drink out of the blurbs and Jason I was just

I need the Lord Jesus.

Really? Just pretzels.

Because I won’t drink him. I was terrible. No, I won’t either. Thank you. It’s ruined. It’s grown.

It tastes like the cereal. No, no.

I think most people go here.

Oh, you side even potato chips is gonna hurt the quarter your mouth.

How’s that pretzel? Can we hear everybody? Crunch very well. Last year

this audio is gonna be great the last five minutes.

This whole podcast can be boiled out in about four minutes.

Oh, Adam is back. Oh, god help you Adam.

Sorry, Adam. We just had him on the crunch. Yeah, Adam.

Hopefully he’s upfront crunch. Oh, dang it, Michael. Where we at? We’re 59 we’re

at something about debating something.

Let’s well. Let’s go on to the second the last one. Once my friends

go to dance move.

Let’s just answer. I don’t like the game. It’s too complicated. We’ve

done it for too long. Now. Now we just got to finish. We’re gonna pay we have to ride this out and just finish

so what’s your boss your spouse to dance move?

What do you think I’m gonna say yours is your go to dance move.

I tried to be funny with me because I don’t know dances. I know what Meghan’s gonna say about me. But

wait, the opposite way. Did I just do this wrong? What? Okay, what do you think?

What do you think Natalie is going to answer for her dance move? What’s your go to dance go

to this is it is out. Like why do you know we’re in the bedroom?

It says Dan

Lewis’s dance has always said, Oh,

he said in the bedroom and I’m like, what kind of what do you guys

need? You in the helicopter or maybe maybe she did know her go to dance move is her shoulders

yeah man big dancer.

I was yeah we’re all white and grew up in was

told once that I have the spirit but I am too white to wobble.

Ah yeah, it

was an unfortunate

wedding with a bunch of black people and they’re like, Oh honey, you

try to like oh your hearts there but you’re too white to do this fair. Fair. 100% fair to watch it. Yes.

So really, it’s butts now the shoulder room? Yeah, I’m not really sure I can do like a good chat as funny like, like you’re sexy dance funny sexy dances cringy Have you done that in the bedroom? Jokingly

well, that things are coming like a

long time ago. Okay, over to you guys whoever wants to answer for who is this?

I jumped in put to work I can’t

physically tie no I don’t know don’t have the required asset.

I don’t remember the last time we danced probably my wedding. My sister’s terrible wedding.

I blocked that out. Yeah,

I don’t remember like what her go to dance move is like I don’t know. It’s been that long.

I just said yours. Your dancing is just old white man dancing.

No. Point. Yeah, the points that’s what I’m saying. I’m like old the lift

I’m just trying to get hansy and dance at the same.

I buzzed and my wife someone’s getting pregnant. Anyone anybody? I mean if you might get pregnant.

I remember coming back from a bonfire Jason that allowed to drink and he’s like, Mike you’re just such a good and we barely knew each other. That’s better. Come on. Mike. You’re such a good friend.

He’s a touchy guy.

I get real touchy. Okay, drink

nearly what is my go to dance?

You do like that lawnmower thing in the spring.

Yeah, I do the sprinkler. Yep. So it’s supposed to be this way first. Go to sprinklers This moves the whole this Yeah. Because then normal sprinkler

well, maybe this is the main sprayer it’s not the other one is reversing it

apart. That’s out farther. The reverse.

People have been looking at me for 40 years because I’ve been doing the sprinkler wrong. I was

just doing it the same way as everybody else. I don’t know what kind of sprinklers y’all doing on this side of the state.

Made sure next time we go to a wedding

Okay, Meghan doesn’t Megan answer. I don’t know whatever for you guys. Just figure it out the 1.0 points.

And I just said torque I don’t really know can’t

work. Okay.

Okay, let’s actually end with this. Do you think your spouse is going to pick pizza or tacos is their favorite? Taco taco.

There is a right and wrong answer to this question. Tacos.

Pizza, is it about tacos for you? Especially shrimp tacos? Like you’re the other day? Yes. Spicy. shrimp taco.

Do you have any great taco places

in Holland? Or is it kind of we have 1000 Tackle? Well,

I mean, it’s it’s where you live. It’s not diverse. But if you go further to out it’s much more diverse with Spanish speaking

people diverse.

Yeah. The Spanish speaking church at the end of our street really? Yeah.

Yeah, there it seems very white over there.

Well, I’m glad that Jason who drives through a couple times a year tells us

I am waiting for the studio Natalie finally finished the room

nice yeah, carpet down there. It is actually brand new carpet. We got remnant night for like really cheap, but Brad

rabbits are super cheap in that room isn’t huge. So it probably didn’t cost you that much. Now 20

bucks off.

That’s like three It was basically free. Cool. So how do you even transition this Any final thoughts from yours? This is not just micro JSON. I literally forgot to change it. So any final thoughts as we end season three of 2022 of episode 201 Like you MEGAN Oh, like you do?

I know but they never spend time together. Or tax or tax.

No. Would you tax you too?

How often?

Why are you guys the gatekeeper of our relations?

Friends so like you actually want us to hang out. We hang out. Here’s

here’s here’s thing.

She’s gonna go he’s crossing girl.

First off, we’re gonna ask when we do it want. Yes. Second of all, when your husbands are really good friends. It just I feel like takes time to make sure because here’s what could happen, right? What have you two who are very similar? And sometimes your buttholes together like

we hate each other? No, it ain’t gonna happen. And even if the show you’ve heard that before, even if I never said that before. Even if the show ended, it would end a problem. It wouldn’t end bad. It would be like, yeah, we’re done with.

So here’s the thing. I love you so much. Please hear me. Oh, no, I just don’t have time to talk that much during the day. I just don’t.

We, you know, you do have time off from work. I mean,

gatekeeping I mean,

no, I know you have three kids at home. Mike and the dog

is, like all of my friends live in my phone. But really, you kind of live in my phone. It’s true that I think that was a cut. It was like an Intel. You live in my phone? I see you on my phone more than I see you. I feel like Do

you have a small circle of friends? Yeah, yeah, me too. So we’re also very similar, which doesn’t surprise me that I’m gonna cut this out.

See, interrupt you ever.

I have like I she had stopped the board. I was like, No, we’re talking about them and not us. So

she did not stop talking. She was pausing to ponder.

So bottom line is we want you to be more friendly. But will you need to butt out? We?

I don’t feel anxious about our friendship. I

do not know. I’m not saying anyone does. Maybe you guys should make out and deceive.

I don’t think that’s the answer.

Jason is losing this. And he’s like,

like, I am secure and my friendship with Meghan, that we can text every once in awhile, we can hang out and we’re going to pick up the exact same place that we left. That’s true.

I see that you are like that. I have a couple friends like that where I haven’t talked to in like a year. But if I saw him, I’d be like, well, Larry, not it’s not been a year since I talked to Larry. But I mean, he’s kind of the same way. We just will go for a month and not tax. I’m like, Hey, man, what’s up? And he’s like, oh, yeah, I’m doing this. I’m like,

and you understand life is busy. And I understand life is busy and just just what it is, and I like being your friend. Yes.

I think it’s sweet that you’re looking out. Yeah, I

just, I’m more looking out for my wife because she struggles with friendships at time. So and I and I love you, like you’re awesome. And I don’t know you as I mean, I know you just from what I know, you know, obviously Mike more but I think you’re great. And I think you to think a lot of like, and you know, and I think you could be great for each other. So I’m like trying to peer pressure. You guys not make a play date. Like yeah, like pushing you guys. Can I make a play just for you to come over? I know you

say we’re going on like a double date. And you guys be like, bamboozled and there you go. I can I gotta sit on these benches you to go over there.

But keep the Holy Ghost between you.

Leave room for the whole No, but

seriously, though, I I like you and I think you can be a good influence on her. And and those. Well, I mean, it’s true. I’ve never met anybody.

You are badass and I’m shoveling. No, I’m

not. You’re digging yourself a hole in my being.

I know what it means to but it’s more fun.

Yeah, he’s always trying to pile on the fire. Like he’s always trying to start a fight. I highly

enjoy having friends around me who like, have something that I don’t that could inspire or aspire to not that I go on, like different Google it.

You want to go on a journey to figure out a

buzz term there

to pivot to the other word.

Anyways, I enjoy having friends around me that makes me want to be a better person. Yeah. And so that’s compliment.

Thanks. Yeah, it’s really a so anyway, Joy friends that are low maintenance friends.

Yes. That is very low maintenance when it comes to that.

It’s like he’s trying to sell io 100%. She’s still selling.

You’re endorsing her and that’s great.

But I love her unnecessary. Me because

when I’m around the salesperson, you’re like, stop selling. Keep going that to you right now. Okay,

I will. I will

broaden it and maybe some listeners will want to be my friend.

Wasn’t he Megan’s friends. Contact Jason. Hello. Anyway, anyways, it has been a great season. Jason Gerald. We are gonna be off for the next month and we’ll see each other in January. We’ll see each other before then. Hopefully,

each other in a few minutes.

We’re supposed to no one’s picked a date yet?

Yeah. No, he has some dates.

I do. Oh, you do? Yeah, we’re

excited. So for the rest of you if you can share the love share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tic tac, share it ever because we’re on Tik Tok every once a while and I mean once a week or Once a week doesn’t pop up for me. I don’t think you’ve tagged me anymore use the tag meter and then I ran out forgot Oh go back to tagging you. And you can also share the love by supporting us on Patreon forward slash threads podcast and join us in ridding the world of this Facebook fake Instagram Mickey’s everybody’s like yachting right now. That feels really encouraging keep the bike keep doing your work and living life unfiltered peace see in the new year

it’s so fun when he screws up

there during the close

I know this podcast is produced and edited by Hey guys media group want to start a podcast check out Hey guys, media

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