Transcription for Ep. 200

Today on threads Podcast, episode 200 With over 13,000 of minutes of podcasting over the last 200 episodes, we talk top five Christmas movies. Should Jason and Mike started only fans. And Jason has a huge announcement. Let’s go. Oh yeah, I got the intro song live Natalie always wants that.

Well, welcome to threads podcast glide on filtered, we are so glad that you joined us as we are in a mission to rid the world of Facebook fake Instagram, aka Twitter takes and we do that by providing a space for unfiltered dialogue about faith, mental health and uncomfortable conversations. And tonight we’re going to celebrate episode. Wait for it. 200 and I am joined in studio with the five foot eight guard hailing out of genossen, Michigan. Jason how was that? Oh, that was good.

I’m five foot seven. Oh, thanks for the extra.

I was gonna say seven. I was like in maybe he’d be offended if I said Viva Zevon. So anyway, every

guy needs an extra inch. I’m so happy that we’re here. This is super exciting. But before we get into the show, our sponsors Irvine’s auto repair Grand Rapids hybrid and EV they’re located on 44th Street, off 44th Street near 131. You can call them at 5326 600 or schedule your service online at Irvine stock calm

and Jason’s been there a lot I’ve heard Yeah, you know, in fact,

I got I got my own lockbox. Oh, wow, it says my name on it. I already have the code. I just dropped my car off at night. And then I picked up the loaner car nice so that that’s been nice. How

much money does one have to spend to get their own private private lockbox?

I mean it’s it’s four digits, ooh, multiple four digit and

multiple four digits but you have your own Lockback that’s true. You are that important? Yes.

But they have supported us for a long time. And of course Megan on the show is Irvine’s auto repair and grandpa’s hybrid Evie and we can’t thank them enough for supporting the show. Of course our Patreon Joe PK, Lisa K Megan D Adam s and Chris don’t write Chrissy D Yeah, that’s just like nickname and I don’t know if he likes that

one. Well, he’s on Strava like that. I know that’s true. I feel like he is on Strava is Chrissy D he likes to be called Chrissy D.

So I checked in with Joe P he is actually teaching a class tonight a rare night class.

I think maybe he should call in from his class.

I would No, no, you can at least mute. And then Christopher D is working tonight. I don’t know what he does. I don’t know. He thought he might have been a teacher because we see him at like all these soccer fields. Yeah, doing runs. I

don’t know. My guess is a gym teacher based on Strava thinks out Strava alone. Like that’s all I’m based in on. So Chris, we’re not trying to be creepy. But Mike as you’re on Strava so. So Jason, I have been a host for like 30 Some episodes of threads. You have been the host for 199. And now 200.

Yes. Did you invite Ben, you are going to invite him? No, you were supposed to you said you were gonna text them.

I thought you were gonna I’m gonna go back to the chat. No, no kidding. So anyways,

well, I mean, let’s the elephant in the room. Right. I mean, he was here for the first 160 60 Some 60 Some and you’ve been here and you know, it was a it was it was good when he was there. And it was bad when he left and the actual I don’t know if people know but the entire plan and I may have spoke of it when he left but he you’re supposed to come on the show that’s supposed to be a three person show.

I don’t think I’m much more fun. It would have been with three a pianist versus just two. I think it would have been I know.

But it’s sad. I wish him all the best. We’ve communicated very briefly, but you’re here and this is yeah. Awesome. And I’ve had so much fun since January.

So what has threads meant to to you over these last 200 episodes?

Oh man that’s you know i i saw you did the rundown. And I just looked at it and for whatever reason I got the other people were going to talk about it so I didn’t really put a lot of thought into it. But I you know, really overall I think it’s made me a better person. I sounds cheesy and cliche as it is but it’s been a lot of time on this microphone and saying uncomfortable things and talking about therapy and just from from start to finish. It’s just been it’s just been a huge blessing to me. Yeah, sometimes I hate doing the work on the back end of it but like, I get to hang out with you and you know, it’s just isn’t credible to me. I would assume that you have a different perspective on what threads means you as a listener and as a host, because you listened. Did you? Have you listened? You probably didn’t listen to all the episodes. Just tell the truth. That’s

fine. No, I didn’t listen to all of them. But I listened to quite a few of them. Okay, probably over 50 at the time well, before you came on, yeah, man, I came out in like 100 or episode 110. I think it was a guest or something like, yeah. But I listened to a lot of them. There’ll be four that some of them I turned off early. Because, I mean, that’s just the truth of any podcast, you’re like, Yeah, this one just isn’t connected with me. And I assume people do that to us. Like, there’s certain ones they like, and certain ones that like, you know, I’m just gonna peace out from this on at this point.

I wouldn’t. I would say nobody in this group, Natalie, but no, I mean, they’re, they’re not all winners. None of them are stinkers. And you know, Mike, and I will say like, ah, that one wasn’t very good. But

But I think for me, I think it’s the same for both. It’s been a place to be open place to get real about things and a place that has challenged me in ways to be open and real about things that normally in places I wouldn’t be open and real about it. And it’s been a place to build up a friendship with you. Like, we’ve shared things that again, I normally wouldn’t share with other friends. And so yeah, that’s just kind of what it’s meant for me in this time.

Yeah. I mean, it’s been super cool to hang out with you and build the friendship. And, you know, we ended up meeting it just we’re a lot alike, but we’re actually a lot different. Which has been interesting, you know, in different ways. Like Ben and I were, I think, exact opposites. Yes. With a lot of things which works sometimes, but other times, it doesn’t work.

You know, going back to talking about three hosts, I think I was a good mix of both. Yes. Which then would have but anyways, that Yep, he’s trying to get off bad. He’s totally trying to get Oh, true. I probably using my, my crutch word for that.

Anyways, you’re dead. Mike says when he gets uncomfortably goes anyway. So

well, Jason, that is what it’s meant to us. That’s it meant a lot to us. And, you know, you what’s even better is that we have fans who apparently take time out of their Tuesday night to hang out with to chuckleheads Yeah, from the West Michigan area. So do you want to like bring them out and say hi, and so that even those listener audio? No, who in the world is on?

I’ll go I’ll just go down the line. I’ll go for Larry. First, if you can unmute Larry. And Larry is a friend of the gig economy podcast. That’s how we met way back years and years ago, and has loved threads and joined us and Larry and I have spent nights together. Not that. But no, we traveled together for conferences, and he’s been an incredible friend and supporter of the show. So Larry, welcome to the show. Oh, thank you guys. It’s a pleasure to be here. You’ve spent a lot of money on both shows. you’ve liked a lot of my stuff. You’ve shared a lot of my stuff, like all that stuff, or our stuff. And it definitely means a lot. So

yeah, it’s a it’s a pleasure. Yeah, I really enjoy. You know, both your podcasts and distribute. I want to support them any way I can. And it’s been a real pleasure. Yeah. Enjoy. Listen to you every

week. And a little fun fact for Larry and if I’m sure I talked about it, but Larry and I both have we’ve traveled twice and each of us have gotten COVID on opposite trips. So what and

that’s the weird one is because like on the first one, you got sick and Larry didn’t correct second one was the opposite and surround. Yeah, and we

stayed together. I mean, we obviously we had separate rooms, but I mean, we ate dinner across from each other every night we breakfast a lot

of the same classes together. So crazy.

That’s how COVID is. is very tricky. So all right, Larry. Well, thanks. You can leave your musics on my did. What was that? 200 You can leave your mucus on my did all right, that’s gonna be a cloud

No, no, no before you get to the other people. The other ones are saying Larry has a thread shirt and some of them want threads merge. Oh, yes.

I mean I I think it we can arrange that I got a lady that that doesn’t pretty cheap. So

I was gonna say there’s a way to purchase them too. Right?

There is but I don’t know they charge so much money they I got a lady that can do it for like 15 bucks and then shipping so it’d be like, you know, it’s super cheap. Okay, awesome.

Super nice sweatshirt, too. I love it. It’s very soft. My wife loves it too. She’s always coming and whenever I wear it’s so funny because I put this on this morning. I hadn’t even read your email about tonight and your 200th episode.

Well that’s unique and awesome. And I think everyone else has if Natalie would turn her camera on she’s got threads merch but she’s making banana bread.

I’m making banana bread, but I do you know what? I just want my threads. Merson sturdy. Nope.

It has been washed. It is it has been washed and dried. Alright, because I did that today so, so it is actually cleaning, you could actually wear it for the show, instead of lying.

I’m gonna pray about that.

Anyways, next up is Kate, Kate and I met through the Eric Zane show, which we all love and adore. And over time, we kind of became, I don’t know, what do you call we internet pals, because we hadn’t met up until last year. But then we just kind of connected and then and then we really connected on the back end with some things that went on with Zane show and stuff like that. But she’s become a friend and a huge supporter of the show. So welcome to the show.

Katie’s fan. Thanks so much exciting. I was so happy you guys were doing this.

We’re also excited that we’re doing this. Jason taken a big swig of whiskey. I like jump in. No, it’s

time at right.

Perfect timing. Perfect timing.

And so on. Of course. Next up is Megan with her beautiful Christmas tree. I think she’s at home.

My tree just for Natalie. Oh, you know,

I will tolerate it tonight because it’s 200 Yeah, I mean, it’s fine. The last episode, I’m playing Christmas music out So Natalie will be happy. I’ve been playing country all this month.

She also likes country. Yeah. Okay. She’s a country person.

So Megan is the daughter of the owners. Well, she’s in line to take over the throne. I mean, that’s, I mean, if she wants it, I assume that she wants the throne. But that’s way down the road because Eric and Jamie are young pups, so it’ll be some time but they own Irvine’s auto repair. Again, Megan and I grew up three doors down from each other. I didn’t know if you knew that. But we did not were age difference. We never really connected or anything. Even though my wife says I was running around genossen trying to lay pipe with everyone. But even though I didn’t lose my virginity till I was 18 But anyways, I did try to make out with everyone I could but that’s a story for a different day. Yeah, me. No, not not Megan. Not that I wouldn’t have.

Now I just didn’t have the opportunity. Now. Now there’s a random fact that you do not know how to say her last name. Even though you’ve known her since like, you were a young young pup.

Well, no, but her last name wasn’t that when she was young pup she’s married.

Oh, yeah, Karl. But by her married name. You’ve known her for quite a few.

Hold on. DNF Oh,

what is that? It’s worse. You say it the way everybody else says it. But it’s pronounced din F. Dennett. It looks like deines denef. DNF din if

Yeah, if that was that was the the thing I took most away from the fire is that Jason was really

nice. The threads fire and you took away that? Well, friends I know

last night and also that that your fire pit was too small.

Yeah, that’s story for a different day. So Well, welcome

guests. You

don’t want to introduce your wife? Oh, gosh, no, she’s

muted. And my wife.

My wife is not here because she’s working today. So why

she’s not going to take time away from the sick babies. No,

I just had to go to Irvine and I just had to go buy new tires. No, she needs to work. Oh, true. Don’t tell her I said that. So anyways,

we are going to do the top five. You’ve heard it this month that has been our little icebreaker. And we want to do our top five Christmas movies. And so we’ll just go we’ll start with our fifth favorite Christmas movie of all times. And usually what happens is somebody will say, and we’ll be like, oh, yeah, that that movie right there was really good. But anyways, we’re going to actually start with Larry and then we’re just going to kind of go down the list and it looks like Natalie laughs Anyway, so

if you don’t have five, it’s okay. I know it kind of sprung it on. Yeah, so

except for those who get the email then I wasn’t surprised. But anyways, fifth favorite Larry was your fifth favorite Christmas movie of all time? Favorite.

I would say Miracle on 34th Street. Who?

That’s an old classic. That that came out about the time that Jason was born.

9034 I think it came out. Ass. All right, Kate, what about you?

Oh my gosh, my fifth favorite would probably be your Scrooge. I love Scrooge. Which is just love him. There’s a scrooge. Right.

Are you thinking Scrooge McDuck?

No. By the way I

need I Googled top 25 Chris is gonna die. And I just went down the list of the ones I liked. There you go.

What about you, Megan, a crown for Christmas.

It’s a princess movie because I think Megan and Avery have watched it. It’s a Hallmark

movie with what was her name? I don’t know. I’m wonder yours. Oh, the Winnie Winnie. Yeah, it’s Winnie Oh, I loved her. Listen, it was a good one. I love it.

Now, you all had Okay, we have to we’ll have to take turns. Why don’t you do we’ll switch off and on so we don’t interrupt each other. So you do five I’ll do for Baba Baba. While you were doing fine. Okay, fine. Fuck. Natalie. What is your fifth favorite?

We’ve already got a Christmas story. Oh, that’s a good one. Oh, my goodness. shoot your eye out.

My fifth is the Santa Claus. Ooh, with Tim Allen. Okay, and there’s a bunch of other ones. I really enjoy that. Oh, have you seen it? Yeah,

yeah, I’ve seen that. That is actually on my list. My fifth favorite though is a white Christmas. It’s just an old classic that we watch. You don’t know what White Christmas? No idea. Okay, this year, you have to watch White Christmas. All right. I’ll write that down. You will not but fourth favorite Larry. What is your fourth favorite Christmas movie of all times? Oh, oh, alphas a good one. I also have that somewhere on my list. Kate, what about you?

I’m gonna go with the Muppet Christmas. Oh, yes.

That. I didn’t pick it out.

Hey, a quick side story at ComiCon I have a poster next. I don’t know. I can’t I’ll take a picture of it. But the cartoon is for the Muppets was it was at Comic Con and I got a signature from him. I don’t know he was giving them away for free. I don’t know. But But yeah, his name is Jim Gilchrist. Oh, I don’t know. It’s kind of cool. Anyways, Megan

no war Christmases.

Is that movie? No.

It’s a Vince Vaughn and I’ve seen Sweet Home Alabama girl

Reese Witherspoon. There we go.

So good. So funny. I haven’t

seen in a while but funny. It’s funny. Natalie, what is your fourth favorite Christmas movie of all times? I’m going with a Muppet Christmas as well. Oh, the Muppet Christmas twice. Jason Gerald.

I’m going to be with Larry and elf. Okay. Oh, it should be a little bit higher. But I got other ones that I like better.

Okay, I did not plan this but it is on my list. I just pulled up my list. Elf is my fourth favorite. Nice, awesome movie. So Larry, Jason and I agree. So that must be the fourth best Christmas movie of all times. So now we’re going on to our third most favorite. Who’s Larry? Another old one is a wonderful life. Who? You haven’t seen these know they’re old and in cringy know their class. You guys are old and cringy that’s why we like it. Might be my last one. Oh, no.

Joke’s on you. We turn it off for December because we’re not podcast. Alright, what’s the money number? What are we number three. For Kate?

Yep. I’m gonna say National Lampoon’s Christmas

didn’t think of that one. That’s just the squirrel bag in

the jelly a bunch of what is it jelly a bunch of assholes. This side of the house. Oh, I thought that. Oh, sorry. Is that explicit now?

Jason has already dropped the F bomb. So we’re good. Okay.

Mine is the night before which has Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon let it live it

this is the this. We’re gonna title this episode. Megan’s random Christmas favorites.

It’s a good movie. It’s not all about Christmas. It’s sort of about Hanukkah as well, but it’s a good movie.

We said Christmas. We didn’t say Hanukkah. It’s two thirds Christmas. This is a Jewish free podcast come on last Christmas without the

main juice

of Christmas without the mean to

the title the episode.

Can’t have Christmas without them. That was I’m almost there. All right, Natalie. What’s your number three? Probably else.

Oh, so made it to third on your list.

I can go three four on that was anyways. Third is How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Ooh, the Jim Carrey version? Yeah, not the old old is gonna ask, but I watched I’ve watched both of them. They’re both entertaining.

I’ve seen the new one. There’s a newer newer one. Yeah, so good. And funny. Who’s the Grinch? I don’t know. But it looks like this.

Oh, it’s more of a okay. Yeah, I I will have to watch it because my kids love it. So that’s number three.

For me. It is a this is a Christmas story. That is my third

and they are making a second one a rumor too. be making SFR which will be terrible.

True. It’ll never live up to what it’s supposed to be. So second most favorite Christmas movie all times, Mr. Larry.

National Lampoon’s Christmas who

made the second for him?

It’s a good choice a good one.

Kate, what is your second

Christmas story? I just love

that mind. I’m just gonna say it minds number two as well. Christmas story. I’m just gonna jump right in. You’re gonna shoot. Yes, classic, classic.

Megan, what is your?

What is your second Chris? Christmas story?

Ooh, that’s a lot of seconds and Natalie, the Charlie Brown

Christmas movie. Classic, but really boring.

It’s only like 3540 minutes long, which is so good.

It’s about 30 minutes too long.

Did you, Busby I did that. That is Jason Mike’s got the board tonight.

The board I was on it was just said it was 30 minutes too long.

What’s yours? Because I already said my number two is the

Christmas Chronicles with Kurt Russell.

You know what? That’s pretty good, too.

I know it is it has quickly become one of the favorites in our family. So it made it up to number two, even though it’s pretty new.

I remember is it that one where he him and the kids steal that sports car? Or they don’t steal it? They borrow it because that? Yeah, I forgot about that. Well,

it’s quickly becoming a classic in this world. What’s the name of it again? The Christmas Chronicles. We liked that one. So now we’re on to number one. And Jason leading us through the number one.

All right, Larry. Number one. For me. It’s

Christmas story.

made it to number one, one or 212 or three.

Every every Christmas. We own that one. So yeah, we need to

do you own it on VHS or nobody?

Neither. We’re all digital baby who digital? You know what? Speaking of that, if we ever cancel our Amazon Prime, do we lose all that? Or have we bought videos that were a customer for till I die if we keep us really pay?

Well, that’s not good. So you lose all of your movie. Yeah, we

have everything on Amazon. Oh, I never thought of that. Yeah, I don’t know. I know with Audible. You own it. Right. And you can listen to it. You just can’t buy anymore. Correct?

Yeah. Hmm. Anyways,

Kate, Katherine Katrina diehard. Ah, no.

I will defend it. No one step on Mega don’t you buzz me.

There we go. That’s the right one.

The park was nice.

No, I’m going with K It’s a Christmas movie. Thank you.

Christmas movie. It’s so different happens

at Christmas. It’s a Christmas movie. No.

All right, just to throw even more argument in and that the one I looked up for the top 20 They put Gremlins as the number 19 Christmas movie. That’s all. I was like, what? And they put die hard at 16? I don’t know. I think Die Hard sucks either way. So sorry, man. Magan number one for you. Christmas vacation. Sal. Asik. Yes. And Natalie. White Christmas. See? Now Jason’s gonna quit worrying movies. Classic Movies. Natalie has a soft heart for like, like, she’ll cut you. She’ll cut you If you fuck with her. But like, she just has this genuine soft heart. Oh, yeah. And just I can tell you like the music she likes and the music movies she likes and

she also has a really old heart. Yeah, that’s what I mean. Yeah.

Oh, so there we go. A gentle soul. Yes,

gentle. I’m not sure but old soldiers does have an old

Natalie, have you seen a preacher’s wife? Yes. Preacher’s Wife. Yeah, I like that one, too. Good one. Good music. Good music.

Jason. Gerald, what is your top Christmas movie of all time,

my number one it is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I own it. We watch it every year finally brought into the fold is Sullivan teary into that forgetting that that awkward moment where Christie Brinkley takes her top off. I think it’s frankly, I’m pretty sure it’s Brinkley and I’m just like wow, that’s cool. The swearing now that don’t bother me. It was the top coming off and like okay, Megan, you got any biscuits somewhere I can eat or I don’t know, like it can get me out of this situation. But anyways, the family is officially into that movie and it’s incredible. And you I can’t believe you’ve never seen it. I know. When I say top off. Don’t worry. You don’t see anything. So just don’t get excited. Okay.

And my number one Christmas movie of all times is the Santa Claus. Okay, it made it to number one. I enjoy it. I had that as the fifth. I know. So that is our top five Christmas movies. Thank you for playing in that now.

Reds podcast We’ll be back after a quick break.

What is Yom Tov? Well, first of all it stands for you must be thinking of another podcast. And second of all, it’s those unhinged conversations you have with your best friend we talking about whether it’s okay to not wash your legs in the shower. We wonder what variety of apples would make the best names for racehorses. We talked about our real life problems, and we argue about basically everything else so come to him topia, he craves movie reviews, how to feigns and society’s problems or just the company and friends. We’ll see you there.

Every Monday. Jason is gonna transition Yes, he

fucked up. He fucked up. I’m always the one that screws up. I love it. So we’re going to we’re gonna share he’s been drinking half a glass of water, right? Yeah. Yeah, 200 here. 200 on the other one, like, too many. So we’re gonna transition to the AMA, which is you can ask us anything about us about an opinion? Specially prop three? No, please don’t know. But you actually can. I’m just saying I just tried to make a joke. But Mike has been before we answer, they will answer a question from the random question generator that kind of puts pressure on them. I know. I don’t want them to be under pressure to ask a question. How about they asked the question, then they have to answer a random. Let’s do it that way. Sure. All right. We’re gonna reverse that. I don’t care either way. And if you don’t have anything, we’re just gonna hit stop. And I’ll send you a t shirt in the mail. Yeah,

that sounds good. Boom. The quickest episode, episode two on our show, like 30 minutes and

Natalie left for the AMA?

Because she’s gonna spend time with Cam. Oh, Natalie. She’s gonna best part she she’s gonna be a good man. Like she decided that’s important for those kids. Yeah, it’s important.

What are you saying about me?

Yeah. Or Kate and Larry. I mean, they’re they have young kids running at home. Oh,

my God, God are upstairs.

I don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. So

I don’t even live here anymore. We don’t have any.

All right. So do you do any? Does anyone have a question for Mike or Jason?

Or both? Or both?

Do you need me to bring Ben on?

I have one. It’s pretty generic. But is what made you both decide that you wanted to do podcasting? Like what made you what made you wake up one day go? I need to make a podcast about that.

Jason, Jason bullied me into podcasting to start with, to start with What do you mean? Because I was I was on this show. And then you bullied me into starting a podcast, which lasted exactly or we’ve never pressured peer pressure talked about the phrasing on that peer pressure. Right. Okay. Right. You peer pressure people into podcasting? Yeah. Okay. He pressured me into it. And it was a 10 episode podcast called the skeptical pastor podcast. And then Jason, I started to rock and decided, hey, let’s join threads because I listened. So really, it’s Jason’s fault or Ben’s fault, because I knew him from college and had heard you guys. Yeah. And then was on and then just boom,

and then the story how you found us is, we did a Ben and I did a Facebook. Yeah, number. Yep. And it happened in a year post. Yeah. And then we shared the episode and tagged you, he tagged you in it, and then

well, and when he first tagged me, I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I thought it was spam. But then later on, he posted about threads later on. I was like, Oh, this is actually a real, real show. Because I think you were in like, episode three or four. I think Oh, wow. Really early. Yeah.

We’re bringing the heat real. I know you guys

were trying everything to get get new people to listen, which was good, but but I couldn’t find it anywhere with the logos like this looks like spam. And I ignored it for a couple of months. And that literally

was the plan. Like to get our people involved in listening. We’re like, alright, let’s just play this little game. And I worked for you.

And it worked. And now you’re stuck with me. I know. You’re like, dammit, we should have done that. Well, I should have picked a different number is what you really think. Yeah.

So for me, Kate, it starts way back in 2017. We started the show in June of 18. But 17 I started the gig economy show which before it was called the GR rideshare adventures because back then there was only Uber and Lyft there literally was nothing else for gig Abba. Now there’s like 400 of them. But I’ve just been a fan of podcasting. I’ve listened to Rogan, I don’t anymore, by the way, because he went to Spotify and I hate Spotify, as far as podcasting goes, but they’re just dicks but. And while they just it says because when things go exclusive, it eliminates a lot of people, especially people that can’t afford Spotify. Like, I don’t think you can listen too, you can listen to it for free for a free account. Yep. Oh, there’s a ton of ads in it. Yeah. Okay. Well, I mean, the show is full of ads. And that’s true. But anyways, fuck Spotify, but even I’m on Spotify. But no, I’ve listened to a podcast and I just thought it would be really cool to do and I just liked the part I just like podcasting is just it’s super cool that you can say what you want and, and just have fun with it. And it just exploded. And now I’m busier and shit with it. So I’m waiting for Mike to quit so I can dump this thing.

Okay, let’s go. Guys, we’re gonna know it’s this is our last video. We made it.

That would be at the end. We’re like okay, guys. Thanks.

Okay, so random, because I’m the random fat guy. What is the average number of episodes that a podcast makes it to? Like? 614. I read? Is it 1414? So we’ve made it well, yeah, we

are like 0.001% of podcasters made this you can tell Meghan, you’re well above average. There you go. Spit take are quiet. She knows. She knows. That’s

I love what I should have. Wait, tell you a whiskey. That anyway.

So now Tibetan, sticky. Okay,

you get a question from the random question generator. Who inspires you to be better? Wow, this is a serious from one that has a ducky on the screen. It really has a ducky floating. And it’s like, a very serious question.

So who I’m sorry, who inspires me

to be better?

Oh, that’s hard.

Did you hear that?

I’m totally her that. Well, my experience certainly has inspired me to be to, for me to personally be a better person. But I’m gonna say I think my my girls inspiring me. Yeah. Because I want to be better. I want to be better for them. So they can be better, if that makes sense. Like, and I think they’re fabulous already. But I can see the steps that they’re taking as young women going out in the world with their businesses and things that they’re doing and their challenges. And I just want them to keep going and not hit like a ceiling. I want them to bust through and kind of keep going.

So you see, do you see them being better than you at their age, like when you were? I mean, not that you were bad. But I mean, just like

No, I totally get that. Now it’s a it’s a very valid question. What so when I was my youngest will be is 22. And my oldest is just turned 26 When I was 26, I was already married with a child. So neither one of my girls are I mean, they’re looking perhaps in the future, but they’re, they’re concentrated on their careers. They concentrated on school and doing things that interests them, you know, but then there’s obviously an age difference from, you know, from when way back in the 80s and 90s, early 90s to what they do now. And I don’t know what if that if Matt if marriage and children are something that they’re seriously considering I’m not in a hurry for it? You know, for them to do that. I want them to explore and kind of grow themselves. So I’m kind of living a little bit through them. Because I you know, my experience is different.

Yeah, I think kids nowadays are waiting longer, which is nice. I think I had my son at 19 You know what I mean? That was Oopsies. And, but I mean, I think more kids are waiting till mid to late 20s To get married and have kids. Although I do have some breaking news. I’m just gonna say it now. Oh, no, I better not. I hope this was I forgot this. Oh on the internet. No. Oh, god. Oh. Hold on, hold on. Hold on. Just give me a second. Just give me a second. Just give me a second someone asked to have another question. Hold on. I’m really hot.

Well, I’ll just jump in was saying okay, I like I think being a parent though does inspire me as well to be a better person because mean partly because you see all of your faults in your kids and you’re like oh, that’s not cool. So I should maybe change that so that they don’t walk down that route but you know that’s a really good point of have the kids inspiring us to be better.

I got a stripped down so keep it going. We’re just going to have an awkward pause

grab that shirt because that’s the thread shirt that I always want. Wow. Your hair boom

I don’t see without a hat much.

Oh no that Derek there’s only the second time Larry seen Jason with no hair.

I know I am actually growing my hair out I can put it in a little mini bun. It’s that’s how long it is in the back. So my case it why don’t I just put my hat on crooked. It looks like I got problems in Too

Don’t we all? I won’t judge Well, we listen to

I missed it dammit, I was adjusted my headphones.

He says that is why we listened to threads. Why? Because we all problems. Oh, thank

you why I texted this person, so I will have to have to wait till he gets back to me. So who’s got another question about anything? Anything you want to other other than that text other than that text, because I’m just waiting for him to respond back. So now you know what to him. I want to take bets on what’s happening, but I’m not going to know Don’t speculate, because if you’re not gonna say, I’m not gonna say anything, because if he said if he says if that if this person says no, then it’s going to be a ball, but I can’t believe it spit out of my mouth. came on. You’re like, Yeah, I mean, anyways.

Let’s hear the brakes.

He’s typing. He’s typing right now.

Don’t we need some Jeopardy music? I

have to edit this so bad. I love it.

No, don’t edit the thing. Leave it in all weird and awkward.

Audio would be the worst if you’re like just at the gym. Okay, what is the answer? Oh, hold

on. He asked. Another question was just oh, that really is out if you hold on.

I so know what this is. We all know what this is. I’m going to cut all this. We just want to confirmed.

Yeah. Oh, what? Okay, I can do it. Okay. My son has become engaged to his beautiful girlfriend. And they did it in Hawaii. Oh, and I’m so happy. I’m so happy. Her name is Oh, god, he’s typing again. And her name is the island and she’s amazing. Sorry, I think didn’t have texted me. Are you gonna be a grandpa?

I was thinking the same thing because that’s the little worried about that is the line we were

telling in that way.

You assholes.

No, you know, it’s context we’re talking about.

You’re talking about babies and then you’re like my son. And then you were like, oh, yeah, we are here and Megan having another baby. What happened? Oh, God.

So my, my wife has on her names. Who do you make boob?

At first? I was trying to figure out who that was.

Okay, so. So I said, can I talk about your engagement on my podcast? And then the question that threw me off was he goes, talk about it

or mention it when there’s a big difference,

of course and then he says mentioned and he goes yeah, go for I really appreciate you asking. Thank you. Ah, I’m doing so good with that kid. I’m gonna get myself a pat on the back. I’m nailing it like I’m I’m so

for those of you can’t see Jason has tears in his eyes For only the third time. No, there’s no tears. It’s the booze. No way. There was tears. It was different than the booze look.

Anyway, so I’m super excited for that. I just, I’m just flabbergasted. I just can’t believe it happened. I thought he would never get married. And they’ve been together for like

eight years. Okay. Which which then yeah, is something that you would kind of think. Yeah, and

they own a house together. And so she’s incredible. So nice. And I hope my wife doesn’t die while she’s listened to us driving. Okay, How bad would that be? I wouldn’t upload it. No, I wouldn’t upload it.

But I mean, like watching it would be terrible. Oh, gosh, please

tackle me if it happens, and I’m not looking. Everything down. Okay. Driver. Do you think

it’s snowing? It’s snowing and people are dumb out there right now. Okay, who

am Rob so you don’t watch my grimly death?

No. I like seeing your beautiful face here. Yeah. I’d rather have you mute then. Take your camera off.

Okay, next question. Who else has a question for us? That was a 20 minute to get to the rabbit trail, which is common for us. Yeah,

I could have announced it on on next week’s episode, but I feel it’s fitting as a celebration for this one. There you go. Anybody have another question? Kate Moss I have her her her volume up really high because the other two didn’t hear anything. I heard that you want to jump at it.

as quiet as you think. This is Jason who has had a few drinks? Few it’s one okay, one really strong drink. This is why I’m feeling


Alright, dinner.

Did I didn’t Oh yeah. I did.

Drinking on an empty stomach. Oh, no. I cooked

I made burgers and fries in the airfryer. Look at you go. So if no one has any other questions. I’m shocked. I thought I’d get one out of each of you. Why? Yeah, let’s make it uncomfortable.

Oh no. This is good. So have you decided whether or not you’re gonna go back to Podcast Movement after the whole Ben Shapiro?

You know how he’s going to ask you about that today? I think I I’m leaning towards Yes. Because I just love the trip and I love hanging out with people and meeting new people. But I to answer your question, I have not bought any tickets or made any plans or anything. So what about you?

I haven’t bought anything either. It’ll be a it’ll be a later decision. I’m sure.

Yeah, maybe for the big price jump. Yeah, yeah. Now I at this point, I haven’t done anything with it. So what I

know because because they they’ve not come out and said We mess that up. And we were trying to censor somebody. That’s the whole point of podcasting is that we’re not being censored. We can say anything when we want and they’re trying to censor somebody because He’s conservative.

Are you saying that because your your read real proper

as a moderate either one, but they came out and we’re like, Hey, you’re you are you are you are conservative. So we want to censor you and people have been hurt because you’re here and they took his money but didn’t want him anyways. Oh, nope. Done with them. Boycott. You got a point?

I mean, you you’ve never gone. Does that look, boycott forever? I honestly think I don’t think it had anything to do with Ben Shapiro. I think it had to do that. They were worried that someone tweeted at them and someone saw that’s all it was had nothing to do with Ben Shapiro. It could if you reverse it, and it was some like a more conservative person tweeting at something else. I think they would have done the same thing.

Either way, either way. Oh, really? I think

so. Do you honestly think that I really do? You don’t think they would? They would have

what why would you have a plaque? Why would you have an event like that? And not allow? Oh? Like, why? If someone got it? Oh my God, I believe Ben Shapiro put up a book. And then they shut him down because of some people complained. They nobody, like strong arm someone to go see him? I mean, I don’t agree with those views. But I’m just saying it’s that’s kind of isn’t that the balance that you need?

Yeah, I mean, they didn’t really shut him down. They just made it a point to say that, you know, they fucked up like, and that they didn’t say those words, obviously. But yeah.

That’s why I’m involved. I mean, they messed up big time. Yeah. I mean, they really messed up. I mean, to come out and say we’re sorry for the harm that that Ben Shapiro caused you when he was standing in a public place? I mean, that’s bad.

No, I totally agree. But do we throw the baby out with the

bathwater? That’s the only reason why I haven’t said I’m definitely not going. Right. I mean, because it’s not about them. It’s about Mike said, the connections you make ranging, you know, that we that we know from there, and things like that. And you know, it’s been great. I’ve enjoyed myself all three times I’ve gone.

Yeah, I’ve not had a problem with any of it, other than what they did there. The problem, the problem, as soon as they doubled down, they eventually deleted it like a week later. But I mean, like they they tweeted, and then they doubled down again. I’m just like, Alright, who’s in charge of this Twitter account? Because clearly they’re idiots. Yeah,

it was. It was probably some kid who was like 20 and was like, I’m gonna stand up to the very hateful person and blah, blah. Anyways, the intern

trying to make his name. Yeah.

The interesting part. And I didn’t know I had asked Larry, do you know if there’s a board or anything? Like there is a board? There’s a couple of owners so it’s not just one guy.

It’s not one guy. It’s it’s a company. I mean, yeah, there’s at least three or four of

them. Yeah. So yeah, I’m not sure yet. I probably will. But it’s so long away. Long time away. I think I’m gonna bring Mike this time all three of us will get COVID this time. So as one, you know, switched off. Yeah. And we have three we all get it.

Okay. So Larry, there actually is a question for you. What is one place you’ve traveled that you never want to go back to?

Podcast Movement.

Well play good job.

That was incredible.

Goodness. Um, one place I’ve traveled that I don’t want to go back to and that’s a tough one. I love traveling and there’s not many places that have come and I really don’t want to go back. I feel

like you have like an Uber Uber location that you’ve dropped some people off. You’re like

a few places in Nashville at home. Everyone’s dropping people off in a dark alley. Gosh, I spent spent my 21st birthday at Fort Stewart Joe worrying if I never see that place again. I’d be that’d be just fine.

Were you were you in boot camp there?

I know is our two week. We were down there for two weeks. Um,

yeah, cuz you’re the National Guard, right? Yeah, yeah. Okay. 21st birthday.

Hey, you turned 21 have a lot of fun.

That’s okay. I mean, we we still get stoned and drunk

I was thinking about this is you were taking time to think about for me it was the corn palace. You’ve never been to the corn palace in South and South Dakota. There’s a building made out of corn.

Like the walls are made out of corn. Yeah, just like corn cobs.

Yeah. One like I think actually with like the kernels on the corn. Well, yeah,

that’s it. I assume that but why? Why was this so terrible?

It’s just boring. Like everyone talks about it’s gonna be amazing. Just boring.

Well, I mean, you are driving through North Dakota or South Dakota. Either way. They’re both fucked. Like, why would you even want to be like, Why would you think anything exciting would be their

house of corn? Is it really the house of corners at the corn palace? Oh, I thought it was the corn palace. Okay, any other questions from our guests

come on to naff. Okay, I

have it. This stems from K in my history together. If you were gonna start an only fans, what would it be for? Well, that sounds weird. There’s context behind that. Yeah, give us the context. I wanted to sell art in a jar. And Kate was gonna like market it

was gonna help her. We could make some money, but I

think you have to take your clothes off and fart in the jar.

I’m not gonna Okay, it’s gonna have to market better. I just want to I can do that. What if I just feel like we could make some money. So like farts in a jar? I don’t want to like that’s not like a yes. Yeah.

So what what do you what is it about the only fans that like, I don’t understand that. Like, I mean, we’re not gonna get too deep into it. But like, why would you pay for that? I don’t know. I guess it’s free on the internet.

So here’s a sheltered question.

Okay. Is what is only fans?

Is, is, um, only fans only like porn or can people so people can like, post a channel for any reason? 100% It’d be okay. That’s what I thought. But I didn’t know. And I was trying to Google. I was like, I don’t want to Google that. No,

that’s not a student. Because it’s associated with pornography. Yeah. Or not just pornography. I mean, people put their feet on there.

Yeah, yeah. I mean, it really came into prominence during COVID when like, these escorts couldn’t meet people for that, and so they started doing video, that’s when it really became big i and then

the creators got getting kicked off and tick tock for being a little too racy, so that went over it only fans too. So I mean, technically podcasters could be there.

Yeah, we should start spicy though.

Let’s do an only fans and then we record with our shirts off that’s it just our shirts off.

Somebody would pay for that.

I know what if we could earn 50

Let’s do it people

there are people that sell feet pictures farts in a jar that lady got kind of sick though. Because everything she had to eat toenails like people cook nails but I mean doesn’t sell what would you do on only fans podcasting without a shirt? With your beard? Oh, yeah, you can sell beard here for sure. Your corn. See, why

would I want to cut I want to cut so Meghan’s

view. So what if Megan if I can, like rub my beard on your boobs? But like No, no, no faces? No faces?

I think we need to clarify that you’re talking to your wife a clarification?

I hope someone that they don’t listen to this episode first. Because that will be weird.

I hope they do.

know but I’m just saying like, you can’t see our faces. You can’t see any tattoos. Hard past. She didn’t like money. Money. That’s the thing. Like,

that’s the hustle, right? Is it a hustle? It’s a gig.

It’s a gig. I don’t know. Me? I don’t have any problem doing it. Just I don’t want my daughter to do it. There you go. I’ll set it.

Okay, but no, you can’t say that though. Why not? Because like that that’s somebody else’s daughter.

I don’t want my daughter getting abortion either. Okay, but I mean if she did is like her right.

Jason always brings it back to abortion lately. He’s been tried

in there, Jason. What do you say? It was a hard turn. Yeah,

like I tried to bring it tried to Big Mike and every Jason’s like

been curving every conversation there. But no, but I think for only fans, I think you know, I think the beard thing is good. I think I would just rub oil on my beard and really


picked up with beard

There we go. I found a way to make a ton of money on only fans or 25 You need to

get a cowboy hat and I bet that would Sell. Sell Megan

cowboy hat sell everything. What if I had, and you take your shirt off?

People want to see that cowboy hat objectification, cowboy boots and a banana hammock? No, no nudity? No.

You just got no real quick. People are shooting you down left and right.

Right. You got a question for Meghan, it will randomly generate

here. Okay, what have you created that you are most proud of? Ooh, except for you? Know, don’t you cannot say that. I was just gonna say you can’t say kids, because I knew you’d say that because you’re a mom. That’s what moms do.

I don’t know. I don’t I’m not a very creative outwardly creative person.

What about that stupid thing you were doing with prison? Mike. I don’t even know what you were doing. It was it was not even English.

That was raccoon? Yeah. So my mom throws pottery. And it’s a way that you fire the potter. It’s using a kill and then straw and you’re like, light it on fire.

Okay, that’s kind of creative. Sort of different.

She starts her farts in a jar.

Alright gallery with

that’s incredible.

I mean, I don’t know. The house is nice. Like, I didn’t create it. But I feel like I made it. What about What about

like Irvine’s? I mean, I know you didn’t like write the blueprints. But you had a lot of input on that. It’s incredible. And there

have been only for the past 10 years. Like the design wasn’t anything to me. I don’t know that I’ve created anything like everybody bitches about my cooking. And

that a tradition like a family tradition. There’s got to be things that you’ve done. I know that you’ve put your nose you can’t do so much. You can’t even just try something.

Yeah, I don’t know. That’s okay. I’m going with the kids. I’m going with the kids. Cuz they’re funny.

All right. Who do you think boob your question? You’re just going down the line now. Now she muted herself now I

can’t even she okay. She unmuted. I don’t know where she Oh, she just got home. Who do you make boob? I’m, I’m muted. I have a question. What are you at? Do you have a question for Mike and I? Okay, this I’m gonna cut all this out. This is awkward. You know what’s happening? She’s connecting to the Wi Fi. She’s pulling into the house. Anyways, let’s do you want to do one today? I learned garbage here. Are you back? Are you back? Soon as I like popped

up behind you there in the studio.

As soon as I transition to something else, he’s gonna be like I’m here. Well,

if you didn’t ask if anyone else had questions? Sure. Let’s give him space to ask more questions as the conversation has warmed up.

I want something uncomfortable. No one has uncomfortable, something you wanted to know about me?

Well, I mean, there’s one question you keep teasing it, but you won’t talk about?

Yeah, that’s too. That’s that’s too. Okay. Do you have a question for me?

I did, but apparently that’s too. Oh,

come on.

What’s the question? What is it?

No, Jason’s I can see in his eyes. He does not want to answer this. You wouldn’t know if

you listen to the podcast enough. DNF DNF. I

try. I know

so sorry. Does anyone else have any other questions?

Meghan left. Fuck,

she’s like I’m out of here. I don’t want to ask what doesn’t open

the door and yell at you. That’s fine.

If I If I could turn the mic on. She could ask it live. But do you really? Do you know

I have? No, it was just that one question. No, I didn’t know if anyone else I want to give him space. Because you always can edit it.

Okay. Um, I have a question for you. Okay, random. What is this is not a AMA. I’m just curious. Why don’t you tell everybody what your church name is?

Redemption city fellowship. And you can find us on Facebook. And you should follow us on Facebook. Oh, and Megan’s coming down here. For the question. You ready? Yeah. Come on in.

Yeah, I knew what you were transitioning.

Can you turn on the mic without racking everything? Can he do it? Can he do it ladies and gentlemen.

Smells not great down here.

Was it smell like

just just talking to this because it’s going to screw everything up

so my question for you two, you’ve been friends for a long time.

For a year for like two years. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Two years. Yeah.

So what is something in your friendship that you wish you could change about the other person.

Oh, Jason gets to go first. Yes. Comfortable. Yeah.

I mean, off the bat, I wish Mike would be on time. Now before before I finished that. You have worked at getting here on time recently today. Not a huge fan of coming in late, but that’s okay.

But you have worked I left early today. Well, I

don’t care. You need to show off earlier.

How am I supposed to know Snow was flying everywhere in my face. But you know that

that’s that’s always been an issue. But I mean, it’s not like a like a friendship breaker or anything like that. But

come on. Deeper. Let’s go. Do you want

it to be uncomfortable? So that was my question.

I mean, what do you got one for me?

No, but like, there’s one deeper let’s let’s let’s go. I can see in his face. He just used the

time. No, I really don’t. I mean, I wish I I’d say it all the time. And I joke sarcastically Mike never tells me anything. He holds a lot. And you guys, I mean, I know. He’s unfiltered on here. But I have to like beat him with a stick to get information. Like, I don’t even know. You started the church. I didn’t even know like, what was going on with that. And that would be one thing. I would like more of it. And again, it’s just because we’re friends. I know. You don’t have to tell anything. And even with the last episode, you were like, oh, like I have trouble telling you. And you were like really struggling. Like I was like, holy shit. Like, you know, I’m saying? Yeah.

So I would say this. Ask questions. I do ask no. But like, actually, hey, what what is what is up today? What’s what’s going on? Because sometimes people just don’t just share randomly because maybe you’re busy.

That’s true. That’s fair. I mean, I have asked about the church and stuff like that. And they feel like you’ve been vague about that, which maybe you have to then you just say I need to be vague about it.

There isn’t a ton there. Yeah. I mean, it’s moving into going. So I think my biggest thing would be if you know, things, just ask questions. Okay. Instead of just wanting people just to randomly blurt things. I mean, that’s fair. So, all right, good. Good job. Megan. Oh, Megan gets to answer a question, though. You’re not getting out. Oh, oh, you have to come back. No, I did. That was my thing of asking questions that you were just, that’s

that’s. I mean, no, but that’s really probably it right now. Because, I mean, Jason’s worked a lot on himself. So you’re saying I’m perfect. No, I’m saying you’ve improved a lot. So the biggest thing for me if you want to know things, ask questions.

Larry, Kay, and Meghan, does it sound like that imperfect? They’re not gonna answer.

Well, you’re a little too much like me. And so I can’t say that you are. But you and I will get in a room and we just kind of yell things at each other. And then we’re done. Like, nobody needs to ask any questions, because we’re just kind of gonna let it out.

Yeah, we know what’s up. Like, when you when we walk in a room, you know, what’s going on?

You guys should start your own podcast. I’ve just called yelling, yelling.

Oh, I have a this is totally random. Can I pop? Yeah. I’m starting a I’m not starting a show. I’m helping somebody start a show called vulgar advice. Oh, and like, it’s a new sounds awesome. It’s a newsletter every day. It’s even a little rough for me at times because it like comes in every day and my email. It’s like, what what was it today? Let me go back real quick. I’m just gonna read the title. Fuck regret. That was the title. And it’s really cool. It’s just like, like a one page like little advice column. But anyways, and they’re gonna do a podcast with it. Yeah. Okay. It’s called. It’s gonna be for like an hour on one. Yeah. reaching for the stars. When you read

the title. Everybody’s kind of like

what do you mean? What does that mean?

Every just sort of nodded. Like, I understand what that means. Right. Right.

Right. Right. Right. Yeah. So anyways, so I just

signed up. Did you says Hell yeah. Welcome to the most inspiring and swearing newsletter on the internet.

That’s awesome. Yeah, she’s she’s built a pretty big following. She’s from Grand Rapids. So oh, she she works for em ibis, actually. So which is anyways that’s a long story.

That is a really long story. Rabbit childhood go down? Well, I mean, it would have been longer. So anyone have any other questions before we move on? Oh, you didn’t get to ask my wife a random Oh, yeah, well, yeah, she left on purpose before that.

That’s rude. She did though. I’ll answer for okay. This will be fun. She’ll listen to this later and she’ll be like, so ask her. And I will answer as her No,

you shouldn’t answer this. Don’t be such a bad husband. What is her worst habit? There’s no way

do I chance this. I only can pick one. Yep. What is your worst habit? is

not the right answer, not

the whiskey talk and hopefully Yes, it’s almost the whiskey. I actually can’t think any I mean, there’s a thing No, no. stopped trying to do that one. Oh, so one of the these are just silly things though. It’s not like a bit what was the most What was the question?

What is your worst habit? So it’d be what is her worst habit?

I mean, she leaves all her clothes on my side of the bed. She changes and leaves everything. Oh, do you know what I do with them? You just chuck them down wrong. Throw them on her side of the bed? Should I be a better husband and just put them away? Mike says no, we’re on spot. But I mean, there is some. Yeah, I do get feedback on that. I’ve put the laundry away. But I get feedback. I didn’t put it in the right spot. I can’t think of anything else. While we’re trying to work. There’s

also bad habit. If somebody does something. It’s not perfectly back where you want just go with it.

Yeah, it’s tough though. I don’t know worse to like, I have so many things that Meghan, Meghan could revisiting on this podcast for 20 minutes and just list the thing I think,

I think on our next episode, or why should we should be just what are his worst habits, and just I want to hear 20 minutes of Jason’s words

are sparking. We’re sparking content right here,

folks, except for I’m gonna have to remember it and I don’t listen back. So yeah. Anyway, so about that. Okay. Anyone else have any other questions as

we wrap it up? Nothing else.

Okay. Can I have to go to one of our articles because I want everyone’s opinion on this. Which one do I want to go to first? Actually, here’s a just a random fact. You’ve all heard that. That eating your breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?

Well, the media told us that way back in the day, do you know who the one is? Who came up with that? A cereal company which one? Kellogg’s Kellogg’s came up with that?

How crappy is that?

I mean, Kellogg’s is the OG I love Syria so much. I miss it fasting. It’s so good. What’s your I love like cinnamon toast crunch? Like I’ve been working for Little Debbie on Monday. So I’m stocking shelves and I walk past the syrup. Oh, and I gotta walk through the back of my or so you see all the stock? Oh, like this. This insane, delicious cereal that I want to eat all of it.

Okay, here is a dear Mike and Jason that all of us can talk about. We will end our time with our guests with this. Some friends of ours agreed to house it for my wife and me recently while we were on a week long cruise man, it’d be nice. They live in a small condo, we have a large house in a golf course community refuge. So they welcomed the opportunity to show our appreciation we give them a $200 gift card to use at the golf course or their golfers. When we returned, we learned that they had invited four of their family members have spent several nights at our house and use our bedroom in my office as sleeping quarters. It was apparent that the guests had departed shortly before our return. Because there were piles of wet towels in the laundry room and our beds had our our beds still had their slept in Lent women’s, my wife and I feel betrayed and hurt by what our friends said. We told them how we felt the reaction was that they thought we didn’t have to wash the dirty sheets. We were we at fault for not doing a better job of explaining our our expectations when we had asked them to house set, Larry, what is your thoughts on that?

Oh, wow. Yeah, I mean, if I’m asking somebody to house it, I would I would expect him to ask if they wanted to bring other people over.

And if you bring somebody else over like at least clean up and make it so that people don’t Yeah,

I mean, that seems that seems kind of cool. Bring a bunch of people over without a bag getting consent.

Kate or Megan, any thoughts on this?

Oh, I have all the thoughts that Yes. Tell us all the title first of all you you don’t just load the house up you’re you’re there doing the relationship the agreement was you house it for them not bring over all your friends and clean those sheets, wash towels clean the sheets that’s like a rule like you don’t leave your yucky sheets for people to come back to like that’s that’s nasty and and they left them a gift certificate to thank them I’m sure they probably stocked the fridge and did all this stuff like they took advantage of the friends who went on vacation, my opinion. So, so the people who hired the house sitters they are not I don’t think they’re in the wrong but if they had specifics, you probably should detail that a little bit. So next time

I would I would say the same thing. I I don’t think that they, I think that the House sitters just didn’t have just weren’t thinking maybe they weren’t trying to be. No, we’re not trying to take advantage but didn’t think it through. Because maybe if you don’t have an office, you don’t realize why you don’t want people in your office. I don’t know. But wash all the stuff that you use. And do it early enough. So you can put it back on the bed.

Yeah, to me. I mean, the people that own the house should set out the expectations. But I would not want someone to do that to my house. If I didn’t set out those expectations. I mean, at least make it so that we don’t know about it. Although everyone has cameras, but do you ever get weirded out by like, do you do you’ve done Airbnb before? Right? I’ve done that. Yeah, I’ve stayed there. Yeah, that’s kind of like it made me think about the sheets thing. It’s like, I don’t know. Is it? Is it better to do Airbnb? Over a hotel,

especially now with like, all these weird cleaning fees there?

Take that take that out of take the money out of I’m just talking about like, you know, sleeping in someone else’s bad that they may have slept three days ago. And you know, fluids

like was it really was? Right? Yeah, it was it just like, hey, let’s spread some whatever. Breeze?

Well, when Larry and I went to Dallas, I got in the room first. I took the biggest one. Of course. Of course she did. Why, like, didn’t matter. We just got COVID Thanks a lot. Yeah. But there was like some sticky stuff left. No way. Nope, nope. On the nightstand when that happened. Yeah, something else happened. But I mean, it’s just kind of gross, right? Like a hotel. At least you’re like have a company to complain to but yeah, I did send a picture to the host and just to let him know that their cleaning crew missed this

was probably the his wife and now he’s so so so here’s the question, would you still be friends with this person? If somebody basically did this to your house? Like they kind of mean not trash to trash it but also didn’t bother cleaning the sheets or towels or anything?

I think 20 year old Jason would not be friends with them. It’d be like 46 year old Jason be like listen, bro, like, that was kind of rude dude. Like, challenge accepted? Well, what?

So the next time you’re gone, I mean, the house at your house and have a bunch of people over I

don’t need your house. I would just be like, hey, you know what I am that I’m wasn’t a huge fan of that. I get it. You thought you were comfortable doing that. But just please don’t do that again. Yeah. And then I shown the video recordings of all of them having sex. Okay, so wrapping up the show. Yeah, I appreciate each and every one of you for joining us and spending a little bit over an hour of time and hanging out with us. It means a lot to us. Mike and I work hard on this stuff. It’s not like we just mail it in. And we appreciate you guys listening and supporting us. Yeah, thank you.

gratulations. This is

fine. That’s that’s big. Yeah. Like I’ll talk earlier about how few episodes most podcasts have. I know they talked about there’s, you know, 5 million podcasts out there or something. But like only 125,000 of them are actually putting

out. Yeah, they haven’t put out an episode in the last like, month.

30 days your good

job is I know, speaking of not putting out an episode for a month after next one, we’ll have a like a month off. So

yeah, we’re taking next month off. We’re doing the seasons. I’m enjoying that time off. I know you. People probably miss us. That’s probably not good for the algorithm. But I don’t care. It’s nice to take a break and to refresh and those kinds of things. So and it works out to December. We usually do two episodes that month anyways, so you won’t see our sexy faces up on social media.

Well, I think we should ask if anyone else has final words, Larry counted final words. Kay, do you have any final words as we wrap up 200 Read.

Just congratulations. That’s awesome. And I’m so glad I found you guys. And I really enjoyed it. I enjoy your podcast. It gives me a different perspective on certain things.

Well, I appreciate that. I appreciate that a lot. Anything from you? Megan, do you want to tell us how good we are?

I’ve got many things I would never do that to

never advise why there’s too much a light

but I do want to come to Mike’s rager at your house so it’s a bigger solo stove. circle back

of course solo stove. Just living its best life solo

stove or solo cop. It’s about the size of a solo made by the same company.

Man know the quality is much better. It’s just small. No. What do you guys stay on the line real quick. I’m just gonna end the broadcast and thanks for listening to threads podcast. This podcast is produced and edited by Hey guys. US media group want to start a podcast check out hey guys media

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