Transcription for Ep. 199

On this episode of threads, we talk about our top five favorite TV shows of all times. We actually have the same favorite one. You’ll never guess what it is. Jason has a dad when and I get super open about the dark place I have been in. Let’s go.

Hello friends and Hello. I was gonna try friends and lovers. Hello friends and lovers. Hi guys. Welcome to Red’s podcast, playful, unfiltered. I tried to make Mike laugh and I did episode 199. And that’s crazy. 199 episodes, it’s freaking nuts. But this show is on a mission to rid the world of Facebook fake Instagram, Iraqis, Twitter takes and tick tock time sucks. And as always, as we talk about all these stupid things, is a space for unfiltered dialogue about faith mental health uncomfortable.

I’m gonna type it out for you next. I

know. I used to say the same thing and I’ve tried to change it up and I can’t do it. So.

Okay, our mission is to rid the world of Facebook, fake Instagram Ickes and Twitter takes and we do that by providing a space for unfiltered dialogue about faith, mental health and uncomfortable conversations. That’s the actual way.

Well, I’m writing it now. You can you can see in the chat, providing. There we go. Like I need to be Ron Burgundy. That shit.

I know. I was like, man, he needs a Ron Burgundy that Oh, my God. Bialy want his points. And then I would make it up as I go along.

Well, you’re you are a pastor. You know how to do that. Yeah,

I mean, there are some pastors script out everything but I just getting them get lost in my notes. And I just read it like a robot. Oh, that’s not good. I know. So Jason, for the month of November, we are doing the top five, our top five and our top five this week are your top five TV shows.

I love it. I love it.

So JSON, what is your fifth favorite TV show of all time?

Now again, I went to a list and just went through it because like it’s hard for me to think and then it started getting my juices because some of the shows were in on this top 20 some of the shows it was a Buzzfeed that it was there were terrible. Like I was like what the? I don’t even know if this is so my number five is Family Guy.

Okay, I was I never got into Family Guy. Sheltered.

Yeah, it’s it’s Well, no, I mean, your family guy came you are out of out of the house.

You think it came that late? Oh, yeah. Okay, we have to look this up. 1999 I graduated in oh two.

Okay, my bad. forgot I forgot. Are you are you 3539?

Almost 40. Wait, 83 was born in 83 graduated?

Oh, yeah, I forgot. I wish I was like, Wait a minute. You graduated in oh two? I’m 90. Okay, sorry. I did not know it came out in 99. That’s crazy.

See, that just shows how old you are. Um, my fifth favorite one is friends. Whoa. Is friends. I didn’t watch Friends until I met Natalie. Okay. And then I started watching friends and I actually it’s my top five. I couldn’t

put in a top five but I definitely could put it top 10 Okay. What is your for number four is Prison Break?

Okay, have you seen it? I’ve heard of it. That’s it.

Okay, I just thought of another one. Okay, I’m doing for A and for B because it’s kind of related Prison Break in Sons of Anarchy.

Okay, heard about haven’t watched Oh, sons is good. Now. Is it one of those? That’s like, tense is there like tense moments that happened in that? Both of them? See that sort of stuff? I don’t like that. Yeah, you’re gonna see my my list. I really just like funny stuff. That’s really stupid. Because it makes me not think about the things of the world. Interesting. I know. So because my fourth is the Big Bang Theory.

Okay, never watch. Never watch that. I had my ex friends before I excommunicated them. They used to love that show. I used to talk about it all the time. I’ve never even watched it.

Really? Even though you had friends who liked it. You never tried it.

That’s why their ex friends. Is it because the show, but I’m like if they like it. I don’t like it. Oh, wow.

Okay, what is your third favorite show of all times parks and rec. Okay. So I was just listening to smart lists. And that Chris Pratt. Okay, on that?

I don’t know. Are you going back to older episodes? Yeah. Okay. I

don’t need to go back. Yeah,

I need to I listen to the newest one today with Wayne Gretzky. Ooh.

So did you listen to the one with Biden? I did. Was it good? Or was it weird?

It was, you know, I was cleaning the garage when I did it. I was like, You know what, I’ll give it a try. It was okay. It you should listen to it. Okay.

It’s Biden doesn’t seem that exciting of a person.

So Biden needs to be playing with his grandkids. He does not need to be ruling the world right now. Are you ruling the United States? Okay.

You know what’s funny is like, people will think that you’re a Trump or because you say that and have the beard. Yeah, but I’m not I know. But I voted for him just came. I

don’t he was. I don’t want him but it’s like, I’m not. Yeah.

Shouldn’t be played with his grade kids.

I mean, he should be high though, Scott. He’s just an old man. He

is an old man. So my third favorite all time is Seinfeld.

Interesting. I know. That’s another great one, too.

Yeah, it’s one of the old ones. And we actually just finished that up now season nine. The last one was terrible. But up until then,

it was good. See, I wanted to not to do all comedies because I could have put Seinfeld on there. I could. Well, not big bang. I never watched an episode but I tried to break up

the key and I’m just going in my favor. Okay. What is your second favorite? Breaking Bad? Oh, good. That’s one that I would have put on if I would have thought a

fairly good I heard people say that Better Call Saul is even better. Really? I don’t know how you compete against Yeah, I kind of wanted to put Game of Thrones on there too. But it was so confusing. It was good. But it was just hard to follow. And I’m slow. I need something like Family Guy.

I didn’t watch it. But oh, Breaking Bad does. My second is How I Met Your Mother. We’re actually rewatching that right now in our household. Never watched an episode of that. Yeah. It’s a funny show with friends. You know, we’re just hanging out is that was

Neil Patrick Harris. He is on it. Yes. Yeah. He’s not the lead though.

The lead is the voice actually like of talking back is Bob Saget. Oh, man. I forget who the actual leads real name is. I’m terrible with real name. Yeah, I am, too. Okay. What is your favorite show of all time?

Can you guess it?

I bet it’s same as mine. The Office V office. Yes, I have the office. I haven’t watched in a while. I actually miss it.

You know, I’m kicking myself. I think it was before COVID The year before COVID Rainn Wilson came to the Detroit Comicon. And it was relatively cheap to meet him and get an autograph. I should have drove out there. Oh, shut up. I didn’t even know about I’m going to keep well, I’ve kind of been. Maybe it wasn’t I don’t know. I feel like I’ve been more cute in now that I’ve worked for ComiCon and Grand Rapids a few times. So I kind of look for that stuff. But like, I found out that Sally’s. Do you know what Five Nights at Freddy’s are Five Nights at Freddy. I’ve heard of it. Yeah, it’s kind of creepy. But the voice actor was in Grand Rapids the year before I started at Comic Con and Sally would have died too. Because like you can pay them to do the voices. That’d be fun for like 30 bucks you can record it and he’ll like have a little like conversation with you or whatever.

Think of what a great moneymaker that is. Dude, when I worked last year, the

guy was a voice actor. Okay. I bet he cleared 3000 a day. I was the salesman. Okay. I was like, Hey, would you like an autograph? Like, that’s why I got a good tip from that guy. Oh, because up to Megan I helped them make good money. money hand over fist.

Wow, that is crazy. Maybe someday people will pay us to record like a voicemail.

There’s no way. Maybe there’s no way

maybe maybe there should be an option on some of our platforms is like pay for us to record your voice. Well,

if you’re if you’re somewhat popular, like Eric Zane, you can get a cameo account and people will pay you to do cameos. Okay, so that’s like, talk to somebody like wish him a happy birthday. It’s

kind of the kind of lawyer I think we should put him up. Anyone but I

think you have to have a certain amount of followers. I don’t think we’ll be able to do much

fun. That would be though, especially Jason sexy boys. I hope you have a great birthday.

I watch where you sleep. By the way, honorable mention in the top five two. There’s a couple other shows. I was thinking about cheers. Have you ever watched cheers?

Yes. It’s good for like the first five seasons. Yeah, it’s really good. I could have thrown that in there to something else that I was thinking of is is is Fraser Fraser was a good show. I couldn’t

I haven’t watched it all the way through. I did the the cheers all the way through and then started watching Frasier and I just kind of lost interest does

it surprise you though that Fraser hits me and like makes is fun for me to watch? Because because it’s a little bit more nerdy?

Yeah, it’s more dry sense of humor. Yeah, I wouldn’t say you have a dry sense of humor but

I like dry sense of humor. Yeah, but I mean kind of like the office right that’s Yeah, that’s him and

again said coach was a good show, too. Oh,

forgot about the show. I

never watched it. I don’t watch coach. I will take that back. I’ve watched a few episodes here and there, but

Okay, the next thing you need to do is go back and watch like the first again. Here’s my theory shows are good for five five to seven seasons and then they jump the shark but you need to watch the beginning of

coach is what’s so good about it.

You just have to watch it trust me okay.

I will put that especially

since Megan said it was like going on me and Megan actually agree on something.

So what was Megan enough?

I know but it was like her and I both agree on something. Do it.

I was like it’s not my wife.

I figured she’s not taking time out.

Yeah, you know, I forgot to share the link for the PII whatever Megan’s at therapy with Avery and now know your wife’s doing so she doesn’t care. She’s hanging out with Cam watch and movies, guys. Our sponsor for threads podcast is Irvine’s auto repair Grand Rapids hybrid and EV you can call them at 532 6600 or schedule online at Irvine stock calm. They’re located off a 44th street. Right east of 131. They are the best. They aren’t the cheapest, but they are the best. My car went in my wife’s car, okay went in. And it’s 2016 rav4. It’s got like 84,000 on it runs fine, got an oil change got tires rotated, whatever. And one thing they do at Irvine’s, which I really like and I don’t like is they look at everything, they kind of do an inspection. Yep. And so they look at the air filter. I mean, I’m not gonna pay them put an air filter and I will order my own. And they looked at the transmission and the transmission is leaking. And the fluid was really dirty. So something has happened since the last time I got an oil change there. Now I didn’t get one there the last time so it’s been two oil changes because we Megan was going to Wisconsin and I was like I need to get I went to Valve Ling gotta change up. So I was like, Oh, no. So they’re like, what might be under warranty still. So we’re not going to do anything. We’re not going to investigate anymore. Just know you got to leak. The fluid is nasty. I’m like, well don’t change the fluid either, because I don’t know what’s going on. So I ended up calling Toyota today and we are out of apparently the warranty is only five year 50,000 For powertrain. Oh, wow, that was 100,010 year depends on the market. Yeah. So and then they’re like, Oh, she’s like, Oh, you did? Apparently there’s an extended warranty that we didn’t buy but I think the other owners did. And so it carried over and they’re like, would expire last month. No. And then it said but it expired at 75,000 miles. So your your your turnover. But my point is if it was six months ago, and it happened, it would have still been under warranty.

Ah, so they have to investigate why it’s leaking. Yeah, getting dirty.

Yeah, I don’t know. I think it’s probably okay. It might be a just a minor thing. If there’s I mean, because there’s no issue with the driving it. Yeah. So it’s not like it’s slipping or anything like that. I’m like this guy. My, my mother effing Honda Pilot as 251,000 miles on it, and it’s never had a transmission problem. Man, this thing’s Yeah, at 4000 I’m like, That’s it. I can’t buy a Toyota. No, I’m just kidding. How

tempted are you to sell that? The car? Yeah. Oh, the pilot, you know, that gets caught. Yeah. Why? Because if like what if it was it come back and say it’s for $4,000 to fix? How tempted would you be just to sell it?

I mean, we’ve only we still got like, we still got a payment on it. Um, yeah, I mean, we’d haven’t had that very long. We’ve only had it for like a year and a half maybe it’s gone up in value enough as but no way we’ll we’ll still cheaper to fix shit that Yeah. Then to go out and buy. Especially now I knew so anyways, you bring into a shop where you know, I’ll be done. Right? Correct. Ryan’s Yep. So that was a long ad. But anyways, story. I think I’m my car sales are going Thursday. I think I’m gonna reverse that and bring my car but yeah, I gotta figure that transmission you don’t

need around. Well, you know what I mean? Because otherwise instead of like a gasket that’s leaking, you end up with a whole transmission because I

just let it go. Yeah, so but please use them we’d appreciate you when you go in there. I saw our ad was a good dude. Their screen is like three times the size of that thing. And then the threads add came on like that. It was like wow,

so did you feel like it like I finally made it in life? Yeah, I’m on an ad and

I was so excited. So we can’t thank our patrons enough. Joe Pk k Lisa K, Megan D, Adam s and Christopher D. Chris Chrissy de and he’s a new Patreon and I appreciate him so much.

He also runs we forgot to mention him when we I know I felt so bad recap. But Chrissy de You did awesome at your marathon. It’s like,

we’re like we’re so accomplished. For our half just like this is my sixth marathon. I’m like, shit.

Yeah. What and here’s the thing about like, running a full is when I got finished. I was like, there is no way in this world. I was able to run a half or like a second half to do a full 100%. Like if somebody said have $100,000 If you run in the next three hours, I’d be like, No, keep your money, you can do it. I would die. Now remember,

when if you’re training for a marathon, you’re gonna be running like two minutes slower than what your regular pace would

be, which would just be walking at that point. Well, I

mean, maybe 90 seconds. Yeah. But in he

mean, he put the miles in and all that. But anyways, congrats to Chrissy D. Appreciate since we forgot. Yeah, terrible people I haven’t noticed here talk about Christmas music. Maybe that’s down with tying up loose threads?

I don’t know. Well, this skip that.

So we’re gonna roughly transition to tighten up loose threads. This is just where we bring up things from the last show questions. We have other things that we’ve talked about. So Jason, Gerald Yao is that back?

You know, I work today at Little Debbie not as long because I had my PT this morning. Okay, which I don’t have on stories. And I need to add that too. Because like, I’m just thinking, before the show, I was like, I don’t have anything and like, I’m thinking of stuff. So it’s okay, but I need to learn to it’s, it’s odd, like those boxes actually cut myself during the day. You can stick your fingers in the crack and carry him. Yeah. And sometimes they break free, but most of the time you can but I had been like scooping them up, and like bending over and I just I don’t know, I just got to be smarter about it. Yep. But so it’s still little, you

know, if you lift with your legs, you could help yourself running.

Yeah, I know. But like, how do you like today? I did. I was like, okay, lift with your legs. I’m like, I don’t know how to shift my body to lift with my legs. Like, what does it feel like? You know what I’m saying?

Should we take a break in practice? No.

Maybe that’s why I struggle with kettlebells it’s because I don’t I’m not using my legs I’m using my back I please

to take a break and for the live stream practice practice

video but Colette kettlebell. So anyways, that’s that’s where I’m at on

candy pole. You you put that down? I assume that you have it. Have it. I have it up and it is long. It’s okay. First of all, some of y’all some of y’all. Do you know what a candy bar is? Versus like, sweet. Okay, candy

now to there. No, there’s no justification. Yes, there is because I wrote it wrong. Oh, no, you did. I said, for the episode’s coming out tomorrow. We talked about candy. Oh, that’s on you. Yes, it’s on me. Oh, sorry, listeners. I knew you’re gonna throw him under the bus. So it’s okay. We had 58 votes, bro. Wow, that’s an incredible that’s the most feedback we’ve ever gotten in our entire pocket. Okay. Yes, about came people were fat. We love it. Okay, so of course, I’m gonna go through these real quick number one is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Okay, 23% of the vote. A couple of you voted just like a little bit ago. Second would be Twix. Those were our top two, right? Yep. Third would be Snickers tied for fourth is Heath Bar. And Skittles. Okay. Skittles. Love Skittles. Thank you, Larry for that. Brandy. Our friend wrote Heath Bar Werthers and Almond Joy where there’s dope. That was my my wife. We love where there’s Do you have a secret stash? I don’t because it’s gone.

I think you should have a secret stash on here for me.

You know what I had on my list? Look at the top of this. I didn’t quite get it done today. But maybe for next show.

What does that say? Pick up candy corn

because we’re going to drink we’re going to eat candy quarter Diet Mountain Dew on the show.

I love it. Anyway, candy corn.

Where was I? So where there’s Almond Joy. Receive sticks. Sticks. What

butter finger? Cam has started a love Butterfingers this year I

have a story about Butterfinger. Isn’t that the weird Dallas Dallas. Hold on let me wrap this up. Elisa added peanut m&ms Like yeah, what no one added that. Judy, I’m not sure who that is my aunt. Oh, Whoppers that was that. 4% So more than one person. Hershey’s dark chocolate. Jolly Ranchers take Chris Bruinsma take five. I’ve never eaten it take five.

I haven’t either. But I’ve heard of them. And I’ve seen them

and he put 100 grand. That’s a dark horse. Those are good. Have you had one of those? No, I don’t think I had all the really good people don’t eat him. I think because they’re like, they seem like poverty candy. I don’t know. It’s just 100 grand is just like, No, I mean, I’ve never heard anyone at like say I love 100 grand. So I’ve actually that is a dark horse for me.

So if Chris wants to send some in for us to try well, we’ll gladly try it on on on air.

Yeah. My friend Kendra added Starburst and KitKat Sally’s Oh kickout was 6% I missed it. Sorry. These. There’s so many of them. He thought it was 6% Two I’ll totally loves KitKat won’t eat peanut butter but loves KitKat

did you do for KitKat? Whoppers Whoppers? I think you talked about that already. I think those are good. I think that’s it nice. yeah that will get people engage when we talk about

and then of course a bit of honey and payday Those are mine. I’m the only one like no one voted for those like no one voted for bid oh honey payday it tells you who Jolly Rancher. Payday seems like caps as a bottle caps. No, that was from Brandy to pay.

It seems like a pop a poverty version of Snickers. It kind of does but it’s a completely different taste doesn’t isn’t it? Some people like it more? Because there’s more peanuts in it one

more peanut is basically the whole bar with a little bit of chocolate. No chocolate.

Caramel. Caramel.

It’s caramel.

There’s an A C A our caramel. Yes, it is. You’re an idiot. No, I’m not. with you the story about one of the cans. Oh,

gosh. Thank you Butterfinger. Yeah, but it’s kind of short. So in sixth grade, we were doing this fundraiser and you had to sell all these magazines, right like back in the day like in the 80s, late 80s to early 90s. So I saw these magazines and I got like, King Well, regular sized Butterfinger, but like in a pack like I would like stack with Little Debbie like there was probably 20 of them. I ate them on like two hours. Oh no threw up through. I could not eat a Butterfinger for 20 years. I’m now back like every flurry I get is a Butterfinger flurry. I’ll eat them. I love them now, but for 20 years. It was traumatic.

You probably saw them and like had like the sweats. Yeah, I’m gonna die eating these.

I would not chance it like even as an adult. I’m like, I know. I won’t grow up. But I’m like, I ain’t touching that

chocolate milk. And I had that for years. Oh, did you I was in school. I was supposed to get I supposed to get the white mount. And I got chocolate instead. And it was spoiled. Oh, so I didn’t throw up. But I that taste and it took me probably until the last five, six years where I’ll drink it without getting the sweats before of like, oh, this is gonna be bad. This is really bad. I know. Isn’t it amazing? What your mind does?

You know? Yeah, I’m not gonna do that. Sorry. We’ve already got enough, sir. We got to know sort of, I’m sure it has to do with chocolate milk. And I’m sure it’ll circle back at some time. Okay. School job fail. This is not as it’s like, kind of stories of the week, but up. They’re not paying me as much as I said she screwed up. No way. A $6 screw. It’s $10 an hour. What she told me it was going to be $16 an hour, which still isn’t great, but $10 and $10. Because I’m not a union employee. So I get paid by the. Yeah, cuz the school is union. Yeah, they are under contract. I’m not I won’t. I’m not a contract employee because I’m a substitute. I’m like, that seems weird. $10 an hour. Like I can go to McDonald’s and make $16 an hour. Yeah, I mean, I’m doing it to help out too. But I’m like, Yeah, I got my paycheck. And after two hours and taxes, it was 16 bucks for two hours. I’m like, nope. So I take

it you’re gonna drop that job.

I’m not gonna

drop off. $10 an hour.

Yeah, the principal the setback. So Jason, I’m so sorry. Just hurt because I had said to her I’m like I said, you know, you had said it was 16. I looked at my pay stub. It says only 10. And she was like, I just heard back from HR. I’m sorry about that. I misspoke. Nope. Because I probably wouldn’t have done it if I knew it was only going to be 10. Yeah, I mean,

but it’s not even cash. So it’s not then you gotta pay taxes. Before dollars attack? No way.

I’d much time you spent it’s two hours. It’s fine. You know how much money you can make doing a gig and about 75 bucks. See, but it’s not always about the money.

Yeah, but like, it’s not like you’re doing that just because you did it to make money.

I did. I will. Because she remember she had asked if I wanted to volunteer and I was like, Yeah, but I’d rather make a little money doing it two hours. He didn’t tell me that part. But I didn’t know what she asked. And I was like, well, if I’m gonna be there, I might as well make some money. Yeah, you know what I mean? I don’t know.

Bro. You’re like out No, for 10 bucks an hour especially since you could mean those are prime hours. I know

right during lunch. It’s loving to one is I’m at the school. Oh, no way. Well,

this is dropping like their hat. Well, here’s

the thing. It’s not a regular shift. So someone asked for a sub. I just don’t

say oh, like like this one. You don’t have to quit. Yeah, like this whole week. I’m not doing anything. You can like Silent quit like just don’t pick up any shift. Yeah,

I’m not sure it’s fine. Reds podcast, we’ll be back after a quick break.

What is into? Well, first of all, it stands for it. You must be thinking of another podcast. And second of all, it’s those unhinged conversations you have with your best friend. We’re talking about whether it’s okay to not wash your legs in the shower. We wonder what variety of apples would make the best names for racehorses. We talked about our real life problems, and we argue about basically everything else, so come to him too. hoping he craves movie reviews, how to find them society’s problems or just the company and friends. We’ll see you there every Monday.

So stories of the

week. How in the world do we start stories of though you got to put it

in the notes? I am Ron Burgundy if it doesn’t say Start the music. I need. I will I will forget. I will absolutely forget. Ah, you’re doing it this time. Where’s where is it? Which one? Is it? Feeding the ducks.

Yeah. I’m putting I’m typing in everything for you.

I feel like we need to change the music each time.

stories. Stories of the week. You’re not even on the beat. I know. You can’t even do though. I can’t I don’t know why this was your thing.

Alright, hold on. Let’s try this one. And the music in here is so terrible. Let’s see what God got. This is called night driving. This is terrible

when life gets you down. listen to stories of the week. That was great. Let’s see.

That’s great. I like that one.

There we go. I can’t Ranch was I’m just gonna

know. Yeah, that was pretty good.

So getting the ducks. So Jason, what is one of your

No You go first. I feel like I did all the loose ends. They were all about me.

So this week and we had the joy because the city of Halon picks up our leaves that we put out by the Roshi bougie we just pay for it in property taxes Yeah, it’s like East Grand Rapids partly because they don’t want people burning it is really why they do it. So anyways, we did fall cleanup we did it as a family it actually wasn’t that bad. I

don’t even have any trees. Neighbors do though. Oh, they all go in your backyard well

especially in our in our backyard. There’s a huge oak that’s just towering above our yard drops drops all into ours. Just mulch them that’s better for the lawn. Yeah, but it wasn’t that bad and then they get taken care of you know what it actually I think we spent like an hour and a half with that other garage clean up you know deck cleanup all that but we did as a family it was actually fun cam helped out he’s he’s an age where he can help out a lot now. And that was actually not that bad. So that was first started the week we did fall cleanup. We are ready because we are week early from when they will pick them up. Nice. Good job. Because if you miss it, too bad, too sad. Yeah. So I’m gonna do my next one. I’m just gonna be on mic right now. That’s fine. So finding that parent teacher conferences are more nerve wracking as the parent than as a kid. Cuz you never know. Because when it was you it was just like, whatever. Mom or Dad may be happy. They may be sad. But as a parents, like, you’re gonna tell me either my kid my kid is a good kid. Or he’s really bad. And then therefore I’m a bad parent.

Well, first of all, they’re not gonna say really bad and this PC culture, they’d get fired. If they said, Yeah, he

goes a small Christian school, I feel like they would actually be pretty honest. They’d be like, your kid isn’t living up to the standards we have is what I think they would actually say, the moral standards, the moral standards we have at the school, your kid is failing. I feel like that’s what they would be like, but it went really well. Other than he’s like his mom, he talks too much in class. Yep. He gets that all the time. And he speeds through his work, which he would get from me. He wants to get his work done. Like he actually tries to get his homework done all in school. Apparently he’s rushing a little bit too much. But other than that great kid, he’s a leader, blah, blah, blah, all those things. But yeah,

he’s a leader.

He’s a leader.

He’s so quiet when he’s around us. Yeah,

he’s more he’s become more quiet around adults. Like last year. Maybe he’s just frightened of me a little bit while I mean, you know, but it’s just more dogs talking Nice. He’s kind of got shy around. Adults recently, which is probably like a teenage thing. Right? Hunters right you’re so self conscious. But anyways, leader but anyways, it was the whole talking. She’s like I put them next to somebody who I didn’t think you’d talk to and he just will say anything that comes to his mind. And daily was like, Yup, you can put them anywhere and he will talk to them that boy

so yeah, i i Weird parent teacher conferences in person.

Yes, they were in person and the teachers don’t have class on those two days. Okay. Do remember back in the day, may remember remembering wrong at least at my school. I think we only had half days. And then parent teacher conferences were in the afternoon and then at night yeah, right

now they make at least my school, they make them work. And then they do it after school. They’re working from like sunup to sundown looking

at that. Unions now helping them you know, I liked

the online ones car like through COVID. It was great because you get there five minutes and they’re like, boom, you’re done. You’re done. You’re done. On

So are they gonna do them that way for you guys now they split them

again this year. You could go in or online a Megan wants to go in for Sally’s because it’s a little bit more. Yeah, the Yep. But a reason is like, boom, boom.

Do it online. Get it over with you guys can both sit down here have a beer? Yeah. Have a drink. Just chill out. Feet up. Scratching things.

Yeah, begging scratch crotch all the time. For me, I know you got one more mic gonna save that, man. Yeah. For me a couple of quick things working Comic Con this weekend. So come on down and spend a gazillion dollars to even get into the building. I didn’t know is this early in the year? Yeah. It’s always like this first full weekend in November the second weekend. Really? Yeah. If you pre buy the tickets, they’re $27 for an adult. Okay. Like that’s doesn’t it? You weren’t shocked by that printer? That seems so expensive to me.

I don’t know what it fully is. I mean, well, I

mean, there’s, it’s it’s huge. But I mean, $27 for one day, although if you buy the three day it’s only 65. Oh, so it’s Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Yeah. So anyways, 27 doesn’t seem that out of rain. Oh, maybe I’ve not been to have like, well that. I think the home and garden shows like 10 bucks.

Yeah, but that’s a Home and Garden Show. Well, plus at ComiCon though, you can spend a lot of money. Oh, yeah. All these people you’re talking about?

Well, that and you there you can buy Funko Pops. I mean, people are selling like it’s a huge thing. You know what I wish they had their tattoos. I would so get like a superhero tattoo. Like something small like I wouldn’t trust somebody with like this big complicated, but this should be cool. Like a little Batman signal. I’m

like, I’ll get a little spot tattoo. Come on. ComiCon Grand Rapids. Let’s go. Yeah, let’s

go. I should get one of my artists to go in there they can find make a fortune. Yeah. So yeah, I’m doing that this weekend decently pays it’s cash money. So and also depends on the tips you got. Well, I will not be this year because I’m getting new ink on Friday. So okay. I have to be available by noon on Friday. I realized I booked my ink six months ago, this Friday didn’t know forgot about Comicon. So I did have a artists that was going to take care of but now I’m just going to be a floater because I can’t get there till three. Oh, and the artists I had old guy. You weren’t that excited. He wouldn’t have tipped me nothing. Because he’s like, Yeah, you’re doing this sunny. Yeah, exactly. So but I’m looking forward to it. i It’s fun to see people walk around and Sally is actually coming this year with Megan because he’s obsessed with the the Ghostbusters. They always there’s an Ecto one that they haven’t grown rapid. I don’t even know I act Oh, something goes about. Have you not seen Ghostbusters only a little bit as an adult.

I know I was so sheltered.

It’s a great movie. But it’s the ambulance that they turn into their their ghost mobiel but they have one in Grand Rapids. So so he’s gonna be there. And I’ll have a lot of free time to kind of walk around. So okay, let me show you another good spot. Yeah. This weekend, Mike and I spent time with my kids. I took them bowling. Ooh, look at you, dad and $100 at bowling. You’re talking about $27 for ComiCon No wonder box swag bucks a person to bowl for two hours. So that’s what $36 Yep. And then I was like, I love Avery as she’s getting older. I just give her my debit card and like go order some food. Like I don’t want to get up. And the two large fries and three drinks was $22. So I’m like, okay, but we had fun. Sometimes we struggle with that was with Sally with that kind of stuff because he gets beat himself up so bad, but he’s not good at stuff. Yeah. And he wasn’t great. He did get one strike. Oh, nice. Oh, yeah, that was fun.

Look at you do Dang. Oh, you’re grown.

I am. And then a couple more things real quick. For me. Avery put this presentation together about getting Snapchat. Put this Google slide. I mean, it was like 12 slides. It wasn’t like just two slides. So I was proud of her for doing that. I think we are we are going to allow her to get it. I had to download Snapchat and figure it out. So if you guys want to add me on Snapchat, just look my name up. I don’t even know how to use the app. But are you

nervous about letting her use Snapchat? Are you excited? Are you apathetic towards it?

Yeah, I’m empathetic. I understand all the kids that’s how they talk. Now the only caveat with that is like bark that I use will not monitor Snapchat because they have not allowed Apple it’s an apple blah blah blah. Yeah, Android you can do everything. So I’m a little worried about that. But they do have a ton of different settings now than they did back when it first came out because like you remember when it first came out like people were sending nudies and it disappeared like it literally disappeared so people would get like naked dick pics and they’re still getting there still are but it’s a little bit different. Now like I can lock her account down I can connect her to an affair. Emily account, those kinds of things, but she’s only gonna get 30 minutes today. Okay, so it’s same limits of like the other things. I think Megan was more onboard than I was, but I came along for the ride. So I think that’s what’s gonna happen. That’s the one

app that I having worked with high schoolers who are on it. It’s a terrible app. It is. Everything about it is built for trouble. Yeah, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have been. Oh, that see, that made me so nervous. Right? Because because it’s not because Avery’s a bad person, but oh, there’s bad people trying to do things on that stupid app.

Yeah. And so it’s different now though, because like, it can be a private account. She can only add and you know, what, am I gonna wait a year and then give it to her? She hasn’t violated my trust. I have her phone locked down tight. She doesn’t give me any grief about it. She’s respectful. She also does slideshow. She did a slideshow. Like yesterday, she asked for Tiktok time I said, Yeah, you can fold that laundry and put it all away and I’ll give you more like, yeah, and she’s like, okay, like, so. I think it’s time she knows what happens when chick gets screwed up.

It just stinks being a parent have to make those stupid decisions of kids on an app where there’s stupid.

Yeah, we didn’t even have to worry about it. Kids stupid Snapchat. And then real quick PT. You know I did we talked about I went to my first appointment. I

think you talked with Megan but I listened to him. And so you went there, but it wasn’t a actual running anymore.

So fast forward. I got bumped to this one. This guy is awesome. Okay, it was Terrence. He. He’s on the board for the GR half gr marathon. Ooh, he’s run it. The whole nine yards. This guy’s like an avid runner. And yeah, he didn’t even give me stretches. He’s like, but he pressed on them.

Oh, did it hurt? Oh, dude, how many curse words came out?

Not a lot. Wow. But it was like he got in. There’s like, you know one thing you said about the fat pad under there. That gives it like the cushioning or your toe? He’s like if you’re dehydrated that thins out. Oh, so

yeah. Do you do you need a water challenge again? Oh god. No. Jason Jarrell needs to be part of a water contest. So he could pay Mike

Don’t even start again. Let’s do Oh think about it. But anyways, he was great. I’m actually going again on Wednesday. Okay, he’s got some ideas he wants to talk about shoes he wants to get me on a treadmill and get analysis on my running like a gait analysis we are you go we are balls deep and getting this thing fixed out. He’s like, because I want it he goes this is what sent me goes because I want to fix this long term. I don’t care about the short term stuff. We’re gonna fix this longterm nice because I was like, I want to run a marathon. He’s like we’re gonna get this done.

Now is he gonna is he wanting you to not run while you do this? Or heat so this is good. He’s all about keep running. We’ll figure it out.

Yeah, he even said bring in your disposable pads that you’ve been using. Okay? Like I want to see him he’s like I don’t think that’s going to be the right fit. I want to get you in something that you wear during the day even like when you’re working because it’s not just wrong. Yeah. What a good point he made he’s like why you’re going to be on your feet all day and have issues and then go run your I mean, yeah, I’m like God like

well, because you’re also talking about getting wider boots right? Coronavirus, and

Redwing has a new style out that has super wide toe box and he goes I liked the toe pose but they don’t have a ton of padding in him and he was like leaning turn the what? I knew that

it got like I got lambasted with mega you got

no because there’s another there’s another model that has more padding on it. He said in general they don’t have enough so of course he’s talking about whole cars and I said that I like old cars but they don’t have and I said that they don’t have a wide enough toebox Topo is like so comfortable

poses extra wide but I mean there are winds in Hoka Jason

Yeah, but I have to buy an extra wide and then that’s going to make my other part of my foot not fit right

Jason freakin chair.

He threw the cup you guys so mad

at me and that on telegram with Meghan de Nath because about which ones for extra cushioning I was like Hoka has the most like that’s just who they are. And you Oh mad. Yeah,

I like my toe pose. Like I don’t know if I will give them up but we’ll see.

Man anyways. Oh, thank you to whoever your physical therapist is for being team Mike. If they do know Terrence Rubin tears Rubin you are now my hero. I can be my hero, baby. Okay, so for me the last one.

What do we got? 30 minutes. Okay, we’re

good. We really only have 30 minutes. Oh, we’re probably

worse as 47 but we’re like seven or eight minutes on?

Yeah, so we’re gonna be probably be spending the rest of the time of the show on this. Maybe we’ll see how long goes. So you have noticed that so I was back up. So pre the half marathon. I took the week off. And then I promptly got COVID. Pre art sorry, post. Okay. Oh, sorry, post. Yeah, they have marathon running. Yeah, no running, Got COVID Got COVID running, no running, rocking. And then this past week, I didn’t do anything. And you were wondering why you kept sending messages about it, like get going, which which is fair. And I finally texted I’m like, dude, like, that isn’t working right now, because I have been in a dark spot. But the Nedley also had said, Hey, you should probably rock because the endorphins, blah, blah, blah. I was like, You and Jason are saying the same thing. I should go rapping today. So I did felt a lot better. And so kind of came to like, Hey, how come you’re not sharing what’s going on? And so here’s what it is. And I’ll tell you kind of why I had a hard time sharing it. So I, for listeners who don’t know, I am in the process of planting a church, which is started in church from scratch. There is a group that I am that I’m partnering with working with. And they’re doing that but it’s valving a lot of things that I don’t know, like fundraising, I don’t know how to fundraise. Yeah, somebody’s coaching me through that I’m doing that. But this past week, there’s been spiritual attacks. And this is where it gets weird, because I don’t know how to talk about spiritual tax with you other than at night, I will wake up in every thing that I doubt about myself, I am going to tribute to Satan or a demon is telling me he’s like, you’re gonna fail in doing this church plant because of this, blah, blah, blah, blah, your family is going to suffer because you can’t do this. And you can’t do this. And you can’t do this. And so like some of the nights, it’d be like two to three hours, oh, my gosh, two to three hours. And I would go on my phone, I would go on anything just to try to like get my mind off of it. I tried to read and nothing’s happening and and so I was just in a really dark spaces, especially last week because of that, because I’m just like, I don’t know what to do. Like, this is so over my head. It’s so beyond what I even know. I mean, I don’t know how to fundraise. I mean, I’m taking a class working with somebody, but it’s it’s not my normal cup of tea. Yeah, go ahead.

Okay. I didn’t want to interrupt you. But why is it your job to do that? You’re supposed to lead the church? Why are you supposed to like because your job is going to be a pastor?

Yeah. And so in church planting you, you get to do both in the in the beginning?

Yeah, but don’t you have a like a church that’s like sponsoring you

will, the group that I’m partnering with will match what I what I raise, yeah, that is their way of supporting and in, in theory, it actually works the best because it gives you fortitude to actually keep going I mean, of course, starting starting anything, including churches, a lot of work because you’re starting from ground zero, it’s not like there’s an established group that has been there. And so it’s just one of those where it is something that I know I need to do and have been doing. But just, again, every lie every thing I don’t every place where I feel like I lack is where you got, for me, I’m gonna say it’s Satan or a demon, or whoever evil forces, just all of these lies come out. And again, it’s just happened. When a customer a couple of nights was crazy. I mean, three hours and that’s just intense.

So when you say like the attacks, you’re just you can’t go to sleep and you’re just thinking about it.

No, it’s not just thinking about it’s different. I don’t know how to explain it. This is where it feels weird. Especially where you are with your faith journey. It’s not anything against you

don’t Don’t be you say what you gotta say?

No, but that’s why I’m saying it here. Like, again, to me, it’s I’ve had those nights where you’re just worried like, Yeah, we all have those. But this is different. It is like at the core of who I am, it’s not just like, Oh, I’m worried because you know, we’re gonna raise enough money blah blah blah. It’s like you’re gonna fail at this and your family is going to suffer and all these things just happen which then when you wake up in the morning you start to think through it you’re like maybe I’m doing something good if these attacks are coming Yeah, because why else would say in waste time on attacking somebody if you didn’t think it was

and I think for the non church people when you say attack like what does that mean? Like are they is the devil speaking to you and

well there’s not like an audible voice but there’s just you feel presence

there’s just there’s I felt presence of stuff

Yeah, I mean there’s there’s just a different level than worry worry is one thing and it’s kind of like I know it’s my own brain but it’s something different something have or something. Yeah, a presence would be a word that would work that’s

but don’t you feel like it might be amplified because it’s in the middle of the night and you’re not as clear headed as you wouldn’t be sure at three o’clock in the afternoon mean

if it was me attacking somebody what would be the best time to tell them lies is when they’re sleeping in? Yeah,

they don’t know what’s going on. They

don’t know what’s going on. And it’s a time when it’s dark. It’s like, you know, there’s no light there’s no

dark is the worst like, we are. You walk out in the construction site with no power lights on there, you’re like, nope, 100% You’re all sudden you’re elevated. You’re like, afraid and stuff. So

what if you were going through the woods in the dark? And then there was like, a crack away from you.

I’m a wimp with that stuff. Hopefully, I don’t my pistol on me because I just be like, fight your crack coaching? No,

it’s just walking.

So you’ve had those attacks. And so you, you know, I say, No, I’m trying to think of the words like, I send it to you a private, you know, privately, like I struggle with not being in the loop because I like to be helpful. But I know that’s not always I don’t need to always be in the loop. Yeah. But if I don’t know what’s going on, like, when I sent you that message, I was pissed. I know. That was because you kept the problem is you, you. You’re you were putting me off with sarcasm every time and I’m like, Okay, I’ve hit my sarcasm wall. Like, I need to know what the fuck is going on you? Because like, you’re my motivator to like I’m running. I have no one to talk to you about it. Yeah, I can know something was up. I’ve kind of backed off on a lot of Yeah, speaking of running, I just run and I don’t say anything. I saw somebody Strava stuff. Well, yeah, you see it, but I mean, like, normally we talk about it. In fact, I

didn’t. I didn’t check Strava until the end of the week. Um, no one I think like, that is my if if I really get into the deep, I will try to figure it out all myself. And I know that’s a flaw like Natalie and I. That is our thing. Like, I will try to fix everything on my own. Instead of bringing it to her or bringing it to other people. Yeah, I was doing my childhood. Thanks, Mom and Dad. It’s not their fault, either. And I’m the asshole on the show. I don’t I don’t cost as much as you. But anyways, no, I mean it again, right? Somewhere in my childhood. I learned whether it was taught to me or I just picked it up. That that you go in that you go inward to try to fix things. Nah, man. I know.

There’s some. There is some work to do inward, but then you’re like, Okay, guess what? I can’t figure this out. I need help. Yeah. And it’s hard. I get it. Yeah. But man, Dan and I are really smart. I mean, mostly her. Yeah, mostly. But I mean, like, I do have some good ideas. And it’s sometimes it feels good. Just to say it out loud. Yeah. And like I could literally you’d be like, I don’t need your help. I just want to tell you this, like, cool. Go for it.

Yeah, it did once. Once I once I message you and I’m just like, this was going on. It does feel better. Yeah. And then and then and then I did rock and I felt better because you know, natural drugs. God created our bodies to feel. Yeah, when we got news of it. Okay. You’ll love this. So I get there. And I have Izzy with me, our dog in it starts to rain. And all I have is a T shirt on in shorts. It was like 60 degrees. 64 degrees. I was like, I’ll be fine. It was so cold. Well, I said, but I was like, You know what I told myself, you know, I am going to do 20 minutes because coming back from COVID I’ll do 20 minutes. I think I ended up doing five. But I was like, You know what? Just suffer for 20 minutes. You’re fine looking. Okay, I’m five minutes in and then 10 minutes like the rain comes harder with the wind. I’m like, Okay, I only have 10 minutes left. I can do I can do anything for 10 minutes sideways raining. It wasn’t quite but it was enough where I was like, okay, I can do anything for 10 minutes. I will not die from this. It may be uncomfortable, but I will not die from 10 more minutes now. And then it was 15 but still it was one of those where I was like are you kidding me? I just about turn went back home now.

When you finish did you have that feeling of like I did it or your? Oh, it

was it was okay. No, it was more just the endorphins. Yeah, it felt good. I mean, that’s that’s the beautiful thing and I think the rain actually helped right right the rain wakens your body up as

well. Yeah, well, you’re feeling everything. Yeah. When you got stuff hitting your skin, your nerve endings and

Well, I think your body I mean, I’m not a scientist, but I can check Google and and read it.

I like how you ad read it.

I know. Because that’s your thing. It is um, I think when that happens your body then is going to send out more chemicals to counteract the rain and the cold. Yeah, because your body’s like we can do it.

So back up to church stuff. How can we help you? How can we support you

know I give money

Natalie’s asking for money? You haven’t asked me yet I’m waiting for it.

I think that’s like that’s weird in a friendship. Well, it’s

not weird it’s just like I don’t even know like this is like your My I think your fault for sure that you don’t tell me much like I don’t know anything going about about the plant. I don’t know. like you haven’t like, brought me into the fold, like I don’t need to know. But like, it’s tough to support you on that stuff. Because I don’t know anything. I see a random video from you and I watch it. And I’m like, Oh, that’s my buddy. You should like them at least Yeah, I should. I’m terrible.

You don’t like it? Because then because then Facebook gets it to more people. Yes, you’re right. I need to ask how you can help me by liking or sharing. Okay. Oh, the same thing. We tell them. Yeah, I

know. I’m terrible. I should have done that. I’m embarrassed that I didn’t do that. Like, oh, crap. Maybe I don’t want anyone else to see that. I liked it. Maybe I don’t want

I know, you’re like, Oh, this guy’s talking about people being loved and seen and known. But yeah, I don’t

know the story about this. Like, what are you? What are you launching? Where are you meeting? Are you meeting? are you preaching? Are you getting a salary? I know, money has stopped from the name we won’t mention at the end of October. So like, that’s got to be a stressor too. Like I all of that stuff.

Yeah, there’s stressors in that we’ve been really smart with money. And we’re not in like a desperate place. Yeah, but we’re trying to build though for next year. Right. Like not like like the beginning next year, planting all that stuff anyways. Yeah. So I that’s a Me need to share more. I think what’s been hardest because I know you’re in a weird spot with Jesus stuff. And I don’t want to push it because now but for a while, though. He should who shall not be named and I push you a little bit about going back to church. But we got pretty strong pushback. And so I think, again, this is on me. internalizing that going, well, you know, like right now he’s not in that spot where he wants to talk

about, but that’s the thing. You’re assuming it makes an ass out of you and me, like if you said, Hey, do you mind if I talk to you about it? I’ll be like, Yeah, dude, and I’m in a much better place. It’s not. Yeah, we did get. I did give you pushback. But I was still a little angry that yeah, I’m not so angry anymore. Like, I love to have a discussion about that. And I want to support you, because it doesn’t matter if it’s church. Well, there would be some weird stuff. If you were like, if you were a Trumper I wouldn’t support it.

Tomorrow, you know, I’m voting for all Trump. Redway

I voted two weeks ago. I’m an absentee vote voter, so I am going to invalidate all yours, or you will vote opposite at least one of them. I know it’s a waste of time is always the time for both. But boys are saying Oh, no, I love i, i One of my love languages is helping. Yeah. And that’s a guy thing too. But it’s hard for me when Meghan says I just want you to listen, I don’t want you to help and I had to bite my lip.

How many years of marriage that took to learn that for me, dude. So hard. Okay, many years. Okay, so way off track, but we’re getting off track, because we’re gonna not go to the next thing. So there’s this video of a husband and wife. And in this video, she has a nail right in her forehead, okay. And she’s like, Oh, my head just hurts. Like, like, there’s just this pressure and the husband’s like, Honey, you have a nail in your head. Can I take it out? Just this pressure? I can’t can’t do it. And she just gets mad. She’s like, will you stop talking about the nail and just listen. And I was like, oh, man, if that is not marriage, 100% husband and wife so I get that like in this state, especially if I’m not sharing you’re like, What the hell’s wrong with this guy? And I?

And again, I want to reiterate, I want to be in on the dirt and the gossip and the tea and try to help you but I also will respect if you say no, but but if you lock me out, and you’re being weird. Yeah, sure. It’s gonna get weird. For me.

Jason’s gonna yell. No, I’m

not gonna Yeah, I felt after you sent me that message. I’m like, sorry. No, I felt so bad. No,

I was just trying to let let you know. Like, sometimes. Sometimes we’ll yell at each other to get each other motivated. I’m just like, right now is not the moment.

Well, that wasn’t motivating. I was literally pissed because it was always sarcasm about working out. I’m like, Okay, I’ve hit my sarcasm wall. Like it’s been fun. Thanks for the ride. I’m ready to stab you in the throat. Tell me what’s going on. And I didn’t even know this shit was going Oh, tell me about working out. Well,

you’re gonna work out again. Well, I

was worried you were gonna quit. I’m like, no, he’s done. You’ve gone so far. Like I get it. There may come a time where you’re like, I don’t want to run anymore. And I will respect that. But now is not the time now. I can just see you struggling with COVID Like I’m worried like all this is going to set this this bald snowball of him not working out because he’s, I’m out of breath or whatever.

But it is strange. I’ll post COVID Total aside now. So I know of a side note of a side note. Coming back from COVID and working out your like, that has made me out of breath where that normally wouldn’t. Really? Yeah, just even some hills when I’d rock us and my heart rate would jump up into zone three and I’m like, What in the world? Like me, especially rocking with 20 pounds. I mean, I wasn’t going fast either. I was like, good job. COVID ruins my aerobics.

It’s not something to mess with no, even now.

Oh even though we are this many years and Yeah, well, you know, I think for the for the third to last episode of season three of 2020 Yeah, this is a pretty decent episode. Yeah.

Do you want to brainstorm what we’re going to do for 200?

I think I mean on air off air I think off air but are our fans our biggest fans? Apparently somebody wanted a two hour episode, which, when when we were leaving now there was like, please don’t plan a two hour episode. No one will listen to that. I mean, one will maybe. Maybe, but man two hours. I

mean, I don’t want to add it. You know what, if you make me do a two hour episode, it’s just getting caught print. Like, it ain’t nothing. No sound, no music. It’s just there you go.

The mic is a mouth breather more than I realize. Yeah. You’re like,

Oh, my God, Nick. Jason performs miracles. Normally, he just uploaded the

shouts terrible. But anyway, so we’re gonna be doing episode 200. We will be recording that next week. And you’ll listen next week, because it’s always just a week out. So yeah, so if you have any suggestions of what you want to hear, that doesn’t matter, because the variety recorded?

No, it’s hard to think about that.

Because it used to be we’d release on a Friday. least we’d have a couple days. Now we do. So anyways, we are gonna pull something together for episode 200. And then we just have one more left, which will maybe be with our wives if we actually schedule it with them. Oh, we better get I know that nail was like, Hey, are you planning us? That’s Thanksgiving week, right? Yeah. But then. Yeah. So it’s the 21st cam has the whole week off of school because it’s the whole week. So what happened is a couple of the rich families like to take week like week long trips. Yeah. And they want to pull their kids out. And I think they put a lot of pressure on the school for just having the whole week off. And that is ridiculous. Yeah. And when cam was in childcare, that was weird, because most even the daycares that didn’t have his age, because every other school was in session. So it was just odd and weird, but now he’s old enough. It doesn’t matter. Yeah. So anyways, I’ll be sending out that that telegram because we’re Trumpers to our wives.

I had telegram way before I know but it’s just a fun I love seeing all my conservative friends join in every every like month or two. I was like so and so join telegram like, that makes sense. You know

who just joined it. Oh, Joe Pelourinho. just messaged us on it. Maybe he’s

turned us.

He just sent a message though. The other day. Yeah, yeah.

Have you booked that episode?

No, this is not about that. This was about fraud.

Yeah, but now, but now. But now we gotta it’s gonna be January now. We already have the two he can join

us on our 200 Oh, yeah, that’s true. So anyways, we hope that you join us for that one, as we’ve wrapped up this very smoothly. Jason, do you have any thoughts of this rabbit trail?

No end of the show. Now I have zero thoughts. So get us out

of here everyone, will you please share the love share this episode with your friends your girlfriend’s your boyfriend’s your enemies, your mom or dad or that crazy uncle who just needs some mental health help and can can share in my being very open or you can support us on Patreon that’s forward slash threads podcast you get all sorts of fun things including a bonus episode. For the whole month of November. We have a bonus episode in there you will learn things you never thought you would learn. Sure on Reddit. So will you join us in ridding the world of Facebook fake Instagram Ickes and Twitter takes by keeping the faith doing your work and living life on Phil

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