Transcription for Ep, 198

Well hello and welcome to threads of podcast life unfiltered. We are on a mission to rid the world of Facebook fake Instagram, Nikki’s Twitter takes and tick tock tick tock time wasters or whatever Megan said, I don’t know what she said. I don’t I don’t really like that one but we’ll go with it.

She’s gonna kill you.

Whatever. She’s I have some beef with her based on the last episode anyways, we provide a space for unfiltered dialogue about faith, mental health in uncomfortable conversations. Jason Gerald, it’s good to be back.

It is good to be back. The episode says 196. But that’s okay. Oh, 197 196 198.

Yeah. So which also means that no, I guess I changed it from the one two previous so it wasn’t all your notes. No. So Jason, it is Halloween, or actually, it was Halloween yesterday. Yep. So I figured we do a new segment called Top Five, our top five favorite of any category, but because it’s Halloween or just was Halloween? What are your top five best candy bars? I think we’ll go back and forth. We’ll go 5432.

So this is going to be for November. It’s going to be top five for the iceberg. Top five. I love it. I love how we’re changing every month. And then Natalie can stop bitching about the hip hop at the end. I got to change. Yeah, you’re

gonna have to change it to actually. No, I’ll actually tell you in a different time. I almost run another segment. Oh, don’t do it. Anyways, Jason, what is your fifth? favorite candy bar?

Bit Oh, honey bid. Oh,

honey, do you even know what that is? It’s like those little pieces. But is it even the candy

bar that comes in a candy bar too? Oh, newsflash, I’ve never eaten it in a candy bar. But you I actually Googled the top 25 candy bars and just went through the list until I found the top five that I like, so it wasn’t fifth on the list of their lists. Yeah, that’s fifth of mine.

So now with honey, I can see it in a small piece. But yeah, I think a whole candy bar Do you think it’d be too much?

It’s funny you say that there’s a story out but the cabin maybe about a decade ago. There’s an Amish like General Store, but they basically buy all this candy and then they break it down into containers and resell it. We think it’s like this special thing and we call it the bulk food store. That’s where we go okay, and they do have a lot of spices kind of rare spices that costs a lot more like Meijer but anyways, I got a thing about this big. I mean for audio listeners. I don’t know there’s probably 40 of them in there. I ate myself sick at the cabin. Like I almost threw off. So you ask any of my family about a bit oh honey throw up and they will start laughing immediately. So

did you actually throw up her?

Didn’t it was damn cool. I was moaning it was just it was rough. So

here’s a question way off topic but we’re gonna go there. So are you one who will like throw up as soon as you’re sick? Or are you one who will hold it as long as you can I hold it me as well. I don’t know I shouldn’t Yeah, but it’s so horrible when you actually do throw up so I will hold it for weeks. So puking weeks I mean, like like like feeling bad for days so it’s funny

that not the last time I drank I was hungover there was a moment just the last weekend but the last time I ended up making myself throw up because it was random I felt fine all sudden I got nauseous I just went in there anyway out and I was fine and then your dive done sweating went right back to bed. See normally I fight it tooth and yeah,

I’m one who fights it and then ends up being really bad and then it ends up coming out my nose. Alright, number five for you Hershey candy bar just the straight all Hershey is top five. It’s it’s a basic, of course chocolate where you grew up a look where I grew up. So number four for you Jason a payday candy bar.

Ooh, payday has peanuts. Oh, yeah. Okay, and it’s salty. And it’s so frickin good. Okay,

have you ever had one I have. I’m not a big fan of nuts in my candy bars. Yeah, of any kind. So yeah, it’s not mine. But I can see that. My number four is the crunch candy bar. It’s like Hershey but with a little added the crunch candy bar. Yeah. It’s just an a blue package. You mean Nestle’s crunch. Yeah, Nestle Crunch. Oh, wait, see what it is.

I thought it was a Hershey thing.

No, sorry. Just poke crunch. But it’s just a normal candy bar with a little bit extra surprise. Okay, so that’s my number four. What’s your number three Snickers and again, peanuts. Peanuts. I love me some. So so whenever Jason gets crabby, we should offer him a Snickers bar. Yeah, or payday. Payday or what the whole commercial was Snickers like people are hanging. Right Snickers Yeah, my number three is a three musketeer. Oh,

those are trash. No, they are. They’re airy. There’s nothing

that’s the last part. It’s a nice airy it’s almost as bad as a Milky Way.

Those nasty

actually Milky Way wood is not on here, but Milky Way could have been on here. But like it’s better than anything with nuts in it. Oh, not to make the world go round. Cookie. He’s in in candy bars. I did not like any nuts in them. Okay number two what’s your number two twigs? My two oh yeah I’ve twigs is number two love me a twig. My one of my favorite things to steal from cams candy bag is twigs.

They go so fast though. Oh, yeah, there’s not a lot of meat like a like a full size Snickers there’s a lot of chocolate and yeah, peanuts and all that. Yeah, but it’s twigs. It’s like 10 seconds.

Okay, do you like left hooks or right right twigs more. That’s the stupidest ad campaign they’ve ever done. No, there is a difference there is not left is better. No, it’s not left is better. I’m only saying that because I’m left handed but left twigs and you’re left handed. Oh my gosh. I did not know that even friends anymore. Friendship over.

Okay, number one is going to be controversial. Okay, it’s receipes yours to mine too,

but it’s not a candy bar, but it is counted as a candidate is but receipts is number one Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Now here’s the thing. I can’t actually have them anymore because of because of peanut butter. And it may make my hives worse. So I say what I know. So but a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and then what really makes is the time you get it perfectly off from the wrapper. Yeah, any bit of it stick Yeah, have

it chilled. Game Changer.

not frozen. Yeah, she’ll okay. Yeah. So it was I can’t have those anymore. So twigs is really my number one but it’s been about a couple of my face.

I could go back and forth. You know Sally does not like peanut butter. I don’t think he’s my kid. Like

now kids can’t even bring it to school though now Yeah, so maybe he didn’t have as much of it grown is weird.

They’ll be he’ll he’ll eat it randomly sometimes, but he will not eat any peanut butter candy like

Okay, so now with peanut butter. Are you Crunchy or smooth? Smooth? Okay, good. Yeah, I thought maybe with all the you like your your big fan and nuts that you would want. I know I said that in a way that makes you laugh. Nuts. So anyways, that is our top five candy bars. We’d love to hear what your top five candy bars are as well before maybe so maybe we should ask that in our Facebook group this week. Maybe I should actually ask that I should actually do some work. I should actually do some work this week

by number one candy though. It’s not a candy bar is Milk Duds. Okay, I will eat the shit out of those. I will eat myself sick. If my daughter gives me Milk Duds I will sit down here and eat the whole package like and then

okay, so mine would actually be a I would mix two very similar candies and one has my name in it and he guess Mike and Ikes Mike and Ikes mix with those fire hot ones.

Oh hot tamale.

Yeah, so you mix those in because they’re the same shape and yeah, yeah adds a little spice with a little sweet interesting I know made by the same company I know it’s not like they’re probably made right off the same line and Okay last food

thing because I’m I’m fasting now and this is me nuts. Do you like peanuts and candy corn? No. Do you like candy corn? Yeah. Have you ever had candy corn in

a diamond do no but that but that sounds good. It’s really good it sounds you have any of it I

don’t have any candy corn

but it’s but I do have Dima I know but like you don’t have any candy corn from your kids or anything.

I didn’t really look but it’s so damn good. I’ll go no, I’ve looked at my I’ve raided my kids. I didn’t look specifically for candy corn. All right, our sponsor for threads podcast Irvine’s I will be going there Friday with my wife’s car I decided to get the cheap one over. First. Irvine’s auto repair grinder appetizer and Evie call them at five three to 6600 or schedule on a line like I did and I didn’t even like need a desktop I did it right on my phone. It was super simple. So that means you don’t talk to anybody. I didn’t have to talk to anybody and they sent it back and they booked my appointment I have not spoken to a soul yet. That’s just my favorite. Yes it is. And Meghan always tries to call me back and enough and and I never pick it up. He called her call me you can call me too if you have my number. Irvine’s they are located in well I guess technically Grand Rapids but off 44th Street right near 131 Please go in there I’m excited to see their new place.

Oh yeah, it’s really nice.

Maybe I can get a coffee I’ll be fasting walking get back black coffee. You

can get coffee and also watch the threads add Yeah, maybe I can get some

T shirts. That seems like everyone has a t shirt but me and we’re like


anyways 532 6600 Irvine’s dot com Please schedule your damn service and say threads podcast sent you our patrons Joe Pk k Lisa K Meghan D at a mess. I think it’s November 1 People may have canceled I don’t even know no one better I didn’t even love it better not cancer may may have been some people that said Peace out but I think maybe you should check that to make sure no one canceled. I just want to look we will we will chastise that I don’t want to look you get a freebie mentioned on the show like they really care but we appreciate you guys so much. Hope you’re enjoying the live stream.

Okay, so we’re gonna do tighten up some loose threads because I have some loose threads due to the last show that you and Meghan did. Are you ready?

I am damn ready.

Therapy pusher. So apparently I hurt your feelings by calling you a therapy pusher.

No. So that’s been said before, even with Ben. So it’s been a long running thread that. Thank you. I see what you did there. Thank you. Thank you that, that I’ve done that. Like, we it was more i peer pressure people in the therapy, which actually I feel is more endearing than therapy pusher.

Okay, explain that one

to me. No, because it feels like it’s a joke because like, therapy pusher, I don’t know, like, peer pressure as an adult doesn’t seem as real as it is as a kid. So when you’re saying peer pressure somebody into therapy, it’s kind of like tongue in cheek. Okay, but push her it didn’t hurt my feelings. But it was kind of like, it sounds like I’m being like a dick about it. Oh, see.

And to me like, I just line those things up with your peer pressure. You push people into it? Yeah, no, I, I am could see where therapy pusher maybe has a little bit more of a negative connotation. Do you want

to talk to somebody that is like that, then we did explain it obviously in the last episode that it’s good to relate. And I had good success. Yeah, but but even if you if you were like, oh, you know, Mike’s coming to the party. Damn, he is a therapy pusher. I don’t want to talk to him that just

seems like that versus Mike’s coming. He peer pressure’s people into therapy.

Yeah, that see when you say like that? He’s kind of, you know, yeah, no, it’s semantics. I’ve in the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed with Megan and I have been really like, focusing on words and like, things that maybe she said, or I say, and it’s like, man, that can be taken in so many different ways. Yeah. Anyways, that’s a complete side note,

and then race a clarification. So I was listening to that and I was like, so this is Meg and Margaret. I gotta call you out on that. So it was like micro stress kind of like how like you were in the beginning, but I was never the one that yelled at any of the women or shouted for them. I was like, I was a core stress but I was not as far as you when

you were around me. Yes. I don’t know when you and Natalie were together if anything. I

mean, other than that old guy who was trying to park in my door was open except it wasn’t crossing the line and a sliding door and I said I will be happy for him Ron his first 5k later. I agree. Which was just me.

I do agree with you a little bit now that I think about that though. How bad would have been if you just stepped out of the way

in law him Park? Well, I mean, it was it was stepped out of the way so So you weren’t standing next door? No, I ended up moving all the way because I was standing there first. I was like, Okay, I will get out of the way but that’s that’s the polite thing. Yeah. My van with doors still open, but it wasn’t crossed the line. So he was fussy about the door. Yeah. Okay. He’s an idiot. Well, I mean, to be fair, he was running his first race. I don’t give a shit. 70 years. I am now feel maybe a little bit more like okay, he’s 70 years old. He stressed the parking was crazy. I stuffed us. We actually never got a forum to send any feedback or anything not yet. While you you’ll never get it only come to me and then after afford it to you.

Yeah. So I was I was under the impression that you were still standing there if you weren’t even there and he was having trouble. Speaking of forms I did already get I send a form in for the the Mt. Baldy and they send an email back and they’re like, this is where we struggled. Sounds like this is what we’re going to prove. I

was like, wow,

I was really impressed.

Okay, so anyways, those were the two loose ends. I was like, I was stressed. But I was not an ask that day, at least when I was around, you know, are there I mean, and I mean, other than that guy who I was just a little bit annoyed with. I was like, Yeah, of course. I was stressed because it was stressful.

You know, Natalie is online in the telegram group. Do

you want me to bring her in? Yes. Yeah, you should should at least ask her. I mean, I’ll bring her in as we bring her in all the way. Oh, hold

on. Let me copy the link because I said that she could watch it here you go. Natalie. You click on that link you can come in and you can give your interpretation of race day makes it look good looking a little red. So I’m good. I hope to god you’re watching it right now. If you do jump in in like 10 minutes, we’ll we’ll circle back we’ll circle back. Reds podcast, we’ll be back after a quick break.

What is into? Well, first of all it stands for you must be thinking of another podcast and second of all, it says unhinged conversations you have with your best friend we talking about whether it’s okay to not wash your legs in the shower. We wonder what variety of apples would make the best names for racehorses. We talked about our real life problems and we argue about basically everything else. So come to him Toby. he craves Movie Reviews. How to feigns in society’s problems or just company of friends. We’ll see you there every Monday.

Stories of the week. Wait, no, that’s not how we started stories of the week.

Oh shit. Hold on. I forgot. I gotta get my own. music because I swear this screwed up the audio last time though. Did you? Did you hear? Did you listen the episode with Meghan? Yeah, the whole thing I listened

to most of it. Okay, hold on

stories of the week ever after stories of that we still reach out of the week, Mike.

My first story No, you’re

supposed to wrap. Oh, why do I gotta be the one that wraps every time?

Because I am as white as it Come on. Hold on. stories. Stories of the week. Fast.

Anyways, first before you jump into Oh, breaking news.

What’s What’s the breaking news?

Hi, Natalie. Oh, hey.

Yeah, Natalie. Like, I can’t even see her. Wait, oh, wait, wait, you sent the link in the telegram, though. I can see it.

No, you can’t? Well, you can click on it, but your audio is probably gonna mess up. Okay, so to recap, we were talking about that I had issues and I yelled at everybody. And I was basically the entire jerk for the entire race. And but I want to know what happened before the race. Is there any clarification? Here’s

the thing. Here’s the thing. It’s not that it was the worst, most stressful event ever. The thing that Meghan and I were talking about, is it. You guys, you’re you’re in your game, and you’re ready, and you’re getting all amped and you’re stressed. And then you go run this race. And then the next time we see you, it’s great. But then you just leave this cloud of anxiety and untied threads that then we have to sit with. And the next time we see what sounds great. Does that make sense?

Yeah. I mean, that’s yeah, that’s a long time to think about that last interaction, and you’re supposed to be like, they’re rooting us on and then you and like, I was a dick. And then

I don’t I wasn’t even offended by your thickness. Actually.

I’m glad you’re not offended by my dick Ness. Yeah.

It’s not offensive to me. That wasn’t offensive to me. No, I wasn’t really offended. We were just laughing that, you know, okay, we’ll just we’ll just sit here work through our anxieties. It’s fine. Don’t worry about us. So

what did you actually say to each other? While you’re waiting for us to do?

Oh, we talked about how the stress could be sponsored or the race could be sponsored by like Xanax.

Oh, shut. I think maybe for you race, they should give everyone a Xanax or everybody who watches

have you ever had one of those? Nope. You don’t want to

run on how like, we were talking about how like, when you guys did finally go and threads and talk about it. You talked about Yeah, it was so great. It was a little stressful. But you know, and then we did this race. And Meghan and I are both like, yeah, and after you guys ran, we had to deconstruct and decompress from all of that parking and pre race jitters.

You know, did you hear me ask Megan like, What could I have done better? Obviously, the when I yelled back that was just, you know, I had a weak moment. But like she mentioned running to go into the porta potties, like, how do you want us like I asked for some some some steps and some clarification of what I can do better and she didn’t really have an answer for me.

Do you know that’s her face? She’s like, like, she was like, go to the

bathroom? Well,

no, because I did she say in the episode like, yeah, it was like I said, Well, you stay here, we’re gonna go to the porta potties. I’m like, What do you want me to say? Like, oh, I don’t you may not have a problem with that. I’m just saying that was something that she brought. I didn’t have

a problem with that. That. So I mean, here’s the thing about support my friend.

So So here’s the my races. They’re stressful for everyone. Jason, I just get to go run off all that trust. Yeah. So as Jason said,

we have to be really happy the next time we see you as we cheer you on thinking like, yeah, you causes anxiety.

Okay, this is great. So So here’s my pushback. I don’t know if it was us causing anxiety or I think the race situation causes everybody anxiety. Oh, 100%. So I so I would push back that is not necessarily us. It’s we’re all feeling the stress because it’s chaotic, and we just get to go run off the stress. But that’s just what I would say you have a different opinion. I can see it in your face.

Um, I mean, it was a stressful, we’re stressed because you guys were stressed. That makes sense. Yeah. 100% feeding off of the energy that you guys were see that that’s the

thing though. Like I didn’t feel an issue until I realized I had to run 17 blocks to the start. That was when I like blocked I might be exactly how

you’re going to run a race consider it a warm I know

no. Jess and I were warmed up. Yeah. I was like, but but

I felt okay, up until that point. Yeah. But anyways, well, thank you for clarifying that. Thank you for being available to pop on. I was like, I think she might do it.

If you check the iMessage group chat, I said I was ready and willing to correct all incorrect. Oh, no,

I didn’t look at my ready. Oh, yeah, I see it now. Yeah. Okay. Well, I appreciate you. I appreciate you coming on. And I’m sad that I didn’t win the art piece. But we’ll talk about that a little bit later.

Well, if you can make a donation, and then you combine another piece. Well, wait,

so I have to donate two doors of hope. And then and then sounds like a great idea. So I have to double donate. You don’t have to go away. I kind of got that picture for like 115. So I got to donate 115 And then another 115.

I think it sounds like a great idea. I

drove the price up. You did?


I heard well, yeah, we left at like

eight and then it’s like an hour. i So would

you have done this and then we’ll move on. I was gonna ask you to bid up one more level. Would you would have been weird for you to do that for me. No, I

would have done that. I guess my phone got buried.

Yeah, I know. I figured. Well, I was going to ask you before I left. I was gonna pull you aside. I’m like that seems ethically a little wonky.

Should have done it. Emmett

shit. I would have done that for you. I should have done it anyway. Yeah. And then told you what

I want. Yeah, but I didn’t. I wouldn’t have I would have put a level I like one more tear up like it would have been I think it was 15. So it would have been 130. I’ve like don’t go any higher than that.

Kept it like 500

Hey, did that big one go? Yeah, it did.

Everything sold.

Wow. That’s amazing. Awesome. All right. Well, I appreciate you. And it was nice seeing your face. I’ll talk to you later. Bye. Bye.

They’re all fun. All these things that supposedly were also

big. Yeah, I don’t know. I still the jury’s still out for me. I don’t know. I felt like I was completely fine up until that point. So

here’s, here’s my thing that I now even even more. So we’re being told that they’re feeding off our stress. I think we’re all feeding off. Race is stressful. Every race is inherently stressful because everything goes wrong at some point like parking went terribly wrong. Yep. And then no one knows where the starting line is. So that I think everyone’s feeding off the race. Yeah, stress and that just but

But anyways, you did hear me in this will be the end of this, or at least for this point. I did. I am looking for feedback how I can do better. Yeah. And that was done. Yeah. From both of them. Yeah, maybe it’ll come later. Boom. So all right now stories of the week. I first of all, I’m glad you’re back. Your voice sounds normal. I didn’t miss recording with you. Now. My phone’s blown up from the ladies. I don’t know why I didn’t get it right away. But I appreciate that. You’re back. Why don’t you just why don’t you

go first? Yeah, so COVID We’re gonna go COVID. So not this past Friday, but the Friday before. We’re going to fire at a friend’s house and my nose itches a little bit, but I have seasonal allergies. And it’s warm this fall. It’s kind of popping. Oh, yeah, there’s a ton popping. I was like, okay, that’s not a big deal. We went there. We had the bonfire. We burned a couple chairs and pallets. It was amazing. Fire. The environment is much worse. You’re welcome world. So we ended up getting home, maybe 1030. And I was just tired. Like, you know, Natalie, I think I’m gonna go to bed early. I’m going to do that. And I get into bed. I just start shaking. I was like, This isn’t good. This is not good. So then I slept all day, all night and all day. And also my sinuses were really like, it was pressure. And I was like, Well, this must be a sinus infection. I’ve had it, but I’m supposed to preach them out. And let me just make sure I don’t have COVID and the double line, like right away probably right away was in the first five minutes. It wasn’t very bright. But it was within the first five minutes. I had to text my friend who’s the pastor and be like, Hey, sorry, I can’t preach because I’ve COVID And so but it didn’t go away. Like long. Yeah, it wasn’t till that next Friday that I finally felt like I could do stuff for more than an hour without like, just completely need a nap and I was still sounding terrible on last Thursday, we knew and Megan recorded but I was like, holy moly. Like it just kept lasting. And then I ended up going to the U of M game, which we’ll talk about maybe more a little bit later, but I it took forever to walk like to the stadium because I was like my heart rate would pop so I was like This is so stupid. I just ran a half you know the Grand Rapids half a couple weeks ago and now I can barely

walk to a stadium. Yeah, so i Mother Nature’s like trick or treat Mother I know. Do whatever I want to you. I don’t care how fit you are.

You were kind of fit It now now you can barely walk. So have fun with that. So anyways, that was my COVID experience. It was my first time in two and a half years. I made it so long and then

yeah, it’s so weird. I like I don’t know anyone that gets COVID Now and then like you got it.

I finally get it. I know in the here’s the thing. I don’t know anyone who I was exposed to. And before that I’d been exposed. I think it was gonna be because because I ran the half. They say your immune system drops after running

that though how many days after the half? It was a full week, right?

Well knows from Sunday to Friday when I finally Oh, I bet you picked it up at the half could have been the half other people throughout the week and you’re muted, but how much did you you don’t really I mean, no, I mean, there was Wednesday I was out Tuesday, I was out with people. Okay, it’s Thursday. I was out two so three, nevermind. So they’re three days different groups of people. But again, no one was actively sick. But who knows? Anyways, I finally succumb to the COVID I am not the strongest person in the world. That’s okay, so Jason, what is one of your stories?

A couple of things about the art auction that was fun. bougie it was a little bougie I would have liked dessert. Ooh, instead of fancy odors. I would say if I would throw a fundraiser this is just fat Jason talking. I would have food trucks with elephant ears and frickin corndogs and like, let’s let’s get crazy,

but like do you think that’d be like a fancy art auction though or that kind of change the game?

I just don’t like fancy stuff. Okay, I love art. I love it like I don’t have a lot of it but I when I see people what they can create they did with their own hands like okay, I can see it online. I don’t know you Yeah, some some dude or lady like that lives near me freakin good. This like, this is insane. I get really attached to that. But I’m not like, like bougie like, I don’t know, I just I don’t like a super fancy vibe. I would have been if I saw I would have not fasted if I would have saw elephant. I did not eat any food. I quit drank a beer. Because I wanted a beer. Oh, did not eat any food because I wanted to fast because

I remember Nick, Natalie telling me that you drank I was like, well, that breaks the fast.

No, I went a little longer but Oh God, I didn’t I hadn’t started fasting but it was fun. I did not when I did have an interaction with your mother. Yes. Talk about. It’s not as juicy as you thought. Because when Jana Kay when I first met her. I had said Avery tells it the best. She I was like, oh at night, like oh, this is Jason Mike’s podcast partner. I’m like, Oh, hi. I’m like, Yeah, I’m sorry about the potty mouth. And then she kind of stares me down a little bit. She goes, Yeah, my son won’t talk that way. Or I hope my son doesn’t talk that like it. Maybe that’s the way she jokes but I was like, Uh huh. And I just walked away. So I was like, wow, this is a weird interaction. Yeah, that’s so weird and actually hates my guts. So you know, maybe an hour later, I was sitting down with Avery near the bar. We were just chilling on some couches, because like we had already seen a bunch of times, we already bid 100 on that piece, okay. And we’re like, I don’t want to stay till nine. I like I want to go. And she came back around. And then she was super sweet and like, connected with me. And we chatted for I don’t know, maybe 90 seconds and I was like, oh, okay, maybe she doesn’t hate my guts. So I don’t know. That’s not as juicy as I am hoping. But

that’s not very juicy now, but was it was it was it was it more juicy last week, and then you just have toned it

down? Well, I think her coming back and then we kind of connect. Then I was like, okay, she doesn’t hate me. I mean, she might still hate true, but I hope not.

I’m a really nice. So there was a verse on her fridge that as a kid that she would have put up because of you. If

if Oh no. Do I want to hear? Yeah. What was the verse that verses

good company or Bad company corrupts good character. And that that’s bullshit. Oh, he’s had that verse up on our fridge. And so that would have been word for a

test again. I’m pissed again. Just because I swear.

But again, she’s not a swear she she thinks swearing is one of the worst things you can do. So I mean, there’s a whole group of people that do like swearing is the thing. Well, I

don’t walk into frickin mire and say eff off you and mother effer like I’m

never you’ve never done that. No, I’ve never sworn at Meijer. No, I’ve sworn

in Meyer but it’s not like I’m randomly just like fu buddy you to D have Mary F and Christmas.

Okay, here’s the question. Have you ever sworn at somebody who wasn’t family? In my 100% Okay, so

Wow. I mean, I have lost my cool. I mean, there’s had been a time Okay, cool. It’s only like if I lose my cool yeah, like if somebody’s like, had been on a line

one for a while, like stores Were your thing Weren’t they like that just true? Yeah.

Oh yeah, I dropped WTF quite a bit. Yeah. And I my Avery and Meghan hate me for this, but I’m loud and I’d say it out loud you are. Anyways, so, so you went to the Michigan game I went to the even though you were sick? No, I was I were clear of contagiousness. You shouldn’t have gone

Oh, it was so worth it though to watch you have them beat up on Sparty they born up on the boring No, they dominated them in the I got I got to see Sparty cried tears of green. Because they were hopeful. They thought somehow their team was going to call it a miracle wasn’t like the first half though. It was really close. Close. But But again, you never felt like Sparty was ever in control. Yeah. But it was beautiful. And then after the game a bunch of Spark Spartan players decided they were going to assault you have yours? And apparently there’s gonna be a lot of fun so anyways Sparty fan your team is horrible.

Yeah should never root I you would have to pay me to go to one of those really? Amy not only pay for my ticket, my gas and my food and then give you extra money. You would have to give me extra money. i

Is it because of the number of people or because well, yeah, it is.

No, it’s not what it is. I mean, yeah, I’ve been to it’s probably because it’s just you cram in there. There’s so many people like you got to sit there. I mean, the bathroom lines long like but

we’re not but now you’re one who goes to concerts. What’s different? Is it because you love music? More? Oh,

no concerts I think are a little different. Because I don’t know what it is.

So you see to me it’s worse to go to a concert. I’d rather go to a football game. Oh,

god. No. Yeah, it just seems like I don’t know. I don’t know what it is. I have to think about that more. You’re right. I do go to concerts and I and I wouldn’t I don’t mind going to Griffin’s games. I don’t know. It just feels like it’s lower key. Yeah. And then you go into a concert. Everyone’s there for the same reason.

True. They’re not there’s not conflict. No, I mean, there. You get a drunk. Yeah, but it’s not like you have fans from like different bands who are there cheering for their own band? Yeah. But anyway, so that’d be cool canon stop band off interesting. And like AC DC versus whoever and like it’d be

clever means he doesn’t know a band that Oh, another band that

old Metallica. not that old. But they are they’re of the same generation.

And then let’s see I started my job from Little Debbie. Well, I don’t know if it’s a for sure thing. Yeah. Okay. My lower back was sore. Oh, no, was there a lot of bending over and picking up boxes? And they were super heavy. But I mean, it was just the fact that I don’t normally pick up stuff off the ground. True. So I’m like, lift with your legs. Jason not with your back. I had to put a frickin heating pad on. Oh, and pop. So I mean, it’s fine today. But I don’t know. It might be something that I’ll fill in. I definitely enjoyed the time with the owner. He’s a really nice guy. We had a lot of conversations. And so

you just pack up trucks? Yeah, we

we packed up one full trailer. And then we did two Meyers. Okay. And then apparently, he’s hooked up with this guy that’s selling on Amazon. Like it’s almost his biggest client.

So here’s a question. It’s dumb question.

It’s not a dumb question. Because Little Debbie made here in Grand Rapids area. It is not it is actually their corporate offices in Tennessee.

But then it’s shipped to this person who then distributes it.

Yeah, he’s one of 4400 distributors in the United States.

So like, Are there more in Grand Rapids? Yeah,

he Yeah. What? Yeah, he’s got a there’s a partner across the street. That does a different zone.

This is so he’s got eight routes. This is so strange to me. Yeah. And it’s

it’s pretty good money. Wow. It’s pretty good money. So no, no, I

saw Yeah. Okay, so that was fine. I did not

get any Little Debbie treats. Oh, and I did get some random bags of large chips from Meijer because one of the stops we did. He’s like, hey, there’s some extra boxes. Here you go. Oh, so he threw them in the trailer. And when I left he’s like here grab a couple of bag of chips. And

there you go. You have some extra chips. But soon Little Debbie treats maybe.

Or is it not? And careful? I don’t know. I don’t know what happens. I did not see a lot of scrap around there.

Well, probably. I mean, there’s probably not a ton of margin after you’re trying to distribute and yeah, you’re a middleman and all that. Yeah. So

when you guys see me about ask me a little Debbie. I got the whole story there seven eight Advents. They shut down on Saturday, Saturday or Friday night. Sunday morning. In fact, when hostess went on a business everyone was trying to get a hold of them and say what are you going to do now? You’re the biggest food man you know snack manufacturer and no known would pick up the phone. They don’t do it. That’s awesome. It is you sign a contract if you work for Little Debbie now not as a distributor but if you work for Little Debbie corporate. Your computer doesn’t go on you do not answer the phone. You do zero work. And if you do, it violates your contract.

Well, that sounds like an amazing company just in general. They

give so much money away. They’re down to earth. You would never tell they’re multimillionaires. Well and

also and I think whether it is Saturday and other day to force your employees to actually take a day off 24 hours is actually maybe something that most companies should start doing. Like literally force them like you can’t because again, most places you’re kind of expected just to check your email and make sure like, if anything big it sounds like they are the complete opposite. So that’s awesome.

Yeah. So one more thing with you a little Halloween last Halloween Halloween.

I you know, so here’s the thing. So cam is almost 14 years old. And he still has dad come along, but his friends are younger. So I think I might be able to get in a year or two more out because the street friends are younger. But camera went around. He got 10 pounds of candy this year.

Did you weigh it? Yeah, we

weigh it. I mean, so we’re, we’re moving. So I will I will scout the houses that have lights on in this. And him and his friends would just run from door to your life for two hours now. Now towards the end. They’re not running as much. But in that first hour, they’re running. And it is like their spotter. I am their spotter. I end up walking the hat. I’m like, Okay, there’s two houses on that side of the road. And if you come over here, there’s three and they just move and it is an amazing time you enjoy it. I enjoy it. It’s my favorite time of year. So again, as a parent, I’m like man, this might be one of the last ever because again, pretty soon as like dad like you

don’t I mean, you guys have a good connection point around Halloween so I can see him like hey, I want to go to my friends and you can be like yeah, do you want to your friends want to come with us? And we kind of do the thing. I think it’ll be go longer than I mean

another advantage is is his his friends on the street again, they’re a year or two younger. Okay. So I think I bought a couple years ago and first year his friends going in there like we got the nine pounds of candy. This is awesome. Yeah. So

I’m glad Yeah, I can see the joy. I hate everything about Halloween. I pass out candy. And we had like 30 Kids, so I’m going for candy bars next year. Oh, wow. You know, novelty. My son. He’s like, you know, if you do that you can never go back. I’m like, I know.

And also like, you’ll you’ll get more than 30 because people will start texting each other.

Yeah, I’m surprised we’re on a main drag here. But yeah, I bet it was 30 kids

really because for us we we actually ran out of Canada nearly had to shut the light down in the first hour. Oh my gosh, is a big bowl but just groups just kept coming like this was the most people I’ve ever seen out

in your neighborhood is is like ours, but I would say your neighborhoods tighter. Yeah, houses are closer together. So you can get a lot of kids do there. You get

a lot of kids through again that not every house hands out. Candy, but there are a lot of kids that and again, it was the perfect weather. Yeah. What was it like? 60 It was yeah, it was really nice. It was 60 it was sunny. Like, for the first hour before the sun went down. It was like the date is the most kids I’ve ever seen.

And last add my physical today my arms really sore. I got two shots today. Ooh, funny story, which, which are shots did you get tetanus and flu shot? So it’s been I probably got a tetanus shot. You’re hearing breaking news. I’ve never told anyone. That’s what my wife knows. It’s probably been 20 years since I got a tetanus shot. Because I hate shots. But like now that I’ve gotten the COVID shot and get the flu every year. I’m not so scared. Two years ago at the physical My my, my doctor goes, I don’t see a tetanus shot on there. I’m like, Oh, I definitely got it about eight years ago. And he’s like, okay, next time you come, we’re gonna give it a shot and like, yep, write it down. So then I didn’t have a physical last year. I don’t know why I didn’t do it. Maybe it’s COVID. Maybe? Who knows I didn’t do it. So this year, I’m like, Okay, check your tree. It’s coming. And so I thought the gals like, yeah, I don’t have a record of your tetanus shot. And she’s like, do you remember you got one I was like, okay, here, Jason. Here’s your opportunity. You can lie again. Or you can just man up. And I was like, it’s probably been the last 10 years, but probably closer to 10. And she goes, Do you want to say I go? Yes. Oh, good job. And she’s like, Do you want a flu shot today? I’m like, Yes. And the flu shot hurt worse than the tetanus. No, my arm is really sore right now. Okay, really sore from the tetanus. But I got it done. Michael. Good job. Good for a decade.

You’re a good fit. Okay, so somebody who works outside. That is a dangerous gamble that you have made with tetanus. I know

my wife pitches me every year she’s like during shark week you caught yourself like 10 times and you have like even now even yesterday I have a couple of cuts from cardboard working with Mike with little lady and she’s like you’re just asking for terrible things

one especially since the thing is you cut yourself on touch the ground and have dirt Why don’t touch the ground

I wear gloves?

No but like when when when it’s when you end up getting cut? Yeah, like dirt and dirt and and sharp weak like that. Touch dirt that’s tetanus comes from the ground.

Yeah, I My hands are filthy during shop week. Like there’s cuts.

Jason Jarrell You’re lucky that your jaw has been locked up and everything else that tetanus Yeah,

I’m good though. I’m good. So physical came back fine. I was down 30 pounds since my last physical Oh wow. My cholesterol was weighed down

now now I end up hearing like it’s still a little high, but it’s way down. Yep. Compared to

he did the calculation, I have a 2.1% chance for my age to have a stroke or heart attack. That’s pretty frickin low.

Yeah, that’s pretty low. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be. But that feels pretty low.

Well, it’s based on your age and what your numbers are. Yeah, what’s the last time you got a physical Michael vandrie. It’s

been a couple years because

my neighbor across the street. They he got diagnosed with colon cancer. He did have a CT and it’s just in his calling. He has surgery November 9, but he only caught that because he had a colonoscopy because he turned 50 colonoscopies, they’re not bad. The prep is terrible. So that’s prep that was already shitting my brains out when I had it. So it was just more frequent,

man, you know? Well, in our house, we have one bathroom. Oh, they’re gonna hate me. Yeah, it’s it’s a rough like 24 hours. That’s bad. So Jason, in seven days, people are gonna vote. I don’t even make sure we’re done with stories of the week. But anyways, I’m done. In seven days, people are gonna vote and actually a day after this releases, people are going to vote. I want to talk about mental health and voting and all the election crap that we see. How is it affecting your mental health? All of the ads, all the discussions of the Facebook crap.

So this year, I’ve actually felt it hasn’t been as bad. Well, different areas haven’t been as bad. Okay. You know, a couple years ago around the Trump times I got signed stolen. It was like our neighborhood it was it was very divisive this year. I don’t see I was worried my sign and my neighbor, Dorothy, she put all the democratic signs. Oh, Dorothy, you’re just want them to get stoned. She has all of them. And I have my my nice sign. And I had someone comment last night, like the sign just my sign basically says, you know, we believe in human rights and Black Lives Matters and blah, blah, blah. I don’t really believe in the Black Lives Matter organization. By the way, that’s a different topic. Because they’re a little shady. I mean, the guy just the leader just got busted for fraud. So yeah, there’s definitely a lot of shady, but um, I have gotten more ads in my mail than I’ve ever had. Oh

my gosh, it’s so bad. And how about a text? No text for me. Avery’s getting bombarded with it. Oh, I’m

gonna have a ton of text. So not one text for me. Not a phone call. Interesting on social media though. They curate your guide. You never see like not never but I see more of the side Eileen on than the other side. See what’s so

funny for me. So So with Prop three. I see the other side much more than I see my own side. Online. Yeah. Okay. Interesting part, I think partly because that’s just what I’ll watch. Like, like, I actually want to know what other people think.

That’s interesting. So that’s probably why Yeah, cuz I don’t watch that stuff. I watch all the my side telegram. Telegram. Tick tock. And yeah, I never see the other side.

So you think because of social media, you actually are less stressed because you don’t see the other side?

Yeah, I mean, I see that a lot of signs in the yard and it doesn’t stress me out. But I haven’t seen like a lot of fighting about it. For me,

I have just so funny, I think I think like you are in a single track social media and it’s just put you where you don’t see that. I

mean, with Facebook, like it’s all like gig stuff. So I don’t ever I see a lot of fighting in there. Yeah, and I don’t I honestly it’s been pretty, not very stressful.

Yeah. I think for me, again with Prop three. I’ve seen the most in the most fighting amongst people. But yeah, I’d say I mean, cuz it’s not we’re not there’s not a like Trump or you know, Biden or any of that. It’s just the governor.

Well, the governor that further Republican is just is crazier than Donald Trump. Yeah, personally but

Kirby so even Whitmer though I’ve I’ve actually liked her less now than before because of the ads the ads because because she’s made all about Prop three for her which again, that’s her thing, but like that is the one thing hurt her and I really disagree on Yeah. And I’m like, stop being so Megan, that the only thing that’s making me not like you as oh,

what what do you want her to go on?

Like, the economy the things that actually like she can change she again, I get it like we’re gonna vote on Prop three on the ballot. So yeah, but I’m good. She’s running on that for her candidate. I’m like sub running as you as a candidate. So you will do as a candidate. But anyways, that’s just my one thing other than that, it’s it’s not probably been as stressful.

Yeah, I, you know, funny thinking about voting. Megan, now we’re talking about this. Like, I’m actually worried that the Democrats aren’t going to come out and vote because they think it’s going to be a landslide. Yeah. And that’s going to eff everything, especially for our state. I

can see that happening. Honestly, though,

can you and you don’t have to answer this. Do you really agree with the values that are coming out of like the axon I don’t agree with either side that’s always makes voting so hard for me. Yeah, like, but I mean, if you had, you’re gonna have to pull a trigger, right? Yeah. I mean, I’m not saying you’d have to tell me who to vote for, but like, it just seems crazy. Yeah.

I mean, but again, this is one of the elections though, because it’s made so much the candidate, I would tend to lean more on a lot of things. Because again, being moderate and one being not matter at all. I’m on the right side to Nordics. And she’s very extreme. I would tend to like, be I know, this is the one where I’m like,

I don’t know, we’ll take take three out of it. Yeah. But again, but you’re gonna vote left,

but she’s voted or she’s pushed her whole campaign on three.

But she’s always been. I know what women’s rights

Wow. Are for other things. Women’s rights, it’s not

women’s rights. It is their right.

It’s nothing. And we’ve already talked about this. Everyone should go back to Episode blah, blah, blah. Yeah, we’ll put it in the show notes, which put it in the show notes. But again, it’s again and again, like she has a position but that’s all I’ve heard now. Is that someone’s like, okay, like, but like, what else are you gonna do? So anyways? I think they’re stressed that is having I’ve seen more stress with other people than I’ve experienced it. Because here’s the thing real about voting. At the end of the day, it doesn’t truly change the world.

No, it doesn’t. Hey, before you move forward, what has Dixon been like? I don’t watch it. I don’t I don’t I don’t even know what other than she All I see is to her prop three stuff.

I haven’t seen any of her stuff, because I am not in those streams. Yeah,

I haven’t either. I won’t watch the debates or anything like that.

So again, I don’t I don’t know. Maybe I don’t vote for any I don’t know.

Don’t do that. Don’t be don’t be like,

no, no. No one is like, Oh, my goodness, I should vote for them. I’m not sure. But anyways, but again, even today, when I was sitting, I was like, you know, here’s the thing is that both sides are sell the doomsday like if, of course you vote for our opponent, the world would die. And that’s like, no, like, the world isn’t going to end. Maybe some things I don’t like will happen more.

But here’s the problem. What I would love a debate or a campaign that doesn’t have like asshole ads, but like, if you be the one that doesn’t do it, you’re not going to win.

That’s because it’s on us then as voters I know. But the reason why they do that is because as voters,

right? And now with social media, it’s it’s never going away. Yeah, it’s always gonna be that way. I look at that stuff, and then be like, it’s just all it’s, it’s a show, oh, it’s

a show 100%. And they’re like this person has caused the world to collapse. Don’t go for them or okay, this person will cause the world to collapse. And I’ve done everything and so. So it was I found a article, a mental health like dealing with stress of the election. Yes. And so I want to throw out some of the ways they said you can cope. And this is from the health services of Berkeley. So very moderate, it’s

not it’s not, y’all. So

it’s And it’s a very moderate, and I’m just messing. I don’t know what it is. Berkeley is extremely liberal, but are they share? That’s a really bad joke, like extremely. But anyway, so here’s some ideas how to manage the election related stress. Avoid dwelling on things you can’t control. So this is my thing, like both sides, prop three, I’ve heard them both say the world is gonna end if it passes, or if it doesn’t pass. And that’s not the case. It’s not now that will it be things we don’t like, for either side of it happens? Yes. But it’s not the end of the world. Of course,

mind you. If it does, it’s just going back to where it was, like six months ago?

Or Wow. Yeah, no, no, because because because the laws in Michigan that have been like held like they had been held up as they tried to figure it out. Yeah, for 1936 will be an abortion almost completely, except for in extreme cases.

Right. But I met if it passes, if it passes, it goes back to where it was

no, it actually goes quite a bit more extreme. So it makes it so that, again, it’s written in a way that it can be interpreted pretty open, like, your kid can decide that they want to be not not a female anymore, don’t need parent permission, it can make it so that they can’t have kids at a very young age. Yes.

Where’s that literature? It is,

I will send it to you please do because it’s one of those things that it’s written in a way that says Any person can make a choice to sterilize themselves. To do that. Again, it’s written in a way that is pretty open. So that’s my one thing is it doesn’t just go back to where was there either way. But anyways, either I avoid dwelling things you can’t control because again, there are people I know who who are pro life, who are like, the world is going to end it’s like well, no, like, I don’t think it’d be a good thing but the world wanted. You can’t dwell on it. You can’t control it. What are the things you can control? So I think that’s important. Next one, they say is to do something, like not like do something about the issue, but like, go out and like, go for a walk, go for a run. Do someone’s like, Oh, that’s a good, unplug. We should maybe I’ll unplug I can’t unplug. But we should. But see, here’s the other thing. I don’t watch any

Well, yeah, I don’t watch that. Anyway, I know if you want general unplugging I mean, yeah,

again, but the first one is like, stop watching news and debates. I’m like, Oh, yep. I think more people should stop watching news because that is not an important thing. The next thing is connecting engaged with supportive friends and allies. So Jason, you can’t talk to me about Prop three. Because we are not allies on that. Be be present with your feelings or feel your feelings, right. That’s therapy. Refuel. Don’t take don’t forget this one. I think is kind of cheesy. Don’t take forget to take care of yourself. Take some deep breaths, okay, yeah, blah, blah. We in Drinkwater stay active. You already said that? Come on. Try not to judge your emotions or to judge others. I think that’s gonna be a big one. Yeah. Like, because again, people are gonna feel things and they’re gonna want to judge other people. And then practice positive psychology. I don’t like the past. I don’t like that. I think

the top two are avoid dwelling on things you can’t control. I use that in my daily life. Yeah, I talked to Megan about it last night. And she she hates it that I can just refresh in the morning. Like, when I go to bed, I refresh and be like, okay, that happened yesterday. Yeah, I can’t change it. I can’t control all I can do is as long as I fix whatever it is, if I screwed up, all I can do is be like, I’m going to be better today. Yeah. So I I tried to apply that my whole life and then I think, try not to judge your emotions or to judge others. That’s hard.

Yeah. But I think the dwelling though, like because even you know, like, people will talk about housing prices and you know, diesel is gonna run out as well. But again, I think like people get so in this cycle and right, and I can get in cycles, too. But like, yeah, you just got to get out and be like, hey, I can literally cannot control it. Yeah, and worrying about it now won’t fix it.

I always look back like look at how, how far the world has come and like, yes, there have been plagues and diseases and wars. I get that. But for

the most part, I think we’re doing pretty good. We’re doing good.

So if diesel does diesel, diesel, diesel do you say diesel or diesel?

I say diesel?

Tomato tomahto Yeah, if it does run out well, we’ll have to figure something out. Right

What it really just means is people with big trucks are going to be sad. Yeah, well, in some ways, I guess what you bring our food and all that. But you know what, we’ll figure that

out. Well, I mean, we always do we never not figured it out.

I know. So because we as humans are awesome. And we forget how awesome we are. Yeah, of

course we’re very we can we can overcome we can overcome we can overcome. We can overcome,

overcome. We are the whitest people there are. Yes, we are so bad.

Well, if you want to connect with Mike talking about Prop three, I will give you his number. Just go ahead and text me your message and you guys can talk about it. There you go. Guys, I want to wrap this biatch up because my arm hurts. And I need to hug Mike and tell him that I love them.

Wait, though, okay, no. Let’s

go back. This is what it’s about. No, I

have to go back read it. Yeah, go. When does the Christmas season start?

The day after Christmas? Yeah, day after day after Thanksgiving.

Natalie contends it is today.

Please for the love of God so I don’t have to defend her on every social platform. Is she playing Christmas?

Okay, so funny story about this. So last night she said tonight is Christmas Eve tomorrow starts the Christmas season. And you know cam debated that And anyways, so anyways, I was bringing cam home and I was like he was talking about hey, remember when mom said Christmas starts today? I was like we should see if there’s any Christmas music on Oh yeah, there is 100.5 starts today.

And they made this social media posts about flipping the switch. It was Santa that flipped a switch. Oh, really?

So anyway, so Natalie and 100.5 thing Christmas season starts November 1. So

real quick. I like Christmas, but I get burned out by the time it actually is. Yeah, that’s the problem. Grinch

Grinch is what she would call you know, I’m

not. What about Thanksgiving, that’s when we’re supposed to be thankful. And then after that, give me the frickin presents. See

for her. She would say it’s Christmas season. She’s thankful for Christmas. And that with thanksgiving, it is a day amongst the Christmas season. But anyways, I just I meant to put that up top anyways. So we have a bit of a Christmas season prop three world we got to figure this out together.

Maybe we’ll do that as a poll. So anyways, that’s Mike’s final thought Christmas. So you’re after Thanksgiving Christmas.

Me? Yes. Thank you. Natalie has consistently been Christmas and now it’s starting on what November 1? What’s

the general at home though? Like you have devices that play in the house? Do

you let God plays it?

Oh, no way date Mike. No. I’ll shut that out and plug all them damn things.

If if but if it was Megan, you would not you’d let her play? Yeah, she was well, I’m

not gonna be like we’re getting divorced. Exactly. She would do it and you Ideally, no, we would have deep conversation. I mean, that would be one I would ride to the very end.

Madigan please start playing Christmas music. Oh no, just the message. Jason, please,

if you could share this episode talked about in the last show, like sharing it even if you send it to your friend or your lover. That helps the shares are super important. Sharing is caring Sharing is caring. And that helps if you see the episode. Have you really loved one like, share it with a friend or like or just anything? Of course you want to support us financially podcast

which which there’s a new app or a new segment that was added Yeah, so you should sign up so you get the new segment. Yeah,

of course. It was awesome. It was the best it was best. And you can join us I don’t know how to transition to this. And by the way, join us for ridding the world of Facebook fate into it keys and Twitter takes and tick tock time suck by keeping the faith doing your work and live life unfiltered. Booze is so frickin rough. This podcast is produced and edited by Hey guys media group want to start a podcast check out Hey guys, media

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