Transcription for Ep. 194

Hey guys real quick. You may have heard an ad in the last episode. These are my good friends Kelsey and Robert. They have a podcast called you must be thinking of another podcast. We met these folks two years at Podcast Movement. And we just connected and we saw them last year as well. And they’re great. They have a great podcast. They’ve been doing it for a long time. Almost 200 episodes. Do you could do me a favor if you could give their podcasts a listen. Subscribe to it. Take a peek. I’m sure you will enjoy it. Alright guys, thanks.

On this episode of threads, Jason calls out Zayn Patreon Kate joins us for trivia. Does she win? Or does she lose? And Mike and Jason share their proud dad moments?

Hi, guys, Welcome to Threads podcast life unfiltered episode 148

Hi, Guys, Welcome to Threads podcast and life unfiltered. Episode 194. Just an experiment of an episode Mike writes CZ hates that I say it don’t say them. This is a space for unfiltered dialogue about mental health, faith and uncomfortable conversations. Where we talk about Facebook fake Instagram Ickes and Twitter takes back and gave me a tic tac one I forgot it. I prefer the titties but anyway.

Yeah, well, no, it’s not. We try to rid the world of Facebook.

Yeah, we don’t want it. We don’t read the the TIC tock roll of titties.

That’s unheard of. Yeah, what else is Jason gonna send me an email he’s gonna yell at you. I sent it to you one time twice and Natalie had to chew you out so you know how that goes.

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How farva driver that would be with a broken water pump motor would have blown

yes true. That would have been water shooting out of an expensive tow very expensive. But yeah, you can call them to schedule service fall maintenance, they do it all and I again need to get my car and I got three weeks left to work so better get on it. I know I’m trying to I should do it before I get back into gig work but I will definitely get on top of that. Anyway, so 532 6600 Irvine’s dot com Please support the sponsor that loves us because we love them. Also our patrons Joe PK que Lisa K. Meghan. De and there’s a no and Adam I didn’t even

well, that well that I’m having today. And I was just thinking I should add it to the show notes just added it. I just saw it out. Well speaking of our Patreon, we are going to do a new segment called phone a Patreon. Yeah, sound effects. And so what we’re going to do, we are going to call one of our supporters and we are going to ask them a question from the random question. Generator. Do you know that there is a website that just does random questions? Yeah, but I have trivia. And then there’ll be trivia one way or one random question so that we can learn about them. Oh, okay. They know that this is gonna be learning about them. And then I will play Kate in trivia. So this week is Kate Kay, I will play her in trivia and I will win. By next week, this could be you. So if you are not one of our Patreon supporters, I’d encourage you [email protected] forward slash

threads podcast, isn’t it? Why do you say forward slash because for a while there were back slashes to where do Yeah, I just always say blah, blah, blah slash?

Well, because because because if you look at on your keyboard, there’s a backslash. And it’s different than a forward slash.

I only see two slashes. So Oh, I do see a back one. There’s a backward

and forward one who use that one. Is it with I know it was used for a bit and so that’s why I say it because it was the dorky thing that people said. So forward slash threads podcast. So you can do that and sign up to support us because we’re awesome. And you could be part of phone or Patreon like phone a friend.

Okay, Kate, welcome. Thank you. I’m happy to be here. I’m so excited. I haven’t talked to Kate since the summer. Well, I’ve talked to her digitally, but I saw her in person in the summer.

Oh, yeah. That was awesome. Where when? How, um,

when she came up for a visit, and we met at the mitten and with a bunch of other people.

Awesome. That was

a great spot. That was really awesome. Yeah, I’m looking. I’m hoping to come out again in the summer, so Well, yes,

yes. Okay. So you’re gonna go first with your

random question from a random question generator website. Okay, and answer that question. This is good. What is one of your favorite smells?

fresh baked bread.

Ooh, bread. That’s fresh baked. Oh,

there’s a stop. I do in my route. That’s right next to like a giant like hostess bakery in Grand Rapids. It’s in the hood. Hood. I should be careful. Not gonna say where it is now, because I don’t want to offend anybody. It’s in a lower middle class area. But it smells so you open your truck door you’re like, especially when you’re fast. Oh, no. Worst.

But just Watson right? Yeah,

I would say mine is fresh cut grass. I just gotta say it.

I didn’t know we were answering. Oh, we’re just getting to know people who listen. Okay, but now I gotta think of it real quick. Huh? I see fresh grass is good mulch. Oh, I love all right. I take my back. No, no, no, no,

it’s it’s only smelt once a year. Oh, well, just so incredible. I

smell like once once every two or three years. Okay, because that’s how great I am with yardwork.

Yeah, it’s okay. All right. So we’re gonna play Trivia actually bought these cards yesterday, and they were delivered yesterday. Thanks to Amazon same day.

Deliveroo. Fancy because we live in Granville.

So this is trivial. Suit, but it’s two or it’s 2010 2000s 90s and 80s. And we’re gonna play up to five and then pick a number. Between one and 10k.

Seven, six.

It was five. Yeah, yes. Do you want to go first or second? First?

Okay. As always, come

on. All right, you get to you get to pick

and I’ll clean up.

Pick a year. Oh, I

have to pick a year. Yeah, tell me this fire.

Well 80s to do 280s 90s 2000 or 2010 2000s. I had to preview all these because some of them were hard as shit. I’m like what kind of dancing fruit annoyingly saying it’s peanut butter jelly time to buckwheat boys tune in the early 2000s viral video.

Oh, no. The song I’ve no idea. Viral fruit grape. Ah, banana.

That is correct.

She gets a point. Hey, Daulat

okay, you get to pick now. 1980s

Boy, your your I was seven at the Max and I was totally

alright, you watch it. disrespecting your elders.

From what? Dial up. Oh, this is so easy. This is so easy. No, I’m not doing that one. That’s too easy. Okay, I got one. It’s too easy. You would get it so I think even Michael get in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. What make of car belonging to Cameron’s dad does Ferris borrow for the day? Ferrari That is correct. It’s actually to be specific. A red 1961 Ferrari GT California Spyder. Wow. Yeah,

it counts is Ferrari. You get your ass kicked. I know two to zero. All right, go. I’m gonna go with action the 90s Let’s go 90s Maybe that’s better for me.

Just so mean. The thing? I’m gonna read the quote one of the questions they have on your what Czechoslovakia and born woman was sworn in in 1997 as the first female US Secretary of State

Madeleine Albright. Oh

shit. You’re right. Yes. I wasn’t even gonna ask that question. I didn’t know what that was. Yeah, I

forgot. I forgot about her help. All right, Kate. I’m gonna try my wheelhouse again, pulling teeth at

all right? Like she only wants to stretch

my wings.

What furry alien from the planet Melmac had an unfortunate craving for house cats.

That would be out.

That’d be L for Alf. A

L f your alien life form.

Do you know that one? Yeah, man. All right.

Oh, yeah, I gotta pick again. Let’s go 90s 90s were good to me.

What stick? I might need to get glasses my glasses. What sticky quit smoke Qing aid which lasted 16 to 24 hours. It was approved by the FDA in 1991. The

Nicorette patch

I’ll take it nicotine patch. Okay.

I think it was very generous.

Nicorette gum was the actual GM but we’re gonna go with it. You gave it to me so

yeah. If you would have said that I would have not given it to you. I already gave it to you. Kate, you’re up.

All right, I’ll try. I’ll try to 1000s

make sure I got the right oh, that’s 90 already got a mess up. Into in what? In what 2003 Holiday Movie do we learn that candy candy canes, candy corns and syrup are the four main food groups at the North Pole. Is that

elf? It is? and L yeah, yes. I didn’t even try to do that.

I knew that I was ready for K to miss and I was ready to steal it.

All right, I have to I have to tell you I have never

seen that movie. Oh, it’s so good. We bought it like we bought it digitally. You don’t like it?

It’s too much Will Ferrell. Oh really too high.

There’s no such thing as too much real Pharaoh. Ah,

I disagree. But okay.

Ah, you’re up Mikey.

Let’s go. 10s Oh, boy. I’m gonna be terrible at this. But let’s go.

Yeah, some of these I read. I was like, according to Google, what was the top how to search in 2017 make slime watch Solar Eclipse or by Bitcoin? make slime. That is correct. Yes. That’s fine. Okay, for the

win. Oh, man. Yeah,

she’s hardly got four.

I’m gonna go back to my wheelhouse. 1980s Okay, maybe pushing it, but I’m gonna try.

We’re gonna give you a hard one. All right, for the win. What movie stars? A mouse named Faisal, who gets separated from his family during a journey from Russia to America in the late 1800s was an American tale. Yeah. That was so sad. Oh, well. Good job.

You know, and I think for winning you are gonna send her some threads gear or sticker something. She’s

already got stickers.

I do. You should maybe send her something else because she beat us. Maybe that should be the thing. All right. They get threads and merch for beating us or anything.

Do you got what?

Like beanies, beanies or something?

No, I don’t. I should chastened

Gerald shirt.

I’m in Jersey. I need formats.

Here’s I’m just gonna ask them random ones just for shits and grins. Okay, what you both can answer what dog? Okay, I can’t even pronounce that word. In the movie. Crazy. Rich Asians. What Chinese title game does Rachel play to take the upper hand with her future mother in law? Ma John.

I mean, yeah, stop talking to do this is 2010

That was? That was literally not long ago. I read the book too. It’s a good book.

What did Snoop Dogg change his stage name in 2012 prior to the release of his reggae inspired album reincarnated? Stupid.

Not quite my wheelhouse. Snoop Lion.

Oh, no way.

All right. Let’s go 80s Yeah, I don’t even know this shit. After Terry kisser played dead and most of what 1989 comedy about to employees off trying to fake his that his character was so alive. No, I know.

Weekend at Bernie’s. We got Yeah. All right.

So the one that I was gonna give you and I was like, I cannot give you because everyone will get it. It was from what dial up provider where the words welcome in. You’ve gotten me. Recorded. Back in 1980.

Loves AOL.

There was no from 1989 that was recorded. Yeah, no way. Oh, it was an email back and the other was an 89. Yeah, I

didn’t have it. Yeah, but like I probably

bulletin boards and stuff like that. Like yeah, for accounts.

I think I had email like in 9394. Wow. When I was Yeah. Senior

year old Jason Sure.

Senior showed up.

I was senior 94 Oh, all right. This is another one I pass on that was going to ask cuz I thought you

were just a senior.

What rate what radio show host first partnered with news anchor Robin quivers when he landed a gig in Washington DC in 1881. Howard Stern?

That’s correct. I was I was I was gonna go Rush Limbaugh.

Oh, God, he was so low. Robin quivers is the

giveaway. Yeah.

I mean, Stern was just a little bit of my youth like he was Yeah.

Well, okay, Caitlin. Is it kaitland?

It’s Catherine Catherine Mikey. Okay.

What’s your middle name? We run middle names around here.

Oh, so my middle name is I’ll have you guess what country it’s from? It’s Maryam

Italy. And nope. I’ll spell it M A R ly am



South Korea


no, it’s Iranian. Oh, I’m happy Iranian.

Oh, are you I know someone else that oh wait.

No, no you don’t? Yeah, I do. izany No, he’s Armenian

Armenian. Okay. Oh, did you see all the shit that’s going on in Iran right now? I watched some ladies Tiktok and I was like, what I Oh, like, I don’t even know how she got that out. Like it was like a pleading video of she’s probably dead. You know what’s so sad about that stuff? Like I watched it. I’m like, What the fuck am I gonna do? And I just like went on with my day. You know what I mean? I felt so bad. I felt so bad. Yeah.

You’re, it’s you’re so disassociated from it because it’s such a it’s such an odd I’ll say odd culture because the women are so below everything. Yeah. It’s when you see like a revolt like that. It’s the I think the ending is gonna be terrible. Yeah, fortunately. Well,


I’m in trouble. Mary Oh Maryam. Yeah. Maryam Catherine, Marissa Mayer. Maryam. Yeah.

Thank you so much for playing. Thanks for being here. And we are going to talk we are going to talk about Zayn, but I’m gonna do it without input. So Oh, that’s cool. Is that okay?

That’s completely fine. I don’t need to be a part of it. I didn’t say still listen, because I love you guys.

I didn’t say I won’t need input later. But I

Oh, maybe by tax. Is that what you’re saying? You want maybe heard a tax? Oh, no,

we’ve talked about it.

Deep. Excited. Let’s do it. Okay, and

I have deep drama from Zane. So you’re the only one out of the loop. Come

on. Let’s hurry up the show so I can get the drama. All

right. Okay. We’ll see you. When we see you.

See, okay. All

right. Bye, guys. Had fun. Bye. Oops.

Do you just close out completely? No. Can you imagine? Well, because I closed out because I’m like, I don’t

know. But I removed you. And then I removed her and then re added her and then she removed herself.

So she’s like, I’m out. Anyways, that was fun. That was a fun Simon. I

thought it would actually go longer. She’s incredible at trivia.

She’s amazing at trivia. It’s just the perfect amount of getting ready for the show. And we don’t have one new segment, we have two new segments.

Reds podcast, we’ll be back after a quick break.

What is into? Well, first of all it stands for you must be thinking of another podcast. And second of all, it’s those unhinged conversations you have with your best friend. We’re talking about whether it’s okay to not wash your legs in the shower. We wonder what variety of apples would make the best names for racehorses. We talked about our real life problems, and we argue about basically everything else. So come to him Toby, he craves movie reviews, how to find and society’s problems. We’re just the company of friends. We’ll see you there. Every Monday. We

do this one has no sound effect. But it’s called the stories of the week. It’s basically the same old checking in but we’re naming it because what’s better than something named Mike wants to do jingles y’all so I so wanted jingles. Like I’m trying to do some of the stories stories of the way.

Mike wants me to the terrible do my acting like he goes, Can you do voices? And I’m like, I acted I didn’t I use my same voice every time

though. Every time What if you’re playing a British character?

I would not do that because I do not have the talent to do that.

Stories of the week was terrible. Stories of adult that’s really bad. I don’t know what that sounds like. It’s just

stories. Stories. Stories. Two stories. Both week. Stories. Week. How you trying to murder somebody?

Actually, maybe So Jason, I want to talk first about my long run of long runs. The first three miles I thought I’m never going to finish this 12 miles. My legs were dead and I felt like we talked a little bit but I agree with you. It felt like I was putting a lot more work into it and then how fast I was going

yeah, I felt like I was pushing like I was like I can’t even keep the pace I even the slow pace. Yeah, I’m like I’m dying on the vine here.

Yeah, so that’s how it was for me and I also got out a little bit later I got out at 745 I think it was aiming for 730 No, yeah, whatever. I was 745 So it was good. And then it got hot but it It ended up being a great long run. Except for I almost got hit by a stupid car. Did you? Yeah, it was nearing the end. It was good. I was like pushing it and all sudden this vehicle just pulled out in front of me. And then I was going to the back of it. And then it just stopped. I was like you pulled out in front of me. So I’m trying to avoid you. So it was

like going near like, Okay, fine. I’ll go behind you. And then it stopped. Me almost ran in the back of it.

And I may or may not have yelled at them. Like I did swear. What in the world are you doing? With the arms out? Yeah, well, I do that all around the world. And I just kept running. But I’m like, seriously, like, I’m almost at the end of 12 miles in your idiot Nez almost caused me to get hit. So I have

two questions with that one. Are you just running sidewalks in Holland for 12 miles?

For the most part? Yeah, just running different sidewalks. And then like, I’ve a plan of like the path I’m gonna take. But then I’m like, You know what? This isn’t too bad. There’s quite a bit of shade. So I’m just gonna run this lie along drive me

nuts. And you don’t see you know, it’s harder on your legs to run on sidewalks. But

there’s not a lot of trails. How it does me trails,

what if you had to, like drive five miles to some trails?

And then that’s, you know, how much longer that would take me to get out. Now. Now there actually is a path to upper Mac. I thought about it later, as more paths along there. I should have ran to upper Mac and back.

You can probably there’s every time I go to Holland. I see trails everywhere. So

but you have to go like the North side for like bike paths, which are in the bypass are pretty hilly. Is that the red side? Yeah. The north side. Yeah. Yeah. But that’s because they don’t want to pay for sidewalks so they put in just

I don’t know, because I think there’s like a path that will go all the way from like, Hudsonville all the way out to Holland. Right. Like there’s Yeah,

coming out from from where we drive, right. Yeah. And I’m sure there’s a path on there. But most time I just use sidewalks because I can just leave from my house. I go up from there.

I hate sidewalks. It’s not bad. I

hate them. But I run in the street. Yeah, but then But then it’s always like there’s one leg that’s like, farther down because the streets are tilted. Mm hmm. So let’s see that. So then, so normally during races, I’ll normally run in the center and then go to the corner. But anyways, so that was my long run. If it was like the long run long runs first three miles felt like six. I have

a second question. Yeah. What did you wear?

Clothes, shorts and a T shirt. And ready for this? My Tough Mudder had been because I didn’t have any headband. I don’t want to wear a hat because then so I get some eyes. That thing is amazing. I’m always going to wear sweatband now I’m going to be that dorky. Hey, where’s the sweat? I

know. They’re the whole they’re called sweat.

I know. It was so soggy gross afterwards. It took like six hours to dry in my belly. But it’s amazing. With the t shirt. It was freezing. Well, I was a little bit later. And it was cold for the beginning. But I was like you know what? It’s gonna. It’s gonna get better. And it did and then at the end I got hot for me. You know what I wore? You wore long sleeve and maybe some pans like longer pan.

No, I wore shorts, long sleeves and gloves. And I wear the gloves the whole time. Well, gloves

though. I was wishing I had gloves for a little bit. And we’re still cold with gloves when I was carrying my water bottle which had ice you know, ice? Oh, no, it was a little bit miserable. The first the first mild, I was pretty ticked off about that. I was like, This is stupid. But I was like, What am I going to do not carry my water bottle, right. But ya know, it was overall good makes me feel good about the race. I feel like I can hit my pace, or I have the chance of hitting my pace. I should do that way.

For me on the run. It went, okay. My little issue that I have on my feet where it was really, really bad. It was probably the worst I’ve had. It’s this training session. So I’m like, What is going on? Like it’s been okay, up to this point. But it was juicy.

But in the last two weeks, we’ve ran about 40 miles. Yeah. So you’ve put a lot of wear on them. Yeah.

So I’m kind of glad it’s juicy, though, because I want to go into PT and be like this thing is right. Because like when I went to the doc it had recovered. It was like kind of early in the training. And he’s, I mean, the X ray showed that I have that weird gap gap that I was born with, but so that went okay, but for me, I have a couple of stories. I know we’re going to take turns I’m going to try to remember that. I know last episode we didn’t. Avery’s driving. She’s done with segment one. And I just want to give her a shout out I don’t think she listens to the show. But she said you’re going to talk to me talk about how good my driving was. And so the last training session for segment one you you ride with the instructor, as a father as a parent, you don’t have to but they encourage it. So I was I volunteered as tribute and voluntary restaurant that was such a good series.

I’m gonna watch one movie really? The Hunger Games Yeah, just one just one of the movies because friends of ours did and that’s all I was really good.

It was good. It seems like it’s kind of like a kid a kid book but when you watch it they it’s good. Yeah, it’s it’s interesting. Um, so I went and the her instructor was a former state trooper. Oh, so she has some experience and I was so scared I sit behind Avery. Okay, so that’s got to be weird for her anyways. And then so the instructor I can tell I didn’t really say much. But by the end of it, she did so good. The instructors like yeah, that was

really good. That’s awesome. Has that make you feel good, especially as you’re about to go drive with her?

Yes, because she she only had six drives. And all those six drives was only a total of six hours of road time. We got on the highway. We did a Emerg on M six and 131. That’s like you have to like it weaves like this those. Yeah, that’s new for this area. We don’t really we don’t ever have any of those. And she did it pretty good. Nice. The only issue I would see is she she a little Herky jerky when she gets into the lane after she eaten. She does a nice lane change. And then it’s like, oh, yeah, you know what I mean? And I was in the back but didn’t get carsick? Like, I was so proud of her though. I was like, yeah, that’s my girl.

Good job. Yeah.

So I have much more confidence going into the 50 hour because last

week, you were not looking forward to that and a little scared of the 50 hours.

Really it really scared like,

I like I saw fear in your eyes. I mean, you’re like, I’m not sure how we’re going to do this. But

it’s a control thing to like, I don’t remember the last time I sat in the passenger seat other than taking an Uber if I was, well, like when I was in Dallas, obviously, I sat in the passenger seat. But in my own car, like in the back in yours, especially in the back. I’ve mentioned drives all the time when we go places just because I’m like, I’m tired of driving all week, especially during gig work. I’m just like, oh, to please.

It’s really because he’s drinking but that could be well we’ll we’ll let you think it’s because you’re tired of driving. What about your next story? So I am gonna go proud dad moment as well. Cam had cross country again, we were down in at sea go okay, down there. It’s a big meal. And he got a PR when most people didn’t PR got a little warmer. But I love it because he is finally seen that hard work creates a good things, okay. And he’s finally getting that hard work, like pays off in life. Because, again, how often and why, especially as kids are things just given to them.

Especially in this day and age. My kids are so spoiled.

I mean, and even like people like he’ll do like chores for neighbors, like they’ll pay him to do certain things. He gets paid way too much money for what he does. Because I mean, it’s kind of a pain for the neighbors and they don’t want to do it. And they’re just like, oh, yeah, here you go. So it was really cool to see him like because his PR Lasher he’s a he’s like a minute and a half faster than last year’s PR he just cut 20 seconds off this last race, which is was 10 seconds a mile seconds. I know. He cut it off 20 seconds. So like it wasn’t a race where no one else really did that much better.

Why do you think he was so good in that race? So

he decided that to pace one of his teammates who was who was about 40 seconds faster, so pace them for most of the race. So when pacing means you’re like drafting him or just following him just just just keeping him nearby. And he did he goes, my legs were hurting so bad, because I didn’t have quite as much kick at the very end normally like he’ll catch. Yeah, he’s still caught three or four people at the end. The

question is did you say who’s going to carry the boat? Did you teach them that module? Yeah, I

haven’t. Yeah, I think I think it’s a little harsh. Yeah, I think I think maybe like the next race or two. Okay. Thinking and search

works for him. I know I did it twice. I might 12 mile I was doing that to that. It’s like listen bet who’s gonna carry the boat? Yeah, who are Let’s go. It wasn’t for the last

half mile last time. I’m like, who’s gonna carry the boat and more people are like, what the guy is crazy. So there was just cool, proud dad moment of like, Oh, he’s finally like, seeing the truth. And he named it like, oh, like I’m really looking forward to even next year putting more miles in in the summer. And I’m like, Yes.

I have a running adequate question. Yeah. So I talked about the pacing. And then in the drafting. Yeah. Do you think in a we’re trying to be the best at fitness like on at the half marathon. We’re running? Do you think it’s weird to get behind somebody and run? Like close? Like how close? I mean, if they stopped I would run into them.

Yeah. Does that weird? Yeah. Because do you think it’s really going to help you to be back close though? I mean, we aren’t running like I know. Like the like the guy who just set the marathon record who it might actually help. Do you

know there’s a challenge going around tic tac? Have you seen that to try to run his ass and most treadmills don’t even go that fast? Yeah, that’s insane.

I think most treadmills go up, go up to 20 miles an hour.

Yeah, he was above what he was way above that. Well, I

think he’s 21 miles an hour. Oh, is he 21 So he was like one mile an hour above but yeah, Even on the fastest they can’t do

it they’ll do it for like a minute and then like out and this guy did it for 26 Miles

26.2 never forget the point. Yeah, no, I’ve

done that before. Not I’ve but yeah, it really doesn’t do anything in my head. It’s like a mental thing like okay, I can take a break a little bit.

But I mean just means that your biggest break is you don’t have to think about how fast you’re running because you just follow them. Yeah, but

you also don’t know what they’re running through it you can’t just jump behind somebody and tell them you got to be like, Oh, we’ve been together for a while I’m going to drop back and

yeah, because now and now at the Grand Rapids they’re they’re going to pacers right? Yeah. Well told me the Pacers like with

their bullshit, though. Really. They’re good at the beginning of real pacer will able to do it the whole time when I was doing the riverbank. Now, again, everyone bonked on that. So maybe the Pacers trot together like they dropped their signs. Like No way. Oh, yeah. They’re like, forget that. They were like eff it.

So is it my turn? Yeah. Second story for you. Sorry, Story number two, we’re gonna label them as much as you want to. Don’t label

them. So this is really just random. I had a customer stalk me on Facebook Messenger and the other. Yeah, so I’ve done this guy. It’s for we work for

his lawn. His lawn. Yeah. Thanks, John. This guy. You’ve done his lawn. Let’s be very clear.

Thank you for clarifying. I got you again.

You caught me again. Not as good as the first time. I was pretty good. You got me to pause though. It takes a lot to make me laugh like that like to pause. Yeah, I do his lawn and through Winfield had has such a niche. We do tons of subcontracting. So that means like, you know, Joe Blows lawn care who’s not licensed for pesticides. We do his lawn. Yeah, that makes sense. And then they mark it up a little bit. Some of them no, some of them do. I mean, it’s just like any kind of subcontracting. So this is first sub, and I’ve done this guy’s lawn. See, they’re good. You’ve learned four or five years, okay? It’s kind of a pain to do, but whatever. So I’ve never seen the guy. I mean, the name on the account was a guy, but I don’t know who frickin LEDs are. It’s very common. I never meet people, you know, because they’re at work. So I go up the first strip of lawn and I go to turn around and he comes flying into the driveway. And I was like, I stopped like this. You know, I got headphones on and machines are on I can’t hear for cars coming up on me. I wouldn’t expect one in the driveway that fast. So I stopped anyway be my and I didn’t go because I was like, well, I need to go past you. So he rolled in. But then he like finds me on Facebook and messages me. Just like Hey, Jason, I didn’t get a chance to say hi, thanks. Thanks for so much for doing a good job on one. And I was like, Okay, I was like, Yeah, I accepted it. Because you know, you don’t have to accept it on Facebook Messenger. You can block it or delete it. I accept it. I’m like, Alright, thanks. Such and Such appreciate. This is the last apple See you next year. He’s like, Okay, sounds good. It was just weird. It wasn’t weird interaction. But it’s like I’ve never met you. I’ve never seen you. I don’t know who you are. But I recognize the name. I’m like, oh, that’s the guy’s lawn.

How would he have gotten your name? It’s on the invoice. Okay, so it doesn’t just say it’s from know Joe’s lawn care, but it actually has your name. Yeah,

by law, you have to have the applicators name, date and time. In business. There’s all these weird laws and rules about so astute some of the rules on the Department of Agriculture for the you know, the terrible pesticides we’re putting down even though the bleach that used the Clorox bleach for your toilet. Yeah, way worse than what we’re putting down.

So because you’re putting down poisoning quotes, they want your name out in case something goes bad.

And we have to keep those for like five years. Well,

it would make sense that you guys would commit. It’s weird that you have to give a customer your name. Yeah, anyways,

it’s fine. I mean, it was just I’ve never had one ever reach out to me on social media. I mean, I’ve done

32 million lines. Probably not that many, but I’ve done a lot but close. Yeah, so that was weird. Okay, so my next one, my last one. My third one.

I hate it so much that I’m just

being cringy to you. Sorry, listeners. Oh, Chris. Is I’m actually changing is I have started playing a new game on my phone. Oh, no. And it’s all because I want to spend time with my son. Okay. Any guesses of what game it is? It involves walking. Subway Surfer Pokeyman go, oh, gosh, shoot me in the head. So cam and his friend have gotten into it. Now. His phone in quotes doesn’t have cell service. So in order for him to play, he needs to hotspot off. And so one day he’s like, Hey, Dad, do you want to go play now? I want to believe like he wants to spend time with me, which I believe is part of it. But part of I know is that he needs me to go. So we’ve gone like probably like six seven times in the last couple weeks. Few times. His friend is coming along but Here’s the beautiful thing him and his friend will talk and I’ll just like be playing Pokemon Go which is really stupid game. Yeah, like here’s

I can’t believe kids are still playing. It’s actually kind of cool when it first came out it was huge. Yeah.

Which was I don’t know what year it was, but it came out huge. So then but it’s it’s a really super game we’re like really you just swipe up the whole time? Yeah, you just throw the balls like, whatever, but it’s really cool to hear all of him and his friend just talking back and forth. And then him wanting to spend time and because he’s frickin 13 Yeah, like, oh, like how often does he really want to just hang out with that? Almost never. And if and if she was saying, Hey, Dad, do you want to come? Come walk with me as we do this game? You would jump at it? Yeah, right what but it’s one of those anyways, that’s been kind of story of the week as I am playing Pokemon Go. I made it to level 20 Which is apparently good. And good job. I somehow am doing it and somehow not terrible at it. But everyone’s I was like, Dad, you don’t know that? How the hell would I know? You’d be like, son teach me. I don’t I do walk. It is kind of sad, though. When your son has to teach you technology. Ah, yeah, I feel like a boomer. Yeah, we’re alert that

I you know what? There was a trivia question about boomers. Oh, you should have if it would have came up. I well, I pulled five for each. So there was a boomer alert question. I saw it when I was bright before eating dinner. I was dying. Laughing. Yeah, I mean, what was it? Oh, technology.

I’m pretty good at with tech. So my acceptance Pokeyman come No. Well, I

mean, that’s a lot. That’s not really tech. That’s just a game. I mean, if somebody gave me Minecraft, I would look like you know, that I know. You know,

those other games. I have no idea why people play

that. I don’t know. But that kid, you know, well, your son too. Can you build so fast? I

know. But like, there’s one time I was playing it. And Ken was telling me I was playing it wrong. I was like, it’s just building and

it says that to Meg and Meg and try to play it and cheat. But by the end of it, she’s like, I can’t play with you anymore. Because it’s not this game. Yeah, let’s play Mario Kart which Meghan dominates in So Kim Kim hates it because because I beat him in that yeah, I don’t play with Dragon either. She beats me every damn time.

I think Megan and I need to play head to head Yes. Next

somebody together. I haven’t played in a while. Also my hands are bigger and I’m used to that big controller right there. And then you get give me this little thing and my, my thumbs are cramping. Um, so that’s just for if you really

just have to hit one one. No, you have to a couple buttons and yeah, but you should get a pro remote. Is it big? Yeah, it’s just that size. Oh, really? There’s a whole pro remote.

I did not know that. Like,

I think I think it was for basketball which he stopped playing with me because I dominated the him in that 290s bowls. The best teams ever. No, of course. But um, but so we got a pro remote because you do a lot of the extra buns. They’re way nicer than the little teeny little remotes. Yeah. So anyways, that’s the end of my three stories of the week. So Jason, you have one

I have two more, but I’m gonna push the non Eric st one into mental health. So Adam is on the show right now. He’s watching us

live. Yeah, Adam, welcome to our shitshow

show. Yeah, good. Good timing, Adam. So I don’t even know what I didn’t. I have not even prepared anything I had, like I listened to True Crime all day. So I’m just before I jump in this I’m listening to cereal. The first one but the guy that just got there. They might do a new trial. I can’t even think of his frickin name. He’s a Pakistani kid. He killed his girlfriend. You don’t know anything about

it? I don’t I don’t have anything to do with true crime. My

wife would know I should 100% Dude, I’ve been listening to this for so long. Okay, hold on. I gotta find it. It’s a weird name. It’s something SCI Ed, add on. Add a non SIADH that’s what his name is. But basically 1999 He got convicted of his girlfriend’s murder. And this. It’s kind of like shady. Like, there’s no physical evidence. It’s all on one witness. And the guy got sentenced to life in prison in this journalist back in 2014. This is how old this is. Wow. And started I have three episodes left. But he’s back in September 20 Or a road early September, he got released supervised release while they tried to figure it out because even the prosecutor said they did a shitty job. Wow. So anyways, what how did I get on that? So I’ve been listening to that all day. So Eric Zane. So okay. Let me do the short short version. No. Well, I mean, so. Zane has started his podcasts and he’s always been raw, and I love that I glommed on to Zane when he was on free beer and hot wings because I liked his rawness because it brought fun and he i It reminds me a lot of him little bit of a hothead sometimes speaks before he thinks it right now. I’m glad I’m less like that. But in the time it was great. Yeah,

it’s nice to have somebody who you can be like, Oh, that person’s made it in a little bit like me.

Yeah, yeah, it’s cool. So like when they he got fired from hot wings. I thought it was shady. I was team Zane all the time. So he went to another radio show. It was there for a couple of years and he got fired from that or the format change. And it’s fine. It’s whatever it’s it was. I don’t know why they put him on a sports show anyways. Yeah,

sports station. It was weird. Well, yeah. So I

anyways, he gets his own podcast and then I support them. There have been a Patreon since the beginning was a $10 tier for a while but then it was the video and I never watched this I just dropped down in the $5 tier. But since the beginning of the podcasting broke for years, I’ve been paying for the average

that’s quite a bit of money you for you’ve invested a lot of money. And

so I enjoyed it. And then we advertise on the show, and we’ve gotten everyone that’s a Patreon, basically, member from Zane show. So, so it’s been positive. I would say maybe three or four months ago, there was a huge incident with some of the original OG listeners. One in particular ended up like going into his house on the nouns and it’s, it was weird. It got weird. But Zane overreacted, like call the cops it was it was a huge thing. And I’m I have to in his defense, I’m not in his shoes. So I don’t know what was exactly happening. But these original listeners, they got a little close. In Zane didn’t set the boundary early enough. Yeah. And then he was in this weird position where, you know, he was building this new show, and he had these amazing people to be to help him and then it was just getting across the line. Yada. Yeah. So it was a huge blow up. I mean, and then Zane was just cutting on them. It was it was terrible. And I’m like, okay, I get it. Whatever stop you kept talking about and talking about and talking about. I’m like, Okay, it’s done. They’re out. Fucking move on. Like, I don’t want to hear about it anymore. Yeah. So Kate was included in that Kate did not do anything. Okay. She was kind of collateral damage. So I didn’t cancel the show. I continued listening because then he stopped doing it. All of a sudden, I don’t remember what happened. But things got flared up again. And somehow Kay got thrown into the mix heavily. Oh, no. And it was some he was saying some terrible, terrible things about okay. I mean, you’re we’re talking like, terrible. She’s fat. She’s She broke treadmills at Planet Fitness. She takes too many selfies, and she looks terrible. Like not just on the Patreon episode on the free one to like, so everyone in the world could be Yeah, it got bad. And I was just like, I’m fucking out. Yeah, like, those other people. I didn’t have an attachment to it did bother me the way he went around it. And I was like, I feel bad for them. And I’m sorry, some of you did cross the line. Some of you didn’t. But I just I’m like, okay, I can move past it. Let’s just move on. But he kept talking about it. And so I almost pulled the trigger then. And then again, it started up again. And Kate hasn’t done a damn thing.

So she was she was not part of like, she was part of the group. She was friends with them friends with them. But but she she never did anything. And then he just went off on her.

Yeah, as far as I know. She hasn’t. And I trust that she hasn’t I’m sure she’s said some snide things after the fact. Yeah, but to get thrown into that group. So honestly, I think he thinks I’m part of that group a little bit. Because when I met Kate will to talk about the beginning. Yeah, there was a picture of us all together with the outcasts Maniacs and me. Okay, so I had sent Zane a text and he didn’t respond back.

Oh, just just

a month ago, maybe. Okay. And then I A week later, I was like, hey, good talk. He’s like, Oh, sorry. I didn’t see it.

So you think he thinks you’re part of the outcast? Well, he’s like,

he’s like, if you talk to those people, you’re not you’re either this or you’re this.

I hate when people do that. Yeah. That is so church world. That’s funny. No, but it really is. I mean, like, like in in major churches where they’ve had like, like, I’m thinking of Mars, Mars Hill, Seattle. Like there’s a whole podcast. And there literally was once people were gone. If you talk to him, you were teaching them didn’t matter why you talk to them. Yeah, you were against the the main pastor. Wow. So anyways, it feels like that. Yeah, it’s

kind of like a divorce to friends. You’re like you’re their team wife or team husband? I don’t know. It got like, why are you doing that when you’re talking? Oh, another thing to one of the outcasts. He was talking about his wife, who has nothing to do the show. Like she has terrible teeth. And she’s a hillbilly and she’s fat. And I’m like, if you want to fuck with the people that I’ve talked with you, I’m fine. Yeah, go for it. And they’re still fucking with Zane. Yeah, in a weird way. Like, they’re, they have their own Facebook. I mean, this has been huge drama. I know. I didn’t do the story justice. But I mean, this has been going on for like, you know, three, four months, and I really, really fucking love Zane to that paper. I still love him. Like, I think what he’s done is great. But I think when you’re a podcaster and you don’t have an HR department and you don’t have a co host, and you don’t have All this other stuff. Where’s the feedback? Yeah, it’s sponsors have been canceled. But I mean, like our How could you be a sponsor of somebody that’s ripping on like, I don’t know, like, someone’s away. And it’s just like that, you know, he’s always says, Oh, it’s a joke. That’s not a joke. Yeah. That’s a personal attack.

Yeah. Because it because if people did it to him, he would have an issue.

She would, she would, but I don’t know. He has kind of like, he can throw stones. But he gets upset when people throw up.

I mean, it’s most people, right? Like, it’d be, you know, you can be this me because, like, we had him on our show. And he’s not the same person in real life that he’s on the show right now. That’s a whole bit, for sure. And again, so you can say that, but like, if people would kind of have to him I feel like you’d be hurt, especially if they went Oh, yes, kids are

remember who should see some of the texts. I didn’t see him that he sent to a couple of people like, because we all have his number. I mean, crazy. Like, like, just come to see you next Tuesday. Really? Oh, yeah. I’m actually a little afraid that I wanted so many times to send him an email. It’s like, dude, knock it off. Like, but I’m like, I’m terrified. He was gonna flip on me.

But it’s all because people came to his house. It’s a little bit more than so. So to him, it felt like they were originally it started

because Zane told them that they didn’t he didn’t want them to it had to do with the commenting. Like you were commenting too much in the chat. So they got offended. Oh, and then it just it was a slip really? And then, you know, one of the people took a joke too far and went to his house and pretended that he was.

Yeah. Which okay, but but still, but still, like there was a snowball effect is built his show on these people feeling like they’re his friend, right? He’s made a lot of money with people who think that he’s buddy buddies with them.

Yes. And those I’m telling you, those fans were fucking ride and die. They supported every charity. They bought every sponsorship, they spent 1000s of I’m not kidding you. 1000s of dollars. They gave people Patreon gifts or subscriptions. I mean, they were ride and die. And now they’re divorced. And it’s just I couldn’t believe that he just said fuck them.

But doesn’t it? Okay. I don’t know how far we’re gonna go here. But does that kind of fit? What’s happened other places though? With him? Yeah, yeah. So it’s kind of just follow them now. Yeah. And now it’s the people who have been supporting him.

Yeah, I get it. The show got better when they were out of the loop. Okay, I feel like he was focusing on them too much. And they were interjecting in the comments. And it got a little muddy at times. I believe the show got a little bit better, but only when he stopped talking about them. Yeah. Like it got to the point where he’s doing three new shows the rest ads and then bitching about the old zany acts. Like I’m fucking bored.

But I mean, like complaining about them, but like, pre that was it bad? Because they were commenting or was that it?

Some of it was good. I actually like it because I I had a connection. Like I knew them. Yeah. So when they were to when Zane was teasing them. I enjoyed it. Yeah. But what he what he tried to do is he’s trying to get new listeners in. So if you have these connections with these older people, the news listeners don’t get it and they move on. So you have to keep a jump, but I’ll let you know he’s gone back to that. He’s back into the comments, just like he was. It’s just

different people, not just different people and not people who have supported him over the years. Or not as long,

though there’s a couple right and die still in there. But he tells them that they’re on the fence and they need to make a decision. But, dude, I am telling you, this

is so much drama from a thing that’s supposed to bring joy to the world. I

know. And I’ll be honest with you. It’s a big vacancy for me. So I listened to a lot of Eric’s I mean, he does. I listened to 10 Shows a week. Wow. And there are a couple hours right? Well, let’s first show is to Okay, second one’s usually 30 to 40.

And then you’ve also stopped listening to Rogen, once he went to Spotify. You have a lot of space in your life that you use to fill to podcast dude,

true crime, but there’s not enough for me like I like I like so. But Brene Brown is back. Ooh. So I listened to episode that Meghan suggested today

even though her person who makes it or like edits it doesn’t do a good job.

Yeah, I’m not gonna lie. When I heard the first episode back. I’m like, like, it was bad. I got use. It’s not terrible. It just needs to be mixed a little better.

But isn’t it like, or is it not? Or is that not the one with arms? Is that maybe her like mouth noises or something?

You know, early on before she went to Spotify? Yes. Oh, that is Spotify.

Like paid somebody to fix it. So Okay, yeah, it’s not near as bad as it was, but she’s such a good content. Like I haven’t listened to her podcast. I’ve just listened to TED Talks and I love her old

lady cusses. And she’s not. I mean, she’s mid to late 50s Maybe. I mean, that’s old to you. Oh,

hey, Jason this sorry for that comment. shitballs Okay, he please please do not Eric Zayn him.

They all said that was a good description was accurate. The people on Okay, Adam and Kate but who

are both zany or? Well, Adam is

from the is on the dark side, too. He he’s a he’s a castaway. All the castaways are coming to threads. So while

threads is better, so I mean, come on. Take him. Yeah, welcome to the good side.

I mean, we love to fuck around, too. But, but yeah, so that’s been going on. I’ve been stressed about it a little bit. I’m not gonna lie. But that was the last straw. I told Kate last week. I was listening. When I heard it. I was like, so I had sent Kate some clips. And then he said that I was like, Okay, it’s bad. I’m not sending it to you. I’ll give you a timestamp. If you feel you want to go listen to it. You can and she did. And I was like,

oh, what craziness what craziness and whatnot grown man?

Yeah. I mean, I like a little Drama. But like when you’re being mean to people that that I just don’t get it. Yeah, I can’t do it. I can’t be a part of this threads and tried to be thoughtful and in that kind of stuff and support him that like, I had a hard time with the first round. But I was like, I can look the other way. You stop talking about Yeah, but then when you fuck with K and someone that loves the show and is a supporter? I’m like, I’m out.

And especially when it’s a personal attack. Yeah. Like Wait, and like breaking treadmills. Which Come on?

I mean, he he. Oh, dude, it was it was just more than that. Like he made a post about it. Like course he did. Oh, dude, like social media posts about it.

This this is this is what happens though. Okay, so So you have one more let’s let’s let’s do the one more. Yeah,

real quick. This is my friend Tim. This is kind of more of a mental health thing. He I met him. I’ve known him for a lot of years. We lost contact. We were acquaintances. And then I met him at laugh fest. Okay, we he was the head of the drivers. So he was the one that interviewed me and stuff. And then we’ve worked together since that. Love the guy, the kindest mother effer in the world. He’s so kind. I, I want him to slap me sometimes. I’m like, I need some. I need some anger out of you. But his mom had dementia and has recently passed in his wife’s cancer came back all in the same month. And so and it’s metastasized. So it’s gone through like the it’s done. Yeah. And so I just want to say I love him. And I know he listens on occasion. And I just, I I’m struggling with the Lord Jesus. So if you are good with the Lord, if you could say a prayer for Tim, I would really appreciate it. That’s so

it’s so heavy and it’s and it’s one of those brokenness in the world that there’s no good dude. way to explain it. And he’s

super religious, too. And listen to the text. I sent him and he’s probably like, Oh, man. I go, man, I’m so sorry. Fuck this shit sucks. I hate that you’re going through this. I know your faith is strong. But this is where I say seriously, God, why, Tim? You’re one of the kindest people I know. And it’s not fair. You’re going through this.

It’s true. It’s true.

I mean, shit. That’s better than we’ll have to mark this episode explicit. About 10 F bomb let’s do it.

Maybe more people. People People like explicit makes them feel like they’re a little naughty. Yeah, they’re like peeking behind the corner. No, I mean even with the last one Natalie wanted to listen because of how I titled it in the beginning like she listened to it right away. Oh, really? Yeah, good job. I

know I proud of you. So real quick transitioning we’re gonna have to do a real quick so I have to get my daughter to young light. Do you see my No Nope. Okay. All right. We can do Yeah, we’re we’re about 56

Let’s leave it there. So here’s the thing so let’s talk about people coming to your house. Yes you real quick like you actually want people to come to your yes

and I will. Everyone in the community group had I created to event everyone in the community group the addresses in there yeah, I did not put my address on smart regular our regular page. So I you if you want just

message me message Jason. We’re gonna bonfire that’s October 14. Yep. At 7pm 7pm ish.

It gets Michael be here at 720 It gets a little it gets pretty dark by seven and seven to 10 we’ll just hang out have a drink or two

o’clock, man. I mean, you it’ll be good. I will I will be the last one there blabbing away. That’s how it goes. Yeah, it

does. And it’s two days before our half marathon so Mike and I will not get shit faced. But I will have a beer or two and socialize. It

was getting shipped. No Hey dude,

I have worked too hard for this race. I am not getting shit faced.

I think I remember that at some of the fires at Ben’s house you said you weren’t gonna get shit faced and then you didn’t ever that one night you drove me home. I were grabbing me so bad. I was drunk back and was like, feel like that’s what happened to me. So, she said, this has been an episode of Fun and it was a fun experiment. I think we found some new things that we can use in the future. So anyways, bonfire would love for you to be there.

And before I Sorry, I’m going to interrupt you. If you want to do trivia next week, please message me on Patreon or you don’t have to be on Patreon but we prefer Patreon people like Adam and Meghan D and Jo P first first you get first dibs

because phone a listener doesn’t sound as good as phone or Patreon okay,

sorry, you and your you and your damn jingle. I know

well because because we want segment names. So anyways, we’d love for you to come to the fire. Or if you can’t, we’d love for you to share the love. You can share this with your friend, your enemy, your mother in law, your father in law. And again if you want to be on phone on Patreon or if you don’t just want to support us. It’s forward slash threads podcast and we hope that you keep joining us and ridding the world of Facebook fake Instagram Ickes and Twitter takes by keeping the faith doing your work and living life unfiltered CNN

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