Transcription for Ep. 193

Welcome to Threads podcast life unfiltered Hey we are on a mission. Ne a campaign to rid the world of Facebook fake Instagram Ickes and Twitter takes and we do that by having a space for unfiltered dialogue Jason about what

mental health mental uncomfortable conversations and have faith

and faith maybe tonight we’ll actually get there so I am joined in studio with my bearded co host Jason Gerald,

we are recording oops sorry I thought you’re you’re never add my last name is Jason Joe. We’re recording episode 193 is JSON atheists I did not put that title in there that was from the titles

aren’t even supposed to be mentioned anymore. But you know, it’s all good. Hey, we are loopy we we actually just recorded a promo for another show. And when we’re not here,

we’re jacked and this is on no caffeine or liquor, just straight water and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Straight Jesus and the Lord straight water and the Lord Jesus Christ, man we are doing good. So Jason, how has training been going for you this past week?

We’re jumping right into training.

Let’s jump right in rip off the bandage. Let’s go.

So my training has been good. We had a long run of 10 miles this last weekend and and it went okay, I had one incident and I wish the person that was at the light that saw me well I had two incidents, a bladder incidents and a running incident. So I’m crossing Byron’s no one knows. But anyways, the M six has to cross Byron Center every which is like six lanes of traffic. So I’m running and it had rained a little bit the night before. So I step onto the sidewalk after I cross the street and there was some mud and I turned and slipped. And I just reached out and i You should have seen it. I grabbed the metal sign that was on the the you can walk thing It probably says press here. Yeah. And I walked nice with myself around it kept on running. I never hit the ground. Wow, there was someone at the light. They’re probably like him. So that was good. I’m glad in those Topo Toppo shoes have no grip on the bottom. Really? They’re pretty smooth.

I thought they were trail shoes. No, they’re no you bought road shoes

I bought. So I hit that mud. I didn’t even see it. I hit it went. And I just like instinctively grabbed the sign. And it flicked me around. I wish I had a video of

it. That would have been awesome. So if anyone was driving out there and actually was videotaping for random reasons. Yeah.

If you had a dash cam, and you saw that I would love to see it. Please send

it to us at Hello threads at threads. Hello at threads

And then, one other thing with the training earlier in the week, I vowed never to eat any kind of food before I run, right? I’ve had trouble with it. If I don’t wait an hour, Thursday, I’m running late. I need a five mile in there. I had to work late I didn’t get home till 530 And I was starving. So I ate a slice of pizza. And I went for a run. And it was a terrible mistake and I almost shit my pants.

Like okay, tell me how almost like like you mentioned it, but I wanted to save some of this actually, like deeper conversation,

deeper poop conversation group conversation to the point where I went too far. And it went right. I’m like, No,

oh, can’t do it. It was like starting to like, come out. Yeah, like pull it back.

I had to pull it back. And I made it home and I made it home. Barely. And I ran in and it

was glorious. And then and then you were out for a couple of

days. Well, for a day for 24 hours. I was really struggling. I don’t know. I swear I told Mike I got a bug. And he thought it was a bug from the Little Caesars Pizza. Oh,

it was a little caesars. Yeah. Which isn’t? I don’t mind. That shouldn’t be the issue. But man. Yeah. So now why don’t you take some like chocolate chips or something like that for your food? Because because your body will break down sugar low easier than the grease. You’re

right. I think what I think honestly what it was it smelled really good. Well, that was hot. And I just ain’t no. I mean, it was I picked it up and it was fresh. Because you picked up fresh for the family out and I got home and I’m like rapidly changing my clothes to run. And I was like, I’m so damn, it’ll be fine. I’ll burn these. I’ll burn this off. It’d be no big deal. And I was good for the first three miles. It was the last year.

So I’ve had that to one. I think one time I ate something right before and it was at mile four. Okay, I thought I was gonna just completely like,

beginning you were fine. Yeah. And then it’s like it worked its way down. You’re like,

so something about that that past three, almost four miles right and must have worked through the system enough and it’s locked me out now. It was rough. And I was trying to play in places like do I stop there and like knock on their door and just be like, Hey, I have to poop so bad. He’s so weird. Well, there’s a funeral home. And somebody I used to work with her dad owned it. And they were kind of closed like, you know, like there wasn’t like normal people there. They’re just like the workers. Yeah, they weren’t doing knocking on the door and be like, hey, like you don’t know me but like I am. No, you’re otter and I need to poop really bad. I just don’t know I’m gonna hold it in.

I honestly I think I probably would have just walked in because the doors are probably open and just gone right to the bathroom. Just or if they were walking if they said hey, can I help him like I’m sorry, I really have to use the bathroom. I’m gonna put my pants. Yeah. So anyways, how was your How was your 10 mile hopefully it was more uneventful.

Well, we’re gonna talk about your 10 mile Oh, didn’t didn’t you have some some bladder issues on your 10 mile like having to pee again? Oh, yeah.

Okay, so going back to that if you saw the promo. Did it come out today? No. Did I promo it?

No, but you talked about it on last episode. You talked to me about it. So now I want to know sorry.

I apologize. I made promo today. And I was like, Did I did I questions? So yeah, I’m having trouble with my bladder. I’ve never okay, well, we know I have bladder trouble. We know I pee a lot. We’ve had this discussion of like, I don’t have any control over it. Because I’m always just I just pee right when I have any. Because I have a bottle at work. Yeah, I mean, we’ve talked about that a million times. So I don’t know what’s going on. But the last too long runs like in the middle of it. I have to pee to the point of where now maybe it’s not bad for you. Like if you felt the pressure. You might be like, this, isn’t that but yeah, I can finish it and I tried but same spot. Now I rolled the dice this time. It was like 830 No, no, what time it’ll leave like seven. No, it was probably around 830 or so. So it was later. If the light was up, I peed in the same spot. I look left no cars. I look right. No people and I just let it rip. So I’m a little worried about that. I’m not gonna lie.

Well, so coming up to our race. If it happens in a race What are you What if you are on pace to beat two hours? And you knew that stopping to pee wouldn’t make you not hit it?

That’s you can’t say that? Because you don’t know what I could do after I stopped pee. Okay, now there will be so like the trail race I ran. There was one portapotty Of course I didn’t know where it was. Yeah, I bet there’ll be more at the marathon. Yeah, I bet there’ll be a lot so

but like in in in you’re not like me like like if I had to do Amazon pays I would end up just peeing my pants but

you can’t do that. I can though. I want to see you do that.

I have no problem paying now you also have to remember I am under 40 Yet

no i i Meghan and I had a full discussion in the car today going to get star B’s and I was like Mike says he can pee while he’s run it’s different muscles. So think about when you pee you relax your pelvis everything and it just kind of flows out. Pooping is a little bit different think about this the same thing about taking a dump your your bearing down just like you’re kind of running so you can just I would be much easier to prove my pants than p think about it. Your bearing down will try to go take a poop feel your pelvis kind of girl. It’s like

I can actually just let it loose and it comes. But I mean you really don’t know now I almost want to on my training run. I pee my pants while running. I want to if you do

it I want to see a video. We always said if one of us gets hurts and dies or does some crazy at least filament spill first

and then go viral. Yeah, but anyways, no, I do feel bad for you. Because yeah, now that’s gonna start playing mind games with you.

And I only have coffee in it oatmeal every time before my long run. I do the exact same thing coffee, oatmeal, and then I go out.

Here’s a question for you. You’ve been carrying water with you though, right?

I have, but I barely drink it.

Is it just enough though to get everything working through? Could be every two miles I’m taking it. I’m starting to wonder who I think you’re right. So maybe just take it with you in case something bad happens and then just don’t drink and so you

think I should take it with me if I start getting the high like you can tell you start getting dry mouth. But then you’re then you’re too dehydrated at that point. It’s too late, then you have to play catch up. Yeah, but

like I feel like for you, that’s not a problem. That’s if it was me it’d be a problem. But that’s a good point. And it’s gonna be cooler out there.

That’s a good point. I think I’ll bring it with me and don’t drink it unless I absolutely need it. We’ll see what happens Saturday for our 1212 miles. Other things that are going on. Let’s see.

So how about my training? Oh, I’m

sorry. We just we we haven’t had it and we’re gonna go back and forth. And yeah, sorry. I had to bring up a text anyways for part of mine. So. So my

10 mile went good. I felt under control the whole time. But I have to tell you a story about Thursday. I was fat shamed well running I’m sorry. I’m not listening. I know you aren’t. I apologize. I’m fat shit. I got fat shamed while running. Are you ready for it?

Now were you doing a long run was Thursday. So I was four or five

miles was five miles long. And I was running I started at my house ran out from there. And I cross paths with some some lady anywhere from 20 to 40 have no idea and it was one of those where like we had a void. Like we were crossing like lessons like Okay, and so then later on I was I was finishing up my run near in my house. And this lady passes back through and she’s Like, you’re doing such an awesome job, you’ve been running for an hour. I’m like, You’re just saying that because I’m fat. If I looked like you, she would not have been like, awesome job. You’ve been running for an hour. I wanted to give her both middle fingers and Ben like, you know, I actually can run for three hours straight. But you know what? Yes, it’s an hour wanna flip or the bird so but she didn’t mean to fashion me? Yeah, no, she only complimented me because I was fat.

Maybe she was trying to encourage you. But that’s, that’s that’s, it’s not because it’s an accomplishment with someone’s overweight and running. I see people overweight all the time running. I’m like, You’re, you’re a badass. Like, in my head. I’m like, look at that badass.

The only thing those of us who are overweight. And Ronnie Why is just the normal runner wave. That’s true. We don’t because again, she has no idea because again, if if you and I like if you were running it, she wouldn’t have said hey, you’ve been running for an hour ship and like, like, Oh, good job ran for an hour and I can run for three hours straight. But you know, you didn’t say anything. I was I was like, thanks. Whatever. I’m just I was nearing the end of five miles. But I was so ticked off. I was like, you’re only doing that because I look like I do. You have no idea. I’ve Woman

Yeah, I mean, I can see how that could be frustrating for somebody that’s overweight. And yeah,

and she’s making assumptions like an hour is a big deal. It’s not come on. I mean,

oh, now you’re gonna jump into naff you’re dead. She says I said I was like you are so dead. Oh, my shoes listed.

For me an hour is nothing Okay, he’s got a little little red there. awkward transition eight. I didn’t smell Frank on the way on. How’s Frank doing? How was the How was the skunk?

Okay, he went to the groomers today. Oh, that poor groomer. You know what? And she didn’t get it all out. And I’m really Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe he was still a little damp. I don’t know if he was all blown dried and beautiful hair. But I don’t know. I didn’t feel like they did as good as job as they should have.

So did you go in telling her that he had been sprayed? Yes. And then they still didn’t get it

out? Yes. Now again, it could be because it wasn’t completely dry. I know. A wet dog always smells terrible. Like they can roll and shit and you give them a great bath and they still smelled gross. True. Yeah. So I mean, I didn’t sniff him before we came down but I don’t know. It is what it is. I don’t even care anymore. It did smell like skunk couldn’t came in now. I

don’t but it’s not one. Like I never smelled it until I was close. I was just wondering because again, there has to be annoying after a while. Like, how much longer dog Are you getting? Smell like it? Yeah, something like snuggling is different. Awesome. You’re like, oh, skunk.

They do? Yeah, the the snuggling is he snuggled up last night when I was laying in bed. I’m like,

sweet lord, like get away. It’s kind of just kind of hangs for a little they said

it’s 21 days but it’s been a feel like it’s been at least this is like the third week, right? Maybe not. 21

Maybe not quite 21 days. Yeah, so we got some time. Man. That’s stupid skunks. So

it was Thursday last week has to do with Avery another Avery story. It was like a parenting thing. And I’m actually proud of that. Okay, so I don’t say I’m proud of stuff very often but so Avery all of a sudden sends a text and says someone needs to schedule me a doctor’s appointment. I need a physical for dance. So I don’t think I can dance today since I don’t have one done. So if we didn’t know this apparently she’s on she goes to dance. But she’s also on the dance team for school and school requires physicals. Yep, she dropped the ball. And it wasn’t I mean, I don’t know. Yeah, my fault. So she wrote, someone needs to schedule me like that’s the first part of the text. I said, I can do that comma. But in the future, please use the phrase can someone please not someone needs we don’t work for you. Thanks. Oh, good job. Like didn’t get mad? Yep. Like, I was so proud of that text. I was like, firm, but loving. Like, this is not acceptable. This is the phrase I would like you to say. And we don’t work for you. Because you don’t

exactly know. Like, I’m proud of you for that like that. That’d be a moment of like, what I mean, you know how many tell you what, I don’t

know if I would have responded the same in person. True, but I’m gonna take this win. Yes. Take

the win. Go for it. Count it as a win because Oh, man. Yeah, just that like, Hey, you guys should have done this. Like, hey, you’re in high school.

Yeah, you’re like in she’s Miss organization. And she does a really good job. Yeah, we, you know, not that she’s all responsible for that we all drop the ball, but and typically we were like, we rely on Avery to help us. And she dropped it to but it was just the demand. I was like, yeah, that

definitely comes off. But no, I think you handled that. Well. You handled technology. Well, like we talked about last week looking at you go. Anything else happened this weekend for you guys?

Ah, not really real quick. Just things that happened today. I applied for a job at Greenville public schools and there was a spot for college and there was no GRCC they only had four year colleges on there and like I applied to be like a frickin lunch aid and I can’t put my GRCC down as college.

And why in the world do they all probably because just generic. It’s generic.

Yeah, exactly. And then real quick, there was a marathon record breaker over the weekend. Yes. He was running like for 37 miles, by the way. He he ran a couple of years ago under two hour marathon, but it wasn’t valid because it wasn’t a specific course. So that dude has run under two hours for a marathon.

Now another one that was under two was not a true like, they they’re saying was the right things. And also because he was, you know, he had people blocking the wind for oh, I’d say I didn’t know any of that. There are pacers that went in front of them the whole time. Okay, and they’d switch them in and out. Gotcha. And there was also like a laser line. Oh, no, I just saw a video but still

clarifying that I didn’t. I was kind of felt bad for him. But but still amazing. Like even 201. He he set the record in 18 Broke it now. And he is the ripe old age of 37. There’s hope for you, Michael that

he was 3337. I saw it on Instagram. If he’s 37. But this was really his last chance then. Mom’s spaghetti. Mom’s spaghetti. But now that’s amazing run. I can’t imagine running 26 miles at 437 He’s literally more than sprinting for most people for 26.1 miles.

I couldn’t even I couldn’t do that pace. Like I couldn’t even even in a full sprint. I couldn’t I don’t think I could do that when I was 20

I know that’s insane. That was a sprinter in the thing is that is that they don’t look like they’re trying. Oh, no. He’s like the smoothest. What’s his name? I cannot pronounce his name. I’m not going to but that was an amazing beat. So what about the rest of your weekend? Well, my weekend long run good and then went to cams cross country meet. Right? It’s a terrible thing to do after a long run. Especially since we had a drive to Walker to come nit Christian Well,

oh, did you enjoy the grass there?

That was amazing. Grass was the best grass in the world. We

treat that grass there.

I can tell. I can tell the only the best thank you treat that grass. But it was good there. He end up running his best time ever by one second. Oh snap. Yeah. So he beat that his team won medals like crazy. His team is small, but they’re beating all these bigger schools. That’s so cool. It’s cross country only takes five good runner.

Yeah, the top five for time, right? Yes. And you could have a bad race and you’re out. And next week. You could be number one. Yep.

And there’s enough that are good on this team that you know, even if somebody does bad, you know, they have like eight runners that will always score. But it was it was just really cool weekend with it. And then Sunday was the most chill day ever. We watch a ton of Smallville.

Have you noticed I do not bother you on the weekends anymore. I know I wait for you to because I think that’s your like solemn time and I wait for you to tell. Now if you text me, I’m gonna text you back. That’s fair. But like on Sundays, I was like, Yeah,

especially Sunday mornings. They are the biggest treat we have ever had. Because most for a long time. I’ve had work on Sunday mornings. And now I’ll wake up at like, 930 We’ll have breakfast together at like 10 3011

What’s it going to be like when you have to go back to work on Sunday?

I don’t know. And then we watch Smallville. Well, here’s a question Smallville,

here’s a question. Can you once you’re not doing a long run on Saturday, can you transition all that to Saturday when cross country is done?

Maybe it’s just feels different when it’s on site? I guess you have a different feel. It’s like you’re playing hooky. Yeah, it’s like you’re playing hooky. And also like Saturday will still be now there’s still chores to do around the house. Yeah, Sunday’s well, like lots of just literally chill and do nothing. So that was our weekend. Nothing too amazing, but it felt awesome. And then for cam PR I love seeing him hit prs. Was he excited? He was so excited. And again, right. It’s one of those where like, you can watch them different points of the race and he’s like, Oh, I can’t believe this.

Yeah. How was his Achilles? It wasn’t that like creeping up on him or Yeah,

so what it was is his hamstrings were tight, which is causing his calves to tie and then we’re pulling on that Achilles. Yeah, so I end up using like a gun like the theragun. But we have an off ramp. Here like

I you kind of paused on gun. Oh, no. I was like, Where are we going with this? So with his calves go on, let’s

go. Nope, I did it to his his hamstrings. And then the lowest setting. He was like, almost crying. I was like, Dude, you need to foam roll these these out. Otherwise you’re gonna have big issues going forward. But again, that’s right. One of those things even in warm ups. I see a lot of the kids they’re like kind of doing the like kicks kind of like no need to warm those up, man. Can

you imagine what we would have? If I would have taken what I know now back into my high school days, I would have been such a better runner. Well, and even your coaches? Yeah, they didn’t know that shit. Or they’re trained like the dynamic stretching or no static stretching, you’re not warmed up you’re just like stretching your hamstrings and like that doesn’t work apparently for

some people for some people campus coach that for some people that actually works others it doesn’t but even like how the train like looking at that, like how our plan is his coach file is something on a similar basis for them. Where not every day is the exact same it’s not go run as far as we can. It’s right some days are 400 Some days are hills some days are easy runs, which is from what I remember is unheard of.

Ha MAN Yeah. No, I don’t think we didn’t do that. It was like

run as hard as you can as many you know, as you can. So like, taking all of that back. I mean, think of how fast you could have been. Is he going to run track? Yeah, he’s gonna run track he liked he liked sprints a lot more than long distance. Well, he

should do like 403 Hundreds. I know. But he’s not built for Sprint. He’s tall and lanky. He’s built for distance. He’s one of the fastest kids on his high school is a sprinter. Yeah, well, then then he has to do sprints. Yeah, I didn’t think he would be competitive. Yeah, he’s

one of the fastest like even their their fastest long distance who’s fast all the way around. He’ll talk about how we beat them in in track and cross country practice for Sprint’s, but, yeah, I think you’d be good at 400. Just because that’s what they practice a lot and he can suffer but he says he doesn’t like to suffer for that long. He says in a one to 200 you suffer for what? 20 seconds. 30 seconds.

So in other words, he’s not going to revenge his mom’s loss at the turkey trot or no, that was at the Holland 5k Because he doesn’t want to go any farther than two miles.

Yeah, except for if he’s running them then he’ll just take you on anyways. Yeah. Anyway, so that was fun. Their mental health check in mental health. How is your mental health doing Jason?

I’ve been feeling good lately. Just complete sidenote had sex twice in a row last week in a row

twice in a row, the same day, a different days different. Okay, different days.

And that’s real. That’s helped a lot. Ooh, not gonna lie. Starting therapy again, this week had been a month off. And then I had like, I had one a month off. I had one a month off because she had to skip and so yeah, I’m actually not looking forward to it. I don’t want to get back into it. I told MEGAN Oh, really? Yeah. We had our check in early today. Because we were home together.

Look at you go. I

know. I’m like all done. Like this is my last thing. So like post the show. You have nothing to do. But then lucky shell. So yeah, my mental. It’s okay. I’m feeling good. We had a good conversation in our check ins. And I’m not looking forward to EMDR on on Wednesday. See, that’s the thing. Like I don’t think we’ll process again, because we’re getting back into it. So I’m guessing two weeks from Wednesday.

I know what you’re like at some point. Can we just get to it? Well, it’s

kind of fun. Not fun. It’s kind of nice, like not having to do it because it’s kind of painful. Yeah. But

so you’re so that did bring up a good question. I forgot. I almost forgot to ask you. You almost got away with it. So last week, I was joking as we were leaving, because you’re about to check in. I said that you had a lot to say. And Megan said Jason never tells me anything. Are you he doesn’t have a lot to say.

In the check ins. Yeah.

Jason Jarrell.

I think I have I don’t have a lot to say when I’m actually struggling. Okay. I think I kind of do the fight or flight I do the flight. And just kind of Yeah,

so it’s been tough a little bit. It’s been tough. Okay. Yeah. Yeah,

yeah. But no, it was a good check in today. Megan, I feel like I feel like we had like a breakthrough check in like some of the things she said. I was like, the shits making sense. Okay. And like she I said something to her. She’s like, Oh, my gosh, I’ve never thought of it that way. That’s cool. Yeah, I was super excited. Okay,

the other thing, the other thing, you don’t have to answer this, but you said you would at some point and so I decided, I just remembered all right now, you said you figured out why you’re wanting sex more. Do you want to get into that? Or are you gonna save that for another episode?

That’s down the road? Okay. That’s, that’s stuff that’s being processed through EMDR. Like talked about, okay.

It’s probably a long way down there. Okay. Because a few weeks ago, you said, hey, well, we’ll get back to that later. I just wanted to make sure

I mean, think about sex and think about abusive childhood. And you can kind of put two and two together a little bit.

Well, well, well, we will let you process that more, and then we’ll talk about that in a little bit. For me mental health. It’s, it’s been a heavy couple of weeks, I’ve been walking through a person with a mentor of mine through a book that’s helping. The biggest thing I love from this book is that if we’re following the way of Jesus, we’re okay with being down. We have to be okay with being known for really understanding how the life of Jesus involves dying to self. We can be okay with being down. But that’s hard to accept. Sometimes that’s hard to accept. But again, it’s better than thinking that we shouldn’t be down and sad in, like beating yourself up. Yeah, like, oh, I can’t believe I’m down and depressed and all this stuff. And just the book was like, No, it’s okay as we follow Jesus as we do that as we die along with Christ, there’s going to be really tough spots and that’s okay. If we don’t stay there forever, right? That’s the problem. And that’s true everything. I was like no one that’s really important because I think in America, not just Christianity. In America, we’re getting better, but we’re not okay with being not okay. We think Yeah. And again, when big things happen, we shouldn’t be okay. No, like, but again, we have kind of this expectation that somehow we’ll get better really quick and that it’s all okay. Instead of like, No, this really stinks. And this really hurts and I’m in a low place.

So are you kind of relating it to what you went through? Because I kind of felt you didn’t accept? This is me probably projecting. Yeah, that’s what I did with Ben too, and then probably pressured him. That’s why he left me that you you are, because I always said like, you know, you’re taking this so well, you never got the chance to get low, except that it’s okay to be shitty about what happened. Yeah, no, not in my opinion. Yeah, yeah.

And I think though, like, everything takes time. Agreed, right? Like, and there will always be more and just, we’re now two months out. And there’s just more the weight of more has hit. But again, I’m seeing like, positive things, Natalie and I had a really good conversation. Was it last night? Let’s say last night, it was last night, again, to where it’s kind of a breakthrough on a lot of how each of us were feeling. Again, a lot of it has to always goes back to childhood. Why does it go back to childhood? Because it’s

childhood is so important. People don’t realize how important parenting is. It’s yeah. Oh, yeah. Don’t even get me started. So

we both kind of have things from how our childhood how we relate how our early marriage was how when I was an asshole, all it’s all of the time. You didn’t let me finish when I was an asshole all the time. Or most of the time. A grant again, we’re just trying to figure out how to deal with in what we’re what’s really the worst part is we’re expecting each other to react in a certain way. Yeah, when then that’s not them anymore.

Yeah, you’re doing the dance. Yeah, we there’s a book that we started reading I started listening to but they talked about doing the dance where you’re doing the same thing. And one of you has got to be like, Hey, we’re doing the dance. Again. This isn’t how we’re supposed to do it.

Yeah. And it’s, it’s we both thinking that the other person is the same. Instead of hey, they’ve grown and changed, right? And that’s hard because, right, just naturally you think that so anyways, it’s been good, but it’s been. It’s been, it’s a little bit of a down season for me right now down few weeks. But again, I think that’s okay, because there should be down weeks and as long as I keep processing it, I’m gonna go okay, like we’re making work as long as I keep checking in with the mentor about it. Checking in with Natalie, I feel like I’m making progress.

How can I and maybe even listeners lift you up? When, during this time of just you know, where you’re just kind of feeling down?

See, that’s a weird question. It is good. It’s a good question. No,

but I’m trying to be kind.

I know, I know. I know. You’re, you’re gonna have to kind you know,

if you want me to send you a cupcake a week in the mail, that’s delicious as hell I’ll do it like whatever you needed, like

you go to prison for that. I didn’t say

put drugs.

Ron, okay, and if you’re a listener, you know, just sign up for Patreon. How how’s that transition for you?

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And do they give loaner cars?

You know what, like they do when they’re available. But I’ve gotten there every time and I’ve never not had a loaner car. That’s awesome.

Because the reason I asked is because our van is down. And yeah.

I haven’t heard the stories. Mike doesn’t tell me anything.

Like I didn’t know if I talk about it here but like so it’s gonna save it. It’s over. $1,000 Fix. What is it? I mean, that’s cheap water pump. Oh, because it got pulled the whole GED. They got to pull the whole motor out because they haven’t changed the belt while they’re in the Oh yeah, they’re changing. Oh, yeah. And my father in law was able to get parts and lower that because he’s a parts wrap. Okay, but anyways, so but the loaner car though has been handy. I, in fact, drove a loaner car here. So that’s why I asked.

Well, it’s funny, but I have a story about the loaner car I had. I don’t know if I had posted or someone had posted, looking for a good repair. And I always when I see that in the form groups I always throw around in there someone’s like, Yeah, you can’t get a loaner car though if you don’t have the right insurance. So apparently, I think if you don’t have if you have just basic P LPD. They will give you the loaner car which makes sense because then they’re on the hook for exactly but the guy was like all fussy about it. I’m like, bro, like calm down I’m sure everyone does that. Yeah, but anyways if you want to reach out to them to get your car repaired fall maintenance, I just got an email from them five three to 6600 even for an oil change the look over stuff to try to you know drum up business and to correct things.

No, they care about you and

go off but the nice thing about it you don’t want to be awkward and say no on the phone. You can just click No Oh, yeah, you click on the link and like decline decline decline decline approve, approve, approve. But I’ve honestly approved a lot more than I normally would on a verbal just because like I should probably do that. You know what I mean? Like but you don’t feel pressured? Yeah, like a salesperson. Exactly. Super nice. So anyways 532 6600 Or you can schedule service online Irvine’s dot com. She said mega we have awesome coffee new machine makes us never need Starbreeze. No, that’s a lie.

Maybe was just a gunshot outside of your house. Or as though that was that was

the clock the door closing on there. I got totally confused. So Kate says I forgot Adam Schwab. He is not a Patreon supporter.

Oh, so that’s Adam needs to step I know.

I mean, what I mean, did I miss something on Patreon that he is part of the Patreon? I don’t think so. You’re like, Oh, crap. I’m like, I’m like running to it right now. Because I want to I want to label him if he is. No now. No, there’s your sign. Adam.

Adam is But Adam. This is your sign. You must do that. I want to talk about another listener. He’s not a Patreon supporter. Yeah. Chrissy D.

Okay. He that’s not his real name. Yeah. Okay.

I mean, I saw it in the thread. So did you know who it is now? No, I

have no idea. Okay. He says ENIAC.

Okay. So he follows us on Strava and interacts and there he he is. He just ran a 20 mile long run. Yeah. Which is not even his full marathon.

How is he going to come up with six more miles out of pure gut?

Because that’s that that’s how all the marathon plans are. They only get you up to 20. I know. I hate that. But you also have to figure he probably ran a lot of extra miles that week. Yeah. And his legs are feeling it. And so like they’ve you run 20 and tired. So they figured by the time you do it, you can run 26 on 26.1 Don’t ya to

2026 do that. Point two with no murder. You’re like I point to left. I cannot be done. Now. I

think I’ll bet it’s in a half marathon with that point one. Like everyone says 30 miles. I’m like, no, no, no. 13.1

Yeah, cuz usually the point ones around a corner. Yeah, like,

well, it’s the worst part. So anyways, he’s a super runner. I just want to give him a shout out because it’s been fun. Having him give kudos. Yeah, I

was hopeful that it was a Rando. But it’s not a Rando. But it’s from great advertising on the Ericksonian show, because that’s how he found out of us and been listening. And that’s insane, man. It’s

it is a complete random person. To me. It

is well random to me too. I mean, it’s not like I have like a lot of that, like Kate and Megan. I met them all on. You know, Zayn show and even Adam. I never met Adam on Xavier. I don’t know. He wasn’t a random. I’ve heard His names. But it’s cool to see somebody that I don’t even know. I know. Isn’t that cool? It Real quick, Kate? Yeah, I welcomed on the Facebook page. That’s not just for Patreon people. If I had 25 Patreon people in there, I’d be like, I’d be super excited.

Well, yeah, so anyways, that that is our Facebook page. Sign up for that one, too. There’s a group actually that’s the group not the page.

Yeah, it’s the community. Yeah. Community. Yeah. Like the page two,

you can like bother them. But the problem with pages you don’t seem anything anymore. Yeah,

you don’t and you can’t talk and um, so that’s why I like to community groups, and we need to be better at chiming in there. Like,

we needed that. So speaking of social media, tic tac Yeah. So we’re gonna talk about Jesus tic tac, or atheist tic tac or whatever tic tac so you sent me a video from Samuel L. Harris. Is there anything like you want to set up like is there a reason why you sent it to me other than you thought it’d be fun to talk about or are they anything that spoke to you?

Yeah, it really was like, it made me think like, that’s a random like, I didn’t see search it out. It just popped up and I was like, I will say I’ve been seeing a lot of videos online. Lying about Is God real? Like, I don’t know, I’m into this atheist Tiktok as

so basically atheists Tiktok has found you and now you’re in the middle.

There is a reason why, but I cannot reveal that on the show. I will tell you after the show,

no, come on. I know if I had to reveal my screen time, this is

something else that I have not permission to say. It’s not just personal for me. Okay. But it’ll make sense after the show. Okay. So it is yeah, I think that’s why I’m in this algorithm. And now that is a bad thing. But you are

in it. I am in it. So you want to play the video for us?

Yes, it might be a little let me I’m gonna start it up. But it might be a little clunky. We’ll see what happens.

If you wake up tomorrow morning, thinking that saying a few Latin words over your pancakes is going to turn them into the body of Elvis Presley. You have lost your mind. But if you think more or less the same thing about a cracker and the body of Jesus, you’re just a Catholic. This, to me is the true horror of religion. It allows perfectly decent and sane people to believe by the billions. What only lunatics could believe on their own. And yet you put a few miracle stories in an ancient book, and half the people on earth. Think of a legitimate project to organize their lives around. Does anyone else see a problem with that? And I’m not the first person to notice that it’s a it’s a very strange sort of loving God who would make salvation depend on believing in him on bad evidence.

So the one thing that caught me that was interesting about that is him saying like, billions of people believe it, but he’s calling it bullshit. I’m like, that’s weird. Like, it’s a weird stance to take. This is all fake. But everyone believes it. Like, yeah, I don’t know. That kind of bothered me. But your take from it. Well,

before a bother Do you? Is there anything in there that you’re like, hey, like, that? Kind of makes sense.

No, no, I mean, I disagree with him other than like, the Catholics actually truly believe when they eat the cracker and the wine that’s actually Jesus Christ Body and Blood, which I think is stupid. Yeah. I’m sorry, but no offense to Catholics. I don’t think you’re stupid. I think that thought is stupid. Yeah.

So I think Sam Harris, I think they’re smarter people than Sam Harris. I think Sam Harris thinks he’s smarter than what he is. He

has been on Rogen show a lot. And well,

well then then then that proves my point.

i He’s not bro science, though. He’s just kind of

I know, I’ve just, I’ve heard him talk to actually like smart people. And they tear down his arguments, like so Elvis versus Jesus. I mean, of course, no one’s gonna believe a random person but like, there’s one who like, again claimed to be God died. And from the accounts, he rose from the dead. So again, they of course they would believe that that would be different than the body of Elvis. So he’s building The strawman like that just bugs me about Yeah, he’s just trying to is he’s making fun of it. Yeah, he’s making fun of it. He’s still in like just I Sam Harris is one of those where like he just comes off as like there is no chance that that anyone else is right. They’re crazy. They’re lunatics. He just bugs me that way. Okay, I’ve

never really heard him speak I mean, at all other than on Rogan on a timer to and if he’s been on recently, I don’t listen to Rogan anymore. So here’s the thing. Say it Michael. I

just don’t think people I think Rogan now just pulls I think Rogan has brought on just more like, just nuts. Yeah. nutcases and last, like, actual, like, he just brings on people so that he can bring his like, not propaganda, but his like conspiracy theory. He’s gotten really conspiracy theory on

Well, shows evolve. We actually talked about our show today. It’s evolving and changing it is I’ve noticed it, we’ve, you know, do a lot of like, life stuff ahead. And I enjoy that. And then we kind of talk about stuff. But, um, so I don’t know, bad evidence is weird. I mean, is there any other book that is like the book of Bible anywhere?

Well, I mean, depends how you want to look at it. There’s. So oftentimes people say, you know, like, how can we believe that Jesus actually existed? But like the amount of copies we have of the Bible from early on, is 1000 fold, not quite 1000 fold, but a lot more than any other writings about any other person like Caesar Augustus, any other person from the Roman Empire, but we believe those Romans existed, yeah, No one denies that No one denies that but when it gets to Jesus, where there’s more scripts, like more copies of the early Bible, that talks about this Use us we have 1000s of copies that have very small things that are different with them. Most of them it’s like letters switch or words left out, right? Is their hand copy. And of course, things are going to slightly change. But over 1000s is a consistent thing to say that that is not good evidence. Makes me wonder because again, he thinks probably that these historical people existed. Yeah, I wonder what

he thinks about like, like, and I’m questioning too than the Old Testament before Jesus, like I feel like the the New Testament is much more accurate and like, feels more legit. Yeah,

but even the Old Testament we can find I went to the site to in Israel, where they actually found these old copies of the Old Testament and again, compared to the ones that we had found, which were, you know, hundreds if not 1000 years later, almost match word for word. Really? Yeah. It was. It was the I’ll come up with it later. I’m so mad. I can’t think of it now. Who gives a shit? Yes. That was this whole big discovery back in the 40s. Because these kids were throwing rocks at a cave and it popped in anyways. I can’t remember now. But anyways, so yeah, I didn’t see more of the Old Testament. But even the Old Testament we have we have old versions of it. Like they’ve just been preserved in caves.

Yeah, Kay commented I think on on Harris while I don’t believe if faith comforts people than good for them. Why bash and tear them down? Yeah, I don’t know. Yeah, he was kind of bashing. Yeah, like he didn’t have a conversation. Now. The next video we’re gonna watch. There’s a conversation, the conversation,

and kind of why I liked the Stewart Ken knuckles. I don’t know how to say his name. But I appreciate like, again, he’ll he’ll debate people and sometimes it gets a little heated. But he also but he tries to be very, like, he doesn’t put the other person

down. No, he did point the finger once and I was like, not golfing or like pointed out No, I’m not smart. Yeah. So I had to play this like three times to kind of get Yeah, which one was saying anything? So maybe we’ll have to play it again. I hope not. Because I’ve watched this will be the fourth time. So

what doesn’t make any sense is that you trust your mind to tell you the truth about reality. You trust your mind to tell you there’s an invisible man in the sky now. I’m the one who’s not doing heaven, I trust my mind to tell me the truth about reality. Because I am convinced that my mind is not an accidental collection of atoms. You trust you, on the other hand by believe that? No, no, no, no, no, absolutely false. I don’t believe in God because the Bible says so I don’t Oh, okay. Instead, what would you do series, you believe that the rational comes from the non rational, you believe that our rational minds are accidental collections of atoms, I see what you mean. And yet you trust your mind to tell you the truth, that your mind is an accidental collection of atoms. I like Charles Darwin, in a letter to a man named Mr. Graham, Charles Darwin wrote, in light of the fact that my brain is simply a highly developed monkey’s brain. Why do I trust my brain to tell me the truth? Would you trust the thoughts of a monkey?

I think I listen to it again and call it something else. Okay. So basically, he’s saying, How could God not create somebody that has the rational thought, You know what I mean? Like, we’re just a bunch of atoms that went in there, like ASAN you can think rationally and make decisions. Yeah, that’s what he’s saying. Right? Yeah.

So Stuart, again, from what I understand of what he’s saying, He’s way smarter than me. But he’s seen like, if we believe that evolution is true, then it’s just a random thing. And how can we trust our thoughts? Because our thoughts our brains were just put together by random atoms that happened to devolve or not develop, like evolve evolve into better and better so basically like a monkey so like, I liken this to my dog like what I trust my dog’s thoughts. No, no, so if my mind is one step more and I know monkeys supposedly step beyond my dog but natural the best dog in the world but let’s say it’s, you know, it’s one step beyond my dog. Am I gonna believe that so am I gonna believe that my mind can actually think through the world if if my mind came from a monkey now do I trust Well, no, and that’s just his point which which even the guy who was debating and goes oh, I

never thought I know. I heard you could tell you could hear the switch. He’s like, crap. He was all like yeah, it was a younger kid. It was kind of weird like an open air like discussion. So

this guy goes goes to colleges and he’ll just gather and I’ll start talking and people will come and he’ll just talk with I’ve put down Christian I’ve called out Christians on this the show but why light versus I Stuart versus Sam Harris? Is that Stuart yes, there may was a finger point but like he talked back and forth he didn’t say hey, you’re an idiot for believing yeah

when you’re putting somebody down it that’s not a discussion no it same with politics like exactly we can talk politics what do you call me a dummy or an idiot? Like it’s done?

Yeah. So I just the same Harris like I get like the points but like, I’m just like, you He just built a straw man and he just insults people. And I’m like, come on, like, how are we to have unfiltered conversation about this? If you’re just insulting people, yeah, it doesn’t work. It turns into a fight commencing there. So let’s go. Yeah. So

you’re the title of this is, Am I an atheist? I don’t know. But I want to kind of go back to that because I’m still not going to church. And it doesn’t bother me. But it bothers me you urine eyes friendship? Really? It does real I think about it. Really? Why? To explain

this? It’s just

because like, I don’t know, I mean, how can you have a friend and like a close friend, and then a podcast partner, and then he doesn’t go to church and you’re a freakin pastor. Like, that’s weird, dude.

Do you think I judge you for not going to church?

I do not.

Do you think I think less of you for a knock on church?

I think you think about it.

I every time I think about it, which isn’t often, I feel sad for you, because I think you’re being kept from what could be great again, depends on the spot. Because of trauma that happened.

I don’t know, though. I mean, maybe I mean, I don’t feel that I’m the first one to admit like you when I say it, it’s that’s what I feel. And I just don’t feel that’s what’s holding me back. I feel like what’s holding me back is the actual belief.

So I would say over the specialist got to know you more as like, the Jesus keeps drawing you and you’re still curious about Jesus. Yeah. So there’s that. But then you, again, this is from the outside view, you’ve experienced a lot of trauma in many different ways, correct, that are connected to church. True, that is true. And so Horace, and then COVID provided an opportunity for you to stop. And so you got out of the habit, because I think at one point was just a habit. Yep. And so now it’s like, Hmm, I experienced a lot of hurt over there. Why? Why would I go back but you still Jesus things still cause you does? So that’s where I’m just like, because, again, I think that the institutional church can be very damaging, but I think Christian community can be very life giving. We’ve just experienced that in multiple ways, even since July 20. Saw

Dude, I don’t know all the stories from what I’ve heard. It’s been awesome for you. Yeah.

And so just people showing up. And so that’s where, like, my heart at most is just hurt for you. Because I’m like, because of all this trauma, you don’t get to experience the good of it, even though you’re still drawn to this Jesus thing. Like because cuz you’re the one who usually will want to talk about me, like, I’m always leery on this, like, hey, let’s talk about Jesus because it was like, I’m just the pastor talks about Jesus, but like, you seem to keep being drawn to it, which I think is good. That means like, to me that comes up to like, I just, I understand there’s a lot of trauma, even stuff that I don’t understand.

Yeah, I am drawn to it. Because I saw this and it spoke to me and even though I wasn’t we weren’t expecting to do this. I don’t even know what your plan was. But I shared it randomly. I’m like, This is good. And you’re like, it was

it was perfect timing because I’m like, crap. What are we talking about this week? Because it’s gonna be more mental health next week, I think, you know, like, cuz we’ve kind of like how we want to go. We’re gonna talk about it’s uncomfortable faith, blah, blah, blah.

Yeah, I mean, I think I need to keep talking about it. I mean, I think when we talk about it, and this this faction, if that’s the

right word, sure, yep. Let’s go with it.

You gotta tell me if it’s right or not, or don’t you know, it’s not right.

I don’t know. Oh, I’ll just go with it Mobley, let’s say for that.

Yeah, but Meccano is not teasing me. She’s like, you know, you’re not using that word. Right? Like, tell me that sooner.

Okay, so my favorite thing, we’re way off topic but so especially reading the Old Testament, you know, students read it, and they’d be reading through like, I don’t know how to save this city or this person’s name. I’m like, here’s the thing, just say boldly and no one will know.

If you walk in with kick in the door with confidence people like oh, we need to listen to what this person is saying. Yeah,

so so just do that with words just go with a faction I feel self conscious

about it. I mean, I had I only have a GRCC degree I can apply for a job at Grant at

you can you cannot be a lunch lady. It was gonna

be a lunch a substitute lunch lady by the way, not even a full time a sub the anyways but no, I want to keep talking about this. And and I just want to clarify if anyone from alive listens this, it’s not your church. It’s the trauma I had before. I would say evergreen that I went to wasn’t a great experience. The pastor was terrible. I’m not gonna lie. I’m just not a terrible person. Just terrible for me. I don’t think he’s a great pastor. Yeah, I mean, so

in the mean, the trauma is tied with your mom and how everyone every Sunday, and everyone thought she was a great Christian. I mean, because and that’s, that’s, that’s where I finally started to get you in church stuff. Because I’m like, oh, like that’s so tied together and it’s messy. Yeah, it’d

be interesting to experience To but, but you know as we’re wrapping up I want to make sure that we still have these conversations you don’t feel like you can’t put it on a show plan because I’m fine with it and we didn’t get super deep on this these guys kind of stuck out to me and of course now that we’re talking about it, we’re both gonna see it on Tik Tok. Now crazy

which Well, I mean, as soon as you send it to me in the plays, it’s going to be more of these eight is mean those things pop up anyways, I don’t like I like knowing what people think differently than me. Yeah,

I don’t mind you’re dying to know what I’m talking about our

wrap this stupid show up. I don’t even care about ended. Everybody. See you next time. Let’s go.

Guys. Thank you so much for listening to threads podcast, if you could share this episode, just, it’s super easy. It’s free to share it to your friends. You can even you don’t even have to say anything. But you could say these guys are super awesome. Or these guys suck nuts. I mean, wait, no, no, don’t. Don’t say that’s not true. Suck At No, no, no. They just say they suck. Don’t don’t use any body parts, because that’s going to end poorly. But yeah, if you could share, that’d be great. And of course, we have the Patreon. Adam, this is your call out for you. You. There’s a bunch of different tiers three, seven and $20. We have nobody on the 20 which is totally okay, we have seven you get the live stream, like Megan and Kate are on right now. And they can chat with us and stuff. And then you get pre show banter. And yeah,

what if they would sign up for the 20 Do you think you would tell them

of the reason why. The reason why what that you’re

an atheist tictac Do you think they’re to get that for signing up for the 20 I’m just wondering.

I don’t know. I don’t think so. 50

Should we put the 50 just for that.

No, I mean, no, I would have to I would need some permissions. Yeah, so But anyways, if you could check that out threads are no podcast. And then of course we have the newsletter. I don’t know we still do a newsletters Mike. Yeah, someday. Oh my gosh, was he’s mailing in it already. And he’s in InDesign even. He’s not even working right now. Can you imagine when he gets his full time gig? He ain’t gonna do shit. He might not even show up I may have to patch K or Megan in via a link Yeah, you’re gonna do the whole damn show.

I think maybe you’re just you’re gonna have to call me on my phone and this is on a speakerphone.

Oh, that’ll be perfect got it that won’t that won’t drive me nuts when I’m editing it

all pooping when when that being the loudest spin in the world.

You know you’ll be on there and you won’t be talking to me it’d be on tick tock Oh, and as always guys keep the faith do your work and live life unfiltered peace. This podcast is produced and edited by Hey guys media group want to start a podcast check out Hey guys, media

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