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Cool, Mike, you’re back.

Jason. Gerald. How in the world are you? I haven’t seen you in person since December 11.

December 11. I heard that. Yeah, I let I let it go this time because it’s your new back on the mic.

Criminal. What in the world?

Different December lovin? Really? I got what was

ordained you were there. Yeah.

We’ll talk about that later.

Yeah, we’ll talk about that later. But that was the last time apparently you blocked it out. Apparently. I triggered you, but we’ll talk about that maybe later. So I have a random fact that I brought because I thought you have missed my random facts. Okay. I have missed them. So 15 centimeters seems like quite a bit, doesn’t it?

You know, I have I hear a mic cord move into. I actually have a story about centimeters. I swear to god. Okay, so anyways, 15 centimeters doesn’t sound like that much. Why not?

I would say that’s like six inches. Did you just did you just burn me? She just burned me. I just say six. Very big.

So anyways, so the Eiffel Tower apparently can expand a contract with with heat and cold. So in the summer, it’s 15 centimeters taller than during the winter. Apparently the Eiffel Tower tower experiences shrinkage like the rest of us. Yes.

Do you? Do you actually know what it is in inches? No. Hey, Ziggy, what is 15 centimeters and inches.

I was just

I was so close. So anyways, my story. Oh my gosh. Wait, no, keep the randos

Well, I mean, how many Randles Are you want to do? Like, I just thought I’d bring one round. Okay,

so here’s the story. Yeah. I won a trip to pod Fest in Orlando. Did I tell you this? No. Yeah. So it’s a $400 ticket. It’s basically the second biggest podcast conference other than Podcast Movement. So in Orlando, it’s the end of January. So cool. Got it. I was like, gonna go bought plane tickets. Megan’s Well, Megan. I was like, Do you want to go? She wouldn’t go to the conference. I’m like, you’d hang out in Florida and go to Harry Potter. Well, it’s in Orlando. Oh, nice. And I was like, you can do whatever you want. And she’s like, Yeah, let’s go. I was like, Okay, I’m gonna try to do this as cheap as possible. Like, I don’t want to, I don’t want to pay for anything too high. So I go to kayak to look for flights. And it points to the site called I don’t know. It’s a bunch of different sites. So it’s like Allegiant frontier spirit airlines. So I booked the flight. Different Airlines on the way there as the way back frontier on the way down spirit on the way but no. Allegiant on the way back. No bags. I want to do a cheap I was like, Okay, we’ll just do a carrier. We’ll just do a carry on each of us. Oh, no, you can only bring a personal item, and everything is in centimeters for the measurement. So I measured the personal item. I’m like, well, that ain’t gonna fucking fly. Yeah, like it’s super small. It’s like just a small little bag. Not even a backpack. So to get a bag one carry on for both of us, not each just for both of us one carry on there and bag was an extra $163 Of course, almost as much as the flight was. See, that is so much bullcrap that they pull that Yeah, and it’s weirdly in centimeters. So I had to like do conversions and then measure the carry on. I’m like, Okay, perfect. It’s 22 inches by blah, blah, blah. So yeah, it’s I wish I actually got a lot of anxiety about and I told Meghan, I’m like I wish I was with Delta. She said screw it and pay the bigger price and just know that it’s not it’s going to be taken care of I have to worry about it

now is actually going to cost you more than delta because of I don’t know fees.

I don’t want to look but again, I did a Super Saver can’t cancel it course non refundable. Yeah, it doesn’t matter. The world blows up. You’re paying full price. Yeah, so that’s my story about centimeters

so we both have centimeter random facts. Apparently, if you travel spirit or any of them, they’ll do it in centimeters.

No, I think it’s that Kiwi site my guess is it’s an Australian company or something like that. It’s not that and they you know, the rest of the world? Probably does centimeters. I don’t know. Well, yeah. The rest of the world does like the European construct system. Yeah. And it would be in centimeters. It wouldn’t be an inches Yeah. So when

I traveled to Israel, our weight of our bag was in kilogram kilograms, which which I had to convert Yeah, exactly. pounds because my scale doesn’t Well, my scale would should have just done that. Yeah, but

so apparently is a European country. I don’t frickin know. But

anyways, that’s my is a European country. I don’t know if they are they themselves out or they’re in a I don’t get it. You’ll you’ll listen back when you add it and you’ll get it. Did I say something wrong? Yeah. And you’re trying to be funny. Yeah, but I’m just being a Jack Jack. But

Oh, so you’re mocking someone Kiwi flight You’re mocking somebody with a speech impediment.

No drama. Drama brain, which is worse.

So it’s Kiwi that yeah, head as you fucking asshole. Kiwi dot camera I’m gonna just scroll all the way to the bottom. I don’t know, doesn’t say

I was gonna say you can google Where’s located?

Hey Ziggy, where’s Located? Oh, that was rough

Burnham so the Czech Republic is in your that’s European right? Yeah. Okay, for sure. I mean, I’m so confident in my European

geography like, you know where Israel is at and that’s about it. That’s it. Any more Rando facts.

No, we’re just gonna do one random Rando fact today. I think that’d be good. She may be talking about the people who make it possible for us to put on this

shitshow show. We’re kind of we’re kind of giddy this first time back. Irvine’s auto repair Grand Rapids hybrid and EV as the sponsor of the threads podcast life unfiltered. They are a auto repair shop located in Wyoming slash Grand Rapids off of 44th Street, just east of 131 on a road called Can You Do you remember? Do you listen to my ads now tune it out to New York already thinking ahead.

I’m just looking ahead to see what we might talk about.

On Stafford Mike it’s on staffer

like Matthew Stafford. The Rams now and

so Oh god, I just had ADHD about Stafford in the playoffs that I heard on tic tac. So yeah, check them out. 532 6600 you can schedule online online. The perfect thing is that you get a loaner car and it’s free. So you will not be without a car for three to 6600 and our Patreon members and supporters, Joe Pk k Lisa K, Meghan D, Adam s, and Chris Edie, who I spent some time with, yeah,

you were running.

We were running together.

And he went to the same college that Ben and I went Yes. Small world. He’s got a

little church trauma. No course because we went to fucking doesn’t

because he went to Cornerstone Church trauma. He won’t come join the Club.

Welcome to Threads podcast. Everyone has been traumatized by the Christian church.

I feel like we should have him on to talk about church travel and Cornerstone trauma.

Yeah, it would be fun. I don’t know if he has Cornerstone trauma.

I mean, everyone does. Yeah, you’re probably those are like tied together pretty much.

Yeah. So we went running. We did a 13 miler together. I’ve literally never run with anybody. I don’t remember if I’ve even done a short run. I mean, since I’ve, like become an adult. Yeah. And we did a 13 miler together. And it

was slower than your normal pace.

It was it was about 50 minutes. 50 minutes. 50 seconds slower. Yeah, but it actually didn’t feel like that because we were talking so there was more breath. I did still feel a little bit of cardio, but I didn’t even look at my time. We had such a great conversation. Yeah, it was. It was super enjoyable. And then we have this race this Sunday. Saturday, a 25k through

and you guys are both doing it. Correct. 25k bow. So you bombed 25k

I’ve never officially run a 25k diff distance. I am on the struggle bus tonight. Y’all. I came rushing in here and slam food. I’ve never officially completely ran a 25k I’ve finished them all. But I’ve ran walked it every time.

And the last one you did you completely blew up. It was it was hot as hell. It was terrible. Are you worried about this?

No, because it’s a trail run. And I feel like there’s no I haven’t trained for like 20 weeks for this thing. You know what I mean? Like the riverbank was so intense in the training and all comes down to this one moment. And I blew it. You know, I went out too fast. And it was hot.

Yeah, no intro racing. It feels like to no one judges you if you walk because there’s usually hills. Yep. You’re almost expected unless you’re one of the first ones that you’re gonna

walk. I plan on walking most of the hills. I didn’t tell you this either. The elevation is 1400 Okay, so it’s not it’s not huge, but it’s not small. It’s not just training runs. Yeah, I mean, it’s Yeah, so I will be walking the hills I am assuming Chris Will. I gotta give it up for Chris though. He definitely like has a great attitude about like, racing because I we ran the two and a half hours. We’re like, I’m not going to run it if it’s super muddy or snowy. And as he was leaving I was like, I just want to check in with you. Are you for sure running it. He goes yeah, I’m for sure running it. Okay, it’s like now I got it. He’s like, Nah, man. Let’s just do it. Like, if it sucks, okay, you did it. If it’s great, you did it, you know? Yeah. And the last thing about this race, the metal is a snowglobe. Rally. Yeah, I haven’t seen it, but I’m super. That’s

gonna be awesome. Yeah. Now there’s different distances. You can go on this one, right?

Correct. There’s a 50 miler, you should have done. Oh, yeah. A 50k. Okay, a 25k and a 10k. That’s crazy. There’s about 25 people running the 50 miler. Okay. Once you go to the site, it tells you how many people are registered. Wow. But 78 for the 25k

when I think last year was supposed to be snowing. I can’t imagine being out in the snow. Yeah, long. Chris

did say he wasn’t if it snowed a lot. He wasn’t going to do it. Because cutting is tough. Although, with the amount of people running Yeah, we would have been okay, because we would have been in the back.

Yeah, just putting the bad yeah. First couple of miles. Keep it real slow. Yeah, people have a nice wide trail for you. Yeah. Well, that is crazy. Fun. Um, so Jason, while we’ve been apart for all these long time since December 11, which you forgot about? So you know, and

we were supposed to get together and Natalie got? Oh, yeah,

she she got sick in quotes. Basically, she took down our Christmas tree and somehow she got sick from our Christmas tree.

The I think it’s coincidental. I do too. I mean, yeah, she did break out on hives a little bit. But if she didn’t do hives, oh, she didn’t

know she just her know started running like, right. Like, you know, like when the spring hits? Yeah. And it starts to like, ah, up in the like, yeah. sinuses. Oh, give me the word. She started to have that. And she was then like, okay, maybe it’s just allergies. And then it kept getting worse and worse. And then, yeah, I don’t want to get you sick. I don’t want to get Megan sick. So she said she works with the babies. And yeah, I mean, I respect that. But anyways, she got sick in quotes. She’s still coughing so you know?

Clearly not in quotes. If she’s still coughing Oh, she’s still

coughing pretty bad, especially at night. So what what’s the most fun thing you did? On this long hiatus from me?

I do have an f up. I gotta write it down. It took him back in a long time to. I was like, Hey, did I screw up in the last month? She’s I can’t really think of anything. I’m like, Yes. And then like three hours later, she’s like, wait a minute, so this was interesting, too. I didn’t like what you wrote down. I’m like, What the fuck can’t we just write like three stories. So most fun. Take it with a grain of salt. I was a guest on Joe Pelourinho show. Ooh, the episode is not out yet. He’s waiting for my go ahead because there’s some news. I’m breaking on this show. Some news?

You better tell me this. Wait,

you know who already

Oh, okay. Can you tell us what, what what, um, your word was? Because there’s there’s always a reward. Yep, recalibrate, recalibrate?

And I shot I surprised him. What the recalibrate met he thought it was something from 2022. And it wasn’t who didn’t tell me what he thought it was. But yeah, I did shock him. So I was on his show. That’ll be coming out soon. That was fun. He made me a old fashion. Of course, it did. Knock my ass. Oh, drink the whole damn thing. And like 40 minutes.

No, he’s smart, though. Because you start with an old fashion. Usually he chats upstairs and then like slowly downstairs. The old old fashion. You probably like revealed things on that show you would never reveal.

No, no, I wasn’t drunk. No.

But I mean, you said about knocked you on your end.

Well, by the time I finished the show, I’m like, okay, Joe. I need like 15 minutes here to like, you know, talk so and then I did go kart racing. Now that doesn’t sound fun. You know, you when you think go karts. You think of like Craig’s cruisers? Yeah. So there’s a place out in Byron Center that has a two level track indoors. And only one in Michigan. Okay. And they go 35 miles an hour. Now, it doesn’t sound like a lot. It’s a lot. You literally have to wear a helmet. Like a legit helmet like a full racing helmet to do it.

Because you probably can get pretty hurt if you didn’t. Yeah,

there was a gal they said they give you like a training video. And it’s a whole nine thing. A whole whole thing whole nine yards. That’s what I meant to say. And let’s check in make sure I was recording. Because I ran in here. I am a hey, hey, no, that would have been so horrible while we’re streaming so it’s a back. Yeah. Wouldn’t have been the audio I would like but anyways, she did not break at when she was come up the hill slammed into the wall concussion broken wrist. Like yeah, it’s serious, but it was so much fun. They have leagues and it’s expensive. If you want to race, it’s like $25 all race

Like and you might raise them multiple night or times in the night. No, no, one time. Okay, one, right? No, no, but I’m saying though, a person might raise three times and then you pay somebody fast. So

as you go up, it gets cheaper. Yeah. So you can do like, five races for like 100 bucks still. Yeah, it’s pricey. So people are dropping a lot. Yeah. And it’s like five minute races, though. It’s pretty long. And you race by time. It’s not my place and they will make you they will flag you. If someone’s on your ass. You have to pull over and let them pass. Okay, so it’s all about time. So it makes it less like You’re like Craig’s cruisers? I fuck a car. Oh, yeah, for sure. You know what I mean? Because it’s all about place. But this is about time. So yeah. Pretty fun. No, Craig’s cruise. They do have a league for six weeks. It’s $225. And you raise three times a night? Oh, so it’s cheaper doing it that way.

But so we’re gonna see some like film of you doing this?

No, because it’s during times where I’m going to be out of the state.

Oh, like you just talked about to Florida and Mexico. And Mexico. Yeah, in February. We’re gonna go totally off topic. Are you guys so you guys are doing that? Yep. All right, that we’re already 22 Because when you said you were going to Florida, I was like, oh, yeah, then has f up with in May or whenever. Like, I wonder when they finally booked.

Everything’s paid. Everything’s legit. passports. passports are good. I ended up working with a new gal and she she made me send pictures of the passports before I continued. Oh, she’s so much smarter. The lady got sick and had like a really, like had bad like a brain aneurysm or something. Oh, wow. I think she’s okay. She was able to email me but she’s like, I’m not working right now. So the new lady Ashley’s like, Okay, I need two pictures of your passports before we continue. So I’m like, fair,

I feel like most travel agents would do that normal. Yeah, you know what mine said?

She usually does. But since I had booked in the past with her, she trusted that trust, she’ll never do it again.

She’ll never do it again. Everyone else who books through her is going to be so annoyed at her. But like this is just oh, she wants to know everything. It’s because it’s

because of Jason. Gerald. Jason. Gerald.

You know, I should have written these down before I feel like you know, the ladies last time didn’t write it down. Yeah. should read it out. But Tao may I say one of the fun things we did. This was actually last night we actually went to the Grand Rapids gold. Natalie’s sister works with the with the owner of the gold and he got some tickets there. And then we were there just before the game began. We were there. We got there early. The players cleared off for a little bit and he asked him in his friend to go shoot on the court. Go cool. Yeah, man, this friend got to shoe on the court. They thought their big stuff that’s sweet for a kid for the kids that age. I know. They’re like this is imagine you own cameras and basketball. And so like he’s out there shooting and like, yeah, that’s pretty cool moment. fun moment.

I’m pretty sure I went to a game at vahanian del where Michael Jordan was playing. It was like a it was like a game where it was. I mean, it was exhibition. But he was in town for something. I swear I just had that memory pop in my head. I’m pretty sure it was Van Andel. And it was somehow through like hoops. Do you remember the grant? Oh, yeah. Apps in my sister the crazy one. Well, that doesn’t help. That doesn’t explain. My middle sister was dating a guy that was actually a player on the hoop. Okay, so I know you think I’m not telling

Michael Jordan. I’m just trying to think of a Michael Jordan would be at the van and

I can do I can try to do a deep dive on it. I couldn’t tell you what year it was. I swear it was him.

Yeah. So the hoops. I feel like they were done by like, the early 2000s. So I had to be before then. Yeah,

yeah. I mean, no, because I graduated in 94. Okay. And then my sister probably graduated in 98 or 96. So yeah, it was probably like early 2000s. I mean, she was in college dating this guy. Okay.

And then he was not playing for the bowls anymore. He was no longer the Charlotte Hornets. No, he’s playing for the wizards or wizard. Sorry. Yeah,

yeah. Yeah, I’m pretty sure. Well, I’m going to try to

you I know you have to write it down because I’ll forget. Yeah, you gotta deep dive this one. Michael Jordan, at the Van Andel. I’m so jealous if that was true, because Michael Jordan is the goat.

You know, I used to be super into basketball. I love the bulls. So I mean, I love the pistons. When it’s pistons bulls, I want to go for pistons. But I just love Joe. I was always bulls guy and I love like Scottie Pippen and John Paxton and all those guys in that that era where they’re just crushing it. Yeah, that was so fun to so

I was in like fourth and fifth grade sixth grade when they were one of their times and I remember everyone I was a pistons fan. I wouldn’t tell people I was a Bulls fan.

I don’t blame you don’t like the bad boys. Like if you want to get the bad boys, you could get shamed.

Yeah. So people so I would, I would have posters. I would not let friends up to my room because I don’t want them to see them. I love Michael Jordan, but I was like, Ah, you aren’t gonna know that I am a bolts fan.

What is the last time you thought about that? Like this has triggered that memory? Oh, yeah. Totally triggered. That was so cool. But

But yeah, so anyways, that was a fun thing last night to be able to write isn’t weird as a parent, like I was just sitting there. And then he gets to go do that. But it was fun for me to watch. Yeah, it’s

joy in seeing your kids do cool shit. cool shit that I like, totally went to Comic Con. I was in my glory watching that kid run around with just the biggest grin on his face and just having the time of his life. Like he he got free claws that were handmade for somebody on Etsy for Christmas. Like he’s gonna have a whole costume for next November. Oh, yeah. It’s a thing. It’s happening

now. Are you gonna go to the real comic con or just the one in Grand Rapids? Well,

it’s still the real comic. But I mean, there.

There’s like the like the Comic Con. Right. Okay, where’s

that one isn’t our last? Oh, okay. Yeah, the San Francisco. Yeah, no. I mean, that’s where I originally started. There’s just different levels. There’s like, San Francisco. There’s one in Detroit. There’s one in Grand Rapids. There’s one in like, Lansing. So they’re just different tiers. And

what is so the one in Grand Rapids? It’s not, it’s not like the San Francisco. No, no, no. So is it two steps? Lower? Three Steps lower?

I would say probably two. Okay. Yeah. So it’s so cool. But yeah,

it’d be really cool. If you guys could get a trip out there on Spirit Airlines. Yeah. It paid $10,000 For this costume to bring it

oh my god, and then the ticket itself gotta be insane. That’s where they release a lot of the array of Funko Pops is at that comic. Oh, yeah. You want to go now? It’ll say like if you get a rare or Grail it’ll say like the year and San Francisco Comic Con. Okay.

Least fun. What What was your least fun thing? Well,

my least fun thing. Breads podcast. We’ll be back after a quick break. Hey guys, real quick. I just want to give a shout out to my friend and author and homie Chris Talon. The author of switchers and creative ops podcasts. Chris and I have been friends for a long time encouraged him to start a podcast so you are going to hear a promo from him and check his show out. The link will be in the description. I appreciate listening to his show.

Are you a creative and aspiring creative or really enjoy listening to creative people talk about how they do what they do. That’s awesome. Then join me Christopher talent author, musician and host of creative ops a podcast for creative people. I talk to creatives of all types, figure out what they do, how they do it and how you might be able to do it too.

Was meeting Ben.

Ben if you hear this

and let me explain. Let me explain. So Ben and I are our back we we’ve rack in black. Yeah, back in black. Adam says the Lansing ComiCon is three steps below. Yeah. Ger. Yeah, so the Grand Rapids one actually just bought the the Lansing one. So they’re actually doing that show to explain this to me explain ComiCon to me, like I’m stupid. Because I yeah, like someone who bought it’s like a franchise. You buy a franchise? Yeah, you’d like buy the rights to it or something. Really. So yeah, the Lansing one either. either. It’s new, or they they’re bringing it into Lansing. But I know the Grand Rapids owners bought some sort of Lansing one. And they are putting it out because they asked me to work it. Oh. So are you planning on it? Well, talk about some other news coming up. And that might may change it. Okay. But back to Benjamin. Yes. Back in December, Mike had sent me a message. He’s like, you know, it’s almost like the one year anniversary.

What? Well, I was gonna say the even more contacts in case anyone wants more guides. Excellent. People need more context. Well, because we were going to hang out. Because I think the day we were going to hang out was like, exactly a year after Ben. And so I think I had maybe had joked, like, Hey, you think something will happen with me and you? A year yeah. Towards just being a jerk. Yeah. I was just being a jerk. But so that I think that got you thinking, yeah,

and literally after I was getting in the shower, the water was running. I thought about Ben and I was washing my genitals. No, I literally the water was running. And I was like, You know what, this is bullshit. I immediately listen to your message. I went to text I said, Do you want to bury the hatchet. 20 seconds later, there’s a picture of him with a rusty hatchet in his hand in his garage. He’s like, Yeah, I’m ready to bury it. And so that’s how it started. And we met a week later for coffee. And it was a little awkward as it probably would be. It’s after year after year, caught up a little bit, texted a little bit back and forth and then we had lunch last week.

Was it less awkward having lunch? Yes. Okay, way less awkward. Good. Yeah,

we talked a lot because there was a good 25 minute wait before we ate Oh, and then we ate. And so yeah, we had a lot of talk. And we we just, we kind of just tried to get back into the swing of things of life. Yeah, family. He taught asked about threads, you know, those kinds of things. So it’s we talked a little bit about the incident, broke it down a little bit more, but nothing like crazy amount or anything like that. So does it

feel like to you like you got good closure? On what happened? That’s terrible.

You could have cleared and then finished Yeah, it happened.

I thought maybe it wouldn’t stick around and got worse. It like gargoyle

lung butter. Can you repeat that? Yeah. And I got

it got pretty gross. Um, do you feel like you got closure from what happened last December?

Yeah, he explained it a little bit more on our lunch, it made more sense. I will have to say I felt like he did put a push a little bit back on me saying that, you know, it wasn’t an isolated incident that he blew up and that had built up over time. And I said, Well, I’m gonna push back a little bit on that I did the last year that we were friends. I was working my ass off on making myself better. I’m not saying I was perfect. So we kind of maybe agree to disagree on that. I’m not saying I was perfect. And he said it wasn’t isolated. And it wasn’t I’m sure he was stressed about things that built up. One thing he didn’t bring up. And you know, if he listens to this, you know, maybe he’ll come on the show, maybe become a patron. Would that be insane? Why would that be the biggest turnaround is?

What if What if he became a third host? You know, like, yeah,

no, no, why did you I’m gonna cut that out. Why did you bring that up? You fucking idiot? I probably won’t. I don’t think

that’s gonna work out. But it would be nice to have him back on the

show. At this point in time, it will not happen. But you know, I don’t think I didn’t think I’d ever talked to Ben again. True.

So well, because my first set you told me, probably to eff off about that you guys should reconcile.

Yeah. I mean, I told them I was hurt for for probably six months, or at least and then we it kind of fizzled out. And then you and I really, we just didn’t talk about it anymore. And yeah, we’d make jokes here and there. I mean, I would expect you and Ben to do that to me. I mean, we’re just guys. It wasn’t like mean spirited or anything. But so anyways, yeah. I mean, I would love to have him back on the show. Oh, one thing he didn’t bring up is like, part of the cause of maybe the blow up was the jealousy of the third wheel. Yeah. And I know he brought it up before but he didn’t this time, and maybe it will come up again. I don’t know.

Maybe it was on the show. Tonight. He’s on the show mediate.

I feel like I can’t talk to him again until he’s on the show.

I know. He’ll be like, Okay, let’s let’s like one and I’m supposed to hang out with him soon. So maybe after that, then we’ll

Yeah, Mike’s after everything. I tried to get him to go eat last week. He’s like, Oh, I can’t. I don’t feel good. I have. Yes, you did. No, we were gonna go to lunch. And you said you didn’t feel good. And you didn’t want to get me sick. Oh, yeah. And then he went out and worked Walmart spark. Yeah, but it wasn’t around

anyone. You could have worn a mask. Well, while I ate

well, we could have sat two tables apart. Could have telegrams. I

mean, we could have FaceTime at that point. Yeah, we should have we should when we drive. What’s your least fun moment of driving for Walmart and spark and yeah, like, oh, that’s disappointing. I know. Like it’s, you know, there’s money. I’m happy there’s money, but like, especially Walmart like it’s just boring. Like, I mean, it is Spark is

talking about theology for some fake religion isn’t boring

what’s first of all, it’s not fake but also that that’s why they’re really excited to be alive which probably makes me more odd but like that sort of stuff I love and again write their seasons of life where you get to do what you love in their seasons where you get paid to do stuff you don’t love. I think like I know you just deal with stupid people.

Yes, I mean what like the workers or like the residents

every once a while you know just get weird order weird place to put it. Yeah. And just again, it is what it is. You deal with stupid drivers. Like I noticed how much more stupid drivers there are now that I’m out in the road.

Yeah, for sure. I mean, you’re constantly driving you’re gonna see almost every trip you’re gonna see some idiot somebody that just doesn’t know what they’re doing. A lot of time I look because I work obviously during the day in them. Warning. It’s fucking 85 year old lady or man jabbing they’re just clueless on what’s going on which is freakin scary.

Or there is the middle aged woman who’s on her phone. Yeah, that that to me is

what I am shocked with. This is gonna be a crazy episode is how many people hold their phone? Like they don’t have a like a mount? Yeah, they’re holding it and looking down while they’re driving. At least put it in a mountain your faces up and your periphery if you glance at it is going to catch. Yep, things coming out. Yeah,

yeah, that’s so much nicer that the only thing is like, you know, like, I’ve gone by copses I’m like telegram and you and I’m like, Well, I’m not gonna push the button to end this right. There drive it. It’s just the wrong message. Yeah, sitting there. Yeah. So that’s probably been my least fun. Like, yeah, I don’t love that. But you know what, it pays the bills. It’s money in.

I love my gig work. I love the flexibility. I love like, you know what? Today’s not the day. Yeah, eff it. I’m gonna go home and I’m gonna play Call of Duty and obviously, the money still has to get made. So you can’t do that all the time.

But yeah, you can you can adjust based, like that part’s nice. But yeah, that’s, that’s on my least. Or it’s not my most favorite stage of edit. We’re good.

And one more thing. It’s tough learning. Yeah, it’s tough. Once you figure it out, it gets not as bad but learning is tough.

While Yeah, the first day I think the first week I was messaging you all the time. And even with Spark, you know, I think my first grocery curbside, the person didn’t end up giving me the sticker. So then I’m there and it’s telling me to scan I’m scanning every item. I’m like, What in the world? Am I supposed to scan? The person hasn’t given me the actual thing I need to scan and and I just have to call support. You know, it’s just those things you’re like, What in the world but very frustrating anyways, I’m most impactful. Why do I keep having to go for it? Because I get asked the questions first, quicker on the draw. So another

I asked Mike and I’m quick on the draw

should be crickets.

That’s a good joke. It cuts me that’s a good joke. Yeah. But it was a little predictable. Little predictable. Someone’s texting me.

I know who you’re the king of like getting mad when people I

know. Because it’s not in front of me and I can’t see it. I don’t want to look at my watch. Normally at least have it in front of me. So I can see. It’s definitely not telegram because I’d be able to see that on my phone, or my desktop. Um, so another change that’s possibly happening, it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Is that most impactful is I’m thinking about changing careers. Yeah, I’m thinking about not doing lawn care. And this close enough to the end of the month, if it gets picked up anywhere. You can’t title this the way Oh, okay. Yeah, that can’t be on there. But um, no, I’m thinking about quitting lawn care. And I’m gonna, I’m taking the test, actually, this Friday for bus driving Uber for my CDL.

So the book so you, you’ve listened to the book, I listened to about half of it. And now have you also like gone back and read through it. So I am thrilled

I confirmed with my trainer, they’ve highlighted the things that are going to be out for sure on the test. Okay, I’ve studied all of that. I have not read through it all. If it’s highlighted, I memorized it. If it’s not highlighted, I didn’t. So I confirmed with there twice. I’m like, This is all I have to focus on. Yes. I’m like, okay, okay. We’ll see what happens. Now, a lot of it’s common sense. There are multiple choice. Okay. They’re three tests, bosses, 20. Questions, passengers is 20 questions. And I think the main CDL is like 40 questions, you have to get like 70%.

Okay. I actually have a theory of multiple choice test. I think I could pass that on the first time. Things started with your theory. Yeah. What’s your theory? I just think in a multiple choice test, you always have a chance between two. There’s usually two that are absurd, absurd. And there’s two that are close. Yeah, so it’s like, almost true. False. Yeah. So I feel like I could pass it. Do you see,

you must be a very good reader of the question, right? Yes. Because that’s what testing. I’m a great test. That’s what trips people up and me too. You read it too fast. You’re like, oh, it’s got to be this one. Instead of taking your time reading it, reading it again. And then really reading the answers.

Yeah. And the way I would always do it is go through it in the ones that were easy to get I would answer. And the ones I didn’t know, right away, I’d go to the next one. And I would do all the ones that I knew. And then I’d go back and like just start guessing that

so it’s all computerized, I’m not sure. Oh, yeah. And I guess now they put your score on the bottom every time you know, so they’re like, don’t freak out. But once you hit what you need, you’re done. Okay. So like as soon as you hit 70%, you’re passed. You’re done. Whoo. So you don’t you might not even take all the questions if you do

really well. I bet America Masson you probably could should I should I go down and take it just you should

make an appointment make one right next to me, we’ll take it together probably get caught cheating and then you know,

everything. Okay, so So tell tell us more about the bus.

So the bus driving thing I looked at because I’ve been really inspired as much as you want me to hate the school? Because they’re only paying me $10 an hour. Every time I talked about it, you told me I should quit?

Well, I mean for the amount of money you got paid in. It would happen at the times we’re in gig you can make the most

for food delivery for busy more yell lunchtime. Yeah. Yeah, so I’ve really kind of enjoyed hanging out with the kids. I mean, yeah, some of them aren’t great, but some of them are and they’re fun. And they started recognizing me and smiling and running up and like, Hey, how’s it going? And I’ve kind of felt a little purpose behind it as little as it seems. I’ve really enjoyed it. And you know, lawn care. There’s no purpose in life for that. I mean, it’s a luxury which I get it. I get paid good. I love it. I like being outside. But it’s not fire in my soul.

Yeah, I mean, because it is. I don’t want to put down what you’ve done. I understand it. It is it is something that people pay who are vain? I mean, why why do you want a nice grass is a vain thing. Yeah, I guess I mean, because there’s no like benefit to the environment have nice grass. In fact, it’s actually the opposite right? You’re hurting the environment by having nice grass

fertilizer is okay. It’s the weed control

and water right and water. You’re pissing away a lot. Personally a lot of water blah, blah, blah. But anyways, now and

now still be fertilizing from from my company and pissing away a lot? Of course you Well, I mean, my lawn is gonna always be dope, because I enjoy being outside which is fair. Yeah. So um, so yeah, it would be way less money. So my plan was is okay. So yeah, helping out with the kids. Fun fact. The the union contract? Yeah, I’ll be union bus driver. Yes. Allows you to make the bus rate when you’re working anywhere else in the district.

So if you’re doing food service, you’ll get the union bus, right? Correct.

Which isn’t a ton of money, but it’s way more than $10 an

hour. You’re like, God, I suck anymore. Yeah.

So. So that would be just a morning and an afternoon. I could do more full time. There’s 26 hours, and you get Benny’s. And if you don’t get the Benny’s, they give you extra 600 bucks a month.

Do you get into the pension that the teachers get into? Yes, yes. You should work full time just for the pension alone. You could retire and just

yeah, do a 25 Do you have to do 30 years? Oh, do you?

Yeah, I’ll be like, 85 You’re too old to do that. I already did. Yeah. I

mean, I can get some to be fully 100% vested. I think it’s 30. Year. Okay.

So is there anything that you’re nervous about? With if you actually make this

switch? Okay, so let me finish the press. Ok. Sorry. No, you’re good. I liked that question. That’s where I’m going to next but so then I would work morning and afternoon. And then I would spend time during the day editing the shows that I currently have and growing. I mean, obviously growing threads and gig, that’s always part of it. But my goal is to grow. Hey, guys, so I can edit. More podcast, more podcasts. But the bus is there for a backup, right? Of course, it’s not gonna be a lot of money, but it’s there as a regular paycheck at least nine months out of the year. And then in the summer, there’s some substitute.

Yeah, but so there’s a solid consistent. So if you don’t have as many jobs as you go check your phone and hit the stand. I’m just trying to move it. No, that totally makes sense. Now, again, back to the question. Is there anything that you are nervous about? Yeah, I

am, of course, the leaving of my company that have been through bandwidth since 2008. Yeah. They’ve been nothing but amazing. Nothing but amazing. I mean, shop week sucks.

I mean, but that’s true of any job. Any Yeah, lawn care, you’re gonna have

Yeah. And, and I’m really I’m actually sad about it. I haven’t made this as yet, probably, but I haven’t. And I’m worried about money. I mean, then I can fall back on gig work, of course. I mean, currently, right now, if I were, if I jumped over right this minute, I would have to do gig work. Yeah. I mean, I don’t have enough podcasting and boss, but I would have to do quite a bit less once I had the boss. Yeah. But it’s not about the money.

No, but I mean, you still have bills to pay. Right? But but you’re hoping to find probably even I mean, you’re you’re 45 right, your body’s not going to last forever, you know, doing lawn care, knots, bonds,

beats, it beats you up, you’re on that machine bouncing around. I mean, my back’s been jacked up for 20 years. And you’ve

also talked about doing like wanting to live in Florida. Yep. So you know, like podcasting would allow you the freedom. Yeah, but it It takes time to build that.

Yeah. And you know what? It may never work out. It may not. And as you know, I’m I’m grateful that my wife has a good job. I mean, if she wasn’t working and stay at home, I would never do. Oh, you couldn’t I couldn’t do it. I mean, to live the way we live right now. I wouldn’t be able to do no, you definitely have to die be working like a madman or something you want

to even move to like buy a smaller house because those are more money than what you paid. For this even downsize?

Yeah, kind of. Yeah. So I’m thankful for that. And, you know, Megan’s really supportive. She’s like back so when you really love gig work? I wasn’t comfortable because it was Uber and Lyft. Oh, yeah, there was nothing else because I’ve talked about this every year. Yeah. And I’ve never pulled the trigger. And she’s like, I’m comfortable. Now. I’m back on the floor. You there’s 17 gigs you can do. I mean, I know you’re a grinder. If shit hits the fan, you’ll take care of it. Yeah. So,

um, because last year you’re gonna do post office.

I just got a letter from the post office today. Even though I never worked a day I got retirement stuff. I don’t know what it is. I opened it up I got I got home late so there’s I saw because the postal informed or whatever you get an email with all your Oh, yeah, I saw it from the United States Postal Service. It’s probably something about taxes. I’m like, I didn’t work

a day. Here is your w two. Yeah, yeah. For now working. So yeah, yeah. But but this one you feel more confident on? Yeah. Okay.

I do just because I don’t know. I don’t know what’s different, honestly.

Yeah. And again, I think a year ago, I wouldn’t have advised you of this. But again, as much as I don’t like gig all the time. It has allowed me to start planting the church in a way I normally wouldn’t. Because normal part time job. You’re stuck at certain hours. In it’s nerve racking, but it’s also freedom to actually try to fulfill your purpose. And yeah, just go do instead of always clocking in somewhere. Yeah. No, I think it’s cool. It’s cool that you’re at least attempting because what what is the worst that happens? Exactly. Try for a year you get really tight on money making and picks up a few more shifts. You you hustle a little bit more. And then you go back to another company.

Yeah, I mean, I could go back to lawn care. I mean, I could do and you could do lots. There’s tons of jobs out there. Yeah. tons of jobs. So I’m not I’m not too worried about it. I mean, I’m nervous. Of course. I’m more nervous of like telling my boss

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. So that. Like, oh, that’s so awkward.

So the what? So what? Well, I’ve done it before. Do you remember back ups when I walked in? I remember you talking about it. So I was gone from Wheaton fee for one month. And I called them back and they’re like, Yeah, we didn’t hire anyone yet. You’re like, please get your back. Basically. I was like, You know what? I thought about it, and it’s gonna be too hard on my body. I mean, you talk about hard on your body. Yeah. boxes all the time. Yeah. And so even though I love delivering and I actually had some pride when I worked for UPS, because I think UPS does a great job. Although I just shared a video today of a guy cutting through some construction through someone’s yard UPS driver. Oh, no. Oh, he’s totally fired. Like, totally. Yeah, I don’t even see his face on the cam like who it was. Anyways, so. Yeah, so that’s gonna be awkward. I’m going to call them and talk to him on the phone. But then they’re going to Yeah, I’m not going in. Go try to avoid it. No, go in. Well, they’re gonna make me come anyways, they’re going to try to offer me something like an insane amount of money and sound about the money.

So what if they’re like, yes, we’ve, this is what we’ve been waiting. I mean, no, but no, that’d be hard. But yeah, I think it’s important to go in person with them. Because, yeah,

I probably will end up and here’s the thing like, what am I going to try to do what I want to do? Because I’m 46 I mean, I could die tomorrow could die in four years. At least I can enjoy my flexibility. I can be home more with Megan. Megan. I can go to lunch random times when the kids are at school. And um, you know, it’s just yeah. Now’s the

time where if you’re not making enough money, you can have ramen here. But you’ll be able to eat with her. Right? Either way. You’re with her? Yeah,

exactly. All right, most impactful for you. I feel like I’ve been talking this entire

Oh, you have this is fine. This is the Jason show. Good God. I think that’s how I’m gonna title the Jason show. If

you were to roll your stuff down, you might have something impactful. Well,

in my impactful things you totally blanked on and forgot about my most impactful thing was being ordered, was being ordered deigned as a pastor on December 11. That’s a no,

I was gonna throw this mouse at you

and ask me questions about it. Like, this is a conversation. I asked you good questions. Yeah, that’s why you talk a lot. That’s how relationships work. Like you gotta you got to ask question.

Okay. Well, you got to explain why it was impactful. I mean, for obviously, for

obvious reasons. So again, I’ve been part of taking classes for just over two years. I thought it was going to be through my old church that I was going to be a commission that Got it wasn’t and then looking back at it now, and then I’m gonna have to cut. That’s my opinion, that’s Jesus and then planting a church. And then on July 26, I was told I was no longer employed there. And in that moment, I was like, Well, I guess this dream is done. Or at least for now, because I’m like, I have no calling church and then Palmdale. So Jim, you remember Jim, from the service? You blocked, okay. And we’re gonna talk about that later. So one of the guys who spoke at the service anyways, he was the one who was like, Hey, I’d like to talk with you. Because, you know, from what we’ve heard, we’d love to plant a church and in private and partner with you, and do all that. So again, there’s just that build up of all of that. And it was just a moment of different people in my life, who some short some long, being there and supporting me and seeing things in me that I don’t always see in myself. I don’t always believe in myself. That was a cool moment with that.

So that you said Jim, right. Yeah. So they just reached out to you randomly like,

oh, so I was taking class. So let me explain that more. So Jim, Ron runs quorum, Dale. I was taking classes through quorum Dale, but but but like, I had actually never met Jim. I’ve never talked to him in my life. Actually, that’s, that’s not true. I talked to him because I thought he was somebody else from quorum, Dale when I was meeting them. And he goes, Oh, no, but that person you’re waiting for is coming. So that was the one conversation I had. So he didn’t know me from Adam. But then because I worked with other people quorum Dale, they had just said things about me to him. And he’s like, Hey, let’s let’s meet because they’ve said really good things about you. And I think this could work. And so yeah,

that should make you feel like insanely good. Oh, for sure. Especially after the whole what happened at the other plays? Yep. That had to be like the best like dopamine hit when you got that was

it was one of those things? Because it was within a couple of weeks of when the other thing I’ll happen. So I think I was still in shock. Yeah. So like, because I even had them write down stuff and send it to me, because I’m like, this is all awesome stuff, your salary now, but I am overwhelmed with it. So can you like write it down and send it to me so that I actually know that you actually, these are the options and things you’re talking about as

a smart move, I would be initially insanely happy and then like, oh, shit, this is a big response.

Well, because because even the next morning after I met with Jim, I was like, Natalie, if if that hadn’t been sent to me in writing, I don’t know that I would actually believe that the meeting happened because I was in that space. Yeah, I just in a bad headspace. Yeah. Post that. So again, that all of that work and all of the shit that I went through in that moment, right? It doesn’t fix that we’ll talk about where it didn’t fix it. But it it was just a moment of peace of like, no, like, I’m I’m on the path I’m supposed to be on. It doesn’t matter what one person said.

Yeah, but that’s still hard. Oh, it’s hard. Well, as humans, you look at the hate more than the love for sure. Like what you could have, we could have a show that goes viral. And 99% of people loved it and 1% hated it. And you just be focused on the hate. Yeah, you’d be like, Oh, man. Yeah, why did they hate it? What did I do wrong? Why were horrible. So at the ordination, yeah. It was weird. Okay, weird to be in that church. Very weird bench or pews.

Did it trigger you?

I know. Okay, now, of course I was going to be there and I appreciate you inviting me like that mean means a lot that you invited me. Yeah, it was just I was just it was just awkward. For me explain more. Well, like the putting the hands on. We didn’t stand up.

You sat there you’re like we do not support him. I wasn’t

gonna say anything new and you never would have known because the picture was from the other side other

and you also short so like, I just

I’m like, No, I’m not doing this. I wouldn’t do this in my home church. I’m not doing this now. Now. Like not like I had this like, attitude about it. But Megan didn’t feel comfortable either. Now if it was just like, me, and Megan and you and Natalie and maybe like one or two other people that I really didn’t know, but like it seemed like more of a quaint thing. I probably would have so don’t take offense to it. No. It doesn’t mean I love you any less or didn’t support you any less. It’s just it felt really weird to me

so yeah, explain explain more, because I I kind of caught that vibe from you. Like

they’re just very uncomfortable. Yeah, it’s I don’t know anyone. That’s tough for me.

Was it weird being back in a church setting?

I mean, yes and no, I mean, I do miss a live a little bit I do miss the just the vibe there. You know what I mean? It like I missed the community, but I knew a lot of those people. You know what I mean? I mean, we weren’t close don’t get me wrong, but But you You knew them. Like I’d recognize their faces. I knew their names. I would say hi to him, but we didn’t hang out outside of church. Yeah, you know what I mean? So, but no, I don’t think I was really triggered it just out of like, one of the songs we didn’t know. And I’m just like, oh shit, like,

I don’t think oh, well sure the songs we knew, but one of them was, well, there was a newer song. There was one newer, some really new like, Well,

I mean, I haven’t been to church in three years.

I know. It’s obviously I think it was in the last three years. I think. It’s not new, but I think it’s like, almost three years old. Yeah. So you know, that definitely had to be weird. And again, with being ordained, like that is probably the most churchy style of service that you’ll have.

I mean, it’s got to be that way. Because it’s tradition. That’s how we do this. Correct. I knew it would be like by the book. Yeah, I understood that.

And even mine was much more loosey goosey than others. Oh, gotcha. So like, because there’s some who had been more in suits, and they would just have been from the pulpit. It would have been like everything. Very traditional. But again, because of what it is, yeah. It’s probably the most churchy

thing normal at your church.

Well, for something like that, it would be Yeah. Because again, it’s going back to x to the, to the to the New Testament, where like they would lay hands on as they ordained. Yeah, for sure. So again, now that that’s common to every single one,

how did you feel about crying? 10 seconds into your speech?

I cry so bad.

I was like, I got choked up. I was like, Oh, come on, buddy. You got this?

Well, and again, I’ve done public speaking enough where I know, like, I was like, I definitely know I’m gonna cry. Like, I was joking. Yeah, I was joking with Taylor before. I’m like, Yeah, I’m not totally not gonna cry at this at all. It’s emotional. It’s emotional. It’s all this stuff building up and emotional moment. And yeah, and so I’ve cried, public speaking a lot. And I know I can usually get myself back. Like I’ve spoken at funerals of family members, which again, you tear up, and you know, like, you don’t learn how to get through it. But you figure out how to eventually do it. You’re

a professional, you’re there to do a job. I mean, yes. Well, well, not just want. Yeah, not the ordination. That wasn’t your job, but you’re there as a member but like, if you were at a funeral, you’re like, Okay, I gotta keep my stuff together.

Yeah, in you. Even if you tear up, you learn how to do it. You’d learn how to talk with a crime voice, right? Like, not that it’s a made up voice, but you just need that high pitch skill.

I totally get it. Are you

by practice, so it was most meaningful? The one you forgot about?

I didn’t forget and awkward. It’s in the mental health check. I know. How did I forget about it? Mike, your biggest effort? My

biggest AFA Christmas day. Oh, no. I’m already better. Mike ruin Christmas. So we looked so there was a ton of snow Christmas day. We’re driving over to the other side of the state. We left at noon.

I can’t believe you drove in. I mean, it was as bad as you got further east. It probably got better.

It took a lot farther east than we thought it was even past Lansing. So it’s slippery. It’s crazy. Like we’re driving to the expressway, I brand new tires on I finally like splurged or spent money and needed to

that’s not a splurge that’s an adult purchase that sucks ass.

I got all four tires. That’s a similar transaction. So I got you know, I got new new tires. And like I was still slipping like crazy. I’m like, I don’t know how we’re gonna make it. Like we’re not even to the expressway in Holland in where we’re slipping. Yeah. And then I stupid dog. Just crying because we’re going slow. Normally when it’s slow will open the window for her. And she can stick her head out. Well, it is frickin freezing. I’m not going to open it. So she’s crying and crying and crying. It’s just the high pitch whine. And I’m just like shot up. I don’t think I cry cost Natalie, you can tell me if I cost her and I was like shut up. And it just reminded me of old me like I never got to that like lose that point. But I was not like the most calm person in that moment. And it just they’re just flashes of old Mike. I was like come on. Like I thought I was past old Mike. Right and you get it like there’s always a flare up. There’s always those little moments you’re like, Oh, nope, that that might still exist a little bit.

How long did it last? Are we able to be like Mike bring it around? Yeah. And I was able

to apologize partway, like probably like 30 minutes and I’m like, Hey, guys, I got a little bit loud. I’m sorry about that. And then nearly at night was like, hey, like that wasn’t fun. In the beginning. I don’t know exactly what she said. But I’m gonna say like, was that fun? I’m like, Yeah, I totally know. I go it scared me to what came up in me. Like I didn’t love that. So we can talk about mental health check in over what what that

well yeah, I mean it kind of you know, it’s kind of

Yeah, we just got metal so metal house so I again, I knew there was stuff. We’ll go back two years. Okay, good up. Good. I just figured out There’s a flow. Yeah, for sure. So this is kind of mental health update too. And so I was like, I know their stuff. And so again, I, I journal, that’s my biggest way to process through. And right just journaling through a lot of stuff I haven’t left behind with the old church, like I still was carrying a lot. I was still getting there. I still had their app on my phone, it would send me updates. Oh, no, Mike, I know I was bad. It’s a bad habit. Because like, you’re just there and you’re like, just want to know what’s going on. And then it’s eventually just like, right, it’s not helping me move on. So I like I deleted the app. I made sure that then no emails came through from from them or anything like that. But again, it was loading those things. Hang on. That I was like, I think it’s just sitting there and it’s not loading my, my heart heal. Yeah. Right. And then it was worse in that moment when there’s stress. Like you’re trying not to kill your whole family. You’re wondering how you’re getting over to the other side of the state. And your stupid dog won’t shut

up. Yeah, it’s like a crying kid. It’s the worst. It’s like the worst

pitch is the worse. It’s a pitch that like just pisses me off. Normally,

you asked Megan I’ve had plenty of freak outs with the damn dogs barking in the back like Frank’s finally we finally have a system down. But that MF er would bark all the time. And I’d be like, yeah, like I would like lose it. And Megan looks at me like this. And I’m like, sorry. Yeah,

sorry about that. So that again, that was my biggest f up. But mental health is going okay, I still need to keep processing.

Which I said you would like you had you had such a tough shell when you got fired. You’re like doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t bother me. We put up this armor

like, what was armor? I think it was numbness. Well, either way it was bouncing off. Yeah. But again, it wasn’t. I didn’t have to blow up like you thought it was like you thought I would like like, totally go. No, but you

went wow, you went dark. I mean, look what happened in December. Or a couple of shows. November, November, December right around there. I mean, you definitely went dark. Yeah. And it had to do with that. Regardless, I know. You said it was like you I’m sure it had. It wasn’t the only thing but I’m sure it played a role. Well play the role because it kicked off. Especially if you’re getting like the emails and stuff. It reminds me of Eric Zane, like still obsessing about his old radio show. Yeah, like you just want to know what’s going on. Yeah, because like you had such a impactful position there. But all

it does, though, is just open the wound up every single time and so, so I again, as I journal I’m like, okay, that’s the stuff and I need to cut those things out. So cut those things out. Made sure I don’t go back to any of the emails. Blah,

blah, blah. Good job. Has it felt refreshing when he made the comment? It’s felt refreshing. How long ago did you cut it out?

I was mean so Christmas. That happened a couple days after Oh, wow. So this is fresh. This is fresh. Because again, that was the like, it was like reflected back and was like, Okay, what in the world is going on? That I just lost my shit. Yeah. Again, not to love I used to but still too close to that.

Yeah. And I mean, this is what we do, Mike, so don’t get sad and cry. You haven’t been working out very much. I know. And that hurts your mental health like you when you like really work out. You’re like on fucking fire. Yeah, you’re like, I can just tell your attitude is better. You’re just happier

look better now because I worked on Monday. You probably are

sore. Gosh, I

am. Especially right there. Let the lat Yeah, or whatever. These are kind of on the side. Yeah, I think those are your laughs that and then up here. Oh, yeah. That feels good, though. Yeah, it does.

But you do look kind of small. I look swollen. Yeah, you do? Well, I know. You said you’ve gained some weight. I can’t tell.

Well, okay, so it’s been slowly but so since since Israel, I came back I was 282 pounds. I mean, we hiked all day, so that’s not fair.

I probably lost eight pounds. 810 pounds. And Ezra but I’m

now 30 pounds up from that. Still 30 pounds.

No, no, you were like 22 pounds from

now more than 22. And it was anywhere between 22 and 30 pounds. So somewhere in the middle.

Yeah. After the marathon. You were what? Three? Or like, 295? No,

I was just over three for the marathon.

So you’ve gained like 12 pounds, right? Yeah. 12 pounds.

No 312 So probably 10 pounds.

It sounds that bad. Yeah, as big as you are and tall. 1010 pounds on me you’d be able to see it

or 30 pounds, we’re gonna get 30 most of that poundage. They’ll happen slowly so no one notices but ya know, it’s definitely going to be helpful to get back into that and especially weightlifting I remember

I’ll fire it up you would get like I could just tell when you did weightlifting you were just saying yeah, I loved yours. Like you would be like, I hate weightlifting and you’re like yeah,

I know. I was thinking that as I was doing I’m like Jason will literally hate what I’m I know

I go I’d rather run 20 miles than do weightlifting. Know this weekend run train for 20. So just do it. No, come on, not an idiot mini Muskogee I am not David Goggins

who’s gonna get rid of the boot. Okay, so tell me about your biggest f up.

You know, mine was at Panera so and on a random Monday. So I don’t know if it was a Monday. I don’t know, I felt really connected with your story about how you felt like you were the old Mike because I my incident is like the old days and basically what happened when we came into Panera. And they had those computers that you can order on, and they put them so close together. And there was. So there’s four, there’s four of them. Two right here, two over here. Each person had one on there. And I just felt awkward. I didn’t want to go. And I’m like, and I was just feeling anxious. And then Megan, then the the lady that was taking orders open up and like here go I kind of pushed her and not like pushed her but like move her along. Yeah. And like just go go and I just had a like a complete fucking attitude and, and just kind of like gave her a dirty look. And again, everyone’s around. So it was just like the old Jason like it was a complete fuckup. And I was like, I don’t know why I was anxious about ordering. Like how that’s normal. What I used to do, like, I would never want to do anything because I didn’t. I mean, we’re standing so we would I would stand so close to somebody and I didn’t want to do that. So I felt pressure to like get Okay, don’t I’m saying yeah, it’s stupid. It’s anxiety isn’t like logical?

Yeah, no. Has this happened, though, when you’re mean, you’re making some pretty big life choices. Do you think that’s increasing that? No, no.

Although I have been having trouble sleeping. But I’m not anxious about anything. My brain is firing. I’m thinking about a lot of stuff. But I’m not like stressed. There’s no stress there.

But wouldn’t you waking up in your brain going be a form of anxiety? I’m not probably xiety but probably okay.

I mean, I’ve never had like, I fall asleep. And like last week, I think three out of the seven nights I woke up at 3am on the dot. And I’m up for like 90 minutes.

Just stare and your brains just going through.

It’s just like Okay, what about Hey, guys, okay, I gotta get that I got to do this.

So you’re not worried but your brain is going? Yeah, I’m

working. Yeah. Now I did. I did drink a lot of caffeine on the break. And late like I would game and drink a Mountain Dew at like 10 o’clock at night. And so that might be some of it. So this is this will be night three without caffeine after 5pm which will be a lot more helpful. Yeah. And I slept good last night. Like a baby like a baby. So maybe it’s caffeine. So anyways, but yeah, that was my fault. So it wasn’t great.

No, no, no, Megan remembered it. What about it? Like, how did Megan feel in that moment?

She did not feel great. She She was embarrassed. And, you know, I tried to be like, I’m sorry. It’s fine. You know, like, I kind of not blew it off but just didn’t see it was as impactful as it was. Okay, so lunch was awkward. Yeah. So spend all that money. Yeah, it is expensive. And so the prices have like everything skyrocket. In fact, I went and got Wendy’s two nights ago. I always get the same damn meal. It’s 1139 Or it’s a love and 63 love and 63 It was 1239 So do you get the double? Double burger? No, I get the Isago chicken ranch sandwich. With bacon. No tomato. Is it good? strawberry lemonade. Yeah,

they’re supposed to be like mozzarella chicken.

I saw that I every time I try something new at Wendy’s. It’s you know,

you always go back to your old one. Yeah. So did you get the card for the frosty? No. So for two bucks. You get that card and every time that you buy something, you get a free Jr. Frosty.

So the thing is, I’m kind of like ice cream bougie I would have to eat that immediately. Because I can’t let it melt because then it’s like

yeah, that’s really good. Sebastian. Did you dip fries in it? No. So I ended up getting that the other day because there were there were some coupons that came which actually made Wendy’s affordable. Yeah, otherwise it was like yeah, it was 11 bucks for a burger. I was like, yeah, no, plan it

my new meal is 1239 because she actually made the mistake because she knows exactly how much it is. And she said 1163 before it popped up and then it popped up she goes I mean 1239 You guys raise your rates on January 1. I know exactly what just happened.

That is crazy though because I remember again this is all but back when Neil and I first got married were dirt poor we could go out we could go out to eat with a tip for under 25 down. Oh yeah. And a sit down restaurant.

Yeah. Panera. I think I think we dropped for the two of us 28 bucks and we didn’t get drinks. Oh, no drinks. I drink water. So like the sandwich I got was like three or four. We did the pick two I did the pick to this specific sandwich tried something new. Yep. was like I look back at the receipt was like three Eat Ahlers more because it had bacon on it or Sunday. It was Yeah, I was like No wonder it was it was fucking

so okay way off topic but so there’s a new tea there which has more caffeine than monster what Yeah, sweet tea. I know it says some new one and most people don’t know and like some lady drink five or six while doing work there. She said it felt like she was having a heart attack.

Oh my god drinking five or six monsters it’s probably like a kind of black tea.

It’s yeah it’s some sort of herbal tea or whatever that I think you can just get from the main oh the main thing now the fountain thing I think so

we’ll have to check that out. Panera has that deal for like 10 bucks a month you can drink as much as you want out of there. I know and I for DoorDash I’m in there almost every day you should get that I also look into it.

So So with with mental health, how are you feeling? Because it’s been a while since you’ve been your therapist because you’re done. You ended it? How are you feeling? Being not free, but doing it on your own more.

I’ve had some ups and downs that that light right there has been impactful for me. I went for a time where I was keep forgetting to turn it on and I could really notice it and I had to have magnet like I had to get in the habit every time I come down here just to hit the button. It’s been okay, I did pretty good over the holidays. I mean, it wasn’t very exciting. I mean, Megan worked all weekend, so we don’t have a lot of family that we connect with. So there wasn’t a little there wasn’t any drama. Kids had a great Christmas. Sounds like a good Christmas. I got my shoes down there. Did you see him?

Oh, yeah. First I didn’t know if they were your? No, no shoes. No, those are hidden. No, no. I know.

You really? Yeah. You really hidden those. Now.

They’re in my car.

I haven’t used them yet. You’ve hidden them. Well, I

haven’t brought them inside yet. Oh. I tell her. I’ll tell her. I worked more.

You should have have your check in. Be there. Have you guys checked in?

We have not we’re still checking last night but I came home late. So we’re either going to check in tonight. Probably tonight. She’s working Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or no Tuesday. What day is it? It’s Tuesday today, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, because Sally has robotics and Saturday. So you gotta get that off. And I have a race and so,

so anyways, so MetroHealth not it’s been fine.

I mean, I I’ve not been in too bad of valleys other than a couple of incidents and which I wasn’t proud of. But I mean, I had that was a therapy

you did again, right? Like, do you feel like you still have the tools to manage?

Yeah, and again, I gotta give it up for the medication, bro. Yeah, like it really helps me. I can’t knock it as much as I knocked it early. Because I didn’t want to be you were that guy. I was that guy for a lot a bit.

But again, you you took it and also did a lot of work though. Like don’t discount.

I’m not No, I’m not. But I have no problem telling people that like, Yeah, I’m on medication, and it fucking works amazing. Yeah. So

oh, cool stuff. Any final thoughts there? No, I’m getting hot is getting warm. And yeah, all of our hot air.

So the timer is on 120 hour. 20 Yeah, we I think we dicked around for 10 minutes. So

yeah, you know what? People People want more? I mean, somebody want us to go a whole extra hour on our bonus one.

Yeah. I don’t know who that was thinking of Jopie wasn’t it was Chris It was crazy. Chris? Oh, Chris Bruinsma. No, I was thinking Chris de I forgot that Chris B was

there but you thought you forgot Chris B was the thing.

I did. I haven’t talked to him in a while. It’s just because it’s because

it’s not as liberal as you like you. You are excluding him because he is not because he’s a Trumper. He’s I don’t know if he is. But anyway,

I don’t know if he’s a Trumper. But he’s definitely pretty right wing

forever. For somebody who’s so open and accepting. You are pretty judgmental with that. On that note, I thought you were going

to talk about him because he is pretty open and accepting that you’re talking about who you’re talking about me?

Yeah, I’m open to accepting except for now. He’s conservative. And now I don’t like it’s not true, Chris. I’m sorry that Jason Jason is so judgmental, and it’s not a great matter. Anyways, we hope you share the love. share this episode with people you love you hate. If you want to support us financially so we can keep affording to do this. I’ll go to forward slash threads podcast. And can you join us in ridding the world of Facebook, fake Instagram Ickes and Twitter takes by keeping the faith doing your work and living life on will send you to Jesus

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