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Hi, guys, welcome to threads podcast life unfiltered Episode 145 COVID shit on unfiltered. Tonight, we’re going to talk about COVID how peice we are about it. Our feelings on the masks and the vaccinations and all that stuff. I just feel like Ben and I need a platform to kind of bitch about it. And just, it’s our podcast, right? So we can say what we want. Just throwing it out there. It doesn’t mean we don’t love all of you. I want you to know that Ben, Ben agrees to we love all of you. But this is just our platform, we can say whatever we want. And we just need to vent a little bit. So before we do that, if you don’t want to hear this, you should turn it off right now we gave you the warning. But Ben’s gonna do a nice little thing about what threads is all about. And it’s gonna sound so sweet

compared to the rest of the show. Yes, it will be sweet. So the threads podcast is an opportunity for Jason and I and whatever gaps we may have on to talk about the things in life that are difficult or uncomfortable to process through whether that’s issues related to struggling in our faith, maybe it’s the mental health challenges that we might be facing in a week, or the really uncomfortable conversations that we have with our spouses. You know, there’s so many of these things in life that happen and just don’t get talked about. We don’t circle back on things like we should. So the ultimate goal of threads is to be that circle back where we can kind of rehash those important moments and really reflect on how are we really doing beyond just the Facebook fake. And we’re doing just that tonight, this is a chance for us to be unfiltered, about COVID. And we all have our thoughts and feelings about COVID and masks and mandates and everything else. Here’s the chance for Jason and I to just put it all out there. This is how we feel this is what’s going through our mind. And as Jason said, it doesn’t change how we see you as our listener and we don’t expect you to agree with us. In fact if you just want to turn this episode off at some point, please do we’re not here to stir the pot and create drama. We just want a space where it’s okay for us to just put it out there. This is what’s going on this is how I’m feeling about it. Without further ado Jason will get us started with his opening thoughts about COVID ah

there’s my thoughts so the way this show run now is going to go we’re just going to talk about what we think play some clips from the was the scope no health department sorry

Commissioner county commissioner meetings were yeah in our area people thought that they could go to the county commission and have them undo the mask mandate that was forced by the county health department right

so we’re gonna kind of do that but so like Ben said in the in the you know our direction and in the intro to threads I love all of you but some of the dumb masses Okay, and I can still love you and you’re still dumb ass. No, I shouldn’t say that. It this this could be a shit Show Episode y’all like I might be all over the place. But my feeling on thing and where I stand with with COVID in the vaccines. I believe that you should get vaccinated. I think it will help. I believe you should wear a mask where a mask is asked where places ask you to wear mask. I think that’s kind of where I stand is personally wise. As far as like you’ve been forced to be the VAC to get the vaccination. I think if you are a healthcare provider and possibly a teacher, I think I might be something that I would support. But I’m just honestly I’m sick of all the infighting. I’m sick of everyone talking about faith going on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and just fighting and fighting and fighting. And I’m just sick of it. How can we how I shouldn’t ask you a question. I need to I need your statement. I’m struggling here. So I’m gonna let Ben step in and talk about his opening statement and then we’ll kind of go from there.

I won’t replay the noise Jason made but I resonate with that deep, that that voice of frustration of, I don’t even know what to say or think sometimes I have family who are on a polar opposite side of the spectrum from me. And up until this point, I’ve tried very hard to hold my tongue to think the best about them to not let the COVID or vaccines or the politics of it all, not let that get in the way of the relationship. Well, that gets really hard when a family member comes down with COVID. And it’s just, it’s, it’s ridiculous. It’s like, sure, the vaccine may not be the cure all. But if you have the vaccine, you’re going to fare a whole lot better, if you do get sick with Galvin, your symptoms are going to be far worse, or No, your symptoms are going to be far better, if you’re vaccinated, is that what they call a Freudian slip, I think it might be my goodness. So I, I struggle, because I have people in my life, family, friends, people that I grew up with people that I have a lot of respect for, who don’t see things the same way I do. And they’re never going to, and it worries me because I care about these individuals. And I’m just like, I hope you don’t get sick. Cuz if you do, you’re not vaccinated, and you’re not taking this seriously. That’s gonna be trouble for you. So there’s definitely a just a lot of stress around that. And then, when it comes to places like church, or school or any time people are gathered, I honestly, I think it is appropriate to wear masks in those settings. And I will at my church, and we recently started up this exercise where as the song is playing, people can go to the front of the church and just kneel and have some time to pray or think or meditate or reflect whatever they need to do, they can go to the front and do that. And then we have a team of people in our church that will come up behind them and just as a show of support, put a hand on their shoulder, letting them know I’m here. And you know, that’s a great, a great thing to do. But you add the COVID element, and it gets a little, huh, I’m not sure I want to be in such close proximity to people. So for those moments, I do wear a mask. And I think it’s just because it’s it’s a respect issue. Like Yes, I cared deeply for you on a spiritual level. But I also care enough about you physically that I’m going to wear a mask, and I’m not going to talk in such a way that my spit dribble is coming out on your shoulder or something like so I think for me, it’s just be safe, be be cautious. But wear a mask, but continue on with everyday life, even if it means wearing a mask. And I just wish people could do that without it being so political and so stupid. So

Ben, I appreciate the time you gave me to think about it. I want to kind of explain my thoughts on COVID. A little bit different where I stand. I was at a conference in August, early August, and I’m vaccinated. I think everyone knows that better than I are vaccinated. I

mean, we’ve talked about it. You know, I got my vaccination.

I didn’t Ben, thank you for telling me. So I am vaccinated. When I went to the conference, it was like we suggest you wear a mask. But it’s not required by law

did did anybody wear masks?

They did I would say about a quarter of the conference wore masks. Although as the conference went along, less and less people were wearing masks. So I don’t know if people just like got sick of it, or they saw a lot of people not wearing it. But so I didn’t wear one. I got home from Nashville, I got COVID I am vaccinated, I got COVID I’m assuming it’s a Delta variant. As everyone knows, if you have the vaccination, you can still get the Delta variant. You just don’t die more than likely will not die your symptoms are less so as far as you guys that are like anti vasque and anti mask, I get it. I don’t like the mask either. And I try not to wear it if I’m not required to but it’s making me think that I should have wore a mask even though the state did not mandate me to wear a mask. I’m just so tired of the fighting on Facebook and the news and it’s just like, why does this have to be politicized? This is a health emergency. It has nothing to do with politics then. Why are we seeing this? I don’t have an answer. Do you even have a riff?

I wish I did I I feel you I feel the same. I get so upset. even outside of COVID I get so upset when I see people mixing faith and paid Racism face in America. And that’s all I’m seeing with these these people who are so adamant about my freedoms being taken away, the next thing they say is, and God Bless America and my protection comes from the Lord and I’m just like, Wait a second, you’re saying all these things about God and Jesus and yet you can’t do a simple thing of looking out for somebody, like looking out for the person with a compromised immune system? You can’t just put a mask on Well,

they would say then they need to stay home.

At some point, they can’t and they need to be out you know, like, just like you do I mean, if it’s just so it boggles my mind how selfish some people can be. And at the same time, proclaim me the name of god

yeah. So you know back in the day you you love the Jesus junk we call that we haven’t you haven’t seen now we’re gonna see it. Our phones are listening to us that the the chintzy, Lord Jesus do Yeah, exactly. Those bracelets. That’s what I was gonna bring up. In fact, Avery had one on her wrist the other day, I was like, where’d you get that? Shoot? I go, what does that stand for? I knew what a stand for I want it. She was what would Jesus do? I’m like, Okay, cool. You know what I mean? I didn’t say I didn’t pray on it or anything. But those people claiming the Christianity and thing what would Jesus do in this situation?

He would wear a mask. And he would look out for him. You don’t really get to this, but I just have to bring it up. Now do it. The insult that a lot of these people use is well you’re just a sheep. Like, do you? Do you realize that Jesus talked a lot about sheep man? Yeah, I am a sheep. Like, Jesus went after the one sheep that was missing and left the 99 and like, yeah, What are you getting at? People think that calling somebody a sheep is some insults or something and it’s like and yeah, why are you using that word? like Christ is the Good Shepherd. And you’re calling a sheep like okay, something’s not adding up here.

So as we talk through this episode, I’m really feeling the call to get somebody on here that believes the exact opposite for us. I would love to have a conversation with it I think it would be incredible The problem is is finding the right person that won’t like lose their shit

and we’d have to do it remote or put up Flexi?

No, it’s so fun. Like I I know two out of the four employees I work with are not vaccinated. I know that for a fact. They’ve said it and I’m like doesn’t bother me whatever we can still hang out you can still come in the studio. I mean, I don’t have a problem with it. I’m not I’m not to the point where like, you can’t come in my home if you’re not vaccinated. Like whatever. I just hope you’re if you’re not feeling well, please don’t call right like just normal everyday taking care of people. But I really want to have a conversation with people on the other side, but I want to I want to try stop saying sides because I feel like I’m in the middle. I totally get why you think this is infringing on your freedom? I get it. But

sometimes your freedom needs to be infringed on if there’s a worldwide pansy. When

you say that it actually made me like cringe a little bit because I know that people that are hearing that are on the other side of the like, yeah, that’s how communism starts. Like,

no, I know. That’s not but anyway. Yeah.

So we’re kind of just blabbing everything so we’re gonna play some of the so recently there were some people talking about their kids face coverings that’s the big hot topic now so what so we’re gonna play one from Ottawa county and then we’re gonna play what we’ll do the Kent County one first. And Ben kinda, you know, put together a couple of people that were really passionate about masks so we’re gonna play that we were gonna probably stop at after each one and just kind of pick it apart a little bit over what we think about it. So

yeah, these clips are from as Jason said, there’s two main counties in West Michigan, Kent County, our county and for whatever reason, parents thought that they could go to the county commissioners and have them overturn the health department’s ruling that kit kids need to wear masks. I don’t think that the commissioners can really even do that. I don’t think they don’t.

Why are you going to the school board meetings or why are you going I mean, that’s the health department really probably doesn’t have a public forum for Yeah, probably not.

Yeah, I

just wondering

why the county commission like it just I don’t know. I don’t understand. I don’t know why but 1000 So people packed out these places, Kent County, they had to reserve a ballroom at the divorce center because so many people were coming. Did you say it

was like six hours long? Yeah. Yeah. And these commissioners

had to sit there through six hours of people furiously yelling at them,

like so. As far as that goes, I’m fine with them doing that. That’s their job. Okay, you got to deal with the good and the bad. Yeah. And you know, if there was something I mean, I go to my Planning Commission meeting, they’re trying to build something behind us. I want to voice my opinion. So that’s the right be able to do that. But some of the things that these people were saying. threats, bananas. Yeah,


I want to remind every single one of you right there you sit in that position for the people by the people. Period. You talk about mama bears and daddy bears. Well, this is a junkyard dog it, his teeth are out. And I’m gonna come for everybody that comes at my kid with this stupid, ridiculous mandate. And if you think you’re gonna force a vaccine on her, you better think twice. Adam London, I will come for you. I promise you put that on record. I do.

Okay, so the first guy’s threatening people?

Mm hmm. He’s from the same town. Do you live in a busy?

Man? I mean,

that hit home a little bit. No, I

mean, you just you hate that. Right? Yeah, if this guy was lived on grape Street, you’d be cuz I’m like, What? What is your your Eric community? Like, it’s such a bigger area, like Greenville is like a city limit. And I don’t know how to describe your area. But it’s just like,

yeah, that’s representing my township and

God, not my neighbor. Right. that I know of. Well, yeah. He could be two doors down. But yeah, so this is where I have a problem with this. I totally. I applaud all these people going. And talking like that is you’re written, we live in this country. That’s a First Amendment right. First Amendment. I love it. But when you start threatening, yeah, like, I hope the share of pulled him aside after he was done in like, you have to have a conversation. Like I don’t want him to be charged with anything. I understand. He was emotional. Yeah. But you can’t threaten to publicly and like I always tell

my kids, yes, you do have freedom, you have the freedom to do whatever you want to do. Yep, I can’t tell you what I mean, I can I can tell you what not to do and what you should do. But at the end of the day, you have the freedom, you have the opportunity to make that choice for yourself. But that doesn’t mean that you’re free from the consequences of that choice. Exactly. This dude, yeah, you have the first amendment right to go and stand up and rant and make threats. But you are also therefore bound to whatever consequences come from that you’re not free from the consequence of your free speech,

right? All right, when people don’t get that no, play the next one,

not live in fear, but live in the assurance of God’s strength, power and protection. We are created in the image of God and called to be a light in this world and live with an unveiled face, as God is my authority and not the Kent County Health Department. I stand here today to say that forcing the masking of our children is against my religious rights, and is an unlawful order under my first amendment rights to religious freedoms and the Michigan Civil Rights Act. God bless America.

Okay. feedback on that one,

exactly what I was saying earlier, mixing faith, and America. And when God was talking about an unveiled face, totally different context. There was not a pandemic, God is talking about worshiping Him. And I think in that passage she’s quoting from it’s happening in heaven where there is no sickness or disease. So she’s taking a verse cherry picking it out of context, like a lot of Christians do, and applying it to this time where there’s a pandemic, and she’s making the verse just suit her purpose of being anti mask, like she’s reading into the text, this meaning that’s not even there. And it’s like you’re grasping for straws at that point.

Here’s a question for you. Do you believe that there shouldn’t be a religious exemption for kids wearing masks at school?

No, I don’t see it as a religious thing at all.

I don’t know where you could pull it out of I mean, I’m thinking about other countries other religion sorry. Maybe they have something in there where that’s maybe I don’t know, but I thought it was interesting. Grandville actually sent an email that said hey just let you know we’re not religion exemptions do not matter for our district. So I was really shocked that they sent that out and so we have a couple of new people at our bus stop and one of the new people that I had met she said oh yeah, we’re not wearing masks because religious exemption I was like, Okay, did you read the email from the school board? Because they said that there that’s not a thing. She goes, Oh, really? I was like, yeah, then we just stopped talking about it. But I’m like, I didn’t judge her for that. But I was like, I’m just giving you a heads up Granville says that’s another thing.

Yeah. I don’t understand how face covering has anything to do with religion?

No, I don’t either. grasping at straws. Yeah. All right. Let’s play the next one. All they get worse from here, y’all. Y’all just let you know.

Time to stand up. Time to quit being afraid. I’ve been doxed online. I’ve received death threats. They’ve got penises drawn on me on Facebook. Listen, I will tell you guys stand up. hold these guys accountable. Hold Adam London accountable. And the simple thing is you do not comply. Do not comply.

It is not good. For me. It is not good for my children. It is not good for our country. When we have communism on our doorstep. I will not welcome it in our country. If we don’t do something about freedom of choice, we won’t have it. I give it five years. Five years.

Okay. The first guy whatever is it’s kind of funny. He’s on line and he’s getting penises face. That I hear this a lot this communism. I know thing. Here’s this just popped in my head. If this was going on during the Trump administration, do you think you’d have the same? You think Trump? Well, literally Trump has nothing to do with this? This is not a federal mandate. It’s not a small okay. County Health Department, because there’s, there’s most counties in Michigan do not have this. Yeah, it’s cat. It’s Wayne. It’s a couple of the bigger ones.

I think that if Trump was still in the office, these people would be a lot less angry and a lot less impassioned and emboldened. And I think that, like any loser in anything, I don’t mean that I’m not okay, whatever. Right? But if you lose, if your party loses, you feel it, you get upset and I think Trump’s loss. They don’t see it as a loss a lot of these people but the fact that Trump is no longer in the White House, I think it’s a snowball effect that angers them and then that anger builds and then the mandate comes in the anger build some more. And yeah, I think that if Trump was in office, I don’t think they would be as impassioned as they are or as angered or rattled. See,

I disagree if Trump was like Yeah, I don’t agree what can’t county health departments do, and I think it would embolden them if he kept quiet and just won’t that’s like an oxymoron. Is that is that the that’s irony Trump keeping quiet? I don’t think he would but if he did, I think if he did fire them up by saying like yeah, this is bs I don’t agree with it. I think they would be more emboldened but

yeah, potentially I mean, he did give a rally speech right before the insurrection Yeah, so

going back to that first guy he talked about you’re not going to get forced my daughter to have a vaccine So did you know that Ben I was just gonna let you know because you have kids but I’m just gonna just in case people that don’t know that you have to have required vaccines before you can go into or system? Well,

you can get waivers and you can get permission for the kids to go without the in

some districts some of them I don’t think it’s PERS per school district. I

think you’re right. Yeah, so

I get why you guys are uncomfortable with the vaccine right now. I know it’s new I was honestly I originally got it because I just wanted to get shipped back to regular life. Like I was a little weirded out by how quickly it came out too but I’m just like I’m gonna roll the dice like the government’s not gonna put out something come in again. It wasn’t the government it was Pfizer right let’s let’s look at that. I mean, I know there’s lobbyists and blah blah blah and someone will challenge me on that but this is a private business that made this vaccine it wasn’t the government I’d be much more a little shady on if the government’s like yeah, Hey guys, we created this vaccine for you right? You know, so that’s why I struggle with all this like I get I’m on the side of like, Nah, this is not good. And I’m on the side of like, now this is good for humanity, and we need to get back back. to normal,

yeah, at the end of the day, why does this have to be such an America thing? Yeah. Like, why can’t we just look past for just a moment? I mean, in in moments of war, or other international things that happen, you put aside your American identity for just a minute, and you look out for the greater good, the greater good, like, why can’t we do that? If you look at other countries around the world, they don’t have these battles. We are the laughingstock of the planet who’s facing this terrible pandemic, in we in America just can’t stop arguing and fighting and talking about losing our freedoms. And I just, you know, I have to look at the other developed countries in the world and they’re probably looking at us, like, just get your shit together and just get the damn vaccine already. Yeah, I don’t. At least from my perspective, I don’t know of any other country where it’s so hotly debated like it is an America that you

bring up a good point about the other countries. I just maybe we don’t see it on the news. I haven’t I don’t know any of it either. I don’t I haven’t heard of any other country like losing their shit about this deal. Maybe it’s because we’re not in those countries. And we’re not seeing the news because it’s flooded so much with the American news. Yes, but I’m actually a little embarrassed to be an American I hate to say that right now. I’m very frustrated with

that makes me a it makes me sad, but there’s also a part of me that’s like, it’s good to hear you say that in a weird

way. Me generally. In general, as a person, as a person.

I feel like I think the issue is I feel like I’m not alone. When you admit that. Yeah, because I feel it too.

I’m embarrassed by it. Like we all pulled together for 911 right? Yeah, of course that went away as we’re coming up on the 20th anniversary that a lot of that went away we all went back to our lives eventually but we all pulled together like because this frickin country or whoever did it the Taliban or ISIS I don’t forget I can’t keep the fricker straight like Judas mod did this and more mad Okay, well guess what? This is pandemic and we should be mad at it and let’s just eradicate it right? Like we eradicated Osama Bin Ladin or Xiaomi saying like we let’s cut it out get rid of it. But no we can’t do it because we don’t want to

put a peep at me that’s kind of our faith. Yeah, and because it’s not real and it’s a plan demick all this stuff.

Yeah, the plan demick things is ridiculous to me how you’re literally saying that someone planned this.

I know. There are

too many there. So like I go back to the conspiracies around 911 right. They say the government did it. There are too many people there would be so someone would snitch oh yeah i mean you know how secret is like if you tell you could tell your wife and you can trust that but if you told anyone else there’s no telling what could happen you know what I mean? So like all these conspiracies that the government plan COVID and all that shit. Fuck you. Fuck you. All right, let’s keep going I’m getting wound up.

Thank you. The Patriots in this room are growing God’s army and we will not be quiet We will fight this medical tyranny and civil disobedience is a must god bless america

somebody just the medical tyranny I yeah, like come on. Where’s the tyranny because of a paper mass Yeah, because they’re

mandating that you have to wear a mask it’s tyranny so

y’all while you listen to this if they mandate the vaccine for everyone I want to be right there with you I’m not gonna go to my commission but I’m I am not for that. No, I am for People’s Choice unless you’re in the health field and like I said that

a teacher Byron daily Constant Contact and

even the teacher thing I’m kind of like but for sure the medical I mean you need to be protected you’re around vulnerable people every time you know so so just to know that I the paper mask in some would say Well, that’s a slippery slope. You shouldn’t let the mass I’m like no, no, it’s not I’m putting it on my face. No one’s sticking a needle in meat forcing me to do it and I will be on your side and I will be fighting for your right to not get that and I would applaud you for for leaving your employer because of that, but the paper mask is not medical tyranny. No,

it’s not to choose masks or gene therapy mandates makes you all enforcers of a very destructive evil agenda. How can we in good conscience choose to allow this child abuse to continue so unAmerican So inhumane so anti family you could say also so anti God standing six feet apart and wearing a face covering is a satanic ritual

Okay, first of all,

gene therapy I don’t even I’ve never heard that term around this well that’s what these

are they here yeah. Okay that messing with your genes with the vaccine.

Okay, so that’s fun. It’s so dumb What about being a satanic person wearing masks and six feet away?

I so I The reason that I pulled this meeting off of YouTube was that clip right there. Okay, I had to find it. And it was like searching you know, for a needle in a haystack six hours of footage and it took me about an hour to find so

So you knew this was sad, but yeah, you just wanted to find it. Cuz I

watched this part live and I was like, Did she really just say that? And it’s just been on my mind ever since. wearing a mask and standing six foot apart is a satanic ritual. What the hell lady? Like Come on.

I have to tell you watch the whole thing. Are you bumped through a lot? I bumped through a lot. Was there anyone in there that just seemed level headed?

Yes. There were some that had the guts to speak up in favor of masks.

No, no, I’m not talking about that. But that somebody that was against the mask that wasn’t this Yes. Okay. Cuz I wanna I want to give them credit to I don’t want to say we just pulled the crazies we did. But there I just want to make sure there were still people there that were just like, Man, this sucks. Like I you know, whatever their reasoning is.

I wish that I could say it was the majority that were away at it wasn’t No, it wasn’t even half and half. I think it was three quarters crazy. And one quarter level headed,

right? Yeah, cuz I don’t know what a level headed person would say. That could change my mind. Like, what? What could you say that what you would go? Like, if someone said something that wasn’t yelling? Would you still be like? Yeah, like, what was your reasoning not to where it That sounded level headed. I guess what?

There was one clip and I debated about putting it in. But I didn’t. But it was somebody who held a different position than I do. They were in. They were in supportive. No masks, don’t mask our kids. And it was a mom who was talking about the uptick that they’ve seen in suicide among teens during quarantine. And when everything was going to shit, a lot of teams. Unfortunately, there are stats that show Yep, that suicides increased during that time. And she very respectfully said, I’d like to commit the rest of my time, up here on stage to a moment of silence to honor those kids who are no longer with us because of these things that add up. And I was like, Okay, I still think that masks is it’s the right move. But I hear you and that is very troubling. And that is very sad. Thank you for pointing that out in such a level headed way.

Yeah, and I appreciate that. But they were in quarantine because we weren’t wearing masks and doing the right thing. So I’m not discrediting any of what she said but this is the reason exactly we’re here. Yeah, like a lot of countries shut that shit down for like two three weeks hardcore. Oh, like not just like, you know, I mean, they shut down. Like obviously they kept the grocery stores up, but I mean, like everything even stuff that we would keep open like a subway. They shut that down. Oh, yeah. Like it was just basic fuel. Gas stations that are fuel garage doors. That’s it. Yeah. So Alright, let’s finish this up. Thank you.

You are allowing child abuse. You are allowing child abuse. You are allowing child abuse. You are allowing child abuse, you are allowing child abuse, you are allowing child abuse. You are allowing child abuse you with your snotty little face, you’re allowing it as well. You’re allowing child’s abuse, you’re allowing child abuse, you’re allowing child abuse Can’t you make eye contact because you know it’s damn well. You’re allowing a child abuse, you’re allowing it, you’re allowing it, you’re allowing it, you’re allowing child abuse, you’re allowing child abuse, you’re allowing child abuse, you’re allowing child abuse, you’re allowing child abuse, you are allowing child to look up and pay attention. You’re allowing child abuse and you’re allowing child abuse and Adam should be arrested

Okay, I’m glad you put that one at the end, because I didn’t want to play the whole thing. But I thought it needed that effect to listen. So let’s talk about child abuse ban. Seriously, let’s talk about that. I know a little bit about childhood.

You’re kind of the subject matter expert on right.

So that it really, it really discredits people that have been through that. Yeah. What’s that

like to you hearing that

I want to strangler? I mean, just, you spent your whole time saying that, like, that’s what you did. Like you could have said, like, this is where I get it emotions. I’m an emotional guy, too. So I know how you get the flood of emotions. But this is where you have an opportunity to be like, level headed like guys, this this seems like child abuse to me. And like, I wish that that the county commission could have a discussion with people, instead of just them like ranting for two minutes. Yeah, but no, that is not child abuse. Like I wish she would have said this is child abuse. And this is why I think it is child abuse. Like she had a great opportunity to do that. Like I want to ask her right, I want to call her right now and be like, why do you feel this child and right and let her speak for uninterrupted for three, four minutes? Like Tell me Give me the reason why you think this is child abuse? Yeah. No, lady, maybe you maybe I’m not. I don’t know your story. Maybe you have been abused as a child. But my guess is you have not because you would never say this seriously. Whoo. Oh, I feel like I need a cleansing.

Right? No, I so I’ve been working from home and both days that these meetings happened. I happen to be in the office working so I just turned them on and

whether you’re one of your 19 screens, yeah.

So I was I was on my iMac which I think is 27 But yeah, housebreaking came, that’s pretty great. But I was just flabbergasted like come on people. Like and there were so many of them that were just saying the same things over and over and over and over again. It’s just like, gotta be a better way like all this time that you’re putting into this. Like, isn’t that spent? Isn’t that better spent somewhere else? I don’t know.

Well, I think level headed conversations are actually more impactful than screaming I get the screaming again let me reiterate I’m very emotional when the when the feelings flood I yell like that’s just how I am but but I know in that the end of the day that doesn’t move the needle. It just makes everyone upset and nothing gets solved. You know, but having a conversation with somebody I had a conversation at the gym the other day with somebody we were way on the other side. When she got done she said I am incorrect. I am incredibly appreciative of this conversation with you I was like this is what we need. We don’t agree

that’s okay but that’s okay. You don’t have to agree with everybody

was i a little flustered or i didn’t i didn’t come off as flustered Was I a little not uncomfortable but just like okay like in my head of course but I wasn’t disrespectful to her I’m like I get that I understand where you’re coming from. This is where I’m coming from and then it was like a 10 minute conversation and we’re it was just me her and the trainer and the trainers like got there got her head down like this and she’s like I just appreciate it like this was so nice. I was like yes this is what I’m trying to do this is what we’re trying to do on threads whether it’s about mask mental health, faith, any of that stuff we’re just trying to have civil conversations and that’s where no promises there right so the next one is an auto county we’ll play this one it’s it’s kind of the same it’s a little bit longer but it’s just kind of reiterate swear this is not the right way to do this.

You were that diaper I’m in your face if he farted right now could you smell it? That’s how stupid This is for playing games here but people’s lives and I’m sick of it. I regret represent all these hard working guys. I couldn’t be here today. Take off work to put up with this deal. So you guys are pointing down. And this is how common this whole common and I’m not going to threaten anybody. But there’s a lot of good guys out there ready to do both things. So watch what’s common. These these mandates are against a number of goals. The first one states voluntary informed consent. Are you a Nazi? You’re sitting Vietnam and fighting for the country but you’re gonna tell him to wear a mask. Sir, I appreciate the fact that I can’t control myself. There’s a lot of other guys that control myself that can’t control themselves. Talk to me. You’re not here right now know somebody, I have nothing else to say, do what’s right. There’s a lot of bad things common.

And what floors me Is he got applause for

that. Well, he also, he walked out into the lobby, and there was like, everyone was like, really applauding, like, there was a clause in there, but I stopped it before because I hated that sound. But when he walked off, there was a bunch of other people in another room that just like screamed and shouted like, Yay, good job. Yeah. So what is the new moon Berg? That’s,

um, has to do with like, the Nazi situation in Germany, it was some ruling that was put out after after everything had happened. Holocaust so

so it couldn’t happen again? I think so. Yes. So we’re comparing Nazis and the Holocaust to wearing a mask?

Because it’s just a great, great comparison.

Yeah, you know, I don’t know what else to say about that guy. Other than like, oh, one other thing is, it’s, it’s, it reminds me of like, I don’t mean to be an asshole. But when he says I don’t, he threatens. And he says, I don’t mean harm, or whatever. I’m like, you can’t say actually do and I think that guy probably got talked to as well, I would hope. So.

The Nuremberg Code speaking German code. The only try again, that’s alera nerenberg code established a new standard of ethical medical behavior for the post World War Two Human Rights era, because again, there were so many medical experiments that were done on Jews. Mm hmm. So the Nuremberg Code was against the

okay. So that’s it. That’s a little.

So he had history, he was right with his history facts. But again, context is important. Yeah.

And again, when you start forcing people to put the vaccine in, okay, like, now I’m starting to listen to you a little bit. But again, that guy was screaming and yelling, and it’s like, you went viral because of that like it? And again, everyone that believes on all this stuff, then yeah, I guess it was helpful. But to me, it just gave me stress.

Do you think that he’s serious about the people that are going to rise up against the health department?

I think he’s I don’t think there’s anyone mobilizing but I think the threat is legitimate. I think if it continues, there’s going to be some issues.

We did see the insurrection happened at the Capitol. So I mean, they’re totally capable of

100%. And I never thought I would see that I know, and I don’t. So I mean, I’m not saying he’s planning. I don’t think there’s any plans if I had to guess he was just emotional. But I bet there’s people kicking it around. Oh, yeah. And I don’t know what that means. What are you gonna do? Right? And here’s my thought, if you’re so passionately against it, just don’t just do online school? Yeah. Don’t send your kids to school, then stick it to them

and let that be your way of dealing with it. But

it would stick it to them. If everyone that didn’t believe in the mask, they would lose funding. So to do that, yeah. like screaming on a microphone like we’re doing. I just snorted. Because that was funny. doesn’t really do anything. It doesn’t move the needle action moves the needle, and then the non violent action would be like are I’m taking my kid out? Yeah. And I don’t think that’s a good choice.

But that is your right. You have that right. To pull your kid out of public school? Yep. So do it. Yeah. This is such an issue. Yeah. Pull them out.

Yeah. And here’s the problem. You pull that kid out. That’s more child abuse than making them wear a mask. Thank you don’t Yes. And the kids don’t give a shit about the masks. They really don’t. My kids don’t. Even my eighth grader. She’s like, they’re not wearing it. I told her. I said, Listen, I’d like you to wear one, but I’m not gonna force you. And she’s like, okay, and I don’t think she wears one and I’m okay with that. But when she had to, she’s like, Alright, she just wanted to go to school. Yeah, she hated online. She hated the lockdown. She hated all that stuff. She just wanted to go be with her friends. So you pulling your kid out is actually more detrimental than to have putting them a paper mask on their 100%. So, next story. Yeah, let’s do it. All right, you want to recap it?

The next story is a article from M live, which is a local news source here in Michigan. And the headline just grabbed me and it was a gut punch and honestly, I had a hard time even reading the article because I was just like, is so awful. The headline reads family mourns pregnant nurse, unborn child dead of COVID. We’re glad she’s not suffering. So why did this hit me so hard? Well pregnant. I’ve heard of so many people who have said, because I’m pregnant. I’m not comfortable with the vaccine. Okay, fine, I get it. I get that too. Totally. That makes a lot of sense. And I’m not going to argue with that. But be careful. Like, if you’re not going to get the vaccine, just be careful. Don’t be around people. So, and then the word mourn so clearly they’re dead. Yeah, I mean, so a pregnant not only a pregnant woman, but a pregnant nurse, somebody who was on a frontlines with this and fought hard to save people. And now she’s no longer here and her unborn child, it’s just like, God punches in it’s so hard to even read the article because it’s just awful, awful awful. So that’s really all I have to say about it. I don’t have many words. But man, the whole in that family of what could have been

Yeah, I mean, so just so she wasn’t vaccinated right is that because at the bottom line is says they wish she’d been vaccinated. But outside of that when she got sick, they did all the right things, and she still died. So I’m surprised she I mean, it’s not mandatory for health people now but I mean, it’s weird that these nurses aren’t getting vaccinated because they believe in science but yeah, it’s just many stories where you hear you know, a 40 year old man healthy and and gets wiped out. So I and I know it focuses more on people with comorbidities, but I mean, even weight can be a comorbidity I mean, for for that kind of stuff. So yeah, I feel bad for her. I bet she probably wishes she did get the vaccine. But I understand being pregnant to like, I don’t know, man, I can’t. I can’t judge her too much for being when she’s pregnant. Like, I don’t know what Megan would do. I think she probably wouldn’t have gotten it either. Yeah, I mean, yeah, we always make the joke. And just y’all This is a joke. So don’t everyone get butthurt about it. But when Megan got pregnant for Avery, we were at a wedding reception. And she had already been six weeks pregnant, but didn’t know and we got shit faced. And Avery’s really smart. And then Sally, she did, and he has autism. So I mean, you know what I mean? So it’s like, you try to do the right things and things still happen. But yeah, I don’t think Megan would take it. I gotta be honest with you. So

it’s, it’s so hard to read. The reason that she didn’t get the vaccine is, as we said, because she was planning to have another child and she was concerned.

And so she wasn’t pregnant at the time.

She didn’t get the vaccine because she wanted to get pregnant again, and then she did get pregnant.

Okay. I see, because a lot of people are saying that we’re going to try to have a kid so I don’t want to get exactly. And I actually get that too, within reason, like, if

Is there any scientific data that shows that it messes with your reproductive, I think

early on, they weren’t sure. But they have come out now and said that it will not affect that. So

yeah. And that was she, the mom is quoted as saying, and then of course, with all the negative reporting that has gone on, what would she What was she to believe about what the vaccine would do to reproduction, stuff about that it would destroy a female’s egg and that kind of thing. And she wanted to have her second baby that made her afraid to get it. So again, it just goes to show this fear mongering and this baseless stuff that people say about the vaccine. Yeah, it kills that misinformation kills literally ends lives. Because they get this idea this fear programmed into them. Who’s the sheep, then? I mean, right? Come on.

Yeah. All right. Moving on. I’ll let you read the night. So we got a couple of clips, a couple of quotes from people on Twitter and pictures and stuff like that. So we’ll just kind of go through those and talk. I’ll let you read this because I don’t want to read what that word is in the second paragraph.

Yes. So this one I came across while I was scrolling through Facebook today, and I got a good chuckle out of it. Honestly. It says there right. I don’t know what’s in that vaccine. I also don’t know what’s in hydrochloric clean, which was Trump’s go to drug for carrying COVID I don’t know what’s In robots lesson or tea or anointing oil, or the blood of Jesus shit I don’t know what’s in people’s thoughts and prayers also I eat hot dogs yeah it’s like people get off on this well I don’t know what what’s in the vaccine so I’m not gonna get it and then they’ll go to McDonald’s and get a Big Mac like really?

Yeah, some logic there buddy. Yeah, you can’t use the same logic I would more think of it just saying I don’t want to put something in my body and again that it’s kind of the same thing also I eat hot dogs but I don’t know I kind of get this but so put it in example. So I spray pesticides right? So got I’m gonna offend people that live in East Grand Rapids. But when I’m in East Grand Rapids, every time I’m spraying or whatever and I’m spraying weed control y’all when I say pesticides, it sounds really dangerous right? It’s weed control but the weed as a pesticide anything the definition of a pesticide is anything unwanted. So that could be a weed, it could be a tree, you have a tree in your lawn, you don’t want it to pesticide so you need to get rid of it whatever. And they’re all like covering their mouth and stuff like that. But you know the people that don’t do that, people that are smoking cigarettes, right because they get it they’re like yeah, the money smoking the cigarette is way worse and even for me like I drink monsters, and I don’t know what’s in it but I still got the vaccine you know what I mean? Like I don’t know about like, I feel the vaccine is being created by scientists that are super smart. I’m drinking something that was tasty. I don’t know. Maybe I’m losing it here but I just

think the whole point of this is like yeah, you’re right. I don’t know what specifically in the vaccine but that’s okay. Because I don’t know what’s in the hot dog.

Yeah, and I trust the people that are making the hot dogs are out to kill me, right? Yeah, they’re not just like the vaccine. This is not a pandemic. Okay, next one’s a picture is a T shirt if you don’t need a mask because God will protect you. Why do you need a gun so true That is so true. You don’t need a mass because God will protect you but I would say probably two thirds of that group

we cling so strongly to your second amendment rights

Yeah, that you need a firearm so I mean I’d love if I had somebody in here that was like that I’d love to ask them and what their I don’t know what my response would be. I mean, can you even think what you would say to defend that?

I know I can’t I kind of want to call in that guy. That was doxxed and had penises put on his yes book. Save him as a guest but yeah, it’ll help us understand I’m

a little afraid of that guy. I’m not gonna lie. I will only do remote with that gentleman. I’m not gonna lie

or we can have the first guy the the junkyard dog

See I don’t want to see those are the people I don’t want to have conversation with because they’re not level they’re not level and I’m not level headed either. But I know I know there’s a time in place to be upset and again you doing what you did just yeah, it caused attention to it but most people are gonna be like, Man that guy’s a little kind of screw loose. He people on that side that are anti mask. They might be like, that’s now the platform I want to have somebody speak about right. So let’s talk about the faith that aspect of all this stuff.

Yeah, we dabbled into this a little bit with especially with that, if you don’t need a mask because God will protect you. Right? We heard it in the clips like people are tying their faith so tightly into this mask business and it’s just it’s just very frustrating. And I already referenced this meme, but I’m hitting it again. It says sheep is a strange insult for Christians to use. Again going back to how Jesus in the Bible is portrayed as a shepherd and who’s the sheep his followers we are so by calling somebody a sheep that’s you call him a Christian actually more of a compliment than an insult. That’s true when you really think about it. And then it says and also insults are strange things for Christians to use and like exactly like why are we calling people sheep? Why are Christians calling people sheep for wearing a mask?

Now I don’t I disagree with that a little bit because he’s basically saying if you’re a Christian you don’t insult like we’re all flawed, y’all. Like I mean is

saying you don’t do it. He’s just saying also insults are strange things for Christians to use. It’s true.

Yes, but I insult you on a daily basis.

And it’s strange.

Okay, fair. I, I back off.

All right. So insults Don’t insult people. They’ll call people sheep. Unless they really are sheep. I’m a sheep.

But then that’s a compliment. I know. Christian. Yeah.

Anyway, giving up liberties for this. have other people safety? Isn’t that kind of the point of the gospel? Let’s see what Reverend Ben I like your name Ben Kraemer has to say about that, in a tweet, he writes, if we Christian somehow arrive at the conclusion that giving up some personal liberties for the sake of other people’s safety somehow makes us less free than we have deeply misunderstood the cross. Let me break that down. Yeah. Huge. Yeah. So what he’s saying is that, if it’s such a big deal for us to give up our freedoms or liberties for the sake of other people, then what does that say about Christ? What did he do on the cross, he didn’t have to lay his freedom, he was God, right in flesh, he didn’t have to lay his godness down, he didn’t have to lay his freedom to escape in and go back to heaven. He didn’t have to lay that that he chose to write and, and so the point that this guy is trying to make as far as I can see is, if we’re having such trouble looking out for those around us, then we don’t understand the point of the cross. Right? And the point of the cross is laying down your life for the benefit of others. And if you can’t do that, then are you really following Christ?

I mean, I think it’s a little bit of a stretch, you know, you know, nailed to the cross and putting a mask on. I understand what he’s saying. It’s a little over my head. Maybe we need to get Amanda or Megan do weird, who are all the smart, heady people that we’ve had on the show? Not to say that anyone that I didn’t mention is not smart Don’t be Don’t be fussy about it. But I mean, I kind of get where he’s coming from. That’s a little too complicated for people that are fired up I think personally,

possibly but but just the whole point of giving up some personal liberties for the sake of other people safety Yeah, we can do that. I mean, if Christ went to the cross Yes, and gave up his life and suffered terribly Why can’t we just put a paper mask over our face

that last couple sentences? Okay, I’m kind of I’m on board now. I was a little like this is weird but basically saying he did this so this much for us like we can’t just do this for our fellow man it’s

got exactly like if Christ is the central figure that you claim to follow. And you can’t even put on a mask but yet he laid down his entire life for you. But you can’t put a mask on to benefit the person next to you. I don’t think he quite understand what he did.

Yeah, the alignment is not the same. Exactly. So alright Martin Luther dirt writing during the bubonic I find that a fun word to say is like the 1500s I shall ask God mercifully to protect us then I will fumigate purify the air, administer medicine and take medicine, I shall avoid places persons. My president is not needed in order to become contaminated. And thus, oh my god, why did I sign up to read this? Just like me, it’s take Oh, no, I got it. I shall avoid places and persons where my presence is not needed in order to become contaminated. And thus, perchance inflict and pollute others, and so cause their death as a result of my negligence. If God should wish to take me he shall, He will surely find me. But I have done what he has expected me and I am not responsible for either my own death or the death of others. If my neighbor needs me, however, I shall not avoid place or person but will go freely. This is a God fearing faith because it’s neither brash nor full hearted, hearty, and does not tempt God. Judas mod. Martin,

what are we doing here? 1500. So give him a little bit of a break. I

am but but this in layman terms.

So. So basically it Martin Luther one of the founding fathers of faith, as we know it that five times fast founding fathers of faith as we know it. And what’s funny about this quote is Andy shared it with her mom. And they went in, like did a Snopes check. Did he actually say all right, and it’s true. This is very much what Martin Luther had to say about the bubonic plague. He’s talking about all the measures he would take says, of course, I’ll ask God to protect us. But then I’ll fumigate purify the air, administer medicine, and I’ll take medicine. Like, you just do these things because you’re in a pandemic, like that’s the responsible thing to do, even as a person of faith.

Yeah. And I think what happens and we’re recording doesn’t really matter we had another the episode with Meghan, we talked about you know the America like I think we’ve kind of created our own monster not not we when I say we, the founding fathers I’m talking about where we were given all these freedoms, but you know we love God but we love freedom more than God. Yeah, that’s kind of basically what we’re saying they’re like

so dangerously and mashed in each other that you can’t separate them and in

in again that’s a weird thing. It doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world. No. And, and I love this country. I love it. I love the freedoms we have. But man like,

yeah, I mean, when the bubonic plague was going on, Martin Luther. He wasn’t worried about his cultural identity or his country. He didn’t say anything. In those words about the bubonic plague. Nowhere in there, do you see him? ranting about Germany or being a German? Yeah, no, he’s more concerned with looking out for his fellow man. And that’s it. Like, it’s just so backwards. Not even backwards, just so. It’s a mindfuck. Yeah. How it got to where it is in America.

Yeah. And it’s in and you can talk about the mat, you can talk. There’s a lot of topics. It’s not just the mass, like even Jeffrey COVID. There’s, I mean, I can’t think of anything offhand because I’m just in the shit right now with the COVID. But I’m sure there’s other things that have divided us. I mean, look at our look at the way we interact in politics. You know what I mean? There’s a right there’s a, you’re either right or your left, like, there’s no in between, there’s no middle, you’re either liberal, or you’re Republican. And either I love you or I hate you. Yeah, there’s no like, Hey, I don’t really agree with you. But I’ll tolerate you because you’re a human. Yeah, I’m all this is where my thought is, as long as you’re not hurting other people. So think about that. As long as you’re not hurting anyone else. I’m okay with it. You kind of hurting other people by not wearing a mask and not doing the right thing. So I’m, I might not I’m, I’m not okay with that. But I still love you. Like I still understand where you’re coming from. Right? That makes sense. It does.

100%? Yeah. Well, all of this has a pretty big impact on my mental health. I know without a doubt that COVID certainly ramped up my anxiety. Have I always been an anxious person? Absolutely. Yeah, been a battle that I’ve been fighting for. Pretty much all of my adult life, maybe even into college and my younger years, but anxieties always been a thing for me. So I can’t say that I’m anxious solely because of COVID. But, damn, COVID has really ramped up my anxiety. Not recently, but in the last e 18 months since it all happened. Like I remember, some mornings during lockdown, just like I couldn’t get out of bed, because I’m just so anxious. My thoughts are all over the place. I’m feeling, frankly, not even sure what to feel and, and, and feeling so many different things all at once. So COVID certainly has had a huge impact on my mental health. As of late, I don’t think it’s as acute. But I think it’s one of those things that we went through this experience. And we’re going through it now. And it’s tough, and it’s draining. And it does impact I would say on a broad level. I think it does, like, take my mental health down a couple notches. I mean, just like they say smoking takes time off of your life. Yeah. And see, it’s a similar thing. From a mental perspective. I feel like my mental health could be phenomenal. But because we’ve had this worldwide pandemic, it certainly dragged down a few pegs just across the board, even without anxiety.

Yeah, I have to agree with that, too. I probably wasn’t as as I don’t have anxiety like you do. I mean, I do, but not as bad and I can’t say in general. In general, it’s just been a funk. Mm hmm. You know, with that, what really gets me going is like the videos that we played tonight. That’s what gets me worked up. Like Megan won’t even watch any of that shit. Like, even if I’m watching it like on a tick tock. She’s like, she’ll walk away or she’ll ask me to turn it down or whatever. And I totally respect that but I guess where my mentality comes in as it just makes me more anxious watching those people fight about the stupidest shit, right. I can’t think of anything right off the top of top of my head that I can like pinpoint. But I mean, I’m sure it’s it’s just been a general funk for me. Yeah, with my, my relationships. I tried to keep myself busy, so I don’t think about it. But all in all, I just think that all this shit sucks, and you should go to therapy, and listen to us so that you can deal with this stupid anxiety from COVID.

Right? And you’ve probably noticed this episode has felt a lot different. There’s not really a direction we were going in Yeah, I hope we we just wanted to be unfiltered in the way we talked about this. And to just let you know that however you’re feeling about it, regardless of what side you’re on, regardless of any of that, whatever you’re feeling is okay. And it’s understandable. And we may not agree on things, but we’re in this together. It’s a shit show, we don’t have our arms around it fully. You don’t either know. And that’s okay. And so we’re putting up an unfiltered episode that feels a little bit different. But we’re all in this together. And I think one thread that ties us all together is just this general sense of this sucks. And I don’t know what Yeah,

with it. I totally agree. I totally agree. And before we just wrap up, we’re almost done. Maybe I shouldn’t bring this up, because it’s probably going to make more discussion. But do you feel like even saying, bring someone in on the other side? Do you think we’re separate? Like we’re causing just as much of an issue by saying bring because we’re talking about sides? We’re talking about humanity tying us together, but then we’re asking to someone to come in on the other side. Are we just as bad, but

I think that’s showing that we want to find that commonality. And that’s why we’re bringing them in. Okay. We’re not a new show where we’re bringing the other side and so we can tear them apart. True. We’re bringing them in to find some common ground some understanding.

Yeah. And maybe you thank you for clarifying that. And maybe when someone comes in, I might be like, You know what? I get that. Yeah. And I might not quite agree with it. But I’m like, I can see where you’re coming from. Yeah. Instead of someone screaming into a microphone. Exactly. That’s not helpful. Well, thank you for clarifying, Claire.

Oh, it’s 1010

and a lot of podcasting. So guys, thank you so much for listening to another episode of threads podcast, I hope you don’t hate us. But always, always keep the faith. Do your work, and dare to be uncomfortable.

I don’t think I’m going to get through to you. Yeah, what do you think I’m wrong about? Well, for starters, just going back to your overall tone in the meeting was so I mean, that when you point the finger at the people, and you’ve threatened them, and it was that that part was the initial reason why I call Well, what would you do if someone’s trying to harm your child? Well, I don’t believe that. You don’t believe that putting a mask on a child and restricting the basic function of life is not a booze. Well, that’s not true, though. It doesn’t, it doesn’t make it so the kid can’t breathe. What Hey, what happens? What happens when you restrict an animal or any child’s breathing or contain the carbon monoxide? What what sickness comes from that? Well, it’s not carbon monoxide, it’s carbon dioxide. And for whatever it is, it’s called bacterial pneumonia. I grew up on a farm and if the animals didn’t get enough oxygen, get enough air flow, they got bacterial pneumonia and died. Well, I mean, I’ll answer your question. I know exactly what happens. Nothing. Nothing happens when you wear the mask, like you indicate. See, and that that’s just laughable hearing that because that is not true. So you’re the one setting, spreading misinformation and not helping people? What happens if you got an engine and you put your hand over the air filter? What happens? Well, an engine is not my lungs. Your lungs are the same thing. What? cut all the leaves off a tree? What are you telling me that if you cover an engine and engine is just like my lungs, it’s kind of follows the same theory, you need oxygen for that engine to run just as you need oxygen for your body to run. its entirety. That’s a horrible comparison dog. Hey, I have no problem personally with you, but I think you’re wrong. That is no problem to have a different opinion. Okay, so now, now let me ask you this. The kids your kids, do you have kids that are K through six? I do. Okay, so what are you gonna do? We’re gonna homeschool Okay, all right. Well, what what, let me ask you this I was talking about earlier. What if, if How would you feel if hospitals said that if dog gets COVID? He can’t get treated because he didn’t get vaccinated? How would you? That’s fine because COVID ain’t even a thing. It’s naturally occurring in nature. The PCR PCR tests that they test people with are being outlawed by the end of the year because they’re not accurate. So you’re telling me even the guy that invented the PCR test has gone out and and admitted that the PCR test is not designed to test for crime. So you mean to tell me this whole thing hasn’t happened? Well, it depends how you say hasn’t happened. It’s happened in the minds of people. But all the sicknesses and stuff like that are caused by the mass and the bacterial pneumonia. Even Dr. falacci when he was in medical school, he did a study on the Spanish Flu of 1918. And they came to the conclusion that most of the deaths were caused by bacterial pneumonia by the masks. Wow. Um, about what age did you start to? You know, think like this because I talked to a person who used to live by you that I cannot say they say that you have a you have q anon flags that are on display. But what if you don’t have flags with the letter Q? No, I don’t have no flags. Do I got some chrome flags up? Okay, you did have Trump so I figured that but I wanted to Alright, now I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna double check on this. This this claim you made about the masks are causing the illness? Because you’re in it, double check out another PCR test, the guy that invented the PCR tests, I’m pretty sure all of that is a meth dog. No, it’s not a PCR test. It’s like cranking something all the way up to detect anything. Those PCR tests, you can find anything in the human body. Now, do you understand the difference between bacteria and a virus? What is the virus? isolate this file? I’m not talking about the virus I’m talking about on a molecular level. Do you know what the difference between a bacteria and a virus is? You know, I’ve been told that before, but I don’t have you know, I can’t exactly lay out for you right now. I mean, I got a general conception of it. I got concrete here again. Can I call you back later? Yeah. All right. Go ahead and mix it. I’ll talk

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