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Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered has a new(ish) episode out!

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That’s right, kiddos–Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered is back with a not-quite-new-per-say… episode. Ben (of Ben and Jason fame) put together a-look-back-2020-style episode with a few clips from some of the more entertaining and powerful interviews of the year. He pulled clips from about a half dozen shows. Some were a surprise to me because they weren’t all necessarily the guys’ favorite episodes, but they were uncomfortable conversations that spawned growth. Which is what the show is all about. And life, really.

I’ve heard podcasters, writers, mental health people, athletes, you name it, say some version of this quote:

Learning to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations is the key to success/a happy life/overcoming past trauma/becoming a better person.

Who knows…

Ben’s curation, though not a complete view of the show, offers anyone who might be new to the show (or returning from some time off) an essential starters guide.

Here’s a copy of the show notes from Ep. 109 || Remembering 2020, posted Dec 31st, 2020 by Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered:

Show Notes:

Take a walk down memory lane with your friends Ben & Jason and listen in to clips from our favorite episodes of 2020. Can’t wait to be back with you again in 2021 with all new episodes!

Highlighted in this episode:

1. Natalie Wanner shares about her experience with open marriage

2. Babita Spinelli talks about narcissism and helps Jason identify whether or not he is a narcissist 

3. Julian Newman gets real about doubt, faith, and mental health

4. Friends Megan & Brandi give their response to the statement “a woman’s place is in the home”

5. Ben’s then college classmate and now pastor Mike VanDrie claims Ben was popular in college! Mike also talks to us about skepticism and how to handle big doubts.

Brand New Episodes Coming Very Soon!

Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered is back in the studio at last!
Straight from the Threads’ Instagram page

The boys are back in podcast town starting January 8. That’s right, dear Threadies–when this week is over, Ben and Jason will be ready to help you relax for the weekend. (The episodes typically drop fairly early, so you can get started on your way to work, on lunch, or throughout the final workday.)

Wanna know how the guys feel?

“We are so excited!” 

-the guys

And part of that excitement, as per my conversation with Jason, is because there are…

A Few Listener-Suggested Changes Are on the Horizon

Back at it!

Nothing big is going to change. It’ll still be the guys you love to listen to, talking about the things that are important, but a few tiny tweaks here and there are necessary, from time to time, for growth. And, my sweet sweet Threadies, the guys have heard your feedback and are making changes in accordance with some of them.

Not all of them–I mean, some of them were pretty stupid, you guys. Just kidding! (Well, maybe they were; I wasn’t a part of that whole process. (I just write the blogs, folks.))

Last Thing before You Go…

Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered has a couple new things happening online!

First, there’s a new section on the website! At the top menu, right next to the tab for our favorite BLOG you’ll now see a NEWSLETTER heading. If you want to stay aware of everything going on, sign up for the newsletter.

Second, you can show your appreciation and support by buying the guys a coffee! Yeah, a normal-ass cup of coffee in return for the entertaining, emotional, real content the guys consistently give every week. Talk about fair trade!

(See what I did there? Sorry; bad dad joke.)

Buy em one for the road, or get em enough for the whole week. Up to you, and it’s one heck of a nice way to say, “I dig the show, man!”

May You Grow And Prosper in the 2021!

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Good things in store this year, folks. There’ll be change, discomfort, and ultimately growth. For the show. For the guys. For all of us.

*Fingers crossed*

Take care, Threadies!


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