Sex trafficking in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Jason and I love our city. Grand Rapids, Michigan has become a mecca for new business ventures, art exhibits, entertainment venues, affordable homes, an amazing night life, and so much more.

Yet, there is an unfortunate underbelly to Grand Rapids. Sex trafficking is a very real issue in our city. Jason and I and many of our friends are Uber/Lyft drivers, and many of us can remember several instances where we thought perhaps the passengers we were picking up were involved in some form of sex trafficking. It’s a terrible feeling.

How does a city go about cleaning up its act? I think the first step is acknowledging that the problem exists. Thankfully, our local leaders are stepping up to address the issue.

The second step is addressing the real reason sex trafficking exists in the first place: there is a demand for it. Part of the solution must be providing some sort of rehabilitative service to those who seek out deviant sexual trafficking experiences.

These two steps are the first of many that need to be taken. I came across an incredible write-up that gives some further practical ways to address this issue. Be sure to check out Kristen’s very thorough write-up here!

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