Love Your Neighbor

Last week, Sam reached out to us after hearing Episode 20.

Who is Sam?

Sam is the transgender student from Byron Center High School that we discussed in Episode 20.

Sam agreed to join Jason and I for an interview, which we will be releasing as Episode 23. Stay tuned for that.

But I found out that Sam is so much more than. So much more than a label.

Sam is an incredibly smart person, who has been attending college classes at U of M while wrapping up her high school senior year.

Sam comes from a family similar to mine — one that loves her deeply. A family she can always turn to for refuge.

Sam loves theater, and can talk to you for hours about Shakespeare and other greats.

Sam is one of the most kind, genuine, and thoughtful people I’ve had a chance to sit down with and meet this year.

Sam is my neighbor.

Sam and I don’t share the same sexual orientation or gender. We don’t necessarily see eye to eye on these subjects, either.

Yet, Sam is my neighbor. And my faith — my hero, Jesus — calls me to love her.




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