Ep. 195 Transcript

Today on threads podcast, Dear Abby, aka dear Mike and Jason, tying up some loose threads, our race predictions for our half marathon stories of the week, and Jason has a huge mental health update. Let’s go. Hi guys. Welcome to Threads podcast life unfiltered. Thank you so much for joining Mike in his tweaky and do state. This is a space for unfiltered dialogue about faith, mental health and uncomfortable conversations where we talk about Twitter Twinkies, Instagram Ickes and Facebook fake. This is episode recording 195

We talk about those things or we’re trying to rid the world of those things.

We tried to rid the world but not of the Twinkies.

I know. And we would have had Twinkies, but you decided you didn’t want to do it with Mike’s

talked about his loose stools. And he wanted to eat a Twinkie and see how long did you go before the episode had to be dumped? Because literally,

literally dumped literally. But it’d be like, like, like a race between my bowels and us being done with content.

You start sweating. I know. I would be late for my appointment tonight. Just to make you sweat longer. be so worried

that would be awesome. Hey, Jason. We’re gonna start well, actually, let’s back up. We need to pivot know some pivot. Oh, but people probably think that we are wise because we have beards. That would be a false accusation. I bet most people look at our beards and go wow, those are wise men. They gray in their beard. They are wise wise men.

I had a customer call me Santa Claus. To another employee. Do

you have much money you can make as a Santa Claus with a real beard. Do you make more? Oh yeah. Really? Yeah, you can go to fancy places and make like hundreds of dollars a day or $1,000 a day or something crazy. Oh, I did not know so maybe when you move to Florida someday because always talking about moving somewhere warm. Yeah, won’t be Florida. You can make money. Being Santa with a white beard. You know,

I could try that. But I’m pretty sure my beard is never going to be super long because it just grows scraggly.

I think that’s long enough though for Santa. No way. Yeah, for most and has

really no way Yeah, I mean, it only goes to like my collarbone. It needs to go down to like your sternum. Maybe

you might you might you might have to strain it to get a few extra inches out of it could be man and burpee today. Yeah, that’s fun. We have fun. So anyways, because we are wise. We should do a segment called Dear Jason and Mike. And so I found a letter online that that was addressed to Jason and Mike asking us a question for our wisdom. Wait,

what about phone or Patreon?

I thought that was next week.

You know what? I just want to make it known that no one volunteered. Wonder this week. Where are you people?


Come on. Hello. redoes next week he’s traveling.

Okay, so he set it up. Yeah. Megan, where in the world is Megan? Adam?

Adam? Yeah, anybody that’s a fan. It doesn’t have to be a Patreon member.

A phone a friend phone a fan phone a listener phone a fan with phone fan, even though it’s not sound H A N? Sure. Alright, a fan. So we went with option number two, which is Dear Abby? No, it’s actually Oh, I mean, dear Jason, and Mike JSON in my JSON and MC. So it says this dear Jason and Mike, our daughter and her cousin are the same age both are in medical school. Eight months ago, when this cousin got married at an in person wedding, he was showered with gifts from family. My daughter, in contrast, have had a private ceremony because of COVID concerns and sent a wedding announcement to the family. To the shock and amazement of my husband, my daughter and myself. Not a single person in the family thought to send her a gift or even a card. There is no bad blood in the family. Everyone appears to love her. She is disappointed in devastated. Should I get over this or should I say something to the family. And she and her husband live 2000 miles away. And at this point, I can’t imagine them making the effort to fly home and see the family ever again. Baffled in Texas.

So where’s the timeframe? The wedding’s pretty close.

It seems like they’re pretty close from baffled in Texas.

So same time during COVID But one chose have in person one chose this

was just written this past summer in 2022, though, so that’s, I know. So again, but they said due to COVID concerns. I don’t know what that is. They both went to med school. So they’re both doctors.

Yeah, but one went to med school and had an in person Yeah, one went to med school and didn’t

exactly so what should he do? Should he point out to the family and say, Hey, you guys suck his family, or should he let this go?

Um, I mean, if you gave gifts at the other one. Why wouldn’t you give gifts for the one I mean? All right. I Is it because you give a gift because you’re getting a free meal.

That’s what I’m wondering, is the social protocol, Ben, because you get to go to the wedding, and you get a dinner and you get like a night out,

I would never give a gift because I got that, like, I give a gift because I like to give gifts, I want to care about it. If there was no party, I would still send a gift. I would it wouldn’t bother me at all.

So I don’t think that he should talk to the family. Because again, I think socially, it’s expected that if you go to the wedding, you give a gift. If you don’t you don’t send a gift.

I mean, that would put that to me that would put a riff in the family. Yeah, I’d be pissed all the time. I mean, it would slowly wear off of course, time. But I mean, I feel bad for the married couple to they didn’t get any gifts. I mean, that’s the whole point of getting married, you get a bunch of cash, and you can,

so the whole reason they got married was to get free stuff.

And I’m just saying that that’s one of the perks of a magnet monogamous relationship is you get cash,

but usually it’s when people come. So I’ve agreed I and again, if this is 2020, I would totally have a different view of it. But it’s 2022. Like, you’ve decided, hey, we don’t want people there. And is the real story COVID? Or is it because they didn’t want people there?

Well, now you’re just speculating. I don’t You can’t judge that.

I’m asking questions. So I don’t think he should talk to his family because they decided not to have in person and Jason’s advice is Should she talk to his family?

I don’t think I would, I think they should give gifts and I would just be better about it. I mean, what what are you going to? Do? You sound like a little bitch. If you did that. You didn’t give me a gift. You know what I mean? Yeah. How do you even present that in a like, kind like true, but I still would be a little rift by it. It would be, you know, I’m doing the unhealthy thing. I’m not saying anything, but I don’t even know a healthy way of explaining it to somebody. Yeah.

Like, let’s, let’s try to pretend that we were going to give him advice of how to talk about it. How, like, how could he start in a non asshole ish, right?

I mean, I think there’s there’s room for that. But I just don’t know how you say it without coming off. Kind of douchey. Like, Oh, you didn’t give me a gift.

But now I could see them going. Hey, you gave the other couple of gifts. Why didn’t you give my kid the gift? That seems unfair? Based on them having concerns? Maybe that’d be the way I don’t

eat. But again, that still sounds like you’re being whiny because you didn’t get a present. Yeah. So loving. They didn’t come to anything. And I’m kind of leaning back towards your. I mean, they really Yeah, but it shouldn’t be giving a gift for the celebration of them getting married as they’re getting married. It’s not about like, you know, when you come to a housewarming gift, you get a piece you know, you’d say the faucet with you when you leave or something, you know, yeah, you don’t I’m saying

if if people sent you an invite to a housewarming gift, or to a housewarming party and you didn’t go, you wouldn’t send a gift, right? You just be like, Hey, I didn’t show up. Right. But that that’s different. Hmm, maybe we should stroke our beards. To get wisdom. It feels like we need some more wisdom from the great parts of our beard. He

says you’re asking for a gift. I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t. I don’t think he should say, Hey, can you get a gift? I would be like this kind of bummed me out.

So they’re asking for a gift because they have a wedding or because?

No, I think she’s saying that you’re when you’re going to talk to them. You’re asked Oh, yeah, I wouldn’t ask for a gift. I’d be like this really kind of bummed me out. I would very I just be disappointed. I’d say this is kind of disappointed me. I’m not asking for a gift. Just kind of bums me out.

Yeah, so it brings me so there’s one one time I was going out to eat I was actually at Brands service was the worst service ever. It was the brands in Holland. So it’s not Tommy brands. Don’t worry Tommy. You can you can still sponsor our show if you want to. But the service was terrible, but I didn’t want them to think I was complaining to get a discount ago. I did not want anything free. I’ll pay full price. Yeah, but your service was garbage. So you could kind of go with it. Like hey, I do not want you to send my kids a gift. But that’s kind of crappy how you treated them.

I think a lot of times when you’re looking at punishments even for kids just the thing of like I’m really disappointed that like we’re depending on the kid and depending on what the violation was that can be really hard over like I’m taking your phone away for 24 hours Yeah, like I’m just disappointed that I can’t trust you anymore and

it probably well not probably but for us if Natalie does that versus I do that Kim much more reacts if Natalie is the one who’s disappointed

Yeah, she’s got those eyes.

She’s got those eyes on me.

That’s not a cut. Natalie is just like, yeah, she’s kind of we’ve talked a ride or die like I think when she turns

well and I think be Anna Harun cam just right, right. It’s different with them to versus me but anyways, I I don’t know if it’s that way for you. But yeah, that, you know, family I’m disappointed in you. Yes.

And that’s my advice. Don’t ask for a gift because that’s just

douchey. Yeah, yeah. All the way sound whiny so baffled in Texas since you are listening. And you have this question. You should tell your family, you’re disappointed and that you don’t even want the gifts for them, but you are disappointed in them. And that they should apologize and something else.

Hey, next time. Don’t title the thing. Dear Abby, if you don’t want me to say do I was thinking about on the way here on the way okay.

I thought that on the way here and then.

So this is a New York Post this as an actually a Dear Abby as it Yeah. Oh, so could we comment on that, Dear Abby?

We probably could. Yes, we can.

Well, what you should do is like once we get it done, link it to that either link it or give them the time stamp. So yeah, go to listen to what we think

it’d be like listen to this. Here’s our great advice. Yeah, we should actually read Abby’s advice, because Oh, yeah, she said, Dear, baffled I don’t think anyone intended to give your daughter the short shrift. The rules of etiquette state that the wedding gifts are required if someone is attending a wedding. While it would have been nice of these relatives to have sent a gift or at least a card they’re not required to. I see no reason why you should inform these relatives that your daughter was deeply hurt that no one was inclined to send her and her husband, or so much as a congratulate congratulatory card. I disagree with me a little because I’m more of your team of like, you can call me that. You know what? I’m disappointed and hurt that you guys would treat. So Abby. Thank you, Ron.

One more clarification, too. Is is it the is it the dad that’s upset? Or you know what I mean? It’s yeah, it’s dad. No. My point is is like he Abby saying that the other the married couples shouldn’t be upset about it. But who’s more upset the married couple or the guy that wrote in

the guy that wrote in? Probably, I mean, that happens. You thought you had your headphones on? Yeah, it sounded weird. But I usually it’s the parents, right? The parents will stand up for their kids more than the kids like, whatever. Well, we’re living 2000 miles away. It does not

matter. Kate agrees with the advice column. So

Kate, I’m sorry to say you’re wrong. But you know, thank you for listening to us, even though you’re wrong on this part.

We’re gonna try to tie up some loose ends on this show. tie up some loose threads threads dammit. See, I’m gonna I’m gonna redo it. This is I can cut this out. I probably won’t cut it on the video though. That’s the funny part. I’m going to try so now we’re gonna tie up some loose threads. You know, because this is called threads podcast.

Wha wha life? I know. It’s so cheesy. I love it. I wanted to use that. There’s no reason.

So anyways, just talking about some things that we had talked about maybe in the last episode or the episode before feedback. saying

yeah, tell me more about this. Like has has anything else happened on the show or anything that you know of? No.

Did we talk about on the show about him commenting on Irvine’s? No, that was after the show was after the show. Okay. So I had canceled the Patreon and then that night I got a request or not a request. We got a comment on our threads page because Irvine’s is a sponsor. And he’s like, I really like how you read those ads. It’s something like that. Yeah. And no one knows that joke except me. That’s basically cutting me because when we were Irvine’s with a sponsor of gig, I listened to Zane so much that I kind of like started emulating some of the things he said, Because I heard that ad every day. Yeah, for sure. So it just kind of came out. So I did repeat some of the stuff he says about the show, but it’s not like I can’t come up with my own. I just that’s what I’ve always done.

And that tends to happen because like, it’s somebody who preaches like if you’re listening to someone talk a lot, you tend to talk more like them use of phrases that they use. You spend hours listening like think there was a Jim Gaffigan phase that I did while preaching using voice because you listen to my mantra. Yeah, like, well, so this,

Meghan would always say I wouldn’t start saying a phrase and for a while it was woke. And she’s like, Why do you keep saying woke? I’m like God, because Zayn says it all the time. I mean it Yeah, it happened so it was just his little dig basically saying that like said no one else knows because it looks good on the surface. Yeah.

Which you responded in a great way. Natalie was proud of you. Yes.

I basically said thanks for listening to the show. Appreciate it, which I know he doesn’t listen but But you took the high road Yeah. And then we got a notification from listener that didn’t it’s always funny that you I knew he was a listener back. I’m not going to name names, but it’s funny when you get feedback. Oh, you still listen and you live Since the day it come out, yeah, came out today as we’re recording this. So yeah, I got some feedback from him and, and another person

that we know where there’s multiple people. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. And so

it was obviously, his feedback was yeah, the same thing kind of happened with me. And he got phone calls from Zayn and no

way. Yeah, like actual, like, pick up the phone and like dial numbers. Yep. Was this 1992?

I don’t know when but what? Yeah. So it’s been a it’s been a weird transition of not listening to him. I like I said, last show. I love them. I wish nothing but the best, but I just I just can’t do that anymore.

Yeah. So what are you filling your time with? A

lot of so the true crime I’m listening to is series based. So like cereal. I sent one to nail a called Land of the lies, and they’re like eight to 10 episodes. I like the building. There’s a lot of like, crime junkie. It’s one episode. Oh, so I don’t want to what listen to that kid invest in that. I mean, shit, I do lawns. And sometimes I lose track of 10 minutes because I’m effing around and I miss something. I’m like, I just missed the whole thing. Yeah. So at least with a series series, they they, they repeat a lot of stuff. So you can kind of like you get invested in the names of the people. And then yeah,

yeah. So if you miss 10 minutes, you’re not missing as much because they’re drawing it out over.

Yeah, each episodes 45 minutes to an hour. Yeah. Now 20 minutes, as adds a lot adds isn’t the

worst. Like there’s a podcast, I think, the running podcast, to the running podcast I listened to. I’ll just fast forward to five minutes. Really? They do them all at the beginning. Yeah, well, they do a bunch in the beginning. And they like all of a sudden, like, I don’t care and I just fast forward to five minutes. It’s

it’s not that bad. The ones I listen to, but it’s the same ad. Oh, yeah. Like I know, there’s a new podcast on Dateline about people being cops during the day. But criminals that night like I’ve heard that same ad over and over and over and over and over again.

So there was that podcast about that jailbreak in Texas. That was good. And there were there was an ad in there about like a car crashing in the snow. And that was I don’t know. No, but that was just over and over and over. I was like,

yeah, now mind you. Most of the shows I found I found from the site, so I’m not gonna I’m not gonna shit on it too much. Yeah. So but that’s the one of those where you just hear it all the time. Oh, my gosh, the one I just finished up. I actually joined the Facebook group because it’s actively trying to get this guy at a prison. He was a police officer. He’s been in there for 32 years. Totally framed for a murder. Wait,

there’s a cop friend. Oh, yeah. A cop. A cop? No way. Dude,

he’s been in prison for 32.

I shouldn’t say so. I won’t. Yeah,

don’t do it. Don’t do it. But I mean, like, I joined the Facebook group. Like it’s they’re actively trying to get him out. Like, that’s good. Yeah, it’s some shady, shady stuff. So I really liked that that that vigilante like not the true crime or like, who who done it. I don’t like who done it. I like this kind of like, yeah, false accusations or dirty cops or dirty prosecutors or stuff like that. So.

So that’s what’s been filling your time? Mostly? Yes. So how has that changed how you’ve acted now that you switch from Zayn to true crime? Has there been any change?

I mean, don’t talk to me this week, because I’ve been kind of a dick. I’ve kind of dropped the ball on a few things. It’s It’s been a rough. It’s been a rough weekend. Megan’s been working a lot. And so yeah, so it’s

not so so this one. We don’t know if it’s changing for good or bad. No, and I’m

going into layoff and I actually don’t listen to ton of podcasts. It’s tough to listen to something detailed, because you’re in and out a restaurant. So you turn them off, turn it back on. Yeah, it’s it’s almost not worth it.

So that’s how most of us have to listen to pat. That is one of those actually, what a poverty listener where you’re used to just listening to a whole episode. Plus

Oh, I listened I started a new series today got six episodes. There’s only two left like almost gotten I figured it out. Oh, this one was taken forever, though. Like I have no idea. They haven’t like done the clincher yet. Oh, wow. Sometimes they do it early. And then they build the case after that. This one hasn’t really, like where are we going? Yes.

Those Those ones are more frustrating because you’re like, at least give me something. Well, I

can’t imagine like binging like a like a poverty person. We’re not binging but like you only listen to it once a week. I don’t know if I’d ever want to listen to a show where I only got it once a week because I’m like, I want to know more. Yeah,

but but it would build like this. I need to listen to it. What about what about driving with Avery

no update then on that other than this Friday, we’re going to get the permit and you have to basically bring blood drawn. I mean, they asked for everything to prove that it’s her

so you haven’t done driving with her because you don’t the premiere act That makes sense. Did I think of that? So, that’s what I was gonna say. So I was wrong, Jason,

you know, I wasn’t gonna argue about it, but I was just like, There’s no way he’s running that fast.

I was wrong. I know. It’s hard to believe. I know. Michael John vandrie was wrong about anything there, ma’am. I, I’m able to admit when I’m wrong. He’s lying. My mom doesn’t listen. So I said that Capoccia are no Kip. Chokshi ran 21 miles per hour. He runs 21 kilometers, which is why like 15, which is 13 point something i Oh, wait, I think I took a picture. I took a picture because I was like, I’m gonna mess this one.

Ziggy. What is 20? My 20 that hey, Ziggy, what is 21 miles? Dammit, I fuck Okay,

so that he meant he ran an average speed of 13.1 miles per hour, or 21.18 kilometers per hour. And so I think most treadmills can’t quite get to that speed, but close. So we’re talking about the challenge. Yeah, see how long they could run his marathon. 26.1 miles, they could do it for a minute, two minutes.

Hey, you’re wrong again. It’s 26.2. Telling you 13 By the way, I speak you must, you must either blow by all my fuck ups when I speak because I edit back and I’m like, I didn’t even say the right word. And Mike’s like, yeah,

you know what, most of them? I’ll just let you say.

Or do you get the gist of what I’m saying? And you’re just like, whatever. It doesn’t even it doesn’t

truly matter. Most. Yeah, like you’ll say a word and whatever. As long as you say it with boldness. I will I will let you know.

It’s rare. But I will say stuff like me instead of them. Like I’m talking about somebody so like, it really changes the whole aspect. I think I people get the gist of it. Yeah, but I’m like, That’s the literal wrong pronoun. It does not work the other way you miss pronouns. Like that. Don’t even work my ass.

Anyway, so I was wrong. Sorry, world. I was wrong about how fast he was. Can you imagine it was 21 miles per hour. I

thought that I’m like, maybe I mean, Mike’s really smart. I’m like, maybe like I don’t this is the problem

with running community. It’s miles and then it’s kilometers.

Kilometers when you’re anywhere but America. I know what the kilometer. The

problem is. We’re in America, and it’s a back and forth switch. What do you mean? Like sometimes it’s kilometers. Sometimes it’s miles. So you hear a stat? And you don’t hear a back and forth? While how far of a race Do you run when you run a five 5k? Well, that’s

the only caveat. They they label everything at 10k They should just labeled 6.2 Miles 6.2.

But I’m saying so then when they talk about anyway, so anyways, I was wrong on that world. So

last thing I want to tie up is I want to Oh, screen screen time. I want to see what you did last week.

I don’t think last week was good.

No, I wish we needed to have like a you can just go I don’t have any like

dude, modem sound you should find the modem sound I can find it right now. That would be amazing. The modem sound so what would I look up? Let’s see modem. Oh, D. Oh, yeah. Oh, there it is. lol connected. That’s the full thing. Remember that? Oh, that was great. So then,

then your mom would pick up the it’s still going to be waiting for this.

And then everything was slowly so last week. Total screen time per day was eight hours. Geez. But But here’s here’s what I wrote about your screen time. A lot of your screen time is on this computer. What’s not? Yes it is. because there’ll be times you’re messaging me while you’re working on pad. Yeah, but

I mean, but I’m not on tick tock. But me what was your tick tock time?

Total was was 11 hours so less than an hour a day?

That’s more than an hour a day? No. Oh, 11 hours a day. Seven days thinking 12 hours. Good job on the math

anyways. It’s still still less than my two hour limit. Which is better. What was that time? Yeah, no, I would just curious. That was really bad before. Oh, it doesn’t go back that far. Yeah, it was bad. It was like 20 hours. 20 some hours. Eight hours. Pretty good and pretty good.

He’s trying to look at him try to move on. No, no, let’s keep talking about it.

I see. But like, again, your screen time is partly on this,

but it doesn’t count. I’m working. I’m not dicking around. Sometimes you’re dicking around what is there to dick around on this computer?

you message me which is decanter. Oh,

it’s not in that counts in my screentime on my telegram. Your phone doesn’t count. Oh yeah, that’s true. But I mean, I’m messaging you like I’m not like on Tik Tok or Facebook or Instagram. Okay, I am on Facebook sometimes.

Jason goes back and forth. Yeah,

I go both ways.

There you go. Wow. It’s crickets you have crickets?

How about I did have

Jason Gerald. So when it was we have a race that will actually happen before this airs. But I want us to make some race predictions. What do you think your time will be? And what is your a goal? Your Beagle and your seagull? And what else do you think will happen in the race?

Um, so my a goal would be under two hours, my Beagle would be splitting the difference between 209 and two hours. So 204 30 Yeah, roughly. And then my Seagull I don’t really have one

is beating 209. Yeah, there you go. Perfect. Yeah, and then D as you finish.

That’s, I mean, that should be like, your a goal is finishing like that. No, like that

is like, Okay, if, if you finish it’s two, two hours, or two hours and 30 minutes. Now. There’ll be like a D that you’re really depressed. D is for depressed. Nice. Segue. Yes. Okay. Do you think that’s going to happen? Do you think you’re gonna hit your Eagle like, or is there any part of you that truly believes that you could hit that?

After this last week of training? I believe I can hit it. Okay. If my feet hold up,

so you think your feet will be what? hold you back? Yes. Because it’s painful and you would slow down. It is

really painful. Like, I can push through sore legs. Yeah, yeah. I mean, it. I know, my cardio is fine. My cardio is there. Like I did. I you know, my tempo runs are like not 830 to nine minutes. And I’m breathing but I mean, it’s, it’s not like I’m dying. Like my heart rates, like 160s Oh, nice. I remember when I ran that, that mountain rate or the mountain race, the bald head I hit 203 At one point I that’s so I mean, I was turning some heart rates in there. So I guess my point is, when I look at that, and look how I feel on my temples, I think it’s doable. Okay.

And what is what is the mileage pace you have to get? You’ve told me minutes, nine minutes flat? Pretty sure. Okay. I believe you. Well, 100

lets us figure it out. I’m pretty sure it maybe it’s a little more than nine. 120

divided by 13.1 is 9.16 miles. So point one six times 69. No. That’d be Oh, yeah. So nine, nine minutes. 9.6 seconds. 999090. So

not nine min? Yeah. Not nine minutes. Nine seconds.

Yeah. per mile. Nine minutes and nine seconds per mile. That

can’t be right. Yeah, it is to our half marathon pace. Oh, yeah, you’re right. How I was thinking I had hit nine.

So just keep thinking you have to hit nine in your bank some time. Actually. Don’t be tight. That’s a terrible race strategy.

No, I know. Don’t bank time. I’m actually thinking going the opposite.

Yeah, I’m trying to work down. Like trying to floor at the beginning. Yeah. And then yeah, to go faster and

faster. I don’t want to bank time because he I think I wasn’t ready at the Ann Arbor for doing like, I went out at nine minutes. And then I was like, flirting into the 830. And I was like, I just burned it. Yeah. I the last couple of races. I’ve had energy at the end to like, turn it on. And that’s what I want to do

minus the stupid riverbank because it was hot, though. But it’s a whole race. I know.

For seven miles. I was doing nine minute miles and then just

so it’s the same thing. You shouldn’t aim for nine minute miles in your beginning.

No, I was thinking 915 Even thinking it was a nine minutes I had to hit so you almost

got to do like, nine 930 for a little bit to start for like the first three miles.

Yeah. I need a plan though. Because like, I don’t want to be doing math when I’m running because that’s the worst. Sure.

I know. So I mean, there are like Instagram sites that I follow that do kind of set up like a little like, here’s the first three miles you’ll want to run this far behind your goal pace and then blah, blah, blah. So

So yeah, back to the pace. I’m actually excited. We did the math because I was thinking nine minute miles.

So now you get an extra nine seconds. So that just boosts I just got a big serotonin boost. Really? Yeah. Yes, I can do it. Yeah.

So you asked me one other question.

Um, no, I think that was about it. And if it is, this is one of those loose threads that just don’t get it. I always feel bad for people when we leave a loose thread. Really? Okay, guess what? You’re so distracted. Guess what? What?

I gotta pee. Red’s podcast. We’ll be back after a quick break.

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you and your bladder.

Have you ever had those days where you’re like, you just you feel like your body’s flushing everything out? I have not drink really anything more. Anything nor any more than normal.

Maybe it’s flushing out fat?

I hope so

what because there is like, some pseudoscience where some diet companies that I won’t mention Weight Watchers, where they talk about drinking enough water and then eventually, like your fat cells will like lose like the fat in them, but they’ll stay and then eventually your body will get rid of the fat cells. With enough water seems like bad science. But but that is what Weight Watchers says.

Well, I mean, I think I think water works with anything you’re doing. You drink more water, but I’m not saying I drink more water.

Your body’s just ready to get rid of the fat cells. Maybe it’s like Jason’s not getting fat again. But you get rid of those cells.

Even before that’s funny, even before you came over IP. Like this is three P’s in the last hour. Okay, did you ask me one more thing you asked me goals? You asked me,

please. I don’t know. I think that’s it. You didn’t even ask me page. Oh, yes. Okay. So I want to ask you about the foot. Does the foot feel like dull pain or like the stabbing pain? It’s dull

as it’s getting but working out but then it’s like,

so that last bit could be like stabbing? Yes.

So but breaking news. I put the pads eyewear on a little different my my six miles. And I almost had no pain. Ooh. So I took pictures of exactly. I swear to God, if you look at my phone right now, there are pictures of how I exactly put it on.

And if you want to sign up for Patreon for a special level, you get Jason’s footpad

that’s only the $20 tier

25 We’re gonna go 25 We’re gonna go 20 And if you don’t mind, you can pay a little extra and see a bloody toe.

So yeah, so I’m hoping that it’s not an issue.

Yeah, but But no, the great thing about race day is I remember my ankle was bad last year. I know what I started doing the race, but like, in the race. It’s amazing what you’ll push through. Yeah. What’s the adrenaline? Yeah, the adrenaline and like the I’m not going to stop. I put way too much work into stop today. Yeah. Okay, I’m looking forward to it. So hopefully next week, when we sit down, people will have just heard it and you’ll say, Yo beeps be two hours. And I’m

not going to be disappointed if I don’t know. I will be disappointed if I cross that 2011 Like, like 1.1 seconds. Like what you know, when you’re running and you see the big time clock you’re like, I literally can’t, I’m going as fast as I can. I’m not going to do it turns over. You’re like, Oh, I’m not going to be deceived for me.

Last year. It was I saw it and I wasn’t sure if I was gonna beat it. And I barely did. But like yeah, you don’t know. No, because you’re like legs are dead. And you’re like, This is all like a U

turn because I remember Ann Arbor you turn that corner and you’re like, you still got like was that 10th of a mile? Maybe the point one that’s probably the point one Yeah. And you’re just like, I can’t go any faster.

No, even even like looking back and because I think I think I think Natalie had felt no she did film it. And I look back and I was like I felt like I was moving faster. But it’s just every last bit of energy.

Yeah, I just would if I’m gonna not break two hours. Just let me do like two or three. Like, just let me do something that’s that there was no way possible by turn the guns on the last mile. I was gonna Yeah,

no, no, no. If it’s 210 You’ll be disappointed and I’ll be disappointed. And depressed.

I won’t be depressed. Yeah. be disappointed. I mean, I’m dealing with two injuries here. Yep. So all right. What about you, sir?

Okay, so my a goal is under a 245. That would be 15 minutes off of my PR run it my my time that I set wasn’t as a PR because the first one so 255 To 45 to 45 to 15 minutes off. And again, it looks possible with some of my training. That’s me right on the edge. It’s all gonna depend on so 245 Is your PR? Nope. 30 to 59 is what you got an nr Yes. Okay. So it’d be taken while 14 minutes and I think seconds. I think it’s doable. It’s doable, but it’s like right on the edge of where I’m like, How long can I hold that pace? But again, based on you got it. It was a couple issues that make me worried about it, but I think it’s possible So that’s my agle my beagle is under 250 and then Seagull let’s go to 55 in deagle as you finish D as I got slower than last year and finished

while you are dealing,

how’s the so Shin is I get I didn’t run today I walked it enough no pain in there. It’s a little tender to the touch. But again, I’ve been stretching my hip, my hamstrings a lot my calves a lot because again, that can all pull on that and we’ll see if that works. Because I told you the last training runs supposed to be the last long run. Usually after half a mile maybe a mile the pain goes away, just kept getting worse. It just felt like somebody was sticking a knife in into the side of my shin because it was not in the outside for me it’s an inside part of my shin interesting I know makes it kind of wonder if there’s a fracture but we’re gonna pretend that that doesn’t just go with that

I if it’s a fracture, that means Oh, I see what you’re saying because because it built up

because it’s a one spot and it could just be some some hairline fractures, but we’re just gonna go with it and pretend it’s shins. I would

go by like an ankle wrap something that puts hard compression on the

tire up. But there’s I did compression socks. I didn’t wear them. No, you

need something tight tight. Yeah, but like, David Gavin Goggins duct tape.

I don’t know if I’m gonna go that extreme. I’m

just saying, like, cut

off blood flow.

I mean, yeah, you gotta have blood flow.

Dagens is like, I’m

gonna go. I can’t feel it. Yeah, and I’ll just keep running.

So that and then I’ll tell you more about it in the stories of the week is my toe now has an injury to it. Yeah, this won’t be fun.

So I’ll say hi to Adam. Kay and Lisa are on what

all three of all, there’s three of them are only missing. Joe and Megan.

They’re all coming for the they’re all coming for the Zane dirt. Oh, we already talked about it.

We already talked to you. I have to go back. Maybe it may if they ask really nicely, you can talk more about Zane dirt now. Okay.

So I’m excited for the race in general. I’m looking forward to it. I’m ready to be done. Yeah, I’m ready to be done. I didn’t work out today. It’s just

cross train. Well, so. I mean, because right, the experts will say that the hay is in the barn. Yeah. And so then that makes you like, well, you know, like, doesn’t really matter if I do cross train as long as I keep my legs moving. Yeah,

I mean, I’m gonna do the runs first. Yeah. But yeah, I didn’t do it today. And

it doesn’t matter if there’s no way it is weird and plan still have that you’re like, Why in the world do cross? Yeah,

I think it’s just they want you to keep your mate. legs moving. Doesn’t have

cross training for today. I actually don’t know what if it doesn’t you didn’t miss it. I don’t know I probably anyways,

I’d like to talk about our sprint. We put it in different spots of the show and I’ve just thrown thrown up Irvine’s auto repair Grand Rapids hybrid EV our sponsor of the show, I need to talk about everything different. So I don’t get accused of saying the same things. You can find them in the city of Grand Rapids, actually near Wyoming off of a street called 44th their address. Now they’re located on Stafford you can call them at 532 6600 or you can schedule service [email protected] They do everything all makes models except I think Volkswagen and Tesla is no one

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I do. It’s creaking and cracking. Let’s get

that in so that you once you’re done with lawns, you can make some money.

I think the week that I’m done I usually take the week off. I take one week off kind of do some chores around the house, get things tidied up and then I start cracking so that way

just to be aware it is a little slower and car parts so you might want to make sure that

well now not my car parts. It’s fine. It’s been

a little harder to get car parts than years past so maybe Megan can chime in sometime and tell you to get your car in now.

Yeah, I doubt it. But anyways, thank you for Irvine’s for supporting the show. It’s super important and it makes makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. They fix do amazing job and the free loaner car free loaner so 532 6600 Irvine’s dot com. And then of course our awesome Patreon Joe Pk k Lisa K. Meghan D and Adam s. I appreciate you guys more than you’ll ever know. All right, stories of the week. What you got my stories of the week stories of the week. Stories of the week. Yeah.

So So when when you were gone and there was a music plant I did a little dance like whatever was on patreon

you know, I’m gonna forget to cut that out. I know the I don’t care. The video is funny to me. Like I cut the front of the back and I’m like I’m not going through this thing and edit Yeah, I’m like whatever No, I

mean there’s there’s five people that that watch it. Or at least last time I checked. I don’t know how many people watch the video. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. Anyway, so story of the week so yesterday Day yesterday we were at home and Natalie was coming from our family room. I was in the hallway going towards the bathroom. Not the swinging door no not that one over a little bit farther and Natalie she says she opened it normal which I believe her she didn’t know I was there and I was turning to go to our bathroom your faces otherwise and my so my left foot was out in the door open in the door caught my toenails back I saw the white line and bent it back right there. It pulled it off on the side. About off like it’s gone. No. Well the nails still there, but it pulled it off of the side. You know how your nails held on the side as well? Yeah, that it pulled it back halfway. So that just started to bleed everywhere. I don’t know how much of a factor it’s like today. I was able to walk in I could feel the pressure. Yeah, but it wasn’t sharp pain. It was pressure so

I’m thinking more duct tape. I know tape it up.

I know when Natalie she said like bandage it like real tight with a waterproof bandage. Tighten it up so that again, it doesn’t move off and doesn’t fall off during the race can you imagine?

So I would recommend maybe going to Walgreens tonight and picking up some epson salt and soaking that every night.

It will hurt. It will hurt. It’s an

open wound guaranteed it won’t hurt if it does. Can I kind of punch you next semester. Yeah, you can punch me right in the testes

for the fire, which people will hear. Yeah, about until after the fire every day. But anyways, so that is that is the story of the week is ill and you’d be proud Jason, I said about every cuss word that has ever existed. I went back with the spare bedroom, and I just walked out he like went back to his hobbled every swear word that has ever been not actually every swear word. There’s swear words that you’ll use that I won’t use. But I use a lot of swear words

Take the Lord’s name in vain. Um,

I don’t know. But I said a lot of swear words. I said the F bomb a lot.

See, Tuesday, it was bad. You say See you next Tuesday.

See you next Tuesday. See

you now.

Did not that is the one that I know.

I mean, but you wouldn’t say that unless you were calling your wife. You we would have to stop the show and have a conversation. But

I was like, I’m not mad at you. I’m just hurt. Yeah. And at first I was like, I just wasted all that training to be out with a tow but I was like no, I think I can do it. I think I think it will. I am worried kind of like you’re worried with your bottom your foot. I’m worried near the end of the race. Yeah, after 13 Miles Oh, kaboom. Kaboom. Kaboom.

You know what I thought it’s all gonna do you know, what I thought about is taking ibuprofen and then I saw and I’m not as bad for you right is I’m not getting the emails from the race. I think I unsubscribe originally, because they were like, bombarding not not this race, but like a different race. Well, I think I just signed up for them just to be informed and it was like, boom, boo, boom, Boo Boo. So I’m not getting race updates, because they’re sending an email a day. Yeah, I’m not getting anything.

Yeah. If they’re important for them. Yeah, I would appreciate that. It’s summer now but I

saw the doctor that actually saw for my foot that Ed Cornelia, whatever in there. He’s the doc I saw from my foot. Oh, and I saw he put in there do not take NSAIDs. Yeah, just because I couldn’t I scan through it, but didn’t

he? So that’s where some of your kidney doesn’t allow your kidney to work fully. And then you have issues with hydrate? Yeah. Yeah. Which is what a lot of runners probably pop ibuprofen before the race. Yeah.

Cuz if you’re if you got a nagging injury, yeah, good, just to take the edge off, you know, but I guess I’m not going to do that. So

you should just shoot it up with something else. So that is my one story of the week because we’ll have to go to something later. So Jason, what is one or two of your stories of like, or three looks like you have three

minor pretty quick Solly got? He’s been getting bullied by some girls on the playground. So somebody is just, he’s so kind. But he basically what happened? It was like he was trying to leave a situation and they were physically blocking him. So what did he do? Punch, push them down to get him out of the way. Yep. So of course, he got an email home and blah, blah, blah, and Meghan and I did a letter together. But Meghan wrote it. We wrote together but Senate and just basically said, You’re in our home. We understand that he can’t put his hands on people, but we teach our kids to stand up to bullies. So if you got to punish him, you can punish him, but we’re gonna tell him to do it again. Yeah, if he needs to do it, more nicer women better. Yeah. And we said, Sally’s not innocent. We know he’s not innocent. Like he maybe had pushed the needle a little bit too much and he shouldn’t do it. I advised him what the rules are, but I also said you need to stand up for yourself. Yep. So that was interesting.

So did the school send it home like he was in trouble or just to inform you?

It was informed. Okay. And then we basically said, Well, I’m hoping that the girls got emails home too. Yeah. To say, Hey, don’t physically block somebody in because he was getting elevated. So his fight in flight, yep. Pops, he needs to go. But they weren’t letting him go. And it was all it was like, tell us tell us this. This. You need to tell us something. I don’t know what stupid.

But it doesn’t matter once he’s blocked in Right, right. They’re not waiting him. They wouldn’t

let him get out of the way because he was getting frustrated. You could. Yeah, I know that face that he does. Yeah. And don’t mess with that kid. My kid. He’s a big boy. Yeah, he’s kind. But if you push them. Yeah.

And again, I think that’s fair for you guys to send. Because again, I think the trouble should be for the girls for blocking him and not him trying to get out of the way.

And then I almost got hit by a deer running. So I, I got up at 4am on Saturday to run. And then I went out about 555 50. So I’m not even like a half mile in. And I got my headlamp on. And there’s bunch of deer, right? Yep. So I’m running in like they normally some of them are chill, you know, but I’m like, they weren’t really moving out of the way. And then I realized I was blinding them with their tear ran right app. And I had to stop. I know. And then he jumped off. He realized what was going on. I don’t know if I moved my head. I would have shifted my pay. Dude. I was like, we have an understanding. You’re afraid of us. We leave you alone. I don’t have a gun. But I realized I was blinding him. Yeah. And he couldn’t he couldn’t figure it out. He got disoriented or she said jump towards me. And then it moved. I was like, Okay, keep going.

See? And the why is it so hard to get deer when I go hunting? I know like you literally could have ran into one on a trail. It’s funny the

trail by Ramblewood. It’s part of cat trails, but it’s on the other side of 44. The deer sit and eat right on the edge. You run right by him. They only move that’s they’re so used to people,

people should be able to hunt there and take out those deer. Those urban deer that eat has does. That’s true.

And then last thing, I found out that Avery is an incredible writer. You know, she doesn’t tell us anything. Sorry, mom. Franklin got the dog treats and he will bite you if you try to take the bag. Okay. She’s an awesome writer. We had conferences, and she has a creative writing class and hit her teacher. He was like, he was a really good writer. Like I could see it. He wasn’t just blowing smoke. He was like, he turned she turned a project and I was like, wow. And I’m like, That’s awesome. That’s incredible. So I thought that was pretty. So she’s gonna be a published author. Yeah, she wants to be a teacher. Be an author instead. Don’t make more mothers. Less authors don’t make money either. Unless you’re JK Rowling. Well, or Stephen King.

She could be the next Stephen King. Yep. So Jason, yes, we have avoided mental health partly because of time. But

we need to start putting this up top to get to it.

But we still have time. We have time before you need to go get your hair’s cut. How’s therapy going? I haven’t heard about therapy in a while makes me kind of wonder and worry about therapy.

Like therapy has done. What? Yep, no way. Dead serious. is done. Yeah. For now,

okay. Okay. Explain this to me. I’m shocked. So like, because you’ve been the one like when anyone stopped therapy for any reason. The amount of shit you gave, but Whoa, I didn’t get the swabbing shit.

No, it was shit. Because the person I gave shit to wasn’t fixed. Okay, I’m not saying I’m fixed, but he’s dealing with a ton of shit.

Okay, so so just yeah, this is news to me. So I’m a little shocked. How many understand.

So we had some, some time where we I had some downtime. Like we only saw our once and then it was a break once a month. Yeah, it was weird for a while because she had some time and I just had some time to think and I said, You know what, I’m not perfect. I never will be perfect. I’m better now. The last year has been the best year of my life. Mentally wise. I think I’ve done made huge strides. And I’ll be honest with you, it feels good. And I don’t want to go back to pain. I’m not ready. Now’s not the time. Yeah, I’m just feeling like things are been good. I’m not down in the dumps. I’m not super anxious about shit. Like, I just feel good.

So you’re feeling good. And the way forward in therapy would have been a very painful next step right

now. It would have been beneficial. Okay. I know it will be and I am having some regrets of not pushing forward because I have a work ethic that I tried to stick to regardless of what I do. So yeah, I don’t know if Megan and I are can continue with couples that is still up in the air. Meg and I talked about it last week and check in we are checking in tonight. But I did confirm with her if she wants to continue, which Heather would be open to Yeah. But it was, it was kind of a little like, I officially caught her today this morning at 530. I like I have more to say but I just because I saw the email reminder for the appointment. Okay. And I told her I’d get back to her and I didn’t Oh, of course. And I was like, Hey, I have more to say but I just wanna let you know, I’m done with with Wednesdays at five. I’ll talk more later. But you know what, I found out what? That she only sees two guys. And I was one of them. Wow. Because she had a terrible incident with a male at one of her clinics, which I felt so bad. Like, I don’t know what the hell happened. But she won’t see any guys anymore for a while. So it’s just you two left. It was just me and one other guy. Wow. I know. So I felt so honored. There like it was a rough session for me. Like I was so like, emotional and I still kind of am I don’t. She’s been with me for so much. And I’ve told her so much. And like, I feel like she’s like my best friend. And then I’m losing my best friend. Not in the sense like you and I but like, I could tell her everything. You know what I mean? And so it’s kind of a moment.

Yeah, I see the tears in your eyes. Yeah, I’ve only seen tears in your eyes. Maybe one other time.

Yeah, it’s a little tough. But it’s not. It’s not forever, hopefully. But who knows? If I go back in a year, she might be done practicing.

Yeah. So did you get to say anything in person? Or is this for this coming Wednesday?

I didn’t say anything in person because I didn’t quite know where I was going. Okay, so

this was last Wednesday. Yeah. Or to Wednesday, so two Wednesdays ago. Okay. Yeah.


Yeah. Okay. transition that by Yeah.

Have fun with yours.

No, no. So is there anything that you’re learning about your yourself as you make this transition? Or as you’ve come to this realization that maybe this season in therapy is done? Is there something that you’re learning about yours?

Yeah, I’m having a little impostor syndrome because like, I’ve dropped. So basically saying, I don’t think I’m ready to be done because I’ve dropped the ball the last couple days with Meghan. And I even literally said to her at night, maybe I don’t need to be done with therapy. She’s like, don’t say that. I’m just she’s like, it’s just you just been off today. It’s fine. It happens. But I am, I’m doubting myself that I’m gonna be there to be to do what I need to do. But if you think about it, I’ve been doing it. Anyways, like, even the last couple months, I’ve only had two sessions in two months. So it’s like, I’ve been doing the work.

But yeah, and unless, right, if I remember correctly, unless you were going to do the memory. EMDR EMDR. You were kind of at a standstill, right? Yeah. Because I was plateauing.

Like even for the last six, eight months, I was kind of plateauing.

And that’s why she wanted to do the EMDR to try to draw more memories and things to work on or couples

therapy or couples therapy. And when I say couples therapy, it’s just for us to work on shit. It’s not like we’re like we’re better now than we ever been.

But it’s been so gives you a space to work on stuff. Yeah, yeah. So okay. So you’re learning that you might be in a pastor’s what you are.

I’m feeling like we talked about with the Hey guys podcast where I’m like, I have impostor syndrome, where I’m like, I know, I know this stuff. I know what I’m supposed to do. But I can’t. I’m feeling like I’m being terrible about it.

Yeah. And again, I haven’t known you for that long. But it’s been a couple years. I’d say I would agree with you in this last year, especially last six months. Like your mental health is the best. I’ve seen it.

And I want to give credit to the meds I got in the last year. And it’s it’s been a game changer. It’s not only been my work, but the meds. I fucking love them.

Yeah, it is definitely for sure. Probably both an oh yeah. It’s always both and it’s not going to Yeah, but but but that medicine seems to take the edge off, you’re less likely to have a outburst and of that.

I just the one thing I have been struggling with is defensiveness. Like I, I struggle with like, soon as somebody says something like, like, my armor goes up. I got my shield down. I’m like, Let’s go mother. effer Yeah, no, I don’t need to be that way. You know, you’re safe. Now. Jason. You don’t have to worry about someone beating the shit out of you. But it’s just like, Man when you’re little. That’s what you’re that’s what you’re trained to do. Like the second mom starts yelling you’re like, Yeah, let’s go not that you’re gonna fight back. But you’re what’s what’s gonna happen? I gotta defend myself.

Well, isn’t that someone that you you had you had named that? Yeah, it was me the Gladiator. Yeah, yeah. That’s what I thought I thought you would name that person, the Gladiator. So for me, I’m working with a mentor through a book called The J curve. It’s about trying to model The Death and Life of Jesus. just saying that if you are going to grow emotionally in that you have to die to yourself. And so there’s a quote that hit me that I think makes me not just feel good, but it helps me hide him another word, so I’m just going to read it and maybe I’ll come up with words. If diamond rising with Christ as the new normal than when we encountered dying, we don’t collapse or withdraw into ourselves, we can be weak, even depressed. This frees us from our tendency to be depressed about our depression, because depression avoidance is such a high value in our culture. When people are depressed, they think something is wrong. It is a relief to realize that when we’re dealing with hard things, we should be depressed. Jesus, Jesus models depression for us, in his passions when he dies, as he’s overcome by the weight of His coming death. Our modern obsession with creating a pain free self lays a great burden on us when we see that our life is shaped by Jesus common sense. Narrative die no longer controls us.

So I’m gonna dumb this down for the dumb people like me. I think it’s okay to sit in your shit. Yeah.

Really, it is. And this was just his really fancy way. He has a whole book, right? Yeah, but it’s but like, it is okay to be down. Yeah. And depressed.

Yeah, that’s a normal function in life. But I agree. The society does create this pain free in like, it’s gonna be fine. And you’re great. And it’s like, no, it’s shitty. It can be shitty at times. And it’s okay. Yeah. And

you can say it shitty. It hurts. And I’m going to work through the pain and hurt. Yeah, again, because the problem comes when you stay in that state. But again, it’s one of those books is like, Oh, yep, I need to be reminded because we live in a culture that all you’re feeling down. That’s not good. Something’s wrong. It’s like no, like, I’m down because things things hurt right now. And I’m gonna feel my feelings because that’s okay.

I get it. But then like, there’s always pulls me back to say, then does that put the stigma back on? Like, you’re not supposed to say if you’re struggling in your mental health, or are you supposed to see that’s the thing? Like, are you supposed to acknowledge that this isn’t a mental health crisis, but I’m depressed? Because I don’t think a lot of people can do that.

Well, yeah. And I think that’s where the book has been freeing me and even with that mentor to say, Yeah, this is where I am feeling shitty right now. Yeah, this is where it is and not being like, I have to hide this right? Because, again, it’s a normal part of life. And for those of us in faith, it’s a normal fart, fart. Part of following part of followed the normal part of following Jesus, because if we follow Jesus, we’re gonna follow him as he dies, not physically, but in a lot of areas. So anyways, that’s been helping me and what I’m learning about myself is my idols have been comfort and security like no other. I love comfort. I love security. It’s normal to love that stuff. I know. But like, again, I realized like, I was, I stayed in situations where like, I maybe it was like, hey, looking back. I don’t know if I would have looking back at kind of the things I was causing. But anyways, but 20

hindsight, I know what you’re talking about. 2020

But again, like it’s learning that like, my, I keep going back to comfort and security. Like I always want to and I have to fight that.

Yeah, I think that’s normal to to like, No, I think you need to reread the comfort crisis.

No, actually, I just listened to that, like, a month ago, again, is that like your fourth time, fourth time through my second Bible? Wow. It’s a good book. Like every time you listen to Oh, yeah, that story. Oh, I didn’t remember that. It definitely

like fires you up. Yeah, I think that one fired me up more than Goggins Goggins? Yeah, it was.

Goggins was more rah rah. Yeah. Yeah. And comfort crisis was like, comfort is killing you. Are you gonna do something? And it made

you think more? Yes, not a Goggins was like, Yeah, you’re right. Rah, rah.

Let’s go. Yeah. So Jason, anything else that you have for us?

No, just No, that’s it?

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