Ep. 170 || Finding Inner Peace: Setting Boundaries, Taking a Break from Alcohol & Weed, & Trying to Find a Good Therapist

Whelp, that was fun.

The guys had so much fun hanging out with Chris Tallon. From the very beginning, the show was a mixture of fun & thoughtfulness.

Even trivia was a mixture of fun & thoughtfulness.

When the guys got into the meat of hanging out with Chris they discussed his upcoming book, which sounds like it’s gonna be an amazing read. Jason and Mike hope Chris does an author read audiobook, because what’s better than a great book being read to you by the author.

Jason & Chris have some air to clear from some past hurts and while it was an uncomfortable conversation it was a healing conversation.

From there Jason, Chris, and Mike have some deep conversations about being shunned, taking a break from weed & alcohol, and how to find a good therapist.

Links/Resources Chris mentioned in the show:

His Website

Cannabis & Creativity Episode of Creative Ops

Guide to Self-Publishing Epidsoe of Creative Ops

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