Ep. 169 || Grieving the Loss of a Friendship

Have you ever lost someone or something that was extremely important to you? How did you experience grief? How did you process the grief? How are you still processing the grief?

As Jason and Mike sit down to catch up in this “personal format” episode, they talk about how they are processing the loss of their friendship with Ben. Jason and Mike have been processing this loss in different ways and yet have come to similar places. And after processing this loss Mike is convinced that there is one last thing he needs to do.

And of course, this is not what the guys talk about for the whole episode, cause that would be boring and really drawn out. They catch up on the highs and lows of their past few weeks, hold each other accountable, and end with an unfiltered discussion about what is still drawing them to Jesus even though the Church seems to be a mess.

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