Discomfort You Say? We Call It GROWTH!


Discomfort is, well, uncomfortable. But learning how to deal with discomfort unlocks the key to personal growth!
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What’s up Thread Heads?!?

As some of you know, Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered is a show hosted by two dudes who are into personal growth and honesty. A big part of the show is having uncomfortable conversations. It’s a big part of the blog too. I even wrote a post called The Importance of Uncomfortable Conversations. Go read every last word of it. NOW!

Did you do it? Really? I don’t believe you. Moving on.

Discomfort, generally speaking, isn’t very…um…comfortable. Is it? But it’s important. And it’s actually good for us. I know, I know–you’re probably thinking:

How Is Discomfort a Good Thing?

Well I’ll tell you.

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Long story short, if you learn to be comfortable in discomfort “you can master the universe.” Not like He-Man. (That would be awesome though…) That quote comes from an article in Zen Habits about mastering discomfort. It’s an interesting and quick read that says mastering discomfort will directly help with:

  1. Procrastination
  2. Exercise
  3. Writing
  4. Eating healthy
  5. Meditation
  6. Waking early
  7. Learning a language/instrument
  8. Clutter
  9. Reading novels
  10. Empty email inbox
  11. Debt
  12. New adventures

All the things we want to do despite our brains impeding us from actually doing it…well, the case is made that at the root of it, we’re avoiding discomfort.

So now you’re probably asking yourself in that big ol sexy brain of yours:

How Do You Master Discomfort?

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“Ten years from now there will be people who have achieved extraordinary success.  While we don’t know who they will be, one thing is sure  – they won’t be people who have stayed inside their comfort zone.”

Dr. Margie Warrell – Forbes

Here’s a few strategies to move from Comfort to Growth:

    • What’s something you’ve been wanting to do that you haven’t yet? Exercise? Journaling? Eating better? Learning a new skill? START DOING IT! Buy the guitar, schedule time for a nice little walk, put your pen and pad by your bed, pick up some apples instead of chips. Pick your thing and brace yourself mentally…
    • Don’t make yourself sit and write, or exercise, or learn piano for hours on end. Don’t throw away every last thing in your fridge. (I mean, unless all you have is Twinkies and whip cream…)
    • Do a little bit at a time and work your way up.
    • There’s this mental health trend called Surfing the Urge. When you feel like you want to stop, take a minute to let yourself think about whatever is distracting you with your full attention. Only think about it. Then come back to the discomfort and keep plugging away.
    • I won’t go too deep on this because we already have a post about Mindfulness. It’s a kind of meditation that helps separate physical feelings from your thoughts. Might not sound awesome, but it really kicks ass!
    • This is the hardest for me. When I’m in my car I like to believe everyone around me is a moron who doesn’t know how to use the toilet. It helps me not get mad at them, but it also makes me just kinda hate everyone…
    • Smile when you don’t feel like it. When you start to hear negativiy in your head, start wishing good things for yourself, people you love, and even strangers driving like drunk infants during the morning rush. Say it like it’s a magic spell, “My son will have a great day and something will happen to make him feel really good about himself. Bippity boppity BOO!!!”
    • NOTE: You don’t have to use magic words from kids’ movies (unless it makes you feel fancy!)
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I know life is hard. Sometimes it absolutely sucks ass! (Pardon my French-Canadian.)

But if you can think about all the negative stuff that brings you down as a chance to grow…it will be. And you will. I’m sure of it!

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to listen to Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered every Friday wherever you get podcasts, and keep your head up!


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