Mike Van Dire

Mike is eclectic. His interests are far-reaching and rarely mesh together.

He loves spending time with his wife, his son, and their fur-baby. Together they like to go on adventures even if they have to make a boring trip into an adventure.

When Mike isn’t hanging with the fam he likes to challenge himself physically and see what he can accomplish. He also likes to learn about everything (ask Jason), Mike always seems to be listening to an audiobook or 3. And of course, Mike is a fan of the greatest college football team of all time, Go Blue.

Jason Tieri

Jason is a loving husband, supportive dad, and avid gig economy hustler. While he has a fun and boisterous personality, he also enjoys thinking deeply and learning more about people. Jason is passionate about raising autism awareness, being the best husband and dad that he can be, and growing in all areas of his life.