Andy’s Mom

Tonight we sat down with Marcy Larson, who lost her son in a tragic traffic accident in August 2018.

As is usually the case here in west Michigan, we quickly identified friends and acquaintances that we had in common. This level of connectedness never ceases to amaze me.

I was nervous about this episode, simply because grief is a very real thing for me. My wife and I walked through a deep season of loss that really changed the entire trajectory of our lives.

But I still felt like our journey, though exceedingly painful, was somehow much less painful and disorienting than Marcy’s loss of her son Andy. As if there was a scale to measure this sort of thing.

Initially I wanted to bring my story up only because the thread of grief runs in our story. Immediately after saying something about our journey through loss, I had to fight my internal critic who was telling me that I need to stop making this about me.

Marcy showed such a level of grace and understanding as she validated our experience. Through tears we talked about how frustrating Christianese platitudes of “This is all in God’s plan” or “He will turn this around” are, when in the moment where we feel like God has dealt us a lousy hand those are the last things we want to hear.

This episode was refreshing and encouraging, despite such a weighty topic. It releases on Friday so stay tuned for that.


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