4 Threads Podcast Updates As We Near the Weird Holidays!

Podcast Updates:

Hey Threadies!

Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, it’s been a long last few weeks. Shorter, colder days. At-home learning. Pandemic restrictions on going out, kids not being able to play with friends.

On top of that, kids are frustrated that not all the family can get together during our first winter holiday season with the pandemic looming over us.


Threadies, I know you’re going through the same stuff–I don’t have much right to complain really, but if we can’t vent in the Threads-verse, where can we? Because that’s what Threads Podcast is about–living openly honestly. So let’s get to the podcast updates, shall we?

Because of the honest, open environment on Threads, Ben didn’t mind sharing that he didn’t know who B.A. Baracus was when Jason was referencing him. If you don’t know, or you think it was that UFC fighter–we’re not talking about the movie. We’re talking about the show that was on for 5 years in the second-to-last decade of the 1900s. You might recognize this guy:

Image: Wikipedia

And, because of this, Jason felt that his co-host needed a new nickname:

“Sheltered Ben”


Haha. Stupid millenials. Wait. I’m a millenial….

Moving on.

The guys aren’t going to record any more shows!!!


Yeah, yeah…reflections…. NO MORE NEW SHOWS?!?

No–not this year, anyway. (See what I did there?)

Ben and Jason are taking a teensy bit of time off.


Because the guys are your typical suburban WASPs around the holidays who have shit to do too, and, like everyone else around this time, they deserve a break!

Slow down–let’s not get emotional.

Ben and Jason are going to recharge, not think about the show for a few weeks, then bring some fresh energy in the new year. Ya know, after family time calms down. (Or drives the guys nuts. Either way, we’ll hear about it in 2021!) I say we look at their vacation as a chance to catch up on any episodes you’ve missed. Unless you’ve heard them all already. I haven’t even heard all of them. If you have, you need to let the guys know by contacting them on their website and/or on social media! And if you heard everything and they’re still not back yet, catch up on the blog.

Back to the guys’ reflections on recent episodes…

Recently Episode 105 dropped (which is where Ben got his fun new nickname). The guys didn’t have a guest, and talked at length about what they thought of their recent shows, both pre-show thoughts and after-show thoughts. The results speak to the heart of the show a great deal: getting through something you anticipate being uncomfortable, changing your mindset, and having a positive experience as a result.

The guys talked with pastor and long-time Thready, Mike VanDrie on episode 103. Jason said he wasn’t sure what to expect since it was a college friend of Ben’s. What would they talk about? Jason mentally prepared for a “weird” experience.

During the interview, he found that he actually enjoyed talking with Mike a lot, and was surprised to learn that in college, “Sheltered Ben” was widely considered one of the cool kids amongst the ministry folk.

They talked The Office, parenting in the age of smartphones, what the role of church should be, and reminisced fondly about Ben’s college days. There was a lot of laughs. Fun, easy going conversation!

The guys also recapped episode 104, with a very special guest, Mel from the Sister-Sister Live Show.

Mel and her sister’s podcast!

Mel talked about being an addict, going to jail, being in an abusive relationship, getting over her addiction, getting re-addicted after an injury, and getting clean again. So. Much. To cover.

On this episode, Ben was the reluctant one. He said he saw the website, thought about the content, and wasn’t sure it was for right the show. But after hearing the story on air, Ben was moved.

More than moved. Ben said, for the first and only time to a guest on air, “I love you.” Ben found the story of being an addict, feeling a deep isolation, and having no one understand what you’re going through so moving, he called the interview “mind blowing” and said it’s ‘probably the most moving interview” they’ve done to date.

He might be right. No bull shit. Raw raw emotion. And a positive ending!

As for Epidode 105 Highlights…

Jason shares the details of a confrontation with a family member about their toxic relationship. I won’t spoil anything beyond that. Suffice to say, it’s hard stuff to deal with, but important. And it’s pretty cool to see someone go through it and come out the other side in one piece.

Ben had, in previous episodes, mentioned that he wasn’t comfortable telling his boss why he needed time off every afternoon on a certain day. It’s for mental health therapy, which Ben is usually very open about. But this is work….

And it’s a new job on top of that….

But he did tell his boss after getting to know him. On that note, Ben said his boss is helping him shift his professional (and personal) perspective, from looking at all the deals that fell through, to focusing on what’s on the table. Good advice, no? In all areas, no? It’s fun making a point but pretending it’s a question, no?

Then the guys shifted to more uncomfortable topics. Of course….

The one that struck me was their conversation on the role of faith leaders to inject themselves into the political fray. Jason thought Ben was the kind of guy who would “fight someone in the street” to keep government out of his church, and vice versa.

But, to Jason’s surprise, Ben is quite happy to see faith leaders speaking out against the president not conceding the election at this late point. Ben admits, more easily than most would, that his support leans heavily on the fact that he likes what they’re saying. Listen to hear more on all of that cool stuff, kids!

Before We Let You Go…

As always, check out the website, including the other blog posts! Once you’ve seriously listened to every show and read every blog, then the only thing left to do beyond that is get on social media and get touch with the guys and me. Then you can have a direct impact on the show and the blog! Speaking of people having an impact on the show–the guys would like to give a shout out to new listener Chris M.!

Thanks for listening, Chris. Cool name by the way.

Take care everyone, and–on behalf of the guys and myself:

Happy Holidays!


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