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Restore YouTube support (after changes to embedded video handling by YouTube). Marcus 2009-09-10 20:47:29 UTC #2 I'm trying to think what you are doing wrong but I do know I've had this problem before. This happens both when streaming to my PS3 or 360. Finally you can invoke the TVersity Media Server / Screen Server graphical user interface (GUI) in a web browser by going to the following URLs: click here for Media Server or this content

This solves issues with YouTube flv videos that the server refused to add due to an unknown mime type. Various bug fixes. I'm pretty much ready to abandon this and either use my 360 (works sixty percent of the time every time) or just use a damn thumb drive. This seems to happen more often during certain times of the day and for certain media sources This is a result of the quality and speed of the connection between the http://tversity.com/support/faq/

How To Use Tversity

Advanced search queries that make use of properties like genre, artist, album, title, and other, are also supported. Since the Xbox 360 does not provide room in its menus for Internet feeds, TVersity is listing them in the playlists section. Version 3.0 (July 15, 2014) Re-introducing a free version, which is identical to Pro but cannot transcode audio and video and retire the Basic version. Installation wizard now configures the Windows firewall on both private and public networks when dealing with Windows 7.

Premium content site are now defined in an external file (osb.xml), advanced users can easily add their sites. Assuming a connection to that station was possible, there won’t be an error message, however the actual playback may take up to two minutes and more to start since the PS3 You can even use the command line tool in conjunction with some task scheduling tool (like the one that comes with Windows) to schedule a synchronization task if you wish to Tversity Free Download Also support adding YouTube content by search queries (replaces the “by tag” category which YouTube has obsoleted).

Version 1.8 (February 25, 2010) Pro edition Completely new off-screen browser, based on Google Chromium: runs out of process for increased stability and solves all the known issues with premium content Tversity Screen Server You can also play Quicktime video and Real Media videos (including rmvb), however for the time being you cannot stream Quicktime or Real from the Internet. Transcode status was reported incorrectly when serving media from a cached version of a previously transcoded content - this is now fixed. http://tversity.com/support/quickstart-upnp Fix a crash that occurs when scanning a corrupt MP3 file.

Please see this. Tversity Windows 10 You should see a media library navigation page, this is a web based interface for accessing your media library. TVersity now accepts PLS and M3U files even if they include some non standard lines and simply ignores those lines. Some videos consistently skip when played on the target device right from the start If this video is being transcoded there are two possible reasons for that: The first is your

Tversity Screen Server

Some non mainstream media formats cause the TVersity Media Server to crash when it attempts to transcode them The media server uses the same technology as Windows Media Player does for http://forums.tversity.com/ Other users should avoid doing that, given that the software automatically configures itself to provide the best quality on any given system. How To Use Tversity Hardware accelerated H.264 encoding via Intel Quick Sync Media, allows 3 times faster encoding (up to 1080p) at half the CPU consumed by software encoding (Pro only). Tversity Could Not Connect To The Server Turn off transcoding of AVI/DIVX (version 4 or higher) for the Sony PS3 (Divx3 is still transcoded) since firmware 2.1 can play them natively.

Late at night. Do not transcode the MOV format for Chromecast when its codecs are supported by Chromecast. iPhone playback page is now more consistent in its look and feel with the rest of the UI. Support fast-forward, rewind and skipping with Xbox 360 while transcoding, within the portion of the media that was already transcoded. Tversity Media Server Won't Start

What is the TVersity Screen Server? Note that authentication does not work in conjunction with the Sony PSP RSS reader and must be turned off (by editing config.xml) if remote streaming to this device is desirable. You can try and improve this by: Using wired connection instead of wireless if possible. have a peek at these guys Experimental support for Sony’s Google TV (various TV models).

Add Crackle and Crackle authentication. Tversity Codec Pack Flash player plugin now bundled with installation wizard - no need to do a separate install. If your computer is not fast enough (at least core 2 duo 1.6 Ghz) this resolution will need to be decreased.

Fix “Not Authorized” issue with Denon 3808 receiver (uses Philips SLA profile) that used to happen when turning the unit on and attempting to use it with TVersity after using it

User accounts are now supported for YouTube, Flickr and Picasa and multiple types of content are important per account (and kept in synch). Faster thumbnail generaion for photos. Once the refresh of the media library is done you can safely move to the next step. Tversity Not Showing Up On Network Bug fixes and minor improvements: Sharing media from Windows explorer now open the new GUI (and not the old one).

For more information please contact support. This is designed for accessing TVersity on the go and it takes into account the upstream Internet connection speed. With Internet video (as opposed to files located on your home network) the delay is not just a few seconds but rather it can be up to 30 seconds. check my blog Bug fixes and more Transcoding of audio formats (such as FLAC and OGG) to PCM (for Xbox 360 and DirectTV HR20) was broken in one of the previous release and is

Support fast forward and rewind within transcoded media with PS3 firmware 2. These new menu choices combine audio, photo and video items, all in the same place. TVersity can now transcode to MPEG4 - this is used in conjunction with the Sony PSP. Support latest firmware version of WDTV Live.

I also seem to recall there was a way to do it from a share but I can't seem to recall that directly. Additional items should be retrieved by the device while the user scrolls down the folder. Bahimiron 2009-10-07 16:27:34 UTC #13 It made me DL an update (an update I'm pretty sure I already had, but whatever!) but after that it worked great. Pause Live Internet feeds just like with Tivo — Watching live Internet TV and listening to live radio stations have never been so much fun.

An Apple touch icon is now available for the iPhone / iPod touch interface. Before You Start Please make sure your system complies with the minimum system requirements of the software. Plase note that trancoding for Android requires the Pro edition, and only Android 3.0 or higher is supported. Same here.

The only thing I noticed was that "fast forward" and "rewind" did not function properly and made the video shut down. "Aggies don't lie, cheat, or steal, nor do they tolerate The new media library gui can be opened in a separate browser windows via the URL http://localhost:41952/flashlib, or http://localhost:41952/flash6.swf for devices that support only Macromedia Flash version 6. I am a manufacturer of a networked mutimedia device that TVersity Media Server and Screen Server do not officially support at the moment, how can I get it supported ASAP? Encodeed media no longer has DVD attributes (buffer size, min/max rate, etc.) unless the target format is VOB.

Version 3.4 (October 1, 2014) Add support for twitch (Pro only). The TVersity Screen Server will display any media on your target device as long as your PC is currently playing it (via any media player). Sander_001 2012-04-24 18:44:51 UTC #16 But it doesn't do it for .avi files rei 2012-04-24 18:47:11 UTC #17 Hmm, ask on the forum? You can now access your entire audio, photo and video collection from the PS3 dashboard, including Internet Radio/TV, RSS feeds and more.

The profiles for the DSM 520 and Philips Streamiums have been extended to create high resolution videos when applicable (i.e. I tried to set up WMP11 to stream to my PS3 the same way I used to stream to my 360, since everyone insists that the PS3 is much better for Bahimiron, now that you have your local media working try PlayOn for online content. TVersity should be working for you and I think it has something to do with it building its master file list or something.