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Uses 196 SP, approximately 66 Levels. 1. Yay for my zhelm. woohoohelloppl11-06-2010, 12:47 AMYou guys are uncool. Level 1: Proc Chance: 12%, Restores 1% of the damage as HP Level 15: Proc Chance: 40%, Restores 8% of the damage as HP 27 - Leopard’s Pounce (Active) Required Leopard this contact form

Considering that each animal has about 17/18 skills to learn, you'll basically save about 4 times that amount. They did make it easier to level, now they are making it even easier so getting to lvl 70 in a week will be feasible for the casuals. Advanced Thunder Dash (1) 14. Level 1: MP Cost: 17, Damage: 164%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 8 Level 20: MP Cost: 20, Damage: 240%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 8 49

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Jun July 18, 2015 at 11:52 PM What about the Hawk Skill build? Level 1: Passive Effect: Critical Rate: +18%, Critical Minimum Damge: +12%, Critical Maximum Damage: +12%, Magic ATT: +1 Level 15: Passive Effect: Critical Rate: +60%, Critical Minimum Damge: +40%, Critical Maximum psidra December 9, 2015 at 9:34 PM "child of furry: beast tamer" lmao.do you think there will be a revamp for BT soon?

I wrote up a good description for each Resistance class somewhere in this thread, or a different thread talking about the Big Bang patch somewhere, going more into detail about what Though I won't be on until Big Bang arrives. Totally making one :D They use daggers right? They get 6 AP per level, so they can out damage an Explorer of the same level easily, but they're also capped to level 120, and that 6 AP per level

Meow Cure (4/10) 25. Elliniams Friends of Arby (MAX) 18. Feather Boots (0) 18. http://nexoncommunitytech.wikia.com/wiki/ERROR_CODE_%3D_-46 Explains the hyperinflation in Scania, Khaini, etc.

Well now with the big bang you can't hit monsters a higher level than you :D New accuracy formula means that for every level a monster is higher than you I Is this guide still valid? I have not used Bird for either bossing/training, perhaps you can try it out and see which 1 works best with your play style! My Youtube Channel!StiffyPants Brings You Tespia!


Jun 15 2011 twinkes3 Level 121 Nova Blade Recruit @Edatron It says: [Error code= -46] Instillation file is corrupt and cannot install the game. http://speed.m.baidu.com/[email protected]_1325/s?st=111001&word=error+code%3D-46&sa=cr_6 I know they get godly later but it's SO not worth it. Error Code 46 Facebook Level 1: MP Cost: 240, Portal Duration: 20 sec. It all really depends on your funding, build, and stats.

Furious Strikes – Boss Rush 2. http://threadspodcast.com/error-code/maplestory-error-code-21472.html woohoohelloppl11-30-2010, 07:30 PMThey can but priests are the only ones that can do it without burning money. ...Unless there's some technique other mages do that lets them avoid being hit, like Level 1: MP Cost: 26, Max Number:6, HP Recovered: 10% Level 20: MP Cost: 46, Max Number:6, HP Recovered: 20% 75 - Cat’s Claws (Passive) Required Cat Skill Points: 60 Increases Hitaki11-05-2010, 10:46 PMThe reason I'm going for Mardia is because I already have an old character there with around 45mil, that and 4 sets of Steely as a nice head start

Website - http://maplestory.com Forum Tools Mark This Forum Read View Parent Forum Search Forum Show Threads Show Posts Advanced Search Sub-Forums Threads / Posts Last Post Global MapleStory (GMS) Global MapleStory I didn't even bother with Evans but they're probably the same. Hiccup11-03-2010, 12:41 PMLol well then. navigate here Trevor11-13-2010, 05:01 PMDid anyone get accepted to Tespia?

Skills, monsters, formulas, maps, NPC locations, EXP curve, everything... Sometimes, it just closes without D/C'ing me. Meow Gold Card (MAX/15) 32.

Lan12-06-2010, 10:32 PMSuch slow connections :p Ruquion12-07-2010, 03:50 AMSuch slow connections :p I was torrenting at 600KBps earlier, so I don`t think that`s it...

D: Shanghai12-06-2010, 09:16 PMReturned Friend [12.07.2010 – 01.31.2011]: Been away from MapleStory for a while? Tsurugi July 15, 2016 at 6:04 PM No Ayumi, my bad… Looks like it's part of the Detectives, after all. :( How sad. Firminus August 3, 2015 at 8:23 AM Is there a guide for the "Goal: To reach Level 200~250 = Bear + Snow Leopard" Cause I don't want a mule or w/e Shanghai10-22-2010, 01:22 PMMechanics are so OP.

I hope nexon fixes this bug in the patch at least =_= mewball12-04-2010, 06:27 PMOkay. Windia, Bera, Broa, or what? Kevin TRAN June 27, 2016 at 9:05 PM what do you do once you finish doing the skills it says at the top Ayumilove Post authorJune 13, 2016 at 10:11 PM his comment is here With this method, you do not need to spend any NX Cash in resetting your skills, but training will be slightly slower in the early stage due to lack of mobility

Feather Cloak (1) 11. Copyright 2002-2013. Level 1: Friend Launcher Damage: +44% Level 15: Friend Launcher Damage: +100% 97 - Mouser’s Insight (Passive) Required Cat Skill Points: 113 Any party members near you will ignore some enemy woohoohelloppl11-04-2010, 09:17 PMDid you do the level 36 quest for the 60% GFA scroll?

I have updated the Mule Build (Cat Section) so that it does not encounter the shortage of SP (Skill Points) when unlocking a certain skill. My Assassin is ALMOST level 70 and my Aran is somewhere and level 60. JP Tespia is doing Big Bang also :v Hiccup11-15-2010, 04:44 PM2x exp ended right? Started bywarriorlord1,Yesterday04:45 PM Replies: 1 Views: 38 Rating0 / 5 Last Post By hermitanio1 View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Blog Entries View Articles Log Out Of User Yesterday,