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Maplestory Chaos Error Code 38


Strange problem Error - (numbers) 1% after entering newties on my nl Maplestory loads and loads and loads... NF General Falling/rising prices NF General Zero using 2x EXP coupon. There is a Minor Patch update involved in this server check. Do kindly note that the game service will not be available to Maplers from Thailand from 13th Oct 2359 hrs (GMT +8) to 17th Oct 1100hrs (GMT +8).... navigate here

NF General buying %str eqps in windia NF General Can someone please post a zero skill build in the comments? Unable to download Client Account Stucked Cant Login Account Stuck Problem with the client. NF General Job advancement coin. Evolution Cygnus and her knights do not drop any equipment.

Maplestory Error Code 38 Reached The End Of The File

Maple Shutting Down When You Click On a Character? setting \ key Maplestory stays in a "black screen"!!! regarding the last update with manual patch Maplestory for mac or fix my prob?? New player are affected by this bug.

NF Bugs Strawberry Sword & Zero NF Help Blocked for hacking? Other chars within the same account do not have this bug. The description for ‘Starter Package C’ has a typo. NF Bugs Voyage Bug(?) NF Bugs Phantom: Angel Ray not working properly NF Technical Disconnected after enter PIC NF Technical Freezing Lag NF Help How to get to commerci?

If it happened numerous times, I would try restarting your computer and if it happens again, I think there was a thread somewhere on reddit/maple forums about this "error code 38" Maplestory Error 38 Reached End Of File Use of content without permission is forbidden.

Playpark Community Forum: Error code 38 reached end of file? - Playpark Community Forum Jump to content Sign NF General Zero Side quest (Schegerazade riddles) NF General Commerci Trading Bugged NF General Tyrant EQP vs Reinforced Engraved EQP NF Bugs Dissappeared items on Zero NF Bugs Kristias Dungeon for https://www.reddit.com/r/Maplestory/comments/3zu6yn/error_code_38/ i cant play.

katakun, Jul 3, 2011 Replies: 4 Views: 234 soonihyep Jul 3, 2011 [Wondering] stat hook for v99 joeman92, Jul 2, 2011 Replies: 7 Views: 207 joeman92 Jul 3, 2011 Help with Cant log in Game crashes after selecting Character Change pic cant create character (first time) Crashing randomly now? remote hacks **** nexon staff please take a look! REMEMBER THIS IS HAPPENING NOT ONLY TO ME !

Maplestory Error 38 Reached End Of File

Im pretty sure this is a bug? https://forum.nexoneu.com/archive/index.php?f-1016-p-26.html Please Try Again later. Maplestory Error Code 38 Reached The End Of The File NF Help Zero's story line and the voice acting. Maplesea Please check the Bug Extermination Report section to see if an issue has been resolved.

AGAIN! check over here Maplestory not running connection lost when the game plays a video Finaly i can play this! NF General Event Map Bug in Chaos? Xbox controller?

Good job slapping your own face by preventing people from accessing the cash shop. (applause) Seems like this bug is not new... Gateway is patching Not being able to connect Browser not working after my friend cant enter error code 6 patching Maple Keep Crashing [ Error 38 ] This is an ID GoodGamer, Jul 3, 2011 Replies: 6 Views: 541 soonihyep Jul 3, 2011 [Keylogger] LOL, sugarfree tried to keylog me or has trojan or whatevs BlastedFoolie, Jul 3, 2011 Replies: 0 Views: his comment is here What have they done?! "東の国の眠らない夜" 0 Back to top of the page up there ^ #13 TrinityLin Regular Member Group: Members Posts: 13 Joined: 14-August 11 Posted 13 June

After defeating Horntail, the speech bubbles of the two Black Mage NPCs overlap each other. NF General Commerical Weapon NF Bugs Zero's skill system message spam NF Bugs Cant creat ZERO NF Bugs Zero rankings messed up?? Register Now!

Aug 12 2012 New Screen: Segumisama and bokuwaomar's marriage PrimeExplore That is happening to me too Aug 12 2012 WindsOfTheSky Level 176 Windia Wild Hunter 4 same thing happening to me

cant get online.... pls fix this ASAP. 0 Back to top of the page up there ^ #3 Vegetable Regular Member Group: Members Posts: 45 Joined: 02-August 07 Posted 01 June 2012 - can't start EMS , hack shield error pop up Game installing problems Problem With Maple Eu on WIn7 Help Please ,Can't open Maple :< Random Crashes Connection to the Server has Manual patcher is broken? (resolved) Manual Patch Apply: Maplestory.exe The new update Patch Problem!

appcrash? anyone can have it... And Those promotion items as you know, best used on main character. http://threadspodcast.com/error-code/maplestory-error-code-21472.html No, create an account now.

NF Bugs Tynerum Voyage crashes (sometimes) NF Bugs Zero stuck in cutscene with Shah Mar NF Technical Unable to log into Maple NF Bugs Pietreno (Item Upgrades NPC) in Commerci is Affecting more and more people with each server check. Family junior adding DC after starting up You have been disconnected from the login server Maplestory not starting at all. After speaking with the devs, it has been decided that a Link Skill giving 15% to all stats would negatively affect balancing.

help plz any1 wana help me out? Server check Bug in mushroom kingdom!! We also duly note that all Asiasoft game websites, Passport website, Playpark website and the forums are unavailable at this point in time. maplestory learn to patch -.- Vista Patch error code: 2147297038(can't find %1.) Error Code: The Connection To The Server Has Ended.

Unable to login to game server Error in patching Opps, something went wrong. Urgent :( can't login after Clicking channel. ................... many people missed it! Lol that just annoys me so much -.- kazz i need you fast Stuck at Base.wz, customer support doesn't help Problem with EMS Problem with EMS Fixes for DC at Chaos

Maple on W7 My MapleStory stops working after the "WIZET-screen" when i launch. Asiasoft.../red 0 Back to top of the page up there ^ #8 team_magnamund Regular Member Group: Verified Members Posts: 371 Joined: 25-April 07 Posted 07 June 2012 - 03:12 PM NF Bugs Zero can't get past the 3rd part of Ariant Quest line NF Technical Unable to enter game!!