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Maven Compile Could Not Parse Error Message


share|improve this answer answered Jul 20 '12 at 8:27 wolfc 1,177106 add a comment| up vote 2 down vote Happened to us, that we received the exact same failure, but with Just wondering > what can be the cause of the problem? > > Below is the more detail capture of the error messages from maven: > > [WARNING] File encoding has Are non-English speakers better protected from (international) phishing? at org.apache.maven.plugin.surefire.SurefireHelper.reportExecution(SurefireHelper.java:74) at org.apache.maven.plugin.surefire.SurefirePlugin.execute(SurefirePlugin.java:642) at org.apache.maven.plugin.DefaultBuildPluginManager.executeMojo(DefaultBuildPluginManager.java:101) at org.apache.maven.lifecycle.internal.MojoExecutor.execute(MojoExecutor.java:209) ... 19 more [ERROR] stephenconnolly Reply | his comment is here

you can use the jar without the source in maven ? –Sajan Chandran Feb 15 '12 at 17:40 2 Have you checked to compile/run on command line via mvn clean build is platform dependent! [INFO] skip non existing resourceDirectory /home/mark/devel/guava-problem/src/main/resources [INFO] [compiler:compile {execution: default-compile}] [INFO] Nothing to compile - all classes are up to date [INFO] [resources:testResources {execution: default-testResources}] [WARNING] Using I tried adding C:\junit4.1\junit-4.1.jar to my Classpath but to no avail. [DEBUG] Adding to surefire booter test classpath: C:\Documents and Settings\User\.m2\repository\org\apache\maven\surefire\surefire-api\2.7.2\surefire-api-2.7.2.jar Scope: compile Forking command line: cmd.exe /X /C "C:\Java\jdk1.6.0_26\jre\bin\java -jar Asking for a written form filled in ALL CAPS Take a ride on the Reading, If you pass Go, collect $200 How exactly std::string_view is faster than const std::string&? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9298146/maven-could-not-parse-error-message-java-7-maven-2

Maven Could Not Parse Error Message Symbol

you just add a test scope dependency on unit to your pom... Now, regarding your change to use runtime instead of provided. This sometimes happens when you download an artifact from a misconfigured mirror and the jar file is actually an HTML page that says "401 unavailable" or something. FAQs Search RecentTopics FlaggedTopics HotTopics Best Topics Register / Login Win a copy of Penetration Testing Basics this week in the Security forum!

Not sure what else to think of :( Go easy on me guys! Thanks a lot. -----------------------Edit-------------------------- Output for mvn build -X [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:2.0.2:compile (default-compile) on project sales: Compilation failure: Compilation failure: [ERROR] /home/junchao/Desktop/repos/Cassandra-benchmarking/app/src/main/java/cs4224/ClientApp.java:[48,35] error: cannot find symbol [ERROR] [ERROR] Since I only have the jsr250-api.jar file locally, I changed the artifactId jsr311-api to jsr250-api.jar. What to do when you've put your co-worker on spot by being impatient?

What does the "publish related items" do in Sitecore? the sonatype one is not too bad. > > maven stops you worrying about local jars... What should I be typing in as a dependency in order to get it to depend on my other project? –Daniel Mar 19 '13 at 0:58 add a comment| Your Answer share|improve this answer answered Oct 24 '12 at 12:09 Nemrael 211 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote It appears that it's not trying to compile the Guava libraries, but

running it in IDE0Error with Maven complier-1Maven - JAVA_HOME location and Compilation failure executing javac0Maven Could not calculate build plan: Plugin org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-war-plugin:2.2 or one of its dependencies could not be resolved Can an umlaut be written as a line in handwriting? I am actually trying to create a jira report plugin (for jira5.0) to get the monthly basis report on the selected project in jira. WARNING in /home/nono/.hudson/jobs/nuxeo-web-engine/workspace/vendor/shindig/java/common/src/main/java/org/apache/shindig/common/ContainerConfigException.java (at line 24) public class ContainerConfigException extends Exception { ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ no more tokens -

Cannot Find Symbol Maven

How to make three dotted line? Previous company name is ISIS, how to list on CV? Maven Could Not Parse Error Message Symbol After switching from ArrayListMultimap to LinkedListMultimap to error is gone. Maven-compiler-plugin Maven Later on in the spam of ERRORs it says things like: [ERROR] C:\Path\Of\My\Project\ui\src\main\java\com\ui\javaFile.java:[13,20] package javax.servlet does not exist Does this mean it's failing to compile because I lack some needed dependencies?

share|improve this answer answered Feb 21 '12 at 18:23 Mark Peters 55k8105149 I faced this issue for Maven 3.3.3 and java 8 it worked once i bumped down the at org.apache.maven.lifecycle.internal.MojoExecutor.execute(MojoExecutor.java:213) at org.apache.maven.lifecycle.internal.MojoExecutor.execute(MojoExecutor.java:153) at org.apache.maven.lifecycle.internal.MojoExecutor.execute(MojoExecutor.java:145) at org.apache.maven.lifecycle.internal.LifecycleModuleBuilder.buildProject(LifecycleModuleBuilder.java:84) at org.apache.maven.lifecycle.internal.LifecycleModuleBuilder.buildProject(LifecycleModuleBuilder.java:59) at Having to convert an Ant build.xml project to Maven. What is the 'dot space filename' command doing in bash? Maven-compiler-plugin Java 8

When is it okay to exceed the absolute maximum rating on a part? You use me as a weapon Gender roles for a jungle treehouse culture What happens if one brings more than 10,000 USD with them into the US? Please refer to C:\resteasy-jaxrs-2.2.1.GA\examples\oreilly-workbook\ex03_1\target\surefire-reports for the individual test results. weblink EDIT: So I've found a couple of interesting things.

When I used wordpad to take a look at the file, it appears as an html file. Better way to check if match in array What do aviation agencies do to make waypoints sequences more easy to remember to prevent navigation mistakes? However, this seems not the case for me since I've > already set my JAVA_HOME variable at C:\Java\jdk1.6.0_24.

Also my parent pom has: org.apache.maven.plugins maven-compiler.plugins 2.0.2 1.6 1.6 And just for safety, it's in the normal plugins element too.

Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Maven compilation error. Can an umlaut be written as a line in handwriting? To test this I created a separate Maven project that has nothing to do with Guava: ├── pom.xml └── src └── main    └── java    └── ClassWithWarnings.java pom.xml

How do you get a dragon head in Minecraft? asked 3 years ago viewed 5290 times active 3 years ago Related 0deleting the maven-compiler-plugin2maven compiler plugin conflict17How do I disable the maven-compiler-plugin?-1Maven compiler plugin failure?0Java 1.4 used with maven jar Regards, Vimala Nic Brough [Adaptavist]Jun 06, 2012That's rather old code I'm afraid - if you look at the pom.xml, you'll see it says "jira version 4.1" near the end, and that's WARNING in /home/nono/.hudson/jobs/nuxeo-web-engine/workspace/vendor/shindig/java/common/src/main/java/org/apache/shindig/common/xml/XmlException.java (at line 20) public class XmlException extends Exception { ^^^^^^^^^^^^ no more tokens -

Is it possible to keep publishing under my professional (maiden) name, different from my married legal name? Edit Just a note...the test files themselves have no real need for guava-gwt over guava since they are compiled and run as Java code (they don't go through the GWT compile What are the legal and ethical implications of "padding" pay with extra hours to compensate for unpaid work? Call and run php script from shell script Different precision for masses of moon and earth online Is there a difference between u and c in mknod Referee did not fully

I'm trying to use the compound filter of https://github.com/wayfair/compound-splitter (to use it with SolR) I'm not a java developer (but a PHP one). maven asks you to bind plugins to a predefined lifecycle which has all* the phases you would want for building software. GWT compiles Java source into Javascript, and does so during the maven build. Browse other questions tagged java maven ubuntu-14.04 or ask your own question.

Comments and advices extremely welcome. What does the pill-shaped 'X' mean in electrical schematics? Report a bug Atlassian News Atlassian Try running mvn with the -X option and see if that gives a better clue as to the source file causing the issue.

Then look for the format(String,Object...) in the produced output. –Little Santi Oct 21 '15 at 22:45 add a comment| active oldest votes Know someone who can answer? java maven share|improve this question edited Dec 22 '13 at 21:57 asked Dec 22 '13 at 19:27 Sajith 75341235 1 is that output of java --version or maven -version . Please file a bug at the Java Developer Connection (http://java.sun.com/webapps/bug java.lang.IllegalArgumentException at java.nio.ByteBuffer.allocate(ByteBuffer.java:311) at com.sun.tools.javac.util.DefaultFileManager$ByteBufferCache.get(DefaultFileManager.java:730) at com.sun.tools.javac.util.DefaultFileManager.makeByteBuffer(DefaultFileManager.java:706) at com.sun.tools.javac.util.DefaultFileManager.access$200(DefaultFileManager.java:77) at com.sun.tools.javac.util.DefaultFileManager$RegularFileObject.getCharContent(DefaultFileManager.java:1368) at com.sun.tools.javac.util.DefaultFileManager$RegularFileObject.getCharContent(DefaultFileManager.java:1270) at com.sun.tools.javac.main.JavaCompiler.readSource(JavaCompiler.java:483) at com.sun.tools.javac.main.JavaCompiler.parse(JavaCompiler.java:550) at com.sun.tools.javac.main.JavaCompiler.parseFiles(JavaCompiler.java:804) at com.sun.tools.javac.main.JavaCompiler.compile(JavaCompiler.java:727) Call and run php script from shell script Name spelling on publications Sieve of Eratosthenes, Step by Step How to create a company culture that cares about information security?

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